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  • Banging the DRM

  • Xerx3s 14/04/2010

    "Diablo 2 and StarCraft both required online authentication, and as more and more PC gamers were choosing to play online as well, the threat of avoiding online access for the sake of a copy became less attractive."

    A bit poorly worded surely?
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  • PS3 is "most connected" US console

  • Xerx3s 14/04/2010

    a samplegroup of 2000 compared to a us userbase of roughly 60 million users? Seriously? They can get away with that? Reply -4
  • Gears 3 has four-player co-op campaign

  • Xerx3s 14/04/2010

    Also, bullshots of a prerendered film are not screenshots. Reply +6
  • Xerx3s 14/04/2010

    "Everyone will want to be Cole Train, nobody will want to be Baird. "

    Speak for yourself, Baird ftw! Although... Dom and his new manbeard look cool as well. I wonder if it will feature as some sort of special finishing move...
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  • Bleszinski shows and details Gears 3

  • Xerx3s 13/04/2010

    "I prefered it when the locust was the only enemy. The Lambent thing makes it all confusing imo. "

    Wow, you must have a seriously handicapped intellect.
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  • More Infinity Ward staff take off

  • Xerx3s 13/04/2010

    'ready to work on "exciting new projects"'

    Wouldn't exactly call working on MW spin-offs until the end of time "exciting new projects".
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  • Machinarium skips XBLA for PSN

  • Xerx3s 13/04/2010

    MS has not said that they don't want it on their platform, just that they don't publish it if they don't get platform exclusivity. Seems only logical. It's like releasing a game on windows mobile and iphone and then complaining that apple doesn't want to publish the game.
    Other than MS, I don't recall any other 1st party that has ever published on a platform that wasn't theirs.
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  • Halo MMO canned due to Wii's success

  • Xerx3s 13/04/2010

    "Age of Empires went toe-to-toe with Warcraft? I liked Age of Empires, but no.... it didn't. "

    Horses for courses. Never liked the WC's beyond WC2. AoE has always been great fun imo though, especially on lans.
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  • Xerx3s 13/04/2010

    "Money well saved, it would've turned out mostly rubbish anyway. "

    Silly comments. How would you know? Have you ever played it? Halo is a great franchise and Ensemble had a track record of making rock solid games that sell very well. It had quite a few things going for it to turn out great.
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  • BioWare DLC codes do not expire

  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    "These 'bonus' codes are a part of the Project Ten Dollar initiative at EA, which aims to stamp out 'invisible' second-hand sales by offering first-hand buyers extra incentives. "

    Have bought ME2 and BFBC2 and so far, I haven't been too impressed with this service. Most is stuff that was either on the disc already or just isn't worth playing at all.
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  • Halo 2 E3 demo was "smoke and mirrors"

  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    I'll use lube next time. Reply -1
  • MS changes Xbox Live Points system

  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    "Wow... now let me cancel my gold account without having to phone you and I'll sign up again! :) "

    You've been able to do that for some time now.
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  • Acti: Modern Warfare 3 "held hostage"

  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    "West and Zampella morphed from valued, responsible executives into insubordinate and self-serving schemers who attempted to hijack Activision's assets for their own personal gain."

    You can claim anything you want but nobody will believe that. It is far more likely that activision where the "self-serving schemers" who tried to force IW to make a new MW until the end of time.
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  • Better Than Halo: The Making of Halo 2

  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    Don't get me wrong, having recently replayed Halo CE on legendary, I love that game to bits but to say that the sequels don't outdo it in every way is just sentimental memory deluding yourself. Reply +2
  • Xerx3s 12/04/2010

    "I can assure you, the single player of both halo 2 and 3 were piss poor, and ODST ? absolute travesty of a game. "

    You mistake your opinion and sentimental value with fact. The rest clearly has a different opinion.
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  • Xerx3s 11/04/2010

    Yes they where and I'd like my rose tinted glasses back now. Reply +11
  • Xbox 360 Storage Showdown: The Flash Factor

  • Xerx3s 10/04/2010

    "Cool! I'm putting Halo 3 on my camera, so I can play it on the go!"

    Probably won't work. I've not read what the update does specifically but installing a game on a HDD previously meant that the install was locked to the machine. Taking the HDD to another machine didn't work (the game would play from the disc until you installed it at that machine as well).
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  • Gears of War 3 for April 2011

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    "Could we not draw a line under it now... Lets not bother with it. "

    Me and my mates have had great fun playing through them in splitscreen coop.
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  • Bungie details Halo: Reach beta

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    Surely that warrants a true Icarus achievement? ;) Reply +1
  • First Gears of War 3 details emerge?

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    "Underwater with that amour on? You'd sink like a stone! "

    You assume that it is made from metal. WHAT IF IT WHERE MADE FROM FAIRY DUST?!
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  • Serious Sam's Second Encounter dated

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    Not to mention that they actually playtested SS. Reply +4
  • StarCraft II Collector's Edition detailed

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    Except that it's not just 10 euro. That's more than what most console games cost on launch. There is no reason why this should cost as much, especially because it is cut up in 3 episodes. It's attitudes like that that let them get away with this kind of bs and constantly increase prices with absurd rates. This is what encourages piracy.
    I also wouldn't exactly call Bnet a plus any more as it is more about DRM than anything else now.
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  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    60 euro for a standard PC game?! Reply +9
  • iPhone to get Game Center network

  • Xerx3s 09/04/2010

    Apple seems to feel more and more threatened it seems. No doubt that they will market all of this as something that they pioneered. Reply 0
  • Parliament passes Digital Economy bill

  • Xerx3s 08/04/2010

    "It also features new anti-piracy controls"

    What you actually mean is "It features rules to handicap consumer rights even further but actually gives big corporations the right to pirate the shit out of everything".
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  • Mass Effect 2 DLC Roundup

  • Xerx3s 08/04/2010

    WinterSnowblind: Yes and instead of fixing it, they completely remove it. Something that can be said for a lot of things in ME2. Reply +1
  • Xerx3s 08/04/2010

    The maco was a fuckload better than this pos. They might as well not have bothered with the firewalker pack. A free turd is still a turd. It also isn't free, it is just financed differently. The maco had it's problems but at least it had it's charms and more importantly, it had a vision behind it (poorly implemented though). This is just a boring shootathon with nothing to tie it to the game, exactly something ME2 could do without.

    KSM is a lot better, focussing on RPG elements instead of trying to be a shooter. Still, as good as it is, it is incredibly short and arguably not worth the price unless you're a diehard ME fan.

    Bioware needs to release less of these empty packages and focus more on releasing full packs similar to the shivering isles.
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  • Sacked journo hits out at Rockstar

  • Xerx3s 07/04/2010

    "He added, "This email was not referring to a game review. [McCasker] should not be considered a credible source of information on this matter." "

    Wait, did the marketing puppet just try to use the integrity line? Unfortunately, almost all of the games industry 'press' seems to be nothing more than a PR outlet for these companies. Hype and marketing have ruined it.
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  • XBL GOD adds Fable II, Fallout 3

  • Xerx3s 06/04/2010

    I don't know about other people but just about every brick store around here sells those games for less. Most online stores as well. They want that people buy DLC but they price it at absurdly unrealistic prices (you pay more and get less). Hell, you don't even own what you buy, that should be reflected in the price if anything.
    They have every right to slap whatever price on it that they please. I on the other hand have the right to call it for what it is and buy the better version somewhere else. Everybody happy for now.
    The problem is that if enough people buy into this stuff, sooner or later, the rest is forced to do so as well (this is how free expansion packs became overpriced dlc). This is why I think that people who - like me - don't agree with this stuff, should speak out about it. So yeah kangarootoo, I'm dealing with it as a grown-up by voicing my opinion. It would be childish to see something and not call it for what it is.
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  • Xerx3s 06/04/2010

    "This is the weekly Tuesday whining, gets tiring... "

    No, what gets tiring is the fact that they constantly try to rip off the consumers at every turn. It gets tiring that there are actually people daft enough to defend it. The 'weekly whining' usually holds a couple of amusing posts so that is about the best we get out of this sad DLC crap.
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  • Sony denies confirming 3D for GT5

  • Xerx3s 06/04/2010

    "So maybe GT5 will come out this year? "

    Maybe hell freezes over this year.
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  • iPad has big opening weekend

  • Xerx3s 06/04/2010

    "iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three Apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad."

    Yes, because there isn't much else that you can do with it.

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  • Retrospective: Impossible Mission

  • Xerx3s 04/04/2010

    "Still one of my all-time-favourite games that I never seemed to come close to winning..."

    Maybe because the original versions really where impossible to finish (there was a bug).
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  • Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

  • Xerx3s 01/04/2010

    "Omg, stop whining about a few bucks already. Jeez. "

    How dare you consumers bitch about being ripped off!
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  • Xerx3s 01/04/2010

    "in all fairness, the price is a joke. not having played the maps yet, i'd reserve judgement until you played about 10 games on each. "

    The package is made up by contents and price. The price clearly is completely absurd for the contents that you get for it. The 3 new maps might be awesome but the price still makes it an absolute farce, no matter how you spin it.
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  • Xerx3s 01/04/2010

    "So, while on paper this is an expensive set, it seems a little churlish to set about Infinity Ward for its pricing. You'll already know whether the set is worth the money to you, and for those who are investing scores of hours into the game every week, the Stimulus Package will live up to its name, revitalising the game once again by providing new scope to learn, master and dominate. "

    Sorry but that's bollocks right there. Your role is to give a verdict on whether it measurably holds ground as an overall package as well as compared against other similar products. That the value is subjective from person to person is bloody obvious, you don't need to state that.
    There are clearly a shitload of similar products on the market that offer more for a lower price. This package is an absolute farce and everybody knows it.
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  • Europe to get Sniper Ghost Warrior

  • Xerx3s 31/03/2010

    That has to be the worst title....ever. Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

  • Xerx3s 30/03/2010

    Zerobob: The problem is that 29+ of those 30 bullets probably missed. The guns handle completely different and you need to relearn how to 'feel' what the correct aim is. Reply +2
  • Xerx3s 30/03/2010

    Zerobob: That would be because BC2 actually uses bullets and not the raygun mechanic that MW2 uses. If you are used to the crap system that MW2 has, you will need to relearn how to play a shooter. Reply +3
  • Xerx3s 30/03/2010

    Wauw, the only questions that where worth asking were carefully avoided. Reply +5
  • Mod War 2 double XP event starts early

  • Xerx3s 30/03/2010

    What's the matter activision? Are people abandoning your games in droves? Reply +3
  • EG launches dedicated kids site

  • Xerx3s 29/03/2010

    The overdose of colours will instantly kill any diehard gow/kz player. Reply +2
  • IW denies West/Zampella fallout

  • Xerx3s 27/03/2010

    "Have made a concience decision to boycott the 'majority' of future Activision Games. Id like to say Id boycott 'all' future Activision releases but that would be a little too short sighted of me. "

    Heh, same here. The only thing remotely taking my fancy are the blizzard games and they are way off.
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  • Edge Games "completely certain" of win

  • Xerx3s 26/03/2010

    Btw, Edge Games was founded in 1990 in the US. Softek Software was founded in 1980 in the UK. Considering that there isn't so much as a wiki page about this company, I think that it is safe to say that it is very much dead and has been so for longer than even one person on the internet would care to remember.

    So, no mister Langdell (yes, we know that you are that anonymous spokesman, nobody in their right mind would represent you), Edge games is NOT the oldest existing UK company. That would be Rare or some other company that actually added good games to this world.
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