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  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • VibratingDonkey 07/07/2016

    The pandering bullshit in that video...
    "Thank you guys for all that you've done for me." he says in multiple emphatic statements.
    Knowingly and blatantly fuck these people over, blame them for it and lie to their faces, he does.

    Exploiting his fanbase, expecting these people he continues to wrong, to stand behind and defend him because of this pathetic lip service, just further adds to what a sleazy prick he is.

    And let's not forget that except for not making idiotic public statements and then taking them down, Tom "Syndicate" Cassell is guilty of the same crimes as this guy. Him being more silent should not help silence that. This should stick with them both in perpetuity, or until they take responsibility and then actually better themselves.

    That there actually are people defending them comes as no surprise. Comes with the territory of popular online personalities. Being friendly, charming, personable, entertaining, connecting with and making people like them is basically their job. And that's the only side of themselves they ever publicly show.
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  • Steam warns users against gambling site after YouTube stars discovered as owners

  • VibratingDonkey 04/07/2016

    "Transparency from here on out!"
    He says. After having been caught doing this sort of thing (at least) twice before within the past year.

    "I apologise to anyone who feels mislead..."
    So much for the promised transparency then. Covering his own ass takes priority. He didn't mislead anyone, people misled themselves.

    The loathe these people have for their viewerbase is amazing. The parts of TmarTn's response video in the h3h3 video...just the fucking dishonesty and lying, while trying to be all friendly and play it off like he's done nothing wrong or it's no big deal....amazing.

    I do hope this will turn into a proper big deal. For them, for these gambling sites and for Valve.
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  • Orion dev admits his game ripped off Call of Duty assets

  • VibratingDonkey 01/07/2016

    I don't trust David Prassel particularly cares about any injustices until he gets called out on them by a big company which will sue him unless he complies. Reply +5
  • Let's look at some of the history behind Battlefield 1

  • VibratingDonkey 29/06/2016

    While they've clearly done research, this probably won't be the most historically accurate thing ever. Battlefield has always prioritized other things over realism, and has a giant budget i.e. can't go deep into a niche, so that's to be expected. Kind of a small miracle that it's WW1 at all.

    I'll just say that while I have some questions, overall I like what I've seen. Reminds me of BF1942, which is a general historic era I approve of for a Battlefield game. There's less things (unlock system will be inherently less arduous and annoying) and those things feel cruder, more manual, more dependent on your control of things.

    One thing I'm particularly fond of is that aircraft are worse. It's just a much better fit for Battlefield, I think. Slower speed will give you more time to recon, assess the battlefield, maneuver. You'll be closer to the battlefield. No lock-on anythings, no incessant beeping, rockets and bombs will feel more satisfying to use, and it will probably feel more satisfying to get shot down as well. And you have gunners now. And as infantry on the ground you will now be able to do offensive things against planes. And no helicopters to complicate that balancing.

    I will miss the Black Hawk though.
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  • G2A and tinyBuild's row over PC game key reselling gets ugly

  • VibratingDonkey 25/06/2016

    Streamtubers sponsored by G2A make money basically off of covering games, which is fine, but then they take money from G2A to push potential buyers to a site which is sure to minimize the money the creators of these games see. That's distinctly uncool. They're also telling their audience to take on the risk (it does happen) of buying keys that may have been stolen.

    And then they also take money from publishers to cover certain games in specific ways, and are shit at disclosing this to their viewers.

    Ugh... Streamtubing... It's all fun and games until a penguin jumps in your face.
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  • VibratingDonkey 25/06/2016

    I don't know about this kerfuffle, but to me at least, there's already enough reason to avoid marketplaces like G2A.

    Mass buying games when on deep discounts with the intent of making a profit by later undercutting authorized sellers, is uncool. The majority of the revenue from such a sale goes to the seller. I'd rather my money go to the creators of the games I like, not support this kind of opportunistic scalper mentality.

    Another likely source of keys is ones sold cheaper in a specific region. I find it questionable to exploit the financial situations of other regions. I don't want to add to a push that could up prices for the people there. If you can afford to pay a fair price for games, then that feels like a rich asshole thing to do.

    I'd wager a significant percentage of marketplace sellers operate as above.

    G2A also has a questionable fraud protection scheme and some pyramid-scheme looking referral/marketing system. G2A in particular just strikes me as super sleazy.

    I'll add that I've learned sometimes publishers themselves dump off big slabs of keys on the cheap to boost their numbers. I'd have no problem with buying those keys. But I don't know if those ever show up on marketplaces, and if they did, it would still be an absolute crapshoot. You don't ever know where sellers source their keys from.

    So I'll be sticking to GMG, GOG, Humble and Steam.
    Humble gives 10% of your purchase to a charity of your choosing, so you can feel like you're contributing to the world by buying games.
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  • Murky world of PC game key reselling exposed by indie developer

  • VibratingDonkey 21/06/2016

    There's many things about resellers and marketplaces like G2A that are shady. Even if keys haven't been acquired through fraud, it's quite likely they were bought in mass during a deep discount sale, with the intent of profiting by undercutting when the sale's over.

    People always complain about microtransactions and publishers being greedy in various ways. If you're not exactly poor and buy from places like G2A, you can basically fuck off with that shit.

    I reckon streamtubers sponsored by G2A are about as shitty as the sale exploiters. Like, you're making money off of streaming their games, and then you accept money to direct potential buyers to a marketplace that's all but guaranteed to financially screw the creators over.

    Creators deserve to get paid, we should support the people making games we like, that money should not go to people of the scalping mentality.
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  • VibratingDonkey 21/06/2016

    Yeah I don't understand how they don't know the keys associated with the transactions that were charged back and consequently why they can't revoke those keys. That seems like it should be a thing. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 1 multiplayer misses out two key countries

  • VibratingDonkey 14/06/2016

    @rep- Though it could be misconstrued that way, I believe the intent was to clarify. If he'd just said "out of place voiceover", you might not have known what he was referring to.

    It's out of place because it has a disaffected tone, with no filters applied to make it sound like it's coming over the radio or whatever. In other Battlefields, DICE incorporate these messages into the game world, so they sound part of it, not like some weird omnipresent sci-fi game announcer.

    Also it should be in the language of whatever country you're playing as.

    It does seem very placeholder.
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  • VibratingDonkey 14/06/2016

    Why America is obvious. Why no France or Russia less so.

    Six countries I think is more than any Battlefield's ever had though.
    Looking forward to learning "Go go go!" in more languages. Los los! Mach schnell!

    I just read this and am now a little concerned about historical revisionism. I guess perhaps the French could be part of the campaign, but not the multiplayer. But I don't know that I can trust a game like this to have the fortitude to make an honest treatment of that, and I'll just say that if the Hellfighters part of the campaign doesn't deal with your countryman being racist shitbags, leading to the unit being pawned over to the French. If that part is "Murica, fuck yeah!", then fuck that.
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  • 'Empires fell. Teabags were invented' - DICE on the brilliant Battlefield 1

  • VibratingDonkey 14/06/2016

    In terms of those classes: I think I've put over 100 hours into Battlefield 4 now, but I've never touched Recon, because the progression is so slow for basic things that it just doesn't seem worth it. How are you approaching progression for this - have you learnt from some of the criticisms levelled at Battlefield 4?
    Hear, hear.

    With Conquest, as one team is falling behind by quite a lot, they will automatically get reinforced by the airship. It's dependent on what type of level you play - on some it's the dreadnaught, on others it might be an armoured train. It comes with a number of seats and player control - the intent is to give a last fighting chance to at least catch up and give a good tight battle.
    Hmm. In BF4, capturing a specific point giving the team access to the AC-130, provided players with strategic impetus for taking and holding that base. What was wrong with that? Aside from the UI being shitty and not informing you of which base did what.

    This sounds like players have no agency. These "behemoths" will just appear for a team at some point when it's doing badly. Seems kind of flaccid.

    In terms of the weather, is it kind of like Battlefield 4's Paracel Storm, or is it a bit more dynamic than that?

    This is dynamic. We were inspired by Paracel Storm, and saw that people really liked it, but here we want it to be dynamic. We're still tweaking and tuning to get it right.
    I think this is an addition they're definitely on the right track with.
    Paracel Storm's evolution was interesting, but, you know, actually kind of shitty as it slowed down watercraft and made it difficult to spot aircraft against the dark sky. Aircraft don't need no help. And it was scripted to happen X minutes into a round, so while it was meant to be this dynamic thing, it wasn't really. So thumbs up for actual dynamic, and different kinds of, weather.
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  • Despite its problems, Battlefield 4 remains one of this generation's best shooters

  • VibratingDonkey 12/06/2016

    Ground-air balance has more or less always been a problem in Battlefield. Lock-ons are necessary for when aircraft get too fast and evasive. BF2 was a shitshow.

    The best balanced Battlefield in this regard (in my memory) is 1942. Slower planes, flak cannons. I also reckon slower planes are more fun to fly, just gives you more time to do everything, it's more chill. And manually dropping bombrockets has more feel to it. So I'm looking forward to that about Battlefield 1.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/06/2016

    Considering the game has over 100 guns alone it will take a while to unlock everything. That doesn't at all mean you have to pay to unlock everything instantly to be competitive. It is not pay-to-win.
    Engineer has the MBT LAW from the start which can be used to shoot down helicopters (and planes if you're good) – and even if you need lock-on weapons to do that, pretty sure one of your 31 teammates has the Stinger for mere 24k already unlocked.
    Stinger is just an example. C4 for Support is 134k. Etc. Having access to these options makes you more likely to win, or able to engage, support whatever encounter. Without C4 you can't do anything as Support against tanks in close range. Significant gameplay benefits which you can pay to get instant access to.

    Maybe if you would spend more time PTFO instead of goofing off trolling others you'd level up faster... just saying.
    Without the MAV, I can't goof off. And as I said, I suck as a sniper. I was a lot more useful MAVing in BF3 than I was trying to snipe people. I did spot people and fry spawn beacons n stuff too, you know, inbetween the booping.

    I play the objective about 80% of the time. People should be allowed to play however they want, as long as they're not assholes to others. Being all serious all the time is boring. Battlefield is also about dumb, silly shit. Sometimes I'm more in the mood for goofing off. Which occasionally is accidentally good for my team. How I discovered that RPjeeping is actually kind of a valid tactic. So don't knock goofing off.

    Also 1000 hours and you're a third of the way to 91k to get the MAV? You don't just suck at sniping. You don't even have to snipe to level up with the Recon class, as you can use carbines, DMRs and shotguns as well.
    I can use those weapons as an Engineer too. And have offensive capabilities against vehicles and be able to help my team by repairing ours. I'd rather do that. The range at which you can engage infantry is kind of the point of Recon. You're right, I'd probably accumulate points faster that way, it's just, nah, I will both enjoy myself less and be less helpful to the team.

    See, I don't mind the progression design as Battlefield is my go-to shooter and I'll invest hundreds of hours into it anyway – that's what the BF MP is meant for, dedicated players who will play the game for years.
    I can see how it's frustrating for some who just want to play a quick game then and when. For those I wished DICE would have made a game mode with every weapon and gadget unlocked... at least there would be less people whining and saying the game was pay-to-win.
    Unlock systems inherently create an imbalance between players, and I don't really care whether the player who killed me using a whatever-I-don't-have, unlocked or paid for it. Same experience for me.

    I think BF4 is pay to win, but that's more of an auxiliary thing to the real problems I have with its progression. I've already shared some of those in that one ridiculous rant. Basically it discourages me from trying new/different things, limits my options, removes any agency I have in the matter of what stuff I unlock, and is tremendously annoying. Again, general XP, and let players choose what to unlock. Please and thank you.

    You say you don't mind it, because you'll play the game for hundreds of hours regardless of its presence. Which makes me question your implication that it's meant for people like us who play these games for years. You don't seem to care whether it's there or not, and I hate it.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/06/2016

    Probably not a popular opinion to have, but I agree with you mostly. The idea that people who have played hundreds (possibly thousands) of hours & have better equipment / more options than beginners is incredibly bad game design. Combined with the fruit machine style unlocking with in game transactions has basically stopped me buying those types of games altogether. Good for those who's enjoyment isn't hampered by that type of thing, but seeing "buy now" or price tags in game is an instance turn off most the time.
    It inherently creates that balancing issue. And then they try to fix it by providing users with time-saving options, as they like to call it. They create a problem for users and then charge users to fix it, is how I like to call it.

    I remember during the BF2 era, people would be aggrieved by players who stats padded, as it was considered cheating, and EA would ban these players. But now that EA's selling these cheats, there's no problem.

    It's just all around fuckery.

    But I'd be relatively fine with it, as long as the progression is not rubbish. General XP and being able to unlock whatever you want whenever you've got enough XP, I believe would solve most of the issues I have with BF4.

    I don't expect that will ever happen though. Battlepacks are forever. Emblem part, dogtag, booster, weapon attachment. None of which I'll ever use. Fantastic. What a reward. Random packs are so good. I have like 400 points boosters. One pack was nothing but 25% boosters, it's the best one I've ever gotten, because it was funny, and so presented me with some manner of value.

    I have tiny hope for BF1. It'll have less stuff to unlock, so presumably there'll at least be less waiting to use it.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/06/2016

    @gaselite Many of the unlocks are significant. Engineer has zero anti-air capability until 24k points. Etc. Unlocking everything through playing the game is an arduous grind that will take hundreds of hours. You can pay to unlock everything instantly. Pay a little extra to become more competitive. Pay to win.

    You can stop reading here as I've basically already made my point. The rest will just be a rant because I can't help myself having feelings.

    DICE's progression design has killed my incentive for ever playing Recon. I liked booping snipers off of rooftops with the MAV in BF3. In BF4 it unlocks at 91k. 1000 hours and I'm a third of the way there. Because I suck at sniping. I don't want to play this game and have a bad time sucking as a sniper. I would like to have a good time booping unaware snipers. know, just pay a little extra and...

    Hate it. Fucking hate it. If there was general XP rather than class-specific, I would've unlocked everything in this game twenty times over by now. Instead I'm basically being punished for continuing to play my preferred class. Oh I hate it so much.

    DICE are clever talented people, except for when it comes to this. They think class-specific XP encourages players to play other classes. They think having no options, is enticing. I don't get it. That's the opposite of what you'd want in a Battlefield game. Instead of jumping over to a different class which has nothing but a gun, I'll keep playing the class that I've got useful weapons and gear for, thanks.

    When people kept playing BC2 way past having unlocked everything in the game, DICE took this to mean that they failed to provide unlocks for as long as people played the game, which DICE reckoned is necessary for player retention. Like...why? Your data just proved that your game retains players fine, just based on the quality of your game alone, that players won't stop playing the game if they run out of unlocks.

    But instead this inspired DICE to go ahead and make the most horrible unlock system ever for BF3. When you started flying jets, you didn't have any countermeasures. You'd just get shot down over and over again and couldn't do anything about it. And now there's random packs of crap and weapon attachments, and weapon attachment unlocks reset for every single weapon, which discourages me from trying out new weapons I've unlocked, as I'll have to use iron sights and the gun will just be worse. DICE has no idea what they're doing, and what they're doing is stupid and annoying. Just stop. Please stop.
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  • VibratingDonkey 12/06/2016

    Battlefield 4 was terrible for six months and then great forever (on PC.)

    Not to say it's without flaws. I megaloath the progression design of this game.
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  • Skyrim remaster, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2 rumoured for E3

  • VibratingDonkey 07/06/2016

    Skyrimaster is the most boring rumor ever. Of course it'll be true.

    Bethesda is terrible for fucking over Human Head and killing the original Prey 2. Still, will be interesting to see what the new one is.

    I wish I liked Wolfenstein more than I did. I appreciate what I've seen of the talky character stuff. But I just wasn't engaged through the parts where you run around and shoot things. The game expects you to be all "FUCK YEAH I'M MURDERBLASTING DOUBLEFISTED MINIGUNS RIP AND TEAR!" And I'm just like "Guess I'm shooting a guy like I've done a billion times before." Make number 2 play more like a spiritual sequel to Riddick and I'm in. Don't expect that to happen.

    Think Dishonored 2 is what I'm most interested in out of Bethesda's things.
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  • Hitman's third Elusive Target premieres on Wednesday

  • VibratingDonkey 07/06/2016

    I murdered the second target, Mr. Hatman, very well. But the game keeps floating my failure of the first target in my face on the main menu. How do I stop it being mean? Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst review

  • VibratingDonkey 07/06/2016

    It's a shame they felt the need to implement parts that don't really gel with the core of Mirror's Edge, or couldn't make them gel. But it sounds like that core is still there and pretty good. I'll probably still get it.

    You want it all but you can't have it.
    It's made by DICE, they just can't grasp it.

    City of Glass
    Imprisoning me
    All that I see
    Ultimate fighting
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  • Gran Turismo Sport ditches one of the series' big features

  • VibratingDonkey 31/05/2016

    Dynamic weather and time of day are cool features that you know, make races feel more dynamic, but at least to me it feels like something that's extra, it's not quite a standard feature in racing games. Although I understand GT6 had dynamic things, so it's odd that the PS4 can't manage it. It's one more thing on top of everything else. And considering GT Sports' focus on serious racing, it could be considered a significant omission.

    I stopped bothering with GT Sport when I learned it's basically all about professional po-faced racing cars. They removed the car collecting aspect. There's barely any "normal" cars. Can't buy some old crapbox and make it ridiculous, which was one of my favorite things to do in Gran Turismo. It's no longer a thing in this game. I'm not sure if modifying cars is still a thing even. Maybe it's just tuning and the livery editor.

    So I wasn't too disappointed when I learned that the single player "campaign" appears to be a substantial tutorial for the multiplayer rather than an actual career mode.

    Hopefully GT7 will be a proper Gran Turismo. Although apparently Kazunori Yamauchi has said he doesn't think there's a market for those games any longer. Maybe if Sport flops, that'll be it for Gran Turismo. Maybe if it's successful, that'll be it for Gran Turismo.
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  • Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well

  • VibratingDonkey 26/05/2016

    Character design reminds me of Vexx. Anyone remember that one? I remember it because I hated its character design.

    Anyway, that sure is an awful trailer. Or voice-over, I guess. Without that it would've been fine probably.

    Oh well, this trailer got them the attention they were looking for, I guess.
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  • Mirror's Edge TV show is in the works

  • VibratingDonkey 26/05/2016

    @SavageEvil No. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 25/05/2016

    It probably could be made into a decent TV show, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Wildly rabid sounds like a bad thing. I wouldn't want a wildly rabid audience.
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  • The madness of Gran Turismo Sport

  • VibratingDonkey 25/05/2016

    For the dedicated, and for those in thrall to motor racing, Gran Turismo Sport's shaping up to be quite the proposition. For the rest? There's not so much, and Sport's particular pursuit looks to come at the expense of its broader appeal.
    Yup, this game essentially axes the part of Gran Turismo that's been the main appeal to me. The car collecting, customizing cars, making them ridiculous, giving them personality and you a feeling of ownership.

    It's sad, frustrating and disappointing how Gran Turismo takes so long, fails to keep up with the times, the competition. And with this one it feels like they've taken a leap backwards.

    I guess if you want to look at this like another Prologue, it'll arguably be a step forward, more substantial than the previous "we need to release a thing to make money to sustain development on the main game that's taking forever" ones. But then it'll probably be full priced as well.

    Wake me up when GT7 is hopefully worth getting excited about in 2018 or whenever.
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  • Fruit Ninja is being made into a live-action film

  • VibratingDonkey 21/05/2016

    Depends on the people making the movie more than what it's based on. Angry Birds basically only has character designs and animosity towards pigs, but the Angry Birds movie is apparently not terrible. Fruit Ninja has ninja chopping fruit, that's something to build on I guess, you could make Ninja Panda out of that.

    Tetris is just completely baffling though. There's nothing there.
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  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • VibratingDonkey 12/05/2016

    Ace job on this. I was just gonna have a quick peek and 12 hours later I'd read the whole thing.

    It's not soccer. It's not American Football...
    -Robbie Bach
    This man is truly international.
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  • Dead Island: Definitive Edition includes 16-bit beat-'em-up mini-game

  • VibratingDonkey 10/05/2016

    Is that Jack Black or just someone doing a Jack Black impression? Because if it's the latter then I smell a lawsuit! Regardless, looks rubbish...
    Yeah, I can definitely guarantee that’s a Jack Black impersonator. It sounds like the dude that plays me in the Kung Fu Panda TV show.
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  • DICE teases today's Battlefield 5 reveal via Call of Duty poop emoji

  • VibratingDonkey 06/05/2016

    Today will reveal the usual campaign stuff that we end up not particularly caring about. If they're not gonna bother doing something out of the norm, I wish they'd just stop and put those funds into more multiplayer instead. I guess this ho-hum single player has to be bringing in enough additional sales for it to be worth it. It just feels like it shouldn't be. It's not bad, but it's not very good. Bad Company was good, or at least a good starting point. But they stopped making campaigns like that. You know, fun, with open ended design, likable characters and a humorous tone. Apparently dire, serious and cinematic/scripted is what sells games? Because that's what Call of Duty does? They had something with its own identity, that sort of felt like Battlefield. And then they throw that away and make generic military terrorism campaigns. Oh it's so annoying.

    Confirming the setting and era is what'll be of interest about this reveal. I hope by invoking Codename Eagle, Mr. Cousins is inferring more than that. From what I've seen of it, Codename Eagle was a silly, silly game. Alternate WW1 will be relatively novel on its own, but I'd really like to see them break away from the recent Battlefield campaign rut.
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  • Dishonored 2 reveals star-studded voice cast

  • VibratingDonkey 04/05/2016

    D'Onofrio is great. I've seen him in a bunch of stuff, yet it sort of takes a while to recognize that it's him, if I ever do, because he's proper good at his job and the roles he plays are so widely different. Reply +3
  • Fable Legends wasn't the Fable you were after, but it was far from a disaster

  • VibratingDonkey 24/04/2016

    And as the final hour beckoned, I let out one long, loud fart, a scented lament for this once glorious series.
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  • Here's a new trailer for Let it Die

  • VibratingDonkey 19/04/2016

    That first trailer was so awful it put me off bothering to know anything more about this game until recently. Still not convinced by the tone and visuals, but the concept of basically a gauntlet where you face other players' ghosts and build up your character until you eventually succumb and have your ghost uploaded, could make for an interesting game.

    And I like the grind reaper, as I feel this game could really use some humor.

    It being free to play will make me eventually check it out (unless it turns out to be bad) whenever I get a PS4, but also makes one worry about how that's accommodated for.
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  • Watch: Table Top Racing: World Tour is Micro Machines for a new generation

  • VibratingDonkey 19/04/2016

    Are there any tracks in which a shortcut is driving inside of a cat and getting shot out its butt? I feel like that sort of thing is an opportunity exclusive to a game like this. Reply +1
  • A year after Watchdog, how's Sony's digital refund policy working out?

  • VibratingDonkey 18/04/2016

    So he hadn't downloaded or played the game, contacted support the next day, as soon as he could...and why is it that he can't he get a refund? "As per our Terms of Service" is no justification. This would be the digital equivalent of returning an unopened item to a store. It can't be legal to deny refunds under these circumstances.

    That's all notwithstanding the fraudulent status of the purchase. He should get a refund regardless. Sony's refund policy seems to be rubbish.
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  • Humble Telltale Bundle offers 12 games for $12

  • VibratingDonkey 13/04/2016

    Tales is the best Borderlands game yet, and one of my favorite games of circa last year. Reply +2
  • Codemasters picks up Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

  • VibratingDonkey 11/04/2016

    Pretty excited about this news. Didn't know Codemasters was in a position to expand and buy up studios. Good for them. And the former employees of Evolution.

    Sagnier, who took over from Rod Cousens in April last year, is predictably pleased with the result, assuring us that there was "no financial element" to deal whatsoever, meaning he's significantly bolstered his team with proven talent in a deal which has cost his company nothing at all.
    Oh ok. I don't know how this would work, but glad that it did.

    People should read the GamesIndustry article. It seems investors have faith in Codemasters and have shoveled a bunch of money at them (presumably Dirt Rally helped), allowing them to grow their staff and greenlight a bunch of stuff. Looking forward to the eventual outcomes of this investment.

    Hopefully this also means they won't have to put games on early access in the future. While the initial release of Dirt Rally arguably just about justified the €30 on day one (which btw ended up being a €20 discount) and Codemasters did a fine job communicating their plans, and as far as I'm aware, managed to stick to them...hell, I guess it wouldn't really matter actually.

    It's just I would personally like to get the whole game when I buy it and it is sometimes difficult to sit and patiently wait as part of it is dangled in front of my face.
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  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • VibratingDonkey 08/04/2016

    This is MS at its best; fumbling around then picking themselves back up.
    If this is Microsoft picking themselves back up after the GFWL fumble, I'd rather they'd just stay down.
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  • VibratingDonkey 08/04/2016

    And Microsoft is charging €70 for this game in most of Europe.
    75% more than what I usually pay for new digital games from GMG (370SEK.)

    What a shambles. #GFWL2
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  • Deus Ex meets Die Hard in Consortium: The Tower, currently doing the business on Fig

  • VibratingDonkey 08/04/2016

    They made Consortium having crowdfunded less than a fourth of the proposed minimum budget for The Tower. I think they've proven themselves capable and reliable.

    Also if it's on Fig it's been vetted by these people.
    And Greg Zeschuk, who has invested his own money into the thing.
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  • Telltale to publish open-world survival game 7 Days to Die on consoles

  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    Hopefully things have changed/improved since I last saw this game, which was probably like two years ago, so you know, it's very possible.

    Looked like yet another cheapo unfinished spooky crafting survival streamer fodder game with zombies in it. I feel like I'm put about as much work into the structure of these sentences as they had into the game at that point.
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  • Hitman episodes may fall behind their monthly schedule

  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    What the hell is happening in these comments? This one guy seems to be speaking like a Bond villain while being named like one, and arguing with Gandalf? Nothing is as peculiar as water bears, but this is still quite odd. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 06/04/2016

    On the plus side, Io has been regularly updating the game with new free content...
    Live content is part of the package which we paid for. Someone delivering what we paid for does not make it free. Because we paid for it.

    And on the minus side, Escalation Contracts are repetitive, bad filler. Haven't bothered checking out the Vampire Magician stuff as I became too bummed out by Io lying about Hitman's unjustified always online requirements for single player progression, and them roughly two weeks after release indicating they're going to do nothing to address feedback related to that, after they'd presented them reacting quickly to feedback as a selling point.

    Anyway, just found out about water bears. What weird fucking things.
    Look at it.

    Look at it.

    It can survive extreme heat, cold, radiation, pressure, space, lives for 200 years and can produce glass because why the hell not.

    Goddam water bears.
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  • New Fear Effect announced

  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    Now this is a surprise.

    Freakin' Fear Effect...
    I only played the first one. I'm not sure I can remember how to describe it really. What was it like Big Trouble + Resident Evil?

    This looks like it'll be something else for the most part. But it's not like we'd ever be seeing another one of those anyway.

    Phil Elliott does a decent job at framing it as something that seems sensible and agreeable, licensing out old IP's they're never going to use, boosting the work of indie studios. But at the end of the day, this is still Square Enix asking us to spend £100k instead of them.

    One obvious question then is: Why doesn't Square Enix just fund the game? Well, frankly, we don't have any plans to make a new Fear Effect game ourselves
    This project is a plan for a new Fear Effect game. What this quote is saying is basically "Well, frankly, we don't want to fund it." And the implication is also that if we don't fund this thing for them, we won't see another game based on this IP.

    This means that, while of course we retain the ownership to the Fear Effect IP, the developer will then get to have creative control over the project.

    Of course, we still have a vested interest in the final quality of the game, so as with any other project published by Collective, our producer will work with Sushee and help with anything as appropriate. It's fair to say that, as the IP owner, we'll have approval rights on what's released[...]
    So they get creative control, but your producer will "work with them" and Square Enix gets final approval? How does that work?

    I mean, kudos to Square Enix for being somewhat forthright about things, but it's basically just confirming preconceptions.

    All in all, this is not exactly an ideal business relationship for us, you know. Crowdfunding ain't pre-ordering. We don't help fund games just to get the game, but to get the game to exist. In this scenario, Square Enix could toss £100k at it and make it so.

    And like, if Square Enix doesn't think it's worth spending £100k on, what message does that send to prospective backers?

    Somewhat dubious, all this.
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  • Baldur's Gate: SoD head of studio addresses political backlash

  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    Thumbs up, beamdog!
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  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    @Dysisa "Thumbs up, beamdog!" should become a saying, a tagline for a Japanese anime, and one of the phrases John Connor taught the terminator. Reply +3
  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    The complaints of "shit writing" you describe were exclusively focused on that one trans character, on Minsc's GG jab and on the presence of many capable female NPCs in the game world. Surely people would have mentioned other examples that don't come across as butthurt knee-jerk reactionary if the game was such shit across the board, right?

    Unfortunately for the "critics", the 'it's not about bigotry, but about bad writing' excuse sounds and looks exactly like a smokescreen.
    While that is surely an apt point for much of the writing criticism, there were some who were genuine with their feedback, and weren't bigoted or otherwise shitty, I should add. Basically, trans people chimed in. That criticism should be listened to.

    And Beamdog is listening to it, and the people complaining about bugs, and told the "critics" to go away. Kudos to them. May the bullshit they've suffered fade away.
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  • VibratingDonkey 07/04/2016

    @NullDev That's a pretty narrow version of events.

    If you're looking for a thorough and nuanced article on what transpired, I recommend Cross' on Gamasutra.

    This is a good response though, I agree with you there.
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  • Coleco Chameleon boss: "I am officially tabling the console venture for good"

  • VibratingDonkey 05/04/2016

    I mean, if he's telling the truth, he's basically admitting to incompetence. Which would make it a pretty bad story to fabricate with the intent of salvaging ones reputation. Reply +4
  • This year's Call of Duty is set in space - report

  • VibratingDonkey 29/03/2016

    Leaked footage of the story setup, introducing the villain.
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  • Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter throws shade at Hideo Kojima

  • VibratingDonkey 29/03/2016

    Glanced and read...
    Hideo Kojima surprised many when he announced that he's racist...
    Guess it's time for me to go to bed.
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  • Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

  • VibratingDonkey 26/03/2016

    People said Degeneration was good. So I watched it and it was terrible. Bland and boring and bad. I don't know what people saw in it. Leon in particular I remember just being a complete turd of a character. Reply 0