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  • Ghost cars may soon become a reality

  • Xboxfanuk 15/12/2014

    Why can't simple heads up displays be more common like speed and tack Reply +3
  • Nintendo's January and February Amiibo waves are already selling out

  • Xboxfanuk 11/12/2014

    @Great-Googly-Moogly I know isn't probably what you want, but if you invest in a external HDD you can buy them all digitally directly from Nintendo. Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 11/12/2014

    Part of me is so happy to see Nintendo having one of those must have items at Christmas like the Wii used to be. I own four Amiibos and wish to gawd I had bought the rare ones. Reply 0
  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Xboxfanuk 09/12/2014

    I am fuming mad that Dungeon Defenders II is exclusive to PS4 and PC. I mean that franchise really started on XBLA. But then again I realize that business want to make money, and 1st parties have money. So this stuff will always happen. Don't sweat it man. Reply +15
  • Angry Birds developer lays off 110 staff, closes studio

  • Xboxfanuk 04/12/2014

    Honestly they never followed up with much more then Angry Birds games. Really great mobile studios either have a games a service model that works (i.e. clash of clans) or they release new titles, some very AAA titles like Popcap and Gameloft. Yet the company said, "aren't a games company anymore, we are tv shows and such". Well their fans of moms and little kids left and went and played Candy Crush. And without any real innovation on the basic Angry Birds formula and the extreme greed of the micro transactions they couldn't compete.

    Still rich as fuck though and could choose to make some games again.
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  • The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

  • Xboxfanuk 29/11/2014

    Honestly Nintendo offers something unique and satisfies that need for all ages entertainment. Video Games are about having fun. And while Nintendo cannot hope to be the best place for 3rd party games they certainly can be place for pure Nintendo magic.

    The Nintendo ecosystem is different, and like Apple used to boast, Nintendo encourages us to take a break from the brown and grey and enjoy the rainbow of colors that is Wii U and 3DS. The games are averaging 9-10's with many reviewers.

    If you have to buy only one console and you are mainly wanting 3rd party games, of course it's going to be Xbox One (I don't mind 900p). But if you want something different or want a second console it fits perfectly as that bright colorful and extremely interesting console that is full of unique gems you cannot get anywhere else.
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  • Super Smash Bros. fastest-selling Wii U game ever in the US

  • Xboxfanuk 25/11/2014

    I can't wait until the day when digital releases when it's ready and not wait for shops to get it. So America and UK can have it at the same time. Reply 0
  • Double Fine lays off a dozen staff, cancels unannounced project

  • Xboxfanuk 24/11/2014

    Costume Quest 2 obviously didn't sell as well as hoped. Reply -2
  • This Grand Theft Auto 5 next-gen Easter egg sure is a trip

  • Xboxfanuk 19/11/2014

    @ubergine My understanding is the people working on these games are worked to the bone and it takes a huge effort to ship this stuff. Multiple locations and so on working long hours. Not every developer wants to do that. Reply 0
  • Goat Simulator free MMO expansion riffs off World of Warcraft

  • Xboxfanuk 17/11/2014

    My little HD4000 Laptop can't really run this. But when it comes to Xbox One it's a MUST have! Reply +3
  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Wii U infinite height exploit lets you skip most of the game

  • Xboxfanuk 13/11/2014

    I am not a massive sonic fan or anything but it is a shame that most sonic games are not high quality. It seems Sega really just wants to cash in and not produce great games with Sonic. Reply +10
  • Amiibo unlock extra racing suits in Mario Kart 8

  • Xboxfanuk 05/11/2014

    I think the NFC transfer tech isn't really the issue it's the storage capacity within the Amiibo's themselves. So to store stuff from various games will require storage space which I imagine isn't very much on these figures. Skylanders and Disney infinity has managed it across games. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's EA Access trial detailed

  • Xboxfanuk 04/11/2014

    The difference between EA Access and a demo is EA Access is pre-releasing the game one week early in which you can play for a maximum of 6 hours. It is a timer type of thing not a limit to the content. And because this is the FULL game available everything you do just carries on after it releases and you buy it. So really it's a limited pre-release which gives you 6 hours to play.

    The thing that is confusing people is that EA is allowing ALL EA Access members play the full game even if you haven't purchased it yet. So yes in that way it is like a demo. But this isn't a slice of the game, it's the whole game but limited in time.

    When Battlefield Hardline releases in March you could in theory complete the single player campaign within the free 6 hour window without buying the game at all.
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  • Xboxfanuk 04/11/2014

    @rotmm Most game makers have agreed game demos do little to sell games and often times can misrepresent the game (especially open world ones). Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 04/11/2014

    I pre-purchased the game through SmartGlass while on holiday in summerset on my phone. Came home and it was already in place ready to download when the files hit the servers (which it will do silently in the background). Then I switch my console over to US region and login and play Dragon Age Inquisition on the 13th.

    This is what I have been waiting for since Microsoft brought out Games on Demand.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets 55-track CD and vinyl soundtrack

  • Xboxfanuk 04/11/2014

    Spotify has a nice playlist of GTA V Reply +2
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare blossoms on EA Access

  • Xboxfanuk 16/10/2014

    @inbrodericko I would be SHOCKED if this doesn't come to Origin in the future. I think because PC Games are primarily digital now anyway there isn't the pressure of second hand sales like with console games. But heck I think EA still wants to wring some value out of it's back catalogue. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 16/10/2014

    This time next year I would imagine Dragon Inquisition will have quite a lot of single player DLC out, and so will Battlefield Hardline. Both of those games will likely join the vault around October/November. And you get 10% off the season pass/premium thingy. So if your buying for bargains and troll CEX for cheap games at least this way you are getting it very cheap if your willing to wait. And frankly that is how this business should work.


    Day 1 customers
    First 3 months holds price


    After 3 months get's a sale


    11-12 months after release with plenty of DLC to sell

    EA isn't going to be selling new copies of Battlefield 4 really, so how can they continue to squeeze value out of the game? DLC baby! Same with PvZ. They both allow you to buy Battlepacks and Sticker Packs which means the continual support of the community is paid for by micro-transactions. This helps offset the cost of next gen development and keeps second-hand customers happy without locking away content. And for digital customers we get a great value.
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  • Xboxfanuk 16/10/2014

    If you don't own those games already (I already owned Battlefield 4 and PvZ: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2) then yes really good value. I mean it's every tent pole EA franchise currently available on Xbox One for 19/year. Absolutely amazing!

    Look THIS is what project $10.00 has become, and I for one welcome this! Yes it may mean paid demo's. But they aren't game slices, they are just timers like what OnLive does. In addition to that you do get 10% off games and DLC. So when I buy Dragon Age Inquisition special happy edition with bog unicorn and stuff on Xbox Live Marketplace I will get 5 days early access and 10% off the price. All for 19.00 a year and for me I got Need for Speed Rivals (not my fav in the series to be sure) for free. I was never going to buy it.

    Sports games I could care less about.
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  • Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 07/10/2014

    Why can't they use cloud? Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer is a first draft with potential

  • Xboxfanuk 02/10/2014

    @Bertie The thing is Micro-transactions that mean continual free updates are very welcome. I think Eurogamer should write a piece on the new business model for games as a service on console and how well it's working. Reply -4
  • Xboxfanuk 02/10/2014

    I think the title hits the nail on the head, good first draft but needs improving. As with all these "multiplayer modes" they are designed to be ever evolving games as a service. So the initial content might not be brilliant, but I believe IF the combat is fun then they can continually tweak it and keeping added more stuff.

    Considering this is the bonus content for an already robust single player open world RPG I don't think anyone can complain. But while it's not great stand-a-lone let's not forget GTA IV's online multiplayer. Had much to be desired, but by GTV V it was a full game unto itself.

    In fact I remember Call of Duty 2's multiplayer was pretty tacked on and boring, but when CoD4 released it was revolutionary. The point is they aren't firing and forgetting. These sites with reviews and previews always seem to focus on launch content. But they cannot measure how a community attaches and how things evolve into something fantastic.
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  • Microsoft announces Windows 10 for late 2015

  • Xboxfanuk 30/09/2014

    @smelly there is very little reason right now why all those Windows Apps couldn't run on the Xbox One. Reply +3
  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • Xboxfanuk 15/09/2014

    I think these numbers means very very few last gen with current gen games will be coming Reply 0
  • Sorry, Microsoft, but you can't own Minecraft

  • Xboxfanuk 13/09/2014

    Microsoft just wants to own the plates that print the money. Reply +36
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • Xboxfanuk 12/09/2014

    Now to put the cherry on top allow us to pre-order digitally on PS4 and Xbox One. That would be so sweet! Reply 0
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • Xboxfanuk 10/09/2014

    Cash out Minecraft and then release your next games and build those under a new studio. Why not cash out when Minecraft is huge. Reply -1
  • Xboxfanuk 10/09/2014

    The fact that Nintendo hasn't bought this or got this on the Wii U is mind boggling! Reply +1
  • Xboxfanuk 10/09/2014

    @solidsnakeckw Like Minecraft-a-like Project Spark? And yet kids aren't spending millions on it. Reply 0
  • Need for Speed: Rivals is cruising onto EA Access

  • Xboxfanuk 03/09/2014

    @Volkama it's the same publishing arm as kingdoms of Amalur was. EA Partners. So actually respawn owns this baby I am sure. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 03/09/2014

    I knew it! I held off on that gold deal knowing this had to be coming free soon Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 radio stations being updated for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 01/09/2014

    One thing you learn while waiting for release dates, fall (autumn) can mean anything until Dec 31st, and winter can mean anything until april the following year. Reply +5
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition reveals four-player co-op mode

  • Xboxfanuk 28/08/2014

    I really, really hope there is some boss dragons to fight in multiplayer

    Personally I was hoping this was going to happen, although it's a shame it doesn't add anything to the single player game so it will have to be good enough on it's own if they want people to play it.

    But let's be honest over a year ago EA dropped project $10.00 and said every single game they make would have multiplayer from now on. Microtransactions seem to be the way they will fund these new super expensive titles.

    Look at PVZ: Garden Warfare. Game was 30.00 and super super fun. It has microtransactions yet you never need to spend any money if you don't want. The way they have done it brilliant. If they can keep going with that system I am all for it.

    If microtransactions pay to turn the Dragon Age Multiplayer into a service that will keep getting new content like PVZ: Garden Warfare then I am all for it.
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  • Microsoft announces new Age of Empires game, Castle Siege

  • Xboxfanuk 26/08/2014

    So this is good, Microsoft is again after Halo bringing more cool IP they own to their platforms. Assuming this is going to have Xbox Live support so chevos!

    Obviously this will play like clash of clans and giving that there is NO clash of clans on Windows Phone this should fill that spot nicely. Now we just need more Fable content and things are looking up!
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  • Face-Off: Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

  • Xboxfanuk 23/08/2014

    Just my two cents, as I have found time and time again I just absolutely LOVE the Xbox controller, even now I can barely go back to the 360 controller because of how nice the Xbox One controller feels. Wii U and PS4 just don't do it for me. If the frames drop slightly on Xbox then that is sad, but they made choices for cost on the box. Frankly I feel that the Xbox experience is still the best even if the PS4 has the pure horsepower edge. Reply -1
  • Microsoft testing 24-hour free game unlocks for Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 21/08/2014

    This is all moving towards the same place and exactly where it should. A true Netflix games library. Sony really got it right with PS+ "an instant games collection". If you buy a brand new Xbox One, could you get a nice games collection out of the box?

    You pay full price for new release titles. When they drop in value over time they are added to these play for a day schemes and eventually added to a library of games you can subscribe to. Seems logical. Also the idea of "play for a day and here is a nice discount to keep playing".

    Better then a demo as many open world games like Skyrim wouldn't really work with a demo. Also great for the player because they don't need to start over again they just pay to keep going. They tried this with Fable 2 back in the day, but I think because of the screwy pricing it didn't work.
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  • EA offers free 72 hours of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

  • Xboxfanuk 19/08/2014

    For those wondering it ran pretty poorly on HD4000 i5. I also have it on Xbox One and it is brilliant!!! The only major downside is server balance as people leave the matches and sides become uneven. Reply +1
  • World of Warcraft subscription prices will rise in November

  • Xboxfanuk 18/08/2014

    Interesting move when really F2P seems to be the obvious choice for their future. Reply +1
  • Microsoft details Xbox One updates rolling out - including USB media support

  • Xboxfanuk 12/08/2014

    ***READ THIS***

    .MKV COMING TO XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (From Major Nelson's Website)

    Media Player a new app will be available soon that enables users to play media files from either an attached USB device or from a network connected home media server that supports DLNA protocols. The preview version of the Media Player app will initially only support USB devices, with DLNA support coming soon. Xbox One will support more formats than Xbox 360, including support for dozens of new file formats like mpeg 2 TS, animated gifs and mkv which will be added by the end of the year. See below for additional file formats.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 12/08/2014

    @Triggerhappytel three words that your wrong - Call of Duty Reply -2
  • Xboxfanuk 12/08/2014

    Sony in a statement to the Tomb Raider sequel, "We didn't think Lara Croft was a good value for players." Reply -4
  • Diablo 3 on console: when is 60fps not really 60fps?

  • Xboxfanuk 12/08/2014

    Fanboi flame round 1 Reply +17
  • Xbox One Diablo 3 will now also run at 1080p

  • Xboxfanuk 08/08/2014

    Sadly I still own a 720p tv Reply +8
  • Hyrule Warriors European limited edition includes a real scarf

  • Xboxfanuk 05/08/2014

    A scarf...I mean is that really what people want? Reply 0
  • Nintendo of America indie chief leaves company

  • Xboxfanuk 04/08/2014

    Nintendo as a company always manages to do something unexpected like turning the revolution into a casual gaming machine for grandmas and moms. It does I think have some incredible luck sometimes. But the thing is they WON'T EVER be a Sony or Microsoft. They cannot and will not be the next incredible multimedia focused home entertainment system that does everything. They won't be at the cutting edge of graphics like Sony or support an incredible online community like Microsoft. They are Nintendo and they make Mario and a few other games and try and sell you hardware to play Mario on.

    And they usually succeed. So don't expect an indie fest or other modern trends on Nintendo hardware because you will only be shocked or surprised at what random thing they do next. At best Nintendo is a fantastic second console to MS or Sony. They cannot carry it all. They won't and it's ok as long as you expect that from them they will delight you with what they do.
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  • Unsubscribe?

  • Xboxfanuk 02/08/2014

    Right I am going to say this right now...a Netflix style subscription for older released titles is THE answer to used games sales and rentals. It works on so many levels. Firstly it enables gamers to instantly own a bunch of games. If you simply buy an Xbox One and take EA Access @ 19.99 / year & Xbox Live Gold @ 39.99 / year you instantly have access to a great shooter, a ton of great sports titles and a very good puzzle game from PopCap for nearly the price of one digital title on Xbox One.

    Now when they add in Titanfall & PVZ: Garden Warfare it will be an unbeatable deal if you haven't already purchased those game. If this get's going and is successful this will also be how EA does promotions.

    If this service was available on the Xbox 360 it would be epic. There is a massive back catalogue of titles it could add. But you know it might just do that.

    I would prefer to subscribe to my games then play the trade in game at Game. I would prefer to pay a sub like I do for Xbox Music or Netflix or NOWTV then spend full price to own that content just for it to spend 99% sat on a shelf doing nothing.
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  • F2P MMO Neverwinter confirmed for Xbox One

  • Xboxfanuk 30/07/2014

    Very happy about this, I knew china was getting it. Hope this is real for uk Reply 0
  • Pinball FX2 on Xbox One will let you import tables after all

  • Xboxfanuk 30/07/2014

    Message received internet, if you cause an uproar on the internet Microsoft will change everything. Be careful what you wish for internet. Reply -2
  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • Xboxfanuk 29/07/2014

    It seems to me this is Microsoft partnering with EA to do Games for Gold AAA rather than fronting the cost themselves. I personally would subscribe to the service IF all the great EA titles I were looking forward to were on it DAY AND DATE. Reply 0
  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • Xboxfanuk 22/07/2014

    My biggest issue with digital content is constant reminder we are overpaying for being a second class citizen. Case in point Xbox Video and ITunes. When retailers are selling the Blu-ray disks with tons of extras, we are not offered the extras very often. Prices are generally fully recommended retail price and the worse bit are restricted as to which device you can play on. Part of the reason Netflix is successful is the app is available on pretty much anything connected to the internet.

    Why can't the movie companies and music companies come up with a standardization DRM scheme that let's me buy my content wherever I want and then play it on any digital device I want? Like we get with physical media.

    The other issue is why do certain films just completely skip digital??? I mean is Star Wars so amazing and rare that buying through iTunes is cheeping it? Hopefully Disney will be releasing them digitally closer to Episode VII.

    I think the tiered trickle down of videos from cinema to rental/purchase full price to Cable channels to Netflix works. If you don't want it at full price then wait. However people will always pirate it if it's easier for them to watch on their commute or whatever.
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