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  • Guilty Gear and Persona Arena dev teases new BloodRayne game

  • Zaiz 17/04/2014

    I'm going to bet Jeff is right with BloodRayne: Cruel Seductress. That's just awful enough to make you not want to buy it in public for fear or being seen with the game box, and also just awful enough to actually be picked by marketing because sex sells. Reply +1
  • CCP cancels vampire MMO World of Darkness

  • Zaiz 14/04/2014

    I meant Onyx Path Entertainment, I got my "shiny black stones role playing game makers" mixed up.
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  • Zaiz 14/04/2014

    oh, wow, this really sucks for white wolf.

    For those who don't know:

    CCCP didn't want to spend the money to buy the rights, they just bought the small pen and paper RPG company(well, huge for pen and paper fans) that created the setting and the additional books that made up the World of Darkness. This doesn't seem so bad until you realize when CCCP fucked up Eve, was flailing to complete Dust 514 and the WoD MMO and was completely out of money...they laid off White Wolf staff. And then CCCP just got to collect the money from the studio without having to really pay all that much for it.

    Eventually CCCP gutted the company to the point that they've become Onyx Path Entertainment who are still trying to support the World of Darkness and related properties. Except CCCP is now licensing World of Darkness to Onyx for their use...and Onyx still has no money, so they've pretty much resorted to Kickstarter to actually rebuild their company.

    In short, CCCP are massive cocks and gutted a successful business instead of gutting their own failing projects.
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  • Battlefield 4's biggest Easter egg discovered

  • Zaiz 04/04/2014

    It has become clear they spent more time on easter eggs than their netcode. Reply +2
  • This is how you plan space combat in sci-fi RPG The Mandate

  • Zaiz 03/04/2014

    I hope the ships get a bit weightier in the final product, but there will be mod tools so the community can add it if they don't. Reply +2
  • Company of Heroes 2 returns to Western Front

  • Zaiz 28/03/2014

    you really think wehraboos/glorious nazi steel lovers won't buy their pack endlessly? World of Tank's biggest earner is Germany, for example.
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  • Ken Levine's next won't be a linear narrative

  • Zaiz 21/03/2014

    Isn't this just a fancy way of saying "Well, I'm going to make an open world game that is very sandboxy."


    "I've been reading The Toady One's devlog and I wish my games could be determined by a completely random simulation."

    Neither is particularly attractive, honestly. I think he's going to find out the hard way that the whole make your own story thing that Bethesda has perfected(And why so many love their games!) is very hard to break into, particularly if you are used to a defined narrative. Toady One's rather brilliant simulator for Dwarf Fortress is good and spins up amusing, sometimes compelling, stories but random generation can only get lucky so many times.
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  • Obsidian's involved in F2P tank MMO Armored Warfare

  • Zaiz 20/03/2014

    How can they do this with modern tanks?

    Late cold war US tanks have largely classified or at least unknown armor schemes. The composition of Chobham armor(In the Challenger, Abrams and Ariete) is classified. Hell we don't even know how thick the armor on the Sheridan(US light that was a mixed bag) is!

    So I guess hitpoints or making it up as they go. The only reference book I've seen has basically admitted it was a giant pile of assumptions. This isn't like WW2/early cold war tanks.
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  • First Sacred 3 gameplay video

  • Zaiz 19/03/2014

    Because a lot of games have long turn over times and suddenly out of nowhere Sony goes "Hey guys, PS4!" and it just breaks everything. Pretty much everyone was caught out in the cold by the PS4 release that wasn't one of Sony's best in house studios.

    Microsoft's rushed XboxOne reveal just made everything worse. Nobody was really ready for "next gen", least of all third party developers, particularly small ones who were well on their way to completing their game.
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  • Tom Clancy's The Division footage shown off

  • Zaiz 19/03/2014

    Massive did make very attractive RTS back in the day, so there is hope for the game looking this good...on PC. Reply +5
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Titanfall

  • Zaiz 15/03/2014

    I'd argue the parkour element totally fucked anything higher than 6v6. You want to know what's worse than thirty two guys rushing you from across the terrain? 32 fuckers flying around on jetpacks and getting behind you. It already is a bit hard to manage, and player speed has made the medium sized maps feel a bit tiny.
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  • RTS veteran Petroglyph reveals new game Grey Goo

  • Zaiz 13/03/2014

    btw DARPA is a part of the US Military. D : < Give our inflated military budget some credit, EG!

    Anyways I am very happy to see more RTS come out. It is a severely neglected genre and Petroglyph has always made fantastic RTS.
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  • Monaco developer announces Armada, an RTS designed for gamepads

  • Zaiz 12/03/2014

    The Wargame series(European Escalation/Airland Battle) haven't been terrible micro fests, but they are brutally unforgiving of mistakes.
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  • Ex-Blizzard and Insomniac dev announces turn-based tactics game Duelyst

  • Zaiz 11/03/2014

    Kinda wish turn based tactics games had terrain these days. Reply +1
  • Why the PC version of Titanfall is a 48GB install

  • Zaiz 11/03/2014

    Titanfall: I hate SSDs, the game.

    Seriously the game sounds...good but not "My gosh, I am so happy there's 34 gigs of audio" good. It doesn't even sound as good as FLACs because the audio -comes- compressed.

    Hm, does this mean there's a bunch of free music files sitting on my PC now? Doubt it.
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  • Star Citizen raises astronomical $40m

  • Zaiz 11/03/2014

    The development time has already slipped a bit, this game was due to be released sometime late this year?

    Yeah this is going to be a disaster. They were supposed to have released another module of the game by now. And a lot of the features that people dream of(EVE-style territorial combat) were stretch goals.
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  • The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream

  • Zaiz 08/03/2014

    It is important to point out that when you get a cheap PC at the same(ish) price as a console, you also get a machine capable of fantastic multimedia, work, and a lot more utility. A solid gaming PC can easily double as a spare work machine or the primary work machine if you need to do stuff at home.

    And gaming PCs are dead quiet during normal operation because running windows doesn't stress them in any way.
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  • Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi review

  • Zaiz 06/03/2014

    Yea, haven't you ever noticed that nearly every female comic character has a very similar face to every other one? Sameface syndrome is pervasive.
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  • DICE explains state of Battlefield 4 "netcode issues"

  • Zaiz 05/03/2014

    I liked Bad Company 2, except the server browser never worked and quickmatch worked once every ten tries.

    So I liked it for the few matches I could play it. Helicopter drones in buildings was fun.
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  • Rome 2 killer camel DLC backlash prompts rethink at Creative Assembly

  • Zaiz 19/02/2014

    I will point this out about people "Finding" DLC on the disc, and that's that any multiplayer game will have all content loaded onto everyone's PC so people can use it online, and that content will almost always be loaded before the DLC itself launches to make things nice and smooth.

    On the other hand, at least Bethesda learned their lesson when it comes to beautifully hand-crafted horse armor.
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  • Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC adds new mode Carrier Assault

  • Zaiz 15/02/2014

    BF2142 was the apex of the series, it seriously went downhill in later games as the netcode got less refined and more and more emphasis was placed on individuals.

    Oh and BF2142 was freaking nuts and wonderful. I've easily had some of the most intense 1v1s in any game. I once snuck up on a sniper after running out of ammunition, except what I didn't know was that he was expecting me. Set against him on a small rooftop, we sprinted between cover while trying desperately to deal the finishing blows with our pistols before switching to knives(oh, yes, the good ol' days when knives were a skill weapon) and desperately keeping distance and ducking in and out of each other's knife swipes with jumps and quick movements. I ultimately did kill him and it was probably the most rewarding kill I've ever gotten in a game. I kinda think the "hit knife button to teleport and kill" mechanic of modern times is pretty awful.
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  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition review

  • Zaiz 14/02/2014

    And the WoT HD/WoT 2.0 client is slowly rolling out on PC now. It looks absolutely fantastic from what ingame footage we've seen. Tank shells will knock holes into even formerly indestructible buildings, showering bricks onto tanks that roll off as you drive away. And of course the models look fantastic, with each tank meticulously detailed.

    Also, American Bias is a thing. Well, was a thing. The US tree is fantastic on the PC version, probably the most pleasant to play through with the least truly awful tanks of any other tree.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online renounces the grind

  • Zaiz 07/02/2014


    Best part of combat from the last MMO was when I reflexively dodged an arrow by sidestepping and it entered orbit around my character.

    Pretty much tore away the last of the immersion.

    Instead of this, why not play Skyrim itself? That game is absolutely fantastic, I just revisited it and I'm amazed at how well put together it is. The combat is better than people lambasted it for.
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  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition release date confirmed

  • Zaiz 04/02/2014

    I hope nobody was surprised that an online multiplayer game would require a Gold Subscription.

    Anyways, good luck to WG they've championed the ability to get all important advantages(APCR/HEAT shells, premium consumables) with the free currency.

    Considering other games have yet to understand this, it is nice.
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  • Battlefield 4: disaster report

  • Zaiz 03/02/2014

    I stopped buying Battlefield games after Battlefield 2: Bad Company was near unplayable on my PC due to matchmaking hangups

    edit: mind you, connecting to servers didn't work that often either. Hitting either matchmaking or browsing manually for servers worked about 1/10th of the time, enough that I gave up.
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  • See the first Google Glass game prototypes

  • Zaiz 29/01/2014

    I really wish Google Glass won't catch on. I should look up privacy law. Reply -3
  • 7 Days to Die alpha review

  • Zaiz 29/01/2014

    Well, PC still has space sims, RTS and other proper neckbearded genres. PC also is still the holdout of true difficulty. Mods as well.

    Plus PC is getting all the cool indie titles that aren't just 2d platformers, like The Mandate, DayZ, 7D2D, Starbound, etc.

    I can't go on without mentioning the crop of actually great Free 2 Play titles, like World of Tanks(WoT on 360 is a very different beast), League of Legends and friends.
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  • Three scrumptious new Witcher 3 screenshots

  • Zaiz 28/01/2014

    The first screenshot has some sort of film grain filter on it, the second two don't. Strange. I wonder why? I hope it means they removed such a filter if it did ever exist, because little is more annoying than the game looking worse on purpose. Reply +1
  • Klei's Incognita is now called Invisible, Inc.

  • Zaiz 17/01/2014


    Basic review site logic. Take the biggest brand name in a genre, make everything else "like" it. Since Xcom is the biggest turn based tactics game with guns, all others are "like" Xcom.
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  • Tomb Raider finally achieved profitability "by the end of last year"

  • Zaiz 17/01/2014

    I swear I own the game, and have played the other games.
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  • Zaiz 17/01/2014

    I'm looking forward to a sequel if Lara Croft isn't dolled up and "vulnerable" to a fetishistic degree. That game made me feel less like I was Lara and more like I was a rapist watching Lara shiver and make inhuman plastic faces.

    edit: Mind you, they spent how much money on this game that probably 4 million sales before the big Steam winter sales were required to drag it into the black? That's a terrifying amount of money for a game.
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  • Rockstar threatens to ban "game-breaking" GTA Online money cheats

  • Zaiz 17/01/2014

    So wait, GTAO has a thriving economy where goods and services are bought and sold? Unlocks aren't an economy.

    edit: slight clarification even though no one will read this comment anyways: What I mean is getting cash from the game itself and then using that cash to buy things in the game isn't an economy. It is only an economy when you can barter with other players.
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  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare delayed by a week

  • Zaiz 16/01/2014

    This game is TF2, except third person and with more direct-fire weapons so its easier to play. Huh.

    Natural Selection 2 is a better asymmetric team game anyways.
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  • Gone Home gets amazing fake DLC trailer Gun Home

  • Zaiz 16/01/2014

    It is kinda condescending, isn't it? Reply +1
  • You thought that was it for Guild Wars 2?

  • Zaiz 15/01/2014

    Guild Wars 1 had voice acting.

    Although only playing human is your own fault.
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  • Most Anticipated: Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Zaiz 09/01/2014

    A fellow. I felt myself counting off the tropes as Bioware went through the motions of making a mature fantasy game(Read: more sex and hilarious blood effects) with a plotline that could have been played out in a Teen title.
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  • $1m up for grabs in the next Call of Duty Championship

  • Zaiz 09/01/2014

    CoD as an esport has been artificially supported for so long because Activision's yearly model, refusal to balance and shitty gameplay elements won't build a real "esport" community. Reply +3
  • Razer's module-tastic PC is mad, or genius

  • Zaiz 08/01/2014

    I'm pretty sure everyone missed the two GPUs are linked up by a third "Control" unit. Yea, that seems like a pointless extra 50 dollar component.
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  • Zaiz 08/01/2014

    Pretty sure they already have them. Most servers are built on racks for a reason, they come apart fairly easily and some designs are even more module-based, like "blade" servers.

    This thing sounds heavy as hell if each one of those units has its own liquid cooling solution. And liquid cooling isn't that great since it is still based on a fan-and-radiator, you've just moved the radiator.

    This is really a trap for people with more money than sense.
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  • Slender: The Arrival is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Zaiz 08/01/2014

    Majesco still does games? Reply +1
  • Bravely Default censors its clothing upon its western release

  • Zaiz 04/01/2014

    Massive improvement. I don't understand why the Japanese are so obsessed with young characters. It doesn't change much because the Japanese write adults and kids near identically. Reply +3
  • Titanfall won't launch with mod support

  • Zaiz 03/01/2014

    I don't know why people asked for mod support for this title. Not that it will be everything people want it to be, but they already know that the game is a massive multiplayer bullet fiesta and any 'mods' that are added will be simple texture hacks, like turning soldiers bright pink and illuminating weakpoints on mechs. Reply -4
  • LOL dev Riot retaliates to "greedy" taunts

  • Zaiz 02/01/2014


    Lol's seasons are basically just leaderboard refreshes. It means people have to stay on top of their game to keep their ranks high.

    The client? Adobe Air is godawful, legitimately, truly godawful. League has a launcher/splash and the game itself, what people are whining about is the launcher/splash portion. Adobe Air is quite bad.

    People always whine about getting a particular community member with good ideas into a company because their perceived problems will magically disappear if Mr. X gets his input.
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  • Hands-on with SteamOS

  • Zaiz 19/12/2013

    Uh, broskie, you can run anything you'd like of Win8's front end, its just a glorified desktop.
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  • Star Wars goes F2P with space combat game Attack Squadrons

  • Zaiz 17/12/2013

    You don't need a dime to do top level stuff in WoT. Since near everything is free except for things that boost your income or make your tank fancy.
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  • Wasteland 2 beta review

  • Zaiz 16/12/2013

    Snipes at Fallout 3, snipes at Fallout Going to have to remember this for when the game's likely great intro gives away to more standard RPG questing and such. That's always how it goes.

    Admittedly, Skyrim didn't go that way and instead basically pushed you in the direction of getting lost.
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  • Dead Rising 3's Operation Broken Eagle DLC detailed

  • Zaiz 16/12/2013

    Early DLC is pretty much the developer keeping the production team busy while the game clears QA/QC. So yea, it reeks but its basically the studio keeping their hundred odd artwork guys employed and working even when their job is mostly done for the finished product.

    So yea, DLC is important as a job saving measure in our over-corporate world, but I really do wish the first wave would be free.
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  • Overachiever For a Day

  • Zaiz 15/12/2013

    This article makes me realize how long I've been reading EG.
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 has online training and 3v3 matches

  • Zaiz 14/12/2013

    I always loved how Capcom got away with putting balancing patches into the next game, forcing you to pay more money to get pertinent fixes and all new issues that will only be fixed with the game after that. Reply +2