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  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • Widge 02/07/2015

    I got given my first 360 the other month. Disc drive was broken apparently but my Mrs. had a few digital games on her account.

    Got it, turned it on, RROD.

    God bless.
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  • On console, PlanetSide 2 is as opaque, frustrating and brilliant as it was on PC

  • Widge 30/06/2015

    I loved PS2 but haven't been back on since its raft of changes due to the UI being totally awful for front room gaming. No idea if the PS4 has scaled back on the graphics but I found it jaw dropping at the time. Reply 0
  • Minecraft console version update adds stained glass, trapdoors

  • Widge 30/06/2015

    I'm more impressed with their iOS support, some of the stuff here I've already got and their updates have really taken off. Reply +1
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC fixes are "significant" and "will take some time"

  • Widge 29/06/2015

    IronGalaxy won't be getting any port work any time soon. Be interesting to hear their side of the story. Reply +64
  • Come join the cult of Skiing Yeti Mountain

  • Widge 29/06/2015

    *inserts OMG SO OFFENDED THIS IS FREE GAME moan* Reply +1
  • Phantom Dust turns to vapourware

  • Widge 22/06/2015

    Don't worry, Sony will announce it at E3 2016 alongside Agent, Half Life 3 and Zone Of The Enders 3. Reply +29
  • The E3 Bulletin: Wednesday

  • Widge 17/06/2015

    Hold on, I missed FF7 on iOS! Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky coming to PC same time as PS4

  • Widge 17/06/2015

    HAPPY Reply +1
  • Square Enix announces an all new console RPG for 2016

  • Widge 16/06/2015

    If this has fixed backdrops with 3D characters running about them... Reply 0
  • Looks like Disney is actually trying with the new Star Wars: Uprising mobile game

  • Widge 05/06/2015

    Do people not try games before writing them off any more? I'm a big detractor of earnings models disguised as games but I won't just write them off because they are marked as free to play.

    I've enjoyed a good many F2P games that have been not been intrusive in their mechanics. Understanding that you cannot hamper the actual gameplay to earn money but still offering an incentivised way to bring in money if you choose to spend it.

    I chose to spend money on Planetside 2, no regrets. I'm sure I could spend money on Hearthstone if I desired, on VainGlory if I wanted to skip character unlocking.

    It's sad to see people insta-no or reduce themselves to very poor hit and run punditry attempts.
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  • Hatred review

  • Widge 04/06/2015

    Game traded on a paper thin terrible concept turns out to be terrible in practice too. Don't we just love titles that re-enforce the idea we are under-developed man babies? I expect more from this hobby. Reply +11
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD headed to PC via Steam

  • Widge 02/06/2015

    WOO. Reply 0
  • Homophobic and transphobic game removed from Steam Greenlight

  • Widge 06/05/2015

    @Kzin it is less pro/anti feminism - it is a battle of shifting boundaries to allow people to be treated with the respect they deserve.

    Some people like to have the right to trample over whoever they see fit, leer at the minorities because they are normal and right.

    These people are particularly upset at having their behaviour challenged and being told to change. People resist change. Even more so when believing they are perfectly entitled.

    Hence the pushback. Hence wheeling out words like cultural marxism and totaliarism. All so they can avoid change and carry on behaving as "normal".
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  • Widge 06/05/2015

    Right, just to put it out there. This entire point about "I am ok with teh gays, why must we hear about these things all time?" mentality.

    Well done.

    Well done for being ok.

    Now think about a large population who are not ok about these topics. Who are strictly against them. And, worst of all, perpetuate its normality.

    It is by far the majority mindset.

    You are ok, many are not. You don't just shut down the conversation because you are "ok" with things and have had enough of hearing about it.
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  • Steam Workshop now allows modders to sell their work

  • Widge 24/04/2015

    @shadowwraith There is that too, not like there isn't another option there. Reply 0
  • Widge 24/04/2015

    I'm failing to see any form of argument from the neg squad on here (hello, I can see you) as to why they object to this.

    I will assume the only reason is "this was free before and I want it to continue being free".

    Which isn't a valid argument.

    If anything, this now gives modders a chance to make a cut out of their efforts. They are often putting in their free time hours to do something just for the love... and often get slapped about the face if there is a backlash by gamers who seem to think that their hobby owes them everything.

    Now they are putting a price on their time, their effort.
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  • The new Shadow of the Beast is one man's dream come true

  • Widge 16/04/2015

    SOTB3 longplay here for anyone who canned it after 2.
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  • Widge 16/04/2015

    Love the way it still *feels* parallax from that vid. I'd like to hear that they got some of the logic puzzles from 2 & 3 into the game too. Reply +2
  • Widge 16/04/2015

    Shadow Of The Beast.
    Ok, it looked fantastic but it was a horrible game to play.​ Terrifically punishing and unfair.

    Shadow Of The Beast 2.
    Did better than the first but still had a ridiculously high barrier to get over. Even when Ten Pint-ing it, you could end up in a place where you'd have to restart several times.

    Shadow Of The Beast 3.
    Now this is where it all came together. The music, the graphics, the puzzles... all finally gelled together in a game that was both challenging but fair.
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  • F1 2015 will be 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • Widge 16/04/2015

    @spectrumfox Are you... what is the word you seem to use constantly in console comparison threads... salty?

    I don't think you have any grounds to be calling out people here.
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  • Postal rejected from Google Play due to "gratuitous violence"

  • Widge 09/04/2015

    Oh and I saw a comment about a large indignation being directed at IAP games. At least the EU has been drafted in to look at the impact on children, misleading advertising etc. So I wouldn't pretend that they are allowed to run free. Reply 0
  • Widge 09/04/2015

    @Sousuke_Sagara This is the point. Violence isnít some sort of binary indicator, and getting infuriated over incredibly linear thinking and a wilful desire to get upset does no favour.

    What GTA has done exceptionally well over its existence is have violence but also to temper it with an increasingly mature approach. Rockstar know about context and how to walk the fine line exceptionally well. Itís like the difference between a comic being funny or offensive. Itís a huge array of grey area concerns, shifting boundaries and nothing that you can point a finger at and say VIOLENCE Y/N.

    Rockstar donít always get it right. EG took them to task over the torture scenes which they felt wandered the wrong side of an indistinct boundary. But this is why we like to drive discussion, analyse in hindsight, remember that games arenít some sort of technical consumer product to service a need, they arenít some basic human right and you can draw a line and say ďnoĒ.
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  • Widge 09/04/2015

    Can Google not sell something if they don't like the content? Absolutely.
    Are they obliged to sell it? No.

    Can Tesco not sell something if they don't want to? Absolutely.
    Are they obliged to sell it? No.
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  • Resident Evil 5 Steam edition "ripped out" code needed for splitscreen mod

  • Widge 08/04/2015

    I can understand why local co-op is glossed over on PC: it is essentially a lone internet soldier at their desk that plays the game.

    When making a decision about where to place porting resources, ditching local co-op must sound like an easy win.

    Still, some of us use these things instead of a console. I've got myself a little category for local co-op games and I would hope its prominence rises again.
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  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • Widge 02/04/2015

    I'm not liking the clear Microsoft bias in that letter. Fanboys. Reply +24
  • Anita Sarkeesian debuts her Positive Female Characters series

  • Widge 01/04/2015

  • Widge 01/04/2015

    SOMEONE on here - who is having a bit of a paddy - has a Twitter TL that features the standard GG echochamber. Join the dots as to who this might be and feel free to disregard as appropriate. Reply -2
  • Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project

  • Widge 31/03/2015

    Quite odd how many people take umbrage with Nintendo wishing to protect their product. The game, the identity, everything about it belongs to them. It does not belong to you and your whims. Reply +12
  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • Widge 30/03/2015

    I'd like to think this will actually highlight that games are not just toys for children and a majority are specifically targeted at adults. Games come in for a huge bunch of shit because they are seen as boys toys, creating outrage that such titles exist on a medium that is seen for adolescent boys. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

  • Widge 25/03/2015

    @orangpelupa I was just wondering about the supersampled variant of this. Crisis Core (apart from the cinematics) looks amazing! Reply 0
  • Ori and the Blind Forest review

  • Widge 12/03/2015

    @cloudskipa I tried Insanely Twisted... didn't really gel with me. I'll be grabbing this though. Reply 0
  • Widge 12/03/2015

    @el_pollo_diablo I don't think that is necessarily true but I think a lot of the mainstream releases were effectively drawing consistent 7 & 8's. Games that you can recommend without necessarily blowing your world to pieces. More of a testament to quality that the days of truly budget turd being an exception. Reply 0
  • Dawn of Titans in good-looking Zynga iPhone game shock

  • Widge 06/03/2015

    Anyway, I'd check it, but anything IAP that is either management or RTS flags warnings to me. I was stunningly surprised by VainGlory, but I treat those as exceptions. Reply 0
  • Widge 06/03/2015

    @riceNpea Well, the AppStore's new "full games" category would be up your street. Full games, no additional purchases.

    I think Apple have wised up to the stream of turds that are usually resource management games and have rightfully chosen to also highlight the awesome full games you can buy.
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  • Top factor driving PS4 purchases is "better resolution" - survey

  • Widge 26/02/2015

    @MrTomFTW I'm not quite down with that. As the gen goes on, games are going to get more and more demanding. Being able to handle a higher resolution at least presents a level to step down to when things get hot. Reply -1
  • How Xenoblade Chronicles scales down to the 3DS

  • Widge 25/02/2015

    @berelain I've stuck Crisis Core through a massive amount of superscaling onto a 1080p screen. Looks bloody marvellous apart from the sections of video, which are horrible in comparison.

    My only bugbear about emulation is that it just doesn't feel as nice playing on native hardware. Often there are quirks you have to just accept. I won't go anywhere near Wii emulation until I have a Wii Pro controller.

    It's why I'm rather keen on this port.
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  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • Widge 23/02/2015

    @FrozenMetalHead I remember Halo 2 being plagued by hacking kids. That was worse than exploiters. Reply 0
  • Widge 23/02/2015

    The crime of using exploits to level. On a game.


    The impact of a needless public online humiliation to a child.


    Just weigh that up before you decide to pin your colours to "he got what he deserved".
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  • Alto's Adventure and Solipskier: The loneliness of the endless runner

  • Widge 20/02/2015

    Oh yes, I added this to my wishlist the other day. Reply -2
  • The Order: 1886 review

  • Widge 19/02/2015

    @dirtysteve Yeah,I don't quite see it as Meh. This is for things like Nier and whatever. You can't recommend it but it sure will find its fans. Reply 0
  • Widge 19/02/2015

    That summary at the end, that's EXACTLY how I pinned the game. It wants to be the glory years of the third person cinematic shooter, which is to aim its sights as being as good as the games of a few years ago, wilfully ignoring the evolution since those times. Reply +36
  • Evolve review

  • Widge 16/02/2015

    @fragjam It's not clear at all. There have been some titles that fall into your Recommended criteria that have not got the silver badge of commendation.

    What is clear is that if the game says Essential, it is that, if it says Recommended, it is that, if it says Avoid, you do that, and everything else falls within your judgement.

    NO MORE arguing over Motorstorm or Dead Space getting a 7 where you think it is a 9. You get the last say. Who else can recommend a game more than yourself?
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  • Widge 16/02/2015

    @g4r37h Nope, not a 5, but one of those many games that come out, full of AAA polish that you'd neither instabuy or put on your for serious consideration list BUT would also not dismiss and may consider if you feel the weaknesses are not relevant to your tastes.

    Games are so much more than a number.
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  • Widge 16/02/2015

    @Badoink Not recommended by team. Not avoid, but just one of those middle ground games. Reply +59
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • Widge 16/02/2015

    I agree length is meaningless, it's what you do with it that is important. Portal 1 & 2 were sublime, everything I've seen about The Order errs towards "we got the cinematic to gameplay balance wrong".

    We're all fairly clued up. The actual gunplay grunt of the game looks so... well, early last gen bland lets say.
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  • Widge 16/02/2015

    The entire thing has screamed BEWARE since moment one and every showing since.

    [this comment from TEH SONY BIAS mod Widge]
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  • How is the other new shooter from the creators of Halo?

  • Widge 13/02/2015

    Seriously. It is free. Go play, get yourself up to Level 7 or something and then ask yourself if you're being hampered by an earnings model.

    Certainly not anywhere near a resource management "game" or a nimblebit time vampire.

    And then get Vainglory too.
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  • Widge 13/02/2015

    As someone who has actually played this, you really don't need to fork out for the premium currency.

    You get more than enough tech points and such gubbins as you play to do the various unlocks. The progression is no different to any mainstream title with RPG lite mechanics.

    I'd not get hung up on that point and actually look at the game itself.

    As it stands, it is a decent little shooter. Not an FPS but on-rails+. The key part of it is the challenges - being able to challenge mates or randoms to score trials is going to keep drawing you back. Three jaunts through a challenge to hit a high score and it'll have you really pitching your wits to clinch it.

    And that is the test for any F2P IAP game really. Take the money mechanic away and see if there is an actual game left. In this instance, there certainly is.

    Also in the case of the mentioned VainGlory too. That has a deliciously balanced game where the IAP doesn't intrude whatsoever. Yeah, it takes forever to buy a new character to use but they keep up the rotation of free ones constantly, so there is always a breadth to get stuck into.

    Really though, if you blanket ignore games on the premise of being free or having IAP, then you should probably re-evaluate the way you look at titles.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Widge 10/02/2015

    Baffled how Gamergate are trying to spin this add one sort of reform win they have pushed for.

    EG were one of the first to introduce disclosure a good few years ago and have always strived to reform and evolve. The no score thing here has been a topic for a good long while.
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  • Towerfall is adding an Anita Sarkeesian skin

  • Widge 10/02/2015

    I'll have to search out the a man in black storifies which highlight thunderf00t's rather terrible opinion of women. Reply +14