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  • BioShock back-compat on Xbox One: can it hit 60fps?

  • Wickerman1972 17/12/2016

    @pseudopod There's been some talk lately from Spencer about including original Xbox games for emulation as well. If that happens titles from Xbox's entire history could be played on one machine.

    I have both X1 and PS4. PS4's lack of bc doesn't bother me too much but its inability to support external storage for games is maddening. Amazes me they don't fix that.
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  • Wickerman1972 17/12/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Awesome that MS is going above and beyond with this. Reply +4
  • Wickerman1972 17/12/2016

    I'm no emulation expert but I've always heard that it's very taxing on hardware. Have heard before that it's ideal for your hardware to be 10X as powerful as whatever you're emulating. From what I've heard X1 is only around 5X as powerful as Xbox 360 when it comes to the GPU and maybe 3X as powerful when it comes to the CPU. In that environment it's a mystery to me how this works so well. Really does seem like quite the technical achievement and just imagine how well Scorpio is likely to do it. Reply +24
  • What works and what doesn't with PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Wickerman1972 13/12/2016

    I have PS4 and X1 and the one thing that majorly bugs me about PS4 is its inability to support external hard drives for games. The one I have came with a 500gb hdd and is full. Is PS4 Pro the same way? Reply +2
  • Why insiders think we'll see a new Xbox One at E3

  • Wickerman1972 28/04/2016

    Could be that they're gonna do both, a slimmed down X1 and a X1.5. I know Spencer said there will be no X1.5 but it seems to me that if PS4k is real then MS has to respond to it in some way. Reply 0
  • Some people are upset the new Mirror's Edge locks abilities behind XP upgrades

  • Wickerman1972 15/04/2016

    @jamyskis1981 I totally agree with that. In fact, if done properly it could serve as a more natural kind of tutorial. But nowadays when I hear about something like this my immediate reaction is to assume it has something to do with microtransactions. Hopefully it doesn't. Reply +4
  • Wickerman1972 15/04/2016

    Waiting for the announcement that all abilities can be unlocked right away if you pay extra. C'mon, you know it's coming. Reply +10
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Wickerman1972 24/03/2016

    @2old4disshit I just don't believe it's something that will have improved silicon for games. Like Zerobob said this is probably just about video, an upgrade to HDMI 2.0 and possibly even a 4k blu ray drive. Reply +1
  • Wickerman1972 24/03/2016

    Maybe it's just a slim PS4 with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 so that it can stream 4K video. Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone walkthrough and guide

  • Wickerman1972 13/10/2015

    Hmm, been checking here every now and then for analysis of the 1.10 patch. Hoping you guys do one. Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on PS4

  • Wickerman1972 12/10/2015

    @TheDarkSide Nearly the same time. I'm waiting for the 3 game X1 bundle to come out at the end of this month to get it. Reply +2
  • Wickerman1972 11/10/2015

    Just ordered the Nathan Drake collection PS4 from Amazon. Gonna be the first Playstation console I've owned since the original. Gonna get the X1 as well. That'll be another thing that hasn't happened in a long time, the first time I've owned 2 consoles in a given generation since Genesis and SNES. Reply +4
  • Witcher 3 patch 1.10 is a monster, full notes revealed

  • Wickerman1972 10/10/2015

    Why are patches so huge on these consoles anyway? On X360 game patches were always small, just a few megs. Reply 0
  • Destiny will soon get microtransactions

  • Wickerman1972 06/10/2015

    Lol, I'm not surprised. Seriously, has there ever been a console game that defines corporate greed better than Destiny? And we're just a few years into this quickly escalating nonsense. Imagine what gaming is going to be like a decade from now. Reply +5
  • Laura is a brand new character for Street Fighter 5

  • Wickerman1972 05/10/2015

    Ultra SF4 has 44 characters and this is going to have ... 16?! Well, it's good to know they have zero intentions of milking us for more cash later.

    Speaking of SF4 it sure would be nice to still be able to purchase the Fightpad at a reasonable price.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Halo 5: Guardians

  • Wickerman1972 28/09/2015

    @bladdard Yeah, they're both pretty damned weak. Some people make out like PS4 is powerful but imo it's just less weak than X1. Surely there are plenty of people that disagree but I would have preferred $500 consoles with the extra $100 going towards more umph. Reply +6
  • Wickerman1972 28/09/2015

    Seems to me this dynamic resolution solution is something everyone should be using to achieve steady 30 and 60 fps framerates. I'd love to see this feature get added to the console versions of Witcher 3 at least an an option. I think the X1 version will scale up over 900p at times but it doesn't scale down when under load as far as I know. Reply 0
  • Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

  • Wickerman1972 26/09/2015

    @bad09 I've tried it and found it unplayable. I do no gaming on my phone whatsoever because of it. Reply +6
  • Wickerman1972 26/09/2015

    Don't think it'll ever make sense to me how so many people can tolerate moving around characters with touchscreen controls. Reply +5
  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance

  • Wickerman1972 12/08/2015

    @ABC123XYZ I feel I've got plenty to complain about. Not necessarily with this game but with the console manufacturers. Both machines should have had 22-24 active GPU compute units instead of 12 and 18. Both machines should have had 12 CPU cores or if sticking with 8 they should have been more robust cores than these ones. And they should have both had a 384 bit memory bus rather than a 256 bit one. Would be true-blue 1080p machines then. Reply -2
  • Wickerman1972 12/08/2015

    Still think this should probably be running at 900p on PS4 and 720p on X1. Would likely be quite smooth then. Reply -1
  • Hatred review

  • Wickerman1972 04/06/2015

    Pretty much everything I've read has said the game is crap. But from what I've heard it's selling great on Steam so it appears that going for controversy over quality has payed off for them. Reply +1
  • What can we learn from The Witcher 3 "downgrade" fiasco?

  • Wickerman1972 27/05/2015

    @Elinerd Been looking at some of your replies and it's amazing to me that you care so much about this. How are you going to react when a real problem presents itself? Reply +3
  • Wickerman1972 27/05/2015

    Guess I'm different than some in that when I see footage of a game that is far off I always regard it as a work in progress that might change. It would be one thing if the preview from 2 years ago looked great and the finished product looked like crap. But it doesn't, the game looks gorgeous. Yes, the 2013 images are better but the different builds aren't a universe apart. I believe they honestly thought they could hit that target at the time. The game is still beautiful, is huge, is well written ... etc. Just doesn't seem controversy-worthy to me, not this instance anyway. Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of world-building

  • Wickerman1972 12/05/2015

    Review scores have been quite good so far but I'm seeing complaints about the framerate in many of them ... the one thing I was really hoping wouldn't be an issue. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Dark Souls 2

  • Wickerman1972 02/04/2015

    @Sunsprie I'm just taking what I think to be a somewhat educated guess on this but I think it might be the CPUs. GPU-wise X1 is roughly 5X as powerful as X360 and PS4 7X as powerful as X360. But the CPU jump ain't nearly that big. Actually the Jaguar CPU cores in these systems just straight-up suck considering what was available at the time. Those games you mentioned are pretty linear and simplistic without a lot going on to tax the CPU so perhaps because of that resources were freed up and/or bottlenecks were avoided. There's more to it than that of course, like framerate and resolution, but I do think the weak CPU cores probably plays a role in it. Reply +6
  • Wickerman1972 02/04/2015

    PS4 version performs better? Shocking!!!!!

    But seriously ... considering that the GPU compute unit count is 18 vs 12 I'm surprised X1 has fared as well as it has in a lot of these comparisons.
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • Wickerman1972 01/03/2015

    Every time I hear someone say PS4 does higher resolution than X1 it makes me cringe cuz it's not really accurate. There certainly is a power difference between the two, around 500 gflops, but their video output capabilities are the same. Lowering resolution just happens to be what a lot of devs are doing with X1 versions of their games to make up for the graphics processing difference. But it doesn't have to happen there, could be lower framerate or even degraded art/effects, etc. All depends on how the dev chooses to tackle it. Simply saying PS4 is more powerful than X1 is a heck of a lot more accurate than saying PS4 does higher resolution than X1. Reply +1
  • Fable Legends is free-to-play

  • Wickerman1972 26/02/2015

    I really despise the term free to play. Free to start is much more accurate. Reply +2
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • Wickerman1972 17/02/2015

    @Suarez07 I get what you're saying but if the game is decent but short why not just buy it later for a discounted price? Don't know if you said it but I did see lots of replies in here calling it a rental. C'mon, devs don't get anything for rentals so if the game is good why punish them completely? Just wait a few months and buy at a discounted price if you think it's too short that way they at least get something. Reply 0
  • Wickerman1972 17/02/2015

    @Suarez07 Well, I admit that I rarely pay $60 (Dollar sign cuz I'm in America) for a game. Just wait a few months and ya can get them for much less than that. That's what I usually do so maybe that's why I'm more accepting of shorter length. But I'll tell ya, if everything was 100 hours long or more I'd play considerably less titles. A game has to be exceptionally good for me to be able to tolerate it for that long. I'm looking forward to Witcher 3 which I know is suppose to be long but I'm up for it cuz I so loved Witcher 2. But with a lot of games knowing it's gonna take that much time up-front would make me not want to even bother with them. Reply 0
  • Wickerman1972 17/02/2015

    Call me crazy but I like plenty of games in the 8-12 hour range. I don't want to dedicate a large portion of my life to everything like with Bethesda games. And let's face it, a lot of the long games get there by having you fuss with menus/inventory for countless hours and/or stocking areas with loads of crap to pick up. Think about Fallout 3, ya spend all this time searching rooms for items which extends the length considerably while in an action game you'd just run through the same room in a second. It's a nice trick to extend playtime and I like Fallout 3 but I don't want EVERY game to be like that. Reply 0
  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • Wickerman1972 28/12/2014

    If you're going to do that then why not go ahead and add Reach to the bunch as well? Reply 0
  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • Wickerman1972 16/12/2014

    I've always despised cynical cash-grabs like this in art and media. The best creations start with someone saying "Ya know what would be great ..." not "Ya know what would make a ton of money ..." Hate is an obvious case of the latter. But although it deserves to bomb I feel pretty confident it'll make these guys a fortune. Soullessness pays. Reply 0
  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Wickerman1972 17/11/2014

    @magnetite2 That there even was some super Reaper-destroying weapon hidden away in the Citadel was lame. It goes right back to something-someone else dealing with the Reapers rather than you and the force you've amassed. Really I think the whole thing got too big for Bioware's writing staff and they didn't know how to conclude things in a satisfying way so they took an easy, cliched way out instead. Reply 0
  • Wickerman1972 07/11/2014

    @ApokNyneWheel The best way I've found of explaining my disappointment with the ending of ME3 is this (Copied from something I wrote about it a while ago):

    "Then came the end... an ending that made me die inside a little bit. It's not even that it was nonsensical (The original one anyway) that bothered me so much. It was that I suddenly lost control of everything. I thought it was going to be an epic showdown between my forces and the Reapers but instead a ghostkid with a magic button appears out of nowhere and deals with the Reapers himself. Oh, he asks you which magic trigger you want him to pull but it doesn't make it any less lame. This should have gone down like the suicide mission at the conclusion of ME2 on a far grander scale but alas, it chooses instead to abruptly turn into one of those choose-your-own-adventure books you might have read as a kid. Really, why did I need to unite the forces of the galaxy and deliver them to this place if all it takes to solve everything is one man answering some godchild's question? Couldn't I just have phoned that in?

    Think of this way: Imagine a big UFC fight upcoming, say Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva. It's about to begin, you're pumped for it, then Dana White suddenly appears in the center of the Octagon, mumbles some words to Jones who in turn mumbles something back, and Silva falls over unconscious in his corner without a punch or kick thrown. The ref lifts Jones' arm in victory and the credits roll. That is the ending of Mass Effect 3!

    But as bad as that is it's even worse than that. The choices you're given make no sense, they fly in the face of everything Mass Effect has stood for up to that point. The synergy option is especially disgusting, is what Saren of ME1 wanted, yet the ensuing cutscenes make it seem glorious."

    I still feel the same way about it to this day. But although I'd LOVE for the ending to be remade it's the one aspect of the game I feel most certain they won't change.
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  • Wickerman1972 07/11/2014

    An entirely new ending to the third one seems like the best and most obvious change to me. Reply +1
  • Microsoft rolls out Xbox One October system update

  • Wickerman1972 16/10/2014

    @reggy72 I don't know how you could expect this to go down any other way. MS royally screwed up X1's hardware ... colossally. They actually managed to build a somewhat bigger and more expensive APU that is 40%-50% weaker than the competition's. Considering a blunder like that they're lucky to be doing as well as they are. And it ain't like the games are enough to cause people to overlook the hardware. This ain't like PS2 vs Xbox. There isn't a big difference games-wise. I think that at best someone might be able to claim that the games lineup on X1 is marginally better than PS4's, and there would be plenty of people to disagree with even that. They would have to utterly slay with the games catalog to undo the damage of the hardware gap. Reply -7
  • Wickerman1972 16/10/2014

    MS totally screwed up X1's hardware but I think they've done a better job with their system's OS than Sony has ... and by a pretty good margin. But those hardware mistakes are pretty darned big ones and I don't think that outpacing Sony on the features front is gonna earn them a pardon from a lot of people. Reply -2
  • In Theory: Does Kinect-free Xbox One mean more power for games?

  • Wickerman1972 15/05/2014

    It won't even come close to closing the gap. Even with 100% of X1's GPU dedicated to gaming that's just 1.3 tflops vs PS4's 1.8 tflops, a difference of 500 gflops which is roughly 2 X360s. In graphics processing numbers X1 is 5X as powerful as X360, PS4 7X as powerful as X360. And that's just the GPUs. Memory architecture is also a problem for X1. Simply put they botched the hardware design and there's no getting around it now. PS4 is going to remain more powerful no matter what they do. Reply +1
  • PS4 is doing great - but it's a different story for Sony

  • Wickerman1972 01/05/2014

    "Apparently demand for physical media is "contracting faster than anticipated""

    Well, no wonder considering many of the ridiculous things manufacturers of physical media are doing. What I'm especially alluding to are those silly eco-cases. Nearly every Blu-Ray movie I buy anymore comes in those. They're missing the majority of the plastic in the center of the front and back of the case leaving the disc and cover art extremely vulnerable to damage. It makes mail-ordering a gamble because so often the product shows up messed up. And they don't even make sense because plenty of people chuck and replace them with a proper case (As I do) which ends up being 2 plastic cases manufactured for each disc instead of 1. And don't even get me started about the stickers they plaster all over them. :mad:

    In a digital age the main reason for purchasing a physical version of a film is the packaging. To someone still considering buying a DVD or Blu-Ray of a film despite having access to it on something like Netflix the packaging is the product! So why go out of your way to screw up that part of it? Look, the casual market for DVD and Blu-Ray is gone. They've got Netflix and they ain't coming back. But there's still a market of nerds like me out there, guys that for whatever peculiar reason like to have a rack packed full of their favorite movies. Considering that the collector market is the only one left packaging should be getting better rather than worse. You're rendering the primary reason for anyone to buy physical a moot point.

    OK, rant over.
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  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn set for consoles if it raises $450K

  • Wickerman1972 11/04/2014

    I don't get it. Shaq is a multimillionaire. Why does he need Indiegogo to make a game? What's next, Bill Gates asking for donations to make the next version of Windows? Reply +5
  • Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • Wickerman1972 21/03/2014

    Not for a moment do I believe they're happy with having an inferior GPU to PS4 or with having 8 gigs of DDR3 when PS4 has 8 gigs of GDDR5. Those decisions weren't made because that's what they wanted but because they thought 8 gigs of GDDR5 wouldn't be doable by late 2013. I get that it's proper PR to claim that they like where they're at but c'mon, no way they like where their hardware is. If a do-over were possible they'd take it. Reply +23
  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • Wickerman1972 14/03/2014

    @geox30 I don't think the DRM stuff has much to do with it. Anyone who has even seriously considered buying a next-gen machine already is gonna be fairly hardcore and core gamers are gonna be informed enough to know that MS ditched all those policies. What's really hurting it is its lack of graphics processing power and the extra money it costs because of Kinect being bundled in. They can get rid of Kinect and drop the price but its underpowered GPU is always gonna be a thorn in its side. Reply +12
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth review

  • Wickerman1972 04/03/2014

    Too bad it isn't great. But at least it does appear to be good. Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Strider

  • Wickerman1972 22/02/2014

    Strider was one of my favorite games back in the 16-bit days. Glad to see a competent sequel to it come out. Makes me wish some other classics would get revisited like Ghouls N' Ghosts and Shinobi ... and in 2D. Too often when an old franchise gets resurrected they screw it up by making it 3D. Reply +1
  • Wickerman1972 22/02/2014

    @bluetoothion It's not a Megadrive conversion, lol. It's a sequel, not a port of the game that was in arcades and on Genesis many years ago. I've played that game (Over and over again, btw) and it wasn't this. Reply 0
  • Wickerman1972 22/02/2014

    Considering the kind of game this is I'm actually a little surprised it couldn't be 720p/60 on X360 and PS3. If the COD games can be why not this? Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 720p on Xbox One

  • Wickerman1972 17/02/2014

    Still say MS should have delayed X1 to improve the GPU and swap out the ESRAM and DDR3 for GDDR5 when they found out about PS4's specs. But they were all concerned about Sony getting a head-start on them and didn't do it. Big mistake. I've been a Xbox gamer since 2001, haven't owned a Playstation since the original. And even I can't recommend X1 over PS4. If they can lose me they can lose anybody. Reply +8
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth is more than just a fart joke

  • Wickerman1972 15/02/2014

    I really, really hope this is as good as I'm expecting it to be. If it sucks that will be a huge bummer. Reply 0