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Werti0 has most recently played DARK SOULS, Iron Brigade, ACE COMBAT: AH, and Borderlands 2 on Xbox Live.

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  • MAG (Massive Action Game)

    I just got a new metalgear solid4 bluetooth for my ps3 and i can
    hear people talking through it but i can't talk to them what can
    i do to fix this 1857 Members

  • Monster Hunters

    "This game contains scenes of graphic violence and
    gore." There's also cooking cats and a pig in a leotard. 70 Members


    Don't hate the PSP? Get on in here! 154 Members

  • Roguelike Dungeoneer's Society

    These Caverns almost seem to be endless. There is a stair
    leading upwards here. 60 Members

  • Star Trek Online

    6412 Members