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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection problems force official tournament cancellation

  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015


    I absolutely agree with you there. I bought DriveClub at launch for single player and the flaky multiplayer wasn't much of and issue for me. I got the Season Pass and then Evolution made it so that I could cut corners without a clock appearing in the middle of the HUD and it wasn't long after that that we all got dynamic weather and one of the buggies out of Motorstorm. It has been one of my better purchases this generation, even if the actual simulation is a bit flaccid compared to something serious-minded like Forza 5, but then Evolution intended it to be a casual arcade racer and in that regard it had been a great success.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the absolute worse form of trash I have ever encountered in my thirty-five years of gaming and isn't worthy of being mentioned in the same paragraph as the other game.
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  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015


    I wouldn't have expected the 'single player' to be that 'long'.
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  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015

    I wonder whether this continuing fiasco will put many people off preordering Halo 5: Guardians?

    The Beta seemed stable, but there is no compelling reason to buy it before its been reviewed...
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  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015

    @BigOrkWaaagh Correctamundo! Reply -4
  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015

    The only way they could make this up to me would be for them to give away a perfectly remastered Halo 3 complete with all the maps including backwards compatibility with those from the Forge community in our old Bungie Pro accounts to all those who bought The Master Thief Collection.

    In other words, '3' for free, if you agree retweet with: #343
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  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015

    LOL Reply 0
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3: side-stepping the inevitable comparisons with Titanfall

  • Uncompetative 27/04/2015

    I don't understand why this is being compared to Titanfall it isn't as if you can Side Dash to avoid Sentinels in it. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the PlanetSide 2 beta on PS4

  • Uncompetative 26/04/2015

    Looks exactly like...

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  • PlayStation 4 UK price cut to £299 this weekend

  • Uncompetative 23/04/2015

    Perhaps this indicates a desire to clear out old inventory before the introduction of a slim model with more internal storage at E3. Reply 0
  • Decrypting the new Destiny: House of Wolves trailer

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    Bungie can charge for content however they please. We do not have to buy any of it. They can ship empty levels on the launch disc and then 'unlock them' and fill them with enemies in the optional DLC as a way of reducing their burden of distributing them via their servers - which also means that we get them faster too at a reduced price (if we don't have unlimited broadband). Will House of Wolves enrage the community by lacking a Raid? Well, it may be that Bungie is just polishing a Raid for later release to those who have bought it. Were this to be charged for either as a separate DLC or get delayed to be incorporated into Comet: Plague of Horrors then that would alienate the community and I would predict that this 'Destiny 2' wouldn't sell as well as the original game (which many bought along with the somewhat disappointingly "lightweight" Expansion Pass).

    Fact is... as long as everyone continues to grind the same dull PvE missions, Activision won't tell Bungie to make more of an effort to provide value for money. In other words, we are keeping the game from achieving its much hyped Destiny.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets new 1.6GB patch

  • Uncompetative 22/04/2015

    I quit The Master Thief Collection after it betrayed me. Reply -2
  • Look at League of Legends-maker Riot's new office

  • Uncompetative 21/04/2015

    Zero taste Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • Uncompetative 19/04/2015

    After viewing more videos I've gone cold on this and cancelled my PS4 pre-order. Reply +1
  • Artoo detour: the original Star Wars Battlefront had anarchy and soul

  • Uncompetative 19/04/2015

    This was damn good fun. Reply 0
  • Rich Stanton on: Skill and the random element

  • Uncompetative 18/04/2015

    Stealth Destiny article...

    No... Wait...
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront has 40-player cap, no campaign

  • Uncompetative 17/04/2015

    Not preordering something that could spoil a movie I'll only see on Sky. Reply -5
  • Uncompetative 17/04/2015

    I thought Vader was dead... Reply +5
  • Project Cars on PS4 and Xbox One has PC-like graphics settings

  • Uncompetative 16/04/2015

    Drool... Reply +1
  • Destiny data miners dig up two new social spaces

  • Uncompetative 15/04/2015

    Am I alone in feeling not remotely threatened by The Darkness? Reply +2
  • Project Cars technical details confirmed

  • Uncompetative 15/04/2015

    @mushi_mush Thing is... I don't clip corners on Forza Motorsport 5... Reply -1
  • Uncompetative 15/04/2015

    Probably worth checking out these time-lapse videos if you are undecided as to whether to get it on ONE at 900p or PS4 at 1080p.

    ...as I did
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  • Star Wars Battlefront playable "first on Xbox One"

  • Uncompetative 14/04/2015

    After the mess of Battlefield 4's launch and it taking DICE a year to make it playable, I've decided to hold off getting Battlefield Hardline despite quite enjoying the Beta as it is simply too expensive compared to something arguably superior like Payday 2. Although I enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront on the original Xbox, EA can't just get DICE to swap AT-ATs for Tanks on a large wintry map and shovel the same Battlepacks MTX all over again and hope to build a healthy franchise. Battlefield started out strong and good value for money on PC and built up its loyal community and that word of mouth helped it gain a foothold against Call of Duty on console even when matches weren't 32v32, but if they start with price gouging, under-delivery, rather than cynically reintroduce it over subequent sequels I doubt whether even this much cherished IP will be enough to persuade masses to blindly preorder – I hope they have the good sense, now that this console generation is underway and there are more alternative titles to consider buying without MTX and DLC and Rented Servers that they will at least wait and see what Digital Foundry says about its performance and not rush into buying crap dipped in golden nostalgia. Reply +1
  • Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has no new raid, Bungie confirms

  • Uncompetative 14/04/2015

    There is no guarantee that all the people who preordered Destiny along with its Expansion Pass will preorder its sequel Comet: Plague of Horrors, or even bother with its Expansion Pass, with Bungie continuing to take this community for granted and under-delivering on the content with each DLC – which we know only contains set dressing, actors and an introductory voice over for maps that have been proven to have been shipped on the original disc through the efforts of patient glitchers – which makes the omission of an anticipated third Raid in the House of Wolves a larger betrayal than that of the Awoken Queen. Reply +1
  • Destiny House of Wolves expansion release date

  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015


    I bought the Expansion Pass as well and don't regret it despite only playing PvP as that way I was able to avoid all the garbled story. I don't even own a Warp Drive for my Arcadia jumpship.
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  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015


    Those are entirely fair criticisms. It is a huge rip-off for what you get and it makes me wonder what Bungie are doing for them to produce such small morsels of content so infrequently when they should be able to put out a new Strike every month, and maybe a new Raid and several PvP maps every three months. Given that the locations in the DLC are already on the launch disc to reduce the size of your download (only needing to obtain some scenery, enemies and voice overs) it is bizarre that House of Wolves slipped its 10th of March release date:

    Can this indicate problems with Comet otherwise known as Destiny 2? Bungie may not have had a problem releasing House of Wolves on 10/3/15 other than the fact that this would mean that the wait for Comet: Plague of Horrors was even longer were it to be delayed from this September by a month or more. If it was to come out as late as November 2015 then it might be better to leave the community grinding Crota's End for a little while longer (reducing an eight month wait to five so that there's less chance of you getting bored and drifting away to something else entirely).

    Again, your second excellent point identifies a weakness in Destiny's UI which cannot be excused. There is no reason to lock players out of weekly and daily missions as you can have those icons take you to non-DLC stuff if you haven't downloaded them, or provide a lot more icons up the side of the screen for all the expansions as they turn up - there's plenty of room for it all.

    Actually, it would be nice to see some kind of Campaign Forge ship as part of Comet at least on next-gen consoles. You would create rectangular patrol zones within which enemy dropships would periodically restock with your choice of opponent at a random subset of initial spawn points then have a formula that Bungie created work out what they dropped in return for you killing them so that it had adjustable difficulty levels. After all, if Bungie are too lazy to make new places and patterns of enemies to fight against in PvE then why oppose the community from doing their job for them?
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  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015

    I've spent more time playing Destiny than any other game this generation even though I declared it was a 6/10 way back in The First Look Alpha. Without a decent Halo remaster Bungie's chaotic PvP has been beguiling, if not balanced and I have appreciated the addition of Skyshock, Pantheon and The Cauldron so am obviously looking forward to having three more PvP maps as that is the only aspect of the game that I find interesting. Reply 0
  • Xbox One UK price now £299.99

  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015

    @FuzzyDuck @visionary

    Thank you for the clearly articulated responses.
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  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015

    How would people here feel about Microsoft unveiling a slim ONE which had a 1TB HDD but was discless and Kinect free? Would the lack of a Blu-ray player be a deal breaker for you? Do you value built-in Skype?

    How much cheaper would it need to be to make you pick it over a PS4?

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  • The MMOne is a three-axis Virtual Reality chair attached to a crane

  • Uncompetative 13/04/2015

    Reply -2
  • What made Super Mario 64 so special?

  • Uncompetative 12/04/2015

    I'd heard it wasn't a moving cuboid but a sphere rolling with inertia. Reply -2
  • Digital Foundry vs extreme frame-rate gaming

  • Uncompetative 12/04/2015

    My Plasma is 600Hz Reply -19
  • Destiny patch will let you lock up your gear

  • Uncompetative 10/04/2015

    @penhalion It depends on the length of the killstreak. I had thought that the best way for Bungie to have delivered their much hyped "Character Continuity' and allow you to use weapons and armor gained in PvE within the PvP arenas would be to have a Heavy ammo transmat require a killstreak that was in proportion to the devastating potential of its use, so that Truth took a lot more kills to get rockets for than Baron, etc.

    Did you know that Bungie originally planned to make Snipers and Shotguns be Heavies? If they had kept to this then there would be no need for ammo boxes on the map at all and a weak player like myself could just opt to use a Sniper Rifle, like Patience and Time, as their Heavy and have to make a number of kills in a row without dying, or generally build up points through kills/assists/captures to get an extra magazine worth of ammo. That would free up your Secondary Weapon slot for a pistol, etc.
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  • Uncompetative 10/04/2015

    "The main thing we wanted to prevent in terms of heavy ammo was players trying to buffer their supply by sitting within range of a brick without picking it up"
    Why not let your Ghost transmat ammo into your Heavy after killstreaks?
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  • Microsoft testing Xbox 360 update that adds 2TB USB support

  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015

    I'm thrilled at the prospect of this. Reply +1
  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015

    @Strumbar I have never advocated stealing and as I don't own a PC or live in Russia I'm not in a position to legitimately play it. Reply 0
  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015

    @riceNpea Eurogamer does seem a little bit directionless of late. Personally, I'd prefer it if it were a mix of the following in three 'infinite' columns of large pictures that were clickable panels:

    Ian Higton - LIVE streams
    Previews - and developer interviews
    News - clearly marked as such in the corner

    Reviews - on LIVE servers without scores

    Roundups - where you can Recommend stuff
    Opinion - clearly marked as such in the corner
    Retro - deep analysis of games in older gens

    A bit like Polygon where you get most of your News.
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  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015


    If you feel that way just follow this link and subscribe to their YouTube channel:

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  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015

    @Liuwil You misread my comment. I was just saying that it would avoid being Pay2Win if all armor and weapons were unlocked but ammo had to be paid for making it a "subscription" that was cheaper for those with high K/D. The Warthog gunner would pay for the ammo as it would encourage them to not waste ordnance. You would have to do the same for Ghost drivers, etc. basically the one who pulls the trigger - otherwise, you get poor Russians with zero ammo in their AR jumping into any vehicle they could find to make kills with their infinite free ammo. Suffice to say there would be a whole lot more Splattering going on.

    That was actually meant as a joke, like saying Turn 10 should provide every player with a full set of hypercars in Forza Motorsport 5 but then make them pay for petrol.

    There is no way to balance a game when you are fighting players who can just buy superior gear. Battlefield 4 unlocks stuff with rank progression or purchasing Battlepacks which tends to skew things in favour of rich noobs.

    Forza 5 is better because you race against cars with a similar Performance Index in classes F E D C B A S R3 R2 R1 P and X so you aren't taking a VW Beetle into a race with a Lotus E21. As far as I can tell Halo Online isn't smart enough to Optimatch those with similar gear, if it did there would be less of an issue.
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  • Uncompetative 09/04/2015

    @Strumbar No. You are technically correct. It is possible to play Halo Online for free. I think you probably get given a standard AR and Magnum with default Armor, but will have to grind hard to gain the credits to unlock the same Paladin armor and enhanced weapons as those you fight against. I expect your team will yell at you for being so poor as your weak loadout will lose them the match. Buy Gold to keep your online friends - yuck.

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  • Uncompetative 08/04/2015


    Right click on this image to inspect it and tell me that it isn't damn suspicious that you are given the option to RENT weapons with ₽

    It would be fairer if they just unlocked every weapon and made you pay for ammunition!
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  • Uncompetative 08/04/2015


    Thank you for the invitation, but to clarify I did try out the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta before I uninstalled The Master Chief Collection shortly after the most recent 'FINAL' patch did zero to improve stability for me.

    Hopefully, you will be happy with it and taken purely as another arena shooter it's quite a lot like Crysis 2 which is ironic as I would've played that a lot more if the matchmaking had not been terminally slow...

    It has Air Stomp (Ground Pound) and Clamber and Sprint and Slide and ADS, etc. and there is nothing wrong with this recipe and I found it fun in Crysis 2, but it just isn't appropriate for the slower pace that is typical of an early Halo game. Sprint split the community on its inclusion as an unlimited Armor Ability in Halo Reach and was openly condemned by pros such as Gandhi.

    Sprint – Feel the need, Spartan? Engage this Ability for a burst of speed that's great for quickly covering ground or escaping sticky situations.

    So, what are vehicles for then and why should you be given some lazy Get out of Jail Free card when your hot-headedness and lack of situational awareness leaves out outgunned in the open?

    Halo 4 made matters worse by not only baking Sprint into the control scheme so you always had it available in addition to an Armor Ability like Wall Hack (sorry... "Promethean Vision"), but it necessitated moving Cycle Grenades onto the D-Pad where you could no longer switch with (A) whilst moving as before. The "Default" and "Fishstick" control schemes indicate an attempt to pander to those fans of the Call of Duty franchise and are used to the convenience of clicking (LS) to Sprint and [LT] in the latter case to Aim. Halo 5 just solidifies this further, continuing the worrying trend of making every game play the same in fears that the mainstream casual player can't cope with more than one control scheme as they are overly habituated to the dominant FPS formula. Which is all entirely stupid as 343i could easily make it possible for you to remap your controls as you desired even at the expense of leaving some of the gimmicky features unassigned or relegated to the D-Pad unergonomically.

    The games in the original trilogy had balanced multiplayer because everyone spawned at the start with the exact same loadout, moved at a maximum speed which gave them plenty of time between encounters to think about what they were going to do (rather than just twitch react), have a reason to move across the map out of cover in hopes of getting to the power weapons (which prevents the stagnation that Call of Duty and Battlefield suffer from with its players spending most of the match camping with the Sniper Rifle that they initially spawned with), and had a chance to change the outcome of a close quarters engagement even if they were fired on first without benefit of an Overshield. It was more about tactics and with good communication it could give rise to subtle improvised strategy that 'read' the enemy and subverted their plan to your team's best advantage. A weak player could help their team win just by avoiding silly unnecessary deaths and assisting others kills, whereas Call of Duty's Killstreaks push a player to maximise their K/D regardless of the strategy of the rest of their team. Ordnance is another random element that screws with the orthodox Halo map control and thankfully it appears to have been removed from Halo 5 (but we still haven't seen the vehicular battlefields, so 343i may still include 'drops' when they know there isn't an arena ceiling to fret about getting in the way), but there is no evidence that 343i have learnt from their many mistakes or have come to grasp why it is so important to have at least one FPS that is fair.

    They should no more elaborate Halo than they should elaborate Chess. At one time there was no way to move a pawn out by two squares on its first move (i.e. a Thruster Pack enabled Boost, no?) but when a rule was put in to allow this to speed up the opening of a game this had to be counterbalanced by the en passant rule, there was no Castling, at one point many years ago players rolled dice to determine who won, but as with Halo 3 the rules solidified and only some arrogant Grandmasters have proposed new variants to spice up a perfected recipe.

    By all means, make a game with Sprint and Shields and Ordnance Drops, but don't call it Halo, because it isn't. The argument that you aren't playing with Spartan Mark II armor in either ODST, Reach, Halo 4, or Halo 5 so you are free to innovate what a player can do in multiplayer misses the crucial point that most people want to be John 117 both in the Campaign and in Multiplayer, not some Jackrabbit with ADHD and an inability to master two weapons so that they have to have their SMG dynamically focus its spread when they Zoom in to become more accurate.

    If 343i wanted to innovate they could have put optional responsibility onto the role of Master Chief and supplemented every player Spartan with a group of AI driven UNSC Marines that would follow you around as you looked at a piece of intervening cover and pressed Up on the hitherto unused D-Pad to order them to go there as you suppressed the enemy threat and then had them do the same in return for you in a classic 'bounding overwatch', or tap Down to get them to regroup at your position, or Left and Right to approach an objective or target from either flank. 8v8 could put eighty combatants into battle if each player had four Marines and just maybe one of them would be capable of driving a Warthog effectively.

    What about a Campaign Forge where you can clear the level of scenery and objectives and then place your own along with the zones that define where your enemies patrol?

    What about Ginormous Space Battles?

    There are so many things 343i could do that would supplement rather than subvert its core gameplay dynamics which can only be dull if those playing it are dull:

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  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015


    It currently has items unlocked by credits that are earned in game and by microtransactions, see the two forms of currency in this image:

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  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015


    Halo 5 Beta looked like a Vaseline-o-Vision N64 shooter. and there was absolutely no point in me getting another autoclambering boost jumpy ADS arena shooter given that I already own Advanced Warfare and little reason for anyone stupid enough to buy it for either the Agent Locke focused campaign (this will just be Halo 2's multiple storylines all over again and I will laugh, heartily, if John 117 is but a mere cameo in Locke's righteous pursuit of the AWOL saviour of humanity, or that all the combat is with Brutes or dumb jointless Rayman enemies from Halo 4 because we made peace with the Elites), or the unoriginal multiplayer whose server population will soon get cut in half by the subsequent release of Black Ops 3 and any decent matchmaking speed at launch will be destroyed by a lack of similarly ranked players and petulant quitters as you play only noobs too young to be playing a PEGI 16 but there is less blood in it so their parents are persuaded into buying it for them as a cyber babysitter so they can get a quiet moment to themselves to try for the daughter they always wanted.

    Halo is dead, the trilogy is finished.

    Yet, that won't stop M$ squeezing these out of the tired old cow:

    Halo Wars
    Halo ODST
    Halo Reach
    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
    Halo 4
    Halo Waypoint
    Halo Spartan Assault
    Halo The Master Chief Collection
    Halo Channel
    Halo Online
    Halo 5 Guardians
    Halo 6
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  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015


    Insulting people won't persuade them to the merits of your case.

    Microsoft can't sell Halo Online on PC in Russia due to rampant piracy, therefore their only options are:

    a) to not sell it there at all (losing revenue)
    b) to sell shiny armor and rent better guns

    Neither option precludes them selling Halo Online at $60 in other territories. Your only hope is that this mod becomes so popular with the 'underground' that Microsoft realise that (like Apple iTunes supplanting Napster) it would be better to sell a full price no MTX version to the mainstream law abiding folk.

    I won't be getting it either way as I don't have room on my Mac for Windows (yuck), besides I can always play Halo 3 on my 360 and it has surprisingly fast matchmaking even with a somewhat reduced player population. Reliable and varied dynamic gameplay experiences are what I regard as important, not this obsession with 'Butter Candy':

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  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015


    Watch the whole video, or just this part.

    Fun Tax incoming in 3, 2, 1...
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  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015



    The only moron here is you for supporting theft.
    As a videogame developer I have to agree. Piracy can never be excused as those who work hard to program games need paying even if their bosses unbalance Halo 3's perfect dynamics by letting players 'Rent BRs' on a daily basis on exclusive Russian servers.

    Yet, as a long-time fan of Halo 3 (which is my all time favourite game and one which I've intensely studied in order to better understand how Bungie perfected its recipe and why any subsequent title could only be imperfect and consequently inferior unless it resisted all attempts at innovation and copy/pasted every mechanism like Chess), I can empathise with Mr Fenton as I anticipated being able to play a remastered Halo 3 multiplayer on my new XBOX ONE in some form and became intrigued and excited at the wave of nostalgia that would be poised to crash over me with the rest of this amazing package.

    I would have happily paid £200 for just Halo 3 so £45 for the entire series seemed to be incredibly good value and £300 for a console and 6 games, Gold subscription and headset seems today to be the bargain of the millennium.

    Unfortunately, I soon found out I had wasted my money and 343i had pissed on my dreams and shat on my memories.

    After only managing to get into three matches in the first sixteen hours after launch and with it crashing my ONE so hard with a disrupted screen and ugly sawtooth cry which I couldn't exit out of via what I had assumed was a VM protected sandbox back to the Dashboard, or turn OFF, or even RESET... forcing me to turn off the console at the wall (a stunt it managed to reproduce multiple times after subsequent patches), or all the times I had uneven teams (not merely due to petulant drop outs who wanted to have Team Objective and didn't win the vote - and arguably shouldn't have been offered the choice of anything but Unranked Team Slayer for each separate Title with the opportunity to informally Party Up with those on your side to speed filling the next lobby or to migrate over to Customs where you could host absolutely any gamemode and get them to invite their friends into Big Team Objective and not have a long wait for matchmaking - but due to a software bug that put me in an 11v2 match on Assembly on one occasion), or that final time I played Halo 2 Big Team Battle after the most recent 'FINAL' patch and was actually relaxed and letting myself enjoy it rather than act like some unpaid Q&A guy and the match was going well and I was doing ok and just a minute before it was due to end, CRASH. FUCK THIS BENIGHTED PIECE OF SHIT. FUCK YOU 343I. RESET. UNINSTALL. peace... why did I not do this earlier for the benefit of my sanity...?

    I don't mind wasting £45 and unlike some I am not looking to get my money back for a product that is still not of merchantable quality after countless patches. It wouldn't matter if they put in ODST together with Firefight, I won't be going back to it.

    Does purchase of The Master Thief Collection excuse piracy of a PC version of Halo 3 that isn't even for sale in your own territory?

    In essence, the ethical question here under debate is:

    Can two wrongs make a right?

    I think not.

    However, that doesn't mean I have to stay silent as everyone supports Microsoft and 343i and jumps aboard the hype train for Halo 5: Guardians. I for one will not be buying another Halo game, they already deteriorated after Halo 3 and 343i just rushed out their Collection with the help of a lot of pressured, second-rate, developers and no external Alpha, let alone a public Beta like Bungie had the very good sense to do with Destiny First Look Alpha and later public Destiny Beta open at first to those who had pre-ordered and then to everyone to stress-test their servers. 343i obviously could not give The Master Chief Collection their complete focus, as they were also working on making Halo 5 like Mirror's Edge just as Respawn had taken the same core Parkour influence into their Titanfall and Activision pushed Sledgehammer to crib ideas from both of these and Just Cause 2 to reinvigorate the stagnating gameplay dynamics of their Call of Duty series in Advanced Warfare whose autoclambering boost dodgery is an example of the Zeitgeist at work just as A Bug's Life and Antz or No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits aren't copying each other as they had overlapping production schedules.

    Embittered by my experience with the Master Thief Collection I will do everything I can to talk people out of buying Halo 5 Guardians, not merely avoid being saps and pre-ordering it on the strength of a comparatively stable 720p60 Beta. I also predict that Halo Online will flop and that we in the West will get the opportunity to pay £45+ again for a game that is free of BRs we can rent daily, which many of us already own on our XBOXes that is STILL BROKEN and many won't have the wit that I have to just power up the FUCKING 360 and play Halo 3 at 640p30 on that and be glad that we can just play one match after another of Social Slayer against those with equivalent Ranks and access all of our Custom Games and Forge Maps.

    If you agree with this boycott, retweet:

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  • Are Pokémon Rumble World's microtransactions a shakedown?

  • Uncompetative 08/04/2015

    I genuinely hope Nintendo go out of business.

    They should be ashamed of this trash.
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  • Surprise Call of Duty Black Ops 2 update sparks Black Ops 3 reveal

  • Uncompetative 07/04/2015

    Fingers crossed for bumpy ground like World at War. Reply -2
  • Chris Donlan on: Bloodborne, Montauk, and travels beyond genre

  • Uncompetative 04/04/2015

    So, no connection to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Reply 0
  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • Uncompetative 02/04/2015


    Both have been acceptable UK English at different times, with 'realize' being significantly more common. Feel free to point out my deliberately misspelled Gamertag.
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