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  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • Widge 17/09/2014

    I'm going to have to get a wireless X1 controller. You don't need any dongles for it do you? Reply -1
  • Destiny review

  • Widge 17/09/2014

    @kirinnokoshin I have no idea but I'm giving it a plus 1 for looking bizarre. Reply +1
  • Widge 17/09/2014

    "I think this game is over-rated. I want Eurogamer to hurry up and review it so that I can see whether or not they are right. The way I see things is the only correct way." Reply +18
  • The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge begins

  • Widge 16/09/2014

    @George-Roper they did an initial impressions I think? Reply +4
  • Widge 16/09/2014

    @blade2333 this has also been tackled. Those doing news pieces are not those who are tackling the review. You can do both concurrently. Reply +6
  • Frontier reveals Elite: Dangerous launch price

  • Widge 15/09/2014

    Is there a Steam version? Reply +8
  • After Lemmings was a hit, DMA Design declared war with Walker

  • Widge 14/09/2014

    @chucklepie reviews are usually week day I believe. I would assume the write up would be going on right now. Reply 0
  • DriveClub details its DLC plans

  • Widge 10/09/2014

    @Bill_P you know the strategy why though? Reply 0
  • Motorola's new smartwatch now has a GoldenEye 007 interface

  • Widge 09/09/2014

    unless it has the "PAH - PAH - pah - pah ..." sound, I'm out. Reply +6
  • For Sony, Destiny is the first-party PlayStation 4 game it needs this Christmas

  • Widge 09/09/2014

    @MeBrains Yeah, I remember adverts for games on TV that were clearly multiplat, but would only pop up with the Microsoft branding/logo/animation at the end.

    It is obviously not a problem but I can see the ire when you own a platform and you feel it is being misrepresented. Just a case of the tables being turned in this instance.

    The RotTR thing was a completely different kettle of fish.
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  • PS4 passes 1m sales mark in the UK

  • Widge 09/09/2014

    PlayStation 3 took 46 weeks to hit 1m
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  • Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

  • Widge 08/09/2014

    @WhiteUmbrella well no, he countered your conspiracy theory with some facts, and now you are shooting him down with a snarky comment. Reply +1
  • Widge 08/09/2014

    @jabberwocky I just want to read one well thought out piece, not a jigsaw of missing context. I thought that was absolutely tosh when MGO got a standalone appraisal from MGS4. They're on the same disc!

    EG got burnt on BF4. They listened to criticism, here is your result.

    Are you on the fence about this game, a little concerned, needing a review? Then the question is: can you wait?
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • Widge 05/09/2014

    Try going through this, someone got in touch with people supporting #gamergate to understand their motivations and shed some clarity on the issues around it.

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  • Widge 05/09/2014

    @DaveDavis Yeah... not going to be listening to you. Your first contribution to this thread was linking to an article by that ridiculous Milo feller.

    The same person who recently put the blame for the Jlaw photo leaks on Jlaw (i.e. blame culture - even though he popped up to tweet a "I suppose I'll get told this is blame culture", which is effectively "I'm not racist but..." style deflection).

    The same person who put up a snarky piece on Scottish Independence, got called out on it and tried to back out with "JUST BANTS MATE, BANTS".

    So yeah. I'm really hot on your sequence of insights here.


    Or something.
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  • Widge 04/09/2014

    @Guy.J. Banning is much more entertaining, because they still exist in a void... shouting to nobody. Reply -1
  • Widge 04/09/2014

    With tiagoresende hitting and running without retort, I'll happily slate all points null and void. Thanks for playing anyway! Reply +4
  • Widge 04/09/2014

    @tiagoresende ok bye! Reply +2
  • Widge 03/09/2014

    @TarickStonefire Shafer has been behind the videos for some years now. Reply -2
  • Widge 03/09/2014

    @Roflcakesale Change will come from the top. It will be subtle, nuanced, but gaming will be improved. How can it not be if the people who make the medium are willing to listen to criticism. Reply 0
  • Widge 03/09/2014

    @DeLoftie "2) It is a straw man to say that by not discussing the man on man violence FemFreq is giving it a pass. Anita in her videos specifically says the videos are only dealing with the common tropes of using women. It is not approving of all the other tropes."

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  • Widge 03/09/2014

    @GreyBeard Just because people like something doesn't make it exempt from criticism. Criticism is fine, it is how you make things better.

    I need to play GTA5 but, from what I've seen from RDR and GTA4, Rockstar stepped up their maturity levels in storytelling and satire above the sometimes slapstick cliched approach in their PS2 era titles.

    Of course they can do things better. GTA5 got criticised on here for the torture scene drifting into the realms of the uncomfortable. This is fine though. Criticise, analyse, think. What you don't say is "well, loads of people buy it as it is, so keep it the same".
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  • Widge 03/09/2014

    @GreyBeard just on sex sells, I seem to remember extreme disdain for Robin Thicke's video and then Miley's shenanigans afterwards. Kind of drew a line in the sand to make us question what is and is not acceptable. Reply -3
  • Widge 02/09/2014

    Accurately summed up someone elsewhere.

    Some children are talking in a classroom, some are not. Teacher says "children! Please be quiet!" Are all the children tarred with the phrase? No. But those who are know this is about them.

    Vocal population of gamers behaving little better than UKIP scaremongered rabble. Media says "gamers please get a grip". Fill in the rest of the pattern.

    I have no insecurity about being a gamer, I certainly know I'm not being spoken about in these pieces, I know better than to sit around waiting to be offended.
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  • Widge 02/09/2014

    @zme-ul people are still taking sides - just because it comes from a blog or YouTube doesn't mean it is impartial. If anything, crowd sourced hearsay spreads even further.

    Fundamentally, the people who make games are saying criticism is valid, it should be spoken and they will listen. All change will happen at that level.
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  • Widge 02/09/2014

    Ok everyone. Who has frequented threads here on E3, platform exclusive games, face offs, any topic on DLC, censorship, early access, Kickstarter...?

    How well do we come across in general? Not very good is it. Got called out, everyone is red faced.
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  • LittleBigPlanet gets a F2P mobile runner spin-off, Run Sackboy! Run!

  • Widge 04/09/2014

    I can't wait to not be able to jump over oncoming objects accurately. Reply +7
  • Cities: Skyline is out to satisfy where SimCity couldn't

  • Widge 04/09/2014

    @Bealsy so you're saying it is already running better than the recent Sim City?

    We're all winners!
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  • Face-Off: Metro Redux

  • Widge 02/09/2014


    "Sites like Eurogamer, and the majority of their readers, are finally accepting the fact that resolution does not make or break a game."

    which came after

    "Gotta build back up that Sony pride somehow after Microsoft whopped your ass in multiplatform games last generation."

    reel it in.
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  • Widge 02/09/2014

    @Fragtaster thank you... I'll probably get Redux 2033 when it dips in price a touch. Reply +1
  • Widge 01/09/2014

    @INSERT-COIN if you check out the Metro dev interview from earlier in the week/last week, I think they are saying they're hoping to go and do a more open world kind of game. Reply +2
  • Widge 01/09/2014

    Hnnng, I was really hoping for a vanilla PC vs Redux PC comparison. The vanilla version runs like ABSOLUTE ASS. Regardless of the window dressing elements which are clearly different, I want to know the figures on how much better the new 2033 runs.

    Has any site done this comparison?
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Widge 01/09/2014

    Anyway, this is getting traction at the top level of gaming, with developers and publishers. Which is a good thing. It will filter down from the top, stop becoming a talking point and will just become normality.

    Intelligent thinking in game design and characterisation.

    Not censorship. Not even mentioned once. They very same wonderful games will still be made.
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  • Widge 01/09/2014

    Must. Grab. Straws. Reply 0
  • Widge 29/08/2014

    @jimmhoo ok, how would you do it better? How would you present the topic in fashion you think is more acceptable? Reply +1
  • Widge 29/08/2014

    I've brought this up before:

    Why don't we see films like Confessions Of A Window Cleaner being made any more? Those bawdy 60's/70's comedies? I think they have even been omitted from re-runs.

    Is it because they were a little bit sexist?
    Perhaps a little bit racist?

    It could be. It could very well be that we started to look at things like that and think "yeah, that could be done better."

    It's not like rampant censorship curtailed this, it just took a shift in society and a little bit of thought!

    This is what we have happening here on gaming, and yet there is this huge resistance to question, to think about things.

    Christ, the Leisure Suit Larry review by Ellie on here was a horror show. Comments like "this is an old game, it's ok for it to be sexist!", people honing in on minute comments (like a rather misguided Kickstarter one) to deem the review invalid, or even rolling back to Alan Wake as some sort of evidence to disregard all of the views put across in the review.

    Why is there this resistance? If Anita and all of these people are doing such a terrible job of putting the point across, go out there and try and do it better! We *know* that gaming needs a kick up the arse and to be a little bit more intelligent in some quarters (this is not a damning indictment of all games ever). When we see boob window femme soldiers along with their kevlar'd male counterparts, the two dimensional sassy love interest, the piece of eye candy slapped into the game (check these two everyguy's out with "HEY I'M OFF CLUBBING!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUa8YDYRnUo#t=63) - let's step up and hold it to rights, insist a high standard. Not BAN BAN BAN, but THINK THINK THINK.

    So much energy, so much time in trying to force progression down.
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  • Widge 29/08/2014

    @jimmhoo RE: your example:

    "male NPC are subjected to more violence than female NPC in the same games"

    In those games, is there perchance a male (or series of males) who are either portrayed as:

    a hero
    an anti-hero
    a Machiavellian antagonist

    in addition to these male NPC's?

    How well do you feel they are conveyed or do you think they are token additions.
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  • Widge 29/08/2014

    @jimmhoo You've said WRONG and then not gone on to refute it with anything at all.

    Thompson tried to ban games.
    Anita is trying to encourage a more intelligent approach to using females in games.

    Those two points please.
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  • Widge 29/08/2014

    @BlueMuffin environment and culture affect people. What about the rise in urban culture, where people (including girls) seem to casually call each other bitches and hoes, merely as term of reference.

    Where did this come from? It certainly didn't just appear. It came from a certain portrayal of lifesyle, most often portrayed in urban film and music. A lot of it is created from demographic targeted FLUFF, but it gets out there and it embeds.

    Now look at old Miley and Thicke. My other half went to a pageant where someone was on stage happily twerking to You Know You Want It. I mean like this is a totally normal action and song for under 10's.

    Popular culture and media. It has an impact.

    Now the main thing we want from all of this is for developers to just THINK a little bit about what they do. Like Ubisoft's "yeah, we were going to have female avatars in our game but decided they were too much money", or Better Together's recent Scottish Independence campaign with the patronising "I'm too busy being a housewife to think for myself", or Nokia's Man Has Phone To Do Business/Woman Has Phone To Buy Shoes What Is Quad Core?

    A little thought. Case by case. Not sweeping huge generalisations slapped across the board. Sometimes getting it right, sometimes getting it wrong, but taking the effort question "is this right? Can it be done better?"

    Human nature is indeed a struggle, but that is the very crux of behavioural change:

    1) unconscious bad behaviour
    2) conscious bad behaviour
    3) conscious corrected behaviour
    4) unconscious corrected behaviour

    Right now we are on the threshold of 2 & 3, looking to find where the boundaries lie, to getting it right. There is a huge amount of resistance from people who want to remain at stage 1.

    It's not good enough.
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  • Widge 29/08/2014



    "He is almost the" - you need "male perception of" here - "the perfect man"

    Are we saying that these decorative females would be the female perception of the perfect female? Of course not, they are the male perception of the perfect female. Whether it be trumped up comic addition or sassy sidekick. Thoughtless decoration.
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Widge 30/08/2014

    @Sildur YOUR FACTS:

    1. Depression Quest has been completely slammed by the Steam community as being an incomplete and terrible game.

    Subjective opinion. Also should we trust the community in such a flame storm? I'm not so sure.

    2. Zoe Quinn is a woman who has posed many times nude for Suicide Girls and then cries fowl when people post those publicly-available photos of her on Twitter.

    Irrelevant to anything ever.

    3. She is manipulative and deceitful not only to everyone around her, but everyone she meets on the Internet it seems.

    IT SEEMS. IT SEEMS. IT SEEMS. No facts. Internet hearsay as truth.

    4. This type of click-bait shoddy journalism should be below you, Dan. " Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn"?? Please man come on.

    No real opinion here it seems other than I THINK THIS IS CLICK BAIT SO I WILL WAH.

    Thank you for playing.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles headed exclusively to new 3DS models

  • Widge 29/08/2014

    @Dantonir Yeah, that has also been tempting me. I was looking at screenis of that the other day. Reply 0
  • Widge 29/08/2014

    I was all excited about getting Xenoblade up and running on Dolphin but I might divert my attention to this instead. Reply -1
  • Dark Souls 2 season pass owners warned off buying latest DLC from PSN

  • Widge 28/08/2014

    "Brilliant, those of us who showed dedication to the company by buying a season pass are shafted even more. Bad enough it's the day after release for all other consoles so that you get spoilers on everything, but it's delayed even further because of technical incompetency."
    What the MOTHER OF FUCK is that?

    Spoilers - do not read Dark Souls 2 threads on forums.

    And A WHOLE FUCKING DAY after other consoles was too much for you anyway?

    Jesus christ.
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • Widge 28/08/2014

    Can you not hang around to follow up your Alan Wake review with a Quantum Break one? Y'know, context and everything? Reply +4
  • BioShock iOS is out tonight for $15

  • Widge 28/08/2014

    @jabberwocky I wouldn't play this without an iOS controller. Reply +1
  • Widge 28/08/2014

    @sid-6581 Didn't GTA on iOS have graphics that were comparable to the then PC releases? I seem to remember that being a big talking point.

    They controlled like cock, admittedly, but the look was bang on.

    Unless I'm cottoning on to an unrelated point, then just ignore all of that.
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  • Widge 28/08/2014

    @jabberwocky Come on. Don't make me trot out the "how will you play that on a train" thing. Reply +1
  • Widge 28/08/2014

    Not playing this until I get a controller. Reply 0
  • Doctor Who headed to Minecraft on Xbox 360

  • Widge 28/08/2014

    @JimmyDanger Surely that feller from Mars who was on the Soviet submarine?

    (which might be an Ice Warrior)
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