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  • Lefties better at games?

  • Xephon70 11/12/2006

    "Lord knows what this means for me, mind you - I use my left hand for writing and my right for basically everything else."


    *tries desperately to get mind out of gutter*
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  • Wii outsells PS3 in the USA

  • Xephon70 11/12/2006

    *Starts banging head on table* Reply 0
  • Xephon70 11/12/2006

    "In the same period I banged my head on the desk 408 million times, and am now dead."

    I know how he feels.
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  • Drunken Jaffe goes mental

  • Xephon70 04/12/2006

    My new hero. Reply 0
  • Sony reckons it'll do a PS4

  • Xephon70 01/12/2006

    I suppose time well tell.

    Now let the good times roll!
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  • SEGA gets Iron Man rights

  • Xephon70 06/11/2006

    Good for Sega. I wonder which studio they'll farm it out to? Reply 0
  • Major UK retailers refuse Bully

  • Xephon70 17/10/2006

    More exposure for the game though.

    Who the hell are DSG anyway?

    By the way, for those that haven't seen the excellent article on so-called "violent games" hysteria over at gamesindustry.biz: linky linky.
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  • Exclusive GTA IV content for PS3, too - source

  • Xephon70 17/10/2006

    Exclusive, not exclusive, exclusive to each console...good grief. It's all go these days, it's hard to keep up with all of this. Best getting each console then.

    Who's for betting Dead Rising and Lost Planet will come to PS3? With "exclusive" content? (IE, it'll come out on XBLM).
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  • Capcom to close Clover Studio

  • Xephon70 12/10/2006

    That is terribly sad news. Hopefully the guys at Clover will be absorbed into Capcom as a whole and be allowed to continue developing...

    Or maybe not. One of Capcom's most successful games recently was Dead Rising and the demo for Lost Planet was dl'd a hell of a lot. Is this the beginning of the end for imaginative, innovative and original games from Japan? Will they all now make more Western orientated games, targeted at the 360? I really hope not, but it's possible.
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  • EA acquisition would 'kill creativity', says Ubi boss

  • Xephon70 11/10/2006

    Got to back Ubi all the way on this one. If they can be the size they are and still bring major creativity to games, it'll be a challenge to the other big players.

    Mind you, at least EA are giving Spore a home.
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  • Kingdom Hearts II

  • Xephon70 10/10/2006

    For those that can import...

    There's going to be a Final Mix version of the game, much like there was of the first game. However, this will include a 3-D version of the GBA game, Chain of Memories.

    Details here .
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  • European gamers 'don't mind' launch delays - Sony VP

  • Xephon70 10/10/2006

    "well that will warm the cockles of sony execs and gives them excuses to launch products later but fair enough im just not prepared to wait so its a wii for me this christmas"

    I've never seen any good reason to be an early adopter. Quite frankly, whether it's Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, I really couldn't care when they launch. I'll get one someday, when I'm good and ready. I've plenty of unfinished buisness on the PS2/Cube/Xbox/DC anyway.

    This "slap in the face" buisiness or "gotta have a console this Xmas no matter what", well, whatever makes you happy.
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  • Xephon70 09/10/2006

    "and responding to Xephon70 dont you feel like sony treat you as a second class consumer recieving products months later than most other regions.

    Im a 360 owner and happy with the way ms are treating us can you say the same about sony ?"

    Um, no. I'm not that bothered about having to wait. This "second class" nonsense is bullshit anyway. It's petty mindedness. Get over it.

    As I've already said, you'll all be crying abut some other nonsense next year. I'm old enough to have this type of sillyness before. I'm still surprised it still surprises me.
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  • Xephon70 09/10/2006

    kangarootoo wrote:

    "Truth is that there are plenty out of people out there who aren't really that bothered about the delay. Lets for ease of use call them "the rational majority". They don't shit their pants and cry when something they were looking forward to buying is delayed, they don't take every statement out of context because they are so full of grief, they just change the channel, watch something else for the time being and get on with their lives without throwing their dummies out of the pram."

    Finally, a voice of reason. Pretty much what I've been feeling to be honest, like March 07 is aeons away, it'll be here soon enough. I said on the very first page they'd be complaining about something else this time next year, microtransactions or some other nonsense.

    All the histrionics (look it up) make me ashamed to be a gamer. They want to be taken seriously, but reactions like this don't help anyone.
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  • Xephon70 06/10/2006

    Good grief, let it go guys. Let's see where we are in 12 months...no doubt you'll still be moaning about some other thing that some huge impersonal corporation has "done to you". "Sony hates us"...there, there, sure they do...now go and dry your eyes.

    To be honest, I've become disillusioned with games and gaming recently, not because of any industry people or companies, but because of the people that play the games, along with the internet and it's inhabitants. Gamers have become an embarrassment to each other.

    It's no wonder we have the rep we have. The same thing happens every time...it's getting tired.
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  • Xephon70 06/10/2006

    This time next year, it'll have been forgotten about - everyone will have found some other thing to moan about. Reply 0
  • PS3 to debut at Best of Stuff

  • Xephon70 09/10/2006

    *sigh* Reply 0
  • Sony prices PS3 launch titles

  • Xephon70 09/10/2006

    Promises? What, we all had a written contract in blood from them?? Awesome, off to court we shall go!!!

    Sony announce some cheap game prices in Japan and people find something to moan about. I love gamers.
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  • Halo Wars and exclusive deals blitz X06

  • Xephon70 27/09/2006

    Sorry if this comes across as cynical...but just like Chelsea, MS prove that if you can throw enough money at anything, it'll succeed in the end. I'd be careful with that word "exclusive" too, we all know how it's definition isn't what it used to be.

    I've been paying less and less attention to all of this hoopla, it's getting tiresome...I wish I could go into hibernation until a year from now. Or maybe I should just unplug the internet...:)
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  • No denial from Xbox Japan boss stokes Resi 5 exclusivity chatter

  • Xephon70 26/09/2006

    Capcom now have their eye firmly on the western markets, so it would make sense to have Resi5 exclusively on the 360, initially anyway...sales of games have slowed in Japan and as mentioned in the article, they already have two very western-orientated games on the 360. Reply 0
  • PS3 delayed in Europe

  • Xephon70 06/09/2006

    I've been out running and exercising...did I miss anything? Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed for 360, PC

  • Xephon70 01/09/2006

    Awesome, you must have a cyrstal ball!! Tell us more! Reply 0
  • Xephon70 01/09/2006

    Worst kept secret ever...

    The era of the console exclusive is long gone. Unless you're Nintendo of course!
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  • AI is the future - Maguire

  • Xephon70 01/09/2006

    "...Jolie has a brain..."

    Really? :P

    Anyway, I've seen what happens when you create better A.I. The machines will rise up against us all...

    Nice to see the management moving away from the "better graphics" holy grail. Had to happen sometime.
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  • Molyneux questions sensors

  • Xephon70 23/08/2006

    Another one my arse. The last time I was a fanboy, SEGA broke my heart. So I've all the consoles, it makes life a little less fanboyish, so don't be jumping to conclusions. Reply 0
  • Xephon70 23/08/2006

    Hmmm. If Sony were offering all of those add-ons wouldn't the very same people crying "fanboy" be calling them rip off merchants, for charging for extras? But it's ok, big ole cuddly Microsoft are doing it, so that's alright then.

    They're as bad as each other, they all want the money from your pocket. Sony did it with the PlayStation 2 (memory cards, multitaps, etc), and MS have learnt the lesson...build nothing in when you can charge extra for it!
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  • Shinobido: Way of the Ninja

  • Xephon70 03/08/2006

    I've played this on import and it didn't look like 1998 graphics to me...but anyway...

    It's an awesome game, far better than Tenchu managed on it's PS2 outing, Wrath of Heaven (much as I enjoyed it at the time). Shinobido is worth a punt and an 8, though it depends how cool you think Ninjas are. Plus there's a PSP title in the series coming too. I know you'll all be excited by that...
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  • SNK cold on PS3 development

  • Xephon70 02/08/2006

    Ha. Big deal. They sell F.A. anyway. I don't think Sony'll be sweating over this. They'll still be releasing games on the PS2 though.

    "Ha, It's not even out yet, and already developers are abandoning (a sinking) ship. Sony is f***ed."

    Get a grip. SNK aren't exactly Squenix or Konami, are they?

    Is it trolling season again?
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  • Last Stop, E3

  • Xephon70 01/08/2006

    Right, so instead of a weeks worth of shameless plugging by console manufacturers, developers and publishers, we'll have a smaller event (to do "the business") AND individual events from each and every console manufacturer, developer and publisher. Awesome. Reply 0
  • PS3 'in better place for launch' than 360 - Mark Rein

  • Xephon70 26/07/2006

    Let the obvious negative comments begin!! Let everyone be on a downer anytime anyone mentions how well the PS3 devs are doing!!!

    Oh, you have already. Carry on.
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  • Forbidden Siren 2

  • Xephon70 13/07/2006

    Oh well, I'll be getting this anyway. Loved the first one despite the flaws... Reply +1
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

  • Xephon70 13/07/2006

    "Not so. For Europe, it SHOULD go (after DDS)
    DDS2, Devil Summoner, then Persona 3. ;)"

    Well, as I already have DDS 2, I meant P3 as an import :) . We're not getting the DS PSP game though, the updated Saturn game, bit annoying.

    Can't get enough of that MegaTen goodness...with the PSone games now about to be emulated, maybe everyone will have a chance to play the older MegaTen and Persona games...
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  • Xephon70 12/07/2006

    Awesome, another great review for this game. Much like a few others, I had this and part 2 on import last year. Typical of gamesTM to get it wrong - some ejit gave it a 5. :P Silly billies.

    Next up - Persona 3...
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  • Chromehounds

  • Xephon70 07/07/2006

    Best waiting until it's cheaper then, I'm a sucker for mecha games, but I can wait for this. Bring on Mobile Suit Gundam... Reply 0
  • Mizuguchi's brand new games

  • Xephon70 06/07/2006

    Awesome news. At least they're not resting on their laurels.

    We can always import them if they don't come here...or the lovely Ubisoft will pick them up.
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  • Tenchu: Time of the Assassins

  • Xephon70 06/07/2006

    Buy Shinobido: Imashime instead. Awesome Ninja game. By the people who did the original Tenchu, but know their stuff.

    No crabs either.
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  • Sony defends white PSP ad

  • Xephon70 05/07/2006

    This is getting silly...oh, hang on, it's the silly season. I really don't think a PSP ad is going to make anyone more or less racist than they already are. Reply 0
  • Warren Spector on game development

  • Xephon70 28/06/2006

    Awesome stuff again. Nice one EG. Reply 0
  • Warren Spector on game development

  • Xephon70 27/06/2006

    Wow - round of applause to EG for the article and another to Warren for being so passionate on a subject he cleary cares about.

    DE: IW and T: DS are two of my fav ourite Xbox games, two of the reasons I got the console in the first place. I can't wait to find out what he's working on next. If only all people who worked in the industry felt his passion...
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  • Cast announced for Yakuza

  • Xephon70 19/06/2006

    Not the first time Hamill's recorded a voice over either, he's been a big name in the field for years. He's even been the voice of the Joker. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo HD

  • Xephon70 31/05/2006

    "Ultimately, how that relates to this will be more telling than how this demo went down with the E3 cynics."

    Wow, where are we going to find some E3 cynics? :P
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  • EGTV: Microsoft execs slam Sony's strategy

  • Xephon70 30/05/2006

    ...because Microsoft never forced anyone to use anything of theirs...

    *hides in a bunker*
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  • E3 2006 Nintendo press conference

  • Xephon70 09/05/2006

    Because obviously a better show makes better games and a better console. How shallow. Buy them all eventually. Do yourself a favour... Reply 0
  • Sony scales down PS3 specs

  • Xephon70 09/05/2006

    Let's see how many negative comments we can fit in before lunchtime.

    "Oh noes, it's teh end of teh world, Sony dropped a few specs!!"

    Good grief. [/fed up]
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  • Sony unveils EyeToy, PS3 style

  • Xephon70 09/05/2006

    Nobody mentioned Star Wars yet? Reminded me of that monster battle game on the M Falcon... Reply 0
  • D3 signs 100 Bullets licence

  • Xephon70 04/05/2006

    The comic is fantastic. Here's hoping they go with a look that bears a relation to it. They should employ Rizzo to do the design on the game. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Wii is 'fresh and all encompassing' says UK chief

  • Xephon70 03/05/2006

    "I think there are a lot of words out there like that that are used for other brands, companies and things like that - words that have different connotations and so on..."

    Really? Which ones?
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  • Killer 7 creator handling Blood+

  • Xephon70 27/04/2006

    This is awesome news. Love that anime.


    Would it help if I sacrificed 250 'tards?


    The 360 'tards might help...oh, you meant...sorry.
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  • New Capcom games at E3

  • Xephon70 21/04/2006

    It'll be Lost Planet and Dead Rising for PS3-neither of these were slated for release until next year and there's no way Capcom would leave them as exclusives on a console that's not selling very well in it's own country. At the minute anyway.

    There may be a few more new titles to be announced.
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