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  • PS4 PlanetSide 2 closed US beta this month

  • Widge 08/01/2015

    @CaptainTrips I wonder if it would use the existing PS2 servers? They were shaky at start but are fine now.

    I can't play PS2 anymore being totally big picture mode unfriendly.
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  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • Widge 04/01/2015

    I love that games can motivate us to want to write. I've seen loving threads dedicated to much loved franchises hitting an anniversary landmark, long form between the lines analysis that goes off at a tangent. All sorts of things. I find it all as enthralling as a speed run or feats of skill (see: Dark Souls, esp the Kay plays blind series). What a wonderful medium that it can inspire such things.

    What is sad when we put on our snark hat to declare people are enjoying games the wrong way, writing the wrong way. Hey you! Games are like this, so step in line!
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • Widge 22/12/2014

    From our perspective, looking at the long-term view, the extent to which PlayStation 4's larger GPU makes it more 'future-proof' is more of a concern than the often minimal differences seen between titles rendering at 900p and 1080p.
    That was always the big thing from the reveal of the specs. How well the Xb1 holds up now is all very well, how well it does in 5 years time is another thing entirely.
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  • iOS space combat and trading game Rogue Star out early 2015

  • Widge 18/12/2014

    @distantlurker Flight/space things are surprisingly forgiving on the old touch screen input.

    My main concern is the game being solid. Galaxy On Fire 2 always gets held up as a shining example of this genre on the pad but I found it remarkably unsophisticated.
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  • Life is Strange Episode 1 release date

  • Widge 17/12/2014

    No real gameplay mechanics? Don't let freakin Gamergate's Objective Review Manifesto Brigade get wind of this. Reply -3
  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • Widge 16/12/2014

    Any way of filtering out the reams of "OMG but you kill people in other games" comments, I like to see what the people who have a deeper grasp of context have to say. Reply +5
  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Widge 08/12/2014

    Technically, isn't Killer Instinct a Microsoft owned IP and SF is not? Reply +5
  • Performance Analysis: The Crew

  • Widge 04/12/2014

    I just get the feeling with Ubisoft & studios is that they're over-reaching. Too many titles and too strict deadlines seem to be creating "that'll do" releases. Reply +75
  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • Widge 04/12/2014

    I do feel that GTA is slightly being taken to task for being GTA, the poster child of must ban now (why nobody has decided to rip into Saints Row, I don't know - obviously not selling enough). Expanding on my throwaway comment from earlier, it's that creepy first person mode that is the big issue here. Go pick up a prostitute and get a nice first person show from within your car. Why on earth make that? Why? Hello world, here is one of the gaming scenes biggest titles, look what we've put in it! Cringeworthy and the exact thing that makes the gamer identity look like it is just a bunch of adolescents. I expect better.

    In this instance, Rockstar should be taken to task, but I don't think banning would be the answer. Just like any other medium which would decide to put something so ill judged into it, the media should give it the roasting it deserves.
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  • Widge 04/12/2014

    It's that first person prostitute pick up that is the creepiest thing. Reply +2
  • Editor's blog: Aoife Wilson joins Eurogamer

  • Widge 01/12/2014

    That picture is familiar but I cannot for the life of me remember why. Reply -1
  • The Steam Exploration Sale is live

  • Widge 27/11/2014

    You can grab a Sinners Sandwich for £1.99, a pair of Brothers for £2.19. Reply 0
  • Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"

  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @mdeneuve Flip the coin, they covered prominent GG mouth piece Daniel Vavra's game recently. Look for conspiracy hard enough and you will find it. Reply +4
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @Bickle2 Ok I spoke about Erik Kain? Again, surely he is far better placed than a YouTube ranter like f00t? It's the equivalent of getting someone like Sargon, kop, mundane Matt to weigh in. Or, to paint it generally, asking the NRA to host a gun control discussion. Kain is very respected for not getting involved in the entire "fight the SJW" nonsense and carries a lot of credibility as such. Reply +1
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @Bickle2 Erik Kain is a bit more balanced than those two who, to be fair, err on the conspiracy blinkers side, which is reflected in the lack of adoption from mainstream media. Being on Forbes, he has a viable platform to delve into the more hopeful side of GG, which he does. Reply +2
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @Eregol I think I spent two days indulging in the tomb raider Wah over on Neogaf. I look at that now and it's no wonder gaming has trouble shedding its image. It's still seen as an immature teenage boy's hobby for those wanting to play wargames. While we know it isn't, online representation doesn't do it any favours. Reply +4
  • Widge 26/11/2014


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  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @Eregol I'm not quite there yet, lapses are frustrating, nothing worthwhile is ever easy though. No hacks. Reply +2
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    Personal note: we're all aware of Gamergate. What it has done for me is make me incredibly aware of myself and behaviour as a gamer. You all know me from the threads, fighting the good Sony fight. For fucks sake, I own a PC, what am I doing with my life! On the whole, I've calmed down, pulled back (wearing my X days since fanboy war badge) and am making strides to be more positive. I'm playing unplayed stuff on Steam, failing badly at modding GTA4, giving the Vita some love - all with a lost innocence that was seemingly caused by embracing the worst stereotype of gamer identity. I slip back sometimes - although my reduced presence is a symptom of behavioural change - but the sentiment stands, I need to retain that positivity. Looking at myself, displaying that oh so typical behaviour, that identity needed to die, and hopefully I can say it is dead. Kudos to all who approach games with positivity and don't get lost in online battles, you're a silent majority and it's a shame the negative gamer identity stereotype brings it all down for you. Fingers crossed, we're on the cusp of a golden age of gaming once again and we can swat aside the negative image of old through our behaviour online. Reply +7
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    Where on earth did Caribou go? I didn't say anything bad. Reply +1
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    @Caribou My POV is for people to step back, be calm and perhaps not approach the subject with the same vitriol of the Microsoft tomb raider announcement. Reply +3
  • Widge 26/11/2014

    There is a huge amount of unnecessary negativity in this thread, it would be nice for it to stop. I know as gamers we can be a bit pre-disposed towards internet raging and petulance but try to be better people. No need to live up to the foot stamping stereotype, it's much better for that behaviour to be consigned to the past. Someone should write a piece on that.

    Naturally, the pleasant majority and the silent decent can carry on in happiness.
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  • Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Widge 18/11/2014

    Most impressionsive. Reply +5
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Widge 17/11/2014

    I have only briefly scanned this comment thread but it is heartening to see no console warring and just about everyone coming together to say "you released this without polish". Reply +4
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with GeForce Grid

  • Widge 14/11/2014

    @Gareth1979 How does Cloudlift work out for you? It would be nice to play stuff on my work laptop at lunch over ethernet. Reply 0
  • PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014

  • Widge 14/11/2014

    I so wish that the UI and control work on this moves across to PC. Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

  • Widge 10/11/2014

    @iainmarchant1 "For fans wanting to know if Advanced Warfare is an improvement on the rather flaccid Ghosts, the answer is yes - though not by as much as you might hope." Reply +2
  • Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species

  • Widge 09/11/2014

    I quite liked the anti-RPG thing of being a war hero already, not the farm boy ascension to status thing. Reply +1
  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Widge 07/11/2014

    @drip Not sure about the variety in ME1. I only ever used the pistol with marksman. That at Master tended to be the "win all situations" thing for me. Motored through the game.

    ME3 definitely was the best but needed that ME2 foundation to work from. ME2's was similarly breakable by being able to nail most enemies with the sniper rifle with ease. Send your team ahead and just sit back and use the uber win gun.
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  • Widge 07/11/2014

    All 3 on Steam.
    Controller support.
    Textures on par with the mods at least.

    Done. That's all I want. Hell, release the PC ones as is but with controller support and I'm there.
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  • Sega role-player Valkyria Chronicles announced for PC

  • Widge 28/10/2014


    Possibly the only game of last gen that captured the jRPG essence of old. Not in mechanics, but in feel.
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  • What's new in PlayStation 4's firmware update 2.0?

  • Widge 27/10/2014

    @vert1go Well, the PSN stuff goes into Salesforce marketing cloud where you can be hit up with advertising based on all sorts of marketing criteria!

    Rather impressive I thought.
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • Widge 27/10/2014

    800,000 / 1,000,000 Reply +9
  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • Widge 22/10/2014

    @PixelEdged you say that but I might recommend it to my Dad. My bro was going to buy him a PS4 to play Skyrim on (needless to say I jumped in front shouting NOOOOO).

    I thought, if he wants a front room box, just get another PC.
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  • Doctor Who game aims to teach kids to code

  • Widge 20/10/2014

    @Plankton1975 Robin. Hood. Reply 0
  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Widge 17/10/2014

    @johnboyadvance it won't die, not at all. Not while the likes of farttocontinue, theivyclover, sargon, king of pol, mundane matt, Milo ... all those figures are enjoying adoration and significance. It is in their interest to keep the spin going. Reply -1
  • Widge 17/10/2014

    GamerGate has no win condition. “Ethics in journalism” is not a win condition. They have no idea how to get to what they want. All they want to do is shut down the entities they have targeted as undesirables.

    Jim Sterling reviewed the ethics policy of The Escapist. Because he will not stand for the entire “you can only talk about certain topics in gaming thing” which GamerGate is trying to push in (unless you mention it directly, then it becomes solely about “ethics” and nothing about that whatsoever honest), he is now branded as the enemy.

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  • Widge 17/10/2014

    @hugojackson influence Sarkeesian has had so far:

    Naughty Dog cite her as a major influence in how they designed and fleshed out their female characters in The Last Of Us.

    That is the multiple GOTY The Last Of Us, just in case you needed clarification.

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  • Widge 17/10/2014

    @frazzl enough to sleep her way to a metacritic of fuck all.

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  • Widge 17/10/2014

    Check out PixieJenni for a true neutral stance:


    Because she is not willing to just run with the GG rhetoric, she gets slated as anti-GG (rule of GG: agree with everything or you are the enemy), but has been equally critical of the negative side of those swelling up in response to GG too.
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  • Widge 17/10/2014

    @-cerberus- Internet Aristocrat and Mundane Matt? SERIOUSLY?

    That's like saying "get in the NRA to talk about the necessity of gun control for a balanced opinion".
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  • Widge 17/10/2014

    Hey EG, I get the sentiment but I think you’re ever so slightly too focused here. Right now, GamerGate does not specifically target women. Right now, GamerGate specifically targets anything that “they don’t like”. Whether it is an media outlet whose pieces they disagree with, anyone who has written a review they don’t like, any entity that makes a game that is a bit “lefty”. These can be females, these can be males, they can be organisations.

    Essentially, they are wishing to stamp their authority or vision of “what gaming is” and shut down anything that they do not like. Every article that goes up, lazily criticising the movement for being anti-feminist is rather easy to shoot down as a result. I fully expect to hit the tag stream later to see #notyourshield firing up in response, decrying this piece with a “you do not speak for me!”

    The sooner the mainstream media wises up to this being a movement that is actually the very opposite of the values it trumpets loudly (it is not inclusive, it is not tolerant of a spectrum of viewpoints... otherwise why on earth would they be fighting websites and insisting on a manifesto of “gameplay only” discussion in media).

    And GamerGate, you are judged as a whole. The tag moves to act as one and disperses into individuals when criticised. This is not a get out of jail card. Either shift into a new movement to address the topic of ethics or watch as mainstream media happily disregards everything you may have a valid concern for.
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  • Civilian massacring game Hatred courts controversy, gets it

  • Widge 17/10/2014

    Just to point out, if GamerGate get their way, this game would only be allowed to be critiqued on its controls, technical polish, structure and gameplay. Any sort of wandering into the realm of commentary as to what the game portrays is off limits. Or, as some say, allowable in separate editorials which must not be front page feature pieces. Reply +1
  • Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales

  • Widge 17/10/2014

    X1 will have its month when the Master Chef Collection comes out. Regardless of anything, a package like that will shift. Reply +7
  • E3 organiser and trade group ESA speaks out against GamerGate

  • Widge 16/10/2014

    @Kendrene fair enough, I'll stand down then. I've been more than vocal on this over on Gaf anyway.

    I was always a poster before I was a mod, I've carried on in the same vein.
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  • Widge 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch Dunno. I just came in here to post a massive wall of text.

    Because it is deleted, I cannot see it.
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  • Widge 16/10/2014

    @ItsLatch thank you for the neg, and I'll point out that boogie DOES NOT support the movement. He clearly positions himself as a neutral and gets a SHIT LOAD of flack for it as a result. I have had a good few discussions with him on the topic and he:

    1) does not like the idea of gamers being demonised (fair enough)
    2) is firmly in the camp where he is calling for people to stop the warring
    3) is aware that the movement has a significant toxic agenda that is happy to coat-tail any positive angle through the door

    And you are quite right. It is not about minorities and women. It is about shitty people on the internet being shitty. Foot stamping, wahing, demanding to be catered to in every single way so they can be the centre of the universe like they are in every game they play. Someone on the internet has said things THEY DO NOT LIKE and they want them SHUT DOWN.
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  • Widge 16/10/2014

    @sanctusmortis he has to, especially after the heavy involvement from Milo. Who has also since distanced himself from his stereotype attack on gamers previously. And nobody cares because he is BOOSTING THE SIGNAL. Reply +2
  • Widge 16/10/2014

    For those who don’t really know why this became such a THING. Lots of hearsay and since debunked stuff came out about review scores and Zoe Quinn. A proportion of “idiot internet people” came out to stamp their feet and demand that the media outlets cover with their MSpaint facts, while some took it upon themselves to press the apparently evil people under the banner of justice and anti-corruption. [Now, for a bit of a background as to what this is like as a recipient, you can dial forward in time to when there was a sniff that Zoe may not have been donating to charity sales proceeds as stated on her website. As part of the DRIVE FOR ETHICS, some elements of GamerGate go around looking for smoking guns – unfiled police reports, no donations etc – so after some got some DAMNING PROOF in email from iFred, the fires were lit. What happened here was a flooding of the tag stream about Zoe “it isn’t about her” Quinn’s non-donations and person after person hitting iFred for more proof. iFred, a tiny charity, found themselves flooded on several fronts, social media, inbox, by people asking REASONABLE QUESTIONS. A skeleton crew found themselves swamped and unable to process their admin, and found themselves under even more scrutiny when they came forward to corroborate Quinn’s story – who had also posted images of payments to charity. This was not harassment, this was just asking reasonable questions. Or, as it has now become known, sea lioning. GamerGate don’t harass, they ensure they are reasonable, and have no negative motives and agendas whatsoever. Apply this to anyone who ever becomes a “target”. Oh and the fallout from this, nothing, no apologies, GamerGate moved on, justice served.]

    When the press quite rightly declined to comment on the Zoe story, some decided to have a chat about the entire topic in a private channel. Some wanted to make a stand, some didn’t agree with getting involved whatsoever. Heads clashed. This was collusion and corruption. Apparently. Leigh Alexander then posted the catalyst of it all. THE GAMERS ARE DEAD article. Now, for anyone who has read it, it talked of a need for gaming to shed an identity of being entitled, foot stamping children who like to bicker and moan. Of course it goes without saying (and the article actually said regardless) that NOT EVERYONE (and I’ll also come to a not all GG later) is like this, a grand majority of us are decent game playing people just enjoying a past-time. With this piece, a variety of outlets used it as the basis of their own news pieces, adding a spin (you’ve seen how EG does it with news, picking up from elsewhere and then putting their angle on it – hell, I’VE done it when I noted a bunch of “death of deep house” pieces a year ago and I put my own take on it – I suppose you’d call it a trend. Or MASSIVE COLLUSION CONSPIRACY.) Unfortunately, these pieces were read as “THEY WANT TO KILL ALL GAMERS THE EVIL SJW WEBSITES”. Yep. These websites with writers who absolutely love games and gaming want to kill games. Except that wasn’t the context.

    Of course it has spun out into all sorts of mental now. For all those wanting an earnest ethics review (which actually got Jim Sterling to re-write the Escapists code of ethics – a move lauded by GG... until recently when Jim stepped up to denounce GG dogpiling and the ridiculous drive to dictate what media outlets are allowed to talk about “YOU MUST ONLY WRITE LIKE THIS”... so now he is an ENEMY OF GG), there are those spinning conspiracy stories, co-ordinated attacks on media outlets, huge amounts of efforts circulating propaganda memes, manifestos and current rhetorics (let people know we are against harassment, let them know this is about ethics and not about X, we are winning!), dogpiling onto anyone who is anti-GG (read: anyone who disagrees with any element of GG is anti-GG... so you can like their ethics front, dislike their crazy feminist angle and that puts you anti-GG). What a movement. And it is completely unadressable. Every action undertaken under the GG banner is as a unified consumer revolt. Any criticism, then suddenly GG is a bunch of individuals and you can’t control some people and that isn’t what GG is about, GG is about this other thing.

    I particularly love the way that Gone Home and Depression Quest has been penned as some figure of non-game hate. Games like this are not allowed. Where is the gameplays. There is too much politics and commentary. I saw some poor fucker GG supporter, a female game dev, who was earnestly rallying behind the ethics and notyourshield thing – scroll down her timeline and I noted she was making a graphical novel. WATCH OUT YOU, GG HAS DECREED YOUR TITLE NOT A GAME AND YOU ARE SIN.

    Fucking ridiculous movement. Fucking ridiculous. When you see the mainstream people who decide to denounce it counts pretty much every leading media outlet and “celebrity” figures, leaving those to flock to its banner being no mark websites and agenda laden miscreants, THERE MIGHT BE A SLIGHT PROBLEM IN THE CONVEYING OF THE MESSAGE. It’s never split, IT DILUTES THE SIGNAL... WE’VE COME TOO FAR TO GIVE UP NOW.
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  • Widge 16/10/2014

    Ah, of course, this has been flagged to the Twitter stream by the usual suspects. Wonder why the FACTS crew arrived. Reply +5