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  • Little Devil Inside mixes Wind Waker with Bloodborne and Mad Max

  • YenRug 23/05/2015

    Might like to make a slight correction, those prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Reply 0
  • Sony's knuckles rapped over PS4 20th Anniversary Edition competition

  • YenRug 13/05/2015

    @Murton Actually, those "fastest entry" competitions use a randomised pool of questions, so a script isn't likely to work unless someone enters repeatedly to figure out all the possible questions and then writes a script capable of reading the questions and answering them correctly. Reply 0
  • The enduring appeal of Nintendo's StreetPass

  • YenRug 11/05/2015

    You can only earn 10 coins per day, 1 coin per 100 steps recorded, so only the first 100 steps matter; on top of that there's a cap of 300 coins in total. With the larger selection of games, now, I think they really need to review those limits.

    Make it a cap of 500 coins with you being able to earn up to 30 per day, if Nintendo want to make earning them slightly harder make it 200 steps per coin for 11-20 and 300 steps per coin for 21-30; the whole point was to encourage you to go out and exercise, so why not reward people who put the effort in.

    Admittedly, it's rare that mine gets those 1000 steps per day, it's often left sat on my desk during the work day, but there are times I go out and get around 6000.
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  • Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms

  • YenRug 29/04/2015

    @5lectro Might be too late, now, but try checking this link and see if you can "buy" it on your PSN account:!/en-gb/games/pt-demo/cid=EP4511-CUSA01114_00-PPPPPPPPTTTTTTTT

    It's possible I can only see it because I already have it, as previously owned items are always visible. If it will let you acquire it, you should be able to download it at a later date.
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  • YenRug 27/04/2015

    @alimokrane Dude, way, way, way too slow.

    Like 7 hours too slow, get with the programme already!
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  • YenRug 27/04/2015

    Reply +68
  • Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is out now on Steam

  • YenRug 29/04/2015

    Can't remember if I backed this, off-hand, I need to investigate why I've not heard anything, if I did! Reply +2
  • The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one

  • YenRug 28/04/2015

    @JayKwon Whilst I agree that it would be good to have a mixed party from the start, I do actually like their take that there will be "guest" party members who make the guys moderate/change their behaviour; so, a choice between a mixed party from the off with no real changes in behaviour, or the chance to see the contrast between changing situations? Reply +1
  • YenRug 28/04/2015

    The first 4 points stopped me from finishing the demo: I'm pretty sure I was using lock-on in combat but you would keep losing track of where the enemy had gone, leaving you wondering if you were actually in control or just along for the ride. Played it for quite a few hours and was close to having enough money to fix the car, just haven't felt the urge to go back to it and get to the point where I meet this "sexy" mechanic, might have to boot it up to see what the problem is with her. Reply 0
  • Here's what SteamWorld Heist looks like in action

  • YenRug 01/04/2015

    Due to the 2D side-on perspective, it can be a little difficult to tell what surfaces your bullets will and won't penetrate, but hopefully that will make more sense after a tutorial.
    It looked, to me, unless something is designated as cover, you can shoot through anything unless it's the "black bulkhead" which seems to allow you to ricochet shots. Not that hard to interpret what was happening.
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  • Google Maps launches April Fools' Pac-Man mode

  • YenRug 31/03/2015

    The map around my house isn't overly complicated, but it does a good job of catching you out with the direction choices:,-2.2144238,18z/data=!1e3?hl=en
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  • Cara Ellison on: #Fortune

  • YenRug 28/03/2015

    Biggest surprise for me: an ALIAS reference. Most people seem to have forgotten that that show existed. Reply +1
  • Jeff Minter "beyond disgusted" with Atari over TxK block

  • YenRug 19/03/2015

    @governmentyard Are you going to send a letter to Atari's lawyers asking why they're trying to claim copyright on your original work? Reply 0
  • YenRug 19/03/2015

    Going on a comment elsewhere in this thread:

    What if he "accidentally" released it, on PC at least, as shareware?

    He's not selling it, it's just out there on torrents and if you like it enough you can make a donation to Llamasoft, obviously making sure not to mention TxK in your donation...
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  • Steam now requires users to disclose paid endorsements

  • YenRug 18/03/2015

    @IronSoldier He wasn't correct, though, the post he was replying to was saying that being upfront and honest was the right thing to do. Chromanin said that this was the definition of corruption, whereas corruption is taking "payment" and hiding that information. Reply +11
  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • YenRug 02/03/2015

    @daviejambo Not saying they've just pulled it out of nowhere, just that OR has had its chance to get something to market but can't get past the tinkering stage; they seem to have been the ones who prompted this current resurgence of interest in VR, but have failed to capitalise on it. Reply +1
  • YenRug 02/03/2015

    I get the feeling that Steam decided Oculus Rift were taking too long to get to market, felt like they needed to provide the proverbial rocket up the arse. Reply -1
  • Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

  • YenRug 27/02/2015

    @JayG I'd never heard of that game, before, the write up on it sounded really intriguing and a shame it was never completed.

    The third demo download (you need to run the .exe, the .mov file only seems to play the audio), from the TrekCore site, makes it look like it would have been something pretty damn impressive for the time.
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  • Destiny patch forces matchmaking on Weekly Heroic Strikes

  • YenRug 20/02/2015

    For those saying it's not being forced on players, you should read up a bit more:

    As part of 1.1.1, weíre changing the Weekly Heroic Strike to be a matchmade activity. Why? Letís ask Design Lead M.E. Chung.

    M.E. We wanted the Weekly Heroics to be a challenge that pushed you and your buddies, but what we observed was that these strikes donít demand the same cooperation of a cohesive pre-made group. The overwhelming community response was such that many players didnít have the numbers on their friends list to experience the activity on a weekly basis.

    Can I still solo the Weekly Heroic?

    M.E. No, this change applies to all levels of the Weekly Heroic.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • YenRug 19/02/2015

    What they needed to do: take all of the world building, assets, etc and bolt it onto an RPG, something in the vein of Valkyria Chronicles or the upcoming Code Name STEAM. All this effort was put into something that, by the sounds of it, doesn't give you the chance to really explore and expand all the concepts that were put into it, instead, some failed screenwriter finally got to show why he was a failure. Reply +2
  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • YenRug 13/02/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing I'm assuming that you don't have an older 3DS to do a transfer from?

    If so, you have two options: if you have the required hardware, simply copy the entire contents of the smaller card to the bigger card using a PC; if you don't have the card readers required, simply stick the new micro SD card into the system and then go into the eshop and look for the download option for previously purchased software, you should find the game listed and just initiate the download.
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  • PlayStation-exclusive TV series Powers gets launch date

  • YenRug 21/01/2015

    The pilot episode will be free to all PlayStation owners, while the remaining episodes will be free to anyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription.
    Been waiting to hear how it was going to be "priced", was hoping it would be a case of being PS+ subscriber rather than being something else you had to pay for.
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  • An afternoon with the ultimate Star Trek simulator

  • YenRug 07/01/2015

    @lambchop It's probably about the right vintage to match the original series, though. Reply +1
  • Majora's Mask 3D North American Limited Edition includes Skull Kid figurine

  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    @like3cokecans It's the pic that IGN posted on FB when they linked to their story about this limited edition, hadn't seen another pic of the figure outside of the box before I took a closer look at the one on here. Barring the base, it's not drastically different; I'm assuming they're both based on a 3D render that Nintendo created, presumably the biggest difference will be the materials used to make it, guessing some kind of vinyl vs a polystone. Reply 0
  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    A brilliant pic of it here, jealous that they're getting this:

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  • That was quick: people selling New 3DS Ambassador Edition for up to £400 on eBay

  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    @el_pollo_diablo Actually, concert tickets are not the best thing to compare it to; although tickets are often sent out just before the event, they are usually a non-refundable purchase upon completion of the payment process and are not covered by the 14 day cooling off period for long-distance selling regulations. So, once paid for, they are pretty much guaranteed for the buyer barring a cancellation of the event.

    Trust me, I got screwed over by a ticket site who had "early tickets" which their best seat was about halfway to the back of the hall, next day I was able to get third row tickets direct from the venue and was unable to cancel my first ticket.
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  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    Would love it if Nintendo traced who these sellers are and then cancelled their orders, they'd be within their rights to as the contract of sale isn't complete until dispatched. Send the sellers a message saying something along the lines of, "You were offered the opportunity to purchase this system with the expectation that you would cherish the chance to own one early, if you don't wish to own it then the offer has been withdrawn." Reply -7
  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    @Moz Did you manage to avoid import tax? Reply +1
  • Ex-Battlefield devs announce open-world space sim Into the Stars

  • YenRug 06/01/2015

    @xantiriad If you watch the video on their KS page, it does say this funding is just to finish the game and push it out the door; they've probably been self-funding, or limited backing, the project and just need this last chunk o' change to get it done and dusted. Reply 0
  • Sony says sorry for PSN Christmas outage with five days of PS Plus

  • YenRug 02/01/2015

    @jasonchurch Have you taken a look at the ratings of your posts in this thread? Who is being the awkward one that's ignoring what's been answered?

    I explained why Live came up more quickly, you asked me why don't Sony fix that and then used strawman arguments as to why they should have a better network than Microsoft, I pointed out that those points were irrelevant to the situation and then proceeded to ask again aren't they spending more money on making a better network.

    Here's a little tip, all those other products that you keep saying should be funding a better network are losing money for Sony. If you were as clued up as you think you are, you would have known that and have used that in your arguments.

    That's why you're an ignorant arsehole.
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  • YenRug 02/01/2015

    @jasonchurch Again, explain how this makes a difference to how Microsoft were able to cope more readily than Sony, which is what you were complaining about?

    Other than: SPND MOR MONIEZ

    I've answered your question as to why Microsoft recovered more quickly, so why the hell are you still asking for more?
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  • YenRug 02/01/2015

    @jasonchurch I'm sorry, but that's just an idiotic response: please, tell me, what other network services do Sony provide that they could leverage to support PSN? My point was that Microsoft have a network service which is a lot larger than what they provide to just Xbox Live; that much larger network provides redundancy when someone targets a specific section of it, when someone targets PSN that's all that there is to take the brunt of it.

    That Sony produces other products than the PlayStation is an irrelevancy in this case.
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  • YenRug 02/01/2015

    @jasonchurch You do know why Microsoft's network is a lot quicker to respond, don't you? It's because Live uses their Azure network of server farms, which isn't just used for Live but is a commercial server farm for other companies, much like Amazon does. PSN is dedicated purely to its own market and is scaled to support that level of demand and capability; Sony had to spend the time making sure that their servers were back up and running and weren't compromised during the attack, Microsoft were able to switch to other servers and take the effected ones offline. So, yes, you could argue that Sony should increase their capacity, but they will expect the customer to pick up the cost of running idle servers. Reply +18
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker goes on sale two weeks before official release date

  • YenRug 19/12/2014

    Argos, bizarrely, have two listings for it:

    A pre-order at £28.99 (I've just ordered and it said "Order now for delivery within 1 days" during checkout, despite saying it's not released until 9th of January on the item page).

    Online/Instore order available now at £34.99.
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  • Hasbro and Jagex's Transformers Universe to close down next month

  • YenRug 16/12/2014

    I tried the initial BETA, was seriously lacking in feedback for your actions and the combat swung back and forth from feeling like you were stomping all over a swarm of ants to instantly feeling like you were bashing your head against a wall. They also had such simple basic flaws as having a sniper weapon, on some characters, with no aiming reticule; you'd be zooming around in third person, hold down the aim button to switch to a first person view and then you had to guess as to whether you were pointing at a target, or not.

    I reported these things over and over again, yet each weekly update would be, "Hey, here's our update, it's more characters for you to try out!"
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  • How to buy a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console online this week

  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    @menelfirimaner As I mentioned in a reply to someone else, this is the UK's allocation, other countries are getting allocated their own amount of systems to buy through their local sites. Reply 0
  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    Send in a 'photo of you with a unique bit of Sony PS kit, or your PS collection, and let a group of bods at Sony choose the photo winners.
    What, you mean like the very first competition that they ran to win one of these? If so, you're a bit late to enter it.

    ETA: Seems the competition is, in fact, still running:
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  • YenRug 15/12/2014

    @Heales You're completely unaware that they are doing offers in other countries then? Spain had 400 of them, being auctioned off for charity. The UK seems to have had around 800-1000 allocated, no idea how many the US have had, but that still leaves several thousand from the 12,300 production run for other countries. Reply +3
  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @Machiavellian Do you mean this Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 as part of the Mass Effect Trilogy?
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  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    For anyone still worried it won't show up on other systems, you're missing the carefully chosen words in the statements given, particularly:

    Yes, Microsoft will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox.
    No mention of who will be publishing on other formats, just a specific statement of one specific situation.
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  • Destiny alert: this week's Nightfall and Heroic strikes are locked behind The Dark Below DLC

  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @NobbyWallis Odd, I could have sworn they all paid to play Destiny... Reply +8
  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    @CoburnAlpha People aren't asking to play the strike that's in the DLC, they're asking to be able to play a Nightfall strike that isn't part of the DLC. Reply +9
  • YenRug 09/12/2014

    So glad my boredom with Destiny finally kicked in the weekend before Dragon Age came out! I had absolutely no plans to buy the over-priced DLC, now my fears have been completely realised. Reply +13
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter

  • YenRug 27/11/2014

    Video of a fun little bug that I experienced:

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  • Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash

  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @Electric_Bones A little tip for you, authentication via a logon server is a form of DRM; it is, literally, Management of your Right to use a Digital product. It doesn't need a third-party app to monitor you, when the main game won't work without a logon to the game servers. Reply +5
  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @ithis I suppose I should have said "primarily" an MMO, then. I was considering trying the online single player, but always had the thought of falling back on the offline mode if I found it wasn't to my liking.

    It's only now that I'm realising the relevance of certain things that I'd not paid much attention to, e.g. insurance; I'd been thinking that, if I got blown up, I'd just quit out and reload my last save, but now it's obvious that this is a persistent universe and there's no way for me to save and reload. Also, if I don't play for a while, when I come back on I might find that the universe, relatively, has changed dramatically and I'll have no idea how to proceed with what I was doing when I last played.

    These sorts of things are what I'm now finding myself uncomfortable with, making me doubt whether I really want to play this new version of Elite.

    Annoyingly, my HOTAS joystick arrived in the post (ordered back in August) this morning...
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  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @melnificent Just seeing an empty public folder. :( Reply +2
  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    @adscott From:

    Pledge £60 or more

    374 backers

    Physical DRM-free boxed edition of "Elite: Dangerous" plus all rewards above (please note: the disc in the pack is simply an alternative way to install the game - it will have the same online account code whether installed off disc or downloaded digitally).
    Estimated delivery: Mar 2014
    Ships anywhere in the world
    Notice the part I bolded in that quote? So, no, they have not fulfilled the promised rewards offered to backers; they may not call it DRM, but if it "walks like a duck and quacks like a duck"...
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  • YenRug 20/11/2014

    I have to admit, I wasn't aware that it was being considered to be an MMO; I knew it was going to have an online option, but never intended to play multiplayer other than possibly joining up with any friends I might find playing it for the "instanced" version. Now, the question is, was it wilful ignorance on my part, or not?

    Generally, I've not read a lot in the newsletters, but that's mainly been because if the title of a subject has been talking about multiplayer I've avoided it, knowing it's not going to be of interest. That's probably what's put me in the position of not being aware that the multiplayer focus was shaping the mechanics of how the universe was going to be handled; I'd always assumed that the universe would be running on your own PC, but if you were playing an online character then you would get regular feedback from the game's servers which would be reflected in that version of your universe.

    At no point did I think that the game's universe would be residing on remote servers, which is what I feel is where they've mishandled their communication of this situation.
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • YenRug 17/11/2014

    @PlugMonkey Except, that's exactly what people were expecting from the offline mode, realistically.

    OK, FD said they were hoping that they could, possibly, implement some kind of dynamic development of the universe in offline mode, but everyone realised that that was a long stretch even when initially proposed.
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