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  • Xbox One price cut by £20 in the UK, now £329

  • Uncompetative 23/09/2014


    What a tempting price, with the undeniably stunning line up of exclusives this year... If you've been sitting on the fence now's a good time to get on board with this generation, things are really starting to heat up!
    Halo HD

    Halo 5: Guardians

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Battlefield 4 + Kinect head tracking

    Grand Theft Auto V + Kinect head tracking?

    State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

    Sixty Second Shooter Prime

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Zoo Tycoon

    Xbox Fitness

    Space Engineers





    Forza Horizon 2

    Forza Motorsport 5 Steelbook Edition

    D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die



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  • Uncompetative 23/09/2014


    My ONE was much improved by the addition of rubberized ORB thumbgrips as the extra height makes for more precise steering and aiming. Highly recommended.
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  • Destiny patch makes a few missions easier

  • Uncompetative 23/09/2014

    I've reached level 20 and finished the "campaign" and now I've realised I'm looting to get gear to raise my light, to loot some more to raise my light! Seems a bit inane. Surely they could have taken a leaf out of Skyrims book and had procedural missions being generated or something. It's annoying because I love the core mechanics! The shooting is so satisfying!! Just wish there was more to the game!!!
    I think procedural generation will be the only way forward in future. Just think you have all the various weapons in Borderlands, the radiant quests of Skyrim, Civilisation simulates history and the cultural and technological progress which underlies allegiances shifting with diplomacy and ultimately nation redefining wars, No Man's Sky creates and entire explorable universe setting you at the outskirts of the same galaxy whose planets may contain life whose ecosystems you can impact.

    If Bungie had wanted people to play Destiny for the next ten years they really needed to do more than have you kill Phogoth a thousand times, or shoot at a cave a million times to get a non-functioning embossed shield to adorn your back.
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  • How to find Destiny Skywatch loot farming location

  • Uncompetative 22/09/2014

    I could be wrong, but I feel that the enemy AI is dumbed down when you are the same, or lower, level... rendering it dull and lifeless.

    It pays to grind lower level enemies a bit so that encounters are always one or more levels below you as it makes the AI more spritely.

    Those marathon twitch streams showing the immobile bullet sponge enemies as part of a 'duck hunt' sideshow whilst a door was being unlocked by your Ghost (again), probably did not show Destiny in the best light. These enemies need to be easier to kill and worse aim at least with their first shots so you are clued into the direction of threat (as in the sublime GoldenEye 007 on the N64).
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  • Uncompetative 22/09/2014

    Been there. Done that. No purples though.

    You can actually get there from the Forgotten Shore.
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  • Destiny tops UK chart for second week running

  • Uncompetative 22/09/2014

    I think the sales and reaction to Destiny in particular highlight a growing trend for a market that is the antithesis of Nintendo and what I would call traditional video games. We're seeing a market that is skewed more to a teenage male audience with a focus on shallower experience.

    It disheartens me to read comments like "Oh, it's so shallow and flawed but I love it!" - to me, that feels like an audience that's been bought by the hype and promise rather than being shown "Here's an amazing and complete game experience that you can enjoy in full now." It sends a message to the publisher that this is acceptable and that they should continue to turn out incomplete games that they can monetise further.

    I'll keep buying Nintendo because they give me the games I love that I can't get anywhere else, but I'm looking carefully to the future - incomplete, likely microtransaction driven game titles with a strong multiplayer and "social" focus are something I have zero interest in and, should this be the future then I'll have to retire. Which would disappoint me.

    As a writer, I was getting excited a few years ago when games started presenting strong, mature narratives. Now "Mature" just seems to mean "Boobs and blood and swearing"
    Excellent post, if I had friends and family for couch multiplayer then I'd be all over Wii U like a rash, but I don't so I aren't.

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  • GTA5 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One has a new first-person mode, Rockstar website suggests

  • Uncompetative 22/09/2014

    Hopefully there is some truth to this. I greatly preferred the in-car camera from Rockstar's Midnight Club: LA as you could tilt the look stick left and right to check for traffic before pulling out of a busy junction and then find that it reset to showing you the view directly in front of you when you released the stick and it sprang back to the centre again. Quite why they went for an orbiting bonnet camera that you had to manually realign with your direction of travel in GTA V, yet support the appropriate camera mode in scenic vehicles (e.g. Ferris Wheel, Cable Car) is a mystery to me. Of course, they could always let you use Kinect head tracking to look in a different direction from where you were heading on the ONE:

    The heists would then be a lot more like PayDay 2:

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  • The evolution of Destiny

  • Uncompetative 21/09/2014

    I've hit level 20 - been roaming around Russia, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon all without ever once playing the story, just by collecting bounties in the Crucible - and it is still an above average 6. Reply 0
  • Uncompetative 20/09/2014

    I was surprised to find a fluorescent strip light still operating (although flickering) in a seaside bus stop on Venus centuries after the collapse. Reply +45
  • Elite: Dangerous beta 2 launches this month

  • Uncompetative 20/09/2014


    Maybe your BBC Model B 128 was faster due to it having a second 6502 CPU attached to the Tube interface to support the Bitstick?
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  • Enjoying Destiny's quieter moments

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    Couldn't be bothered with the crucible no? Me neither.
    I've got to level 19 through working my way through bounties in the Crucible and had a lot more fun than my time in the Alpha and Betas struggling through dull Strikes. Indeed, yesterday was the first time I have played a Strike since I bought the game, skipping all the crappy Hive to fight the Vex on Venus in the Vanguard event that's currently running.

    I decided that I would ignore the 'story' and just collect gear through PvP. After all, it isn't as if Legendary Loot acquired in PvE can be used in PvP without having all its stats nerfed.

    Bungie split the Halo community by charging for additional PvP arenas. As a result the population in certain gametypes was extremely low, which then led to even fewer people thinking it was worthwhile to get this DLC as there would be no substantial pool of Optimatched teams to fight. Turn 10 Studios have avoided this problem completely by releasing all additional tracks for Forza Motorsport 5 for free. Activision would be wise to maintain the high population of PvP through some additional free arenas and then find that these players were all the more keen to purchase additional PvE missions to have somewhere different to grind for cool weapons.

    Charging for PvP maps would be commercially short-sighted.
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  • Uncompetative 20/09/2014

    Whilst I was testing the Alpha for them I told Bungie to turn the quest markers into the bodies of dead Guardians that you could scan to discover details of their fateful last quest which you could choose to complete if you felt sufficiently brave.

    One such dead Guardian turned up in front of the Temple of Crota on the Moon in their subsequent Beta. I've no idea why they didn't do this more throughout free roam.
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  • Uncompetative 20/09/2014


    Collecting Spirit Blooms.
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  • Bungie announces next two Destiny public events

  • Uncompetative 19/09/2014

    Still trying to figure out what's going on with the pvp multiplayer, in some aspects it plays decidedly like p2p, yet i hear it's on dedicated servers?

    In the amount of time i have played the pvp portion of the game, there seems to be a huge problem with balance and hit detection!
    This may be because of normalisation - i.e. outside of matches where Level Advantages are enabled, such as the Iron Banner ones, the game ensures all weapons cause similar damage and the defense statistic is ignored.

    Weapons can produce much the same kind of damage whether they have high impact and low fire rate, or low impact but high fire rate. I've not used the shotguns at all, so I do not know their effective range in game. Impact is the key statistic on a weapon not Attack # in this 'nerfed' PvP. Consequently, you may have thought that a very high Attack weapon is a one hit kill affair, only to find it ineffective - this may be because of low impact / fire-rate.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 review

  • Uncompetative 19/09/2014

    I've been reading these articles for years and I have yet to understand why these cards are tested with fancy settings that mean that none of them consistently hit above 1080p60. It's irrelevant to know how crap they can do 4K, or the teary judder that comes in just bouncing below sixty fps. If current games are too much of a stretch for the bleeding edge, then review these cards with older games. I am sick of lazy PC developers assuming that they can make games that don't run properly as we will all play them again in a couple of years time when we have upgraded our hardware to an appropriate level that is currently unavailable for purchase.

    There is too much complacency about this "Jam Tommorrow" attitude.
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  • Neal Stephenson cancels his Kickstarter-funded sword-fighting game Clang

  • Uncompetative 19/09/2014

    Someone interviewing Mr Gates for the BBC asked him that and he said he would, but I think the amount was £10.

    You do know he would hire cars and drive himself about to save money?
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  • Uncompetative 19/09/2014

    Writers shouldn't be allowed to design games.

    Designers shouldn't be allowed to write.

    I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain.
    That Wizard came from the Moon!
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  • A Destiny story summary for people who dozed off

  • Uncompetative 18/09/2014

    This would have been a better track to have at the end.
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  • Uncompetative 18/09/2014

    E.T. phoned in Reply +4
  • Deadly Premonition dev's Xbox One exclusive D4 launches tomorrow

  • Uncompetative 18/09/2014

    It's true, both Destiny and Watch Dogs suffered this year to the hype machine. Both are pretty good but could never live up to literally years of hype proclaiming them to be gaming revolutions.
    Both those lack 'discovery'. I would like to be given the freedom to explore an open world and stumble upon sparse encounters or find clues to mysteries that inspired missions. It is something that is common in a Zelda RPG, but one look at Watch_Dogs' over-signposted Chicago map undermines all sense of my character actually uncovering a conspiracy with my assistance, whilst the density of the AI encounters within Destiny's compact levels and the way that the same opponents respawn in identical positions saps the game of desperately needed variety whilst the thick AI and bullet sponge health bars render these encounters predictable shooting galleries lacking in vitality. We should expect more:

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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Forza Horizon 2 demo

  • Uncompetative 18/09/2014

    I think @ipar means DriveClub launching almost a year later than originally expected, without weather - to be patched in at a later date. I'm in the lucky position to be able to get both and also plan to get Project CARS.
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  • Uncompetative 18/09/2014

    At times some of the environments appear almost photo-realistic, but this sense of authenticity is partially compromised by the slightly over-saturated presentation, featuring some bold colours, heavy use of bloom and lens flare, and cars that appear just a touch too artificially shiny under the full glimmer of the sun. Sometimes, the bright daytime lighting also give cars a cut-out look against the scenery in certain conditions, which can appear a little odd.
    The cars only seem too shiny and over-saturated to our Northern European eyes because we live in a perpetually overcast, polluted atmosphere at higher latitudes. DriveClub similarly makes Canada look gloomier than is always the case. It is a matter of caricature for artistic discrimination.

    In the 19th and 20th centuries, many of the most famous painters in the world converged on Provence, drawn by the climate and the clarity of the light. The special quality of the light is partly a result of the Mistral wind, which removes dust from the atmosphere, greatly increasing visibility.
    Wikipedia - Provence
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  • See Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Gungoose in action

  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    Just so long as they don't mess with Halo 3. That is perfect. Reply 0
  • Destiny review

  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    Thank you. I've really nothing more to say on the matter of Destiny now.

    Let's hope it gets its social features patched this year - i.e. opt-out proximity voice by default.
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  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014


    He does it for free and it's a better read that Oli.

    >Delete review
    >Copy/Paste Post
    I assume you are mocking my efforts as I've no desire to take on the ridiculous workload of a videogames journalist.

    It is interesting to note that Halo was originally a third-person RTS for the Mac:

    It then became a first-person squad shooter for the original Xbox, where your Marines got better at Sniping the longer you could keep them alive and the game transitioned back to a third-person point of view when you used a vehicle:

    So, parts of this third-person RTS formula remained in the FPS. Incidentally, this is what it would have looked like if it was consistently first-person whilst using vehicles:

    It should be self-evident that this is terrible for gameplay and it also goes some way to explain why you get afforded a wider field of view from a third-person point of view as you lug the Human Turret around as you cannot turn as quickly whilst encumbered:

    During a similarly protracted development period, Bungie started off understandably wanting to make something not-Halo and produced a lot of early concept art that indicated that they were working on a third-person RPG set in a land of mythic fantasy:

    There was a whole Camelot vibe going on:

    Evidence of sword-wielding Knights on horseback:

    Siberian Tigers* to keep as pets in your tent:

    Mysterious ruined castles perhaps full of loot?

    not to mention faery tale giant bosses:

    All pretty not-Halo and a refreshing change of genre for a studio that must of been heartily sick of doing the same thing since their Ghost in the Shell inspired ONI which heralds the first appearance of a Master Chief motocross helmet wearing character (at 15 seconds into this):


    Indeed, I jumped to the wrong conclusion on seeing a Ghost in the Shell poster up at their Seattle offices and incorrectly assumed that this must be their new super secret IP and got myself unreasonably excited at the prospect.

    *This 'Project Tiger' as it was then codenamed remained secret until relatively recently, even though there are posters in Halo: ODST teasing its arrival:

    Eventually, we got some concept art and the final name - we knew nothing of this having once been a third-person mythic fantasy RPG:

    Here's is Bungie's vision of the 'Last City', a city that I would feel a lot more motivated to protect if I felt it was actively deteriorating, under threat and inhabited by civilians that regarded me with awe whenever I managed to return from a gruelling raid:

    Of course we never got that.

    However, what we did get wasn't merely an FPS, but a mix of their undoubtedly cherished early ideas for the game and the realities of ensuring Activision Blizzard got their money's worth with a strong IP which took less creative risks.

    Would the average man in the street buy a game about giant frogs being fought by the Knights on horseback with Siberian tigers by their side? Possibly.

    Would the average man in the street expect the developer who made Halo to do a good job of an entirely new sci-fi shooter? Undoubtedly.

    I really have no idea whether Bungie came under pressure from Activision, but you only have to examine the controls of Destiny to realise that they are more like Black Ops than Halo and a world away from those of Phantasy Star Online to which it owes a tremendous debt and yet remains embarassingly inferior:


    However, what enriched the first Halo and its subsequent sequels has become the albatross around Destiny's neck bringing bad luck to the whole endeavour and casting a foreboding shadow over the rest of the franchise.

    In essence, legacy cruft disrupts immersion.

    1. third-person is ok in Halo due to well handled transitions that ensure that you are fully aware of your surroundings throughout, yet Destiny commits the design sin of making these abruptly interrupt play which ends up confusing your situational awareness during PvP whenever you use a Super - these problems were evident in Halo: Reach when they yanked you out of first-person to showboat an assassination only to then allow for a team-mate to snipe your immobilised opponent - "Yoink!" ...Betrayal ...Boot. DUMB

    2. loadouts can only be swapped in most FPS games whilst waiting to spawn, yet Destiny will allow a player to chase another into a building, get distracted as the opponent hides and pushes OPTIONS to swap loadout to a Shotgun their pursuer was sure they didn't have equipped, have their Ghost magically transmat it into their hands as they resume play, then ambush the hapless player as they resume their quarry. PATHETIC

    3. the whole MMO social shooter stuff is a train wreck, which Phantasy Star Online did better way back in 2000, why exactly can you not have someone wave back at you to have them join your Fireteam, then sit to exit it? At least have these emotes do something other than dread dispelling dancing. IDIOTIC

    4. the story, woeful that it is, is an incoherent mish-mash of portentous "mythic lore" and a frankly garbage sci-fi plot about AIs (again), which is supposed to make more sense if we all make the effort to access our Grimoire Cards on the associated iPhone App. So, the developer obviously thinks that I don't want to be rewarded with short, but well-written cut-scenes full of decent exposition. It thinks that I want to fiddle with a phone whilst I am trying to listen to Peter Dinklage's comments as I fight off hordes of Hive at some 'Array'. What array? Is that dish that unfolded it? Was that what I was trying to protect? Why should I care? (CHECKS INTERNET) Would it maybe have helped to know that earlier so that I would have been properly motivated rather than view this as just another rent-a-mob? DISAPPOINTING

    So, basically... everything is inside-out.

    Less is more.
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  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    If I had to sum up my opinion of this game in one word I would need to reflect on all the inscrutable overcomplicated RPG metagame that has you mousing over builds and loadouts when you should be immersed in a mission, or firefight. I would need to reflect on the complexification of a FPS through the unnecessary "show-boating" of special moves in a concentration disrupting temporary third-person perspective (that should have been excised as a legacy cruft from its early development mythic fantasy adventure origins, or made the default perspective with scoped gunplay temporarily switching you into a first-person mode just as in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes). I would need to reflect on its MMO aspirations being seriously undermined by a lack of opt-out proximity voice and an inabiity to discover random people to Party Up with for a Strike within the game world rather than some awkward external system menu - a lack of cohesion that curbs emergent play...

    The game redeems itself with some informal cooperative free roam bounty hunting, but then ruins its developer's reputation with a PvP mode that either nerfs all your hard won loot, or lets overequipped opponents gank you in its hopelessly imbalanced Iron Banner tournament mode. It seems almost as if Bungie didn't know how to integrate PvE gear upgrades into PvP that was fair to everyone - when it is obvious to me that you don't nerf gear (or have some superfluous tournament mode) when you can just have your Guardian's Ghost transmat heavy ammo into your selected Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, or Rocket Launcher when you have achieved a killstreak that is in proportion to the devastating potential of its use.

    The decision during development to make Shotguns and Sniper Rifles not be Heavy weapons, but Secondaries with limited ammo on respawn meant that all of the indoor areas encouraged ambushes and all the outdoor areas encouraged the patient camper, further depopulating the core of the map, who on retaliation found to their dismay that their shots did not cause these Snipers to descope!

    Rather than give all enemies montrously thick health bars (and, often, recharging shields on top of that) with equally thick AI to balance out the encounter, Bungie should have got you to fight those that were a level below you whose behaviour was more spritely - as they danced away from your shots and made appropriate use of cover, while others split away from the frontlines attempting to flank you. I find it hard to believe these lethargic opponents came from the same studio that thirteen years ago breathed life into the Covenant and pathos into their deaths, even making me feel guilty for assassinating the dozing Grunts...

    I am genuinely mystified as to why Destiny's enemies and the game as a whole can be quite so dense.

    6 / 10

    above average
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  • The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge begins

  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    I wouldn't have bought Destiny for £40 for my PS4 if I wasn't working on something similar and was keen to see where exactly it went wrong, determined why and therefore avoid making the same mistakes myself.

    I then downloaded it for my ONE because the DualShock 4 hurt my hands after nine hours of continuous play. The Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide hardback book and eGuide have also proved very interesting in this regard.

    As a videogames designer / tools developer, I get a lot out of analysing flawed games, like the truly awful Rogue Warrior which I actually enjoyed more than Destiny due to incredibly sweary "stealth" takedowns and how it made me laugh out loud
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  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    7 is fine.

    5 is average - being midway between 1 and 10.
    6 is above average - which is the score I had for it during the First Look Alpha, then both subsequent next-gen Betas and then after observing the marathon livestreams coming out of New Zealand on the 8th and the one Ian Higton subsequently did when Destiny's servers became active in our timezone where he said "Nothing had changed since the Beta"... so no elaboration of the story, the flashing green sticks that I had assumed were placeholders to be later replaced in the final build by bodies of dead Guardians (like the one you scan on the moon), or the crashed ship (that you scan for a black-box recording), or some other evocative detail telling the story through art directions and environmental design, didn't get a last minute asset swap held back from the Beta to avoid spoilers, indeed some of these sticks got used multiple times which didn't make a whole lot of sense to me... and then after I played this final build myself as a Titan on the PS4, then as a Hunter, then as a Warlock on my ONE. My opinion unchanged.
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  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    Honest Gamers - 5 / 10 Reply -2
  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    Apparently, Bungie are fans of Dark Souls. Reply -1
  • Killzone Shadow Fall gets three free maps today

  • Uncompetative 17/09/2014

    This game is ravishing and the OWL is a hoot! Reply +4
  • Forza Horizon 2 has eight free day-one DLC cars

  • Uncompetative 16/09/2014

    I've bought the lot. ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ Reply +2
  • Solid gold PS4s and Xbox Ones to go for over £8.3K

  • Uncompetative 16/09/2014

    How big is that PS4's HDD? Reply -1
  • Frontier reveals Elite: Dangerous launch price

  • Uncompetative 16/09/2014

    Thankyou for the kind suggestion.
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  • Uncompetative 15/09/2014

    It's a bit cheeky of Braben to give it this subtitle as I always regarded Paul Woakes' Mercenary to be superior to Elite:

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  • Uncompetative 15/09/2014

    I'd get this for my 2.5 GHz Quad Core 16 GB iMac but its AMD Radeon HD 6750M only has half the required amount of graphics RAM. Shame, as I'd happily play this in wireframe all over again. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

  • Uncompetative 15/09/2014

    The clever thing here is that the missions are replayable as they have procedurally-generated elements (the locations of the enemies and their various types), although the fact that pretty much the same thing was just announced for Assassin's Creed: Unity will do nothing to dissuade those already worried by Ubisoft's open world sausage factory approach.
    I like sausages.
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  • Destiny UK's biggest new IP launch ever

  • Uncompetative 15/09/2014

    Salvage was fun last night. Free Roam with a friend was fun on the 9th. The trick is to fight enemies that are lower in level than yourself as that way they aren't all bullet sponges that either stand in one spot or rush you, but actually exhibit some reasonable (if a little geographically constrained) AI that is weirdly reminiscent of Halo: Combat Evolved, i.e. the Cabal are Hunters, Hive Knights are like Brutes, Fallen Shrikes are like Jackals, ...ish - they have even got invisible ones in there, but I do not mind a copy-paste job of their old code so long as the automatic difficulty system does not let you fight enemies prematurely on the equivalent of 'Legendary' and try to balance these encounters by lobotomising them into statis, or a Flood of hand cannon fodder.

    Players shouldn't have to game the game, by grinding to level four in the initial landing zone of Old Russia: going back and forth between recently resupplied waves of reinforcements to get themselves ahead of a misplaced difficulty spike. There are three factors to play around with in the AI's balance: hit points (i.e. combined health bar and shield), AI (i.e. evasion tactics and flanking manoeuvres) and accuracy (i.e. what appalling aim they have, particularly with their first shot). Unfortunately, Bungie has ignored this last variable giving the Fallen weapons with thankfully dodgable homing projectiles, whereas GoldenEye 007 on the N64 feels more full of life as the Russian Soldiers typically miss with their first shot which announces their presence and threat direction making it possible to play on super hard custom 007 modes. Obviously, once played enough times even GoldenEye's AI can be made to look stupid, but the floating gunsight and cover system is still something that I wish were seen in more console shooters.

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  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • Uncompetative 13/09/2014

    Thanks, I tried again this afternoon and I did not get a 404 page not found but a form in which I could explain my predicament. I just wanted to know if Jaime Griesemer had got a credit for game design rather than have to check through that long list of names at the back of the book. Thanks for caring.
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  • Uncompetative 13/09/2014


    You are right. I was stupid to buy it on PS4, when I should have just got it for my ONE.
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  • Uncompetative 13/09/2014

    I've got this on both. ONE has better contrast: deep blacks that look gorgeous on my 42" Panasonic Plasma at 1080p30. PS4 has a milky sheen. ONE has an extremely confortable pad with the addition of ORB rubberised thumbgrips to compensate for the tiny, hard, ridged sticks it ships with, adding a little extra height that improves aiming precision. PS4 has awkward stubby grips that hurt my carpal tendons as I levelled up to #9 on the 9th before the aching forced me to give it several days rest, as well as unreliable bumpers that don't go actuate reliably, face buttons that aren't nicely rounded and an overall shape that makes it prone to roll off your thigh. ONE has excellent build quality and runs so quietly that it can be always on and not disturb me sleeping in the next room. PS4 has a tendency to sag when it gets hot, bump its Eject button against the table it is resting on and repeatedly cough out whatever is in its drive, even if there is no disc in there - to remedy this design flaw I have put it on an inverted cast-iron teapot trivet to increase the gap underneath it - about the only positive is a UI that provides easy access to all recently used Games and Apps rather than the ONE's meagre tiles collection which is annoying to have to reorder unless you have stupid SmartGlass.

    Does this mean you should get ONE in preference to PS4 if you can only afford one console? Skype, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with its timed exclusive multiplayer maps and the incredible value of the 5 game compendium that is Halo HD ought to factor into your decisions, but then there is DriveClub, PlanetSide 2 and Little Big Planet 3 to consider. Decisions, decisions...

    Oh, wait... I've got both.
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  • Video: Watch us take on Destiny's Moon Strike

  • Uncompetative 13/09/2014

    I'm not disappointed with Destiny after believing the hype as I never bought into to hype in the first place. I have been skeptical throughout its development, right back when they promoted it with nothing but some nice concept art.

    I said that I thought it was a 6 as far back as the First Look Alpha, nothing about the Betas on either next-gen console changed this 6 as nothing had changed, New Zealand streams then confirmed on the 8th that this early part was no different and that Bungie hadn't been holding back on some better exposition. 'The flashing green poles must be placeholders', I thought... assuming that they would become the bodies of dead Guardians their visors all cracked by gunfire to show their wounded faces, but I was mistaken as they exist within the final build. My 6 remained after I got the game on the 9th and played up to #9. I just stayed in the initial zone of Old Russia and played it like the "Make Love Not Warcraft" episode of South Park, intensively grinding up to #4 just so I could avoid replaying the so called story missions for the fifth time. I then was lucky enough to hook up with a #12 friend for some bounty hunting in free roam and actually started to understand that it was primarily an RPG metagame wrapped around a repetitive shooter built upon a flaky social foundation. Yet, despite still regarding it as an 'above average' 6 - for those who do not know mathematics 5 is considered 'average' - I was sufficiently fascinated by the ridiculous overcomplexity of its collision of TPS supers, buffs, nerfs and Iron Banner ganks that I got the Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide in hardback and will, as an Independent Videogames Developer working on an AIMMORTSFPSRPG, get a hell of a lot out of analysing what they did right and wrong, in order to avoid doing the same myself. I was quick enough to pre-order the digital Vanguard Armory edition for my ONE just after launch (so, in effect Activision did provide an Early Bird Edition for those prepared to watch marathon livestreams to get a sense of what the final build was like) as I found the stubby grips on the DualShock 4 made the tendons ache in my hands and the bumpers were unreliable. So, that's £112.32 spent if you include my download of Borderlands that I made for the purposes of comparison as I already have Halo: Reach as an example of overcomplicated rock-paper-scissors multiplayer nonsense unbalanced by loadouts.

    Destiny has no MMO breadth and no FPS depth, so compensates with a grinding RPG length - expecting everyone to replay dungeons to reach tougher "cousins" of the same bosses they had formerly struggled to defeat to then be rewarded with miserly loot. A compulsive "collect 'em up" needs to provide a reward a little more often than this, at least when you start off and ensure it isn't overshadowed by the extreme risk of obtaining it, leaving you to think you might as well stay in the safety of the City and dance the night away:

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  • Uncompetative 12/09/2014

    Don't get me wrong, I think 6 is above average. 5 is average. 4 and below is a failure. I would only give Halo: Reach 7 because I hated its rock-paper-scissors multiplayer. However, that hasn't stopped me from buying it first on disc for my PS4 and after getting to #9 on the 9th realising that the stubby grips of the DualShock 4 were hurting the tendons in my hands so I then quickly downloaded the Vanguard Armory edition for my ONE and was pleased to find that the graphics had better contrast and no milky sheen applied to them as with the PS4.

    I've yet to decide on my class for what will be my sixth playthrough and have just received a swanky Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide in hardback, although I've not been able to search the credits to see if Jaime Griesemer is mentioned as a consultant on multiplayer design. However, the book looks interesting for someone like me who is keen on the design of videogames (I am an indie developer working on an AIMMORTSFPSRPG not light years different from Destiny or No Man's Sky, so all this phenomenon and hype has been fascinating for me to follow and I intend to do an extended analysis of Destiny to learn from what I can from it in terms of its successes and what I regard as its mistakes of overcomplication and lack of informal homogeneity.

    I assure you I won't be going this obsessive over Forza Horizon 2 or DriveClub as I will just be happily playing them for fun.
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  • Uncompetative 12/09/2014

    I anticipate a 7/10 from Eurogamer tomorrow as Martin Robinson likes it.
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  • Uncompetative 12/09/2014

    Destiny review - Polygon
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • Uncompetative 12/09/2014

    Well they need to scrimp, save and dodge for every nickel they can to afford the upgrades that are demanded by each wave of bleeding stupid edge games and bloated operating systems loaded down with cruft.
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  • Dying Light gets a January release date

  • Uncompetative 12/09/2014

    30/1/15 is good for me as any earlier and I'd be to busy to play it.

    Forza Horizon 2
    Alien: Isolation*
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    Halo HD

    Battlefield 4: Final Stand
    Assassin's Creed Unity*
    Hyper Light Drifter
    Little Big Planet 3
    Project CARS
    Far Cry 4
    GTA V

    *I may leave these awhile as they're single player campaigns.
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  • Come play Destiny multiplayer with us from 4pm BST

  • Uncompetative 11/09/2014


    I do feel vindicated after all the flak I got for saying the same before it came out.
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  • Uncompetative 11/09/2014

    I've only played it up to #8 five times. Seven is awful. Reply -2
  • Uncompetative 11/09/2014

    Somehow I don't think I can hit #5 in 45 min from install.

    I'm a bit tired after hitting #9 on the 9th on my PS4 version.

    Incidentally, the French review site Musga has rated it as 6/10.

    Destiny Review - translated by Google
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