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  • Battlefield Hardline launches with nine maps and seven modes

  • VibratingDonkey 30/09/2014

    Seems like EA is yet to confirm whether all nine maps will support all seven modes. That's been an issue with Battlefield ever since Bad Company. Rush and Conquest are at odds with each other. Designing maps that work well for both is tricky.

    Guess we'll see if these five modes they're doing instead of Rush, are more compatible.
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  • Battlefield 4's most important patch rolls out today

  • VibratingDonkey 30/09/2014

    Don't know if invisible walls/environmental collision boxes larger than the actual visible polygons, are in those patch notes somewhere. That still presents itself as a problem every now and then. Reply +2
  • Mortal Kombat movie company making Tetris film

  • VibratingDonkey 30/09/2014

    Come on! It's not even October 1st yet. Reply 0
  • Spacebase DF-9 gets a non-Early Access release date

  • VibratingDonkey 19/09/2014

    Its separation from Early Access isn't entirely reason for celebration.

    You should collude more with RPS.
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  • Deadly Premonition dev's Xbox One exclusive D4 launches tomorrow

  • VibratingDonkey 18/09/2014

    The main reason why I ever considered getting a Kinect. Hope it's not significantly less weird without one. Reply +10
  • Microsoft unveils wired Xbox One controller for Windows PC

  • VibratingDonkey 17/09/2014

    Where did Microsoft hide the USB ports on the Xbox One anyway? Are they all on the back? But the cable's apparently detachable, so I guess it doesn't matter.
    It also works with your Xbox One as well, either wirelessly or with the cable.
    And yeah, the bumpers are worse in that they're stiffer and they want you to press them with the middle of your fingers rather than the tips, which feels kind of odd, cause that's not what you ever do anywhere else, and for a reason, you have more leverage at the tips. I guess you get used to it, but it's still a weird thing that I don't understand.

    Triggers are similar to 360 only they have that rumble in them, which, maybe it adds a little something in some games. Dunno what games will use that on PC. Can't tell if the sticks are worse or better, but they feel good. And they absolutely seem more durable than the rubberized 360 ones.

    The dpad is massively improved. No more mushyness. If you're planning on playing games that work better with a dpad, it's probably worth getting this one over the 360 controller. Just navigating the virtual keyboard feels so much better.
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  • Chivalry [Medieval Warfare] isn't dead, it's coming to consoles

  • VibratingDonkey 15/09/2014

  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • VibratingDonkey 15/09/2014

    It's not always true that the most effort goes into the bigges(t h)its.
    -Phil Spencer
    He must've known what that sounded like the instant it came out, but you can't really tell. What a pro.
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  • VibratingDonkey 15/09/2014

    You're not entirely serious when you say "Psychonauts 2", but it's kind of actually a realistic possibility. If I had a billion dollars I'd totally make Shenmue 3 happen.

    And I guess that's the "problem" I have with this. $2.5 billion is kind of a lot of money. Imagine what they could've accomplished with these $2500 millions? They've used it to continue Minecraft, which I'm pretty sure was going to continue happening anyway.
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  • VibratingDonkey 15/09/2014

    Psychonauts 2. Reply +1
  • Microsoft pledges to replace batch of noisy Xbox One consoles

  • VibratingDonkey 10/09/2014

    I don't know how severe this noise is, or can be, it seems to vary. I might find out in a couple of days. But it's obviously to the point where people are bothered by it. So if it doesn't sound like that big of a deal in a video, I'll give them the benefit of doubt and attribute it to microphones not being human ears.
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  • VibratingDonkey 10/09/2014

    Imagine when they get the replacement back and it has the same problem.

    Will be interesting to keep tally who can keep the longest streak going this time. I think with the RROD the record was like 10 or something.
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  • VibratingDonkey 10/09/2014

    Important to note that Microsoft doesn't say they will address or investigate the issue. All they're saying is they'll replace your console with one that maybe won't have this problem.

    Us people in tier 2 appear to have gotten a particularly crappy allotment, and the consoles that are having this problem are new. The thing was just released here. So while it's great that they're saying they won't be sending back refurbished units (which don't exist yet anyway), replacing a problematic unit with another new one that'll likely feature exactly the same hardware and be manufactured in the same factory at the same time, is probably not going to be a very effective solution. And it will continue being that until they actually fix the problem, be it by damping or replacing the coils, or a software update that makes the resonance less shitty...however you do that.
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  • The Sims 4 user recreates locales from Seinfeld, Friends and Arrested Development

  • VibratingDonkey 09/09/2014

    That is some bizarre ass attempt at finding justification to be upset by a thing. It's senseless. It has no sense.
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  • VibratingDonkey 09/09/2014

    Simlish was created because Will Wright, creator of The Sims, knew that the game needed dialogue, but thought that using real life languages such as English would cause the dialogue to be repetitive and would be expensive translating the entire dialog Sims may say. Wright did consider experimenting with Navajo, a Native American language, but decided that it would be better to use a "nonsense language" that couldn't be translated, because the meaning could be left to the player's imagination.
    There is A LOT of talking happening in The Sims games. I don't know how much they'd have to record to make not everything start sounding like "I used to be an adventurer like you".

    For The Sims 4 they recorded lines with different tones depending on the sims' moods. So there's that.
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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • VibratingDonkey 06/09/2014


    #GamerGate didn't exactly help with the perception of gamers. If you dislike misrepresentative stereotypes, you should be glad a platform leveraged to display traits enforcing that negative perception is petering out. That's what will diminish with #GamerGate losing momentum. And with the degradation of support for this movement, comes willingness and focus to actually seriously discuss the things the rational people who got caught up in it, want to discuss. Feel free to begin.
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  • VibratingDonkey 06/09/2014

    Hopefully the rational people who got swept along by the "journalism" or "gamer" message will disassociate themselves with the #GamerGate movement and momentum will get redirected towards constructive discussion.

    What is Gamergate?

    As far as I see things, Gamergate is a hashtag on Twitter that originated in a harassment campaign against prominent industry members that was co-opted by people who are upset about videogame journalism ethics. It is now a confusing mess of people using the legitimacy of the hashtag to further an agenda of harassment, a lot of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and a well-intended group of people trying to raise concerns about journalistic standards. While I think continuously evaluating the way industry members interact is important, using something that started as and continues to act as a harassment campaign purely as signal booster only serves to weaken a message that would be far better and more effectively made without attaching the negative connotations of the hashtag to it.
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  • VibratingDonkey 05/09/2014

    @DaveDavis No. Critical feedback and a two-way conversation with the goal of addressing concerns raised is the inevitable consequences. Not this embarrassing, irredeemable hate campaign that transpired.

    If you care about ethics, you should distance yourself from the vile acts and unjustifiable behavior performed under the banner of GamerGate, for it will surely only harm your message. GamerGate will rightfully and forever be tainted by associations with hostility, baseless accusations, misogyny, harassment, driving people out of the industry and making everyone miserable. Unlike "gamer", that is an identity you can readily disassociate yourself with and replace with something less heinous.

    Good on The Escapist for revising their ethical guidelines. A result that surely could've been arrived at without the irrelevant, distracting bullshit mentioned above.
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  • VibratingDonkey 04/09/2014

    All of the "corruption" crassly unearthed by #GamerGate has resulted in nothing but detriment for all facets of the industry. Questioning and seeking discussion is one thing. Many who jumped onto the train may have done so with that intent. But that's not what this has been. This has been a harassment campaign driving people out and hostility in. Looking back at it, the fact that this spawned out of that embarrassing Quinn disaster, should've maybe been a hint to us all that it would likely end up a trainwreck.

    All this makes it hard to take seriously the grievances those associated with this "side" purport are an issue. There may be actual instances of failure to disclose close relationships etc. within the games media, but this movement has failed spectacularly at proving any such instances, or doing anything positive or constructive whatsoever. And whatever potential deception there may be in the games media, it utterly pales in comparison to the very tangible damage done to the industry by these people who claimed to be trying to make it better. That's the one thing that's amusing about this mess; it was them, they were the shoddy, corrupting, unethical journalists all along.
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  • VibratingDonkey 02/09/2014

    Digging into people's personal lives attempting to deduce who's slept with who is super creepy. And I don't know how friendly tweets between two people is confirmation of anything more than them being friendly with each other. Repeating "they're fucking" and making a crass joke about lipsdick only makes it seem like he wants this narrative to be true, not that it is.

    Being friendly is fine, and inevitable when people need to socialize with each other in order to do their jobs. The problem would be if it affects their work in ways it shouldn't.

    One thing he brings up that looks dubious is that two of her Silverstring colleagues worked on two of the IGF finalists. For 2015 (and presumably 2014?) finalists are chosen by a committee of 100-200 people who are chosen by UBM Tech, the company funding the whole thing. Final judges are also picked by UBM Tech. So, the implication then becomes that she influenced Brandon to try to convince these 100+ people to vote for what she wanted. How likely is this?

    The developer who had their game ignored by the judges, seems to have more to do with the judges of 2012/the IGF system not guaranteeing a minimum playtime for all games. If there was a more recent example I'm sure he would've used that in the video, so hopefully that has been resolved.

    "No one but Brandon knows how judges are selected" he says. Well, ask him then? And also, that's not true. The people who select the judges ought to know. Whether Brandon is one of them hasn't even been established. What's the problem with the judges that were selected anyway? Suggesting they were picked by Brandon to suck up to him is baseless nonsense.

    "The IGF Audience Award will be voted via public Web-based poll from the finalists in all Main Competition categories."
    Disingenuous to point to that award as proof of anything beyond people in general liking The Stanley Parable. If anything, The Stanley Parable not winning an award the judges voted on would be proof to the contrary, that she had no influence and the judges weren't upsucky.

    Instead of trying to find out who put their genitals where and jumping to publicly shame, accuse and insult people on tenuous basises...bases?, what seems preferable in this case would be to talk to IGF, UBM Tech and people who've submitted games. To find out if there is an actual problem.
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • VibratingDonkey 31/08/2014

    I meant your attempt at guilting people into shutting up about problems you don't find important by pointing at the more severe issues of the world.

    If you've only got enough empathy to go around for those things, then that's fine, but don't try to shame people for caring about issues closer to them or whatever. Getting upset by people caring about a just cause is a nonsnesical waste.

    I like that typo. Nintendo should've done that.
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  • VibratingDonkey 31/08/2014

    Well I guess you could comfort yourself with that notion whenever someone close to you dies or whatever. Because who gives a shit about that right?

    Like, holy shit people, what's so difficult about expressing empathy? It's not like you need to save it for special occasions.

    I had super little sleep, so I'm sorry if I accidentally made an inappropriate somehow.
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  • VibratingDonkey 31/08/2014

    What are you talking about? Above talking about suggesting there's benefits to mining your personal experiences? That's pathetic? Am I taking crazy pills?
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  • VibratingDonkey 30/08/2014

    Depression Quest is the springboard off which this article lept, it being a "superfluous inclusion" is just flat out not true. And excluding the example the article is primarily based on, because some people can't handle the mention of it, is not a valid reason.

    I question whether putting her name in the title was necessary, but it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.
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  • VibratingDonkey 30/08/2014

    Brothers took a mature theme and incorporated it and the storytelling into the very core of its gameplay in a way that was quite brilliant, interesting on multiple levels. It's quite a bit broader than stuff like Depression Quest, but I reckon it's still very much in the same vein of "interesting".
    Looking forward to Josef Fares' next game.

    Quinn is working on an FMV game featuring Ashly Burch and Mark from The Room next, know, you can probably hope for a different kind of "interesting" with that.
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  • VibratingDonkey 30/08/2014

    ...and developer Zoe Quinn has...
    ... come from Zoe Quinn.
    Developers like Zoe Quinn...
    Maybe if you'd only spoken her name two times, the comments wouldn't have turned into Satan's bumhole?

    Was this intended to be an experiment? Write article encouraging games based on personal experiences and issues, drop some Quinn in, and see which topic the Eurogamer comments really want to talk about?
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  • The worst games I've ever played, by Ellie Gibson

  • VibratingDonkey 29/08/2014

    Break a leg off. Reply +1
  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • VibratingDonkey 28/08/2014

    1. She used a questionable example.
    2. ????
    3. She is a fucking mentally disturbed, completely retarded liar who shouldn't be allowed out with the general population.
    4. If you disagree you are an idiot.
    5(?). Oh no, I'm banned.

    Why do you think it's acceptable, smart or necessary to insult people? It solely serves to make you look like someone who should be ignored and shunned. You're undermining yourself and your arguments. You're also getting your posts deleted. Time for some introspection, perhaps.
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  • VibratingDonkey 27/08/2014

    Schafer says "watch this video" and some twitter people just instinctively react as if he offended them to their very core. That he betrayed them and revealed himself to be in cohorts with the enemy. As if this is a war or something. Ridiculous.

    This is the first one of these I've watched. I'm sure there's plenty of debate to be had about the validity of some of the examples she brings up. And as I see it, that's kind of the point, right? To raise a discussion, to get people thinking about this stuff. You don't have to agree with everything she says to acknowledge that representation of women is an actual issue in games. And I feel developers considering all these things, diversity, representation, will in general lead to better stories. Only good things can come out of this movement. Or should, rather. I do not understand the extreme opposition to it. No one's forcing anyone to include or omit anything. It's a discussion around things to consider.

    I also feel like in the future I will now be acutely aware of when a game pulls the "this world is harsh, look at this woman being assaulted!" card. So I hope they stop it with that. The superficial instances, I should say. That one Red Dead sidequest actually bothers doing something with it.
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  • The Crew has artificial 30fps lock on PC

  • VibratingDonkey 27/08/2014

    I do not quite understand. How do you end up in a situation where you have to "aim for" a framerate on PC? Is there some peculiar dependency with their engine? Does bumping the lock up to 60FPS break something? Reply +1
  • PlayStation Network returns online following DDOS attack

  • VibratingDonkey 25/08/2014

    @CompetitiveDad Because weekends, I imagine. Reply +6
  • Until Dawn may be the horror-themed Heavy Rain you've been waiting for

  • VibratingDonkey 25/08/2014

    I typically don't care for horror games, but the idea behind this one just seems so perfect. Hope they'll pull it off.
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  • A couple of goldfish are playing Street Fighter 2 on Twitch

  • VibratingDonkey 21/08/2014

    You have to admit fish getting battered. It's getting battered all the time.

    RIP Ryan Davis.
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  • The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game

  • VibratingDonkey 15/08/2014

    So why is the Xbox One CE getting more stuff? Seems unfair to those getting the PS4 and PC versions. I assume Microsoft made some business arrangement with them, and without it, no one would be getting these additional items. Although considering the price tag, I'm not convinced a cloth map and some cards would have too big of an impact on the profit margin. But whatever, I guess, up to consumers to decide if this stupid thing is worth it without those items.

    A cloth map being exclusive to a console version sounds like the work of a crazy person though.

    Oh right, this game will come included with a full-fledged card game apparently. With all the things they're cramming into this game I'm almost worried they'll create a black hole. Can't complain about the stuff you'll be getting with the game itself.
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  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • VibratingDonkey 15/08/2014

    Having played Black Flag for quite some time, I have absolutely no interest in Rogue. Looks like it could've been an expansion. Watching demos of it is anti-hype. Even if I only owned a PS3 or 360, I'd consider Rogue a pointless, trite addition which I'd skip.

    But that's ok. They didn't put their current-gen teams on porting that up and we're getting Unity instead.

    If you have the resources to make two different games for two generations, then that seems like a good idea to me. Game design being hamstrung by nine year old technology is stupid, and this is one way of getting around that and still push out an AC game to 200 million consoles.
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  • Video: Vehicles are coming to Far Cry 4's multiplayer

  • VibratingDonkey 14/08/2014

    The editor has always been the best thing about the MP in these games. And I believe in FC3 vehicles were missing. So this sounds nice.

    But Ubisoft looms. Who knows what they'll think up in order to "offer players more choice".
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  • Konami's Metal Gear Solid 5 preview event

  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    So to sum it all up; poop. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    Arsehole it out? Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    Is Michael Bay running the cameras? Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    Does the horse poop on command or is there a meter indicating when a release is possible? Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    What about the horse? :( Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    Kiefer Sutherland's first line: "Hyaa!" Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    I only wish there'd been swoshy sound effects. Reply 0
  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    That behind the back camera pan has already made this stream worth it. Reply 0
  • Battlefield Hardline single-player debuts, new multiplayer modes revealed

  • VibratingDonkey 13/08/2014

    Well, even if it looks a lot more like a Far Cry CSI spinoff than what Battlefield single player ought to be, that's still more and better than I expected, certainly far more interesting than the previous two games.

    One thing I'm wondering about is how they'll continue making stealth/non-lethal takedowns a viable option when you seemingly can't move or hide the bodies. It seems you'll basically be able to lower the odds by taking out people around the edges, after which you'll have to go loud. In this section I suppose you could just sneak back the way you came.
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  • Three new Xbox One bundles inbound this year

  • VibratingDonkey 12/08/2014

    So no price drop then. Oh well.

    Unless... Considering the Forza 5 + FIFA 15 bundle, the FIFA 15 bundle would force a price drop. That would be neat. I bet that bundle will not be available in tier 2 regions.
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  • Rayman creator Michel Ancel reveals new IP Wild

  • VibratingDonkey 12/08/2014

    Well this has pretty much guaranteed I'll get a PS4 at some point. Sony's garnered more momentum in terms of signing developers making games for the future. I don't think Wild even got a release year, so I assume late 2015 at the earliest. So for the moment, the present and near future, the Xbox One's got more stuff I care about, getting one of those first. Reply +4
  • Official custom game support for Dota 2 impresses modders

  • VibratingDonkey 07/08/2014

    Valve really wants everyone to play DOTA. Reply -1
  • Codemasters offers refunds on Colin McRae Rally after negative Steam reviews

  • VibratingDonkey 06/08/2014

    I don't get the sense that there was any malice behind this snafu, rather laziness or lack of forethought, but regardless, if the description misled buyers then they're just doing what they're legally obligated to by offering refunds. Not really something you should need to feel grateful for. Yet that's the natural inclination just because you expect companies to be assholes on account of that often being the case.

    Thank you Codemasters for pro-actively not being assholes in this instance, I guess.
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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • VibratingDonkey 06/08/2014

    Good news.

    Now onto solving the rising issue of undeclared microtransactions getting added X time after release, making it difficult to "don't like it, don't buy it".
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