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  • Witcher dev making two "AAA+" games for 2014/15

  • Vortextk 19/11/2011

    I realize it's just a tiny picture no one can see unless they already know it, but the picture for this on the main site is an OLD one and before they overhauled gerald's face. It would bug me less if I saw it blown up less around the internet elsewhere, but I guess this is just nerdy and inside baseball at this point. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Preview

  • Vortextk 17/11/2011

    That said, on the evidence of the game's first few areas, all this new space is largely empty real estate. The NPCs rarely offer more than glib one-liners, their houses are barren and the branching paths all eventually loop round to the same end point. Here's hoping a little more imagination is on display later on in the game.

    The truth to all the bitching about XIII, all jrpgs were like that before anyhow.
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  • McNamara: why you thought LA Noire's characters were "dead from the neck down"

  • Vortextk 10/11/2011

    I read they were stiffly animated because one of the developers complaining about bondi, professionally, said there was like 1 dude doing all that stuff. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

  • Vortextk 08/11/2011

    @jablonski Tin hat looks a little worn, maybe you should try fixing it, or taking the damn thing off; you know, something. Reply +3
  • Vortextk 08/11/2011

    Well of course next year was going to be something new, it is after all a treyarch(or whoever the hell is working on it now out of like 5 studios) year. So that means digging into he past, or if they're really daring, future, for the game. I would like to see it get a low score just to see it, but of course it won't, and I don't agree logically that it should just to get it; but come on, the reason isn't purely hate mongering on what is popular. Sometimes I feel activision owes all the fans, not me, better, and I say they don't deliver since we can use the exact same words and phrases detailing nearly every inch of MW3(cod8) as we could cod4.

    Just because it's good doesn't mean people should be paying for the game again and again and again. You can still level in cod4, prestige, pick out perks. That game needed 1 or 2 iterations to get everything right, not 10. Roster updates don't deserve retail price, and that's almost all this is now.

    You can't screw it up when you can literally copy/paste 85% of the multi-player and when all they do with the singleplayer is make the reins tighter and add more scripting to it. Activision has seemingly finally found the franchise that people don't mind if it never changes, after many tries, as long as you keep plopping it on their plate, they'll keep eating; it's disgusting for all involved at some point.
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  • Take On Helicopters hides smart anti-piracy tech

  • Vortextk 04/11/2011

    There will be "fixes" for this anyway, so what if you get to ban some idiots from your forums? Similar to batman AA where I think gliding was broken. Atleast it doesn't hurt a legitimate buyer, hopefully, but it still doesn't fix or solve the problem. Reply +6
  • Lego Universe to close in January

  • Vortextk 04/11/2011

    It looks absolutely awful, design by money and not by gameplay. So much content is held back by money with constant reminders, good riddance? Reply +2
  • Gearbox: Duke Nukem Forever wasn't reviewed fairly

  • Vortextk 03/11/2011

    Come on dude, the technical problems alone on the consoles are worthy of a 6 or 7 in an otherwise great game, let alone an awful old dated one. Reply -7
  • Silicon Knights confirms job lay-offs

  • Vortextk 01/11/2011

    Not to be an ass..but you really don't know why? Reply +14
  • BioWare: Mass Effect 1, 2 "just a preamble" to Mass Effect 3

  • Vortextk 01/11/2011

    @anomagnus I did read the article AND I QUOTE

    "You could say the previous games were just a preamble to this moment. Everything has been building to this. It's like the Superbowl. Who cares what happened in the regular season? Now's the one that matters."

    I CARE about what happened in the "regular season" of mass effect, and when they came out THEY DID MATTER. You don't get fucking 9's for something that doesn't matter, especially when the first game had really clunky combat and bad tech problems; it got the 9's despite that.
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  • Vortextk 01/11/2011

    You know you just scare people with that whole "mass effect 3 is really all you need" business. I hope that's just PR double talk to get more people to buy it that didn't play the first games. Reply +31
  • What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?

  • Vortextk 01/11/2011

    It weirds me out to see a game at 60fps when you never ever see it do that over many houyrs. My computer can do most console ports at 60 and any game I played a lot of before that(batman, darksiders) on console looks similarly eery at first at 60. Reply -1
  • Cave shmup Akai Katana for Europe

  • Vortextk 31/10/2011

    All I could see was Dai Katana. Reply +1
  • Robin Williams Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer

  • Vortextk 31/10/2011

    It's as corny as before but still kind of cool. Reply +4
  • "For Nintendo, yes, things really are that bad" - analysts

  • Vortextk 28/10/2011

    I love how foolish it is to tar and feather the man while offering your own horrendously uneducated opinions on the matter on a fucking video game websites comment section. Reply -2
  • Naughty Dog lead designer discusses Uncharted 3 review

  • Vortextk 28/10/2011

    All this backlash over a freaking 8/10? Extra articles all over the web, people going fucking crazy. If you can't handle outliers, don't make things that will get reviewed by EVERYONE and their mothers. Be happy your 8/10 isn't your upper outlier, game designer and fanboy alike. Looking forward to the game when I have money to buy it and probably playing through 2 again before then, but god give it a rest. Reply +16
  • Nintendo blames 3DS price-cut for "huge loss"

  • Vortextk 28/10/2011

    @RawNinjaKid Lol because if no one buys your crap, then you stop supporting it. Reply 0
  • The War of the Worlds Review

  • Vortextk 28/10/2011

    Loved watching someone else play the game as it looks, looks, really great. After seeing the demo of the game I knew I never ever wanted to touch the controls myself but was hoping it wasn't as frustrating as it seemed. That's too bad. Reply +1
  • EA justifies Battlefield 3 single player

  • Vortextk 28/10/2011

    Train up what? It doesn't play like multi-player. It doesn't help you with multi-player. It doesn't have the same kinds of maps as multi-player. And failing the MP/SP compatibility tests, it sounds at best boring at worst awful. EA is just lucky all the reviewers are letting disc 2 sucking completely slide and continue to give this 8's and 9's because they realize what the game is meant for, though anyone buying this for offline play should realize the score is closer to homefront and medal of honor. Reply +6
  • Sonic 1 included in Sonic Generations

  • Vortextk 27/10/2011

    The only thing exciting about this game are the old games with it. I hope it's not awful, but give sonic a year or two off, jesus. Reply -2
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham City

  • Vortextk 26/10/2011

    I still refuse to understand why CG has no anti-aliasing. It makes no sense. It's a movie, it can't require -that- much more rendering time unless they're doing it dead last, can it? I've still yet to play or really see it, waiting for the pc version.. Reply +1
  • Skyrim PC system requirements announced

  • Vortextk 26/10/2011

    Wow a lot of I assume adult men whining because their expensive toy isn't going to get a full work out. Of course it's a console port, that version will probably sell more and do more dlc business. Reply -4
  • Why we missed the Battlefield 3 review embargo

  • Vortextk 25/10/2011

    We're obviously disappointed by the circumstances, but we don't harbour any ill feeling towards DICE,
    Just for EA right? Yup nasty a bit of business all around the gaming world on this subject. I figure EA doesn't care about the negative press as they seem to think the majority of people buying modern military shooters care as much about gaming websites as the average farmville player does. We'll see how right they are.
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  • Newell: Stop piracy by offering superior service

  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    If you get kicked off the internet so frequently it's a problem to play an online required game(note: other games don't give you ANY offline options), then steam screwing up is a symptom not the cause. Call or switch ISPs. Reply 0
  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    @bad09 What about offline mode? And you mean drm that will be turned off, as in like the service so you can't play the game any longer? Valve's said that steam drm would be flipped off if it was ever going to be shut down. Reply 0
  • Vortextk 24/10/2011


    Offline mode: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3160-AGCB-2555

    10 years without internet? You have internet now right? And half life "2" isn't even 7 years old quite yet.
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  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    Thank you for viewing people as, you know, people. Polish devs are getting that right these days too with Hard Reset and The Witcher 2. Reply +17
  • Nvidia launches new Battlefield 3 PC drivers

  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    @WJF I agree. But 11%? Compared to what? Not playing it because it wasn't out last week? Beta can't count, the game itself was months old, an end user can't tell where drivers end and beta code begins. It's just a really dumb thing to say "we improved on something that didn't exist". The whole reason drivers get updates is to add more and hopefully run better no doubt, but usually an increase means I could see the lowered performance beforehand first hand. And yeah, I doubt the "increase" is actually a real world average of 11% anyway; "up to" really is such a magical phrase. Reply -1
  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    And apparently that marketing works. Rate down the guy that doesn't eat this drivel up! Seriously? Every single driver release from both companies always state they have some incredible fps gains. Test yourself, oh wait, you can't even do that here because the game hasn't been out for you to do it, and you'll see on average much much lower gains, but usually(not always) gains nonetheless. Reply +2
  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    It's bullshit of course, but great marketing.

    Lol marked down, what someone thinks I'm an amd fanboy? It'd be bullshit from them too.
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  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    @lcmnick Are you saying booo, or boo-urns?

    And since eurogamer's new site and reply prompt just ate the rest of my reply, screw it.
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  • Dance Central 2

  • Vortextk 24/10/2011

    If just dance doesn't give a crap about what you're doing on screen, and you're so drunk you don't even realize what is happening, is it really any good or could you just throw up a visualizer and an mp3 playlist and get it all better, with your favorite music? You know, dancing, real dancing, with no game to tell you good or bad(which it doesn't anyway, not really). Feels like an unfair review with reading the title of another game almost as many times as the title that is actually under review; sounds like it should be a separate editorial telling people which they should get depending what they're looking for. Reply +1
  • FFXIV on Vita, Xbox 360 under discussion

  • Vortextk 20/10/2011

    360? Bullshit. You have to actually have it good and working since patching is awful and I don't think MS cares about your game that won't sell to actually get you a good infrastructure to work it out. Reply -9
  • Arkham City DLC launch mishap

  • Vortextk 20/10/2011

    .5% of even 500k copies is 2500 people and we all know that statistic is low with some people not knowing or caring possibly, or atleast caring to call their support line. Just make it free for everyone since it's apparently impossible to ever get this shit right, especially since it's ridiculous anyway. Should've been transparent months ago that catwoman WAS an "online pass", not weeks before release. Reply +6
  • Harrison Ford plays Uncharted 3

  • Vortextk 19/10/2011

    I don't care what it actually is, it just makes me want to watch Indy 3, my favorite adventure/action movie of all time. Reply +5
  • No online play in Monster Hunter Tri G

  • Vortextk 19/10/2011

    I also thought online was the big deal for this game, like always...I guess with millions of copies in a small country it almost feels online to them? Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3 online pass confirmed

  • Vortextk 15/10/2011

    It's EA. If you were expecting anything different at any point of time EVER, you were wrong. Reply -1
  • Face-Off: Crysis

  • Vortextk 15/10/2011

    Lol I'm pretty sure sony treated you as second class citizens in how they designed your system, not the developer. Yes I own a ps3. Reply +5
  • Vortextk 15/10/2011

    Man I am really tired of hearing anyone at crytek talk about their 3d or framerates. When they are wrong every single time you think they would just stop and say hey, look at this pretty ingame picture, but great to hear it runs. Not well enough seemingly for me to want it on consoles, not that my pc could produce 1080p60 but better atleast I'm sure. I'll get it sometime. Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham City

  • Vortextk 15/10/2011

    Yeah I'm the whiner, cause I'm not so fucking inept to understand why games get 9's. If every single time something gets a 9 a bunch of fanboy whiners have to comment WHAT COULDN'T GIVE IT THE 10!? then NO game would get a 9. This reviewer didn't think it was perfect, deal with it. Giantbomb gave it a 5/5 because there is no 9 in their rating system, I guess that means you should stop reading EG. Reply -2
  • Vortextk 14/10/2011

    God stop whining about the score. You know why it didn't get 10/10? Cause the reviewer decided that. They may not touch on the exact reasons, it may be spoilers, it may just be some ineffable and intangible idea that "yeah, it was REALLY good, but was it a 10? No.." that can't be explained. The hell do you care if it got a 9/10 if what you read sounds like a 10/10? THAT MEANS YOU'LL LIKE IT! It's like reading a 5/10 review and not really understanding the problems the reviewer had with the game, probably means YOU will think it's maybe a 8/10. It's why KNOWING your reviewer can and probably is more important than anything else. Reply -1
  • Vortextk 14/10/2011

    Is it stupid to be disappointed that the fantastic scarecrow beats(not the traversal levels..) haven't seemed to be replicated and improved upon in some fashion? Like mind blowingly well done? Batman Forever, yes, Val Kilmer, was a fun batman movie when I was a kid. I was very young for the first two and finally saw on my own later. It had action and crazy gadgets and this neon city. And then Chris Nolan came to town, and you cared about the person; the man. I wanted that from this batman, but I guess that's never what they were really making? Maybe I'll be surprised yet.

    Still a day 1 purchase...WEEKS FROM NOW WHEN IT'S ON PC...but I feel that maybe what I really want is the next movie and despite this game I'm sure being amazing, it won't satisfy my hunger.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 PS3 still alive

  • Vortextk 14/10/2011

    ""Among our new plans is the fundamental reworking of in-game maps," FF14 producer/director Naoki Yoshida said. "


    God square enix. You really had the most awful, awful team working or supervising over this game. You switched that out and yet you're still taking like 3 years to get anywhere in development AFTER release.
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  • Capcom defends Resident Evil: ORC

  • Vortextk 08/10/2011

    Wrong, they'd get tired of the same survival horror games when you want to push releases and re-releases every year. They wouldn't if it was every 3 or 4. Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIV gets huge update

  • Vortextk 07/10/2011

    Stop saying temporarily waived fees at this point when it's been over a year lol.

    I just got dark souls in. I'm waiting for skyrim, zelda, have xenoblade half finished...then playing a bit of diablo 2 before diablo 3 hits. No, I don't think I have time to go back and try this game again. My collector's edition will just sit on the shelf and look pretty.
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  • Suda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

  • Vortextk 03/10/2011

    "Perhaps tellingly, a PR man swoops in and shuts the conversation down when we ask if publisher EA could have done more to support the project. "

    The answer is yes. Yes they fucking could have done more for that game.

    Never change Suda, never change.
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  • Notch's solicitor lays out Bethesda defense

  • Vortextk 30/09/2011

    No one even bothers to call your games elder scrolls nor do a lot of people know the series actually started before oblivion. Skyrim is treated as a sequel to oblivion, like oblivion 2 by a lot of people. Bethesda, what the hell.

    Notch should name his game The Venerable Parchments: Azure Fringe
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  • How Bad is PC Piracy Really?

  • Vortextk 30/09/2011

    Atleast someone has some sense. However: "DRM works".... Unless that drm means a constantly connected game with no offline capabilities whatsoever, like an MMO not just a game that can use an online connection at times, it definitely does NOT work. Even an MMO isn't free of piracy, though emulated servers are not always grand.

    DRM is ridiculous as it is always always ALWAYS broke open. Spend that god damn money on a fancy box and cool physical mementos and product from the game to entice people to buy the full thing. That's something ELSE The Witcher 2 did. God bless developers that apparently have no or very little PR go between.
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  • Chrono Trigger PSN release date

  • Vortextk 30/09/2011

    Buy it on wii, ds, snes....pc...

    Buy this version if it is your absolute last resort to play this game.
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  • Duke Nukem 3D remake shelved

  • Vortextk 28/09/2011

    DUKE NUKEM 3D FOREVER!!!! Reply +5