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  • It looks like there'll be a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle

  • Xexyz 17/04/2014

    If Nintendo had any sense, they would recognise that people who are buying this bundle are less likely to buy Mario Kart on the Virtual Console - so, since it costs them nothing, they could increase the value proposition by including a download code for that (or even the SNES, GBA and - maybe - the N64 games). Imagine that - a bundle with four Mario kart games. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs delayed again on Wii U

  • Xexyz 11/02/2014

    I was planning on buying this for the Wii U since the second screen stuff would probably work best if you don't have to worry about balancing a second controller on your lap. I'm unlikely to buy it on another platform. By the time the Wii U one comes out, if it does, all other versions will be selling for 20 or less. I'm not going to pay full price for it then, so I'll either not buy it or buy it at a reduced price.

    Not sure how that's helping your profits, Ubisoft.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • Xexyz 03/12/2013

    On the front page, I thought the "One" was the platform tag ... Reply -1
  • iPhone 5S review

  • Xexyz 02/12/2013

    On the third picture gallery, you say that there have been a trio of chassis designs - actually, it's four, as the original was pretty chunky compared to the 3G and 3GS. Reply 0
  • Wii Sports Club will download to your Wii U automatically

  • Xexyz 15/11/2013

    @callum9999 "who live in rural areas where LLU isn't available" means that I'm excluding exchanges where TalkTalk is available. Not that their 'service' should be recommended in any way ...

    I can offer no 'evidence' other than saying that if you try to sign up to BT's services on such an exchange, the 'unlimited' deals aren't available. In many cases you'l get to the final stages of an order before being told that what you're actually getting is limited. Over the past few months BT has slowly been extending their unlimited packages, but they come at a price - and I'm pretty sure the majority of rural customers don't pay that extra amount. Unfortunately the current Ofcom research into this isn't public yet - I expect it'll be on their website at the start of next year.

    Finally, having an unlimited connection is all well and good, but when your line speed is under 1Mbps, it seems a little pointless!
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  • Xexyz 30/10/2013

    @callum9999 The vast majority of people who live in rural areas where LLU isn't available on their exchange have to put up with 40GB monthly caps. That's around 20% of the broadband population. Reply 0
  • Wiird Channels

  • Xexyz 06/07/2013

    That photo of the UK results from Wikipedia ... I took that!

    In fact, since I knew the channels were about to die, I took a load of screenshots recently with my video capture box. Given the paucity of screens on the Internet, I ought to upload them somewhere.
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  • Angry grandfather walks out of HMV with three games after staff refuse to accept gift voucher

  • Xexyz 18/01/2013


    Can you give any examples? Since company law in this regard is pretty stringently set by the EU.
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  • Sonic Team gives 2D platformer Hell Yeah! its blessing

  • Xexyz 28/05/2012

    After Sonic 4 Ep 1, I'm not sure I'd go to Sonic Team for advice on the inertia of the characters ... Reply +26
  • Super Mario 3D Land is fastest selling portable Mario ever

  • Xexyz 29/11/2011

    @sfp_noodle: not sure why you think the price of the Wii "rarely drops to 100" - there are a few bundles which are continuously being sold off for that amount in the shops around London. That's 80 before tax, of course. Reply 0
  • Nintendo stops Cube production

  • Xexyz 22/02/2007

    No new Gamecube's *what* are being produced? Reply 0
  • No Paper Mario date for Europe

  • Xexyz 25/01/2007

    SIGH. Let's all jump to conclusions, shall we?

    The reason the US has a firm date is that they've just announced the rest of their Q1 schedule en mass. Super Paper Mario was on that list.

    Nintendo Europe hasn't released a release schedule. So no, of course they haven't announced a date for it.

    But yeah, let's all assume it'll never come out then.
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  • Virtual Console titles listed

  • Xexyz 02/11/2006

    The Eurogamer article really ought to be updated to include the EU list, since it's different to the US list.

    And as far as I know, all these games will run at 60Hz full screen.
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  • Naked War

  • Xexyz 09/10/2006

    I love this game. It's superb. It is a little bit like Advance Wars, but at the same time very different indeed. Reply 0