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  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • VicViper 14/03/2012

    I came away from it kinda numb/disappointed with a feeling of well that was that I guess, I'll be the first to admit I'm a fan of the universe, I wear that on my sleeve (Literally, I have the N7 Hoodie) I am the kind of fan people hate I bought the T-Shirt and the art book and the Normandy model, total super fan but now I will hesitate when I think about getting another Mass Effect game.

    Regardless of weather they make another ending, they don't have to I can accept that that ending is the ending just as I accepted that Micheal Bays Transformer movies are the best we'll get regarding that franchise and there will never be anything of the Animated movie's quality again, the fact that I now think that about the franchise is kinda depressing in a first world problem way.

    Maybe they have something awesome planned which will totally get my back fully on board again, the universe is still pretty awesome, I can hope. And to slightly diffuse any heaviness from above video Games Eh?
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  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Preview: Revenge of the Fallen

  • VicViper 12/03/2012

    Me grimlock love challenge,

    Dun da dun, dun da dun, dun dun dun dun.
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  • Kingdoms of Amalur online pass hides 7 single player quests

  • VicViper 27/01/2012

    Well that's a bit fucked, I thought the online pass was just that for the online stuff, not that I planning to get it anyway the demo was a bit meh.

    You can't call it an online pass then block of the off line bits that called lying.

    Just call it the anti-pre-owned-we-want-full-price-off-you-so-buy-it-new pass and be done with it.
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  • Agent of Change: Hitman Absolution Preview

  • VicViper 13/01/2012

    I went into sc:conviction expecting the Jason Bourne like game they showed in the trailers and had blast, in this case though I would be a bit more reassured if the shows the stealthy bits more.

    Still the engine looks great and I'm up for more 47 and the trailers make it look cool and so does what has been written, can't wait to play it.
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  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria talent calculator

  • VicViper 25/11/2011

    @superfurry it's no just they do seem very one sided, also why anyone wouldn't take the upgraded demons talent makes that levels choice seem redundant. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft 7th anniversary Celebration Package

  • VicViper 22/11/2011

    @the_inchworm your right about the lack of community, the cross server dungeon finder has meant you never really get to know the people of your server, it's all very straight to business and impersonal now.

    Haven't /played in a while, might be around a 90-100 days plus what ever time I put into alts, barely play it at all now with Skyrim and some of the recent console release also with star trek going F2P I'll have even less reason to go back.
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  • DoDonPachi Resurrection: Deluxe Edition Review

  • VicViper 05/11/2011

    Welp after a few runs, balls to the hammer hard but exactly what I wanted, I saw the dlc menu option but didn't enter it but now that I know there is a black label etc to get I'm off to buy it.

    Any chance that we'll get more Cave games is more than enough reason to throw a little extra cash their way.

    Might encourage Treasure too as I wouldn't say no to Gradius V as a arcade release or someone get Irem to fire R-Type Final up there.

    oh and Espgaluda 2 please next if you don't mind.
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  • WOW: Mists of Pandaria announced

  • VicViper 21/10/2011

    Yeah sounds like locks(my main) are getting separate resources for each spec and wands are now main hands. This is a lot of changes their doing. A fairly hefty expansion Reply +1
  • VicViper 21/10/2011


    Here you go

    Monk class - [link=

    Panderan Race -

    And the zones -

    Also the pet battle system sounds lik they added pokemon to WoW or something very like it

    /edit just read
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  • VicViper 21/10/2011

    Turns out Monks start at level 1 so not a hero class and you don't have to be a Panda to be a monk Reply +1
  • VicViper 21/10/2011


    Ah OK I know there was a Brewmaster in one of the RTS games but not about the pnp RPG stuff. pity Brewmaster isn't a class you could play now that I think about it.

    So I'm guessing we'll be lvl 100 by the time we get to punch Sargeras in face and kick his titan ass.
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  • VicViper 21/10/2011

    I feel slightly disappointed, I thought that we might at least take the fight to the burning legion or something more impact full than another hidden bunch of zones.

    I just don't have the nostalgia for the Pandarens I guess as I never played much of the Warcraft RTS games. Hopefully they give out some info that sells me on it.
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  • EA details Mass Effect 3 Online Pass

  • VicViper 13/10/2011

    Well if they're flat out lying/mid leading to us that's going to be pretty bad I would hope that's not the case. Mass effect has been a shooter though looking back the Rpg elements weren't that elaborate and they are bringing back the weapons mods in this one.
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  • VicViper 13/10/2011

    Calm down people, first off its been repeated numerous times that the affect that the MP has on the single player is an optional one you can still achieve this via the single player quests whatever and still get the best ending without ever going into the MP.

    Pretty much every EA game in recent months has had the online pass so is this such a huge surprise? people weren't expecting this really?

    Personally if I get to run with a four Korgan crew co-op style with my friends I'm thinking I might have a lot of fun, just saying, maybe the the MP will be awesome. Mass Effect has been one of the best game series in a long time getting better with each one, I'm giving Bioware the benefit of the doubt with this one. I need to see how my Shepherd's story ends.
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  • The World Ends With You sequel hinted at

  • VicViper 21/09/2011

    Hopefully a sequel if it still uses two screens would be playable on all DS's, I don't desalt want to buy a 3DS. The original was brilliant always had a jet set radio vibe with the music and the character designs. A JRPG that wasn't about the swords and elfs for once. Reply 0
  • Master Chief stars in Halo 4 teaser pic

  • VicViper 02/09/2011

    Maybe they find a forerunner or alien repilcator or something and it's Cortana's design, she probably had the designs of the precious gear and plenty of time while Master chief was frozen to come up with a new design, maybe that's how they spin it. Reply +1
  • King of Fighters XIII hits UK in October

  • VicViper 28/07/2011

    Yes! DoDonPachi Resurrection, I love it on iOS but having it on a big screen and a Joypad will be a welcome change. Reply 0
  • Child of Eden

  • VicViper 14/06/2011

    Luckily i had some points with GAME so this is coming to me for about twenty quid, no Kinect yet though, might grab that in a month or two but I love Rez and still play the XBLA version from time to time so a 'sequel' for it is a instabuy.

    I look at this as more of a shoot em up after you get your first experience through it as then its all about that perfect run like Rez oddly enough.
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  • Mass Effect 3

  • VicViper 08/06/2011

    I'll be honest I don't miss none of the Rpg elements from ME1 that were removed such having to switch between tungsten to shredder ammo and back again every time a fight started or scroll through hundreds of suit mods and amour ( which often was sorted badly, really a human can't wear krogan armour why is it in my humans list? ). I thought ME2 was better as mass effect has always been a Rpg shooter it just wasn't a very good shooter in ME1.

    Unless they remove the ME2 power, armour and weapon choices then I can see where we could complain but I really want to take my Shepard to the end of his story. They say their adding mire RPG stuff but that does sell well as demos during a trade show
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  • Dreamcast Collection detailed

  • VicViper 14/01/2011

    No SEGA no, listen to us..... Listen... to... us....Give us a collection and have it contain Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Evolution and power stone 2 (or 1)Stick the PSO on XBLA as well as chu chu rocket. You will make money, I would buy these, do you not want this cash? Why do you constantly not listen to Dreamcast fans? Reply +1
  • Watch a NFS trailer, get free cars

  • VicViper 26/11/2010

    @numanilThe demo was time limited, clearly they should take it down as you have shown their annoying potential sales, why the don't just turn back on is a bit weird. Reply 0
  • Is Murder Your Maker Prototype 2?

  • VicViper 26/11/2010

    @NeonstormI almost forgot you could do that, Welp I'm going to need to find a cheap copy if prototype and get it again Reply 0
  • Cave's Story

  • VicViper 19/11/2010

    That was a great article, I like the bit about the fan letter. I always like reading devs reactions to positive fan feed back given the scale of the hate the Internet can spew at dev companies. Reply +2
  • Planet Michael: What would MJ say?

  • VicViper 16/11/2010

    Um so...Ding! Level 10Stamina 5Intellect 8Plastic surgery unlockedNose adjustment 3Unlocked 'pelvic thrust' dance moveUnlocked 'shout out' shamonePlease see your trainer to learn these skills Reply +4
  • Transformers: WFC sequel announced

  • VicViper 15/11/2010

    I enjoyed the game so much I thought it got better scores than that. Had hoped they would do a sequel and now I'm looking forward to it. Another step closer till they do the game of the animated movie, it would be awesome in this engine. Reply +3
  • LEGO Universe

  • VicViper 12/11/2010

    Better value then to actually just go by Lego, it's pretty expensive these days though. The early media had this so promising too, it's a shame it couldn't live up to that. Reply +4
  • The Sly Trilogy gets UK date

  • VicViper 12/11/2010

    Great! Loved the first one never got the second two. Pre-order away! Reply +1
  • BioWare Doctors talk EA Louse, Mass Effect 3, SWTOR

  • VicViper 05/11/2010


    Yeah, I guess that's how the want roll with the PR and marketing on mass effect but its as annoying now as it was then and they over saturate with videos when they get close to release in a bizarre flip flop if ME2 and dragon ages video deluge were anything to go by.
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  • VicViper 05/11/2010

    How can they not just say 'yeah there's going to be a mass effect 3' wouldn't that be fairly obvious. Did mass effect 2 under perform sales wise or something? Reply +2
  • Pokémon Black & White

  • VicViper 27/10/2010

    @riotpoll that does look awful, well your getting caught and stuck in a bills pc box that's for sure. Still roll on the next pokemon game where TMs are multi-use (or so I've heard) Reply 0
  • BlizzCon 2010 Conference

  • VicViper 22/10/2010

    @FortysicterUK the blizzcon site is streaming this for free Reply 0
  • WOW mouse took two years to make

  • VicViper 15/10/2010

    I conflicted about this, on one hand I would like all those buttons(pun not intended) but 90 quid for a mouse is pretty steep, maybe I need to look for a second hand or eBayed naga or something. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dated

  • VicViper 04/10/2010

    That's odd, that's the same date as the few days annual leave I just booked. Isn't that a strange coincidence... Reply +1
  • WOW: Cataclysm in early December?

  • VicViper 01/10/2010

    Well wowhead did recently highlight that in the operation gomeragan text it states "that the chances of a cataclysmic event are around '12.7%'" which in american calendar format is 12/7/2010 so if the rings true then those goddamn sneaky bastards. I'm looking forward to it in any case. Reply +2
  • Invade friends' worlds in Disgaea 4

  • VicViper 17/09/2010

    Sold! Sign me up, higher Rez Disgaea cannot be a bad thing and if past games are anything to go by we'll see most of the old stars in said improved graphics as they love their unlocking old characters or at least selling them ala Disgaea 3. Reply +1
  • DJ Hero 2 song list revealed

  • VicViper 26/08/2010

    @kangarooList is the list of songs that they an to use , I guess well find out the mixes later which is odd as the said the mixes before the last one Reply 0
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger PC dated

  • VicViper 16/08/2010

    A bit late, continuum shift lands in October so the player base will be shifting in a month or two.
    Still I wonder if well see any mods like what happened with street fighter 4 that would be cool.
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  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon announced

  • VicViper 10/08/2010

    I was working on a link but it's awkward to do on an iPhone, there looks to be destructible environments based on how a missile takes out one of miamis skyscrapers so it's either alternate but really close earth or Tom Clancy style near future.

    I guess that means no superweapon or ridiculus big ass planes this time.
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  • VicViper 10/08/2010

    The trailer makes this look badass, there looks to be moments were you man helicopter mounted guns as well and special moves for the planes. Reply +3
  • Acti: Cataclysm out this year

  • VicViper 06/08/2010

    I agree with swills there (in the beta too), stuff still be very jacked n broken, it's a while before release. Still loads of place holder stuff though what's there so far zone wise had been nice. I won't hold my breath but if it hits before the end if year happy days. Reply 0
  • Linkin Park single debuting in MOH

  • VicViper 28/07/2010

    Words fail me... Um ok then let's hope it's not to jarring or rubbish. Reply +5
  • H.A.W.X. 2 dated

  • VicViper 22/07/2010

    Having just beaten the first one recently I have to say it's a little empty and flat even with the general Tom Clancy world links which I actual like. Ace Combat seems to do better with it's fake worlds but then the do have the ridiculous super craft which would jar a bit in the future realistic Clancy world I guess. Still maybe I'll give it a go anyway Reply +3
  • Limbo review

  • VicViper 19/07/2010

    Nice that it got a great review, going be getting this as soon as I can on wednesday. The price might seem high buy given that even for an 90 min movie it can cost 5 quid on entry it evens out. Reply +2
  • Development on Z.O.E. 3 pushed back

  • VicViper 07/07/2010

    I would prefer to see a ZOE3 rather than another MGS Reply 0
  • Saturn games on PSN/XBLA?

  • VicViper 30/06/2010


    I had thought about that when I read that reason that they weren't ports earlier, even with just the source code there might be still a bit of work as I'm guessing you do code in how you want game to use the systems audio and graphics channels/processors but maybe not as much work as I was thinking it might need.
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  • VicViper 30/06/2010

    I thought they said that the chip architecture was so weird on the saturn that it made porting the games nigh on impossible due to the way the games had to be programmed for it? Guess money is a great motivator.

    I can't think anything bar the Panzer dragoon games that were good enough to be ported that haven't already shown up. Wii got some of the House of the dead games, virtua cop has shown up...

    Edit wait never mind, Sega... I want a port of Burning Rangers and Croc: legend of the Gobbos, Firestrom: Thunderhawk 2. I owned all of these back in the day and still have a copy of Discworld 2: Morality bites kicking around.
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  • New Tomb Raider due Xmas 2011

  • VicViper 30/06/2010


    Found the site again
    Good read for anyone into the series
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  • VicViper 30/06/2010

    Another one on the soul Reaver band wagon. Having spent a bit of time on that site where they show you all the cut stuff from the series and the soul revaer game they have enough material for a new game anyway and it was a cool world. Reply +1
  • Trinity Universe

  • VicViper 30/06/2010

    Aww, ah well maybe I'll find cross edge for cheap somewhere and play that or atempt to get back into Disgeae 2 or 3 and actually finish them. Grind, Grind, Grind with colourful graphics and humor. Reply 0
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

  • VicViper 25/06/2010

    Good score, in many ways childrens games should be better as if you gonna get new players into the industry you better make a damn good first impression that and make a good product regardless I suppose. Reply +2