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  • F2P MMO Neverwinter confirmed for Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 30/07/2014

    Very happy about this, I knew china was getting it. Hope this is real for uk Reply 0
  • Pinball FX2 on Xbox One will let you import tables after all

  • Xboxfanuk 30/07/2014

    Message received internet, if you cause an uproar on the internet Microsoft will change everything. Be careful what you wish for internet. Reply -2
  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • Xboxfanuk 29/07/2014

    It seems to me this is Microsoft partnering with EA to do Games for Gold AAA rather than fronting the cost themselves. I personally would subscribe to the service IF all the great EA titles I were looking forward to were on it DAY AND DATE. Reply 0
  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • Xboxfanuk 22/07/2014

    My biggest issue with digital content is constant reminder we are overpaying for being a second class citizen. Case in point Xbox Video and ITunes. When retailers are selling the Blu-ray disks with tons of extras, we are not offered the extras very often. Prices are generally fully recommended retail price and the worse bit are restricted as to which device you can play on. Part of the reason Netflix is successful is the app is available on pretty much anything connected to the internet.

    Why can't the movie companies and music companies come up with a standardization DRM scheme that let's me buy my content wherever I want and then play it on any digital device I want? Like we get with physical media.

    The other issue is why do certain films just completely skip digital??? I mean is Star Wars so amazing and rare that buying through iTunes is cheeping it? Hopefully Disney will be releasing them digitally closer to Episode VII.

    I think the tiered trickle down of videos from cinema to rental/purchase full price to Cable channels to Netflix works. If you don't want it at full price then wait. However people will always pirate it if it's easier for them to watch on their commute or whatever.
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  • Xboxfanuk 22/07/2014

    @ImpericalLegion And youtube pays the artists now through the ads they have on those actually Youtube doesn't mind. Reply 0
  • Here's why you should care about Hyrule Warriors

  • Xboxfanuk 22/07/2014

    I first remember DW on either the PS1 or PS2 and I was blown away at how many enemies were on screen at the time. I also couldn't believe you can beat them all up and even ride mounts. For it's day it was truly epic!

    I haven't really played much since those days and really never got into Zelda (mainly I played PC MMO's) so this is going to be the first time I will get to know these franchises. But I bought a Wii U, got 50.00 waiting for this game when it releases. Should be a fun ride.
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  • Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, original programming

  • Xboxfanuk 18/07/2014

    Apps and Games are what makes Xbox Great. Built on a super flexible, scalable and quick foundation. The core of what makes Xbox is all there, it just now time for them to fill in the gaps on apps that are missing and to get some exclusive killer games and they can replicate the success of the 360. Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 18/07/2014

    @Dave52 Hmm Halo might do it for them. Reply -1
  • Pinball FX2 Xbox One release date set

  • Xboxfanuk 16/07/2014

    They need new tables to make us feel the new game is worthwhile as a purchase. But not letting to carry over your purchase is super annoying. They will loose out on this if there are no new tables for people with the new game. Reply 0
  • Microsoft boss Satya Nadella commits to Xbox

  • Xboxfanuk 10/07/2014

    @StooMonster tell that to developers who ignore windows phone. Mobile is a red headed step child at Microsoft which doesn't seem to bother support Xbox branding on mobile anymore.

    Where is key software on win phone??? No commitment by MS
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  • Microsoft court order has removed Chess 2: The Sequel's servers

  • Xboxfanuk 02/07/2014

    It sounds as if there is more here then reported Reply +15
  • Sky charging 5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • Xboxfanuk 24/06/2014

    Actually I will say this for the Xbox 360 as an on-demand box. I doubt NowTV box or Chromecast or Roku or Apple TV would cause such a huge change in Sky policies. It's obviously a massive number of people are now getting Sky through the console. I tried to pinch back my 360 from the bedroom TV but can't because other boxes just can't compete with how awesome 360 is for on demand apps. Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 24/06/2014

    I guess a good thing is with Xbox One your Skybox does integrate with the Xbox community.

    However we pay for no live to air TV and only have demand apps like NowTV and Netflix. Now that I ditched the BBC Tax I can enjoy all the TV a man could ask for (thanks Unblock-US) and it cost way less then the basic Sky Sub.
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  • DICE ponders: what did people really like about Battlefield: Bad Company?

  • Xboxfanuk 24/06/2014

    At least on console it was the less cluttered multiplayer. Everything felt like you can learn and master it without spending 20 hours a day playing, the massive unlock list of BF 3&4 has meant it is so hard to really feeling like your focusing on the battle and not levelling up.

    BFBC2 was WAY less about K/D and way more about which team could win the match.

    Now as far as the first game went the open world nature and the humour of the series meant it kept me interested in the characters. I mean haggs talking about Truckasaurasrex had me in stitches. The who thing was really good.

    I think at least for consoles simplicity was the key, approaching single player your way (think Far Cry) and being able to have these smaller maps with loads of ways to have fun despite your skill level, to be honest it felt closer to BF 1942.
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  • Fables Legends is the Lionhead game you always wanted, but never asked for

  • Xboxfanuk 19/06/2014

    So the Eurogamer review will read similar I am sure and then give it a 7/10 Reply -4
  • Final Fantasy 14 boss lobbying Microsoft for cross-platform play

  • Xboxfanuk 13/06/2014

    If anyone is going to open up to this idea it's Phil Spencer. There is president as Microsoft did allow FFXI to be cross-platform and to this is still doing so on Xbox 360. I think if gamers really want it they will do it. Now they are in a weaker position compared to PS4 I don't see them refusing successful games on their platform. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed 4 character crosses over to Watch Dogs

  • Xboxfanuk 02/06/2014

    They should be in the same universe Reply +4
  • First footage of From Software's Project Beast

  • Xboxfanuk 30/05/2014

    The Only PS4 exclusive that will get me to buy the console is Everquest Next. We got a few years though I think until it's out. Reply -20
  • Xboxfanuk 30/05/2014

    @Buztafen cheap bastard Reply +4
  • It looks like Nintendo is working on Wii Music for Wii U

  • Xboxfanuk 23/05/2014

    As first parties Microsoft and Sony are reducing gimmicks and family focus shovelware it seems Nintendo is desperate to get back to the good old days of the Wii where every bathroom scale game sold truckloads.

    But sadly Nintendo what will save you is a price cut and 3rd party games.
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  • Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop

  • Xboxfanuk 19/05/2014

    Please for the love of god just release the tennis and the bowling as stand alone apps (with mini-games). Reply +1
  • Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

  • Xboxfanuk 18/05/2014

    If Xbox One had launched WITH great examples of Kinect and TV connectivity in at least more regions then the US perhaps we would have seen it take off more. But the mass market who they were looking at won't drop $500 for a new device they barely heard of. Look at the poor Wii U.

    But the lack of a Sky app even now and HBO Go in the US shows that Microsoft was totally not prepared for launch and really we thought both companies were going to launch super strong given the longer then usual lifecycle of the Xbox 360 and PS3. But in fact I think Sony with it's usual strategy of being the strongest hardware proved the winning strategy this time. For now...

    The real question is going to be how cloud is going to boost the depth of next gen titles and seeing that really shine. Kinect itself really could do SO MUCH MORE but if Rare couldn't pull it off, then I worry about what 3rd parties are going to do.
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • Xboxfanuk 14/05/2014

    The thing that will sell Xbox's is great games. Lower the price helps, but graphics alone won't decide which machine to buy. It all comes down to exclusives and where your friends play. Reply -1
  • Rockstar has something next-gen coming by Q1 2015

  • Xboxfanuk 14/05/2014

    I really hope they port GTA V to next gen. I really hope port Red Dead also and bring Red Dead 2. Reply +1
  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for 349

  • Xboxfanuk 13/05/2014

    I am actually surprised they dropped Kinect but not surprised they lowered the price. I didn't know if developers who were developing with Kinect in mind were going to be impacted. However this is brilliant news for those who were waiting to jump on board.

    So thank you Sony for kicking Xbox's but in sales and thank you former execs for leaving Microsoft and getting some proper gamers in there to really bring these changes home. Personally I love the Kinect for voice commands (don't have one for my 360 upstairs and I miss it sometimes).

    Sadly nothing can really change the decision to include the cheaper RAM so devs will still struggle to get 1080p but you know what, I only got a 720p TV anyway so I won't notice. Just keep that 60fps going!
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One delayed by six months

  • Xboxfanuk 08/05/2014

    Sad news for me, was really looking forward to this on Xbox One. Oh well, hope Diablo III comes out soon or else it's Dragon Age Inquisition. Reply +10
  • Battlefield 4 console rent-a-server costs revealed

  • Xboxfanuk 30/04/2014

    This worries me for Star Wars Battlefront next year. But Popcap's PVZ Garden Warfare gives me hope! Reply -4
  • Veteran Halo composer fired from Bungie "without cause"

  • Xboxfanuk 17/04/2014

    Time to go work at Respawn! Reply 0
  • Age of Mythology Extended Edition out in May

  • Xboxfanuk 06/04/2014

    How come most gamers are cheap bastards on comments and yet you still buy all these games. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 03/04/2014

    Look Microsoft and Valve can play nice. Wonder who spiked the Seattle water? Reply +6
  • Hearthstone soft-launches on iPad - out in the UK soon

  • Xboxfanuk 03/04/2014

    Playing on iPad 2 and it chugs a bit but playable. Looks very nice...just laggy for animations. Reply 0
  • Infinity Ward teases Predator DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Xboxfanuk 31/03/2014

    @robegan They have Destiny coming should be the Next New Thing Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 31/03/2014

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Not really a call of duty guy but these gimmicks always sell me, like Predator in CoD Extinction. It looks like CoD has gone all Borderlands with these boss battles! Reply 0
  • UK video game tax breaks approved

  • Xboxfanuk 27/03/2014

    Lionhead is totally set! Reply -2
  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2014

    true conservatives are against too much tax. That's how you know the UK is full socialist liberal commies is the taxes. Reply -18
  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2014

    Well this won't affect Xbox One digital prices that are full RRP for literally years. Reply +1
  • Phil Spencer on bringing VR, paid alphas to Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 21/03/2014

    Remember the xbox 720 roadmap leak, well VR happening and so is an Onlive style service. I don't know if 2014 E3 will unvail it, but certainly by 2015 we will see VR shown off. Reply -7
  • Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 - and it's coming to Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 20/03/2014

    It will be exclusive to Win 9 of course. But this also means the (direct)Xbox and PC are getting closer and closer and surely this means an easier time porting games over. Reply +4
  • UK budget fails to include games tax relief

  • Xboxfanuk 20/03/2014

    I hate to say it but the days of Britain's economy being fuelled by coal mines and factory's are over. It's going to be white collar university educated jobs that fuel the economy. Video Games are the biggest growing and probably grossing entertainment industry in the world and the UK is extremely uncompetitive in this area. So why give any tax breaks to anyone at all? To encourage companies to open and hire workers and pay taxes here. So we can leave recession and become prosperous. Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 20/03/2014

    @Murton Same in America mate, people aren't bothered and don't vote. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 20/03/2014

    I will be honest it's an age thing. The majority of people who work as MP's won't understand console gaming (which they see as where these breaks are going) and barely understand how their iPhones work.

    With the exception of Frank Underwood I don't imagine many politicians play video games so they have little sympathy for tax relief. It's like trying to tell them to give tax relief to Toys-R-Us so they will sell more toys.

    What I think the lobbyist for interactive entertainment needs to do is show in black and white the potential market which the UK can see come back in tax revenues as highly skilled workers immigrate here and local highly skilled workers potentially start the next EA or Activision.
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  • Google Chromecast launches in the UK today, priced 30

  • Xboxfanuk 19/03/2014

    I already bought my all in one media device called an Xbox 360 and xbox one. And yes it's expensive but best app experience out there. Reply -26
  • As Monster Hunter turns 10, can Capcom finally make the west listen?

  • Xboxfanuk 11/03/2014

    They signed an exclusivity deal with Nintendo and it made sense back when the Wii was hot shit and basically they just uprezzed the handheld version which looked ok on Wii. Wii U monster hunter was fairly poor looking on screen and the game does feel very small with the dock and the windy maps making up the game.

    But monster hunter is a boss battle game. No hand holding, no let's do QTE or other bullshit, just big ass bosses who have subtle tells and will rip you to shreds. Also has a great co-op experience!

    When exclusivity with Nintendo is done if they don't put it on xbox one and ps4 I will be surpised. I know they released Dragon's Dogma to be the west's version of monster hunter, but frankly they just need to release a proper HD online monster hunter nothing held back for the major consoles.
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  • World of Warcraft level 90 character boosts cost 40

  • Xboxfanuk 11/03/2014

    The future is Fable Legends...we don't need wow Reply -2
  • Xboxfanuk 11/03/2014

    I have been trying to get into World of Warcraft. I guess the thing is that people are just dicks. I mean you join a dungeon group and the tanks runs and pulls the enemies and I (playing a druid healer) barely have time to catch up and heal. No one uses the chat. Guilds are only about raiding and Twitch Streams of WoW are basically about min/max and grinding or battlegrounds. The fun days of MMO's are truly gone. No one is just having fun and playing sensibly. After EQ2 gave away level 85 it didn't help. People were still insular and not grouping even at top levels.

    WoW is basically admitting what is true that the game is only about raiding and who wants to grind to 90 to get to the true game. At this point it's time to make a new title altogether.
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  • Disney Interactive lays off 700 staff

  • Xboxfanuk 07/03/2014

    It's all money into the Disney Infinity basket is what this means. They are drooling over the billions Skylanders are making (which I admit I play and love) and the last game was clearly undercooked and Toy Box mode was buggy and mechanics just weird. Next person to make Kart Racing controls needs to just copy Sumo's system because it's brilliant!

    To be honest I am looking forward to seeing what Infinity does this year, and if the Star Wars/Marvel adventures are done well. Because if they they manage to pack in more substantial gameplay (like Vehicles) into the Star Wars levels you could have a kid friendly Battlefront game with toys to collect. Sounds like a license to print money.
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  • DICE: Battlefield 2142 veterans will feel "right at home" with BF4 Carrier Assault

  • Xboxfanuk 07/03/2014

    @aphex187 At least on Xbox 360 I felt BF Bad Company 2 was the best balanced and most fun one they made. Plus Vietnam was brilliant! Reply +3
  • Xboxfanuk 07/03/2014

    My understanding is EA has brought in former Medal of Honor devs to finish the DLC so DICE can look probably at the next game and larger studio projects. Reply +1
  • March's free Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles announced

  • Xboxfanuk 03/03/2014

    The Games for Gold program is certainly an improvement from the previous system. NOTHING! Let's not forget Microsoft has been charging around 5.00 a month (based on full RRP) since the original Xbox. And people have happily paid it because it has funded an ever expanding online community and a suit of nice features like party mode. Sony has of course realised that they will need to charge money to power the servers on PS4 and are doing so. As far as I know they don't offer Playstion+ on PS4 games.

    So basically Sony has developed a game rental service through PS+ and more power to them because the game developers are basically not getting any returns on those base game from Gamestop or GAME or CEX or anyone selling them used. Generally speaking after a game is out for six months it basically stops generating new sales (good lucking seeing on shelves at game stores).

    So why not rent out the title to customers and go all Netflix with it. Makes perfect sense.

    However Microsoft is giving away free games and really not doing it in a smart way. It is a VERY bad idea to suddenly start giving away games on Xbox One as most consumers will just wait for less then great downloadable titles to become free and those devs will simply get nothing. Even a Steam like sale can't compete with simply free.

    What would be better with Games for Gold would be to give away games where perhaps the DLC is on the way. Imagine if Borderlands 2 with it's wealth of DLC was offered free at the launch of a new DLC pack. I bet they would sell a lot more DLC which 70% of that money goes right into their pockets.

    What Microsoft needs on 360 is more Steam like bundle sales. What if Torchlight and Dungeon Defenders with all DLC was bundled together for say 10. That would sell more and do more for those developers then giving away their game for free.

    Speaking of Dungeon Defenders let's hope Trendy plans to announce DF2 for Xbox One and PS4.
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  • Microsoft's Siri-rival Cortana will be powered by Foursquare - report

  • Xboxfanuk 07/02/2014

    Jen Taylor voicing it will be the icing on the cake. Sorry you Microsoft haters, but some of us like Windows Phone and like Metro and like all the direction with Xbox becoming more digital. Reply +7