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  • Cage: no more thrillers from me

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    The difference being, Schnide, that Dragon's Lair proved to be crap and Monkey Island proved to be brilliant.

    ... I wonder what Heavy Rain will prove to be. The demo hints it's more of a Dragon's Lair type of game. And personally, I cringed once the FBI detective put on his sunglasses. Hopefully, the storyline has a very good explanation there.
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  • Retrospective: Another Code - Two Memories

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    A bit too simple for me. Hotel Dusk nailed it much better - still, it's nice to see the embryonic outlines in the game which preceded it. Reply +2
  • GOWIII demo for everyone next week?

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    Will buy to complete collection. Will try to see how gameplay shifted. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS Awards

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    Deserved winner. And I'm glad that Batman: Arkham Asylum got the scraps. Pretty much the only two games released last year which made me go "wow, well done". Reply 0
  • HMV to host Final Fantasy XIII launch

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    INSANE! Reply 0
  • Leona Lewis gives verdict on FFXIII

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    I'm not a fan of this type of product placement. Still, everyone is free to turn off the music in FFXIII when the Leona Lewis song starts, and listen to something else.

    And it's not like we'll hear variations of the tune in-game for 90% of the time. I hope :).
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  • ACII PC requires internet connection

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    I know, FooAtari, in the real world men are men and elite hackers hack because they like a coding challenge when it presents itself. If anything, they probably *want* the industry to keep churning out even more intrusive DRM, because that's all the more fun for them :).

    But still, it is nice to point out that there is a great opportunity here to create an irrefutable precedent which the industry couldn't possibly deny.

    Ah, dreams, sweet to have them every now and then :).
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  • VMerken 20/02/2010

    Welcome to DRM hell. I've been in it since Bioshock, others stumbled into it even earlier, with Starforce. So please excuse me while I speed right past the discussion, as I've processed all this almost three years ago.

    Instead, allow me to walk straight into the next level of debate. I would kindly ask all those superb cracking groups out there NOT to crack Assassin's Creed II, just this once. I would also kindly ask every one of you outstanding lads and ladies who are outraged about this DRM implementation to HONESTLY vote with your wallet, just this once.

    Why? Because if these conditions are met and Assassin's Creed II PC sells miserably, Ubisoft cannot enter the aftermath with the "It tanked because of the piracy!" card. It could neither pull the "Ok, Assassin's Creed II tanked because it is a bad game!" card since the console versions already told everyone otherwise.

    No my dears, if these conditions are met - just this once - the only logical conclusion would be, "Assassin's Creed II tanked because PC gamers didn't like the DRM implementation". Just this once, the message to the ENTIRE industry would be a clear "Do Not Take Us for Fools". A fantastic precedent which us customers could throw at the industry time and time again until, perhaps, said industry would gently haul their asses back to the drawing board and hold their peace until they can come up with user-friendly DRM which ACTUALLY WORKS.

    Case rested.
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  • Classic camera found in Resi 5 DLC

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    Indeed, the Remake is the best RE out there thanks to its superlative atmosphere. Fact :).
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  • Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

  • VMerken 21/02/2010

    Downloaded and played the Xbox 360 version. Tearing overload. Hard to fix? Still, 400 points is definitely a steal for what you get.

    Anyway, it's sad when one episode outclasses the game it anchors upon, but there it is.

    I enjoyed the first part of this DLC a lot, although I have three - minor to slightly minor - gripes here:
    (1) Since the focus lies on exploration, RE1 style, there should have been much more items to examine, more text to read. Having the opportunity to read Chris' and Jill's personal opinion on the environment - especially since it's so familiar to them - would have been sweet.
    (2) A *few* enemy encounters/scares wouldn't have hurt - would have been nice if the butler was still prancing about, for example...
    (3) Why no "Master of Unlocking" comments, Chris? Jill's just begging for it - twice :)

    The second part was great, especially once you open the minimap in the latter part and realise that you're basically playing Pac-Man, including four Power Pills to kill the ghosts with. Awesome wink to a timeless classic :)

    The third part (Wesker battle) is a downer. Too short, too familiar, especially since every RE5 player probably completed the main game at least once by now.

    Well, if it's the same price, I'll definitely be there for the Josh/Jill DLC. Besides, Josh is probably the most interesting new character introduced by RE5. Anyway, this installment somewhat restored my faith in Capcom - RE6 just might end up being great again.
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  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

  • VMerken 15/02/2010

    Oh boy, this and the upcoming Pokemon. Time to fry the DS again! :) Reply +2
  • Tech Analysis: Mass Effect 2

  • VMerken 14/02/2010

    Apart from being able to use much higher resolutions and getting higher framerates etc, pc games also tend to be a fair bit cheaper than their console counterparts (about €10 on average). Sure, a console tends to be cheaper than a pc, but this fact kind of evens things out. Reply +2
  • Mass Effect 2

  • VMerken 14/02/2010

    Well, finished the game in Normal with a Paragon-only clvl 50 build from ME1.

    Impression so far: Normal = Very Easy. No challenges encountered, and I covered the main quest and (I think) virtually all the side missions. If there's a challenge in there, I haven't seen it. The mini games ("caress a tennis ball", "play Memory against the clock" and "Pattern matching") are mildly boring to boring time wasters. The hub worlds feel cramped and pretty much devoid of interaction. Main Character interaction is sparse (really, Garrus, just how many calibrations does the ship need? Go on, take a break and chat) but then again, there are lots of Main Characters this time around.

    Apart from the above, this is a very good Action Adventure.

    Currently on Veteran with a Renegade-only clvl 52 build from ME1 to have a clear view of both polarities in this game. Hopefully, the experience will be better, complete the storytelling experience and, most importantly, start to be challenging.

    Disclaimer: this is a personal opinion from a veteran Mass Effect 1 player who is overjoyed that the Mako is gone, yet cringes at the thought of having to caress a lot of tennis balls during each Mass Effect 2 playthrough.
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  • VMerken 28/01/2010

    Oh cool, notmyrealname back in full mass effect, straight from his good old day job under the bridge :). Just keep at it, bro, you'll get there eventually.

    Anyway, this snippet from the review caught the old attention:
    "You may miss the Mako, but by the end of the game you may have forgotten all about it."

    No, Tom. Noone will ever forget the Mako, and noone will ever miss it precisely because they can't forget the Mako and the abysmal driving experience it provides. I love Bioware for giving it the boot in this sequel, and will most certainly enjoy the upcoming weekend.

    Now to quickly finish Mass Effect 1 again (keeping Mako "action" to a minimum), as I recently uninstalled all my PC games and threw away their save games during the process. Tabula rasa from time to time is fun.
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  • Apple unveils the iPad

  • VMerken 28/01/2010

    I have Iphone and love it much so. It's the Swiss Knife of Multimedia I always wanted. Slick design, slips into a pocket, easy to use, enough storage and 3G(S) functionality to hold your attention for a while.

    The iPad doesn't have the Swiss Knifery effect, so it's not for me - to bridge the gap between smartphoning and large screen multimedialising I'd rather go for a MacBook Pro, not this apparent Missing Link. Sorry.
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  • Videogames make you clever - US Navy

  • VMerken 28/01/2010

    I know kung fu. Reply 0
  • Darksiders

  • VMerken 18/01/2010

    Bought it on Xbox this saturday, played it a few hours yesterday. Tearing is there, absolutely. Patch, maybe?

    For me, personally, it's a great game, with the only downside being the graphics where the combination of World of Warcraft styled characters (not a fan of that style) and realistic backdrops feels like a bit of a mixed bag as a whole. God of War/Devil May Cry did much better there, maintaining the same style in geometry and cast consistently.

    Oh, and... 8/10? As good as Metal Gear Solid 4 then! That's some great company to be in isn't it, TRUTH, ye who still haven't got a clue about the general irrelevance of review scores? But hey, feel free to keep copy/pasting metacritic/gamerankings thinking it matters one iota.
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  • Coming Attractions: Action-Adventure & Platformers

  • VMerken 15/01/2010

    I shall be buying an additional game this year.

    (5) God of War III
    It's not as good as Devil May Cry, but still great to collect and play through a few times.

    (6) Last Guardian
    Well, if it does come out in 2010, there's simply no way I'm missing out on it. Game-wise mediocre to good, but very atmospheric nonetheless.

    I'm on the fence for a few other games.

    (F1) Dead Rising 2
    I really like Dead Rising, being at the mall never was more fun. But, Dead Rising 2 is not in the hands of the original Dead Rising crew (much like Silent Hill V wasn't in the hands of Team Silent), so I'm going to wait for the reviews and fork out cash if they somehow indicate that that which was good still is good and that which wasn't is at least that.

    (F2) Heavy Rain
    I played Fahrenheit and know the potential for extreme greatness is there. However, I played Fahrenheit and know the potential for horribly broken/archaic gaming fragments and heavily cliched storytelling is also there. On the fence, but waiting.
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  • Coming Attractions: MMOs & RPGs

  • VMerken 14/01/2010

    Certain games will certainly be bought by me this year:

    (1) Monster Hunter Tri. I have all the Monster Hunters since the original on PS2 and for some reason, I have absolutely no qualms to re-grind it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. I don't know how Capcom did it, but Monster Hunter just gets the "survival RPG" concept right. That, and the HUGE swords and dragons, of course.

    And yes, I will buy a Wii to go with it. It needs the Wii to run the code, I believe. Silent Hill remake's a bonus.

    (2) Alpha Protocol: Chris Avellone. Obsidian Entertainment. Need I say more? If you think, "Yes, you do!", then I kindly direct you to

    There, please read the section "Notable game credits" and cry at least one lone tear of joy.

    (3) Fallout 3: New Vegas. See (2)

    (4) Mass Effect 2. The first part was good, but contained some lame parts which I hope they will have ironed out in 2. Also, less painfully obvious good/neutral/evil statements please. Ach, who am I kidding, this is Bioware, painfully obvious good/neutral/evil statements are in their general development guidelines now.
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  • Western FFXIII "finally completed"

  • VMerken 14/01/2010

    In my opinion, FFVI to FFVIII were great, then nothing really titillating for a while, then the awesome FFXII came along. Yeah, I'm a fan of Matsuno and Yoshida's work. Sue me. Not being superstitious, I will buy XIII if only for the fact that it's the first FF on the PS3/X360.

    Thanks for reminding me Leona Lewis is in this. Blech. Oh well, I think my stereo has an on/off switch

    Afaik, the DLC in Fallout 3 has been produced after main game release, they are not material dropped from the main game.
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  • Yamauchi: GT5 not using all PS3's power

  • VMerken 14/01/2010

    Well, considering the development time Naughty Dog needed to churn out an "80% power game" in the form of Uncharted 2, and considering GT5 has been under development since before the PS3's launch, simple extrapolatory logic dictates that the finished GT5, if and when it comes out, will use at least 400% of the PS3's power. Reply +5
  • Only bad Wii games sell badly - Bloober

  • VMerken 13/01/2010

    Apart from Okami, that other Clover game, God Hand - the best beat'em up to date - never sold that well either. Neither did Fallout, or Planescape: Torment. Or Vampire: The Masquerade. Or Silent Hill IV: The Room. Yet, I'm somehow glad I'm a minority buyer and these masterpieces ended up in my collection.

    So what do these examples teach us, Bloober Boys? there's much, much more to selling games than the game being good. It's one factor, but there are so many other things to consider.

    Oh, and

    I bought a GameCube only for the Resident Evils. Metroid Prime was a nice bonus. If RE5 and/or 6 were Wii exclusives, I'd have a Wii. Simple as that.
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  • Loads of content cut from FFXIII - report

  • VMerken 13/01/2010

    Well, if those parts do return as DLC (even though the designers deemed them inferior) and if you don't like that kind of policy at all, don't buy the DLC. Simple. I certainly wouldn't.

    Either way, it's not surprising that large parts fall off the wagon when considering this is a game which has been in development since before the PS3's launch. Certain parts may look awesome in the mind or on paper but in practise, competent (at least I hope so) testers may find that these awesome ideas don't tick correctly on the screen, as part of the larger whole. And then, regrettably, they get cut. And the developer who invented the part and made it happen will mourn as the left cheek experiences the wetness of a single tear rolling down its curved surface. And then, as the deed is admitted, millions of fanboys cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
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  • No Metal Gear Solid movie after all?

  • VMerken 12/01/2010

    Actually, I think a MGS movie would be killer if it was handled as a parody. The "Snake Eater" theme music and video clip in MGS 3 for example, was a rather witty middle finger at just about every James Bond movie out there. Same with the James Bond style unreal "bosses/enemies", the "Bond girl" of the hour and of course, the "let's attempt world conquering" mastermind using an ahem mobile metal armored nuclear missile launcher piece of gear.

    I am afraid however, that Kojima probably thinks his series is serious drama wrought with gravitas, so it's quite likely he won't allow anyone to play out MGS as the potential comedy gold it is.
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  • Nier due out in spring in the US

  • VMerken 08/01/2010

    They do realise "Nier" means "Kidney" in Dutch, right? Will be quite interesting to see dutch/belgian gamers react to the title... Reply 0
  • Mad Catz reveals crazy new PC mouse

  • VMerken 07/01/2010

    I have toyed around with quite a few mouses and while I do like the Razers out there, I finally settled on a Logitech G9 in combination with a SteelSeries SX mouse "mat". The SX metallic mat feels cold to the touch and the G9 (apart from its other advantages) glides extremely well over the SX mat's surface. This allows for fast, silky smooth precision movements and extended gaming sessions without noticeable chafing or transpiration issues.

    On topic - never let appearances fool you. The RAT can be a very powerful tool in the right hands. Personally, for example, I think the G9 has a subpar design, but it more than makes up for it by actually being a damn good mouse (I initially thought my hands weren't going to like the G9's grip, but it snugly fit straight away anyhow). So if you're still on the lookout for a gaming mouse, why not just take that RAT in your hands and find out if it's your kind of gaming nirvana?
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  • Fictional Seinfeld Frogger score beaten

  • VMerken 05/01/2010

    That's what hardcore gaming is all about. Congratulations, Pat. Reply 0
  • Game prices will fall, predicts EA

  • VMerken 05/01/2010

    Survival of the fittest... we'll see what happens in this complex matter in the years to come. As I said in another thread though, I am pretty sure that we will be paying more for less... it's hard to give up something you're used to, and companies that are used to a certain cash flow would prefer it to increase rather than decrease. Reply 0
  • EA details Dragon Age expansion

  • VMerken 05/01/2010

    While $40 equals about €30 these days, I'm pretty sure the store price will use the traditional $1 = €1 conversion standard, i.e. my bet's on €39.99. Reply +2
  • PlatinumGames teases new game

  • VMerken 05/01/2010

    Let's see if you can dazzle us again, Shinji. Reply 0
  • Capcom done with Western devs

  • VMerken 05/01/2010

    I sincerely hope the guy isn't trying to tell us something about Dead Rising 2... Reply 0
  • ACII DLC was originally part of game

  • VMerken 27/12/2009

    Right, which is why I also mentioned the "Part X is less vital to the game than part Y" argument. Part X may hold quality, but confesses it's not really something that will pull you deeper into the game. The fact that part Y was chosen over it means that if you played the game containing part Y, part X is unlikely to attract you more than Y. And as such, offering X as premium DLC is not quite value for money. You may buy it out for completionist reasons, just don't expect it's going to feel like a whole new world opening up in ACII. Unless, of course, part X is completely revamped, remastered, expanded upon and whatnot.

    With that said, please tell me more about the 8 bit games which cost 40-50 bucks. Especially the ones on cassette tape :). Remembering the c64 age, premium cassette (or disk) games usually cost about 10 bucks, premium budget was something like 4 bucks. Or are you talking about console cartridges? Those cost a fortune, yeah, about as much as the console itself.
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  • VMerken 25/12/2009

    It is sad to read about this kind of reasoning. Let's say you're low on time and need to cut out parts of your game to meet the deadline. You will probably have some very good reasons to cut part X over part Y. Such reasons probably involve statements such as, "Part X is less vital to the game than part Y" or "Part X is not of the same quality level as part Y". Well then, what makes you think consumers would snap up part X separately later on? They played the game containing part Y, so paying separately for the 'inferior'part X, probably at a higher price than part Y, doesn't sound like a good deal. That's probably where your marketing department takes over. OR you invest and turn part X into something much bigger and richer than was originally intended. I.e. give the consumer the right bang for their buck.

    But I guess this is how it works, as DLC gives you this kind of freedom. If someone wants things better or changed, either vote with the wallet or take on this whole "game development" and show the established industry how things should really be going.
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  • Games of 2009: Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • VMerken 27/12/2009

    Brilliant game. Game of the year for me. Reply +2
  • Divinity II demo on Xbox Live

  • VMerken 26/12/2009

    Sure, if you do none of the side quests in Divinity 2 and all of them in Dragon Age, then you get the 30-70 comparison. Conversely, if you do all the side quests in Divinity 2 and none of them in Dragon Age, you get 70-30. It's all about the way you play. I went for max side questing in both games, and they gave me pretty much the same bang for my buck.

    As for replay value, true, you can play the first hour of Dragon Age in six different ways, whereas in Divinity 2, you cannot. Also, Dragon Age has four difficulty levels, Divinity 2 has three. But, the bulk in either game stays the same, is of comparable size, and you can fiddle around with spells and abilities multiple times (to change playing style) if need be. Speed runs are an option in either game, as well.
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  • VMerken 25/12/2009

    @Tom Bramwell
    "However, despite the fact it was released at roughly the same time as the superior Dragon Age, they're quite different eggs."

    I've played and completed both, and can soundly attest that Dragon Age isn't superior to Divinity 2. As far as story-telling (great stuff), questing (lots and lots of them to find with good rewards), graphics (the Bioware and Gamebryo engine each have their pros and cons) and gameplay (great fun) go, they're the same level.

    The only real difference is that in Dragon Age, you control four characters and in Divinity 2, you control just the one, plus a bot. Also, your copy of Divinity 2 may suffer a "neverending loading screen" bug, which can be pretty annoying. Pray that it doesn't happen to you.

    Ugly as sin, stop-motion animation, poor textures and a player character permanently stuck in fisticuffs mode who does kung fu kicks?
    Permanently stuck in "fisticuffs mode"? Well, I can't comment on the console versions, but if you're playing the PC version, you can press the TAB key to exit "fisticuffs mode" anytime. Know the controls.
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  • Games of 2009: Demon's Souls

  • VMerken 23/12/2009

    Heh, I went searching for it in the stores yesterday after watching last week's Zero Punctuation and reasoning that "If it's released in Australia, it should be out in Europe, too".

    So this is a bummer :( as it's been a very, very long time since I've heard of a game that COULD POSSIBLY DO MY NUTT IN.
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  • MS wants Avatars to reflect your shape

  • VMerken 22/12/2009

    I'm not sure, but weren't we supposed to play video games on our consoles? You know, the kind of thing you relax with and enjoy spending some time on? Some innocent escapism to forget the daily worries? Why the fook should video games reflect reality all of a sudden? So that we're partly back in the real world? Isn't that a... how should I put it... complete and utter suspension of fooking disbelief killer?

    The more I'm seeing the industry putting the real world into internet and video games, the more I want to just quit internet and video games and seek new, untainted forms of entertainment. Luckily, there are currently more than enough "oldskool", escapist, suspension of disbelief inspiring video games being made, so I'm not gone yet :). But still, this kind of evolution is hard to ignore...
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  • Wada predicts all consoles will die

  • VMerken 18/12/2009

    Misinterpreted my statement. That's okay, I wanted it to be cryptic :).
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  • VMerken 17/12/2009

    Whatever the future in video gaming brings, we'll be paying more for less. Reply 0
  • Resi Evil 5's Desperate Escape detailed

  • VMerken 18/12/2009

    Actually, if you know what you're doing, Sheva's more useful as Ashley, who was quite useful in 4 :). She can deal damage, open doors for you, take damage for you, allows for three-phased melee attacks and comes with a free inventory which the trained player can abuse.

    Treat a lady nicely, know her well and she will treat you nice in return.

    With that said, RE5's storyline was a huge disappointment for me (leave alone all the gameplay concessions the devs had to make just to shove co-op multiplayer down our throats) and as such, I don't feel like going really deep into this title. If the new add-on stories are as "well" executed as the original, this will be the first RE title I'm going to pass, because I really don't feel like fighting Lost PLanet-style "glowing orange globes" bosses again.

    Also, using Capcom mathematics, the PC version of the expansion is to be expected for fall 2010.
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  • PS Home announces 10 million users

  • VMerken 18/12/2009

    Well, what can I say?

    Used it once at during launch (I think my stay was shorter than the time it took me to log in), and am thinking about going in there a second time to see if I they managed to implement something which is actually interesting.

    The only positive things I remembered were: pretty zen, artificially clean, some kids garbling into their mic while I was watching the Watchmen trailer in the theatre and the billboards alerting me to Loco Roco 2.
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  • Vagrant Story on PSN this Tuesday

  • VMerken 18/12/2009

    Well, if they can't/won't produce a sequel, at least remake it with the latest cutting edge graphics/lighting systems. Squenix is good at those, and personally I'd love to see every intricate detail of Vagrant's game reproduced with high detail goodness.

    With that said, I still have this superior game on disc, both the PAL and NTSC versions. Plays rather well on the B/C PS3, so no sale right now but maybe in the future when the originals are foobar.

    EDIT: to the "I'm doing zero damage" crew: as I've explained in another post in another Vagrant Story-related topic, you can finish the game using only your starting equipment without too much problems. In this case, doing "zero damage" is not an excuse for having trouble completing the game :).
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  • ESRB outs Mass Effect 2 mature content

  • VMerken 17/12/2009

    There had better be a persistent gore option.

    Because it might be fun to see it combined with some hot space action.
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  • FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch

  • VMerken 17/12/2009

    I guess three months is acceptable. Reply 0
  • Sony reveals high hopes for PS3 wand

  • VMerken 17/12/2009

    Playing devil's advocate, there's not much else this professional suit can do but flexing the muscle and hope it attracts attention, negative or positive.

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  • Heavy Rain to delay Trophy alerts

  • VMerken 16/12/2009

    The flaw in your argument is that on the internet, we are not dealing with cats, and I personally like to believe conversation is possible and/or can be established until one of the conversationalists abruptly pulls the plug for stupid reasons (likely to be caused by virtual ubermensch syndrome) or sensible ones (afk).

    As for the topic at hand, delaying Achievement messages (or any type of popups) is great, especially in games relying heavily on cinematics and wishing to achieve suspension of disbelief. I don't know about you, but I get very annoyed while watching a thrilling show/movie on tv and BAM! the tv network expresses their wish to tell you about the reality show coming up next and needing about 15% of the screen to do so. Thanks for ruining the flow, tv network. How about letting me find out what's next because that means that oh, I actually want to?
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  • US to get pink and blue Wii remotes

  • VMerken 14/12/2009

    Oh boy, what a list. Well, I guess everyone has been catered for. Reply -1
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 unveiled

  • VMerken 14/12/2009

    I just hope they can keep up the storytelling, scope and size rather than cashing in on the original's popularity with (a) glorified, short expansion pack(s). Tremblay and Hill spouting what appear to be generic PR lines makes me cautious. Reply 0
  • Getting It Wrong

  • VMerken 14/12/2009

    Yo there, my friends Castlevania, Phoenix Wright, Advance Wars, Pokémon, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Layton dropped by. Still waters most of the time, but they run deep.

    And they beg to differ.
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