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  • NeoGAF offline after owner accused of sexual misconduct

  • Vilhelm 23/10/2017

    Hi Eurogamer, is it normal for you guys to include tweets in your news pieces from someone who follows and retweets statuses from various White supremacist organizations (Nick Monroe)? Reply +22
  • Double Fine shows off Psychonauts 2's "First Playable" milestone level

  • Vilhelm 06/10/2017

    So, it's a vertical slice. Their "First playable" milestone was a vertical slice.

    Good to know.
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  • Atlus launches impassioned defence of Persona 4: Arena PS3 region lock

  • Vilhelm 07/07/2012

    So the only way for me to play the game on the EU PS3 I brought with me when I moved to Japan a few years back is to import it from Europe or buy a Japanese PS3.

    Or I can just not buy it. Humm, yeah, I think I'll pass on this game.
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  • Diablo 3 listed for PlayStation 3 by German shop

  • Vilhelm 04/06/2012

    As long as Diablo III uses it will never be released for the Xbox 360 due to Microsoft's policies. Reply +27
  • Mega Man and Pac-Man PS3/Vita exclusives for Street Fighter x Tekken

  • Vilhelm 27/01/2012

    @LJO Interestingly enough, the whole idea about bad box art Mega Man as a playable character apparently came from none other than Keiji Inafune while he was still at Capcom. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

  • Vilhelm 21/01/2012

    Having played through the majority of the game (only 6 chapters left), I can assure people that even though the frame rate dips somewhat in some scenes it doesn't have a lasting impact on the game experience. Reply +1
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gameplay

  • Vilhelm 12/01/2012

    I was really sceptical... but this game seems to be shaping up to become a great third-person shooter. It will never satisfy the RE fans that can't get over the fact that it's a spin-off, but colour me impressed. Reply +2
  • Ubisoft confirms Vita launch line-up

  • Vilhelm 05/01/2012

    Looks like I'll be putting down money for Rayman on my Vita when I go back to Yurop in February. Reply +1
  • Nintendo legend Miyamoto retiring from current position

  • Vilhelm 08/12/2011

    Wow, that's a badly translated interview... Reply +1
  • Capcom undecided about PSN DRM

  • Vilhelm 30/09/2011

    I didn't buy BCR2 because of the DRM so I can say with certainty that it was a hindrance between my money and Capcom... Reply +9
  • DR2: Off The Record PC detailed

  • Vilhelm 27/09/2011

    GFWL game? This means that it won't appear on the Icelandic Steam storefront because GFWL isn't supported in Iceland. In other words, I'm not buying it. Reply +8
  • Kojima: Japan must use foreign talent

  • Vilhelm 23/06/2011


    They have CEDEC, but I don't think it quite lives up to the GDC standards.
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  • Vilhelm 23/06/2011


    It's called "further growth." The Japanese gaming market is stagnating, so Japanese publishers have to expand their target audience if they want to increase their profit margin. The Japanese population is on the decline so focusing solely on the Japanese market isn't exactly the most viable strategy.

    Companies like Capcom and Konami are obviously big overseas, and looking to expand their overseas market even further. Why do you think the next Resident Evil game is being outsourced to a Western developer? It's because 90% of all RE5 sales were outside of Japan. That's a large number.
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  • Western Vanquish and FM11 sales "slow"

  • Vilhelm 04/02/2011

    Vanquish put back the "game" into "video game." It was insanely fun. It's a shame it didn't sell more. It was already 60% off at one of Japan's biggest retailers less than 2 months before release - which is the reason I picked it up. Was expecting a mediocre cover shooter, got awesomeness instead. Reply +2
  • Sony outlines NGP "asynchronous gaming"

  • Vilhelm 27/01/2011

    This news piece contradicts this one.
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  • New PSP2 details revealed

  • Vilhelm 24/01/2011

    I don't think any network would allow 100MB data transfers in general. I have an iPhone and it forces me to use a wi-fi connection or download through iTunes whenever a program is above a certain size (can't remember how big but possibly around 20MB).

    It is possible, however, that Sony would tie the 3G use to PSN Plus accounts. In other words, for a set yearly fee you would have access to the network. We'll see how they implement it in Japan come Thursday.
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  • Nintendo defends 3DS region lock

  • Vilhelm 20/01/2011

    A region-locked portable gaming machine makes no sense. You should be able to pick up a new game in any country if you are going away on a trip for a couple of weeks. A portable gaming machine is also what you would probably bring with you if you're moving a way for a set amount of time, for example on a study abroad.

    Forcing you to either import from a proper region or not buy the games at all is counter intuitive. As a European living in Japan, where most import games stores import games from the US, I have been enjoying games for my DS and PSP from all three regions. I was looking forward to putting down some of my money on a new 3DS, but with a universal region lock confirmed I will instead stick to my current systems until the PSP2 is released.
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  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • Vilhelm 19/01/2011

    Somebody tell him that if he wants the 3DS to "appear to long time gamers" they need to get rid of the region lock. Reply 0
  • Vilhelm 19/01/2011

    @Beano It's because multiple friend codes for the DS were worse. But its true, though, people shouldn't give Nintendo credit for using friend codes. The logical step is to use an id tag system like PSN/XBLA. Reply 0
  • Vilhelm 19/01/2011

    I wonder if you can make a Mii that's shaped like a penis... and infect other 3DSs with it. Actually, that would be disturbing. Reply 0
  • PSP2 has "early PS3 game quality visuals"

  • Vilhelm 08/12/2010

    If this means I'll be able to play Demon's Souls on the go and then keep playing the same character on my HDTV when I get back home, then I'm all up for the PSP2. Reply +1
  • Nintendo employees get Ł11k bonus

  • Vilhelm 06/12/2010

    Shouldn't it be 4.97 million JPY excluding bonuses? Because if it's including bonuses then it's quite below what's normal, I think. Reply +1
  • Actor blames gamers for rubbish movies

  • Vilhelm 25/11/2010

    Blame it on the Video Games: Movie Edition Reply +1
  • Blitz predicts digital-only PS4/Xbox 720

  • Vilhelm 21/10/2010

    The digitalization of games is overrated. Yes, a lot of people buy games off PSN, Xbox Live, App Store, and Steam, but there is a lot of people who want conventional discs due to reasons such as the lack of internet access, packaging as collectibles, etc. For the next generation of consoles a combination of digital and physical distribution would be better; ie. release games both digitally and physically.

    Considering that we're only 5-6 years away from the next generation of consoles I think a device which relies solely on digital distribution would be too far ahead of its time. It certainly is too early to think about it right now, as can be seen in Sony's PSP Go experiment.

    Oh, and the main reason the App Store works is because of all the iPhones connected to it. So unless you're going to sell next gen consoles with a built in internet connection you can't compare mobile phones with consoles.
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  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • Vilhelm 05/03/2010

    I completely agree with this review. The combat system is fun, the story is OK, the graphics are very slick, etc. The game is extremely well polished, to say the least.
    But the game is missing so much of what makes RPGs FUN, like exploration, character interaction etc. It took me about 60 hours to finish it for the first time, at least 10 of those spent grinding combat points.
    I'll probably go back to the game in some months to grind towards my Platinum trophy. I mean, the game is good; it's just not what I expected.
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  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • Vilhelm 12/02/2010

    cianchristopher: If by "gravy" you mean "battling monsters for hours on end", then you're in for a treat. If you're looking for any real exploration or character interaction, you should definitely not play Final Fantasy XIII.

    I love the FF13 battle system, but building a whole game on it is just stupid. I've spent 51 hours playing the game, and more than 40 of those went into battling monsters or running through fields finding the right monsters to battle. I had to spend at least 10 hours GRINDING so I wouldn't get my butt kicked in chapter 12 and 13.
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  • Vilhelm 12/02/2010

    "But in the second half, once you get down to Pulse, it's quite free gameplay, it opens out."

    If by "free gameplay" you mean "green fields with a couple of branches and nothing but monsters to kill and kill quests to do", then yes, you can say that. But just because you can do that freely it doesn't mean that the game isn't linear. There's no actual subplot in the game, there's just the main quest and some silly monster hunts. If you want any MEAT, you need to play the main quest.
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  • Final Fantasy VII now on Japanese PSN

  • Vilhelm 14/04/2009

    Cid: To answer both your questions...

    Yes, you can play it on both PSP and PS3 like all other PS1 Classic games bought and downloaded from the PlayStation Store. These games are just straight ports of the old PS1 disk versions and run on emulators on the PSP and PS3.

    As for why I believe it's highly unlikely to see this game on the PlayStation Store... If you just look at the selection right now, you'll see my point. The only decent PS1 game that has been released on the PS Store is Silent Hill, and it was soon pulled out again! The selection isn't as bad in the United States, but it still is bad there as well. It all comes down to licensing and royalties, I guess. It's a legal mess far more complicated than it is in Japan.

    Which is why Japan has a much better offering of PS1 titles, such as Resident Evil 1-3, Metal Gear Solid, Xenogears and now Final Fantasy VII.
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  • Vilhelm 14/04/2009

    I bought this game over the weekend. Although 1500 yen is a steep price for a PS1 game, especially considering that all the other PS1 games, including Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid, go for 600 yen, it still is a fair price. Do mind that Final Fantasy VII International is still for sale in all bigger stores for the original PSX and the street price for that version is around 2500 yen. 1000 yen shaved off isn't too bad.

    Now, what do people get for 1500 yen?
    - The game, obviously, on three "disks" which need to be swapped, just like the original version.
    - An extra disk that comes with Final Fantasy VII International and has maps, artwork and making of info.
    - The graphics have been slightly improved.
    - Loading times are only half of what they were on the PS1.
    - No, there's no English language option.
    - Being able to play it while on the underground/bus/whatever.

    I've had a blast playing it, although my first playthrough in Japanese is giving me nightmares at times. The problem, unfortunately, is that the story and dialogue is a lot cheesier in Japanese than it is in English. Also, some characters have almost completely different personalities; Barret, for example, doesn't swear nearly as much in Japanese as he does in English, and Cloud is a huge sissy in the Japanese version. Yup, there goes my old vision of Final Fantasy VII when English was the only foreign language I spoke and understood.

    Well, bottom line, if you understand Japanese, go buy it now. If you don't understand Japanese, but want to play this game now, go buy it now! If you want to wait until it comes to Europe (highly unlikely, considering how err, things are going right now), then you can wait.
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  • Revolution's real name

  • Vilhelm 28/04/2006

    I've been watching discussions on this subject on the internet for some time now and I finally have come to a conclusion. Either the internet is full of people who are actually just a part of the kiddy gamer group they themselves say Nintendo is aiming at, or everyone has a bad sense of humour.

    Seriously, this is only a name and it won't change how the actual console will work. Although I do admit that Revolution has a cooler sound to it, Wii will most definately burrow deep into the consciousness of gamers and non-gamers alike. The word is short, simple, catchy and easy to remember, and that's all there is to it.
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