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  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric review

  • WinterSnowblind 24/11/2014

    @lukazor Sonic 4 was incredibly bad. The second episode was a marked improvement, but it was much too late by then and it still wasn't something I'd consider good.

    Colours and Generations receive too much praise from Sonic fans as well. They're definitely better than any of the other recent games, but it would be a serious push to call them anything beyond 'decent' and unless you're already pretty invested in the character, I doubt they'd give much enjoyment.

    On the other hand, Sonic 3 & Knuckles does seem to be overlooked these days. I wouldn't claim it was better than the SNES era Mario's, but it was a classic on its own right and a good example of why Sonic wasn't and shouldn't just be all about speed.
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  • Mario Kart 8 sells approximately 2m in under a month

  • WinterSnowblind 27/06/2014

    @Bickle2 It likely will. Mario Kart is a big party game. If you're at someones house and have a blast playing it, you're pretty likely to go out and buy it yourself as well. Especially when we have other big games like Smash Brothers coming up soon. Reply +10
  • Notch defends Minecraft dev Mojang from "worse than EA" claims

  • WinterSnowblind 16/06/2014

    @RicardoG Which system have you been playing the game on? Minecraft has let you edit and upload your own skins from the beginning (or at least not long after). Reply +14
  • Lionhead teases Fable Anniversary for PC

  • WinterSnowblind 03/06/2014

    If you want to support PC gaming, give us Forza Horizon 2. Even a port of Fable 2 would show some goodwill, but I'm not sure who's excited for a slightly touched up version of a 10 year old game that's already on Steam. Reply +8
  • Watch Dogs is the biggest new IP launch in the UK ever

  • WinterSnowblind 02/06/2014

    @JensWeissflog Not necessarily. One of the Wii U's biggest problems has always been the fact people just don't know what it is, there's too much brand confusion. Mario Kart has always been an excellent party game and should help spread through word of mouth that the system isn't just a Wii with a different controller.

    People don't necessarily need there to be a lot of available games to go out and buy a new console. Just look at the PS4/Xbone sales numbers. Without trying to put the game down, Watch_dogs' sales have almost certainly been so high because people are desperate to play *anything* on their fancy new systems.
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  • Star Citizen dev overturns forum ban on user who called for female-only group

  • WinterSnowblind 06/05/2014

    @Dan1382 The difference is that males aren't generally discriminated against. (Assuming you aren't female yourself), have you seen the type of abuse women get online, especially in MMO's?

    I'm not saying creating a group that excludes half of the population is the right way to go about fixing it, but pretending there's not a problem at all is pretty ignorant.
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  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse review

  • WinterSnowblind 01/05/2014

    Review was pretty much spot on, it's a decently enjoyable, if rather unspectacular game, especially for fans of the series. The episodic format was a big mistake, but I guess that won't affect anyone playing the game now. Reply 0
  • Gorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals

  • WinterSnowblind 03/04/2014

    @CaptainTrips While I get your point, Pokemon X/Y had a pretty big bug at release. Reply +4
  • Bumper Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack out in April

  • WinterSnowblind 21/03/2014

    @McFluffy Improving core gameplay mechanics is never a bad thing, although I do agree that we either need an expansion or more sizable living world updates.

    The latest patch does strongly hint that we'll be going into the Brisban Wildlands to find out what's going on with the new jungle dragon though and that just happens to be one of those areas that's had several inaccessible exits leading into new areas since launch.
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  • WinterSnowblind 21/03/2014

    @Rack Everything you claim is wildly untrue. Events trigger more frequently with more players around, but if you just run through one of the starter areas, like say, Queensdale, by yourself, you'll still see these events popping up all over the place. Run over to the damn, the apple field, or the farm and you'll easily find several events in those areas alone. Try talking to NPC's to trigger escort and other events too. You don't need to be in the right place at the right time, most will stay there until somebody activates them. In other words, if there is really somehow nobody on your server, there should be events ALL OVER the place.

    If you're really stuck, join one of the event trains, which run in several maps pretty much 100% of the time, even on less populated servers. The only events you cannot complete by yourself are the group events, which you can still attempt if you're a high enough level and usually calling these events out in mapchat will bring enough other players. And I don't even play on a particularly populated server.

    Even if you for some reason can't find ANY events, you can still gain experience through map and personal story completion, crafting (none of which require groups) dungeons or WvW.

    There's are also not a single asura gate that is locked behind events or mobs that would make travel difficult. Simply go to your home city (where you start) and take the portal there to Lions Arch (or now the Vigil Keep) where you're connected to every single other starting city.
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  • Don't read too much into deflated annual Guild Wars 2 sales

  • WinterSnowblind 14/02/2014

    What they're doing with the Living Story recently is great and it's amazing that we're getting so much new content for the game for free. The problem is, is anybody who isn't already invested in the game going to take notice?

    I think they need an expansion, if only to show people that the game is still going and might be worth checking out again. I don't think the content updates will ever have the same effect, no matter how much they add (or destroy).
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  • Pokémon Bank finally launched in Europe

  • WinterSnowblind 04/02/2014

    @TheJeffers The amount of space each Pokemon takes up is pitifully small though, even storing 3000 is less data than a .txt file so the yearly fee is a bit questionable.

    Although if they continue to give you special promo Pokemon like the Celebi every few weeks, at least you'd be getting something for the money, but I'm not sure if there's any plans for that.
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  • Argos cuts Wii U Premium pack price to Ł179.99

  • WinterSnowblind 21/01/2014

    @IronGiant Calling it finished on the brink of the release of Mario Kart (and Smash Bros later this year) seems a bit foolish. Remember when we had this same discussion about the 3DS, which turned out to be the best selling games console last year?

    They've definitely made a lot of mistakes with the Wii U, but a cheaper price point and more games is all it needs.
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  • You thought that was it for Guild Wars 2?

  • WinterSnowblind 15/01/2014

    @Jorendo I don't think you're giving the game quite enough credit in regards to the quests. For one thing, you're never really required to do ANY of them in order to progress with the story and even the main story (i.e. the missions) can be completely ignored if you don't care. There are plenty of opportunities for leveling up besides completing quests or events and even if you do choose to do them, you're usually giving multiple objectives for completing them. It's never just a case of "kill x amount of x" or "gather x for me".

    And in regards to it being immersion breaking, while I'd say that's a pretty nitpicky point, you can actually hear the "quest givers" calling out to you occasionally and if you actually talk to the NPC's they do give you a lot more information about what's going on. I wouldn't pretend it's a revolutionary system, but after playing GW2 going back to other MMO's can be pretty tough because of features like this.
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  • Nintendo sorry for Christmas eShop hiccups

  • WinterSnowblind 02/01/2014

    @McPoo In fairness, I think the frustration was mostly from people who had bought Wii and 3DS bundles with digital games for Christmas and were unable to redeem the codes for 3 days. Reply +24
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2013

  • WinterSnowblind 30/12/2013

    Personally, I wouldn't have put this game close to my GoTY lists. However, if you're judging this game without having played it. You're an asshole and your opinion on games is totally irrelevant. If you're judging this for being the same as every other Mario game, I also assume you've never played more than a single Mario game in your life. Despite using the same characters each time, each Mario game tends to be pretty different. There's more variety here than you'll find in a game like the Last of Us or whatever generic FPS games were released this year. Reply +6
  • Star Citizen raises an astronomical $35m

  • WinterSnowblind 23/12/2013

    @jefranklin18 It's because they keep offering more incentives for people to pledge more money. Give them $200, get the equivalent of a top of the line sports car to drift around space in. It's very appealing for some, especially as space sims, particularly ones of this scope, are something that has never really been fully utilised.

    The thing is, all of these ships they're offering up as rewards are things you'll be able to purchase with ingame money once the game is out, so instead of starting out the game in a little trading ship, working your way up to the big leagues, these people are pledging thousands of dollars in some cases to skip all of that progression, which in my opinion would be like starting with a Galaxy class in Star Trek Online.

    I'm not sure if people are just super passionate about seeing the game reach its full potential or if they just don't realise that their backer rewards are not unique ships, just a headstart.
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  • Rosalina and Luma make their Smash Bros. debut

  • WinterSnowblind 18/12/2013

    @Mr.Spo Considering they're really struggling for more female representation, Lucina seemed like a really obvious choice. She's not the typical princess type, she's essentially the same as an already established and popular character (literally the same with longer hair) and we even have a male version of the Wii Fit trainer as an alternate costume, so why didn't they at least do that for her and Marth?

    Not that I'm complaining about Rosalina.
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  • No one bought Kingdoms of Amalur

  • WinterSnowblind 16/12/2013

    @Rogueywon The gameplay was pretty interesting but the world, story and lore were incredibly generic and filled with hack writing. It's not like anyone has any attachment to the series either, so it'd be much cheaper and easier for a developer to create a "spiritual sequel" with similar gameplay and a much better world.

    There's zero reason for anyone to want to buy this licence.
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  • PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k

  • WinterSnowblind 02/12/2013

    @joeymoto108 Just what I was going to point out. Mario Sunshine -> Mario Galaxy -> Mario 3D World shows far more variety than the hoards of generic third person shooters with different paint jobs on other consoles. Nintendo reuse the characters and IP's, but the gameplay between each game tends to be pretty different. It helps that the quality is always top notch too.

    I also think that if Nintendo were to leave the console business, they'd simply focus on their handhelds. You're not going to see their games on other systems anytime soon.
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  • UK chart: Pokémon, Beyond fail to dislodge GTA 5

  • WinterSnowblind 14/10/2013

    @XrodOne Not counting spin offs or "enhanced" versions, it's only the 7th main Pokemon game to be released in the past 17 years. Compare that to Assassins Creed or CoD's annual releases, which have both had more games released in a far smaller time.

    And yet people still moan about Nintendo more.
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  • "There is no shop." Super clicking, F2P and Godus with Peter Molyneux

  • WinterSnowblind 01/10/2013

    @bliprunner There's actually a pretty solid foundation but it doesn't feel like it's a beta, more like a pre-alpha. The gameplay mechanics are all there and it seems like there could be a pretty fun game, but there's literally no structure to any of it, so it's hard to say what the finished product will actually be like to play. Reply +1
  • WinterSnowblind 01/10/2013

    Peter Molyneux has so completely missed the point of Kickstarter, I think he should be offering refunds to backers. Everything has been as secretive and non-transparent as possible during the development process and this barely resembles the "back to roots" game that was initially promised.

    I'm pretty sure if the words "cash-shop" were anywhere near the original Kickstarter page, no one would have gone near this. I've always defended this guy from most of the criticism he gets, but this crosses the line even for me.
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  • Star Citizen raises an incredible $18m, announces $20m stretch goal

  • WinterSnowblind 27/09/2013

    @jetsetwillie While I have no problem with what they're doing here, I do have to wonder if all of the people pledging hundreds of dollars realise that all of their rewards are obtainable in the game, with the only advantage being that you can start with something fancier (that will arguably ruin the progression of the game).

    To me that'd be like starting off the new Pokemon game with a level 100 Charizard. Once the game has been out for a few weeks/months, these people spending hundreds or even thousands aren't going to have anything to show for it. Which is fine and it's good that they're won't be any game breaking imbalances, the rewards are just there as an extra for those donating money.. I'm just not sure if everyone giving the money understands this.
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  • LucasArts spills the beans on what Star Wars 1313 could have been

  • WinterSnowblind 26/09/2013

    @unacomn The hype surrounding this reminded of the Force Unleashed (which at least had some original ideas).

    Much like that cancelled Pirates of the Caribbean game.. it was likely shelved because what they had just wasn't very good.
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  • This is what Nosgoth, the F2P multiplayer Legacy of Kain game, looks like

  • WinterSnowblind 25/09/2013

    @kaesoron The human citidel was also easily breached in Soul Reaver by Raziel, who had the unique ability to fly. If all these other vampires can do it, then..? Reply +1
  • WinterSnowblind 25/09/2013

    @Arsecake_Baker This is truly unique and different from any game I've ever played. Reply +3
  • WinterSnowblind 25/09/2013

    Well done, you've made a Legacy of Kain game that no LoK fan wants to play. What was the point of this and who thought it was a good idea?

    Judging by the trailer, it looks like they've messed up some of the lore aspects too.
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  • Batman: Arkham Origins' Knightfall DLC is PlayStation 3-exclusive

  • WinterSnowblind 25/09/2013

    Very glad I didn't order the PC version over the weekend like I was planning to. I'll play it when there's a GoTY version instead now. Reply +4
  • New Guild Wars 2 update, free trial, game discount

  • WinterSnowblind 24/09/2013

    @Mazinger-Z your comments are completely transparent trolling attempts to any one who has ever played the game. It has very little focus on the cash shop, there's rarely even new items for sale, while having extensive content updates every fortnight. I've never even seen a subscription based game receive so much new content and what we're receiving here is far from trivial fluff. Revamped bosses, new areas, new dungeons paths, new story missions.. You're either incredibly cynical or just haven't played the game since the first few patches (and yes, admittedly the early updates varied from weak to awful and if you're still judging them based on those, you really should come back to see what they're doing now).

    As for the state of the game.. There's a lot of people still playing with numbers reportedly growing. Early areas in the game tend to be very busy, as do the late ones, it's just the mid leveled areas people try to skip through, leaving most of them pretty empty. Luckily, it's very easy to still play through them by yourself, as most of the content in the game is easily soloable. If you prefer group play, try joining a guild. There's a lot of players out there that will party with you for lower leveled stuff if you look in the right places.
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  • Guild Wars 2 "the most-updated online world in the industry"

  • WinterSnowblind 28/08/2013

    @threepwood27 They haven't done much in the way of adding new permanent zones, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. There *has* been new dungeons, new story missions, new world events, new gear, new mechanics, new explorable regions..

    I'm not sure how you can look at the patch notes each work and consider them small or ingignificant changes: How many other games can claim to add anywhere near as much content or even just as many "quality of life" updates as this? For free. Without a subscription.

    They definitely had some problems starting out, but if you're judging everything based on Southsun Cove or the Flame & Frost arc, be aware that things have changed pretty radically in terms of the size and quality of the updates since those days.
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online dev explains decision to charge Ł9 monthly subscription

  • WinterSnowblind 22/08/2013

    @mega-gazz You mean like new game content, patches and improvements that Guild Wars 2 gets every fortnight and has four teams of devs working to bring new chapters to the game with each update?

    I do hate to harp on about GW2 like a crazed fanboy, it's certainly not a game without flaws, but it's just such a perfect example of how MMO's can function without subscriptions and its existence completely flies in the face of every argument the guy in this article tries to bring up.
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  • WinterSnowblind 22/08/2013

    @ZuluHero This is exactly what I wanted to bring up. He says that they want people to immerse themselves in the world and not run up against constant paywalls.. Which is fair enough, that's not something I want from any game.

    But with Guild Wars 2, you buy the game and that's that. No subscription, no pay walls, no DLC (aside from cosmetic fluff) and they still manage to add rather significant chapters of new content every 2 weeks for FREE.

    So what are they doing here that goes above and beyond that? Why do we have to pay for the base game, a subscription and then even more for any expansions that inevitably follow?
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  • Guild Wars 2 fastest-selling MMO ever apparently

  • WinterSnowblind 16/08/2013

    @jimdove76 According to numbers from the last NCSoft earnings report, player numbers are increasing.

    Also, there's plenty to do, there just isn't raiding. Hell, there adding new content to the game every 2 weeks. You can argue the merits of that content being largely temporary, but if you're keeping up with the game there's certainly no shortage of things to do.
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  • Nintendo hails 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sales in the US

  • WinterSnowblind 19/07/2013

    @TonyHarrison That was the UK figures. Reply +2
  • Guild Wars 2 crafting rising from 400 to 500

  • WinterSnowblind 18/07/2013

    @jimdove76 The game is still very active and has been getting somewhat major content patches every 2 weeks. Hardly what I'd call "dead".

    The end game is certainly different from most MMO's and while you could complain about the lack of things to do, these updates are trying to address those issues people have. Bringing back skill capturing from GW1 for example, seems like a great idea, both for giving us more reasons to explore specific areas and do events and also for adding a bit of build diversity.
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  • Nintendo retreats into its shell at E3

  • WinterSnowblind 12/06/2013

    @evild_edd That complaint is used a lot, generally from people who don't actually play Nintendo games. Things like CoD come out *every* year and feature minimal changes, where as Nintendo might use the same game titles and characters but tend to change the games themselves up pretty radically.

    A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Windwaker, while all featuring Zelda and Link, are absolutely nothing like each other, other than the basic concept of exploring dungeons and unlocking new items to progress. The same can be said of Metroid and even Mario (if you look at the key titles and not the massive amount of unnecessary sequels).

    I do think it's disappointing that the new Mario game is a glorified sequel to 3D land rather than a true followup to 64/Sunshine/Galaxy and I would have loved to see Retro working on a new IP, rather than another Donkey Kong game. But all in all, it's no different from Microsoft and Sony showing more third/first person shooters with slightly fancier graphics.
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  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf review

  • WinterSnowblind 04/06/2013

    @Sid-Nice Yes, all real gamers want it to be a 99p iOS game where all the furniture and items have to be bought with real money. Reply +29
  • Shadow of the Eternals "unlikely" to be completed if Kickstarter fails

  • WinterSnowblind 31/05/2013

    @null You always get the game for "free" as part of the reward for backing the project. Reply +5
  • Wii U Wii U Wii U: Is it time to call an ambulance for Nintendo's console?

  • WinterSnowblind 25/05/2013

    @LimeyOtoko No, their sales RANK on Amazon rose after a Ł70 price cut. That's totally different to what many "news" sites were reporting.

    Edit: Since I'm being voted down, let me elaborate. The 875% change is massive, but it only represents the sales rank on Amazon, not the actual amount of units sold or the amount of money made from them. You cannot use Amazon sales rank as evidence of how much something has sold, it just doesn't work like that. Sales have gone up, but not by 800% that's not just arguing semantics, it's a totally different statistic.

    And considering the sales have only increased in the one region where the Wii U saw a fairly significant price cut means it's far more likely to have been that influencing purchases and not the reveal of the Xbox One (otherwise, why aren't Americans and the rest of you guys in Europe buying them?).
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  • Nintendo now claiming ad revenue for YouTube Let's Play videos

  • WinterSnowblind 16/05/2013

    @Alterego-X So would it be different if I recorded a commentary track for a movie and uploaded it to YouTube with the whole film attached?

    I'm not sure I buy the "each experience is different" excuse. You're still uploading the entire game for people to see, talking over it doesn't make it "yours".
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  • Pokémon X and Y adds mounts, is set in an alternate version of France

  • WinterSnowblind 13/05/2013

    @osh From what we know the "customisation" is strictly limited to chosing between the 3 skin tones. I can't imagine they wouldn't have mentioned it if there was more.

    Mounts might be a bit of an exaggeration too, as all we know is that you can ride that one Pokemon in the one town. Maybe there's more, but it's best not to get over excited. The series isn't exactly known for its staggering innovation.
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  • Fan-made Monkey Island game announced

  • WinterSnowblind 10/04/2013

    @Lightguy I assume they were talking about the HD remakes, which looked pretty horrible. If they're referring to Tales, they're completely insane. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's new Wii U Pokémon game includes Skylanders toy tech

  • WinterSnowblind 13/03/2013

    @I_need_a_dump All of the figures are based on those chibi/simplistic models, which is a complete turn off. They look awful.

    Also, you need to take into account that these are gashapon machine prices for the figures. If they're ever brought over here, it's very unlikely they'd be that cheap. Even Lego Minifig blind bags are more expensive than that.
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  • Project Awakened fails to secure funding on Kickstarter

  • WinterSnowblind 07/03/2013

    @LunaticPandora So if two bad games come out and sell badly, should we give up on videogames altogether?

    2 in a day failing doesn't exactly say much, other than that people were probably not interested in those particular games. Meanwhile, Torment is sitting on almost 2 million dollars in under 2 days.

    This gives us a way to help developers make games that current publishers have no interest in releasing. If you're not into that, fine, there's still Call of Duty. It doesn't mean the whole system is bad and most of the complaints about Kickstarter seem to come from people who simply don't understand what it's being used for.
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  • Capcom hopes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will spark a "breakthrough" in the west

  • WinterSnowblind 01/03/2013

    @Phishfood I think that's the problem with the series. There's nothing inherently difficult about the games, but the controls are rather clunky and the explain absolutely nothing to the player.

    Apparently that's because they want players to communicate with each other, but that doesn't work for the same reason the 3DS street pass functions don't really work over here.
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  • Project Awakened: The origin story

  • WinterSnowblind 28/02/2013

    An open world super hero game, where you can customise the hero and select from your own powers is something I've always wanted and not been able to find outside of shoddy MMO's.

    I've backed this in the hope it turns out being even half decent.
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  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag confirmed by Ubisoft, has 60 minutes exclusive gameplay on PS3

  • WinterSnowblind 28/02/2013

    @Murton I always thought the Desmond stuff was awful and broke the immersion of the historical settings.

    Simply putting each game in a different exotic local seems like it will make for a much more fun franchise. Drop the whole Desmond/Animus thing completely, and let us be samurai or cowboys next.
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  • Telltale: "There may very well be more Walking Dead ... before season two"

  • WinterSnowblind 26/02/2013

    Disappointing if Telltale become a developer making nothing but Walking Dead games now, just because it's the one with mainstream appeal. Reply -7
  • Sony admits Vita is "a little behind the numbers we originally pictured"

  • WinterSnowblind 20/02/2013

    All eyes are on Sony tonight. If they don't give the Vita some much needed love here, they may as well just say they've abandoned it. Reply +2