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  • Minecraft console editions finally get polar bears, beets and banners

  • Xboxfanuk 27/09/2016

    sadly this isn't 1.9 combat update I was hoping for. Reply 0
  • Nintendo hardware sales in the Americas are worse than you'd expect

  • Xboxfanuk 27/09/2016

    @spamdangled The thing about a phone is the average person doesn't feel like a nob pulling out of their pocket on the train and playing games on it. A big ass chunky tablet will be far less portable probably only appeal to children and nerds who would also be seen on the train with their GEAR VR headset on. Reply -2
  • Xboxfanuk 27/09/2016

    If the NX is cheap as chips it might earn affection as being the second console in the home for the exclusives. And Nintendo might even be able to pull it off as a business if they plan it right.

    But if they are trying to replace iPad and PlayStation all in one device they are going to struggle. And if the rumour of Ł349.00 launch price is correct than I expect the NX will not sell to casuals or to core looking for a second console.

    Imagine buying the NX as your primary console and it doesn't even run FIFA or Destiny. 10 year olds don't care about Mario as much as Minecraft or shooters. So that only leaves moldy old gamers who love platformers, little kids and hardcore Nintendo fans to sell to. Not the recipe for success.
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  • Sega's brilliant Sonic Mania Collector's Edition isn't coming to Europe

  • Xboxfanuk 13/09/2016

    I am not a massive Sonic or Sega fan I always played Nintendo. And I am from America so Sega wasn't as huge over there, but I understand Master System was huge in the UK.

    So why is Sega marginalising their fanbase?

    Capcom, Sega, Nintendo they all seem to give the UK the two fingers with most things. Sony is the only Japanese game maker that seems to care about Ł over $
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  • Ark fans burned by Scorched Earth, the Early Access game's "completely finished" expansion

  • Xboxfanuk 05/09/2016

    I got burned on Xbox and frankly after trying another early access game I will never spend money on early access again. Reply +4
  • Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content stays exclusive for longer than expected

  • Xboxfanuk 19/08/2016

    Here is a problem, it's not just Destiny either. Lego Marvel Avengers got timed DLC with clear dates in the promotions and yet those date pass none of that content comes to Xbox. Warner Bros. Interactive or TT Games won't respond either. Sony must have paid these companies good.

    Back on the 360 if Call of Duty maps didn't show up on PS3 Activision would be held up to scrutiny and yet now it's the other way seems companies don't care about Xbox.
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  • Yes, there will be Project Scorpio VR-exclusives

  • Xboxfanuk 18/08/2016

    Microsoft is trying to justify it's early mid cycle release of a new Xbox because Xbox One was a failure compared to PS4. However I think Scorpio is an experiment and why things are so wishy-washy is they want to see how the console does in sales. If it's a success then goodbye Xbox One. If it is poor or moderate than we will see probably more VR talk, etc.

    Truth is Microsoft doesnt know what they want to do. They are going to see how PC pans out for them and if it does well then perhaps they will even move to a FULL Steam machine type system.
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  • Pokémon Go earns eight times what Candy Crush Saga did in its first month

  • Xboxfanuk 09/08/2016

    If I was Nintendo I would be thinking VERY hard about how they launch their mobile apps. Miitomo was announced as their first mobile app and their stock dropped. Then Pokemon Go launches their stock skyrockets due to the massive success. Problem is Nintendo isn't the publisher so stock drops again.

    They have two announced projects with Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. It is unlikely either of those titles will have the success of Pokemon Go and I worry that investors will worry and dump stock again.

    If I was Nintendo and wanted the stock price to skyrocket I would start thinking of releasing Zelda on smartphone. A smart touch based Zelda smartphone title could be just the sort of thing that could replicate Pokemon Go success.
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  • Curt Schilling's Kingdoms of Amalur company cleared of criminal charges

  • Xboxfanuk 01/08/2016

    It's a shame that BHG and Reckoning always gets thrown under the bus when it was the unreleased MMORPG that sank the ship. Reckoning was basically small (in the terms of the MMO) side game meant to build excitement to the true game Schilling was trying to make. And like the ill fated Everquest Next they said the MMO was "not fun".

    Honestly governments and their politics make poor investors for your unproven risky MMORPG run by opportunist managers and a dopy-outspoken ex-baseball player who loved gaming.
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  • Nintendo shares dive as investors realise it doesn't own Pokémon Go

  • Xboxfanuk 25/07/2016

    I honestly believe it's time for games that work well on touch to come fully to phones. Animal Crossing should have been a mobile game years ago. But if it's a limp, featureless mini-game driven micro-transaction driven shell of the 3DS game then why bother? Reply +2
  • Warner Bros. "misled" with paid-for positive Shadow of Mordor videos

  • Xboxfanuk 14/07/2016

    Popular Youtubers are NOT journalists and have no journalistic ethics or obligation to anyone (except the law) to be honest or fair or anything. They simply make webcam videos discussing what the hell they like and Google rakes in the ad revenue.

    The thing is they ARE highly influential maybe even more so than traditional journalistic gaming sites. But let us be clear they are running a business on Youtube a very lucrative business so surely Google should create some professional guidelines for these business running on their platform.
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  • Pokémon Go is the most popular mobile game in US history

  • Xboxfanuk 14/07/2016

    if they add depth and there aren't too many deaths from murders and pedos trying to lure people in I am sure it will be a huge success.

    Given the cost of this game...what does this say about the future of Nintendo's handhelds? Won't investors now demand more mobile and less traditional handheld console experiences?
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  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • Xboxfanuk 11/07/2016

    @HunterSeeker I tried to buy shares, but couldn't buy international shares from the UK as an American I guess. Anyway I couldn't figure it out. Reply 0
  • Pokémon GO users deleting the app due to ban rumour

  • Xboxfanuk 07/07/2016

    Quick whatever you do don't spend any money in the cash shop or Nintendo might earn some money from this app! Nintendo hates making money they do everything they can to frustrate would be consumers from actually using or promoting their products. I understand you might think Pokemon Go is exciting and fun, but honestly Nintendo cannot let anyone outside of their regional soft launch use the app before they spend any real money! Reply -1
  • How to get Pokémon GO now, even in the UK

  • Xboxfanuk 06/07/2016

    So I downloaded the APK and told me son (who is 5) there is a wild pokemon outside. So with the AR we caught a Pidgy and he was mesmerized by it all. Holiday in two weeks and this is going to be brilliant on walks! Reply +5
  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • Xboxfanuk 23/06/2016

    In case you forgot print is dead. Thanks internet. Reply +22
  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • Xboxfanuk 18/06/2016

    Let's be honest. Microsoft WILL in fact allow developers to make full use of the Scorpio as essentially the next generation of Xbox. Phil Spencer has pretty much confirmed that.

    For THIS year they will continue to message that Scorpio is MAINLY designed as an upgrade for VR, etc. However in future years when those more powerful games will be available they will probably lower the price of the Scorpio and then begin the migration of Xbox One owners to Scorpio through exclusive software. The big difference here is that they are no longer going for a full clean break from Xbox One to a new console. They are going to treat the two generations (Xbox One S and Scorpio) as overlapping generations until the marketplace looks like it's ready to move on.

    If Scorpio sells tons than MS will rollup Xbox One that much soon, if it doesn't they will continue the two tiered approach.
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  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • Xboxfanuk 16/06/2016

    Many third party Xbox one titles are also available on PC. But the difference here is Microsoft not Valve will be getting the 30% cut from the sale. This announcement says to me Microsoft is selling the Xbox Live ecosystem and store and oh yeah we have custom hardware or you can use a PC.

    The real question is who the hell is going to want to buy PC games from the Windows 10 shit ass app store?
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  • Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business

  • Xboxfanuk 25/05/2016

    Honestly as a normal consumer who backed Windows Phone since WP7 I will say without apps and support from developers the phone was a disaster. It didn't help that MS kept changing how things work.

    Even Microsoft can't even get basic fucking apps on the phone then why should anyone bother to buy it?
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  • When a game partners with a console you don't own, does that put you off the game?

  • Xboxfanuk 18/05/2016

    I have no problem with timed exclusivity such as how Call of Duty has done. However it annoys me with companies that offer timed DLC and then offer no sort of date or windows to when the other consoles will see that DLC.

    Warner Bros. has timed exclusive Lego content (the best stuff BTW) with Sony and they have not brought any of that content to Xbox and no communication as to when/if they will. That is annoying.

    I get exclusives, but it seems this generation only Sony is bothering with exclusive content and MS hoping their first/second party titles will sell. It's not working. Honestly look at the Wii U.

    Timed DLC and lot's of IP identity with your console does actually work. It worked for the 360 and I believe it's helping Sony even more.
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  • Disney Infinity's demise blamed on mismanagement, inflated sales expectations - report

  • Xboxfanuk 13/05/2016

    Hulk was not in stores for 6 months except in PlayStation bundle so no wonder they didn't sell them! Reply -4
  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • Xboxfanuk 12/05/2016

    I just hope they launch a new console soon. Everything about the Matrick Xbox has been a fucking disaster. Reply -10
  • Xboxfanuk 12/05/2016

    @grassyknoll So your saying there was a second shooter? Reply -3
  • Xboxfanuk 12/05/2016

    Now just get the ex-lionhead devs together with the ex-Big Huge Games devs and make a kick-ass action RPG! Reply -2
  • Xboxfanuk 12/05/2016

    I am a.Microsoft appologist but this is the mess Don Patrick left for Phil Spencer. Phil should have done something sooner. Reply -4
  • Disney Infinity cancelled, Avalanche Software shut down

  • Xboxfanuk 11/05/2016

    @Pasco If you look back over the past 4 quarters every division was killing it EXCEPT Interactive. I think the writing has been on the wall that Disney wants to shed the dead weight and convert this IP's into pure cash no effort. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 1 is the new World War 1 Battlefield game

  • Xboxfanuk 06/05/2016

    I have owned every Battlefield game since 1942 (including the WWI mod). So yeah why not this one too. Reply +18
  • Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher recorded new dialogue for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Xboxfanuk 04/05/2016

    How much of this will be locked away for PlayStation owners? Still waiting for Civil War content for Xbox One Reply -1
  • Fable developer Lionhead closes down today

  • Xboxfanuk 29/04/2016

    I am sorry to see Lionhead shut down, I hope you guys and gals land on your feet. Reply +1
  • Fable Legends wasn't the Fable you were after, but it was far from a disaster

  • Xboxfanuk 24/04/2016

    Not having one lick of inside knowledge about Lionhead or Fable Legends development it seems this was a larger issue that has come about through Legends. Let us look deeper into what has been going on for some time.

    Peter Molyneux left Microsoft and Lionhead after years of running the studio. I think the loss of Milo and Kate had something to do with that. After Fable Anniversary barely made a dent in sales and I am sure with the direction Legends was going Ted Timmons decided to leave Lionhead. Truth be told Lionhead was bleeding it's original talent for a long time.

    Then there is the complete clusterfuck of the Don Matrick Xbox. There were mandates for Kinect and to fill the time between releases they did poor little Fable Heroes. It was a fun enough celebration of Fable but was so piss poor easy most people didn't bother.

    So who does Microsoft hire to produce Fable Legends...some American guy who admits he doesn't get British humor (full disclosure I am American guy living in the UK).

    Now the real elephant in the room. Why did the Fable III campaign get pinched off, and how long has Fable Legends been in development? I think Lionhead was bleeding money and Microsoft couldn't keep it going. With the primary core people gone and the studio bleeding money I think their plan was (after many chances I am sure) to close Lionhead. And Fable Legends being released would have made closing Lionhead very difficult.

    So here we are...just like Ensemble who was probably bleeding money and missing ship dates, etc as well as culture that wasn't fitting into Microsoft's profit goals for the division they were taken out to pasture.

    It's a business. And it's shame that MSG has changed, and the direction has changed. But truth be told I am sure Fable Legends was given every chance to release, but when I last played the beta WELL AFTER Christmas the fucking campaign wasn't done. Forget balance the fucking assets were still not in.

    Fable Legends would have been a massive commercial flop and Microsoft would need to issue even more refunds as they would shut it down. Layoffs would have happened regardless and then it would drip into closing the studio. Spencer had the dignity to just stop it there and say no more.
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  • Xboxfanuk 24/04/2016

    @ihnm_aims Well at the time of Fable Legends creation it was Spencer who was running Microsoft Studios. Reply +3
  • Fable Legends bids farewell

  • Xboxfanuk 13/04/2016

    @ihnm_aims Rare has Sea of Thieves Reply +5
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • Xboxfanuk 25/03/2016

    You know if he would have waited until 1/4/16 would have made a better story I think. Reply 0
  • Mac and cheese box leaks next Disney Infinity character

  • Xboxfanuk 11/03/2016

    This has been my question from the beginning, how can fish work in the toybox? Reply +2
  • Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

  • Xboxfanuk 07/03/2016

    People do need to know, I was in the closed beta since it launched and played it. The game simply wasn't fun. It seemed a lot of art and other assets were not even in the beta build even as soon as this year. The game closing I think is no surprise, but I guess the main Lionhead talent had been bleeding out of the studio to the point they want to shut it. Reply 0
  • Xboxfanuk 07/03/2016

    Fable Legends was not a fun game, they never listened to fans who asked for Fable 4 and even after years (and a year of closed beta) the game was very rough. I hope those employees find a job in other studios. Reply +10
  • Epic boss accuses Microsoft of trying to "monopolise game development on PC"

  • Xboxfanuk 04/03/2016

    Fucking bastards! The Windows 10 store is gimped by so much of this bollocks! Where is it written that Microsoft must somehow only support money making stores from every other company but themselves. Valve, Apple, Google, Amazon ALL fucking make shit tons of money off the Windows ecosystem. If anyone should be trying to take a piece it's Microsoft.

    In the world of business they would never let Valve or Apple sell shit off server or Azure. But in the consumer space they have primarily been a retail box model which is a LONG DEAD business model.

    Here is a headline for you, "Windows forever free for all consumers because they make all their money on their competing store". No one is taking Steam away. No one is taking anything away, but Microsoft is simply doing what EVERY other tech company is trying to do right now.

    Long gone are the days of bullying third parties by undercutting them. Everyone moans at Microsoft about how GFWL sucked and the almighty Valve is your fucking god. Well unless Microsoft innovates and offers something other then shit for PC gaming no one is going to buy it.

    Notch and Gabe can go fuck themselves because competition is actually only between everyone BUT Microsoft right now on Windows.

    I hope Valve hackers steal your fucking bank accounts because Valve will never tell you if they do.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  • Star Wars' Finn actor calls for a Battlefront story mode

  • Xboxfanuk 03/03/2016

    They didn't have time to make it. Reply -4
  • EA launches Origin Access for PC

  • Xboxfanuk 13/01/2016

    On PC this offering is fairly paltry. IF EA offered something like all the Sims 3 expansions included with this then it would be worth every penny. However I think it's a bit expensive for just the handful of last year's titles. Ł19.00 a year on Xbox and early access meant it was a steal for console owners. Reply +3
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 open beta begins next week

  • Xboxfanuk 08/01/2016

    "he is just a goat now!" Reply 0
  • Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle of Jakku DLC introduces Turning Point mode

  • Xboxfanuk 25/11/2015

    holy fuck I just clicked one of those ads below the article about head transplants. Gonna have nightmares now. Reply +2
  • Microsoft's cheeky video explains Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Xboxfanuk 13/11/2015

    @null So far Fable II has been spot on, no lag no issues. I even heard Mass Effect has quick elevators now. Reply +4
  • Zelda fans have a bone to pick with Nintendo over doge meme

  • Xboxfanuk 29/10/2015

    And this is why you shouldn't be a Nintendo/Zelda fan. Seriously Zelda has Tingle and your worried about a meme I didn't even know about! Reply 0
  • Nintendo now handing out NX console developer kits - report

  • Xboxfanuk 16/10/2015

    I think Nintendo is going to continue to focus on first party and if sales are good third parties can come along for the ride.

    I think what especially interesting is how Nintendo will work with retail. Unless they offer some sort of flash media I am guessing the NX will be totally digital download. Will shops like GAME (who barely support the Wii U) even be bothered to push the platform. Or are we likely to buy our NX from ASDA and Sainsburys?
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  • Xboxfanuk 16/10/2015

    Not on this forum, or in any specific place but my own head. But...called it! Reply -3
  • Twisted Pixel breaks away from Microsoft

  • Xboxfanuk 01/10/2015

    I got to be honest first party at Microsoft is the games I am not excited about (except Sea of Thieves). And now that Sony is scooping up all the good 3rd party deals and even exclusives like Dungeon Defenders 2 I am regretting buying an Xbox for the first time ever. Although I like the Xbox controller way more then Dual-Shock. Reply -1
  • Battlefield Hardline steered onto EA Access Vault next month

  • Xboxfanuk 24/09/2015

    @rotmm they have all the console PopCap games. Reply -1
  • Xboxfanuk 24/09/2015

    Would you rather EA do this or project $10 with locked away content? Honestly I am shocked EA hasn't done this on Origin. Could you imagine that! All those old Sims games with millions of expansions. Hell many people would pay for that. Reply -1
  • Don't hold your breath for GTA5 story DLC

  • Xboxfanuk 16/09/2015

    No matter what they do at some point the game needs new areas to explore. So even if the single player doesn't get that content, they need it. Reply -3
  • The unlikely story behind YouTube's most-viewed gaming video

  • Xboxfanuk 12/08/2015

    So Cars 2 the Video Game is from Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City, UT. And it it along with Toy Story 3 the Video Game were the precursor for Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity 3 is releasing 28th of Aug. and Sheffield's own Sumo Digital has updated the Cars 2 era driving mechanics for the game. Also it comes with an add-on call Toybox Speedway which includes 9 Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/ themes tracks. Reply 0