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  • GAME to shut down Xbox-only London store

  • Widge 16/04/2014

    I have a limited knowledge of Boxpark, but I believe the nature of the shops there are to be temporary anyway? Reply +21
  • Sony sells all its Square Enix shares for 28m

  • Widge 16/04/2014

    "they don't just make games for Playstation any more"

    would probably be a good one.
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  • Terraria's massive console update coming Thursday

  • Widge 15/04/2014

    What size world is best for a solo player? I started off on Large but fear it is too rampant. Reply 0
  • Trials Fusion has day one patch to boost Xbox One resolution

  • Widge 14/04/2014

    Anything greater than 1080p is pointless for me, my TV only goes that high. Reply +14
  • F2P mobile game Age of Empires: World Domination announced

  • Widge 14/04/2014

    It won't be. Bringing you back to Peter Moly's comments about whether the F2P mechanics affect these games structurally, which he gave a very plain "yes". There is no way that this isn't going to be utterly neutered by the need to reign in the player to make sure there is always an incentive to pay money. Reply +6
  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • Widge 14/04/2014


    Just on point 1 - they cannot use free to describe their product anyway. The price to download is free but you will not find it in its title anywhere.

    Also point 3, you have to enter the password to buy in app, you can also disable all in app purchasing from the settings menu, which I have done for my little fellers one.

    I think there should be a cap on games, I think it should be mandated perhaps by the EU (as it is to be affected across platforms). I don't see any reason why anything in game should cost more than 20 over an app lifetime. Even the most extravagant DLC packages for console games rarely touch that amount.

    Also I think it should be games only. I know of one app (Auria) that has a load of stuff you can buy in app like Fabfilter EQ's and other VSTi, so those shouldn't be hamstrung by what is going on with the gaming world.

    Of course the publishers/developers would not like this step. Much as it ires us, they are all in it to make money. Nobody is in game development as a service provider, it's just some are better at hiding it than others by the merit of being able to get by with slapping high quality games out there.

    I can see why IAP exists on mobile and how things have ended up the way they have. 4.99 isn't a big return on a game, especially when you have simplistic free or 69p game canabilising your potential market. With more sophisticated games not getting a return on development costs, they had to find an alternative way around things. Unfortunately the solution for them creates the shitty gaming experience problem for us.
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  • Widge 14/04/2014

    @Useful_Idiot Although I agree with this, I think there should be a payment cap on app gaming and soon. I think the amount of IAP should never amount to more than 20 (let's say). This would have the benefit of utterly removing the time limit restricted endurance gaming mechanic that has crept into things.

    I know I will never pay more than 69p (i.e. a permanent XP doubler if a game has it) but there are others who will splurge needlessly.
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  • Widge 14/04/2014

    I'm not as offended by their trademark push as other seem to be. We all know the lengths the app store hangers on will go to ape successful titles, people who will take commissioned work to make clones, hanging onto wordplay in app naming. Considering that it was their primary IP, would you not take steps to protect it from plagiarists yourself?

    I'm also not offended by people who want to play it. Am I about to snatch the phone out of the next person I see prodding it on their phone, demand they try Minecraft PE, Battle Of The Bulge, Xcom? Of course not. These people, without this game existing, would most likely not be playing anything at all, or at worst be prodding away at Angry Birds. Some people want simple concept games, word puzzlers, match three games. Let them have it, don't go all ARMA purist on them.
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  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 headed to PC for "holiday 2014"

  • Widge 14/04/2014

    HANG ON. There is an entry cost AND IAP?

    Isn't the rationale for IAP is that "the consumers want this as they can get the game for free"?

    I really want to get this to see how badly the earnings structure impacts on the game, not for 1.99 though.
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  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • Widge 12/04/2014

    @SlumpJunk what if the core component of gameplay is something others have focused on since then, bettered, advanced. Where does it leave these games? Stick to the roots or risk losing identity? Reply -1
  • Widge 12/04/2014

    Of course, if you're suffering from a case of "LALALALALALA I LOVE SHENMUE AND HALF LIFE FOREVS SO QUIET" then you're just going to see surface detail points with which to instantly discredit and dismiss the article without actually thinking about the points in depth. Reply -18
  • Widge 12/04/2014

    People: RE - long gestation time.

    The point there was not the number of years, more the advancement of the gaming world in those years. When Duke Nukem finally surfaced, it was a game hideously out of time. No amount of polish could help it, it's time had passed.

    Both Half Life & Shenmue have been significantly surpassed where they were once trailblazers. Scifi shooter and open world adventure - just a little competition in those brackets now eh?

    Step back to Final Fantasy 7, a fantastic game, and you will find plenty to criticise there nowadays. Time can really be a killer.
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  • Widge 12/04/2014

    Half Life 3:

    The FPS sophistication gap between Half-Life 1 & 2 wasn't really that great. HL2 managed to step in, stick to template (a very good template) and turn out a really good game. Since then, FPS has radically evolved.

    For HL3 to be successful, it would need to NOT be Half Life anymore. It would need to be a different game to keep up with the best in class. You have to ask yourself: what is the point? Why not make a new IP and tear up the rulebook instead.

    Shenmue 3:

    As mentioned in the article, Shenmue is no longer a unique entity in this world. A million and one games can offer the living breathing open world narrative experience on a variety of scales and contexts. Does it still have a place? Would a "true to source" Shenmue actually stand up today. I'm not sure. Once again, you'd have to gut it, completely uplift it to be in competition with its peers, in which case: would it still be Shenmue? Why not just dip into Sleeping Dogs and Yakuza instead.

    Sometimes a line needs to be drawn under the past where too much time has happened.

    Last Guardian:

    This still has viability, it has at least been seen in the most briefest of forms and Team Ico games operate in their own unique sphere where only the likes of Journey or Fez can deliver on that emotional level. Where FF15 has managed to see the light, realised on a platform that can actually deliver, there is still a chance for this. Remember - Ico was initially a Playstation 1 game. Could you ever imagine it being lesser than the PS2 version?

    The article is valid and a lot of people can't really get past a "I like those games, I want sequels" mentality without thinking of things in the greater scheme of things. How much would you love your games if they found themselves tainted with a Crystal Skull "out of its time" entry tagged onto the end, or a hopelessly misplaced Terminator 3? Step beyond loving the older games and really think how well they translate to current day and how much essence would be lost by trying to adapt.
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  • Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to 349

  • Widge 11/04/2014

    @UkHardcore23 not if you don't want to buy two consoles, in that instance you'd be mad to go for an X1. Microsoft do not develop games internally, they have no multiplat edge. They have made a machine very poorly and now have to stay their path. Reply +17
  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • Widge 10/04/2014

    @Uncompetative a lot of titles you mention were made by third party devs who will be swayed by Sony's greater market share and technical superiority. Reply +2
  • Widge 10/04/2014

    Get your internal studios making things that aren't IP iterations then I can take this seriously.

    Otherwise: this is a product designed for a market that didn't exist and can no longer rely on third party devs to disguise the lack of investment.

    Nowhere left to hide now.
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  • Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs 100

  • Widge 10/04/2014

    @adscott It was one of the Kickstarter tiers, an option that is now being allowed to the general populous (who are now only showing interest in the game after the Kickstarter ended and can see there is some quality there).

    They have:

    a) not pissed off the backers by undercutting the Beta tier of the Kickstarter
    b) actually allowed people a second bite with which to get in on the game at this stage - an option people are not forced to take up

    Where is the bad in this?

    Also, why did you jump in at the 50 second beta tier of the kickstarter? Surely you know you were getting an unfinished game NOT a demo in beta clothing?
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  • Widge 10/04/2014


    Elite: Dangerous - Standard Beta
    Be part of the Elite: Dangerous development team!

    Pre-order the Elite: Dangerous Standard Beta now to get access to the final beta stage of game development and help us polish and perfect Elite: Dangerous!

    What you get
    As a Standard Beta customer you get:
    Access all the Standard Beta development stages
    A download copy of the released game!

    The Standard Beta will be available once the Premium Beta phase is completed. By taking part in Beta you will have the opportunity for you to play, test and feedback to us.

    IMPORTANT: The Standard Beta does NOT include any downloadable content. These can be purchased separately as they become available, or you can buy the Elite: Dangerous - Expansion Pass to get automatic access to all major expansions.

    If you backed Elite: Dangerous through Kickstarter or the Backers App make sure you check our FAQ page.
    Availability: Coming 2014

    Just in case anyone is interested.

    The expansions pass is 35. So you could get all of the Premium wares for 85. You're essentially paying 15 for the privilege of being let in early.
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  • Widge 10/04/2014

    What you get
    As a Premium Beta customer you get:
    Immediate access to download a Single Player Combat build to develop your Sidewinder skills before the first Premium Beta build is released
    Automatic access all the Beta development stages
    Automatic access to all major downloadable expansion packs as they are released
    A download copy of the released game
    So I'm assuming you get a copy of the game AND all future DLC?
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  • Trials Frontier review

  • Widge 10/04/2014

    @Pandy It is a decent game hamstrung by IAP. I think 5 is fair.

    Save the below 5's for non-games or debilitating IAP ones.
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  • Widge 10/04/2014

    I still say, they need to introduce a cap on games IAP. Not allow people to spend more than a total lifetime amount of 30 (the price of a game) on what is effectively nothing.

    Has to be games only as I know of a good few apps with expensive but worthy IAP.

    As soon as that cap comes in, games will change and the IAP structure will more than likely be abandoned.

    Oh here is a point - IAP. You update your phone, lose your save, do you lose all your money? I've had a few games reset to 0 in the past.
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  • Widge 10/04/2014

    "There are no tracks here where you'll spend hours trying to perfect a certain obstacle, no barriers to progress that require skill to pass."

    There is another element to this choice to removing skill from free to play games, the developers don't want a single mechanic to exist where the player can use their ability to advance themselves in the game. The amount of energy and diamonds needs to be doled out at a consistent rate to ensure the player stays on the earnings curve, making sure there is a constant annoyance present that encourages them to want to pay.

    As I said in an interview thread a while ago, Moly gets a lot of flack but credit for not sugarcoating that you have to impact the game at a fundamental design level to implement this sort of monetisation.

    Bar a few golden examples, I can't see this ever changing.
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  • Performance analysis: Titanfall on Xbox 360

  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @Guy.J. I'm going off what I read in the forums here. You have me questioning myself now. Reply +1
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    Good port, clearly a step up on the platforms with more brute force though. I dare anyone to argue otherwise. Going over with the tool you can easily see the blur and washed out tones of the 360 in comparison. Reply +1
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @The_shlaaaag_returns Sales haven't quite been what was hoped. All three platforms have paled sales wise in the face of Infamous which followed it. Reply +4
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @BonzoBanana user scores will be tempered by platform partisans knocking the average down. Reply +2
  • Widge 08/04/2014

    RE install- can't you use the USB workaround that people used on GTA5? Reply +2
  • Widge 08/04/2014

    I'd be ticking that 30fps locked option right off the bat. Reply +23
  • Xbox Live Marketplace's Easter sale

  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @Mun It's a bit new for that. As this is effectively mirroring the Sony sale, I would say you are getting nothing. The only PS4 deals you have at the moment are the PSN+ discounts on titles. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Store Easter Sale has Ni no Kuni for 5.49

  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @Ranger101 I won't play it on PC. I always end up playing something like Skyrim or currently Batman Arkham City. Vita is the more natural home for a game like this for me. Same with Fez and Terraria recently. Reply +1
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    ZOE2HD will apparently be 3.99. Not reflected yet but I would happily bypass ZOE1 just for that. Reply +1
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    Tempted by Retro City Rampage there. Reply +2
  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 review

  • Widge 09/04/2014

    Anyway, advances in cards are great. I'm capped by 1080p TV, so if midrange cards are eventually bossing all games significantly down the line, happy times for my unit. Reply 0
  • Widge 09/04/2014

    @schittromney you trying to say this is what the next console gen should have been powered by? Reply 0
  • Widge 08/04/2014

    @Mar27w sony and Microsoft base their consoles on amd/Nvidia technology, there is no reason why they could not equip their consoles with these cards. How well would you think $2000 consoles sell for ? Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • Widge 05/04/2014

    Interesting how you didn't delve into audio on this one, apparently the music soundtrack on the Vita is significantly compressed. Reply +4
  • Natural Doctrine headed to PS3, PS4, Vita in Europe

  • Widge 03/04/2014

    The PlayStation exclusive role playing game Natural Doctrine has been reviewed by Famitsu.

    The Japanese magazine gave the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game a 31/40, with the four reviewers giving the game a 7/8/8/8. The PlayStation Vita version has received a slightly lower score, a 30/40, with the reviewers giving the game 6/8/8/8. One would assumer the graphical differences between the Vita version and the others has been a deciding factor for the lower score.
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  • Age of Mythology Extended Edition out in May

  • Widge 03/04/2014

    Excellent. Looks like another game where I won't be able to read the text on my TV.

    If SteamOS really wants to kick off, developers really need to have a look at their UI.
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  • Gorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals

  • Widge 03/04/2014

    Looks lovely. Very chunky and solid, looks refined to play and great lighting in it. Not quite as flashy as Sonic's effort though. Reply +1
  • Widge 03/04/2014

    That bit on Royal Raceway when you know you've fucked the jump up and get to slowly watch it all go wrong. Reply +3
  • Peter Molyneux's Godus problem

  • Widge 02/04/2014

    Despite the expected Moly-whine that an interview like this attracts, I applaud these two statements:

    You're making a free-to-play game...

    Well, no - we're making a game which you can download for free. Let's leave it at that.

    Does the business model encroach in the design process at all?

    Yes, it has to.

    Particularly the latter. No "it is what the consumer wants" or "you can play it just like a normal game" smokescreen. A simple admission of "this game is designed around earning money from you".

    I can't stand the way that people are evading this now, fully aware of the poisonous nature of F2P coverage. People mentioning how we don't want "PC type experiences" make me want to claw my eyes out. It is nothing to do with the users, you want to make a game that earns you an uncapped amount of money per user, that is it.
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  • Body-chopping re-release Soul Sacrifice Delta rated for PAL launch

  • Widge 02/04/2014

    "[But] the result feels mechanically chaotic rather than refined."

    That's what I found. Admittedly, I played the game at 2am in a sleep deprived bit of fresh parenthood but I found it a confusing mess. Did not like the way it felt at all.
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  • Sony survey hints at possible PlayStation 4 features

  • Widge 02/04/2014


    Just copy/paste the code over?! I can tell you're not exactly adept at technology.

    I'm assuming you think regional translation amounts to "just change the words" when it comes to porting games.

    Nothing is that simple.


    The ability to use PS3/PC controllers - from PS3 (and while you're at it, let PS3 use PS4 controllers)

    Why would you want to? Neither have the hardware that the PS4 needs. Also the latter point in brackets is actually supported on selected titles... again backing up the fact you seem to have little grasp on how technology and hardware works.
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  • Widge 02/04/2014

    "the ability to change your PlayStation Network username"

    oh god about time
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  • UK chart: InFamous PS4 holds off Diablo 3 expansion

  • Widge 31/03/2014

    That's not a bad feat considering everything else it is up against there is mainly multiplat. Reply +37
  • In Theory: Could The Last of Us on PS4 run at 1080p60?

  • Widge 29/03/2014

    @James_Kaan emulation is usually done through the CPU rather than GPU. It's that area that the X1 and PS4 aren't as hot as a PC.

    The PC spec needed for PS2 emulation is also really high compared to what it is trying to emulate. Even then it can be patchy. You can't roll out that software to consumers.
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  • Widge 29/03/2014

    @James_Kaan it can't emulate, games require porting to the architecture. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Plus for April: Mercenary Kings, PES 2014, Sly Cooper, more

  • Widge 28/03/2014

    I really wish they'd do more PSP games with their giveaways. Reply +2
  • Widge 28/03/2014

    @dragulagb You'd hope PS4 owners are taking the chance to bolster their PS3 and Vita accounts too. Playstation Now will trundle along one day and getting the portable is inevitable! Reply +7
  • Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor

  • Widge 28/03/2014

    Wonder how this would be with Windows 8? Could make Metro a really nice thing to navigate in the front room. Reply +7