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  • Destiny 2 gameplay changes, new features, beta details and everything else we know so far

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    Destiny doesn't have a subscription like World of Warcraft.
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  • Destiny 2 gameplay reveal live report

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    @SavageEvil Good to hear your experience of PvE has been generally good. I've only played PvP the entire last 3 years by myself and I've enjoyed it for not having all the racist, homophobic, sexist slang thrown around that forced me to mute everyone in Halo 3. Oh, yes... and all the little kids impressing us with their shrill singing voices. Reply 0
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    @SavageEvil Halo would have been much better if you could only hear your own team chat within the pre and post match lobbies and that there was no proximity voice. Bungie used to celebrate all this trash talk, but now they are more mature devs it is apparent that they have learnt how toxic it can be for the minorities in a diverse community, and it is good business sense to make something that is more PG than R-rated. Reply 0
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    You are right. A well reasoned case.
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    Infamous Luke Smith interview

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    Finelly get to go through that door Reply 0
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    Ah, Brutes... sorry, The Cabal Reply 0
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    Hot news! Destiny 2 has corners! Reply 0
  • In Theory: Could Sony release PlayStation 5 in 2018?

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    Sony will release the PS4K in November 2017 with a 4K Blu Ray drive and 2 x 2TB HDDs in RAID 0 for greater speed. The drives would not be user upgradable and both would need to be replaced professionally if either of them crashed.

    It will have more of a media focus with an HDMI IN port and 4 x USB 3.0 (2 in the front, 2 in the rear to support PSVR and an external USB HDD without a mess of obtrusive cables). A redesigned OS will use Notifications to Alert you to impending Events, e.g. you may be playing God of War and see a sign at the corner of the screen remind you that The Grand National steeplechase or Twitch stream is about to begin and you will have three options:

    1. ignore it - as the Notification starts to fade away after four seconds of being shown on screen

    2. record it - hold PS button for overlay then press Square button to record it and dismiss overlay

    3. watch it and automatically pause the game you are playing for later resumption - tap PS button

    You can also be watching and get a Notification of an invite to a multiplayer game you both own from someone who is on your prioritised "whitelist" of Friends, and again have three options:

    1. ignore it and continue watching

    2. record the rest of the broadcast and join them in the multiplayer lobby of the game - hold PS button

    3. engage "Live Pause" for one hour of the channel you are on for later resumption - tap PS button

    Picture-in-Picture for another channel can be toggled through the overlay which can open further to reveal a full channel guide with tabs for all media including YouTube and NetFlix. This can be placed anywhere along the right hand side of the screen by moving (R3) up and down, and made bigger and smaller by tilting (R3) all the way to the left and right.

    CPU and GPU will be unchanged in performance, making the PS4K a more media focused version of the PS4 PRO and not allow XBOX INFINITY to be the only 4K Multimedia Jukebox on the market until the eventual release of PS5 late 2019.

    I also anticipate Project Trinity to be officially named and released late 2018 as Sony's roomscale VR replacement for their inaccurate PS Move. We will see a new version of the PSVR headset late 2020 with a front mounted camera for Augmented Reality.

    Late 2017 - PS4K
    Late 2018 - Project Trinity
    Late 2019 - PS5
    Late 2020 - PSVR2

    PS4K can then be seen not as a new generation or iteration of PlayStation, but as a deluxe PS4 PRO with more internal storage so the clutter of an external USB HDD is generally unnecessary and a 4K Blu Ray drive for those who like to collect movies with director's commentaries. Without it people may pick an XBOX INFINITY or XBOX ONE S because they want 4K UHD Blu Rays.

    PS4K will be announced on June 12th after the price of XBOX INFINITY has been revealed and it will be the exact same price, unless Microsoft sells INFINITY at such a significant loss that it is 399.99 in which case Sony won't be able to afford to do the same without selling a 2TB PS4K with one additional empty drive bay for the same price point. However, I expect both to sell at 449.99 uncompromised.

    We have been warned that Project Scorpio is a "premium product".
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  • Retro shooter Hyper Sentinel coming to Nintendo Switch

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    Both Uridium and Nebulus looked much nicer on the Commodore 64 without all that horrendous attribute clash forcing it to have monochromatic visuals.

    The Spectrum was faster, but inferior in all other important respects.
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  • Forza Motorsport on Scorpio: the full story

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    because it is the last console they are making.
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  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

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    Project Scorpio will be Microsoft's final console as they attempt to get gamers to transition to PC with their Microtransactions appearing in all first party AAA titles and the undermining of the need to buy their consoles with their Play Anywhere strategy. They don't want to keep making consoles as they have to sell them at a loss. Even an average PC will have met the specifications of an XBOX ONE, allowing them to sell their wares on the PC's vastly larger installed base. A typical gaming PC will be roughly equivalent to this Project Scorpio eighteen months from its release, but halfway through its "iteration" it will lose all of its bleeding edge credentials and be definitely eclipsed by a cheap gaming PC by 2020.

    It won't be cost effective to manufacture yet another console past Project Scorpio and the need to compete with other platforms will have evaporated because all of its exclusives are on PC via Play Anywhere running better than the PS4 Pro. Because this will be Microsoft's final console they will use the name that was going to be used originally for Project Durango which was later changed to convey the "all-in-one" multimedia jukebox concept of the XBOX ONE. Consequently, the official name of the Project Scorpio console isn't XBOX SCORPIO but:

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  • The race for 4K: how Project Scorpio targets ultra HD gaming

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  • No Man's Sky changed the video game hype train forever

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    No Man's Sky was only ever sold as a Single-player game at the point of purchase. Multiplayer features were therefore never missing as you hadn't paid for any. Multiplayer features weren't pretended to exist after release as the tweet where Sean Murray says that:

    "Two players finding each other on a stream in the first day - that has blown my mind"

    Is true and in no way suggestive of No Man's Sky being a multiplayer game. All it means is that they tried to arrange an entirely impossible rendezvous because they had noticed the other player was near to where they were in the game on a stream they were doing of the same game.

    This was all reported on here in an article that perpetuated baseless fan speculations that this game (which was clearly sold as Single-player), might yet still be multiplayer:

    Irresponsible Eurogamer article

    Hello Games don't really stand a chance when the corrupt media are out to distort facts to get clickbait headlines. It's totally unsurprising and not newsworthy that two players can't see each other. You wouldn't expect it in Uncharted 4 were you to be in the exact same location as another person currently streaming it. So why do you expect it in No Man's Sky? Because, Eurogamer reports on the wrongheaded notions of some redditor named Widukindl who said:

    "Psytokat and Thesadcactus are on two different lobbies, so the time of day is different for them"

    Bad enough to have to read this bollocks over on reddit, but no reason to repeat it here as if it has any chance of being a possibility when it is already known that No Man's Sky is a Single-player game.

    Then Eurogamer tries to muddy the waters even more by misinterpreting further tweets made by Sean Murray:

    "We added a 'scan for other players' in the Galactic Map to try to encourage this happening. We wanted it to happen - but the first day?"

    This again is not proof of player encounters, but merely that a mechanism exists as of patch 1.03 that one player can find the path already taken by another player through the trail of the star systems they have discovered:

    "Networking Ability to scan star systems other players have discovered on the Galactic Map, increasing the chance of collision. Star systems discovered by other players appear during Galactic Map flight"

    No Man's Sky - Update 1.03 Patch Notes

    How come I can be bothered to do due diligence and check official sources for actual facts when these wannabe journalists at Eurogamer are too lazy to do anything more than post speculation ripped from anonymized unofficial sources at reddit. It is pathetic. You should be disgusted at your lack of professionalism, and if I was cynical I would infer that the only reason that you post these misleading half-truths is to stoke the hate train for this game with your own lies so that all the kids who believe what you say get angry and that gives you something else to write clickbait headlines about.

    Really, you are all a bunch of fucking scum.
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    But they didn't sell the game on the six features you list, or any that were catalogued by its rabid subreddit community in an Information Repository assembled by informal remarks made by Sean Murray about early builds of the game, and deconstructions of trailers into their various parts (none of which received an official confirmation from Hello Games prior to release).

    They sold it on the basis of the features that were mentioned in the product description text on their Steam page at the point of sale:


    Throughout its entire time on Steam this game has always been listed as Single-player and promised a conservative feature set which it successfully delivered in its initial release. There were early stability issues, but these crashes got fixed in rapid time in free patches along with a number of additions that enhanced the game's challenge through the addition of a hard Survival mode.

    Sean discussed the state of the current build as he worked on it. Everything he discussed was subject to change for aesthetic, technical, or business reasons and change it did. He then went out of his way to make a blog post telling everyone what it definitely is, so that they were not under any delusions:


    You haven't got a leg to stand on. Especially as you could have watched actual gameplay on its release and decided it looked dull or crashy and decided to wait for it to get patched and drop in price or skip it entirely.

    Good grief... to think of the amount of pocket money I wasted on cool sounding games that had garned good review scores back in the '80s only for them to be utter shite. What I would've done to have twitch.tv to check up on them, but the web wasn't even invented back in the day.
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    You are so wrong I don't know where to begin.
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    Actually, you can't trust reviews. The average score on Metacritic across all publications is 70% when it ought to be 50% so scores are being inflated. A lot of sites went overboard with No Man's Sky, Polygon gave it their Editor's Choice Award in 2014 without even having played it. Kotaku wrote an article that was entitled "No Man's Sky, You Win E3, Forever" which ought to go be entered into the Dictionary as a perfect example of hyperbole.

    And since these sites have garnered clicks via irresponsible promotion of a title that they only know what 1% of it gameplay is like then their underserved moderately good scores of 60% are evidence that they are embarrassed at the fuss they made out of an atrocious title that at best deserves 20% for the nice music.

    They have to be somewhat consistent with the fuss that they had made during development and turn a 9/10 into a 6/10 rather than a 2/10.

    The best thing to do is watch livestreams on twitch and buy it a month after release when most of the major bugs have been smoothed out. By then it may even be cheaper.
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    "Having already watched a couple of people on Twitch play Dead Rising 4... I somehow found myself putting down TLG. I found myself picking up Dead Rising 4"

    This is exactly the right attitude that everyone should take. If only I had been able to see what actual unedited gameplay was like and ask the person who was playing it if the controls were responsive and ergonomic when I was growing up, but there wasn't twitch, there wasn't even the World Wide Web back then.

    You people don't know how lucky you have it with your Steam refunds. Yet you complain.
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    Look at the Steam page about an inch over to the right from the Pre-Purchase button and tell me if you feel people were misled:


    Here it quite clearly states that No Man's Sky is Single-player. This never changed during the course of the time it was on sale. It is the text in the product description at the point of sale at this site and others that can be taken as constituting a promise of features we should reasonably expect to encounter on a normal playthrough of the game. None of them said it had Multiplayer. None of them said it had Asteroid landings, Destructible Space Stations, Hacking, Ship Classes, Interstellar Flight without using Hyperspace, and Planetary Physics. None of them wasted words on what was no longer in the game, when they could just correctly state was was:

    Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.

    In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you'll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again.

    Embark on an epic voyage
    At the centre of the galaxy lies a irresistible pulse which draws you on a journey towards it to learn the true nature of the cosmos. But, facing hostile creatures and fierce pirates, you'll know that death comes at a cost, and survival will be down to the choices you make over how you upgrade your ship, your weapon and suit.

    Find your own destiny
    Your voyage through No Man's Sky is up to you. Will you be a fighter, preying on the weak and taking their riches, or taking out pirates for their bounties? Power is yours if you upgrade your ship for speed and weaponry.
    Or a trader? Find rich resources on forgotten worlds and exploit them for the highest prices. Invest in more cargo space and you'll reap huge rewards.

    Or perhaps an explorer? Go beyond the known frontier and discover places and things that no one has ever seen before. Upgrade your engines to jump ever farther, and strengthen your suit for survival in toxic environments that would kill the unwary.

    Share your journey
    The galaxy is a living, breathing place. Trade convoys travel between stars, factions vie for territory, pirates hunt the unwary, and the police are ever watching. Every other player lives in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your discoveries with them on a map that spans known space. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions as well as your own...
    The fact that this list of promises is a far more conservative subset of the grandiose vision we were presented with early on during interviews covering its current state of development only indicates that stuff got delayed or cut so that the game could hit Sony's release window. There are smooth transitions. The creatures are different from place to place, just as much as each place is different across the vastness of space. You can learn the true nature of the cosmos, you may not like this truth but it is there awaiting to be revealed. It is an exploration-survival game. You can play it one of three different ways as well as do a bit of everything it has on offer. There are Interstellar Trade Convoys, Space Battles, Pirates, etc. You can be the first to name some majestic creature or habitable resource rich planet for the amusement and assistance of other players in your vicinity. Players do cross each others paths and see evidence of them having named things. Everyone is in the same shared universe. All of these essential features are to be found in the initial release of the game.

    Sean Murray never lied.

    Mainly because he never made any promises in the first place and only talked about current builds he was working on which subsequently changed for aesthetic, technical, or business reasons.

    His only mistake was to attempt simultaneous development of the PC version after he signed a contract with Sony to deliver a version to the PS4. With limited staff that should have been his focus and I suspect that the poor quality of the PC release is indicative of them lacking the staff to have properly play tested it prior to its release on multiple hardware configurations. A PS4 version is easier to test as there was only a single PS4 architecture apparently, they're now working on a patch to support PS4 Pro according to a tweet by Jeff Minter; whether we will see PSVR support at some point down the line is open to speculation, but Sean has been seen wearing a VR headset, so I wouldn't rule it out, although I doubt the addition of this feature is of top priority.

    It would have been better to put their fifteen strong staff onto the PS4 version and make it as good as they can, rather than struggle with getting it to support various PC builds to keep a group of entitled gamers who never seem to be happy (and who have a surplus of space exploration-trading-combat games already).

    Hello Games could then have released a Play Anywhere version of No Man's Sky for XBOX ONE / S / SCORPIO / PC as there is no exclusivity contract in operation as far as I can ascertain, Sony just wanted people to think the game was a PlayStation console exclusive and the only time I have found evidence of their PR "checking" Sean Murray was when he might have confirmed rumours that it was a multi-platform timed exclusive that would eventually get on the XBOX ONE.


    So, as you can see Sony are quite capable of preventing Sean Murray from saying the wrong thing when it is in their interests to leave the false impression that the game will never be published for the XBOX.

    What I find strange about all this is that this game was announced at VGX in 2013 and at that year's E3 we saw impressive trailers for the following games:

    Looks incredibly atmospheric dirty post viral apocalpse set in the whole of New York... but shrunk and far tidier on release without nifty holographic map that you stand in the middle.

    Looks like a cutscene from a cool campaign... but the game ships without one.

    Looks like there's a lot to do here in this open world campaign... but not only did this game not have an ending, Konami had the cheek to charge fans extra for their special Collector's Edition to see some footage from the cutting room floor stitched together with concept art, whilst a lot of the game was padded out with recycled missions:

    Finally we have the teaser for the next Halo:

    No Man's Sky didn't shrink in scope like The Division, as its Galaxies got bigger.

    No Man's Sky might not have multiplayer but it never suggested that it had a campaign only to not deliver it, like Star Wars: Battlefront. Those salty about the lack of multiplayer had ample warning at the point of sale about every feature present in the game including this, and if they wanted PvP in the game, or to rendezvous with friends and explore the Galaxy together like Minecraft in Space then they shouldn't have bought it, as it was made quite clear closer to launch that it was a lonely single-player exploration game with some survival aspects. I believe it had player encounters implemented otherwise Sony wouldn't have printed the feature on the back of the box for the Special Edition, then (possibly due to the unexpected number of preorders, Hello Games were concerned that their servers wouldn't cope with that number of concurrent users and in order to deliver the more commonly utilised system that supported the naming and sharing of discoveries they cut out the code and Sony were forced to stick a label over the boxes that they had already printed). I think it is far more likely that things changed for aesthetic, technical, or business reasons during a multiyear development with the Colbert interview a year before release and statements clarifying that it was not multiplayer before launch and Sony knowing everything that was going on in the studio, rather than Sean being a pathological liar and Sony being so incompetent that he could dupe them into believing that the game had multiplayer when none of the code had ever been written, all so he could bump up preorders for a feature few would ever use, for a group of hard to please entitled PC gamers who would immediately refund the game within two hours as soon as it crashed, which for them was just past its title screen. The lack of multiplayer is a moot point when all of them had every reason to refund it for it being rushed out full of bugs.

    No Man's Sky has not one but technically three endings: the "Look how far you've come" Journey style ending with the nice music, the "Create a new star where a new Traveller will be born and start their personal journey of discovery" which explains your backstory as a Traveller must have come before you to create the star around on which you Initialized, and if the Initialize wasn't enough of a clue you meet Nada and Polo inside a black wormhole and you discover the truth that "the universe is a simulation", presumably as a result of Sean's discussions with Elon Musk. All endings are pretty awful. Some could be regarded as a slap in the face, but they are genuine narrative endings and you get three of them whilst Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain doesn't provide you with any at all.

    No Man's Sky actually has EVERY ATOM PROCEDURAL as it has a Periodic Table of Elements behind every voxel you can mine, it has PROCEDURAL OCEANS that are full of PROCEDURAL FISH for you to discover and name and share with others who can visit the same planet you found them on (so in a sense it is actually MULTIPLAYER as there is scope for collaborative extrinsic breadcrumbing of resource rich planets that lack hazards), you can shoot flying cyclops-eyed robots with a laser beam, you can walk along a beach and hop into the cockpit of your spacecraft and fly seamlessly into space, once there you could enter a space station or get involved in a space battle, you can shoot at an asteroid and fly through the hole that you have made, there may be sandworms in the universe yet to be discovered it is, after all, a huge universe. In contrast, on my playthrough of Halo 5: Guardians I have no recollection of Master Chief walking through a desert wearing a poncho.

    Why are there double standards? Fans have grumbled a bit about how these other games don't match up to their initial reveals, but even though No Man's Sky absolutely did all that was in its first trailer on release, people couldn't stop freaking out wetting themselves with indignation.

    I don't think that they are even angry at Sean Murray. I thiink they are angry at themselves for being foolish and blindly preordering a game that they knew next to nothing about its minute-to-minute gameplay. Trailers will always show a game in its best light and focus on the 1% of the total experience that looks cool even if 99% of the time is a perpetual grind, and the Advertising Standards Authority exonerated Hello Games and their adverts are still up on their Steam Page, when those for DOTA and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt have been taken down. Get over yourselves.

    Try to understand the distinction between a promise made in the text of a product description and something said a couple of years earlier in an informal interview where he was invited to play the bongos.
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  • Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

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    All excellent advice.

    I encouraged members of its unofficial subreddit to wait until they could watch extended twitch.tv livestreams of its minute-to-minute gameplay to see if this game, which no one knew what it was you actually did in the game for 99% of the time, and was treated as a heretic.
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    No Man's Sky is just sad though. Proving again and again that with enough money thrown at marketing, smoke and mirrors even a borderline scam can be a success.
    There was no smoke and mirrors. There was no scam. The Advertising Standards Authority verified that the features listed in its product description at the point of sale were delivered in the initial release.

    Just because a bunch of obsessive fans curate an Information Repository containing every tiny remark Sean Murray made in interviews about early builds of the game when every feature was subject to change (for aesthetic, technical, or business reasons) does not mean that you have have to hold onto that vision as being a promise not only broken, but made in the knowledge that it couldn't be delivered, when in truth the only features that could be said to have been in any way promised are those that have since been verified as having been delivered by the ASA.
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  • Uncompetative 02/01/2017

    We should all thank Sean Murray for discouraging our bad habit of blindly preordering games we know next to nothing about, especially as we only had to watch a couple of extended livestreams of it on twitch to discover that 99% of the drudge gameplay wasn't represented in its trailers nor were its frequent crashes to a bug report screen. Reply 0
  • 2016: A year in review

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    Caution and Scepticism are rewarded in equal measure.

    Caveat Emptor
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    Two players did find evidence of each other on a stream in the first day. Sean Murray's mind was blown that this could happen so soon as everyone starts off spread out around the rim of the Galaxy and he probably quite reasonably anticipated that it would require weeks of travel to a common central goal for two players to cross paths. He never said that they had met.

    That some people theorised that these two streamers couldn't see each other because they had the bad luck to be put in separate lobbies is the product of a self-delusion, with those proposing this theory still clinging to the notion that the game supported player encounters when it had been clearly marked as a single-player title for the whole time it was on sale going right back to when you could pre-purchase it:


    "To be super clear - No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience." - Sean Murray, 8th August

    Here you are told in no uncertain terms that No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game and you only have to look an inch to the right of its BUY button on Steam to see that it is Single-player. Sony even put a sticker over the icon on the back of the box for the Limited Edition version of the game that represented the multiplayer feature when it got cut very late in development probably, so that their servers wouldn't be overloaded and lead to the far more utilised sharing of its players' named discoveries from not working, on release this functioned perfectly with over 10,000,000 species being discovered in its first day which are more species than have been discovered in the entire history of mankind's time on Earth.

    "The chances of two players ever crossing paths in a universe this large is pretty much zero." - Sean Murray, 8th August

    Note: he says crossing paths, not meet. Even so he isn't expecting people to find evidence of each other on their way to the centre of the Galaxy, with their chances of seeing creatures named by another player only increasing as they get much closer to the centre.

    Hello Games were not silent after its release, but released a statement explaining that they felt that deeds mattered more than words. You just didn't bother reporting on it, presumably so you could misrepresent the studio and ride the hatetrain for clickbait headlines. Very scummy behaviour, but then none of you are proper journalists:

    What matters more, as always, is what we do rather than what we say.

    I also note that you pose this as an open rhetorial question rather than openly condemn the death threats to both the staff of Hello Games and Jason Schreier:

    "But did he deserve death threats? Does anyone in video games ever really deserve death threats?"

    Should be:

    "Sean Murray did not deserve death threats. No one in video games ever deserves death threats."

    Fixed that for you.
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  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

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    I'm sorry to hear of all your problems. I had 3 RRODs with various 360s resolved under their special three year extended warranty, however Microsoft haven't cared about their customers since Steve Ballmer left and just exploit them with shoddy plastic and blind packs of cheats.

    My Day ONE is solid and quiet, but lacks the stable OS and consistent UI of my PS4. None of their exclusives, apart from the Forza titles, have been released in a finished state and my eighth generation would have been far happier if I had never been loyal to the devalued XBOX brand. Anyone picking up the cost cutting S when they could have a PS4 Pro needs to have their head examined and mine is due Thursday

    I did once vow to never buy a Sony product ever again because I had bought a 2,000 VAIO notebook which crashed every time I swapped the mouse for the external floppy.

    They failed to fix it a couple of times under the three year extended warranty I had payed for, despite me telling them that a Linux installer had diagnosed the fault lay with the USB port and them promising to pass my note onto their engineer. In the end they got irritated with me and demanded 90 for them to send it back to me as they thought I was a time waster, so I told them to keep it.

    They returned it, unfixed.

    It took me fifteen years to get over it and see the company as being run by less arrogant and hostile staff. Microsoft used to have very good customer service, but the success of the 360 has led to them being complacent, arrogant, and exploitative this generation. Now some say that Microsoft have learnt from the very poor launch of the ONE with its DRM enforced by an always-online spycam, but don't be fooled into thinking they are for the players all of a sudden and Sony could well get arrogant with a strong lead and then start to erode their trust with the PS4 Pro actually having a UHD Blu ray drive in it, but with the firmware to drive it not patched so that the PS4 Pro doesn't cannibalize sales of their upcoming standalone 4K UHD Blu ray player. Rumour has it that by 2017 all PS4 Pros will get a firmware update to make them able to play 4K UHD Blu rays - but I wouldn't advise people to base their purchasing decision on it until this rumor is confirmed as fact.
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  • Digital Foundry launches high quality 4K video platform

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    Fuck off Reply 0
  • PS4 Pro games list, specs comparison and everything else we know about Sony's new hardware

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    PC gamers will be wondering why they wasted so much money. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 Pro unboxed - and what's next for Digital Foundry

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    I'd like to upgrade the HDD in my PS4 Pro to 4TB is this possible?
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's campaign is slick, morbid and a bit dull

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    Titanfall 2 is awesome. Better than Overwatch.
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  • Titanfall 2's maps and modes will all be free

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    I had a couple of matches of Titanfall 2 tonight and it was great. Reply 0
  • My Summer Car is the most hardcore driving game yet

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    This is what No Man's Sky needed to be like and still could become. Reply 0
  • Infamous video game movie director Uwe Boll retires from filmmaking

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    I liked Far Cry. Reply 0
  • Zoe Quinn's next game is a far cry from Depression Quest

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    Interesting that you chose an avatar of a rapist.
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    Pity you can't hide your misogyny as well as you hide your fat face behind that overgrown beard you plaid wearer.
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  • PlayStation 4 hacked again? Linux shown running on 4.01 firmware

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    Bullshit. The Master Chief Collection crashed my ONE so hard I had to turn it off at the wall. PS4 only flaky in No Man's Sky which is pretty well meaningless as a reflection on Sony's OS.
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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

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    I'm buying one. Reply 0
  • Nintendo to unveil NX this afternoon

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    Nintendo Pu Reply 0
  • Anti-Trump ad alleges candidate "mains Hanzo" in Overwatch

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    You could always vote for Jill Stein.
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  • Watch - Ian plays the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer BETA, tries not to die continuously

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    Titanfall 2 Reply 0
  • Rez Infinite review

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    I'm going to have another go after I remap the controls. Reply 0
  • PlayStation VR hasn't tamed VR's strangeness

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    Sony have made the most consumer friendly headset out of anyone and I was impressed by the number of titles I was able to download at launch, far better than both my PS4 and ONE back in 2013 which took a whole year to gain momentum and most of that built upon either last gen remasters or held back by cross gen requirements.

    The presentation may seem rudimentary within the "scope" reminding me of times spent long ago with my N64, but they were simpler times where I had a quick blast of some condensed gameplay (and although nostalgia is a factor in potentially distorting things), I'm pretty sure I had more fun than in most of today's top ten.

    I was a bit wary of reports of motion sickness, so I started off seated in something familiar and won my first race in DriveClub VR. It was a bit too grainy, but not at all blurry, yet it felt like DriveClub and seemed to be a full game with plenty of depth.

    Not wanting to spend too long in Virtual Reality in one sitting I then went straight into playing EVE: Valkyrie which was phenomenal and deserves to be its killer app. The presentation was noticably superior, but people should be prepared that it looks closer to Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter than the trailers they have put out promoting it. This isn't misleading the consumer, as this is what it looks like on the "social screen" an advantage PS4 / PSVR has over the PC. However, after completing their tutorial I thought that I had been immersed for about an hour and a half continuously and that should be all that I do for the rest of the day.

    I would also recommend that people download their PSVR titles to avoid having to take off the headset in order to see how to swap discs!

    All in all I am fairly impressed, not gobsmacked and I feel that as time progresses this could be seen historically as Sony's ninth generation console as it has its own exclusives which you can't simply play on the PS4 by itself and an opportunity to hit the reset switch and take us back to a golden age of gaming with far lower budgets, more creative and experimental indie titles, and no Microtransactions!!!

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  • DriveClub VR review

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    It reminded me of Beetle Adventure Racing but I had a lot of fun with that and I had a lot of fun with DriveClub VR today. You are getting 360 degree visuals in 3D with 3D surround sound, you can remap its buttons to be like Forza 5. I wouldn't have minded it being a bit less pixelated, but this is the first generation of affordable console VR.

    It's a minor miracle that it works as well as it does. Easy to set up with simple Quick Start Guide and funny Tutorial videos. Simple to put on and take off. Costing a fraction of the total cost of a high end gaming PC and an HTC Vive

    That said, if you have DriveClub and a big HD TV there isn't a truly compelling reason to get this over something truly next generation like EVE: Valkyrie. DriveClub VR is nice, but I wouldn't say it is essential. But don't return your PSVR until you have at least tried out more of the free to download titles.
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  • Crytek's PSVR game Robinson: The Journey is due next month

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    Oooh... just in time to play on my PS4 Pro.

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  • What works and what doesn't in PlayStation VR's launch line-up

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    You need more ice cubes for the cold water you're pouring all over this? Reply 0
  • Watch: Ian and Johnny take on Gears of War 4, Act 1

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    I've always hated Gears. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: 4K gaming on PlayStation 4 Pro

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    I'm hopeful that the "tray" on the right might hold an upgradeable HDD.
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  • Building a space sim in a post-No Man's Sky world

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    Seems appropriate
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    This is worth a read if you want to know some details about the reason for his 1/2 year hiatus

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    Edge and Jim Sterling gave it a 6/10 which was more than fair. I only gave it a 2/10 for its music.
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