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  • Sega releases classic games on mobile, for free, but at what cost?

  • Xboxfanuk 22/06/2017

    Sega is no Nintendo. Reply +1
  • Behold Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 reimagined as an AR game for Hololens

  • Xboxfanuk 22/06/2017

    I am telling you, make a force feedback pretend Halo Assault Rifle and have covenant forces around to shoot. Real life Halo, would be amazing. Reply +1
  • The big interview: Xbox boss Phil Spencer

  • Xboxfanuk 13/06/2017

    Here is another take on this...imagine it's Microsoft Press Briefing 2017. PS Pro is a thing, Xbox One X did not get made. Everyone is asking Microsoft, what is your answer to the PS Pro? Sony crows they have the most powerful console with PS4 and now PS Pro. Microsoft shows you Gears of War and Halo 6 in 900p. They announce their marketing deal with Call of Duty 30 days early map packs.

    Or they could announce the Xbox Two. Requiring you to purchase all new titles. No backwards compatibility.

    Either way...the press and gamers would crucify Microsoft.
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  • Xboxfanuk 13/06/2017

    Perhaps Nintendo is truly showing us the way forward. Maybe these big press briefings where you are pressured to have show stopping announcements that in practice are forgotten by September when the usual train of AAA titles start releasing.

    I mean Backwards Compatibility was announced and was huge at the briefing. But in practice it was just an update that rolled out and was a nice "to have".

    Sony is going to show off Star Wars and stuff on their stage. I am going to play that on Xbox. Microsoft showed off Assassin's Creed which can be played on Playstation. Other than maybe Sea of Thieves I really think the first party games on either side are that great.

    There was nothing new or jaw dropping announced at Microsoft's E3 press briefing. It was fairly standard 3rd parties sexed up for 4K. I actually think Microsoft can never sell a fidelity upgrade on stage. It will be sold in stores, at your friends house and in personal accounts of the difference it makes for whatever games you like. If your still one of those people playing Halo 5 multiplayer and now suddenly it looks stunning in 4K. Or if you see Witcher 3 in 4K running at 60FPS your mind is going to blow at the graphics.

    Maybe really it's about experiencing your favorite games better. And that is why anyone buys any expensive piece of tech, to get a better experience.
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  • Xbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

  • Xboxfanuk 12/06/2017

    I am happy about Black Desert online. I gave up the PC gaming about an Xbox 360 back 2008. As for the Xbox One X, I chose the S to upgrade my launch Xbox One. I mostly play Lego Games and so on with my son. And now I am looking forward to Fable Fortune and Dungeon Defenders II.

    Basically I don't need the horsepower this year. By next Christmas I will probably want the upgrade when it's 380 or so.
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  • Xbox is close to being a brilliant games platform, but it needs games to get it there

  • Xboxfanuk 08/06/2017

    I 100% agree on games. Let's be truly honest here, there is hardly any exclusives on the platform that isn't a re-hash of something from the original Xbox.

    So let's look at what I think Xbox gamers want:

    A truly open world Halo and Fable title. Yes they are established brands but the games today still feel boxed into what was possible in 2002.

    Sea of Thieves, while exciting and new, it is almost a concept of a game still in 2017. As far as I know there isn't any campaign or sign of anything but bare bones sailing game.

    So many promising huge games have been cancelled by Microsoft as they seem their cycles and expectations of how quick and cheap a game should be made are baked into the company. There is no taking risks.

    And while some of this could be forgiven if Xbox was the best place to play Battlefront 2, or Assassin's Creed or Destiny. But it's not! Playstation has all the DLC and timed exclusivity deals. So 3rd party is more attractive on Playstation.

    In terms of games Phil Spencer certainly has allot to answer for.
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  • Fable Fortune launches early access next month on Xbox One and PC

  • Xboxfanuk 07/06/2017

    @UncleLou I happen to enjoy F2P card battle games. And I enjoy Fable series, so what's not to like here? Let's be honest Microsoft is going to judge the brand interest on this game's success. Reply -1
  • Xboxfanuk 07/06/2017

    @freaqie As a beta tester of Fable Legends and a fan of Fable I can tell you that game was not good. It wasn't fun, the 4 v 1 gameplay wasn't fun. The maps were linear and the combat a bit frustrating. Personally the only thing good they were doing was the kicking chicken and fishing mini-games. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 07/06/2017

    Oh one more thing on Fable Fortune...The game is "play anywhere" so your collection will work across Windows 10 store and Xbox One. Reply -1
  • Xboxfanuk 07/06/2017

    BTW fellow fans of Fable. If you want Fable IV I suggest you support the HECK out of this game! Microsoft is going to follow the $$$ so support Fable and Phil will get a team on it. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 07/06/2017

    THANK YOU EUROGAMER! You are the only media outlet to report this accurately. Most stories I have read omit the early access part, and it's unclear if there is a cost on July 11th. But you cleared it right up!

    You weren't the quickest to report, but you were the best!
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  • Pokkn Tournament headed to Nintendo Switch

  • Xboxfanuk 06/06/2017

    I think Game Freak will need a long time to actually develop a new engine to run Pokemon on the switch, but to be honest they need to do it. Reply 0
  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • Xboxfanuk 06/06/2017

    Maybe I am crazy...why can't Sony make a peripheral that connects to smartphones and then make full games that work like the Vita or Switch.

    I mean my Samsung S7 Edge is probably far more powerful then a Vita and I wouldn't mind paying for full price games if they worked and looked like proper console games.
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  • PS4 is three times more popular than Xbox One in Europe, Sony claims

  • Xboxfanuk 06/06/2017

    So does this mean for Playstation 5 they hire Don Matrick and release with a slate of TV shows and Sony video chat and PS Eye as the centerpiece of their console?

    Seriously...Microsoft totally shot itself in the foot out of the gate. And really there is no catching up, there is no beating Sony in sales numbers of this generation. I guess the other thing that has helped Sony is the expanding market of people buying consoles.

    What concerns me the most is Sony pretty much has Cart Blanche on all 3rd party deals. Microsoft IMO gave up the true power and success of the 360 when they gave up all these exclusive DLC's and 30 days early deals. There have been plenty of times when I cursed Sony for having that extra content.

    Now all of this could be forgiven if Microsoft had a steady slate of 1st party titles that were good. But they don't. So unless they pull a rabbit out of their arse at E3 I don't know what Phil is doing really to win over new customers.
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  • Dragon's Dogma re-release coming to PS4, Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 24/05/2017

    I am 100% all for this game...IF it looks good. If it's same old textures and crap framerate no thanks. Reply +1
  • GAME launches unattractive new 36 loyalty card scheme

  • Xboxfanuk 24/05/2017

    Believe it or not GAME was one of the best ways to purchase WII U digital games. You got points from GAME, you got points from Nintendo and you sometimes would get the digital code cheaper than the eShop.

    Now if GAME would apply that same logic to Xbox and Sony they could mitigate some of this going digital that is hurting them so much. Imagine walking into GAME and buying your new Xbox Scorpio console and they up selling you a Xbox Game Pass 3 month card for 29.99. It's digital content but they get a piece of the pie.
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  • Xbox Game Pass launches 1st June

  • Xboxfanuk 24/05/2017

    Here is the good news folks. Microsoft always launches these things with a terrible list of games. Remember Games on Demand on Xbox 360. No proper decent titles came to that service for a long while. Remember EA Access with Madden 2004 or whatever and that's it. Now EA Access is packed with games like Star Wars and Dragon Age.

    In October time when the budget conscious gamer finally get's an Xbox One S. Or the PS4 player decides to pick up an Xbox for it's exclusives, Microsoft will have added allot more first party games like more Gears, Forza, etc.

    I do see this maybe became the new way to monetize ID@Xbox games.
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  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 announced

  • Xboxfanuk 15/05/2017

    Thing is I like the MCU and want those costumes for the minifigs. Reply 0
  • Fan gets free trip to BlizzCon after finding long-lost StarCraft gold master

  • Xboxfanuk 05/05/2017

    The question of if it was legally his or Blizzards doesn't matter. Blizzard would have lawyer'd up and the guy who is just a fan would have been sharing some old ass disk with the curious. Instead he is getting what he originally wanted, a bunch of swag and a free trip to Blizcon. Reply -4
  • Halo 5's lack of Master Chief was a "huge disappointment", 343 admits

  • Xboxfanuk 27/04/2017

    I want to see them combine Halo FPS gameplay with Halo Wars sections. Basically a Battlefield style combat map where you can either be controlling things like an RTS or zoom in to be the boots on the ground. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES is being discontinued

  • Xboxfanuk 14/04/2017

    I would hate to be own shares in Nintendo. They have shown time and again over nearly a decade they miss opportunities and are extremely slow to evolve. Yeah Mario and Zelda are great games, but it just goes to show how incredibly amazing they would be as a third party developer instead of a first party. I know this is contrary to what everyone in the industry thinks, but let's face it folks if Nintendo just made killer games for powerful hardware instead of the gimmicky shit and wonky ass controller options just to play those great games we would all be loving it! Reply +4
  • Xboxfanuk 14/04/2017

    "Hi I am Mr Nintendo. I make products that people want to buy, but due to being a complete idiot I never make enough of." "So next time I make that must have item don't bother, send your mindshare to another company because we won't support your enthusiasm with an actual product that could make our shareholders money." Reply +3
  • Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer reveals prequel and sequel trilogy characters

  • Xboxfanuk 12/04/2017

    Sorry about your leak EA/Disney. But yeah excited for this game. Reply +5
  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • Xboxfanuk 03/04/2017

    Microsoft pioneered the digital download space on consoles with XBLA. Then Don Matrick and it seems Phil Spencer decided to totally ditch it for Xbox One. They also ditched Avatars. I would argue that was a totally unique space that NOBODY had (I know Nintendo had Mii's) and was ripe for growing. But their policies towards indie devs were too inflexible and the hit makers simply left the platform for Steam on PC. We still don't have any indie games like Dungeon Defenders or Torchlight coming to Xbox. We don't have any more AAA indie titles other than perhaps cuphead.

    The Xbox store is awash with what seems to be very niche games which have zero promotion. I don't think that is the way to bring smaller downloadable titles to console. Because Million Dollar marketing budgets compared to some guy in his garage without the game having a really compelling hook doesn't work.

    So much of what made the 360 so interesting has left the Xbox ecosystem. And it just feels very bland and boring now. Tons of features but nothing really tying it together that can pull in players. Look at their slate of first party titles (which they gave up 3rd party deals for), if the games aren't cancelled they are delayed. If they aren't delayed they are under performing. I mean Microsoft has managed to torpedo all of the success and dashboard updates and party chat isn't going to fix it.

    I loved the 360 for so many more reasons than simply grey-brown violent shooters which seems to be all consoles are about these days.
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  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2017

    @Number1Laing To your point, the audience for mobile may be different to console gamers. However, Mario Kart on mobile would sell a gazillion copies! Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2017

    @Orcflesh There is one new IP, Splatoon. Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2017

    @jawafour I could be ignorant, but I believe always online requirement may be to prevent piracy? Reply +4
  • Xboxfanuk 24/03/2017

    IMO - Nintendo needs to set a price for each world at say 2.00 and the whole game for 10.00. And basically let Toad Rally and other world building features come free or via some kind of ticket/pay per play model similar to how Hearthstone did the Adventures and Arena. It makes it less of a pill to swallow for potential buyers who don't know how much time they might sink into it, but than also allows for serious Nintendo gamers who want the console model to just buy and not worry.

    Personally I think 10.00 is an amazing value for what is on offer here. And I am sure they will be monetising future updates. But basically you have a truly legit Mario game in your pocket ready for fun whenever (provided you have internet).

    Conversely if Nintendo is serious about going with a pay once console style then they need to go BIG. They need to treat each mobile release like a full console release with marketing, Nintendo Direct the whole works. Because unless you market the heck out of the game no one is going to think, oh let's go BUY this mario-lite mobile game.

    Really the opportunity is there, a MASSIVE addressable market on phones and tablets. But you won't dent the top ten in sales if you don't market the HECK out of the full price release or offer enough of a free-to-play experience so people can get hooked and spend money.
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  • Goat Simulator's DLC parodying Mass Effect, Star Wars launches on PS4 next week

  • Xboxfanuk 20/03/2017

    Not on Xbox One....NOOOOOOOOO! Reply 0
  • PlayStation Now to stream PS4 games later this year

  • Xboxfanuk 13/03/2017

    For a non-PS4 owner like me this might be an excellent way to play the Uncharted series on my new Samsung TV. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • Xboxfanuk 06/03/2017

    In Rotherham/Sheffield (North England) on Sunday I only found one shop with a Switch and that was Smyths, Argos sold out, GAME not a prayer, Toys-R-Us was sold out.

    So obviously low levels of stock in my area to begin with.
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  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • Xboxfanuk 28/02/2017

    this is the future of the secondary market. Reply +6
  • Hearthstone's next expansion Journey to Un'Goro detailed

  • Xboxfanuk 28/02/2017

    reno + Quest Card = unstoppable Reply 0
  • ITV Hub catchup service finally available on Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 14/02/2017

    ITV is the home to new Pokemon actually. Reply +1
  • Why Valve has no interest in making console games

  • Xboxfanuk 10/02/2017

    on console valve makes 70% of the after sales profits and have to pay loads of other things to the first party holders. On Steam they make 100% of the profits and are the first party holder so they make the rules.

    Honestly when they started making Steam Machine consoles and so on they were done with consoles.
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  • Skylanders franchise kept alive, but no new game this year

  • Xboxfanuk 10/02/2017

    I love Skylanders, but it costs a fortune and is extremely confusing about how they "gimmicks" actually work. Back when they only just sold figures I think it was easy for customers to enjoy it. Mums could buy what they wanted. Nowadays there is at least three types of products to buy, and the availability in retail is spotty.

    If they simply sold add on packs that worked with everything like Lego has wisely done they would sell more. Stuff from last years game is widely available but yet this years title is hard to find. Seems like that is part of the issue.
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  • This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

  • Xboxfanuk 08/02/2017

    Imagine this: You can buy in shops a Master Chief helmet which is a plastic shell around a HaloLens unit. It comes with a rumble feedback Halo Rife which connects to the HaloLense (like a rife shaped controller). And then you fight covenant in the real world in wave based combat. So in essence you are playing laser tag Halo. Reply +4
  • Lego City Undercover re-release gets first trailer

  • Xboxfanuk 12/01/2017

    Lego GTA brought to you by launch Wii U textures and clunky old Lego mechanics. I was hoping for at least it to be better looking for current gen but alas no. Reply -12
  • John Smedley closes studio and cancels RPG Hero's Song

  • Xboxfanuk 04/01/2017

    It's hard to go from running a massive MMO company/Publisher to living lean and mean on a small indi game. I would imagine these guys wanted allot of equipment and salaries.

    I don't know but the art suggest cheap garage game.
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  • Amid rumours of Skylanders cancellation dev Vicarious Visions is now working on Destiny

  • Xboxfanuk 09/12/2016

    @FireMonkey The issue is the suits at Activision rely heavily on Skylanders to bolster their overall numbers. When the cow isn't producing milk anymore they will take it out back and shoot it and get a new cow.

    Skylanders was a fun idea that got blown into a overpriced DLC nightmare.
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  • Xboxfanuk 09/12/2016

    This is how it went: Skylanders starter it all, and they hit their peak with Swap Force which up to that point only sold figures.

    Disney Infinity came in and started selling pogs along with figures and had good success.

    Lego comes along and only sells Lego sets and the time worn familiar lego game. Not a huge disruption in terms of TT Games development nor Lego manufacturing.

    Skylanders decides with Trap Team to sell a lot of crap - traps, figures, old figures, repurposed new figures, boxes to keep your trap in, etc. It got to OTT and with stock not being there fans were upset...and so the trend has continued.

    Disney bombs hard with a 11 month development cycle of Marvel Super Heroes. They then bring in a ton of dev teams to help and WAY OVER order figures which saturate every shop. Into 3.0 they are spending on a massive E3 booth (for one game mind you), a live stream every week and 3-4 dev teams on top of avalanche all working on this game. IT COST TOO MUCH MONEY TO MAKE. So Disney takes the easy option and shit-cans the whole division.

    Lego meanwhile seeing the mistakes of the past two competitors decides to only do one starter kit and simply add on over time. This approach works for consumers and for TT Games as they can simply make DLC over time and not worry about 12 months of content to be produced for the disk.

    Skylanders has fatagued the market which is now saturated and sick of gimmicks and the need for more toys to enjoy the games. Kids move on and there you go...

    Lego and TT Games wins the war because they always make Lego Games and Lego it's very low risk for them to do this.
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  • Sounds like Xbox One is getting a new Guide menu

  • Xboxfanuk 23/11/2016

    maybe by the launch of scorpio we will see a return to a more xbox 360 style dash. Reply +2
  • Government "behaviour tsar" isn't a fan of Minecraft: "We need to drain the swamp of gimmicks"

  • Xboxfanuk 21/11/2016

    Kids learn more when their having fun. And books doesn't teach kids valuable ICT lessons which are going to be increasingly important going forward. University students don't know how to use Word or even how Windows basic file system works. Kids are learning to program these days in school. Reply +1
  • Steam users have already declared the winner in the great coaster sim war

  • Xboxfanuk 18/11/2016

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 was really good if not a bit graphically dodgy. Reply -3
  • EverQuest inventor's new RPG Hero's Song on Steam Early Access

  • Xboxfanuk 08/11/2016

    I want to know if Everquest is so popular with clicks on game websites why Daybreak's investors don't develop and launch some kind of new EQ IP. They closed down their CCG, they cancelled EQ Next. They are sitting on this IP and doing NOTHING with it. Reply +3
  • Xboxfanuk 08/11/2016

    @Simbosan Smedley is a good guy and did come up with Everquest but didn't develop it, he hired guys in for that. However he was responsible for taking a 2 million subscriber base and handing it to Blizzard by ignoring and marginalizing it's playerbase. Reply +3
  • Xboxfanuk 08/11/2016

    I like the music, pixel maybe. Reply -1
  • The pervy 68 microtransaction for a 30 Steam Japanese schoolgirl game

  • Xboxfanuk 21/10/2016

    For only 5.00 you can add horse armour to the girls...somehow this one never sold. Reply +8
  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Xboxfanuk 20/10/2016

    Well the day has finally arrived, an announcement. And Skyrim was surprise. Reply 0
  • Smite Tactics is a turn-based strategy spin-off

  • Xboxfanuk 20/10/2016

    Just a translation...

    "At Hi-Rez Studios we know the CCG genre is where it's at right now, so we decided let's make our own and make a truck load of money."
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