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  • Falcom vs the fans

  • Vasenor 14/02/2016

    @TheEnvyCorps The more begging the better. :P

    Love the series but a Vita isn't on the cards for me at the moment.
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  • Video: The Final Fantasy VII scenes that probably won't reach the remake

  • Vasenor 03/07/2015

    Frankly given the quality of most of their recent FF remakes I'm keeping my expectations firmly in check. That said a proper re-translation with input from the original creators would be a huge boon even if the rest of the remake turns out shit.

    One of my fears is indeed that they'll try to turn it Advent Children style grimdark and lose all the goofball whimsical stuff long the way. Basically every time they tried to recapture the lightning with their related films, games etc they have failed to do so.

    One thing that would be a total mindbender (but would not happen) would be a Monkey Island remake style graphic modern/retro switch.
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  • Gothic/Risen dev reveals "edgy" new post-apoc open-world RPG ELEX

  • Vasenor 03/07/2015

    @Kostabi "cunty"? Stay classy dude. Don't dismiss their games out of hand. They have their own charm and as you can see in this comment thread their own very vocal fan base more than willing to support and fund their games.

    With this one the acronym and "edgy" sets my teeth on edge but I'm interested to see how it will turn out. That's barely anything to go on right now.
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  • Project X Zone 2 UK release date kicked into 2016

  • Vasenor 03/07/2015

    It makes me wonder why the sequel to dreck like the first X-Zone (and I say this as a firm fan JRPGs, manga and the like) gets a shout out but things like the excellent (but far less fan service heavy) Trails in the Sky Ep. 1 gets not even a mention. That's even after a very successful Steam release and the hopefully swiftly upcoming release of its sequel (after a delay not meriting an article by Eurogamer). Reply +1
  • Nier is the rare game that gets better with age

  • Vasenor 30/06/2015

    @GreyBeard Yeah, they are all rather good. I do like how even he broke down in the face of Drakengard 3. I really hope the Nier sequel won't be a trainwreck...

    Thanks for the Grimoire link. :)
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  • Vasenor 30/06/2015

    @GreyBeard Interesting. I didn't know that. Where is that explained btw?

    Anyway, still not to keen on the decision for her charcater to be that since it overshadows so much stuff and its basically the thing the game is most known for and is most discussed about it. I am fully aware I am not helping that fact at the moment...

    Enjoy Nier for the despair, melancholia, great characters, and humor people! Play New Game+ to be shown the things you'd suspected brought into stark and painful view!
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  • Vasenor 29/06/2015

    @GreyBeard I thought that she was originally a woman and that her current state is due to her own, let's say peculiar, situation? Reading the short story it just makes her current private bits graphically clear. I'm trying to skirt around spoilerish bits but am I missing something else somewhere?

    [edit]Not skirting around spoilers: What pisses me off about the entire intersex and does she have a dick discussion is that it kinda misses the point. The big issue story wise is her relationship with Tyrann of which the physical trauma she suffered from the takeover is a very important part but far short of the sum total of it.
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  • Vasenor 29/06/2015

    @RicardoG Well, Kaine has indeed got gender issues but from what you find out in the game it has nothing to do with physical bits and ties in very tightly to some of the underlying structure of the world they inhabit. [edit](And, of course since it isn't *that* kind of game, you never get to check or discuss physical bits in game so that is kinda moot...)

    And yeah her outfit is totally fanservicy that just can't (and shouldn't) be handwaved away. That aside though she is one of the most impactful and, over the course of the game, remarkably nuanced female characters I've come across in a computer game.

    Anyway, I was also really happy to hear about the announcement and I just hope it won't all go Drakengard sequel on us. Nier really was one of the best games of last gen for me. Ultimately really harrowing as you see ignorance and misunderstanding lead to all sorts of tragedy which the characters are unaware of but which slowly gets revealed to the player as they play. The way that all plays out really does make things hit home. I should really fire up my 360 again and finish the last few achievements and go through the "final" ending...
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  • The World Ends With You is back on iOS

  • Vasenor 29/06/2015

    Yeah, definitely still one of the best DS games out there. Also one of the very few which makes the dual screen really work for it.

    How does the the iOS version work? Did they just cut out the top screen stuff in some way or is it set up so you play in portrait mode with the screen split in half?
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  • Her Story makes game narratives personal - and that feels like the future

  • Vasenor 29/06/2015

    I haven't picked it up yet but I will. They way they describe the log stuff it did make me think of "Analog: A Hate Story" which is another game where you comb archives and have to re-evaluate what you thought was happening several times as you explore more material. Reply 0
  • The Crew review

  • Vasenor 10/12/2014

    @feralningen That's right, the Mascara Snake Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • Vasenor 10/11/2014

    @Markitron I was also about to post about how nice it was to see Isolation doing so well.

    [edit] A new TMNT game? Is the cartoon still going?
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  • The past lives forever in Pillars of Eternity

  • Vasenor 03/09/2014

    @ghostgate2001 "But surely there must be a way to please both camps? Didn't X-COM Apocalypse (the third and final game in the classic X-COM series, released in 1997) offer both methods, simultaneously? IIRC, you could switch freely between real-time and turn-based combat. It worked quite well, as I recall, so I wonder why more games haven't refined and built upon that system since."

    Because system and encounter design differ drastically depending on whether you want to craft a turn based or real time game. Generally games which try to do both either end up sitting between two chairs or end up with one mode being markedly superior over the other (as far as most people are concerned, you will always have some exceptions).

    The turn based mode in Apocalypse had several issues (dual wielding not upping fire rate and issues around reaction fire for example). Arcanum's real time mode plays markedly less well than its turn based mode and trying to retrofit a "turnless" mode to Civ3 was seen as a total failure by most.
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  • Vasenor 03/09/2014

    I really don't get the calls for Eternity to have been turn based. It just doesn't suit the kind of encounters they want to set up. I also don't get the old Fallout combat nostalgia. Yes they were excellent games, two of my very favourites, but the combat had very serious issues during quite a few encounters due to its turn based nature.

    Combat in towns or with a significant number of actors was always a slog and the temple at the start of Fallout 1 was really not a set-up which showed off the game and its combat system at its best.

    The Exile games, again some of my old time favourites, also suffer from much of the same issues and Shadowrun Returns also had some problems with things becoming a bit of a slog when tracking down and finishing off the last few enemies.

    Now, to actually mention what I like about RTwP is that is allows for timely combat resolutions when there are a significant amount of combatants and an introduction of a timing element which requires a certain amount of foresight to exploit. It generally allows you to focus a little bit less on the combat over the course of a game in part due to less time having to be devoted to it.

    I should also add that I do love turn based games but more the ones with crafted combat scenarios in limited arenas like the slew of tactical RPGs available these days or, moving outside the genre, games like Advance Wars. I've sunk much more time into tactical RPGs than I have into any other type of game.

    Finally, combat in PoE still needs a lot of polish. You have issues around the various actors in combat ending up too close together which leads to it eing very difficult to read as things descend into a mass of flailing limbs. There are also various bugs which lead to some uneven combat difficulty. As a backer combat is definitely one of the areas I think still requires the most work but I definitely don't see "the game naturally leaning towards turn-based combat". Given its current area and encounter design I think that (a polished) RTwP suits it best.

    P.S. I have not actually played Divinity: Original Sin and (as above) I've only heard people say good thing about its turn based combat. How did they set up the encounters in that game?
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  • Capcom files lawsuit against Koei Tecmo for patent infringement

  • Vasenor 27/08/2014

    @nickbonkersperry Or BG/BG2/BG2:ToB between 1998 and 2001 which could be played with either imported save data or standalone with no import. Reply 0
  • Darwin and Dark Souls: evolving the tactical RPG with Natural Doctrine

  • Vasenor 15/08/2014

    I'm currently playing through Tactics Ogre which is a good game with some excellent system and plot but also some truly boneheaded grinds (unlocking the Wicce class... Grinding materials to unlock the optional bosses and craft the top end special gear...).

    Anyway, I'm a sucker for tactical RPGs and will most likely be picking up a Vita for the various Disgaea games I haven't picked up yet and most likely this as well when it comes out.

    I actually prefer playing games like this on a portable console.
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  • Risen 3: Titan Lords review

  • Vasenor 14/08/2014

    @apoc_reg This review is for the general gaming populace not for people who are predisposed to liking the game.

    He's not flogging a dead horse, he was pointing out the differences, improvements and where he thought it still fell short.

    Also, Alpha Protocol, one of the best games I've played. Gameplay so-so but story reactivity and general dialogue stuff better than any other game.
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  • Remember Me dev announces new game Life is Strange

  • Vasenor 11/08/2014

    There was a lot to like about Remember Me. I'm glad that the fact that it wasn't an unmitigated success hasn't prevented from developing more games like it (but with hopefully some rough edges around the game mechanics evened out). Reply +4
  • Gone Home dev is making another first-person exploration game

  • Vasenor 05/08/2014

    @null That's precisely what I liked though. The game was very good at playing with your expectations and especially what people expect from "Mansion" games like Alone in the Dark and then subverted it.

    The ending wasn't glib either.
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  • NIS America Europe online store launches with "ridiculous prices"

  • Vasenor 03/07/2014

    @DwarfyP Don't trot out that falsehood again. $1 = £1 generally isn't a thing these days which even a cursory glance at the prices across major online stores can tell you.

    Yeah, it doesn't go by the straight exchange rate but generally the markup is only around 20% rather than over 40%.

    People are rightfully upset because the $1 = £1 thing has indeed mostly died in a fire with stores like the NIS Europe one the exception rather than the rule.
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  • Vasenor 02/07/2014

    @lukejones oops, apologies.

    I would still disagree with the the phrasing the price should be "close" in numerical terms but then you start arguing semantics...
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  • Vasenor 02/07/2014

    @sporkhead It's getting negged because it is incorrect and misleading. As I just said when looking at the established pricing in other stores the kind of mark-up seen on the new NIS EU portal is very far from standard. In addition taxes would not account for the difference. Reply +6
  • Vasenor 02/07/2014

    That's bullshit. Just compare game prices between Amazon UK and US. Yes, the UK price is higher than a straight currency conversion would suggest but they are well short of having a straight GBP USD symbol swap.

    Look at the CoD: Advance Warfare pre-order price for example: PC is £36.49 UK/$59.96 US, PS4 & Xbox One £45 UK/$59.96 US.

    The PS4 e-store had a whiff of what NIS was doing until they went "whoops prices weren't meant to be that" when the backlash hit.

    [edit] Sadly misaimed.
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  • EA addresses "unacceptable" Battlefield 4 launch

  • Vasenor 20/06/2014

    Let's hope that it will be their Hearts of Iron 3.

    Paradox significantly improved their QA and the "at release" quality of their titles after that fiasco.
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  • 10-minute Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo

  • Vasenor 11/06/2014

    40 major ending variations and more romances than ever. Considering how much work that is (and how they pulled back from the multiple exclusive paths they had in DA1 when they did DA2) I'm kinda surprised and hope that they pull it of and it isn't gimmicky or shallow.

    That statement up there is a pretty damn big statement.
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  • Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op

  • Vasenor 11/06/2014

    @NimbusTLD I was thinking exactly the same thing. Reply 0
  • Destiny's Xbox One resolution raised after Kinect GPU reserve removal

  • Vasenor 11/06/2014

    So does that mean you can't use Kinect system navigation etc features if playing Destiny? Does the mic and voice recognition still work or is it only be the motion tracking that's down when in a game which is disabling Kinect to free up power?

    I presume if you use it instead of a headset mic it would still work as that?

    [edit] Apologies, just noticed this being discussed mid-thread.
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  • Better without Kinect

  • Vasenor 14/05/2014

    The main questionmark are still around navigating the Xbox One interface without a Kinect. Most of it and the various ways to interact with the console was built with the Kinect in mind.

    Are they going to be revamping shortcuts etc?
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  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • Vasenor 24/03/2014

    I think the rankings might have been slightly different for Titanfall if digital sales were included. The number of sales on the PC are always dramatically underestimated by the exclusion or digital sales. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Store rental links spotted

  • Vasenor 14/03/2014

    I'm surprised Sony haven't experimented with this earlier. Especially since they had a system which does something slightly similar with their "Instant Game Collection" (which is time limited availability of games based on a subscription). Reply 0
  • Star Citizen raises astronomical $40m

  • Vasenor 11/03/2014

    @Kysen Yeah, this is one of the most massive examples of scope creep I have ever seen and these really don't tend to end well.

    I'm hoping it's going to turn out all right but...
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  • Pillars of Eternity: What is a "mundane fantasy" RPG?

  • Vasenor 11/02/2014

    I'm miffed about the no romance thing since, as I've mentioned before, that's such a big part of interaction between people. I had wanted to see someone handle it better than Bioware did and it sounded at one point as if they were still on the table. I not advocating for the shoehorning of 5 conversations => sex stuff because that stuff is dumb but to me excluding one of the largest drivers of social interaction out of an RPG which aims to offer full and well rounded characters is just as dumb.

    Anyway, never had a bone to pick with the art style and I'm very glad they are going with a more grounded look; which I was expecting in any case since that was clear from the kickstarter concept art onwards.
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  • No multiplayer in PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886

  • Vasenor 06/02/2014

    Bets on a tacked on Multiplayer DLC pack coming 3 months down the line? Reply +1
  • Microsoft promises to support Killer Instinct after Amazon buys its developer

  • Vasenor 06/02/2014

    I'm just staggered that ongoing support of KI apparently wasn't part of Double Helix's contract with Microsoft. If it wasn't then presumably it was always Microsoft's plan to have a different studio develop the additional characters and any other DLCs but if so they surely should have made that clear sooner rather than have it all come out like this throwing doubt on the continued support of KI. Reply +3
  • Is this Dark Souls?

  • Vasenor 05/02/2014

    I'm still not sure about the new death mechanic. I'll reserve judgement until the game is out and I hear more about how it actually plays out when people get their hands on it but it sounds as if it makes the game tougher (by reducing your health) the shitter you are (i.e. when you die lots). That kind of inversed curve does tend to do well player engagement wise. Reply +2
  • Dungeon Keeper review

  • Vasenor 05/02/2014

    @VideoGameAddict25 I love the contrast between those and the Critics' review breakdown... Reply +3
  • Resident Evil and Onimusha composer exposed as a fraud

  • Vasenor 05/02/2014

    Well, that's a thing. I would now be interested who did actually compose these excellent soundtracks. I also wonder how much of an input, if any, Mamoru Samuragochi did have. Reply +1
  • So Obsidian, when is Pillars of Eternity coming out?

  • Vasenor 05/02/2014

    @George-Roper I think the negs are partly due to the fact that its not as if Obsidian have not been transparent regarding how they are progressing and what they are working on. It's been pretty clear that Q1 was not a thing for ages, though I can't remember precisely when statements about it were made. They've had "Winter 2014" on their Eternity pre-order page since well before Christmas as well.

    IMO the fact that they can't change the delivery date as the scope of the kickstarter changes is a flaw in the system. I can see why Kickstarter set it up that way but it no longer lines up with the current structure of many kickstarters with stretch goals etc.
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  • Long Live the Queen review

  • Vasenor 31/01/2014

    Quick aside, to be fair to Princess Maker you are the *adoptive* dad, but still...

    The other thing to note is that whilst queen was fiddly you also had the option to go for your little Princess to turn into a heroic warrior, demon lord or a humble mason. It isn't prostitutes and concubines all the way down.

    Anyway, I got "Long Live the Queen" but I still haven't played it properly yet. I really should have a dig into it.
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  • Indie devs troll King's "Candy" trademark as Banner Saga targeted

  • Vasenor 22/01/2014

    They should never have been granted the "saga" trademark in this space. It is a common term used in titles for games (narrative games especially). This is not even talking about books etc should they go for broader enforcement.

    Yes clones are bad and I have nothing against King doing their best to get the egregious ones shut down but if they need to aggressively defend their claim on the "saga" trademark by pursuing all games using that word in their title then that is totally unjustified.

    In a way I'm especially miffed about this one since the norse sagas are amongst my favourite literary works and to have something like Candy Crush Saga being used to claim that term in the gaming space is galling in the extreme. It is a bloody match 3 game with no narrative merit and that is getting preference for the use of the term saga.
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  • Microsoft paid YouTubers to say nice things about Xbox One - report

  • Vasenor 21/01/2014

    One quick aside, the other people who most likely got stiffed in this promo are the the people who created the videos. The promo was slated to run from the 14th of January to February 9th but the 1.25 million views total was hit by the 16th.

    That smacks of very bad forecasting or of trying to get one on the YouTubers. Especially since it's framed as such a great promo ("The best/easiest promo we've ever done" according to their tweet). Especially since that $3 CPM bonus is so big compared to their standard CPM rate.

    I presume a slew of people created videos which only got the bonus money on a tiny slice of their total views.

    I don't have too much sympathy for them but still, that promo seems slightly scummy on all sides.
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  • This piracy-enabling 3DS flashcard tried to prevent itself from being pirated

  • Vasenor 21/01/2014

    Eurogamer had to run the article. They mentioned that someone had found a way to use this circumvent region locking and now the makers of the device have changed their code so that using the method highlighted by Eurogamer to circumvent region locking will brick the 3DS.

    If you are using it just to pirate the console doesn't get bricked. If you modify it to bypass region locks instead you now end up with a bricked console.

    The article about the European version Rune Factory 4 being cancelled and the huge delays getting various other niche games (SMT4 *shakes fist*) an EU release gives me rather more sympathy than I would have for people affected by this. Heck conversely Bravely Default got to the US 3 months after the EU etc; though at least they had the courtesy of a firm release date rather than TBA, i.e. 6 months to never. Devil Survivor: Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 took over a year and a half to get a EU version following the NA release. Overclocked only got a EU release after the EU publisher did a drive begging for pre-orders.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 microtransaction pricing revealed

  • Vasenor 04/12/2013

    Either the grind is worse or they totally mis-priced these credits. At that point paying to unlock a few top end cars for your game could cost more more than the actual console. 3 of these Jaguars comes to just under £360 with the PS4 coming in at £350 now since this is a PS3 game...

    Anyway, we knew it was on the cards and I bloody well hope that kind of rot doesn't spread. Pay for skills in RPGs... *shudder*
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

  • Vasenor 29/11/2013

    @evnewell Gah, that was a bit of a brainfart on my part. Not sure why I typed that instead of IW. Reply 0
  • Vasenor 28/11/2013

    @evnewell well, I wouldn't quite say that. Dice definitely compromised on the FPS front whereas Respawn definitely generally hit 60 FPS (with the admitted glitches). Ghosts also runs at full 1080 on the PS4.

    The only question then is whether the bigger matches, more interactive scenery and so forth are worth the FPS hit.

    One thing I'm curious about is that whilst this review mentions drops in overall framerate it doesn't call out any judder or actual drops.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Vasenor 28/11/2013

    One of the earlier articles mentioned that the PS4 version was occasionally trying to deliver too many frames but I didn't see it mentioned in this article. Was this not borne out or is that what the patch fixed along with the resolution issue? Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 PSN game prices will be adjusted ahead of EU launch

  • Vasenor 27/11/2013

    I'm still curious what caused this pricing hiccup. It's pretty obvious it was not intended. I wonder if they broke out the cut Sony takes into a separate field in the data feed for the prices. Reply 0
  • Amazon Black Friday deals week continues for UK shoppers

  • Vasenor 26/11/2013

    @RichyRichh77 Interesting, Sony already dropped the general price slightly earlier this year. The current PS3 deal only last until Thursday. I'd kinda funny if that was because they are switching to an even better deal then... Reply +1
  • Vasenor 26/11/2013

    @RichyRichh77 Ah well, luckily I'm not that fussed about God of War... How much was it going for?

    I wonder if there'll be another special otherwise I might very well pick up the Last of Us bundle as that's a game I'm definitely interested in.
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  • Vasenor 26/11/2013

    Any good deals on PS3s around?

    I want to pick one up (hopefully a bit more on the cheap with the new consoles coming) to play all the excellent exclusives I missed out on. Also, Persona 5...

    @gabrielbell A 3DS is an excellent investment. I've played the hell out of mine. I'd very much recommend going for the XL version though if you can afford the mark-up.
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