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  • BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

  • Wot_the_Melon 07/11/2017

    Absolutely loved the trilogy, was what got me into RPGs in the first place. The way your relationships with other characters evolved and continued, over ~200 hours of three separate games, was amazing and something I don't think we're likely to see again soon in the near future.

    That said, though it's a shame Andromeda was (apparently) a disappointment, I didn't really see the need for more games after ME3. Even this video is basically about the trilogy, barely a mention for Andromeda. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years there will be some good remakes or spinoffs, but I am just happy to have played the first three. Cheers to BioWare for that! *raises glass of the pudding-looking blue sludge that is space alcohol*
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  • Watch: Digital Foundry discusses PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Wot_the_Melon 09/09/2016

    Being a PC gamer, the main thing that interests me about these new consoles is the push towards HDR monitors. How does this work on PC though? I know there are 10-bit monitors (is that the same as HDR?) for PC, and only the more recent GPUs can output 10-bit content, but presumably the games themselves need to support this as well? Or can any game that supports 'HDR lighting' also correctly output to an HDR/10-bit screen? Reply 0
  • Wasp wins World Scrabble Championship

  • Wot_the_Melon 05/09/2016

    At first I was a bit skeptical of this 'World' Scrabble Championship, it being held in English surely must be a bit of an advantage to native English speakers. Turns out, not only is it possible to take part in different languages, the French language World Championship was actually won by a man from New Zealand who doesn't even speak French, he just memorised a dictionary. Reply +4
  • Pillars of Eternity review

  • Wot_the_Melon 26/03/2015

    @Dismiss I've not tried Pillars, but I find it slightly odd Divinity didn't want to run on your 765M - I have a 760M and it runs mostly fine on that. Reply 0
  • Patrice Désilets opens a new Montréal-based studio

  • Wot_the_Melon 13/11/2014

    He was the creative director on the (at least equally good) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (the original trilogy) as well... I'm still personally mad at Ubisoft for sacking him the way they did (look it up, it's not a nice story) and taking away one of my favourite creators in the industry.

    I would argue Ubisoft hasn't done anything interesting in terms of 3D action platforming since AC2, and Desilets' more recent comments seemed to suggest he is interested in trying to innovate. I just hope at least he'll get a chance to do so again.

    I'll be following this one with interest!
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  • Face-Off: Ryse on PC

  • Wot_the_Melon 11/10/2014

    I can't say that I'm at all interested in the game. But Crytek absolutely deserves some credit for creating such a great port (it does 4k/30fps on a 780 but also full HD on an HD7770? They clearly know their stuff on PC!), and I do think this is the best-looking game released to date. It looks amazing. Reply +2
  • The Xbook One is a $1500 Xbox One laptop

  • Wot_the_Melon 15/09/2014

    Shouldn't a $1500 gaming laptop be able to run most modern games similarly to the XBone? I suppose the only incentive to buy one of these is for the XBone exclusives anyway, but it seems weird to stick what is essentially a form-factor gaming computer in laptop form when you can just buy a better looking, probably better functioning laptop for the same price.

    Then again, this thing was never intended for mass production so I guess it's something for those with money to spare that really want to play XBone exclusives on the move. Neat that it can be done, anyway.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • Wot_the_Melon 12/09/2014

    I have absolutely no complaints about the delay for PC if that means the port won't be absolute shit. GTA 4 was... not great. I'm happy to wait until January if that's the reason.

    Of course, we could just get a shit port that's two months late regardless, in which case anyone from that future can consider this approval of the shitstorm that's no doubt already going on.
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Wot_the_Melon 30/08/2014

    That's a disappointment. I know nothing about Zoe Quinn or Depression quest, but the general idea of this post [(not all) games should focus on 'pleasing'/empowering the player, but instead development should focus on the ideas of the creator / the creation of 'art'] seemed genuinely interesting to me. Would have liked to see a discussion around that.

    But clearly, there's currently an internet shitstorm going on about Zoe Quinn and the aspect of clickbait was more important to EG than actually starting an interesting discussion on the above topic, hence her (to me) seemingly superfluous inclusion. Shame.
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  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Wot_the_Melon 12/07/2014

    @SeeNoWeevil As a huge fan of the Witcher series, I can absolutely see where you're coming from with Geralt knowing more than you about what's going on.
    I think this is one of the best things about the games. Hear me out ;) I think it is a good thing because Geralt, in that situation, does know a lot more than the average player would. Rather than offer dialogue that makes sense to the player, dialogue is written to make sense for the situation and for Geralt.
    I think that is a BIG difference with most other RPGs, where the dialogue often ignores the character and situation to offer dialogue that is more informative to the player (e.g. Shepard asking basic questions about alien races etc. in Mass Effect). To me, that makes the writing in TW a lot better.
    The information you need as a player is still there - in the journal, hidden in the world, of course in the books. Now, you are of course absolutely right in saying this is heinous game design. For many people, who've not read the books, or not payed attention during a particular conversation, or even want to roleplay a character that's not Geralt, this is frustrating.

    Hope that makes sense :) I think you are right, but I'm also very glad that CDPR have made the decision to make a brilliant RPG that's not for everyone rather than a less brilliant one that aims to please everyone.
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  • Divinity: Original Sin review

  • Wot_the_Melon 09/07/2014

    @daviejambo I think there is a setting in the options which allows you to do that; it mentions the game has not been designed for that, though, so there might be some graphical glitches.
    Not tried it myself, but that sounds like it's what you want :)

    Also: Brilliant game, really enjoying it! If some of the old-school KS RPGs turn out as well as this one did, I'll be a very happy weresheep!
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  • Life after Ground Zeroes - what's new with MGS5: The Phantom Pain?

  • Wot_the_Melon 04/07/2014

    This is possibly a silly question, but can anyone explain to me why proper texture filtering is clearly still not standard, even on XBone and PS4? Anisotropic filtering (AF) seems to have a negligible performance impact on PC and makes a significant difference to image quality so I don't understand why it's not omnipresent yet! Reply +26
  • Halo to stay Xbox One exclusive - for now

  • Wot_the_Melon 20/06/2014

    I'm not too bothered with Halo 5, and there's really no chance of that coming to PC.

    The chances of the collection coming to PC are admittedly also slim, but I'd think that having that on PC would not be competing with the XBone as much, so I'd like to hold out some hope for that. I would definitely be interested, especially if Microsoft were to do something nice for one and include local splitscreen multiplayer.

    A man can dream...
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  • Battlefield 3 is free on Origin for a week

  • Wot_the_Melon 29/05/2014

    Very clever marketing, and I'm surprised so few other publishers do this. Once you're a couple of games further into the series, make some of the earlier games free for a couple of days.

    It's good PR and has a decent chance of getting more people into the franchise, and since the game probably wasn't really making money anymore the loss of sales/costs of the promotion are negligible, really. Props to EA for experimenting with this!

    (Shame I already have BF3 and don't really like it, but that's another issue)
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • Wot_the_Melon 27/05/2014

    "Press X to i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶a̶c̶t̶ hack"

    I'm not expecting Ubisoft to release anything particularly original or amazing at this point. I think with their unceremonial firing of Patrice Desilets (the mind behind two of their biggest franchises, Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed) they showed where their priorities lie at the moment.

    I also know where my gaming priorities lie at the moment and it's certainly not with Ubisoft.
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  • Does Watch Dogs deliver on its stunning E3 2012 reveal?

  • Wot_the_Melon 27/05/2014

    Correct me if I'm wrong here - I'm not exactly a tech expert - but is texture filtering not just the same as Anisotropic Filtering (AF)? If so, why on earth doesn't every single game have proper AF yet?

    The performance impact on PC games from no AF to x16 AF seems negligible but the difference in the sharpness of textures is something so basic that it seems immediately off if it's missing (on PC, anyway - might not be so noticeable if you're sitting further away). So why is it not just done properly by default?

    Genuine question, this puzzles me.
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  • Windows 8 to finally return Start Menu in August update

  • Wot_the_Melon 23/04/2014

    See, there are plenty of things wrong with the metro interface, but as a Start Menu it is perfectly serviceable. There is absolutely nothing the Win7 Start Menu does that the metro interface does not do at least as well if not better.

    And while running Metro apps in the desktop seems like a nice addition, in practice I think the amount of Metro apps used is fairly limited anyway. So no big improvements on the face of it...
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  • Down the replay rabbit hole

  • Wot_the_Melon 23/02/2014

    I think replayability isn't that interesting to strive for, either, but I think narrative interaction is something we NEED more experimentation with in video games.

    I know that with blockbusters such as BI or The Last Of Us, my opinion is not a popular one, but I feel that the video game medium doesn't really add a lot to a linear narrative in most cases. There are just so many games which turn into a 'low-budget film + gameplay' mix, and there is just much more potential for video games to do some things with narrative that aren't possible with non-interactive media.
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  • Battlefield 4 review

  • Wot_the_Melon 29/10/2013

    Disappointing, but unsurprising, that it's so similar to earlier Battlefield (read: BF3) games. What I would really, really like to know, though, is if the feel of the guns and the actual shooting has changed at all since BF3. Mainly: how long (how many shots) does it take to kill another player?
    BF3 had a reduced time to kill (TTK) compared to BC2, and I couldn't deal with that level of twitchiness. Is the TTK in BF4 more like BF3 or have they gone slightly towards BC2 again?
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  • The Stanley Parable dated for next week

  • Wot_the_Melon 10/10/2013

    I want to have this. You said there was demo. Where is demo? Why can't I find demo!?

    I may be slightly more excited for this than I should be...
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  • Guided by voices: Behind the scenes of The Stanley Parable

  • Wot_the_Melon 24/09/2013

    @Eldritch You should watch the other 'trailers' and 'Behind the Scenes' videos on his channel, they are pretty crazy.

    Very much looking forward to this game, hope it'll be available for pre-order soon!
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  • Neal Stephenson's swordfighting game Clang has been put on hold indefinitely

  • Wot_the_Melon 20/09/2013

    There's still Chivalry, a kickstarted swordfighting game that's been quite successful. It may not be exactly perfect as a swordfighting simulator, but it has given me some hope that it'll be possible to emulate interesting swordplay using just mouse/keyboard or ordinary controllers. Reply 0
  • Streaming issues hit PSN digital version of Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Wot_the_Melon 19/09/2013

    @kizme It's not, with disc versions you need to install the first disc on HDD and keep the second disc in the tray, meaning you're streaming from a slow HDD + DVD/Bluray rather than from the HDD only. Reply +1
  • Wot_the_Melon 19/09/2013

    @StooMonster Though I can't guarantee download speed issues will be resolved, I would say it's unlikely that PS4 will run into the same streaming issues as this generation. The problem is that current gen consoles have very limited RAM (fast memory: 256/512 MB), so they have to stream parts of the game from the HDD/disk instead of from RAM as is common for PCs (which have 4+ GB generally), and next gen consoles have 8GB. Reply +2
  • Wot_the_Melon 19/09/2013

    @bemaniac If the problem is indeed with streaming data, as Digital Foundry has been saying, you should be more than OK with an SSD - it should stream data TONS faster than an HDD and disk combined. Reply 0
  • Minecraft: Mass Effect mash-up DLC arrives tomorrow

  • Wot_the_Melon 03/09/2013

    @Stoatboy There are plenty of PC mods that are inspired by different games than the one they're for, so I'm doubtful it would. We are talking EA here, though. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition has tactical view from Dragon Age: Origins

  • Wot_the_Melon 31/08/2013

    @Cimeas Yup, because one reviewer gave it a good review two years ago god forbid anyone change their mind. Reply -1
  • What does Microsoft have to say about Sony's Xbox One "shifting message" dig?

  • Wot_the_Melon 21/08/2013

    As much as Microsoft may have a history of not listening to feedback, as much as they only decided to change their policies when they saw they got dreadful preorder numbers, as much as the PS4 is probably still a more attractive deal:

    Complaining about the policy changes Microsoft made is just daft. They were good changes, and it's a good thing Microsoft did not stick to their original policies. You can give them vitriol for a lot of things, but not for this.
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  • Live: EA Gamescom Conference

  • Wot_the_Melon 20/08/2013

    I'd really, really like to know what's going to happen with TTK (time to kill) in BF4. BF3 was twitchier than Bad Company 2, and I really can't play twitchy shooters : / Reply 0
  • Origin launches free 24-hour return on EA games

  • Wot_the_Melon 20/08/2013

    @number3son I wonder where and when you checked, then, because that is (no offence) some paranoid nonsense. There are still some things Origin needs to improve on (compared to Steam), but that is not one of them. Reply 0
  • Désilets "fighting" Ubisoft for control of 1666: Amsterdam

  • Wot_the_Melon 28/06/2013

    Désilets rose to fame when he helped create Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise
    Clearly he didn't rise to fame when he worked (I think as a creative director as well) on the IMO much better Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, because too few people remember him for that. AC is nice and all (or rather, was), but Sands of Time is a true classic, and I really hope we'll get to see more of Désilets.
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  • Systems vs. stories

  • Wot_the_Melon 22/06/2013

    And yet, I think games only really become interesting (as a medium) if there is this focus on storytelling - but the focus should not be on the cinematic qualities of this storytelling, but on the interactivity.

    While gameplay is an aspect of videogames that is very important to the average gamer, I don't really think there is a lot of room for innovation there. What I'm hoping games will offer in the future is the possibility to interact with the game universe, to make choices within that game that influence the events in said game and your relation to other characters. Interactive storytelling is where video games still have so much room to shine.

    Having said that, gameplay will probably remain the most important aspect of videogames for most people (including me) - it is, after all, a product of the entertainment industry (and let's not get into the discussion as to whether it's an artform or not).
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • Wot_the_Melon 19/06/2013

    @arcam It's not the moaning. Microsoft have shown us again and again they don't care for PR (remember Windows 8?)

    It's very simple: PS4 was outselling them probably 2:1, maybe more. They reversed this because of the money, not because of anything else.
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  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Wot_the_Melon 10/06/2013

    God... drivatar has to be the worst 'word' of E3... unless someone else can come up with something even more stupid later. Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 10/06/2013

    I can't see any comments and the video doesn't load for me either... is the site simply overloaded or can someone PM me a fix? Reply 0
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 review

  • Wot_the_Melon 09/06/2013

    I don't really understand why this was less of a point in the article (it certainly seems to have confused some of the first commenters here), the 770 isn't a new card, it's just a rebranded 680 because a new name means it sells better. The performance increase is less than 10%, more like ~5%, because the card is essentially the same.

    In fact, if nVidia had just dropped the price on the 680 instead of releasing (rereleasing) the 770, we would have had a lot more reason to be happy. The 770 is no news.
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  • Double Fine's Massive Chalice will add gay relationships based on Kickstarter feedback

  • Wot_the_Melon 07/06/2013

    Yes, I am sure kickstarter indie is the only way this could have happened. As we all know, if a bigger studio would have tried that they would definitely have been shot down by their awful publisher (everyone HAS forgotten about Mass Effect 3 by now, surely?)

    Nice PR moves aside, this is actually a good thing. There are enough tropes in video games as it is.
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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • Wot_the_Melon 07/06/2013

    @Bananazniper DF published an article on that, and you are absolutely right, MS is indeed completely bullshitting us in the hopes that no one will notice that they lost out, tech-wise, to Sony. Link: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-in-theory-can-xbox-one-cloud-transform-gaming Reply +3
  • The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile unofficially ported to PC, but the original dev doesn't mind... much

  • Wot_the_Melon 04/06/2013

    Yes, he probably should've talked to Ska and done this legally. Still, it's impressive that he's managed to do this and the idea of 'exclusive' releases is stupid, so I think that at least being able to play this game on PC is a good thing.

    In fact, why don't Ska talk to this Barnabus and try to see if they can make a release on PC happen together, even if they just make it possible for PC players to donate ('pay what you want')? That would probably be the best possible outcome for all parties.
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  • What is the point of Xbox One DRM?

  • Wot_the_Melon 01/06/2013

    @Kolorabi ...if it works. I think Steam offline mode works currently, but less than a year ago I still had occasional errors trying to use it, stating that 'I couldn't login to the servers'...

    Steam is DRM, though it probably works better than most other forms of DRM (as you bring up as well). I still prefer buying games DRM-free if I can, though.
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  • Mirror's Edge 2 listed on Amazon Italy, Germany

  • Wot_the_Melon 23/05/2013

    The €100 pricetag doesn't really do to inspire confidence in this, huh? I mean, we're all glad that Mirror's Edge 2 is a game that we're probably going to be able to buy in the future, but is posting things like this really news that's worth posting? Reply -21
  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    New engine allows for higher resolution textures... crazy tech again Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    Did they just say their new engine supports LODs? ...crazy nextgen graphics Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    Gameplay! Hang on no it isn't... Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    @Jack_Mc Well, PS4 had won before this event had started, but Microsoft is just making it abundantly clear... Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    I do wonder why events like this still exist... I suppose I am partly to blame, watching this, but I really can't imagine anyone getting excited over this. Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    "...and more kinected than ever before" Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    PS4 at least makes sense, Xbox has already made a mess of their naming scheme with the ridiculous Xbox 360. Will they go Xbox 361, or redeem themselves with Xbox 3?

    I'm going to call 'nuXbox'. Just cause.
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  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    @NeoVDR everything we've heard so far suggests that Xbox will go for the gimmicks whereas PS4 actually went for the hardware... I'd be very surprised if the Xbox has equal/better hardware than the PS4. Would hope so, though. Reply 0
  • Wot_the_Melon 21/05/2013

    iXBox? Reply 0