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  • Hasbro and Jagex's Transformers Universe to close down next month

  • YenRug 16/12/2014

    I tried the initial BETA, was seriously lacking in feedback for your actions and the combat swung back and forth from feeling like you were stomping all over a swarm of ants to instantly feeling like you were bashing your head against a wall. They also had such simple basic flaws as having a sniper weapon, on some characters, with no aiming reticule; you'd be zooming around in third person, hold down the aim button to switch to a first person view and then you had to guess as to whether you were pointing at a target, or not.

    I reported these things over and over again, yet each weekly update would be, "Hey, here's our update, it's more characters for you to try out!"
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    @menelfirimaner As I mentioned in a reply to someone else, this is the UK's allocation, other countries are getting allocated their own amount of systems to buy through their local sites. Reply 0
  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    Send in a 'photo of you with a unique bit of Sony PS kit, or your PS collection, and let a group of bods at Sony choose the photo winners.
    What, you mean like the very first competition that they ran to win one of these? If so, you're a bit late to enter it.

    ETA: Seems the competition is, in fact, still running:
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  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    @Heales You're completely unaware that they are doing offers in other countries then? Spain had 400 of them, being auctioned off for charity. The UK seems to have had around 800-1000 allocated, no idea how many the US have had, but that still leaves several thousand from the 12,300 production run for other countries. Reply +3
  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @Machiavellian Do you mean this Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 as part of the Mass Effect Trilogy?
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  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    For anyone still worried it won't show up on other systems, you're missing the carefully chosen words in the statements given, particularly:

    Yes, Microsoft will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox.
    No mention of who will be publishing on other formats, just a specific statement of one specific situation.
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  • Destiny alert: this week's Nightfall and Heroic strikes are locked behind The Dark Below DLC

  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @NobbyWallis Odd, I could have sworn they all paid to play Destiny... Reply +8
  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @CoburnAlpha People aren't asking to play the strike that's in the DLC, they're asking to be able to play a Nightfall strike that isn't part of the DLC. Reply +9
  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    So glad my boredom with Destiny finally kicked in the weekend before Dragon Age came out! I had absolutely no plans to buy the over-priced DLC, now my fears have been completely realised. Reply +13
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter

  • YenRug 27/11/2014

    Video of a fun little bug that I experienced:

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  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @Electric_Bones A little tip for you, authentication via a logon server is a form of DRM; it is, literally, Management of your Right to use a Digital product. It doesn't need a third-party app to monitor you, when the main game won't work without a logon to the game servers. Reply +5
  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @ithis I suppose I should have said "primarily" an MMO, then. I was considering trying the online single player, but always had the thought of falling back on the offline mode if I found it wasn't to my liking.

    It's only now that I'm realising the relevance of certain things that I'd not paid much attention to, e.g. insurance; I'd been thinking that, if I got blown up, I'd just quit out and reload my last save, but now it's obvious that this is a persistent universe and there's no way for me to save and reload. Also, if I don't play for a while, when I come back on I might find that the universe, relatively, has changed dramatically and I'll have no idea how to proceed with what I was doing when I last played.

    These sorts of things are what I'm now finding myself uncomfortable with, making me doubt whether I really want to play this new version of Elite.

    Annoyingly, my HOTAS joystick arrived in the post (ordered back in August) this morning...
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  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @melnificent Just seeing an empty public folder. :( Reply +2
  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @adscott From:

    Pledge 60 or more

    374 backers

    Physical DRM-free boxed edition of "Elite: Dangerous" plus all rewards above (please note: the disc in the pack is simply an alternative way to install the game - it will have the same online account code whether installed off disc or downloaded digitally).
    Estimated delivery: Mar 2014
    Ships anywhere in the world
    Notice the part I bolded in that quote? So, no, they have not fulfilled the promised rewards offered to backers; they may not call it DRM, but if it "walks like a duck and quacks like a duck"...
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  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    I have to admit, I wasn't aware that it was being considered to be an MMO; I knew it was going to have an online option, but never intended to play multiplayer other than possibly joining up with any friends I might find playing it for the "instanced" version. Now, the question is, was it wilful ignorance on my part, or not?

    Generally, I've not read a lot in the newsletters, but that's mainly been because if the title of a subject has been talking about multiplayer I've avoided it, knowing it's not going to be of interest. That's probably what's put me in the position of not being aware that the multiplayer focus was shaping the mechanics of how the universe was going to be handled; I'd always assumed that the universe would be running on your own PC, but if you were playing an online character then you would get regular feedback from the game's servers which would be reflected in that version of your universe.

    At no point did I think that the game's universe would be residing on remote servers, which is what I feel is where they've mishandled their communication of this situation.
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • YenRug 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey Except, that's exactly what people were expecting from the offline mode, realistically.

    OK, FD said they were hoping that they could, possibly, implement some kind of dynamic development of the universe in offline mode, but everyone realised that that was a long stretch even when initially proposed.
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  • YenRug 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey As someone who used to play the original Frontier, it was quite possible to be doing small scale trade runs and be jumping back and forth between stations at 5-10 minute intervals, usually dependant upon random events such as pirates attacking you. That game worked perfectly well running on my Amiga with only 4MB of RAM, loading off a floppy disk, but now FD are saying that my 16GB RAM PC with 1TB HDD can't model the game's universe in any shape or form?

    As to dumping you back to the menu screen, tell me, what do most games do when they decide that they can no longer detect your internet connection? I know Destiny dumps me back to orbit, every so often, and every once in a while it can be so bad that I have to be dumped to the login screen; so, no, assuming you'll get dumped back to the menu screen is not unrealistic in the slightest, not unless FD actually explain what will happen if your connection does go down during your playtime.
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  • YenRug 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey They've clarified that this "time to time" is for things like trading at space stations, so it's not a case of, "Oh, let me get today's updates then I'll be good for the rest of the day," it's more like, "OK, just spent 5 minutes flying from this station to this other station, but now the game's dumped me back to the menu screen because I'm no longer connected to the internet!" Reply +4
  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • YenRug 14/11/2014

    @FireMonkey But the developers weren't forced to adjust the mechanics of a game to encourage you to pay that money, were they? Reply +5
  • YenRug 14/11/2014

    @skowhegan EG really need to implement a -5 score modifier to any retail priced game which includes "micro"-transactions, when devs stop getting their bonuses based on review ratings I'm sure they'll start telling their publishers that it's gone too far. Reply +4
  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • YenRug 29/10/2014

    Harold Ryan: Have you done the Thorn exotic quest?
    No, because I don't fucking do PVP!
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  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • YenRug 19/10/2014

    @Moz I've been thinking about that, too, just questions of whether they may have introduced country levels of region locking and import taxes on top of the purchase price. Reply 0
  • YenRug 19/10/2014

    @RyanDS Whilst I'm not impressed with this, I suspect it's actually more about Nintendo's "family friendly" stance. By making a charge, so it appears on your CC billing, it should help with parent's noticing if their kids have snuck their card and unlocked the filter without their permission; as to the amount of the charge, I'm hoping that it's just Nintendo covering the cost of the card transaction, rather than profiting from it. Reply +6
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 20GB day one patch to unlock multiplayer

  • YenRug 17/10/2014

    If you pre-order/download MCC, you will also download content update pre-release. Just make sure you enable auto updates on XB1
    Why not make it available as a general download BEFORE release, then? Why only restrict it to digital pre-orders? It's not like it's going to work without the disc, is it?
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  • Bungie pays tribute to Destiny's famous loot cave

  • YenRug 15/10/2014

    @Ferral Ah, in that case, then, they were just being dicks about it. Your post made it sound like you were standing near where they were shooting, rather than where they were shooting from, you're completely justified in being pissed off with them. Reply 0
  • YenRug 15/10/2014

    @Ferral Actually, you were a "threat" to their loot farming; by standing too close to the spawn area, you prevent the mobs from respawning. Whilst they couldn't damage you, they were shooting you to try to make you realise that you needed to move on. Reply +1
  • Alien vs. Predator (2000) free on GOG until Friday

  • YenRug 15/10/2014

    I signed up for the Witcher Adventures CCG beta, which was kind of meant to be a GOG Galaxy beta, too. Unfortunately, every time I tried to play the Witcher game I couldn't find enough people to launch it...

    Been waiting for the proper Galaxy launch, though, so signed up to this as well.
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  • Sony's PS4-streaming smartphone gets a US release date

  • YenRug 09/10/2014

    @Stepharneo I know, I was meaning that they do it officially... Reply +1
  • YenRug 09/10/2014

    Now, Sony, here is what you do next:

    1. Create a similar mount that can hold the PS Vita.

    2. Allow DS4's to work alongside the PS Vita in Remote Play.
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  • 3DS system update adds themes, image share tool

  • YenRug 07/10/2014

    OK, not overly impressed at the prices, but I had to get rid of the horrible, boring grey expanse and went for the Zelda one.

    One slight problem, however, by default this is the view that you see:

    Not the nice, character filled, view of the castle, but a bloody brick wall instead. You have to scroll to the right to make the background move, great idea, Nintendo...
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  • Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors

  • YenRug 03/10/2014

    Glad to hear it's not just me, then. I really tried to get into Dark Souls, but I just never really felt like I was making any real progress, it was always a case of nibbling away at the areas I couldn't get at; Demon's Souls, however, tended to be case of being able to make a good chunk of progress each time you made your character level up followed by figuring out when you'd hit your limit once more. Reply +12
  • Bungie nerfs Destiny's magical loot farming Treasure Cave

  • YenRug 25/09/2014

    Scout Rifles will be buffed: "Scouts just aren't hitting hard enough today when compared to other precision weapons. We'll be addressing this soon."
    So, when they nerfed them, following the Beta, they've now realised they screwed up and shouldn't have?
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  • New lighting tech debunks moon landing conspiracy theories

  • YenRug 20/09/2014

    Where's the Wizard?

    Oh, that's right, it's a PC...


    EDIT: Wow, who's the crankypants who forgot to put on their sense of humour this morning? It's a joke, not a dig at PC's, hence the wink smiley.
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  • The first Dragon Quest launches on iOS and Android

  • YenRug 11/09/2014

    Yeah, I jumped in, normally I would think several times before deciding whether to buy a SE mobile game (usually not), but at this price I felt it worth giving them "feedback" on decent pricing. Reply 0
  • Microsoft UK confirms it is behind cheeky Destiny fragrance ad

  • YenRug 05/09/2014

    So, what will Microsoft's response be when Sony start advertising their new Tom Braider fragrance? Can we expect lawsuits or will they just laugh it off? Reply +3
  • Skate 3 gets reprinted following its recent YouTube popularity

  • YenRug 28/08/2014

    What does the moron say before he dies?

    "Hi, I'm Pewdiepie!" probably...
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass detailed

  • YenRug 18/08/2014

    @Mar27w Odd you should say that, Activision announced that the level of pre-orders was dropping off, for their games, so they're having to re-evaluate how to predict likely success of their games. See, people do get it. Eventually... Reply +3
  • Star Citizen races past $50m mark after selling new space ships

  • YenRug 18/08/2014

    So, 1/10 of the supposed lifetime cost of the Destiny series for one game? Somebody's laughing all the way to the bank. Reply +3
  • Remembering Double Dragon, a true arcade icon

  • YenRug 11/08/2014

    I still remember being able to play the whole way through this game on one credit, using the elbow attack as my only move. Reply 0
  • The new Settlers game is part city builder, part action RTS

  • YenRug 07/08/2014

    Reply +3
  • YenRug 06/08/2014

    @lucky_jim I have the Amiga MOD file of the opening theme tune on my PC hard-drive, at home, dig it out every so often to play it again. Think that will be happening tonight. Reply +2
  • Officially-licensed Legend of Zelda Monopoly revealed

  • YenRug 04/08/2014

    @kraigmorgasm I've got the D&D version:
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  • YenRug 04/08/2014

    @tidy-spidey If you definitely know where you're going, try to look up the closest GameStop and give them a call. They won't be able to do a reservation, as you need to be able to place a deposit for that, but they'll be able to let you know if they're going to get any in and might be able to get get extras if they know there's a good chance of the extra sale.

    I did that when the original Nintendo DS was launched, happened to be in Burbank, Los Angeles, on launchday; I phoned them up beforehand and the manager said to go see him as soon as I arrived in country, wasn't able to place a reservation as it was too late but he stuck me at the top of the backup list and managed to nab one when someone didn't turn up to collect theirs.
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  • YenRug 04/08/2014

    @tidy-spidey When I looked on the site it said not available for in-store pickup, doesn't mean that it won't be available in-store, but more likely will be a case of pure chance if you can find one. Reply +1
  • Watch the trailer for ET documentary Atari: Game Over

  • YenRug 29/07/2014

    Ah, yes, the infamous videogame crash.

    If you were American...

    The rest of the world carried on doing its own thing, as usual, especially here in the UK where we weren't beholden to just one company.

    Still, this does look a lot more interesting than I expected, I was assuming it was going to be a pretty dry affair but it seems to be presenting things in a more upbeat manner. Just have to wait for it to show up on other sites, not exactly going to go buy a Xbone just to watch this.
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  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • YenRug 08/07/2014

    So, when The Sun runs videogame reviews, or competitions with videogames as prizes, does that make them Pushers or Dealers? Reply +8
  • Sniper Elite 3 blasts through second week as UK number one

  • YenRug 07/07/2014

    @ConsolesEqualCancer Oh look, the Lesser Spotted PC Fanboy! Have to write that one up in my notebook... Reply +3
  • Inside Sniper Elite 3's Rebellion, Britain's best guilty pleasure developer

  • YenRug 03/07/2014

    @kimanahe Considering how much of this legal mess almost certainly extends from the crapshoot of the US legal system, it's ironic that their own First Amendment is used in defence whilst their own USPTO grants similar rights all the time. I'm not defending their actions in the slightest, just recognising how shit the system is thanks to the efforts of lawyers. Reply +1
  • YenRug 03/07/2014

    @Bluetooth Actually, you weren't forced to buy it for 40; when mine was revoked I want to another key seller and still paid less than 16 for it. Reply +3
  • YenRug 03/07/2014

    @pricen84 You're working on the difference between how law is worded and how it is practised/precedent; in trademark suits you have the situation that there have been cases where trademark holders haven't pursued instances which they haven't felt were infringing, but then they've bought cases they felt were infringing, in those cases the defendants have brought up the lack of prosecution in the other instances. Sometimes that's worked, sometimes it hasn't, but it leaves everyone in the position of having to pursue everyone just on the off-chance you miss the one case that brings down another.

    What is needed is a "recognition" option, e.g. a statement is issued that recognises that your trademark has been used, but you don't see any obvious infringement of your own intellectual property so you are not actively pursuing a case, but retain the right to do so.
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