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  • Real Racing 3 review

  • Wootallica 28/02/2013

    This is the future! Reply +1
  • Microsoft making Xbox Surface - report

  • Wootallica 06/11/2012

    This spec sheet has been floating around for a while. I first saw it just before they announced the Surface. I was disappointed when it was just for a tablet and not this gaming station/tablet do-hickey.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 DLC pits you against an evil George Washington

  • Wootallica 03/10/2012

    Just gonna wait until the inevitable Steam sale and get it 75% off. Fuck season passes. Reply +29
  • Stranger's Wrath HD on PS Vita out early to mid-Nov "at the latest"

  • Wootallica 01/10/2012

    @BigDannyH Has anyone ever explained how Sony can make a profit with PS+? They must pay some hard cash to give games away but then they don't disclose the amount of PS+ members so it might not be a lot. Still a good deal for games but I wonder if it's worth it for Sony. Reply +1
  • Sony acquires Gaikai for $380m

  • Wootallica 02/07/2012

    Interesting, I guarantee that this will be implemented first for instant-demo gameplay for Plus members and then mature to full-streamed titles.

    In terms of MS response, I don;t really see them really needing to buy Onlive or similar company since they already have the technology with Zune Playback and On-Demand. Also, one of the companies uses MS tech anyway. This can either be a win or bust move for Sony but I'm excited to see the result either way.
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  • Guacamelee! announced for PS3, Vita

  • Wootallica 31/05/2012

    Wouldn't it actually be Jose (Joe/Joseph) not Juan(John/Jonathan). Although Juan sounds better. Reply 0
  • Worldwide Xbox 360 sales hit 67m, 3m ahead of PS3

  • Wootallica 30/05/2012

    Not too shabby! Especially while only competing in just two markets. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed: Revelations

  • Wootallica 19/11/2011

    @Raznilof I think the issue with comparing audio is it's completely subjective to too many variables. The first would be the audio system that you are using for decoding. Some are just plain awful compared to others. Then there's the speakers that you are using, some may be rocking with stock speakers with a bad wire gauge or have those thousand and up satellites. Not everyone is going to have the same system be it a budget receiver, one of those home theater in a box, or a high-med range receiver. Than there's personal preference as well, some like more bass, others like balance or mid-highs. It's not as clear cut as analyzing the video portion. Plus, most people can't tell the difference unless they have an ear for it and do a lot of comparing. Reply +3
  • No Kinect for Grand Slam Tennis 2

  • Wootallica 15/10/2011

    'They're not built for that platform [pointing at a PlayStation 3 unit] and then made to work with the Kinect platform.'

    i.e. Sony gave us a crap load of money and we took it.
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  • Microsoft reverses erroneous XBL bans

  • Wootallica 24/09/2011

    Since some of you are wondering why he did nto indulge on details pertaining to the check system I will try to explain. See people like to mod their Xbox to play games for free. Some even want free downloadable games from the marketplace and mod their Xbox to do so. One of the biggest issues that people have with this is it leads to them being banned when online. They would like to stop the internet check from ever occurring. That would mean that they would have to find out what exactly MS checks in order to determine a modded Xbox. By him not leading the modders to a specific area that they can look for in the system and exploit, Modders haven't determine or figured out if it's a diagnostic test, code, signal that is needed to stop or avoid.He avoids a bigger issue. Reply +6
  • The Gunstringer

  • Wootallica 16/09/2011

    While you are correct that metacritic changes some ratings to fit their rating system, you can still glance over ratings and reviews and form an opinion on the media in question. The impression I'm getting is that most people loved the game and praised the very features that Eurogamer is disliking.
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  • Splash Damage reflects on Brink

  • Wootallica 15/08/2011

    It wasn't that Americans "prize" individualism, it was the game wasn't very good and the servers were a mess in the beginning. I unfortunately purchased the game and hated every moment of it.the crashes, freeze ups. getting kicked out of servers due to "maintenance". I tried the PC free weekend hoping it would be better but it still wasn't that great. If European gamers like it, Yay, but don't make excuses. Reply +2
  • NPD: LA Noire holds on to US top spot

  • Wootallica 15/07/2011


    You completely misread that comment. He stated that the exclusives aren't system sellers but you interpreted that as the games aren't good. All the hardcore Sony fans will buy up the games at launch but everyone else will either wait for a price drop or pass unless word of mouth travels.
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