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  • Jelly Deals roundup: The Witcher 3, discounted DualShock 4s, The Witness, and more

  • YenRug 13/03/2017

    I'd love to shop with ShopTo, but their website keeps on deciding that it won't let me login, even if I use the forgotten password option and reset it, next attempt states there's an error with either my username or password. I've had them fix it once before, about a month or so back, but now having the same problem again! Reply +1
  • Switch Joy-Cons tested: are there really de-sync issues?

  • YenRug 03/03/2017

    @frazzl Yup! Reply +1
  • YenRug 02/03/2017

    @frazzl No, but height differences usually indicate build differences, too, and one difference in build is hand size. And we're talking averages, here, a small person can have large hands, alternatively you can be Donald Trump, but on the whole those two inches in height can make quite a difference. The point being, the slightly smaller Japanese hands might have left enough open surface for signal migration to make just enough of a difference during development and testing so that this problem wasn't observed, i.e. did something like a square centimetre of surface make the crucial difference, much like my DS4 being above or below my desktop.

    And yes, I am aware of most societies now being multi-cultural, if you'd looked at the link I provided I quoted the average population height for the USA, there were several others indicating the averages for other ethnicities, but I thought it best not to over-exagerate by choosing the 5' 10" of the caucasian population. The UK ones were split down into regions, with no cultural breakdowns, with it being either 5' 9" or 5' 10" dependant upon age ranges.
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  • YenRug 02/03/2017

    Think about it, in a DS4 all the electronics is in the bridge section between each handle, the only thing really down in the grips are the rumble motors, so the bluetooth signal is free and clear of pretty much most interference from solid lumps of flesh.
    Both the PS4 and X1 controllers work fine without direct line of site. In fact prior to setting up my game room, my consoles were behind me and I experienced zero lag with any of my wireless controllers - DS3, DS4, X360 and X1 controllers.
    Actually, I can confirm from personal experience that the DS4 (in particular, the V2) can have line of sight problems, so yes, you are talking out of your arse. I sometimes sit at my computer in my living room, it's behind my armchair and has a small bookcase to the side of it; with my old DS4 controllers I could happily sit there and hold it in my hands in any position and still control anything on the PS4, the new DS4 though will only work if I keep it held above the desktop surface (which is only 1/2" laminate plywood), if I sit the controller in my lap I start losing connection and experience movement glitches.

    Distance from my PS4? No more than 15 feet, which is well within the 10m range of Bluetooth.

    It's looking like Nintendo have turned down the strength of the bluetooth signal to extend the battery life of the Joy-Con, now that us larger westerners are getting "hands on" it is looking like that may have been a mistake.
    This has nothing to do with "larger westerners". Firstly do you have empirical evidence that "Western" hands are larger than Japanese hands? I put quotes around the term "Western" because you're talking about several countries with a variety of different ethnic groups. Nice job generalizing though.

    Secondly if they turned the Bluetooth signal down to such an extent that heavy drops out like this happen that it's quite simply shitty design on Nintendo's part. They don't deserve excuses.
    Well, proving that you didn't read my previous comments and that you are ignorant of gaming history, Microsoft certainly thought it was a problem and so they developed the smaller "S" (S for smaller, surprise surprise) controller for the original Xbox when it launched in Japan. Admittedly, the vast majority of western gamers preferred the smaller controller too, with it becoming the standard controller after a while, but MS did in fact confirm that there were physical differences on average and thus designed smaller controllers for that market.

    Whilst it's not hand sizes, to give some idea of differences in build, I'll give you the average heights of populations and thus differences in build:

    USA: 5' 9 1/2"
    UK: 5'9" - 5' 10"
    Japan: 5' 7 1/2"

    Also, because of the Japanese diet, there tends to be a much lower incidence of obesity (hence my comment of pudgy westerner hands).

    And, to top all of this, you think I'm using this to excuse Nintendo for making this mistake? At no point have I tried to make out that this excuses them, I've simply put it forward as an explanation for what their mistake is, even if it's only partially contributory. My point was that they almost certainly tried to lower the signal strength to lower the energy usage, which has bitten them on the arse.
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  • YenRug 02/03/2017

    @frazzl Yeah, oddly enough I have, but like I said, this isn't brain surgery.

    Think about it, in a DS4 all the electronics is in the bridge section between each handle, the only thing really down in the grips are the rumble motors, so the bluetooth signal is free and clear of pretty much most interference from solid lumps of flesh.

    The Joy-Con, however, is a lump of electronics gripped almost entirely in your fist.

    The human body is not a great conductor of radio waves, strangely enough; early bluetooth speakers and headphones always recommended that you keep yourself out of the line of sight between your phone and the device as much as possible. Hell, early GPS receivers, especially when being used for surveying purposes, used to be have to be put on a pole sticking out of backpack so that it could clear the operator's head, even then it would have a metal shield encircling it to help reduce interference; when they shrunk GPS navigation systems down into a small box, you had to hold it on your palm level with your eyes, if you leaned over it you could block the signal.

    I mean, you can keep on ignoring stories of people with large hands having to open them up, or turn them so that exposed parts are pointing towards the console, so that they can use their Joy-Cons, or you can keep waffling on how DS4's don't have a problem so Joy-Con's shouldn't. It's looking like Nintendo have turned down the strength of the bluetooth signal to extend the battery life of the Joy-Con, now that us larger westerners are getting "hands on" it is looking like that may have been a mistake.
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  • YenRug 01/03/2017

    @frazzl Because the Joy-Cons are actually small enough to be smothered by larger hands, whereas normal controllers aren't? We're not talking brain surgery here, a simple case of physical dimensions. Reply +2
  • YenRug 01/03/2017

    OK, this is not being racist, and that's not trying to avoid "I'm not racist, but..." comments, either.

    Could this be a design/development oversight thanks to the average Japanese person being of a smaller build?

    We know on the original Xbox that they developed the smaller S controller for the Japanese launch, because their hands were on average smaller than caucasian hands.

    Are we seeing that Nintendo's engineers didn't catch this problem, in testing, because their hands don't cover up the Joy-Cons to the same extent that caucasian hands are? Are our larger, and likely pudgier, hands quite simply smothering the signal and Nintendo didn't even consider this a possibility?
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn review

  • YenRug 20/02/2017

    Specifically addresses "open-world burnout" in most games and that Horizon avoids most of those problems.
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  • YenRug 20/02/2017

    This is far, far from a bad game
    So, why the overly negative bias of the review?

    It seems that the reviewer has more of a problem with it not striking a chord with him, rather than anything else; to me that reads more as burnout with gaming in general, recognising familiar mechanics, with no real attempt to cover whether they have done anything different with them.

    A slight example, from the "Kinda Funny Games" playthrough video, they mention that after being scanned robot sentries reveal their patrol routes through your character's headset, thus allowing you to immediately figure out where would be the best place to carry out an ambush. Logically, this makes sense, technology defeating technology, but the big gameplay difference is that you don't have to waste (sometimes significant amounts of) time observing an enemy, mentally plotting out their route, figuring out where is best to strike and then waiting for the enemy to complete their patrol circuit before you can strike.

    Some people might argue that it makes things too simple, but a lot more people would complain about how long these things take and hold you up when you're trying to make progress.
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  • Disney ditches Pewdiepie after anti-semitic stunt

  • YenRug 16/02/2017

    PewDiePie is basically an idiot for not carrying out self-censorship, he knew the content of the Fiverr video was controversial, he expresses shock that they went ahead and did what he asked of them. What he should have done, before posting it, was block out the text on their sign; at the end of the day, he wanted to confirm that Fiverr would do anything, they proved that they would be and he then compounded things by openly displaying it on his own channel, thus proving that he is equally willing to do anything.

    So, it comes down to this, did he simply want to confirm that other people would do something controversial, or did he want to do something controversial himself?

    If it was the former, he's simply an idiot and only has himself to blame for failing to avoid a controversy; if it's the latter, congratulations, he's done exactly that. Either way, he is ultimately responsible for the results, it only comes down to whether it was intentional or unintentional, he cannot go around denying that it was anything to do with him.
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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • YenRug 16/01/2017

    @VideoGameAddict25 All I've heard so far, regarding the online sub, is $5 per month. Presumably that will equate to 5 a month...

    Not heard anything about whether there will be annual passes, like PS+ or Xbox Live.
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  • YenRug 16/01/2017

    @_TheDarkSide_ Reply +1
  • YenRug 16/01/2017

    Does seem kind of ridiculous, why go to the effort of creating two completely different capabilities for the same item? It means you will have to remove and reconnect the Joy-Cons every time they run out of power, which makes a nonsense of Nintendo's claim that the Switch is a home console first and foremost; if it was a console first, you would make it as easy as possible to keep the Joy-Cons charged up, whilst disconnected from the base unit.

    Making the supplied Joy-Con grip non-chargeable proves that it's ultimately intended as a money grab, sooner or later they expect you to fork over the extra money to make it more convenient to keep them charged.
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  • Nintendo Switch out 3rd March for 279.99

  • YenRug 13/01/2017

    Jap price + 20% tax is 257.20. Reply +19
  • YenRug 13/01/2017

    Oh yeah, Japanese Yen Price converts to 214.33. Reply +26
  • YenRug 13/01/2017

    $299.99 is currently 246.74, so a 250 pricepoint is possible, depending on how they decide to handle taxes/screwing us over.

    EDIT: Jesus, I was posting this quickly on here whilst also posting live commentary in a Facebook group, with only about 2 hours sleep, it wasn't meant to be some detailed analysis of various international taxation systems. I am perfectly aware that US prices are quoted without sales tax, I was also under the impression that Japanese prices are quoted without tax, too, which seemed to be semi-confirmed by someone in the Facebook group who is living out there when he said it was costing him around Y32K.

    I know that traditionally Nintendo base their EU pricing upon conversions from the US pricing, but when I saw that the US price came in just under the 250 sweetspot I simply wondered if maybe they would decide to bite the bullet to try and hit it. When I then converted, and posted, the Japanese price it seemed even more realistic to consider the possibility.

    Nice of those who couldn't be bothered to be here at the time to neg me into oblivion.
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  • Sega's new Valkyria game is coming to the west next spring

  • YenRug 14/12/2016

    Ah crap, they've basically gone and ruined it. What is it with devs thinking that realtime always improves things? The people that liked the original liked its semi-turnbased version of combat, choosing which character to move in order and where to best place them at the end of their turn, it was essentially a puzzle game working out efficiencies rather than an absolute solution. Instead we now have a party-based realtime hack'n'slash style game, with pausing to select and setup specials...

    Go to 3m 15s for start of the combat.
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  • YenRug 14/12/2016

    What is it with Japanese trailers almost always consisting of cut scenes and no sign of gameplay, even when a game is almost, or even, complete?

    At the end, there are YouTube links to gameplay videos, so why not give even a hint of how the game plays, instead of showing how emo your protagonist is going to be?
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  • Black Friday deals for Friday 25th November

  • YenRug 25/11/2016

    @riceNpea Ermmm, because it's cheaper elsewhere? Seems like a perfectly good reason not to mention it, to me. Reply +3
  • Battleborn is 3.85

  • YenRug 24/11/2016

    Well, tried to buy it several times. ShopTo's site kept falling over, forgetting I was logged in and randomly emptied my basket several times; got to the checkout once and it failed to load the payment page, when I next refreshed it the game had sold out. ShopTo have probably doubled the active playerbase by themselves. Reply +2
  • UK retailer wants you to buy Nintendo Switch for 198.50 right now

  • YenRug 23/11/2016

    @smallblueslime And on top of that, I suspect the production scale will be considerably higher than that of a niche high-end Android gaming tablet, thus lowering production costs. I don't have figures, but I wouldn't be surprised if the 2 million launch quantity of the Switch exceeds the lifetime sales of the K1. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft execs deny insider trading accusations

  • YenRug 16/11/2016

    It's normal, at executive level, that any shares awarded by, or owned in, the company they work for must be sold in pre-arranged quantities and on dates set around six months in advance. This stops executives acting on such information as has been presented in this case; that means they would have had to have known the delays were coming 9 months in advance of their announcement, whilst not impossible it makes it extrememly unlikely. Whether they've followed these rules, or not, is a different matter, but they're usually quite rigidly enforced. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild to miss Nintendo Switch launch

  • YenRug 15/11/2016

    @StooMonster No patches for cartridge games? The 3DS would like to have a word with you, point out the error of your ways... Reply +11
  • YenRug 15/11/2016

    @LLJaf OK, where did you get the pro controller being in the bundle from? The original story posted yesterday stated the 250 bundle will be expanded storage memory and a game, the only mention of a pro controller was that it was going to cost 39.99. Reply 0
  • YenRug 15/11/2016

    Eurogamer understands that Nintendo has elected not to demo this version any further to avoid fans become bored of the same vertical slice which has been polished for public consumption.
    Hah! Public consumption? The handful of people (relatively speaking) who've been able to get hands on with the demo at shows?

    Release the demo on the Wii U eShop, then you can talk about public consumption.
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  • Nintendo Switch - games list, specs, release and everything we know about the new hardware

  • YenRug 23/10/2016

    @Dan234 IGN's NVC podcast stated that due to its physical size, as well as the likely low resolution display density resulting from that, makes the Switch a really bad fit for being used in a VR headset, would be worse than using a mid-range mobile phone in one of those cheap VR rigs you can pick up. Reply +2
  • YenRug 23/10/2016

    @kirinnokoshin There is no second screen functionality for BOTW on the Wii U demos that have been shown, so far, and I believe it's been confirmed that will be the case come launch.

    That was posited as being an indicator that the NX would not have second screen options, knowing it would involve too much engineering to create two different gameplay styles on top of the open world development they've had to come up with.
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  • YenRug 23/10/2016

    @Auntie_Social Seeing as Nvidia had a Shield Mk 2 tablet prototype, believed to be using the X2 chipset, undergoing testing with the FCC and they withdrew it from the licensing process stating "business reasons", it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that they thought better of it trying to sell their own tablet when they could be paid by Nintendo to build one for them, instead. So, yes, they already ditched the Shield line. Reply +6
  • Nintendo refuses to say whether Switch has a touchscreen

  • YenRug 21/10/2016

    So, you took a whole article to articulate what I wrote in two paragraphs in yesterday's comments? The "message" was about the controller options, they're staying "on message". Reply -3
  • Everything new in the Nintendo Switch trailer

  • YenRug 20/10/2016

    With regard to the attached video, I wouldn't rule out it having a touchscreen. Whilst it's not demonstrated in the reveal video, I suspect the intention was to demonstrate the different ways the Joycons and Procontoller can be used with it, to then show it has touchscreen options as well would confuse the "message" that they wanted to get across.

    Remember, they did something similar with the Wii U, when they revealed that they only showed the controller at their E3 conference, avoiding showing the base unit as it was too similar to the Wii; admittedly, that then ended up confusing some people, as they assumed it was an accessory for the Wii, but that's the kind of "on message" campaign that some advertising companies work on.

    EDIT: WTF? Someone negged me because I said it could have a touch screen? Some people really need to get their heads out of their arses.

    And, oh, look...

    When asked if the Nintendo Switch will have touchscreen support, Nintendo declined to comment.

    "We will make additional announcements about the Nintendo Switch hardware later, before the launch of the product," Nintendo told IGN.
    In other words, they're not talking about other aspects of the hardware yet, does that sound familiar? It's almost as if it got mentioned just a few lines further up the screen.....
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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • YenRug 20/10/2016

    Nintendo Switch world premiere demonstrates new entertainment experiences from a home gaming system Reply 0
  • YenRug 20/10/2016

    I'm sold. Reply +2
  • Destiny bug denies top streamers Hard Mode raid world first

  • YenRug 19/10/2016

    @Mhoey *ahem*

    an invisible perimeter

    EDIT: Hmmmm, I wonder who negged this particular piece of evidence of lack of reading comprehension?
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  • Big changes are coming to The Division

  • YenRug 22/09/2016

    @jabberwocky The previous announcement about 1.4 made it reasonably clear that they're intending to make the non-DZ areas viable, reintroducing wandering bosses, etc. Presumably, the idea will be that you only go into the DZ if you want to partake of PvP, no longer a necessity for gearing up. Hopefully that turns out to be the case, in practise. Reply +3
  • Darkest Dungeon lights up PS4, Vita next month

  • YenRug 03/08/2016

    There was a pre-order page up for it earlier, been taken down now, but I think it was listed at 17.99.

    From my browser history:!/en-gb/games/darkest-dungeon/cid=EP2483-CUSA05967_00-RHSDDPS4PRE00001
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  • No Man's Sky leaker claims to have reached the centre of the galaxy already

  • YenRug 01/08/2016

    You know, to me, it sounds like this might be some kind of beta/test server that he's connected to. I've heard reviewers talk about how they sometimes get given versions of games which have shortcuts built into them which allow the reviewer to skip ahead, or make significantly faster progress, being given these Atlas Stones and Warp Fuels just for being in a particular place sound just like that. Reply +4
  • Rocket League, Gwent "ready" for PS4 Xbox One cross-network play

  • YenRug 22/07/2016

    Sony has been doing cross-play for several years, now, go back to the PS3 and look at the release of Orange Box which had cross platform play with PC; there's also been FFXIV on both PS3 and PS4 which has had cross-play. The reason those games never had cross-play with Xbox was because of Microsoft, so now that they're suddenly all for it, don't go buying into the story that it's now Sony's fault that it's not happening all of a sudden.

    If Microsoft really wanted this to happen, their first step should have been to talk to Sony and establish how it was going to work, not just suddenly go, "Hey, we want to do cross-play, the ball is now in Sony's court!"

    Typically, of most gamers, they've acted as if all it would take is the flick of a switch. The reality is, this sort of thing takes time to develop, check and confirm it's viable; have Sony taken too long? I don't know, but for some people anything longer than a second is going to be too long.
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  • One of the biggest Twitch streamers bites the dust as Valve's CS:GO gambling crackdown continues

  • YenRug 20/07/2016

    @Samael_Blackwing He might not have actually spent that amount of money, it might just be the resale "value" of the skins that he's won from playing the game, or from previous gambling efforts. Reply +7
  • Through gritted teeth, Star Citizen developer gives player whopping $2500 refund

  • YenRug 15/07/2016

    @Agarwel_Idiriz As I recall, Star Citizen set their own website up, rather than using Kickstarter, to generate funding and it was more implied as being a pre-order rather than an unsecured investment. Reply +5
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash sheds its RPG roots for an action-adventure with charm

  • YenRug 07/07/2016

    The biggest game mechanic problem with Sticker Star: no default attack to fall back on, having to use up stickers to do absolutely everything, meaning you had to repeatedly backtrack and grind basic attack stickers otherwise you could find yourself in combat with no options.

    If they've fixed that problem in Colour Splash, I might consider looking at it...
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  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • YenRug 05/07/2016

    @obidanshinobi Reply +8
  • Adventures of Mana is now on Vita

  • YenRug 29/06/2016

    Appears to be a typo, listed as 11.49 on PSN. Reply 0
  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @mega-gazz Also, I see Remain complaining about how the Leavers didn't educate themselves on their vote, but it would seem the Remains didn't educate themselves on the rules of the referendum itself. Reply 0
  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @Spuzzell If I'm reading that right, this whole, "The old fucked over the young!" claim is pretty bogus, because that's saying only half of young people voted Remain, meaning the other half voted Leave? Reply +3
  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @carmagainagain Correction, you meant to say that the vote was won by a 3.8% margin; subtract 48.1 from 51.9, it's simple math. Reply -1
  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @LSi01 Sorry people, you already had a chance to look up the rules of the referendum (simple majority wins even if it was by one vote) and you voted accordingly, which means you accepted those terms by default. Reply +5
  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @riceNpea Well, seeing as I was being seriously downvoted with no comments (although Chewbaccasdad replied whilst I was writing my own "reply"), it seemed sensible to at least explain a little more clearly in a new post, as the original would be hidden even with edits/additions. Reply -1
  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @Chewbaccasdad Do us any favours? You do realise that the UK is a net importer of goods from the rest of the EU, don't you? That means that the value of goods we import exceeds the value of goods that we export.

    I know a friend was going on about how UK exports make up 30% of our GDP, with 45% of those exports going to the EU, so, yes, that's a reasonable chunk of money that we make is from exports to the EU. He then stated how ONLY 10% of EU exports come to the UK, the implication being of, "Ooooh, look how much smaller that number is!" I don't have the numbers to hand, but I am at least aware that the value of that 10% is meant to be about 3-4 times that of our 45%.

    Access to the EEA means that European companies get to sell goods to us without import tarrifs, and vice versa, the EEA is not a one way street.
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  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    @YenRug Oh look, some people are annoyed with me being honest!

    There have been blatant statements made implying that certain EU countries intend to "punish" the UK if we voted to leave, talk about denying us access to the common market, the only way they can do that is to block membership of the EEA. If we get EEA membership, then UK citizens will probably stay in their jobs in Europe and European citizens will probably stay in their jobs in the UK, when the split is made with the EU; there are no guarantees in life, because some companies may choose to use a change in circumstance to take advantage, but if you're an employee in good standing then the odds are your company will have some paperwork changes to make and that will be it.

    As I said, if the EU allows its continuing members to direct it in a spiteful way, blocking EEA membership, then those people affected are going to have to sort out work visas. Presumably there will be warnings beforehand, or, if not, a grace period allowed to sort one out. Again, some companies may decide they don't want the hassle.

    My previous post may have been a bit glib in the way I worded it, but I was trying to be succinct.
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  • YenRug 24/06/2016

    To those wondering whether your job in the UK/Europe (depending on the direction of travel you've made) is safe, ask the EU whether they're going to be spiteful and block EEA membership; a condition of EEA membership is freedom of movement of labour (not freedom of movement as a lot of Remain posters were claiming), whilst it can be unilaterally blocked by a country, it's pretty safe to say your existing jobs would be unaffected.

    If the EU act like children, however, time to start your visa applications...
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