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  • PSN store invaded

  • Virvel 09/11/2007

    Tekken online?? Fantastic!!! Reply 0
  • PS3 firmware 2.0 released

  • Virvel 08/11/2007

    Nice Update!

    Particularly I like music playlists being implemented. It means I no longer have to bring up a laptop for playing my music collection which is stored on an external HD.

    Grouping the gameslist is also very welcome. I have 20-30 entries on it. A couple of PS1 classics, quite a few demos and of course PSN full-games.
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  • SEGA Rally

  • Virvel 01/10/2007

    This is one fantastic arcade racer! My last Sega Rally purchase was on the Dreamcast, now its sitting on my PS3 :) Reply 0
  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho

  • Virvel 28/09/2007

    My kids just loves this game!

    Remember to turn the music off though, or you will go utterly insane.

    Nice to see more kiddy games on the network.
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  • HD-DVD gets Euro price cut

  • Virvel 05/09/2007

    I have both a Blu-Ray player and digital movie rental through a 20 Mbit fibre line. Still its just DVDs being watched, since I dont care about movies, its only the kids and sometimes my wife who see movies. Reply 0
  • DiRT demo on UK PSN

  • Virvel 31/08/2007

    About my low frame-rate comment above, I guess it could be worse.. but it is definitely not full 60 fps, more like 40.. And it shows and you can feel it. I cant stand that in a racing game. Have I been spoiled by PS2 racers? Is this the future?

    Ah, I forgot. GT5 will be 1080p 60fps :) Thank GOD!
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  • Virvel 31/08/2007

    I just downloaded this game,

    What a stinking pile of dog shit!

    Codemasters, what have become of you? Low frame-rate, strange arcady handling, lousy voice acting from a puberty-toned american teen?? WTH? Hmm, will this game bomb in the Playstation charts or be bought by desperate PS-racers having nothing better on their ps3s?

    I will play my WRC Evolution PS2 disc instead of this crap.
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  • WarHawk

  • Virvel 31/08/2007

    I downloaded this game yesterday and it is great! Spent all night playing it and cant wait to get online again tonight.

    But it IS very similar to battlefield and even to Tribes1 from 1998...

    And all the rambling about the PSN download being restricted userwise.. I dont get it, its not like it costs alot of money, and who REALLY is affected by this? I would say well over 90% are not affected by the restrictions, and those who are can either buy two online viersions, or pay twice the price for the blueray disc.
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  • Japanese sales surge

  • Virvel 28/08/2007

    Smelly : Where do you live, Kongo?

    I bought a HD tv a year ago and it gives fantastic quality picture both from my PS3 and when I connect a PC.

    Some problems are there sure, the LCD I have problems with giving pure black colour, and it only gives me 1080i sadly..

    I assume you get MUCH better LCDs/Plasmas nowadays!
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  • GC: Spore

  • Virvel 27/08/2007

    Is it PC only or is it coming for PS3 as well?

    I hate PC gaming due to all the installing, booting, different hardware-setups, crashes, windows-problems, and all that dogshit.

    If it is released for PS3 I will definitely buy it.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 next July

  • Virvel 14/08/2007

    What is the point discussing and trying to sell 360 in here?

    The 360 is a dying console in Europe and already dead in Japan. Why invest in a a short lived console in the middle of its lifecycle? I would rather stick with the PS3 which will have a longer life just like the PS1 & PS2.
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  • Wii could outsell PS2, says Iwata

  • Virvel 17/07/2007

    I see funny tendencies here. People dont understand the strengths of Sony and Playstation and constantly overestimate the importance of the 360 current gen 'lead' and the Wii's success its first year.

    No console has any chance of reaching PS2's success except PS3.

    If you dont see that, consider this:

    - The majority of console owners on this planet are still PS2 owners. They will not buy into a short lived 360 nor an underpowered Wii. They will buy PS3 once it falls in price and the number of PS2 games released starts falling.

    - Sony has publicly said many times that they are betting on a long lived PS3, up to 10 years that is. This strategy enables Sony to build a 'beast' with a very high entry price, stuffed with technology for the future. It doesnt matter for Sony if its a slow start, the mass market will buy into it in the years to come.

    10 or 20 million sold 360s or Wiis are nothing!
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  • PS3 has become "whipping boy" for press, says Ted Price

  • Virvel 02/07/2007

    PS3 is the whipping boy of the GAMING PRESS yes, but not the general press. The general press is just Playstation and Nintendo.

    97 % of the so called bad publication articles on PS3 never reaches the general press. And even if the bad Sony news reaches the general press, its like "Oh well, this fantastic machine has some flaws, but it is still fantastic beyond belief!!..".

    REMEMBER GUYS, if you are on these forums or read gaming news, you are a member of that 1% or maybe 3% niche of gamers that are "hardcore". You are all geeks and mentals, and your opinions and the stuff you read is insignificant to the big picture.

    If you have never thought about these things, like the fact that you are part of a small gang of geeky gamers, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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  • Blockbuster to favour Blu-ray

  • Virvel 19/06/2007

    Beano: I ordered "Planet Earth" from Amazon, the US site. The discs are region-free and runs fine on my European PS3 :) Reply 0
  • Virvel 19/06/2007

    I am buying Blu-ray movies as well. Just got the BBC series "Planet Earth" and it looks absolutely fantastic.

    Will only buy Blu-ray from now on and will rent if the titles im interested in are in that format even if the rental price is higher.
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  • Super Stardust HD

  • Virvel 18/06/2007

    Together with the Motorstorm TimeAttack patch this night is going to be interesting! Reply 0
  • Virvel 18/06/2007

    I have been looking forward to this one. Getting it in 5 hours when its couch time :) Reply 0
  • Colin McRae: DIRT

  • Virvel 12/06/2007

    Too simplistic driving physics and why make a bloody circus out of the rally genre? Oh I remember, it had to be molded for the trip across the atlantic. Give me WRC or Richard Burns any day. And that commentator is just embarrasing to listen to.

    Can someone comment on the longevity of this as an arcade racer? The graphics looks fantastic and I might invest in it for saturday night quick fixes :)

    This reminds me of the first time I tried Toca Racedriver, also from Codemasters. I wanted some more on-track cars and car damage after getting tired of Gran Turismo, but the physics SO let me down I just had to throw the game away. Never played it afterwards.
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  • PS3 firmware update tomorrow

  • Virvel 24/05/2007

    Fantastic news. I am already using the PS3 as my mp3, family photo and mpeg hub. This will add lots of extra value for me.

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  • Halo 3 multiplayer beta

  • Virvel 14/05/2007

    It looks like crap. Is this all that Halo is, a mediocre looking console FPS? Very dissapointing. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 2

  • Virvel 03/05/2007

    I think if Forza is even close to the quality of GranTurismo, it will be a big system seller. Even I am tempted.

    Well have fun!
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  • Virvel 03/05/2007

    WELL?? is it 60fps ?? :) Reply 0
  • Virvel 03/05/2007

    @Bicky316: Why do people want to know this all the time? WHY? You should be asking "Does it run smoothly?". If the answer is yes then what does it matter if it's running at 30fps or 60fps? Can most people even tell the difference?

    Bicky, you must be kidding! There is a HUGE different between 60fps and 30fps, especially in driving games.. I am totally put off by driving games not running at full framerate. I can even spot the difference between 40fps and 60fps, it is so obvious. Whats wrong with people not able to see this? Are your brains running at lower frame-rate, thus affecting how much visuals you can process every second? Or are you just easy to please?

    Anyway, Forza-2 looks very nice, a pity I am a Sony fanboi and wont get the 360. Oh well, I have to wait for GT5 or play some emulated GT4 ;)
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  • X360 v PS3 Multiformat Face-Off, Round Two

  • Virvel 30/04/2007

    In theory, the graphics in games ported from 360 to PS3 (or the other way around) should be exactly the same. I mean, the developers use the same textures and resolution, the same game engine and the the same polygon meshes. So it is identical, or is it? I can see some differences in sharpness in some places, but it looks like the exact same textures are used on both versions. And why wouldnt they use the same textures, redesigning the game content for each platform would be too expensive.

    Another thing I wonder about: A game ported from 360 to PS3 might get hurt, frame-rate wise, due to the different GPU architectures. Or the other way around, a game tweaked for PS3's strange RSX would be expensive to port perfectly to 360, thus developers take some shortcuts, not optimizing perfectly for the target platform.
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  • PES6 PS2 now works on PS3

  • Virvel 26/04/2007

    I picked up 2 cheap used PS2 games yesterday.

    Gran Turismo 3 & WRC Evolution and they worked fine on my European PS3.

    I havent tested WRC online yet, will do later this evening. I doubt it will work though, since the PS2 networking is really not very standardised at all. Each game seems to have its own scheme.

    But anyway, VERY nice being able to pick up some PS2 classics while waiting for PS3 to get a decent lineup. I tested God of War I at a friends house as well, it works fine on PS3.
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  • Judge PS3 in 2009, says EA

  • Virvel 25/04/2007

    I agree that the PS3 is expensive compared to other current consoles and also compared to historic console prices, but people are willing to pay it due to the quality of the goods you get. And

    I am not talking about the quality of the components or technical longevity of the machinery.. Read on..

    Think of it this way : When you buy a Sony console early in its lifecycle, it is really a long term investment, just like buying a TV. Chances are even that if you buy a Sony console at launch, and it doesnt die, it will 'last' as long or even longer that your TV! The so called high price of the PS3 is not high at all! That is why the PS3 has passed 3 million sold in just 6 months and will just accellerate the next couple of years.

    It is a great investment because if you look at Sonys previous consoles, the PSX and PS2, they have a longer lifecycle compared to for example N64, Dreamcast, Xbox-1, GameCube. Look at the PS2 now. You can buy it today even, 8 years after it was launched and you will get top notch quality in terms of games and maybe just as importantly: availability of cheap games everywhere. This was true about the PS1 as well. Look at XBox-1 for instance, it was crap in terms of longevity and in my opinion had a very weak games lineup. How long did it live? It launched after the PS2 and died YEARS before the PS2 even shows signs of dying.

    Now, this long lifecycle might or might not happen with the PS3. But my bet is that the PS3 will have a healthy life even longer than the PS2! It is even a publically anounced goal for Sony with the PS3 to create a very long lasting machine. Didnt they publically state that they aim at a 10 year lifetime?

    I think Microsoft cannot win this battle, but will probably snatch some % more of the market compared to what XBox1 could do. But it will still be peanuts compared to what PS3 will accomplish.

    Just to sum this up: People know and thrust the Sony brand and believe it will live up to what the PS1 and PS2 delivered. So you might argue, that it isnt neccessarily the quality or pricepoint of the PS3 that will ensure its success ( because 360 certainly delivers the same stuff for less money), but it is the mass market which, through brand thrust, ensures the PS3's longevity and rape of its competitors consoles.
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  • Eternal Sonata not 360-exclusive

  • Virvel 25/04/2007

    mike_mgoblue said "Look, there ended up being 3,000 Xbox 360 owners during a week.."

    If it was only that one week :)

    Mike, the 360 is doing that bad every week in Japan, just scroll back in time..

    It is obvious that the 360 is losing big time in Japan.

    The 360 sales in Europe has also started to decline. People are buying Wii, PS2 and PS3 instead (in that order by sales).

    Look Mike, I like the 360 and it is doing nothing but good for Sony, which has to get its act together and create a live-system that matches xbox-live..

    But the lead 360 has of 8 million units over PS3 is totally irrelevant! The PS3 will go pass 360 quite fast, you will see :)

    PS3 is already raping 360 in Japan and pars it in Europe. And it is catching up speed in the US.
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  • Virvel 24/04/2007

    It doesnt matter wether 360 loses an RPG, it is doomed already in Japan:
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  • Consoles are doomed - Romero

  • Virvel 10/04/2007

    This is pure nonsense. Consoles, stationary or handheld, are what more and more people pick for gaming. People are tired of installing and endlessly patching their buggy Windows software. On top of that you have all the issues with different specs on different PCs which has a major impact on the general 'feel' of PC-gaming. With console-games you know what you get, just insert the CD or select the game from the HD, and it will load and run perfectly every time.

    I for one do not have time to spend handling all these issues. Not even 10 minutes extra. I just want to play my games intantly, when the kids are asleep or during a hectic day I have an extra half-hour to spare..

    The performance of future PC-systems is totally irrelevant for the mass market. People just want relatively good looking games which run and play in a consistent and flawless manner. Look at what is happening at the moment. Nintendo-DS, Playstation2 and Wii is king of the consoles using 1990's technology.

    The hardcore gamers will continue to flock to new PC technology, but the majority of gamers will be happy with their older-tech consoles.
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  • GripShift PS3 arrives in Europe

  • Virvel 25/03/2007

    I like the way Sony is offering high quality download-only games. Both GripShift and Lemmings are excellent value for money. And BlastFactor! I am surprised and happy about these purchases.

    I think this is part of Sony's online strategy. To provide high quality download-only games specially made for PS3. This is quite different from Microsoft's and Nintendo's retro-wave of direct port of old arcade classics. I even think Sony mentioned something like this in an interview once, that all download-only games on PS3 should take full advantage of HD and be specially made for PS3. Maybe we will see remakes of old classics, but with new HD content like Lemmings.
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  • Sony's PS3 Network plans

  • Virvel 23/03/2007

    I am picking up my PS3 today together with Motorstorm. When I get home I will download the free GranTurismo HD and possibly Tekken.

    The only think worrying me now about Sonys network is a unified friendslist and the fact that some cross platform games, like Virtua Tennis and has inferior network support compared to 360....

    Oh well, at least I am buying a superior console :)
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  • Resistance: Fall of Man

  • Virvel 22/03/2007

    The current situation with first person shooters having less and less innovation reminds me of the early 90's when shootemup scrolling games started to die. People were sick and tired of the same recipee being recreated in dozens of new shooters. Even throwing some extra graphic chips into the arcade machines (or consoles) creating GORGEOUS looking 2D games didnt appeal to people.

    Too many FPS games is one of the reasons I threw away my gaming PC and didnt invest in a 360: First-person games following the same old recipee is just a waste of time IMO.

    But anyway, I would give this game 7 out of 10 because of the lack of any other FPS on PS3 :)
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  • PS3 firmware update on Friday

  • Virvel 19/03/2007

    Finally PS3 is here!! Four more days and I will pick up my copy together with Motorstorm and Resistance.

    Thank God I didnt invest in the inferior XBox-360 console.
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  • GDC: Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote address

  • Virvel 08/03/2007

    My Wii, I love it, my kids love it, my wife even likes it. Thank you Miyamoto for giving us the Wii!!!

    Now please anounce some nice new titles or some new network initiatives like for instance trophies, VC-ranking or perhaps VC-competitions! What about giving us the ability to play 2-player VC games networked?

    Keep up the good work Nintendo!

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  • GDC: PlayStation 3 - the next level

  • Virvel 07/03/2007

    This looks very promising indeed. I especially like the way Sony is arranging for our 'presence' online through having our own lobby/apartment and avatar. Design your lobby and your own avatars look and invite some friends over for a deathmatch! It is also good to see that Sony is taking achievements seriously. Trophies or highscore tracking is one of the few things that really impressed me with 360-live.

    My big question is : Can you switch between the lobby and whatever game you are playing?
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  • PS3 won't emulate PS2's success

  • Virvel 06/03/2007

    Miiguel, I'm not saying 360 doesnt sell. I am just saying that the only console that has a real mass market penetration worldwide is the PS2. Sony sold over 100 million PS2s so far. Lets say about 60-70 million of those are still in use by active gamers. That market is what every next-gen machine is up against. That market, those people, is what needs to be penetrated in order to dominate the next console generation. Currently the next-gen battle is very open. No next-gen console, 12 million sold or not, is even close to getting a grip on the average guy in the street.

    And back to my point, the PS2 has to stop selling well, and PS2 owners have to start phasing out their black box for new hardware in order for the next generation winner to be revealed. I think that winner will be PS3. I think that, because by the time the mass market starts replacing their PS2s, the PS3 will be relatively cheap.
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  • Virvel 06/03/2007

    An interesting twist to all these crappy next-gen discussions is the fact that PS2 still outsells all other consoles and probably will do so for a couple of years..

    As Ive said before, I have a feeling what Sony is really competing against at the moment is the PS2. Yes, there is a next-gen battle going on. Yes, 360 and Wii has a small lead on PS3, but does it really matter? None of the next-gen machines have really penetrated the mass market, far from it.

    Think about it this way: Most mainstream console gamers worldwide still have a PS2, and that situation will not change for a looong while. What will happen when the 'mainstream focus' is shifted away from PS2? I think the question is open, but I have a feeling the average guy in the street will pick PS3, because at the time PS2 starts tipping over to a 'non-mainstream console', PS3 will be just in the price-range for average Joe.
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  • PS3 "Home" rumoured

  • Virvel 03/03/2007

    Nice. Sony is now well underway to dominate the console market, like they have done for over 10 years. All Sony has to do now is compete against the PS2.

    It is lame of all you xbox whiners to even mention that Sony copies what Microsoft have 'invented' with their Live system. MS never invented shit. Online-gaming, communities, downloadable content, 'socialised gaming' is nothing new. Its been around for decades.
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  • MS exec questions Wii's long-term

  • Virvel 23/12/2006

    Careful now Microsoft! I think the Wii will outsell 360 in the end. Perhaps not in America, but definitely in Japan and most probably in Europe too. Reply 0
  • Free Opera browser for Wii

  • Virvel 22/12/2006

    web-surfing using a TV-box is by far the preferred method in my home. PCs are clumsy, needs wires, batteries, booting, patching, etc. The Wii will take over this function now from the old cable-TV browser (which doesnt support flash).

    500 Wii points I will gladly pay for this, but I agree with people that this should be free.
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  • No free VC games on 25th

  • Virvel 22/12/2006

    Free or not free, these games are cheap and well worth the money if you spend some time on the internet reading reviews. I love my Virtual Console! Check out this link for scans of old reviews:
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  • Early Wii figures from Japan

  • Virvel 07/12/2006

    This is good news! It is good for the entire console industry that Sonys 'monopoly' is ended. It is not good for us, the gamers, that they have a 60-70% share of the market. I hope the same for 360, in fact I hope the 3 major console companies can share the marked 1/3 each :) Reply 0
  • MS on track to sell 10m 360s

  • Virvel 07/12/2006

    PS3 will dominate the next generation as well, of that I am very confident.

    360 selling 10 million units in just over 1 year is not a truth one should just eat raw. 360 has sold well in the US, medium in Europe and terribly bad in Japan. Pay close attention to the sales of the PS3 in the coming months. I predict it will sell well in all territories, and it will continue to climb during the next years as the masses start dumping their PS2s.. The 360 selling 70-80% of their 10 million consoles in the US in not a success I am sad to say.

    Do not underestimate the power of the masses, which is still flocking to buy the PS2. From a mainstream point of view, there is no next generation in consoling, there is only 'Playstation'. PS2 has now sold over 120 million and will continue past 150 million. All these sheeps (who now own PS2) are very Playstation loyal. By the time the masses start dumping the PS2 (which will be in 1-3 years from now), they will move on to buy the PS3.

    Add to this equation the predicted success of Nintendo Wii.. I think the Wii will eat more from the 360 market compated to the PS3 market.

    Microsoft is in trouble I am afraid. First one to the market with a new powerful gadget is not appreciated by the common man sadly.
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  • Virvel 07/12/2006

    Interesting debate here over the headstart 360 has over its competitors, and what this means to who will win the next generation war.

    I think everybody should just sit back and think this through a few more times, and ask : Does it really matter at this point in time how many million 360, PS3 and WII have sold? I think not, read on.

    The PS2 will outsell all the next generation consoles this christmas. The PS2 might even outsell all NG-consoles next christmas. This means that the mainstream market, who eventually decides which NG-console will actually win, still has to pick which NG-console it wants.

    It certainly helps Microsoft to have this head start, but will it eventually matter? The PS2 will continue to sell a huge amount of units at least for a year or two. Then, gradually the masses will buy another console, and I think the majority will pick PS3.

    I see sort of a 'tipping point' in the future (2 to 4 years from now) when more people own a NG-console (360, PS3 or Wii) than a PS2. Only then you start seeing a good picture of which nextgen console actually 'wins'.
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  • Emulators running on PS3?

  • Virvel 20/11/2006

    Sure emulators will work. Whats the big deal? This is just as expected. I see the inclusion of Linux in PS3 as having two main reasons:

    - Sony make Linux possible in order to get the PS3 approved as a computer in the EU, thus having less taxes applied to it.
    - Linux is a serious threath to Microsoft worldwide. Sony will use it to upset Microsoft :) Look at OpenOffice, its free and you can load/save Word and Excel documents.

    How ironic it will be, reading/writing Microsoft word and excel files on your PS3 :)

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  • Forza Motorsport 2 hits 60fps

  • Virvel 16/11/2006

    For me 60fps is a must for racing games, it makes the experience much better. I will never forget when Sega released 'SEGA GT' on Dreamcast with 30- or 40-FPS. I had played Ferrari on Dreamcast before, and that is silky smooth. I noticed the low frame-rate on SegaGT immediately and was greatly disapointed. I tried to play it extensively on several occasions, but to no avail: The lack of any smoothness totally ruined the gameplay. So, I bought a PS2 instead with GranTurismo to get a proper GT game.

    Reality is smooth so should fast moving games be.

    That said, I have noticed a lot of people who seems to not notice the difference between 30- and 60-FPS. I dont get it, set up two screens with different games having 30&60 FPS and you should notice a great difference.

    I also want to point out that some games run at for instance 40 FPS. Hydro Thunder on Dreamcast did just that and was rather enjoyable and close to smooth. I still would immediately notice it, but 40FPS can still feel good.

    It is the same with fighting games. Virtua Fighter on Dreamcast having less that 60fps just totally put me off. I tried Tekken on PS2 and instantly threw VF away.

    Also, as a previous poster said: Ordinary casual gamers probably dont notice the difference, but I am pretty sure that the smoothness of a 60fps racing game will make many of them throw away the low framrate games. It just feels better.
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  • PS3: Ask Us Questions

  • Virvel 01/11/2006

    Is it possible to play PS2 games online? Reply 0
  • Naughty Dog PS3 game 'real'

  • Virvel 01/06/2006

    The PS3 will dominate this generation as well.

    All of you Sony-bashers in here, who throw shit about the PS3 all the time, you know deep inside that you have bought an inferior console, the 360. PS3 will soon take over and quickly sell MUCH more units than your 360 ever did.

    In addition I suspect that the PS3 graphics-hardware will outperform the 360 by quite a margin.
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  • EGTV: 'Blu-Ray is key for games'

  • Virvel 24/05/2006

    PS1 : 700 Mb CD-rom
    PS2 : 9 Gb DVD
    PS3 : 50 Gb BR

    This only makes sense.

    Sony is making sure that the PS3 will survive its planned long life (8+ years). Never mind the the high price, it is irrelvant. Once the PS3 goes down in price it will take over the mass market.

    And you can be certain of one thing : 50Gigabytes of storage space will give us better game content compared to DVD:

    More and higher resolution textures.
    Better quality sound
    Better quality FMV
    Higher density meshes
    Larger worlds

    Not that 9Gb is useless, the 360 is certainly giving us some nice games, but it will be outperformed by PS3 in the areas mentioned above.
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  • Virvel 23/05/2006

    Sony definitely made the right choice when including a real next generation disc-drive capable of storing over 50 gigabytes of data. Imagine the difference in game content between a lousy 9Gb XBox-360 DVD and a 50Gb PS3 HD-disc.

    I will not comment on movie-playback because I find it irrelevant in this context. Nobody knows wether Sony's blue-ray format will be the standard or Toshibas HD-DVD. But who cares anyway, it is the games that matters in the console world. A standalone HD-DVD or Blue-Ray player will be much better for playing movies anyway after the format-battle is settled. In the meantime it is irrelevant wether a particular console has the right movie-format or not.

    AND, for the record, both Sony's and Microsoft's arguments in this article are lame.

    Microsoft tells us : 'We give the consumer a choice when introducing an add-on HD-DVD drive". NO MICROSOFT, you do not give the consumer a choice, unless you plan to release every game on two formats, DVD and HD-DVD. That wont happen. XBox-360 has been fitted with an INFERIOR disc-drive compared to PS3. Microsoft, you do not give the consumer any choice when it comes to buying games that utilise the next generation disc-drives. Most, if not all, games on 360 will come on DVD. All PS3 developers will have the option of utilising over 50 Gigabytes of data.

    Sony tells us: "Real next generation games will require a HD disc-drive". Bullshit Sony, noone can really define what 'next generation gaming' really means. The 360 is clearly a next-generation console and it does fine with a normal DVD-drive.

    I will sum this up:

    Microsoft clearly made the wrong choice not going for a real next generation disc-drive.

    Sony will dominate this generation as well, not because of its 50+ Gigabytes of storage (altough it will help), but because the mass-market is not even thinking about going next-generation before the PS2 starts to die. By that time, the PS3 will be down in price, have LOTS of games, better hardware compared to 360. The average guy in the street will choose PS3 as his next toy.

    The 360 will not stand a chance.
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