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  • F1 2011

  • William 03/06/2011

    If 2011 doesn't come with telemetry data, I won't bother. I hate trying to improve the car's setup or my racing lines without a means to compare laps. It's F1, not Nascar. Telemetry is a big part of the sports. Reply +6
  • Military History Commander: Europe at War

  • William 15/04/2009

    @tomkuryakin: videogamesplus.ca (in Canada) has Panzer Tactics DS, shows euro prices, and ships to Europe at a decent rate. Reply 0
  • Konami/marines making Iraq War game

  • William 07/04/2009

    The game is developed by Destineer, who also developed the average 'Close Combat: First to Fight' shooter (Xbox, PC, gamerankings 69%). That game was preceded by a good amount of PR about "true military tactics" etc. but featured nothing new. Reply 0
  • EA announces Rock Band 2 Euro plans

  • William 29/10/2008

    >You could import it for Ps3, but from what I've heard, UK PSN Store does not work with imported games, so you can't get more songs unless you

    Correct. Imported Rock Band last December. Couldn't buy songs from US store. Songs bought from Euro store aren't recognized. Bought EU Rock band which recognizes Euro store songs. Had to restart career and band since these aren't copied from the US saved games.
    The games do conflict with their on-line band presence. I still have to rename my first band (AD/BC) in the US version so I can use this name for my new (Euro).
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  • Rock Band finally gets Grateful Dead

  • William 03/03/2008

    "Well some people have imported the game."
    I did (PS3), but without a US registered credit-card, I'm still unable to buy DLC songs for the game from PSN. Great game, btw (especially when my wife is playing drums).
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  • Rock Band

  • William 15/12/2007

    "It's region-locked on both PS3 and 360, from what I know. *Might* be wrong on the PS3 one, but such is what I heard."

    It's NOT region-locked on PS3 if you're using an HDTV (it might not give you PAL). I just returned home (Netherlands) from a trip to USA, and brought along a US PS3 Rock band. Game works fine on my Euro PS3, just as my US GH3 does.
    The only practical problem I have is that I cannot order add-on content for Rock band since I don't have a credit card with US address.
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  • Activision blocking Rock Band PS3 patch - Harmonix

  • William 14/12/2007

    Just in from Activision:
    ( https://activision.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/... )

    "To Music Gaming Fans:

    The recent announcement by MTV Games/Viacom's Harmonix division that Activision is blocking Sony from releasing a patch and their plea to enable Rock Band software to work with Guitar Hero hardware paints a very misleading picture.

    In fact, Harmonix and its parent company MTV Games/Viacom recently declined Activision's offer to reach an agreement that would allow the use of Guitar Hero guitar controllers with Rock Band. We have been and remain open to discussions with Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom about the use of our technology in Rock Band. Unfortunately for Rock Band users, in this case Harmonix and MTV Games/Viacom are unwilling to discuss an agreement with Activision.

    Activision's top priority is to provide consumers with a seamless marriage of best-in-class hardware and software. We are focusing our efforts on innovating hardware and software that are designed to work together, work flawlessly and provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

    Best regards,

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  • Tornado: Low Level

  • William 26/10/2007

    IIRC, the usage of 48K memory was not so much for the game itself, but to prevent standard copying programs from being able to load and then save the game; it left no RAM for these copying programs. TLL used 48K by including a loading screen as part of the taped' file, and loading the full 48Kbyte from 0x4000 onwards.
    This mechanism could easily be defeated by loading the game a few KB lower ("on top of the ROM"), and placing a copying program high in memory.
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  • Medal of Honour: Airborne - Trailer

  • William 03/07/2007

    The "Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30" game depicts the fight of the US airborne troops to seize the few roads from Utah beach towards the first towns (through flooded terrain). See the "Ambush at Exit 4" mission. Reply 0
  • MS to tighten 360 border controls

  • William 04/05/2007


    Microsoft is unable to move your Live account from one country to another (already for several years). According to the Xbox Live helpdesk, it is because "they" don't control the billing (some other part of Microsoft does), and cannot change your billing address. It does not matter which MSN address you enter.

    My account is stuck in Germany while I live in the Netherlands. I cannot move my account from Germany to the Netherlands. I'm tempted to claim that Microsoft is deliberately distributing incorrect address information about me to their commercial partners (which probably is a violation of European privacy laws) but most likely that will cause me to lose my account.
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  • Updated ArmA demo likely

  • William 08/02/2007

    "You can read a review of the game elsewhere on the site."

    Elsewhere on the German-language Eurogamer.de, that is:
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  • Louisiana passes game bill

  • William 09/06/2006

    "I don't understand.

    Children shouldn't be playing the likes of Postal and Manhunt, because they're not for children - as they state on the boxes.

    So what's the problem?"

    There are two problems:
    1. games are now being subjected to criteria defined in the law whereas books, comics and movies are still allowed to use voluntary rating system adopted by industry.
    2. the risk of law suits will cause big retailers such as WalMart to restrict (further) the content and topics of games they are asked to offer
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  • Forza E3 demo in-game

  • William 05/06/2006

    "features such as 4X anti-aliasing (no jaggies!), motion blur, high dynamic range lighting, global illumination and per-pixel car reflections updated at full frame rate"

    How about "features" such as a more realistic number of cars per race, as in CodeMaster's Toca/DTM/V8/Pro Race Driver series. Especially when you have "Motorsport" in the title.

    (I did like the original game, but would happily trade its detailed handling model and "learning AI" for Toca Race Driver's 20 car cup races).
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  • X360 back-compat list grows

  • William 30/03/2006

    Here's Microsoft's promise, straight from their website:

    "Todd: Absolutely. One of the great things about gaming on Xbox 360 is the satisfaction of knowing that every game will be
    playable in high definition. We are now proud to reveal that this extends to the original Xbox games as well. Every original
    Xbox game will be upscaled to 720p and 1080i, and will take advantage of Xbox 360’s anti-aliasing capabilities, delivering a
    picture that is clearer and crisper than anything available on Xbox."

    I doubt Todd is still proud about the backward compability (otherwise, he should have a go at Pro Evo 5, or PAL Halo2 connected to the "official" Samsung 23" LCD-TV via VGA cable)...
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  • Turtle Rock doing Source game

  • William 17/03/2006

    CZ bot's in the end were done by Mike Booth of Turtle Rock.

    PODBot was done by Markus Klinge (CountFloyd), who indeed was briefly hired by Gearbox to do the AI for CZ. But then CZ was taken from Gearbox and moved to Turtle Rock (via Ritual?). As I understand it, the resulting CZ AI is quite different from PODBot's AI.
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  • Battlefield 2 expansion out now

  • William 15/03/2006

    Is the installer again assuming BF2 is installed on c:\ ? Reply 0
  • Access foreign X360 demos

  • William 06/01/2006

    "There are no region specific demos so far."

    Depends. Condemned and Quake IV demos for example aren't available for Xbox Live users from Germany, which might have something to do with Germany's specific requirements for violent games.
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  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted

  • William 06/12/2005

    "Have anybody tried both the downloadable Marketplace demo and the final version of the game on Xbox 360 and can comment on the differences in framerate ?"

    I didn't play the final version, but was shocked to see the demo framerate to drop to about 15fps (360 VGA output, 1366x768 resolution).
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  • 156 Xbox titles to work on European 360s

  • William 18/11/2005

    "It's a pretty impressive selection."

    Is it? I did the math, and 41 of my 57 PAL Xbox games won't be able to run at launch day on the 360. Among these 41 are 8 titles published by Microsoft themselves.
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  • Madden NFL 2006

  • William 01/05/2005

    deathgibbon: the game most likely launches just before the NFL season starts (1st week of September). Reply 0
  • Mercenaries

  • William 24/02/2005

    "A special mention, too, of how Mercenaries seamlessly deals with delivering the player supplies, vehicles, and special weapons."

    Indeed, the GTA style drive-to-shop-to-acquire-stuff is gone, but GTA did offer decent garages where you could store your armoured car, motor bike or police car.
    In Mercenaries, everytime I reload or start a mission, my chopper/tank/whatever that I used to get to a faction's head quarters is gone, and I've got to go through the same troubles every mission attempt to reacquire said chopper or tank....
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  • MS to replace 14.1m Xbox power cables

  • William 17/02/2005

    "[...] customers are advised to switch their consoles off at the mains when not in use."

    Sadly, the Xbox's internal clock is unable to remember the time when it is without power for a few hours.
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  • Halo 2 Multiplayer

  • William 15/11/2004

    "Another nice touch is the ability of the game to switch hosts. That means that if the player who is hosting quits the game will (with a pause) switch server duties to another player, without them knowing. Im assuming thats how it works anyway."

    SOCOM2 (PS2 online) has been doing that for a year now. SOCOM1 might have done this as well.
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  • Rockstar reacts to San Andreas leak

  • William 21/10/2004


    "I'm don't believe piracy has as much as an impact as we're led to believe. The fact that someone downloaded game 'x' doesn't necessarily mean that a sale has been lost as the chances are they wouldn't have gone out and bought it anyway. "

    You ignore the fact that people bragging about having downloaded hit game X and Y cause their honest friends to feel a bit stupid/uncertain about spending e60 in the shops. It becomes less likely that those friends will buy their next game...
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  • World Rally Championship 4

  • William 20/10/2004

    Rhythm: "The superwide tracks always put me off of the WRC games."

    You must be confusing CMR and WRC. IMO, CMR always provides super wide tracks (apparently so you can drift), whereas WRC features more realistic and narrow tracks and junctions.
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  • Rallisport 2 downloadable content

  • William 28/09/2004

    Whizzo, Top Gear got stuck with the X3, which apparently has far less in common with the X5 than the name suggests. Reply 0
  • Activision's Game Stars line-up

  • William 31/08/2004

    Played the demo (PS2) as well. Although I agree with Blerks observations (lack of clear objectives and purpose), I was pleasantly surprised by: the amount of (AI) action around me, the visuals (a nicely detailed forest, although every part of the part of the forest had the same look), the use of those bi-ped armored tanks (AT-STs?), and last but not least the performance. The game kept looking great when playing coop split-screen, although the radar and on-screen indicators weren't sufficient to keep my wife near me.

    I'm tempted to get this game, though I'm afraid it will lack the depth and "purpose" of the Battlefield series.

    Btw, the demo (from OPMUK) has an annoying time limit of about 2 minutes.
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  • Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

  • William 30/08/2004

    "In the meantime we've seen Call of Duty, which placed a greater emphasis on preserving your squad, and games like VietCong which just gave them near-invincibility, but ahead of Gearbox Software's Brothers In Arms next spring, this looks like one of the most involved squad mechanics on the PC."

    We haven't forgotten about Operation Flashpoint and Io Interactive's Freedom Fighters, have we?
    Just because the PR engines of EA and Gearbox tell us it's new doesn't make it new.
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  • Pacific Heights

  • William 27/07/2004

    "It was one of the big innovations of this invasion because this was the first amphibious invasion we ever attempted - this [Nov 1943 invasion] came before D-Day..."

    Except that you (the US) landed with some 70,000 troops in Northern Africa in late 1942, and some 60,000 troops in Sicily in July 1943.

    "Obviously the game is meticulously researched".
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  • Star Wars: Republic Commando trailer

  • William 29/06/2004

    Laundromat: "scoring the AI"

    How would you rate a game's AI?

    Is it really AI what you're rating (or just clever linear scripting)? Is the AI just stupid or has it been tuned down for more a gentle learning/difficulty curve? Is the AI really clever or does it cheat?
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  • What's New?

  • William 25/06/2004

    Anyone picked up GT-R 400? Apparently, Game has it. Reply 0
  • DRIV3R

  • William 23/06/2004

    re: Jump across the bridge (caption of one of the screenshots)
    "Head out of here at speed and you're expected to jump a bridge to escape. Except you can't - the game doesn't let you reach the other side, whatever your trajectory, and you wind up in the drink below swimming towards shore."

    You _are_ able to jump to the other side by joining the road towards the bridge at an earlier junction, which leaves you a longer stretch of road to build up speed. I managed it on the 2nd try.

    However, I wasn't too pleased with the late warning about jumping the bridge on my first try: if you don't know in advance that you should jump, you won't have the speed to make the jump and you'll end up replaying a good part of the mission due to the bad mission scripting.
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  • What's New?

  • William 19/06/2004

    espadachin : " shadow ops: red mercury [...] any good?"

    Picked it up. Comparable to Soldier of Fortune 2, albeit more linear (and consequently with worse AI), less gore and with a higher dose of "events" and stuff to blow up.
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  • Splinter Cell 3

  • William 02/06/2004

    Krudster, which Ubi studio is handling this? Is it Montreal again? Reply 0
  • Penalties for poor quality licensed titles?

  • William 27/05/2004

    Jason's most recent licensed games include Tron 2.0 and The Hulk. The last one scored scored 69.4% on PS2 and 58.2% on GBA... Reply 0
  • This And That: Wednesday News Roundup

  • William 19/05/2004

    Thanks for getting rid of the alternating-bold stuff! Reply 0
  • WRC 4 officially unveiled

  • William 18/05/2004

    Freylis, any chance you can get WRC4 to properly support the (leather) Logitech Momo wheel? WRC2 supported the wheel fine, but WRC3 screwed up the handbrake, and removed the option to adjust the steering sensitivity from slow to fast.
    Otherwise, I'm looking forward to WRC.
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  • Forza Motorsport

  • William 11/05/2004

    > Is it me or are racing games the hardest to judge from screens?

    Especially since you'll spend most of your time using the cockpit view or 'behind the car' view, and the PR people keep on releasing screens from the replays.
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  • Ninja Gaiden stripped of decapitations

  • William 22/04/2004

    "If you're suggesting that its a cynical publicity stunt, why not just release it with decapitations and let it get banned. That's a much more effective way of doing it. "

    The problem is: decapitations might not suffice to get banned. As mentioned by other posters, decapitations aren't that special in games... unless you make them special by suggestion and self-censoring.
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  • William 21/04/2004

    "Well, if a game has to have decapitations to be good, it's not worth playing anyway... BUT, it's the gratuitous act of censorship I can't understand."

    Simply put: censoring your own game of decapitations won't stop informed fans from buying it, and will draw a lot of additional attention in the game and mainstream press. There are few other ways of drawing so much attention for a game.
    If Ninja Gaiden would feature Janet Jackson and that Justin Timberlake, something would happen to Janet's bra as well, followed by "sincere" apologies from the singers and their record companies...
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  • Reader Reviews

  • William 19/04/2004

    Well done robo_1! Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • William 08/04/2004

    Well done Peej! Reply 0
  • MS rests XSN Sports line-up for a year

  • William 30/03/2004

    "Browne pledged that the existing XSN service would remain in place for those already using the groundbreaking service. He also stated that only one developer, High Voltage Software, the creator of the well-liked NBA Inside Drive, would be changed at this point, with all other relationships remaining in place."

    (from http://spong.com/detail/news.asp?prid=6413 )

    So we might see another "Inside Drive"-like product from High Voltage Software....
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  • GDC: Microsoft shows next-gen movies

  • William 25/03/2004

    What's up with the Saleen's wheels and tires not deforming at all? Reply 0
  • GDC: Microsoft announces new game development technology initiative

  • William 25/03/2004

    "The company also plans to develop a common controller reference design which will be rolled out for both Windows and the Xbox, providing a basic standard across both platforms as well as unifying the input APIs and button standards on both systems."

    So, for the first time in two years we're gonna get decent force-feedback steering wheel support for reportedly the most capable current gen console? It's about time.
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  • GT4 Prologue due in Europe this May

  • William 22/03/2004

    "What I dont get is N0. 1 fans would buy the import. I picked mine up for Ł22 in th UK and it is well worth the money!!!!!! "

    Except that GT4 Prologue comes without support for the (leather) Logitech Momo wheel, the preferred wheel by many GT3 fans.
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  • Burnout 3

  • William 03/03/2004

    "So what makes EA speshul enough to..."

    EA is the best selling Xbox publisher, with probably 5 out of 2003's top 10 best selling Xbox games. Almost every MS published Xbox title with an EA equivalent is outsold by that EA equivalent (NFL / NHL / NBA / street racing).
    Consoles without EA support typically are doomed (remember Dreamcast).

    Is that special enough?
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  • Project Gotham Racing 2

  • William 01/12/2003

    "Can't think of anything to add to this game to make it a better racing experience (except the wheel im getting)."

    How about:
    - a test track that has a large enough variety of slow / fast/ 90degrees / sequences of corner to properly assess a car
    - a cockit viewpoint that takes into account the driver's head position (the current fixed and too low viewpoint especially problematic when drafting behing other SUVs)
    - Microsoft support for proper steering wheel effects (force feedback rather than just rumble)

    Nevertheless, great game
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