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  • Hitman's first added mission makes you dress as a vampire magician

  • VibratingDonkey 19/03/2016

    Don't particularly care for Escalation missions. Becomes proper tedious after I've failed a couple of times. Having to redo the initial part over and over is no fun. And this is also inherent to how Escalation is designed. It's basically a contract on five targets with various directives, split into five missions. Kill target #1 in mission #1, unlock mission #2, in which you're to kill target #1 and target #2. Etc.

    Having to go through this progression where you will eventually have executed the first mission in the same way, five times, plus all the inevitable restarts, is not a particularly enticing prospect.

    Vastly prefer having checkpoints/saves to keep from having to repeat lost progress. Since you can save while going for Silent Assassin Suit only, that's a challenge I can step up to. Would never ever go for it otherwise.
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  • Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises

  • VibratingDonkey 19/03/2016

    Don't you mean "Here's a selection of idiots overreacting to a crude choice at a Microsoft event."

    "deeply offensive" Is it?

    How is having women dancing offensive?

    "This is how the games industry excludes women: By pretending we don't exist and having dev parties with strippers."

    Pretending they don't exist? Strippers? Just because you shout ridiculous things and cloak them in some social crusade, it doesn't change the fact that the things you say are factually incorrect.

    Don't you think somehow this is slightly, just slightly, blown out of proportion? Is every single official gaming function featuring dancing girls?

    I would go as far as to say I don't really agree with the choice of having sexy schoolgirls (NOT STRIPPERS), purely on the ground that it is not too far from being seedy, and just crude. You can't however try and argue it's some 'attack on women' as in offensive and deliberately exclusive of them. That would be absurd.
    No they weren't strippers. That was a factually incorrect statement made in error. Fair enough.

    Not fair to single out a mistake in one of the quoted tweets, and make it representative of the overall grievance these people had, using it to support your argument that this is an absurd overreaction that's blown out of proportion by shouting idiots cloaking lies in a social crusade.
    👎🏼Microsoft sponsors a Women in Games lunch and awards, but then has scantily clad women dancers at their GDC party. NVIDIA does similar. 👎🏼
    Extremely disappointed @Microsoft and @Xbox hired women wearing these outfits to perform at @gdc. PLEASE RT.
    ehhhhh I feel so icky about this because I was at Microsoft’s Women in Games Luncheon and now feel deceived
    Seems more like they just felt disappointed, offended and excluded? To the point of anger, for the one I didn't quote, As someone who just got agitated enough to start flinging insults over being offended by people being somewhat too offended, I don't feel like lacking justification for getting angry is something you would be in a position to question. Besides, considering the context of issues of inclusiveness and sexism, her anger seems justified. It's not just this one thing, it's all of the things these people have experienced throughout their lives. We should be able to empathize with that frustration. Not assume they're overreacting or being overly sensitive, dismissing their voices and contributing to the problem.

    How is having women dancing offensive?
    Through other parts of your post, you say you [I]agree[/I] that hiring these dancers was a bad decision, inappropriate, crude, bordering on seedy.
    So that's how it's offensive then? Aside from the stripper snafu, I don't understand what your boggle appears to be.

    If we want the games industry to be more inclusive to women (which is something we should strive for no?) we need to listen to the women in it. Instead you're dismissing their complaints, portraying them as absurd, shouting, dishonest, overreacting idiots. You argue that this event was not an attack on women, which it arguably wasn't (and also none of these tweets say it was), as "attack" implies knowledge of and intent for the negative and likely consequences. We don't know if that was the case here, and I severely doubt it, especially considering Phil Spencer's statement. And I believe people mostly make mistakes out of inexperience or ignorance. In your case though, that is difficult to believe. I don't know how to construe lashing out at and insulting these women for being offended by this event, especially while you yourself are offended by it, without malicious intent. I certainly would consider that an attack.

    "deeply offensive" Is it?
    If someone says something is deeply offensive to them, it probably is. Let's not question their honesty or assume they're lying about their own feelings. Who are you quoting anyway? Unless it's been edited, no one in this article.

    Is every single official gaming function featuring dancing girls?
    You can't however try and argue it's some 'attack on women' as in offensive and deliberately exclusive of them. That would be absurd.
    They're not arguing that. They're saying this decision made them feel offended, unwelcome and excluded as women.

    And deliberate or not, it did make attendees feel shitty. Microsoft says it was not deliberate, rather an unintended failure on their part.
    And that's basically the core thing I don't understand about people pushing back against the reaction these women had. They said it made them feel shitty, Microsoft agreed with their grievances, and addressed the problem. So what is the problem? Whatever it is, it appears to be all yours
    (plural, not just you specifically, but also you specifically though.)
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  • The Division review

  • VibratingDonkey 15/03/2016

    I thought I'd be more interested in this game than I ended up being. I'm oddly angry about it.

    I think it might be that the first couple of demonstrations with its faux dialog made it look like the world would be more alive, atmospheric, natural, involved, believable. But it's actually just another MMO type situation. A bit unfair, as the game does seem to try, what with dogs poopin' in the streets and whatnot, but it's a lot more in that artificial/gamey direction than I would've wanted.

    It looked like it could potentially strike a balance and also be my kind of game, but doesn't seem like it. It's one of them loot RPG's. And that's fine. I think I'll be getting what I'm looking for from other upcoming games, like Mankind Divided. That'll be the best maths game of the year. Count on it.
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  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit gets ugly

  • VibratingDonkey 15/03/2016

    If I recall, that drawing was based on an actual person (who I assume Rockstar paid) and this person was not Lindsay Lohan. Any similarities are purely coincidental, as they say.

    Rockstar was obviously going for similarities though. I forget what exactly this character was like in the game, but in general it was clearly meant to be some parody amalgamation of the public image of people like her, or maybe even her in particular. As I understand it, parodies are legally fine, as long as you don't use actual names and likenesses. As I see it, fair enough that the case moves forward, I don't think she'll win though. But I'm no lawtalking guy.

    Not sure what's to gain by calling her nuts and a cow. Encouraging gamers to attack and insult people, perhaps isn't the best course of action. Just in general. Would be cool if we could curb that behavior. Beyond tired of it.
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  • Watch: Aoife walks Chris through Heavy Rain

  • VibratingDonkey 05/03/2016



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  • "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

  • VibratingDonkey 04/03/2016

    Following the dumping of the TV spiel, that was absolutely the direction they took, selling it to us "core" people.

    Especially the people who bought an Xbox One after E3, have reason to feel disillusioned over this recent change of direction. That is, if they have, or is going to get, a decent PC. Otherwise it's like, not an issue at all. You're still getting those games you wanted. And you'll likely be getting more of them on account of the instantly broader userbase and its money.

    I have no damned idea what is going on with Microsoft's evolving Xbox One hardware plans though. That is definitely a huge question mark. Microsoft should probably not have announced those before they were able to detail what exactly that means.
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  • VibratingDonkey 04/03/2016

    I think it's lovely that Quantum Break is coming to PC as well. I just wish I would've known this before I bought an Xbox One, as it's one of the three games I bought one for. And since D4 was also released on PC, I basically bought an Xbox One for one game, Forza Horizon 2. And as with all other consoles I've bought, I expected more than those three games to be announced and released. Don't know if that's particularly a thing any longer. So Microsoft has quite literally removed the reasons for why I bought an Xbox One.

    Plans change, so I don't really feel like I was tricked. Just regret and like I've been let down, like I wasted my money and should've bought a PS4 instead. I also think it's kind of shitty that Microsoft won't acknowledge us folk who have both a decent PC and an Xbox One. They just try to PR around with how great this is for everyone.

    And that PR is's so blatantly obvious that their interest lies in strengthening their own platform and control over the market by pushing Windows 10. If they actually cared about offering options and freedom to gamers, or whatever the line is, they'd make these games available on platforms outside of the Windows 10 store.

    Here's hoping the fully-featured port...
    You won't be able to download the live action episodes on PC, only stream. So if you have a poor connection you might see lower video quality and/or choppy playback.
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  • Star Wars' Finn actor calls for a Battlefront story mode

  • VibratingDonkey 03/03/2016

    That's nothing a little music can't help. Reply +1
  • Chivalry dev reveals new game Mirage

  • VibratingDonkey 02/03/2016

  • Valve fires Dota2 commentator, Gabe Newell calls him "an ass"

  • VibratingDonkey 28/02/2016

    I haven't been following DOTA 2 or its community at all, just found out about this yesterday. But based on what I've seen, both parties are at fault for this snafu. Harding for being an ass and Valve for poor management.

    Harding appears to have problems either with understanding or being mindful of people's boundaries, and what level of edge is appropriate for what situations, what contexts. This rude crude dude act is apparently something he easily falls into when trying to entertain an audience.

    In his statement he says:
    I ask why?
    Bruno: Bottom Bitch Joke, Disrespectful towards players…

    For the record the Bottom Bitch joke was about Waga/Sing, personal friends of mine who have both contacted me for support. So for me it wasn’t out of place.
    So I don't know how comfortable those two people are with him calling them bottom bitch on live internet TV, but like this
    or this, that seems like a joke that if you make it at all, you make it to people you know, not to an audience of gamer randos, and especially not as the host at a significant event. But that's where Valve's fumbling comes in. If Valve didn't want this "hosting style" he's known for, then maybe they should've given him directions beforehand, or hired someone else?

    Anyway, he
    does a pretty good Alan Rickman

    Comment section doesn't seem to like URL tags with text inbetween them. Have to do a line break.
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  • Postal is getting a remake for PC, Mac and PS4

  • VibratingDonkey 24/02/2016

    That period lasted roughly 10 years.

    They licensed out one thing, Postal 3, which was a supremely budget game. And they're supposed to have sustained themselves just on the licensing fees for that, and Postal 2 sales, for the decade between Apocalypse Weekend and Paradise Lost?

    Such a ridiculous notion. RWS's continued existence is the most outrageous thing about RWS.

    They must've effectively shut down for a couple of years, had like one person on staff to handle administrative stuff.
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  • VibratingDonkey 24/02/2016

    Played Postal when I was like 12, drawn by its edginess. Quickly lost interest as it was a properly dreary game.

    Postal 2 is more deserving of being remembered. It also tried very hard to be edgy, but managed to be a deeply stupid game that stood out because of the relatively dynamic open areas you could piss on and set fire to. It was sort of like the vulgar Goat Simulator of its day. I wouldn't call it a good game, but it was distinct, and entertaining, at least for a while.

    I'm continually amazed that RWS is still around. I don't know they've managed it. There is literally a decade long period where they put out nothing. How does a company survive for 10 years, doing nothing? What the hell happened there? Are they fronting for the mob?
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  • Why people are talking about Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3

  • VibratingDonkey 24/02/2016

    No. Reply -2
  • Performance Analysis: Hitman beta on PC

  • VibratingDonkey 24/02/2016

    Don't you know that it's way uncool to insult people over trivial matters, and particularly using that one term as a derogative?
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  • VibratingDonkey 24/02/2016

    Do we know the date of the beta build?
    The Paris level is supposed to be like 20 times larger than the boat level, and probably even more packed with people in certain areas. Assuming those numbers are still true, 1600 NPC's in total.

    So yeah, performance is a bit of a concern.
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  • 13 years ago I was held at gunpoint, kidnapped and shoved into the boot of my car

  • VibratingDonkey 22/02/2016

    Cool story. Cool bro. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter 5 modders restore R.Mika's butt slap

  • VibratingDonkey 19/02/2016

    It was fine to rally for Ninja Theory to change Dante, Sucker Punch to change Spider-Man Cole back to generic gravely bald guy, and Bioware to change ME3's ending.

    But a camera edit to obscure buttslaps and crotches, now that ruins the artistic integrity and creative freedom of the creator which was free to make this change or not. Because that matters now when we're talking buttslaps, important stuff. And let's not forget that when developers make changes based on feedback from people who aren't me, it's censorship by a bullying vocal minority. Not developers listening to fans, as is always the case when I agree with the proposed change.

    Felt the need for sarcasm. Sorry.
    All feedback is fine, as long as it's not insulting or disrespectful. Whether a developer makes changes based on it or not is up to the developer, and the approval of publishers/shareholders/investors/sponsors. So basically it's not up to the developer at all. Unless they're independent. Anyway, Capcom made this change. People can agree with it or not, but I don't buy claims of protecting creative freedom against censorship.

    Modders providing players with more options is always welcome.
    Tends to get dicey when used online though. I'm sure Capcom doesn't actually mind this particular mod, but cheats can operate the same way as mods do. Might get caught in the net of some anti-cheat software.
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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • VibratingDonkey 12/02/2016

    But here is the kicker - exclusives of type (2) are good for the company that makes them. It does not follow that they are good for the people who own the systems made by that company.

    There is no gain whatsoever to me personally because Uncharted is not playable by people who own systems other than the PS3/4. My play experience is not enhanced, my expenditure not justified by it. The ONLY good thing about such a situation is for the company, in this case SONY.
    The ability to play games you otherwise can not, is a significant reason for many, including me, to opt to buy a particular console. To me, it is the justification for the expenditure. Exclusive games becoming multiplatform erodes that justification. At this point, I really do regret buying an Xbox One.

    Given this, I just find it crazy that people get so up in arms about others having access to games. As end-users it is in our interest to have games be as accessible as possible.
    Do you really find it crazy? You obviously also assign value to the access of games, and ought to understand why people have an adverse reaction to this value being removed. We paid for this access. It's like a free ride that you already paid.

    Isn't it ironic don't you think, that we want all games to be accessible on all platforms, yet we're paying for them not to be.
    Isn't it ironic don you think, that if all games were on all platforms, there'd be less games on less platforms.

    Thanks India.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/02/2016

    Microsoft's and Remedy's history consisted of one game. Hardly a track record to base conclusions on. Microsoft's done plenty of exclusives.

    Doesn't take much to recognize that people will have believed Microsoft and Remedy, when for the past three years they've said it'd be an Xbox One exclusive.

    And it only takes a modicum of class, common decency, respect and empathy for your fellow man, to not be condescending and insulting towards those people. And to not use that particular term in a derogatory manner.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/02/2016

    I owned a decent PC when I bought my Xbox One. So the argument that the Xbox One is cheaper than one of those is null for me. If a game's on PC then that does devalue the purchase to me.

    And Quantum Break was 1/3rd of the reason I bought an Xbox One. The release timing of those three games (+Forza Horizon 2 and D4) I wanted, beat out the PS4 games I was looking forward to by about a year. That's why I bought an Xbox One, and now two of those three games are on PC.

    If I had known this (and that I'd be waiting another year for Quantum Break), I'm pretty sure I would've gotten a PS4 instead.

    But I don't think I'm going to sell it, as there are still games on Xbox One that I can't play on the other systems I have. Crackdown's not on PC yet, right? Forza. Basically all EA Sports games except FIFA.
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  • Quantum Break is coming to PC, too

  • VibratingDonkey 11/02/2016

    The Windows 10 code is apparently not just for digital XB1 pre-orders?

    Every Xbox One copy of Quantum Break will come with a full-game download for Alan Wake for Xbox 360, plus its two add-on packs, The Signal and The Writer, playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility.

    Every Xbox One Quantum Break pre-order made through the Xbox Store or participating retailers will get you a download code for the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break and Xbox One backwards compatible version of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

    You can also get Quantum Break branded SteelBook cover for your copy of the game by pre-ordering Quantum Break from participating retailers.*

    A new Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle featuring a 500GB Cirrus White console and matching wireless controller, a full-game downloads of Quantum Break for both Xbox One and Windows 10, and a full-game download of Alan Wake accompanied by The Signal and The Writer add-on packs is offered worldwide starting March 29th, 2016 in most regions where Xbox One is available.

    * Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
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  • VibratingDonkey 11/02/2016

    Recommended: 980Ti, 16GB RAM
    Uh...ok. Unless Remedy's definition of "recommended" differs from the norm, I guess I'm still getting the boxed Xbox One version then.

    There really ought to be a standard. Recommended could mean anything, making it less than useful as a guide.
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  • Somebody made Generic FPS: The Movie and it is stupid and amazing

  • VibratingDonkey 11/02/2016

    Dear god with the spambots... Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 11/02/2016

    Closer to a $250 budget, but Press X To Not Die seems kind of great.
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  • VibratingDonkey 11/02/2016

    This is great, but can you really do this for 90 minutes?
    I'll probably find out for myself.

    Apparently there's already been screenings.
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  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta registration now live

  • VibratingDonkey 04/02/2016

    This beta signup could've used a beta. Just loops around n around. Reply +1
  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • VibratingDonkey 03/02/2016

    While I can't say I'll miss it, in a way I appreciated old Molyneux's exuberant passion and weaving of ambitious tales and visions to the press, because you know, most PR and marketing is essentially about bullshitting, and Molyneux's bullshitting was...colorful, compelling and sort of honest. You wanted to believe, and then after your first Molyneux ride, you tempered your expectations, but the next ride was still sort of pleasant despite knowing it's 90% hot air.

    It was basically target footage, wasn't it? These ideal ideas which he was hoping to realize, couldn't, was probably never possible, but the games were still pretty good and interesting. Which is why I could be disappointed by, but never actually upset about his overpromising.

    That's basically the problem with Godus, it's a bad game that's not really even in the same vein as what was promised. That and the whole management of that crowdfunded mess. Godus is his one true fuckup, and while it is a major one, considering the career he's had, that's not enough for me to condemn the man for all eternity. I'm glad he's decided to keep making games. I've enjoyed most of the games he's worked on and I believe he's still capable of putting out good, interesting ones. I just probably won't help fund them.
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  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free on Origin

  • VibratingDonkey 03/02/2016

    Previous On the House offerings have included Dead Space, Battlefield 3, Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, and Command & Conquer Red Alert 2.
    You forgot about Zuma's Reven͞g̛é,̀ ̴th̷e̢ ̶ćla̸śs̷i̕c̀ frog̶-ba̶sed͝ ͠pųz̡z͌lͨ̅ͣ̃ͦ͊͒e̔r̀.̓͆ͯ̐
    Don't rember when I last playeed it.
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  • The Division beta PC players are giving themselves godlike powers

  • VibratingDonkey 01/02/2016

    Don't know how long it would take for Ubisoft to change the way this works. So far there's no ETA for a fix, but I probably wouldn't take the word of the random Reddit person quoted here. Reply +1
  • Beyond Good & Evil developer has an incredible story to tell

  • VibratingDonkey 29/01/2016

    @alimokrane Ubisoft likes to pretend it's not officially announced, despite everyone knowing about it specifically because of the teaser Ubisoft put out.

    Note how that article notes the teaser doesn't actually reveal the title. It could be anything!
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  • VibratingDonkey 29/01/2016

    Take my ride, take my clothes, take me to the countryside. I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take BG&E from me.

    Bet it was Miyamoto.
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  • Killing crows and closing car doors

  • VibratingDonkey 29/01/2016

    It's not the closing of the door that was impressive about the E3 demo, but that the player character's arm naturally went up to close the door as the player passed it. You rarely see animations like that. There's a term for it probably.

    I assume that animation isn't actually in the game, because with all that's been recorded of the alpha-beta at this point, you'd think someone would've put up footage of it already.

    So RIP door closing(?)
    If it's out I would actually be interested in knowing why. Technically, why this sort of thing is difficult to do.
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  • Almost every comment on EA's Instagram is "Skate 4"

  • VibratingDonkey 28/01/2016

    Skitchin' 2 Reply +3
  • Sony is trying - and failing - to trademark "Let's Play"

  • VibratingDonkey 28/01/2016

    Thanks McArthur.
    Wonder what Sony's plan was for this. I just can't imagine Sony doing anything that would upset streamtubers and their audience of millions of people. So, what was the plan here?
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  • Star Wars open-world RPG Kickstarter bites the dust

  • VibratingDonkey 08/01/2016

    Still not sure whether this was a joke all along or not, either way, it's been a run ride. Thanks, Devin. Reply 0
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • VibratingDonkey 06/01/2016

    No. Stop. Too much. Reply +1
  • Soma mod makes enemies harmless (but still super creepy)

  • VibratingDonkey 06/01/2016

    I'd been starting getting interested in this game after reading GOTY lists portraying it as being more atmospheric sci-fi than horror, and doing a good job at it.

    There seemed to be a consensus that the enemy encounters were frustrating or more of a hindrance. And I am indeed a wuss. So this seems cool.
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  • Readers' top 50 games of 2015

  • VibratingDonkey 02/01/2016

    This just goes to show that more people need to play Grow Home. Reply +1
  • Steam in hot water after admitting security lapse exposed 34,000 users' details

  • VibratingDonkey 01/01/2016

    Other than leaking personal identifying information on a significant scale, Valve's DDoS mitigation indeed did work out a-ok.

    Ain't that like finding a whole nut in a turd sandwich.
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  • VibratingDonkey 01/01/2016

    Valve needs some fire under their butts. Good on ol Biscuit. He's generally alright when he's doing actual consumer advocacy stuff.
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  • Steam security error leaves personal information exposed

  • VibratingDonkey 26/12/2015

    I don't think anyone is being too complacent, just not worth getting in all of a twist about it as some feel we should

    It happened, it's not good and needs to be looked at, but beyond that? Demanding an apology or for Gabe to give up a pint of his own blood to appease the masses? Life's to short, man. It happened, move on.

    Anyway, I was enjoying Christmas Day too much to even notice it was going on until someone text me the news. :cool:
    That actually comes across as quite complacent. Complaining and causing PR shitstorms is how to accomplish change in this industry as a consumer. But nah, let's just move on. It needs to be looked at though, but let's just move on. Like, if there's no pressure from us, why do you think they would bother to look at it? Nothing will change (granted with Valve, nothing might change regardless) and then in another six months we get another fuckup.

    I don't understand what's supposed to be unreasonable about pushing for a company to take responsibility for and addressing its failures.

    No one is demanding a blood sacrifice, as that would be wholly unhelpful. We're simply seeking for Valve to improve aspects of itself, as it is blatantly needed. An apology would be welcome, but is just lip service unless Valve also commits to rectifying what's causing these failures.
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  • VibratingDonkey 26/12/2015

    The "cached page information" that was viewed, was usernames, emails, purchase and license histories, last 4 card numbers, full names, addresses and phone numbers. In short, a lot of personally identifiable information. Which malicious entities may have had sufficient time to scrape up. This is a big ol fuckup.

    Valve vaguely describing this as "information" is real shitty.

    And "...allowed some users..." Google doesn't have a Steam account, yet it has cached some poor Mexican guy's account information. Anyone, not just "some" Steam users, anyone with access to the internet could view this information simply by visiting https://store.steampowered/account

    It would behoove Valve to be honest and forthcoming about this severe fuckup. I would hope they take this opportunity to shape up and rectify their poor communication, and management of security. If you recall, Steam had a different severe security failure just six months ago, where people could log into the accounts of others by just inputting the username. I don't know what Valve's problems are, but they need to talk about how to fix them, and then do so.

    And I'll just quote this for those who don't think this is a big deal or whatnot.
    In the increasingly service- and account-based Internet, every piece of personally identifiable information a person hands over to a service should be treated as a potential attack vector for phishing or hacking attempts, (not to mention doxxing), not just for that specific service but for any other service the user might have registered for. As such, it is (or should be) of paramount importance for service providers to keep all personally identifiable information completely secure as much as possible. Two pieces of obscured information like username and billing address might not be enough to quickly login as that person through the login page, but if the user uses any of the same information on another service, hackers only need to gather a few pieces of information like that to try to get through security questions or to social engineer their way into the account, which might in turn yield the clues to gain access to even more accounts, etc.

    It's overly simplistic to only list the specific fields that were leaked and decide that nothing useful can be done on the Steam storefront with them. It would have been trivial during the breach for someone well versed in web scraping to write a script that repeatedly hit the account details page and saved all the information it could about however many users were getting exposed. All of those represent potential attack vectors. If those users have been the victim of other data breaches for other sites (you may have noticed this is happening with disturbing frequency), their email addresses might already be in hackers' repositories of breached users, and so the info from their steam page can be added into whatever is already known about them. Their billing address or last 4 CC digits or phone number might used as security questions by another service provider, and that would be enough to get in. This is how modern identity theft works.

    None of this is certain to happen to any particular user, of course, but I hope it explains why service providers need to be held accountable for any sort of data breach and treat any breach as a massive liability concern, and why users should be encouraged to be safeguard their own information carefully and treat any data breach as a potentially legally actionable cause.
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • VibratingDonkey 18/12/2015

    @weebleman That's new. Typically Twitter lets these accounts run, presumably in order to collect data.

    Would be funny if gathering data is no longer required for the reason you mention.

    Severely doubt it, but wouldn't that be nice?
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  • VibratingDonkey 18/12/2015

    I don't think a person's entire life should get ruined because they were an empathy-deficient piece of shit as a teenager. And I'm talking about people like this Kivimaki here, who was a real shitbag. But the punishment should fit the crime. And I hardly think it did in his case. Online monitoring and two year suspended sentence. Think he might still have pending cases though, or at least we don't know how those wound up.

    Taking down Xbox Live and PSN for some days is like, who cares. While it's criminal and Sony and Microsoft probably care a great deal, for us it's basically just an annoyance. But who knows what the members of this new group are otherwise responsible for or might do in the future. Hopefully they'll get caught quickly.
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  • VibratingDonkey 18/12/2015

    @Faramis Hahahah! 20 somethings getting raped! So funny. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 18/12/2015

    @Faramis Hahahah! Kids getting raped! So funny. Reply 0
  • Yakuza 5 review

  • VibratingDonkey 17/12/2015

    I'm gonna plug my PS3 back in again. Reply +6
  • Square Enix exec quits after decade at Crystal Dynamics

  • VibratingDonkey 16/12/2015

    Only thing I could maybe fault the guy for is Hitman Absolution. But that was probably about done by the time he stepped up to manage the western branch. If anything he ought to be more responsible for the direction of the next Hitman, which is a pretty good one.

    I have no idea about the finances behind the Rise situation, pointless to speculate. And the game will be released on PC and PS4 next year, so no one really knows until those numbers have been added in.

    He seems to have done an alright job as far as I can tell. Just in terms of the types of and quality of games that's popped up while he was in charge. Someone else might not have greenlit Life is Strange. So godspeed to him.
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  • Report: Kojima starting up new studio, in talks with Sony

  • VibratingDonkey 16/12/2015

    Don't know how far into the future this partnership is bound to last.
    Kojima says
    the first title from the new studio is a collaboration with Playstation
    but then says
    I'm thrilled to embark on creating a new franchise with Playstation.
    So he intends for this to be a franchise, but at this point they've only agreed to collaborate on the first title?

    Oh, I see this has been answered in the Q&A thing. And I interpreted things correctly. Yay.

    Anyway, cool. Now we'll just have to wait another 3+ years.
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  • After six years in space, Noby Noby Boy's GIRL returns home

  • VibratingDonkey 15/12/2015

    God bless Keita Takahashi. Reply +2