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  • A complete history of Nintendo console launches

  • Weezer 24/02/2017

    "but at the time of the SNES' launch, the plumber's return was seen as overly iterative"

    Bollocks was it. Everyone I knew thought it was utterly amazing, Mode 7 bosses and all.
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  • Nintendo's Switch media kit includes heartfelt messages from Reggie and Zelda's director

  • Weezer 24/02/2017

    It's just a games console. Calm the fuck down everyone. There'll be another one along in a few years' time... Reply 0
  • Hearthstone will add three 130-card expansions next year, no adventures

  • Weezer 16/02/2017

    After about three years of solid addiction, playing almost every day, I can feel Hearthstone's grip on me starting to slip. Doesn't feel like there's much point to it any more... Reply +7
  • Sniper Elite 4 review

  • Weezer 13/02/2017

    Will be happily playing this tomorrow with all of its PS Pro goodness.

    But, slightly off-topic, I'd pay really good money for a new Splinter Cell that was as good as the old Splinter Cell.
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  • PS4 Pro boost mode: a game-changer for unpatched titles?

  • Weezer 08/02/2017

    Brilliant. I never finished Unity, but was planning to go back - that plus the Fallout 4 Pro update will breathe new life into two old games I had given up on. Very happy with my Pro purchase - roll on Mass Effect. Reply +7
  • Johnny and Ian had a fight about Switch - in video form

  • Weezer 07/02/2017

    So there's four half-decent games... this year. I've just finished Far Cry 4 (a bit late) and Deus Ex. Sniper Elite 4 (preordered), For Honor and Psychonauts 2 turns up next week with Horizon Zero Dawn the week after that. I'm getting Mass Effect: Andromeda in March, swiftly followed by Ghost Recon: Wildlands, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Yooka-Laylee (backed because I don't hate fun). Then there's whatever PS VR (Farpoint is out in June) and PSN throws up. – and all of that costs less than one Switch minus any games. Sorry, Nintendo. No sale. Reply 0
  • Who's who in Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Weezer 31/01/2017

    Just for once I wish they weren't all bipedal humanoids. It's not like they're making rubber suits for actors to wear... Reply +3
  • Don't expect another big Deus Ex game anytime soon

  • Weezer 30/01/2017

    Pretty disappointed with Mankind Divided - felt really short and imbalanced. I all but ended the game and never even touched Jensen's new hyper-augs. So what was the point of that? And to end it all on another stupid boss fight? Really enjoyed its predecessor but this one left me stone cold... Reply +1
  • The story behind the worst game ever made

  • Weezer 23/01/2017

    "I just can't believe people are still talking about it 30 years later."

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  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • Weezer 16/01/2017

    I see the Switch is totally sold out of pre-orders in the US. There's a sucker born every minute... Reply +41
  • Watch the worst video game trailer ever to appear on the official PlayStation YouTube channel

  • Weezer 16/01/2017

    Well it's better than anything I could cobble together, so I'll give them that... Reply 0
  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • Weezer 14/01/2017

    The Switch should have had Virtual Console support from day one, with Nintendo's entire bsck catalogue, for a small annual fee. I mean, that miniature NES has sold like hot cakes - people are all over retro gaming - and that would at least have helped bridge the gap while waiting for new, full games. Imagine if Switch had been dubbed the ultimate retro gaming console - play the best games ever made, anywhere, any time. And it plays brand new games too! No other machine can do that.

    But sadly Ninty is far too precious about its IP. Someone should tell them that you can - literally - play every NES and Famicom game ever made wiih Open Emu and a USB joypad. I presume SNES is in a similar state, so why should people pay for the privilege of renting one or two games a month?

    Despite everything that's happened over the last two decades, Nintendo still clings to its old, anachronistic Japanese traditions and practices and has its head in the sand regarding customer needs and wants. I too was once a massive Nintendo fanboy (grey import early adopter of every console until Game Cube), but now the company's belligerence and arrogance just frustrates me.

    It's taken too long to see Mario on mobile phones, and I wonder what kind of revenue Nintendo is losing by not jumping all over that bandwagon? With a heavy heart, I sort of hope the Switch fails, so Nintendo can finally get out of the increasingly pointless hardware business and concentrate on making brilliant, joyous games that everyone can play. I'm sure it could sign financially beneficial deals with Sony and Microsoft, but no doubt its pride will prevent that ever happening.

    The company isn't doomed, but I see no real happy ending while it continues to flail around making overpriced, underpowered gadgets... I suspect this is going to be another long, slow-motion car crash.
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  • Nintendo Switch out 3rd March for £279.99

  • Weezer 13/01/2017

    I was never really that taken with the idea of Switch, and the launch details have not changed my mind. I also wonder about Nintendo's manufacturing credentials. Those ridiculously small joypads sliding in and out of the base station an the screen - in and out, in and out - how long before they no loner work I wonder. Ah Nintendo, we shared so many happy days together... but in March I'll be busy playing Mass Effect. Reply +1
  • Battlezone VR update adds 80s-inspired Classic Mode

  • Weezer 17/12/2016

    £32 for a PSVR? Christ it must have really made its previous owner sick. Reply +1
  • Yooka-Laylee cancelled for Wii U due to "unforeseen technical issues"

  • Weezer 13/12/2016

    Backed this on PS4. Sadly, however, it will arrive in the same time frame a Mass Effect 4 so Y-L will go straight on the backburner until I've explored the entire Andromeda universe and killed (or shagged) every available character in it. Reply -4
  • Criterion's Star Wars Battlefront experience is the best demo for VR yet

  • Weezer 07/12/2016

    Yep, big thumbs up here. The sense of being in an actual X-Wing is phenomenal (you can turn around and see your astromech fixing the ship!). And just when you thought it couldn't raise any more gasps of awe, the final scene in orbit around a red planet is just breathtaking. That's one hell of a nice 'freebie'. Full game please! Reply +3
  • Obduction is coming to PS4 with PSVR support

  • Weezer 17/11/2016

    Happy with more PSVR titles. Well, as long as they're not like 'The Martian VR Experience' – that experience being the feeling of pissing away £15 on a fucking shit tech demo. Reply 0
  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • Weezer 11/11/2016

    Well I've got the Pro and am looking forward to seeing what devs will do with it. Already there are some substantial improvements to PSVR games, especially Res and The Playroom, both of which immediately look so much clearer and therefore more immersive. And I've not even tried the patched version of Deus Ex yet. Its early days for the machine – give it a chance. Of course, if you hate the thought of marginally sub-4K gaming and mildly fluctuating frame rates (#firstworldproblems) then don't buy a PS4 Pro – but for heaven's sake stop fucking moaning about it. Like Louis C K says, the world is amazing and no-one's happy. Reply 0
  • Robinson: The Journey review

  • Weezer 09/11/2016

    @the-Uncle-show Well even so, at my order price of £42.99, it still sounds like too much money for not much game. Reply 0
  • Weezer 09/11/2016

    @the-Uncle-show Yeah, but it doesn't make the game longer or any more fun. [EDIT: according to reviews] Reply +1
  • Weezer 08/11/2016

    Phew. Order cancelled in the nick of time. Like everyone else here, I'll grab when it's dirt cheap somewhere. Still, hugely disappointing though. Reply 0
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

  • Weezer 07/11/2016

    My biggest issue is that the local store I preordered from is having shipping issues, so Thursday might be Friday or even Saturday. Curses!

    And for those bemoaning the lack of PSVR comment, to my knowledge none of the games have been patched yet. DF might have early code, but they can't do everything all in one day... However, any improvement will be most welcome.

    (FWIW, I downloaded the CoD Jackal mission in VR and it is bloody amazing. If you want to know what your brain and stomach think of being in a barrell-rolling spaceship 200+ miles above the earth, this comes pretty close!)
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  • The big list of PS4 Pro-enhanced launch games

  • Weezer 03/11/2016

    I'm really intrigued to see what improvements the Pro brings to PSVR games. If it improves the experience even further then that's just great! With VR Worlds, Rez Infinite, Tumble, The Playroom, Robinson the Journey, Bound and RIGS all on the list, something's afoot, that's for sure... Roll on next week! Reply +1
  • Sony edges closer to 50m PS4 sales, PSVR "on track"

  • Weezer 01/11/2016

    PSVR bought and enjoyed, PS Pro collection next week, plus Robinson: The Journey and Batman VR... Good times.

    Anyone thinking PSVR is a gimmick hasn't played on one. The only thing that will kill it is poor software, and so far I see no real problems on that side. Don't get me wrong: it's not a thing you can wear for hours on end, but in short bursts it's bloody amazing. I hope it succeeds so Sony can greenlight a PSVR 2.
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  • What Skyrim had that Fallout 4 lost

  • Weezer 27/10/2016

    Same here. Played, loved and finished Skyrim. Put off buying Fallout 4, got sucked into it watching mate play, picked it up cheap, put in a good few hours but have hardly touched it since, with no massive desire to go back. It just feels so vast and bleak and grindy. I used to be happy just watching the sun go down from a mountain top in Skyrim... Reply +2
  • Thumper review

  • Weezer 21/10/2016

    Not tried Thumper yet but it's sure got a way to go to beat Res X which is simply fucking mindblowing. I love PSVR but wish Sony hasn't skimped on the headset display. Version 2 cannot come soon enough... Reply -3
  • Gears 4 debuts ahead of PlayStation VR game flood

  • Weezer 17/10/2016

    Another vote for Rez here. In truth, I was never that enamoured of the standard version I played on Xbox 360, but was playing last night and it's simply mind blowing. Even though the PSVR is fairly low-res, it looks sharp throughout and moves so fluidly. I was doing the boss at the end of the 3rd level, I think, and you're floating hundreds of feet above the ground in this vast space – the effect is simply awesome.

    Also, the Playroom VR, which is a free download, is just bloody amazing. Dammit, will this work day ever end!?
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  • Rez Infinite review

  • Weezer 15/10/2016

    Well, I got it all and set it up. The screens need to be higher res (at least twice what they currently are) and the headset still grows uncomfortable after a while... but my God, what an experience! I doubt I can play for any length of time without eye strain, but it's a brilliantly immersive way of engaging with content, whether that's games, animations or video. First demo I tried was the undersea adventure and it frigging blew my mind. Roll on PSVR2! Reply +1
  • Weezer 15/10/2016

    Good old Argos have come through! Gonna collect a big bundle of PS VR gear as soon as I get my weekend shag out of the way. Man, You can't beat a new gaming hardware release to get me excited like a little kid again! Glad everyone is having fun with their headsets. Looking forward to blowing yet more cash on PSN later! Reply +2
  • Nintendo opens up one of its secret storage rooms

  • Weezer 13/10/2016

    @Rexter2k Just get an emulator and play every NES and Famicom game ever made. (I know it's not the same, but what are you going to play a Famicom on? CRT TVs are a dying breed!) Reply 0
  • PlayStation VR hasn't tamed VR's strangeness

  • Weezer 13/10/2016

    Just threw a pile of cash at Argos for the headset, camera and glowy-balls-on-sticks – get it Sunday, all being well. I've never even tried PSVR but from the reviews I have faith that, at the very least, I'll find it entertaining in short bursts and something to help fill the long dark winter months. It doesn't have to be perfect: I've been playing games literally since Pong in the arcades - my brain is well versed at filling in the gaps!

    The games look intriguing and that piece about Crytek's dinosaur-survival game utterly sold me: I'm really happy with walking simulators if they look that good and are (hopefully) that immersive. I've no doubt in 18 months' time this thing will be traded in, but I hope it'll be for PSVR 2, with higher res, wider-vision goggles and better tracking.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing people's experiences with it, and recounting my own. And if its not mass market, who cares, as long as it's fun?
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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • Weezer 26/08/2016

    Frankly I'm amazed someone in the US hasn't launched a class action lawsuit against Sony and Hello Games for this clusterfuckery. Reply +3
  • Weezer 25/08/2016

    So glad I didn't buy into this tapestry of deceit (despite the fact I'd been looking forward to the damn thing for two years). Give me a call when the 'adds game' patch arrives.

    No matter how good Sean Murray's intentions were, or whatever the business context, internal/external pressures etc, there's no getting away from the fact that he lied - inadvertently or otherwise - about so much of the game's content. He got swept up in at all and has, sadly, really Molyneuxed himself. I was borderline but Angry Joe's brilliant review prevented me from making a medium-sized financial blunder.
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  • Nintendo nets large loss for latest financial quarter

  • Weezer 27/07/2016

    @grassyknoll I really hope so. Was a massive Game Boy, SNES and N64 fan. But I'm a couch potato gamer these days, happy to slump in front of a HD TV with my PS4. I guess we'll see soon enough... Reply +1
  • Weezer 27/07/2016

    @grassyknoll "that's what NX is about and why it's going to be so successful"

    What? You can see into the future now as well? There is absolutely no proof or precedent that says NX will automatically be successful.

    Certainly from my point of view, I couldn't be less interested in - what appears to be – an underpowered, cartridge-based machine with tiny detahcable joypads that's sort-of-portable.

    Until I can actually see the machine and its games, and thus the actual benefit of the design, I'm massively sceptical of the whole thing.
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  • Nintendo strikes down promising NES artbook Kickstarter

  • Weezer 14/07/2016

    This is totally fair dealing. All the text will be reviews of the individual games, and you're allowed to use a screenshot (actually, quite few of them or games mags would never have existed). Also, I think Nintendo were complaining about specific elements of the KS, not the book in its entirety, I still expect it to go ahead at some point. Reply 0
  • Fatherhood isn't the shortcut to emotional complexity games wish it was

  • Weezer 29/06/2016

    Man, this is a slow news summer... Reply +1
  • Microsoft reveals special edition Game of Thrones Xbox One

  • Weezer 27/06/2016

    I like the carry handle. This is the new Xbox portable, right? Reply 0
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • Weezer 16/06/2016

    If I was as confused as Microsoft I'd be in 'special accomodation' right now. Reply 0
  • Watch: 27 minutes of bollock-popping Sniper Elite 4 gameplay

  • Weezer 15/06/2016

    Yeah, enough with the childish bollock-cam already – but the last game was great, this is day one instabuy for me, too. Reply +1
  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs £40

  • Weezer 26/04/2016

    I've only ever bought one season pass, and that was for bloody Assassin's Creed III. A game which (despite the trailers) was so arse-puckeringly shit, I never downloaded a single fucking additional byte of code. I will, naturally, never buy a season pass ever again. Reply +6
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing survey leaks

  • Weezer 30/03/2016

    Please stop talking and accept this financial bursary in return for your product. Thanks. Reply -2
  • Shadow of Mordor 2 leaked via stuntwoman's resume

  • Weezer 30/03/2016

    Loved the first. Had a bit of a tricky start but once you got into it, it was really addictive. I liked that the open world wasn't some sprawling empty landscape that took hours to traverse; it all felt quite tightly packed and better for it. Bring on the sequel! Reply +2
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • Weezer 24/03/2016

    If that's real, I reckon it'll be unplayably painful after about 30 mins. There's nothing resting on your palms, so you'll have to hold it in your cramped, twisted fingers. It's just an unutterably stupid concept which is doomed to failure. And if it IS real, Nintendo has seriously lost the plot. Reply +1
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Weezer 24/03/2016

    Does it make sense to produce a PS4.5 which is better able to cope with the requirements of VR? Have all the extra box gubbins built into the machine – and maybe even sold as a PSVR bundle. Reply +13
  • BBC Sport tweets about a disgruntled pro FIFA player, followers hate it

  • Weezer 22/03/2016

    It's $20,000 – that's 'only' £14k. Still, I know people who earn less than that in a year for doing, y'know, a proper fucking job. Reply +3
  • Watch: Battlezone has sold me on PlayStation VR

  • Weezer 16/03/2016

    Surely it's based on the 1980 coin-op, rather than the shonky 1983 Atari 2600 version? Reply +1
  • Just Cause 3's next DLC pack adds a fully-armed wingsuit

  • Weezer 18/02/2016

    Yes, lovely, now what about the goddamn load times on console? Reply +1
  • The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy

  • Weezer 02/02/2016

    Seeing a bunch of privileged, whiny American kids slag off my beloved Game Boy makes me want to punch a child. That's my reaction... Reply +1
  • XCOM 2 review

  • Weezer 01/02/2016

    @Dizzy Yeah, the whole point of turn-based games is that lovely pause you enjoy while pondering your next move. You may as well make it real-time when you shove a time limit on it. Ho hum. Reply -5