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  • Alexis Kennedy on: Three reviews of unreviewable games

  • Uncompetative 07/11/2015

    Eurogamer should be called Echogamer.

    They either echo publisher's press releases, or what Kotaku said Polygon reported first. Zero effort. Even Digital Foundry is a bunch of command line scripts that run themselves. So they fill the weekend with columns of diahorrea like this and from that guy who now owns a pub.

    Too afraid to stand up for gamers and criticise exploitative microtransactions for stuff like a Big Head mode in Rise of the Tomb Raider that cost these developers nothing to make. Too afraid to mark down Halo 5: Guardians for being incomplete. Too pretentious to score out of ten. Too cowardly to let their reviews consist solely of words.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a world at war with itself

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015


    lool okay bro some ones mad!
    Just to clarify:

    Black Ops III > Titanfall > Master Chief Collection > Halo 5 / 10

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  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015

    Anyone experiencing the 'ABC' error on PS4 should press the PlayStation button then close the application using the OPTIONS menu and relaunch it, watch the Treyarch / Activision credits, and when they get to the brooding guy with thw two pistols only press (X) to start when the number in the top right corner of the screen is autoupdated to read:

    or higher...

    It seems that the game is allowing many impatient players to skip this step only to fail to matchmake because of an incompatible version of the multiplayer code. Slow servers are to blame for this.
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  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015


    Purchased on PS4. At least the campaign can't be as poor as Halo 5s campaign. In fact, every campaign in every Cod game so far has been better than Halo 5.
    I preordered on PS4 six hours before launch and through the magic of preloading was able to play at midnight and use the same alternate button assignments that I use in Destiny.

    This is the game Titanfall should have been. No horrendous screen tearing or judder like Respawn Entertainment's game, just a little but of texture pop-in at range that ought to be absent, but frankly I'm okay with as it doesn't detract from the fluid parkour.

    Wasn't going to play its Campaign yet as I've yet to play Black Ops 2's amongst others. Don't know if I also need to complete Ghosts and Advanced Warfare to be able to make sense of the plot.

    From what I've seen streamed Halo 5 has an incomplete Campaign without the expected clash of protagonists in the #HUNTtheTRUTH marketing. Indeed, Master Chief only appears in three out of fifteen missions and 343i reuse a boss about six times throughout.

    I expect the troubled development with Halo: The Master Chief Collection affected 343i's Campaign team from doing a better job. Whilst the Multiplayer team was free to turn Halo into a twitchy bro game under the leadership of former Multiplayer designer for lumbering hulk-a-thon Gears of War.
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  • Halo 5's most disliked map pulled over exploits

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015

    This wouldn't happen if the kill box wasn't defective. 343i really are incompetent developers and this does not bode well for the community's ability to Forge exploit free maps. The problem arises because they are doing a simple barrier collision test and the fast moving Ground Pound animation can 'skip' past this. The correct way to do a kill box is to set everything outside of it to a death zone. Reply -5
  • Why Halo 5's radar is driving some players up the wall

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015


    I agree. I've been arguing for it to be made the same as it it in the Campaign for months, only to be downvoted by 343i fanboys who argue that Microtransactions make Warzone better. Jesus wept.
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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015


    Confirmed: Radar upgrade soon as DLC :-D
    I never realised that MTX was an abbreviation for:

    Motion Tracker eXtension.
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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015

    Official confirmation that Halo 5 is a game for noobs. Reply 0
  • Fallout 4 fans furious as GAME cancels Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015


    I preordered BOIII 6 hours before launch and it was preloaded onto my PS4 in time for midnight giving me a few hours to waste getting thrashed in BOII on 360. BOIII is much easier and I am loving it.
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  • Overwatch: Origins Edition hits PC, PS4 and Xbox One spring 2016

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015

    I was enormously impressed by the stability and presentation of the Beta to the extent that I could see myself trying this out. The weird mash up of characters doesn't bother me as I like escapist fantasy and feel that the game is surprisingly well balanced despite everyone moaning that 'Tracer is OP'. Nice to see that Activision / Blizzard were able to salvage something from their canned superhero MMO Project Titan.

    I predict this game will be huge, especially in eSports.
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  • DriveClub Bikes review

  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015


    Evolution are doing a version of DriveClub for PlayStation VR so we may get a 60fps time trial mode for our HD TVs at some point.as a result.
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  • Uncompetative 06/11/2015

    I wish I was better at this beautiful game :-( Reply +23
  • Halo 5 the "biggest Halo launch in history"

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    60fps is the ideal and I am not one of those weird people who advocate that 30fps is superior because it "feels more cinematic". Obviously, I could buy Halo 5 just for the balanced Arena mode and Forge and not use any of the new Spartan movement abilities that I detest. When I chose to do so in the Beta my K/D improved considerably. They really are unnecessary, only having some utility in a Campaign against those 'cheap' teleporting enemies which I am not excited about fighting.

    However, after watching a lot of Twitch streams I have decided that there is no point getting it on this basis in December when Forge is released because I simply hate watching the player camera lurch about during movement. Things used to be nice and smooth, but 343i's bro game is just as lumbering as Gears of War or Madden would be if they were in first person.
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  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015


    I've been playing Bungie's original Halo 3 this week (not 343i's still broken remaster) and enjoying it immensely. So, I recommend giving that a go if you have access to a 360.
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  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015


    Actually, I had assumed that the corruption of children would be with their parent's blessing and that these MTXs were just another way to distract them so that they weren't constantly underfoot. The notion that kids would steal money from their parents to REQ their bank balance hadn't even occurred to me.

    I did mention scavenging, but as I've always regarded the Assault Rifle as cack, I think the only reason you don't initially spawn with a ranged weapon suited to these large Warzones is to force everyone to use the REQ system, get accustomed to it and hopefully buy more Packs. They wouldn't have gone to all of this trouble to add MTX to it if they didn't think some shmucks would buy them.

    I didn't know that you could attack from behind without performing a slow Assassination. I did know that the pro-gamers that 343i employed to consult on their wannabe eSport requested that there be an option to deactivate the third person showcasing of the animation as it was both time consuming and disorienting.

    I expect that they will deactivate Ground Pound as well when they come to the Championship...

    I didn't know that the ATMs doled out ammo, so they do have one reason to be on map. Good information to know, as I'm interested in game design in general and am not going to be buying this exploitative trash.

    I do feel someone needs to say all this is wrong and that there are alternatives. Free maps is a good thing because it doesn't end up splitting the community into haves and have nots. However, I wish Microsoft had learnt from the successful model of free tracks, but optional MTX vehicles, from Forza Motorsport 5 rather than ruin an otherwise promising MOBA and get greedy over Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    I happily spent 180 on Forza Motorsport 5 so I am not averse to MTX done properly. It has to be content that has taken some effort that is proportional to its cost (the PlayStation Network Avatars are expensive crap) and offset by extra DLC being free to maintain good will. Expecting someone to pay a significant amount for a "Big Head" mode in a game that excused itself for having a protagonist with "Big Breasts" by being a simple slip of the mouse during production is hypocritical. You can't have it both ways.

    Also, I accept that there are a lot of other idiots in the world to worry about, but only in this small niche do I feel that I can possibly persuade a few to not accept the direction gaming is going.


    Just seen a tweet from Quinn DelHoyo 4th November that says that:

    "Thanks to your REQ crowdfunding, the Halo World Championship prize pool is now $1,500,000!"

    So good of the community to pay for these progamer's lifestyles.
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  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015


    Get well soon. Flu is not fun :-(
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  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015


    If people want to buy Req packs they can.
    If they do so with REQ Points earned in game then fine. That rewards their time investment in the game, encourages players to stay in a match even if they are on the losing side, and personalise themselves with various cosmetic flair (emblems, weapon skins, armor that only others can see... yeah, not so sure about that last one).

    However, 343i is banking on there being many impatient kiddies ready to gamble their parent's money on REQ Packs with unknown contents. This is yet another thing 343i have copied from Advanced Warfare. We are told that the money from this will go towards their Halo Championship's $1,000,000 prize fund, all of which will be won by teams of professional gamers, certainly not you.

    Some argue that this money allows 343i to bring out new maps for free and we should all be thankful for that. But they have lied about the number of unique maps, with some either being night time versions of others, or reduced in scale with orange barriers and the removal of AI combatants, and the Strongholds and Breakout variants would have simply been created by the Forge community in the past as Custom Game types, so Halo 5 ships with hardly any unique maps or varied gametypes, and no Forge with which to make more as they cynically want to force everyone to play their Warzone clusterfuck and get hooked on its P2W RNG MTX NRG REQs.

    343i claim that adjustments to Optimatch (so it tries to match players with similar numbers of REQ Cards so that poor players don't face rich players who have unlocked everything), and a reduction in the VP for the boss AI that used to allow a team to unlock vehicles having deliberately avoided early engagement with the enemy team make Warzone sufficiently well balanced to be fun for casuals even if it isn't strictly speaking a fair game like Arena.

    Alternatively, 343i could have had weapons on map as in previous Halos with everyone starting with a Battle Rifle / Submachine Gun loadout better suited to the ranged combat that they would be facing and with additional Power weapons respawning within captured Armories or being claimed from dead Covies. These would be infantry only unless you paid 20 for the Vehicular DLC for Optimatch to put you into battlefields with others who had paid for the "full game". Those who only wanted to play the Campaign, Arena or infantry version of Warzone would pay 45. Nice and transparent.

    There is no gameplay advantage to buying REQ Packs. No one need bother as RP can be obtained quite easily in game just by playing lots of SWAT and getting enough for a Gold Pack that ensures some chance of a persistent weapon.

    Anyone nave enough to think that they can be ahead of everyone else by somehow paying to win, despite everything 343i have told them to the contrary, or to customise their appearance with a FOTUS 'Unicorn' helmet that only their friends can be impressed by is a narcissistic individual who doesn't realise what a dickhead they are:

    Even the additional Assassinations are of little benefit as showcasing them in 3rd person will disorient you in the midst of combat and slow you down, as anyone who remembers "Yoink!" from Halo: Reach will tell you:

    Just because you don't doesn't give you the right to call them idiots.
    You misunderstood.

    Obviously, they are ALL idiots to buy these REQ Packs. That should go without saying.

    Arguably, everyone who buys Halo 5 to play Warzone is an idiot, and I have severe qualms about the quality of the rest of this incomplete game - maybe when they finally release the deliberately delayed Forge and restore more of the popular game types to matchmaking the community will have the opportunity to make some maps without all these gimmicky Spartan movement abilities that just reduce grenade and gun readiness and salvage something almost as good as Halo 2's multiplayer (which wasn't even the best in the series), but without dual wielding. However, it is rather pathetic to rely on unpaid volunteers to make a halfway decent Arena shooter within this baroque monstrosity.


    My question remains unanswered. Microsoft said that 45,000,000 REQ Packs had been acquired, but how many of those were purchased? Some would have come bundled in the Limited Edition versions, but what about all those sold as MTX?

    What I'm driving at here is how much money has been spent by idiots on these unnecessary REQ Packs?

    If it is a lot then we will see much more of this cutting of content we used to get for free (but maybe have to do a fun Vidmaster challenge to unlock), repackaged and sold back to us in a mystery box that explodes with stars to trigger the compulsive gambler within us (despite it being sold to 16 year olds, with potentially damaging ramifications in later life), which has no benefit to the game (according to 343i) and will likely spoil your enjoyment of it through its integration into it (i.e. the time spent perusing on map ATMs is time spent unaware of all the threats that are around you, even the time that you spend selling all the unwanted REQ Cards after every Arena match is irritating busywork).

    Will Microsoft get their $1,000,000?

    All of this crap is already throughout Rise of the Tomb Raider too, including stuff like a "Big Head Mode" that used to be a fun free unlock in GoldenEye 007 on the N64.

    Of course, I realise that now they can rely on everyone being online with their new consoles they have this other way of selling stuff to us (and releasing broken games in the knowledge that they can patch them in the months after launch), but I never expected gaming to turn into this:

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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015

    In addition, Halo fans are taking to the new Requisition System in a big way, with over 45 million REQ Packs acquired, totaling more than 568 million REQ Cards.

    Yes, but how many of those were purchased by idiots?
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  • New footage of canned 2012 Star Wars game First Assault appears

  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015

    This looks better than Star Wars Battlefront.

    I really liked the fly-by intro to Mos Eisley which clues you in to the layout. Obviously, controls are a bit rough around the edges, but that is what you might expect from a closed technical test. Small tweaks could have made this a classic Star Wars themed arena. Those wanting that ponce Luke Skywalker to turn up and start levitating stuff can go play Star Wars Pit Droids for a couple of hours and realise that a 'Call of Duty' reskin is better than nothing given the limitations of the 360.
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  • Nearly 12 million people are still playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015

    I've been playing Halo 3 on 360 recently, but I think I'll start playing this next, then the campaigns for Ghosts and Advanced Warfare before getting Black Ops III on PS4. After all, it's not like I will be playing Guardians on my ONE. Reply 0
  • Watch: No Man's Sky - managing the hype

  • Uncompetative 05/11/2015



    That is an amazing achievement considering that it was done by one guy. Vladimir Romanyuk is very talented. I suppose it helps to be an astronomer :-)
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    I wasn't implying that you were a critic of this game in any way. Indeed, you have been very positive about it.

    Note: that Hello Games are using Ontological Procedural Generation, which works out what you will see based on your current position in the space-time continuum. This is what let him jump from planet to planet instantaneously in the New Yorker technical demo:

    This takes a while to get going and is a huge blunder from a PR perspective as it makes the game look dull and repetitive until about six minutes in. Sean should never show it in this form despite being all nerdy talking about its technology. It reminds me of being a kid and learning magic tricks, impressing my patient family with the illusion, and then taking pains to explain to them how I had fooled them as that was really what interested me more and I wanted them to share my enthusiasm with the process: misdirection, legerdemain, etc.

    It's true that is Hello Games had a PR person from the outset they wouldn't have shown the game off at the VGX and got everyone thinking it was going to be stealth released on Oct 27th

    They contrived to pack everything that worked into that brief VGX demo and mistakenly left everyone to jump to the conclusion it must be almost ready to release as it "looked finished".

    However, given a Universe to fill they needed a lot more time to create extra blueprints from which a wide variety of deformations could be created to reflect their intended environment. More staff has allowed this phase of the game development to ramp up production.

    Obviously, most of that is just the setting for the core gameplay. Hopefully, future videos will show Sean's astronaut getting killed in various ways. Ideally, via something like this:

    Well, anything to suggest a sense of jeopardy in this increasingly hostile alien Galaxy.

    However, Telelogical Procedural Generation is an alternative method that tries to simulate the processes that lead to terrain, etc. rather than tweaking a bunch of formulae until their output happens to look a bit reminiscent of a natural geological process.

    Doing it this way takes longer (though it can be done in a coarse manner so that it yields faster results than the geological eons it would have taken in reality), so you can't really flit planet to planet all that rapidly, but could warp to a solar system and in the time it took you to get to 'Earth' have it calculate much of the detail you require, including the flora and fauna and rise and fall of civilisations and resultant layers of culture of the multiracial cities you would visit there.
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    All we have seen is 'aesthetics'. Barely any kind of game 'mechanics', certainly nothing in the way of emergent 'dynamics'. Does this mean that this lacks them? Almost certainly not.

    Why if it has them have we not seen them?

    Because Sean wants us to be surprised and exploring the boundaries of what is possible in the game is as much a part of the game as exploring its Universe.

    No Man's Sky is a 'space of possibilities' in every sense of the term, but some critics enjoy lambasting it's apparently shallow gameplay as being as repetitive as a screensaver, but Sean hasn't shown the player be in any jeopardy in any of his live demos as he didn't want to die before showing it off!

    Wait for longer Twitch streams immediately after launch if you need to be convinced, if after seeing real extended gameplay you feel it is not for you then that's fine.
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    Perhaps, but Sean Murray demoing the game on prime time TV doesn't help.

    As for your point regarding the reveal. It was revealed far too early. Even EA don't demo gameplay from their titles 2.5 years from release e.g. We still haven't seen BF5.

    What other upcoming game has at least 4 live stage gameplay demos, and a concert under its belt?

    So, if you were a 15 person Indie developer and was given the chance to show off your game to the largest audience of any chat show on Earth, you would say "No thanks" on the grounds that it was too soon?


    I needed a good hearty laugh today!

    Sean was unsure about the famous VGX reveal, after that everything has been PULLED out of a tiny team who would rather work on their game, led by a shy guy who would rather talk about all the mathematical aspects of it as that is where he feels comfortable.

    This leads to far too much of an emphasis on the exact number of planets to visit which is entirely irrelevant as most of them will never be visited, and yet the media keeps echoing this ridiculous "international telephone number" rather than say it is a "race to the centre of an increasingly hostile enigmatic alien Galaxy".

    Hello Games haven't PUSHED their game on us at all. They very nearly didn't show it at the VGX and after that the public response prompted the media to take notice and Sony capitalised upon its console exclusive, PUSHED it on their behalf and the public and media PULLED obsessively on any scraps of information.

    You've only got to check out the Cobra TV YouTube channel and the No Man's Sky subreddit to see how the fans have been doing 99% of the hype for this title.

    I realised months ago that I couldn't keep going on anticipating a Release Date and decided as I wanted the game whenever it came out I may as well preorder it.

    46.85 to Amazon.

    I then so forgot about it that it was two days before I caught the news of the Joon release window. It could honestly come out Christmas 2016 and I wouldn't be bothered.

    I have such an enormous backlog of games!
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    I am right to take this seriously. This is serious.

    Laura Kate Dale's baseless smears may come to be accepted as truth by those who are bitter about the delay.

    Step 1: Create a rumour
    Step 2: Wait for clickbait news articles to roll in


    Step 3: Report on said articles in an objective manner whilst pretending not to have been the source of the rumour

    Step 4: Wait for more legitimate sites to take up your "laundered story" and then deliver yet more credible sounding clickbaity Destructoid garbage against the backdrop of other credible media sources saying the PS4 version has been cancelled and Hello Games being suspiciously silent (when in truth they don't know to respond as they are busy working on the game and are effectively operating in a media blackout except when invited on Colbert or to Paris Games week where you would be daft not to get that exposure for fear of "showing the game off too early").

    Step 5: Profit
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    By my calculations she meant August.

    Totally without foundation, of course :-D
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  • Uncompetative 04/11/2015


    why would some of the few actual people from the development team go talk with some person from Destructoid (not unknown for blatant clickbait stuff) to tell how much of a disaster development of their game is?
    Putting on my special "Speculation Hat" for a moment I might suggest that the reason for this delay wasn't that 'development isn't going well' as this contradicts Sean's recent tweet to the contrary:

    For those asking, we are still incredibly hard at work on No Man's Sky, but it's going really well.

    Sean Murray 7:10 AM - 25 Oct 2015

    So, with my Speculation Hat still firmly in place I would suggest that the truth is that Sean did intend for No Man's Sky to come out this year as originally promised, but something changed around the time of the PC Gaming Show at E3 last June where it was announced that Hello Games would be bringing what had originally been assumed was a PS4 exclusive to the PC for a simultaneous launch!

    That made a lot of grumbling geeks unhappy with the weak performance of consoles and that they would have to wait for an exclusivity period to end, extremely happy.

    But this makes total sense, as no developer would want the mystery at the centre of their Galaxy to be revealed by a bunch of streamers with PS4's months before the game released on PC.

    Everyone needs to be in the game at the same time, racing towards the centre as fast as they can to find out what secrets resides there.

    The complexity of targeting a mix of PC GPUs will slow down this final phase, but it is likely that the procedural generator and core game loop and user interface are all finished and it is just being held back to ensure it is compatible with a raft of different PCs. Hence the delay.

    This isn't the same as saying it is in "trouble".

    Hello Games has decided to make more money out of PC gamers through this simultaneous launch. However, ONE owners shouldn't hope for it to be released on their console ever. This isn't so much to do with some Sony exclusivity deal (which doesn't exist), but just that the PC is a much bigger market than the failing ONE and Hello Games can't release it on everything being that they are such a small studio.

    But this isn't the end of it.

    It is being released in June as part of Sony's launch of PlayStation VR. This explains why it has been prominently featured on their huge stage, as Sony are far sighted enough to see that this will sell their VR headsets to some who want to enhance the experience.

    There is no point releasing No Man's Sky in the same month as Fallout 4 and Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront as it won't get noticed.

    There is no point releasing No Man's Sky before Sony's VR hardware is ready to launch as Sony's promotion of it as a PlayStation VR launch title will benefit it hugely, the press, the TV advertising, the cultural impact will lead to it being mentioned on the News.

    Does that sound in the least bit credible?

    Yeah, but all that was just idle speculation. I don't know anything for definite. I'm guessing at what might have gone on.

    However, I could have spun this another way and said that I personally knew Hazel and that she had said that the delay was unfortunate, but the whole team was confident that those waiting for it would be happier with the final product due to the additional platforms it was now being launched on.

    Now that is a far more positive narrative than dogmanstaruk was peddling and equally based on zero facts. Whether you choose pessimism or optimism, or just take a break from fretting about this game altogether until you see a few livestreams on Twitch and can decide if this is even appealing to you, or 'not your cup of tea', is your decision and I won't attempt to sell this unknown quantity to you.
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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015


    Use the internet and you will find the source of the rumour.

    Ah. You must mean "highly regarded" journalist Laura Kate Dale. Why didn't you say so and I could have disregarded your comment from the beginning? She criticised Hello Games for trying to pretend that their game had a plot and alleged that Rutger Hauer's voice over in their most recent trailer was ripped from Total Recall rather than being original.

    She's the worst kind of hack.

    Pro tip: when making up baseless rumours under the journalistic dodge of "I cannot say what my sources are" and saying that "it won't ship in June 2016" and "it is at least 9 months away" it helps when it is a game from a huge developer like Activision Blizzard, EA, or Ubisoft as you can hide behind the sheer numbers of people who are working on it, some who are likely to have been laid off from their now completed production phase to anonymously bad mouth it. Best avoid picking on a small indie developer like Hello Games which has about 15 incredibly passionate employees as it doesn't leave legitimate scope for some to have talked to you about how badly things are going.

    So, yes. Bollocks.

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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015

    This is about No Man's Sky.

    I don't know why you are talking about Halo 5: Guardians.
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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015


    No one is putting a gun to your head forcing you to preorder.

    I couldn't care less about your entirely unfounded doubt. Sean has been trying to quell the undeliverable hype throughout the games development. Unfortunately Hello Games couldn't afford their own PR person until quite recently and have done far less press for this game than Joe Danger titles in the past. Sean recently tweeted development was going well.
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  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015


    That is absolute bollocks. Cite source or STFU
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  • Here's your first look at Jakku in Star Wars: Battlefront

  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015


    You don't know what is in the Season Pass.

    Then again. No one does.
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  • Watch: Ian shows off Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay

  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015

    Low speed movement seems haphazard and error prone. A common problem with third person action adventures. Reply -4
  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for 78/€90

  • Uncompetative 03/11/2015

    I spent 270 on some Bose Quiet Comfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones and had to send them back because I could detect a high pitched whine. I'd advise anyone contemplating getting these to try before they buy. Reply +1
  • This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching

  • Uncompetative 02/11/2015

    Well, that was better than Prometheus, Halo 5: Guardians, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens combined!

    Please make more...
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  • Rich Stanton on: From Billions to Bedrooms

  • Uncompetative 01/11/2015

    At the time of writing, Halo 5 has just finished downloading: it took almost exactly 24 hours.
    Thankfully, it is quicker to uninstall.
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  • Respawn announces new Titanfall game

  • Uncompetative 01/11/2015


    I know.

    This game was so hideous it made my eyes hurt.
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  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • Uncompetative 01/11/2015

    Okay 343i, now put that much thought into your story.

    Oh wait...too late :-(
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  • Halo 5: Guardians review

  • Uncompetative 01/11/2015


    I am agreeing with you that 343i couldn't have split screen in this game and keep a consistent 60fps.

    I am arguing that this was the wrong choice and that the game would have been less graphically compromised if it had been a consistent 30fps.

    We could have had:

    Four player split screen both offline and online.
    Squads in both Campaign and Big Team Battle.
    A static 1920x1080p resolution in every mode.
    No late filtering of ground textures on approach.
    No late switch overs of geometry on approach.
    No late changes to shadows on approach.
    No hiding of particle effects on approach.
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  • Uncompetative 01/11/2015


    Thank you for your kind invitation, but although I enjoyed the Beta it lacked the thoughtful pace of Bungie's original trilogy. Not for me.
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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015


    I am about to finish the campaign on heroic this evening and to sum up my single player experience I'd title this game "Halo 5 - Combat regressed". This doesn't feel like Halo most of the time, more like recent Call of Duty entries. The core combat and gameplay has been watered down even more, the AI is shockingly poor and there isn't even need for teamplay.

    On top of this Halo 5 sounds and looks sometimes even worse than Halo 4. No sign of the new power of Windows 10 on Xbox One it seems. Lots of poor textures, ridiculously poor dynamic lighting and shadows (mostly missing), clumsy transition from gameplay to prescripted cutcenes. Soundtrack is okay but no standout tracks, weapons sound weaker than before - what the hell did they do the Battle Rifle? The game runs supposedly in 60fps but aiming and hitting targets is somehow worse. I even noticed framerate hicups and stutter.

    Storytelling and characters also fall flat for most of the time. The game does in no way live up to the marketing hype and the trailers teasing a big clash between MC and Locke, most of all there is no sense of wonder exploring alien planets on your own anymore. There simply isn't the time to do so anyway. :/
    I completely agree with every word of that.

    343i have never understood the franchise they were so lucky to inherit. They seem infatuated with Call of Duty. So we get the Care Packages from Black Ops in Halo 4 breaking map control and perks and loadouts and unlocks and sprint on top of shields. This failed to retain players. Now they are clearly copying the Exo Suits from Advanced Warfare which increases pace and makes it more suited to those with twitch reflexes. The Ground Pound is like the gravity spikes used by the Ruin character in Black Ops III which must have come from the Fist of Havoc superability used by the Titan class in Destiny (another Activision game). Spartan Charge is no different from Shoulder Barge in Destiny. Your arrival in dropships into a warzone with Mechs is like former Call of Duty developers last game Titanfall. It even has its burn cards.

    It is pathetic how bereft of original ideas they are.
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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015



    Dat arena ain't a cool game mode, it's way too frantic man like Advanced Warfare.

    Besides, I was just answering the other dude's question.

    He seemed to care. I knew some info.

    I don't have the game. I don't want it.

    You telling me to go play Arena assumes that I have made the idiot mistake of buying a game with an incomplete story, lacking essential multiplayer modes and a Forge for making your own gimmick free maps. DLC would have been fair for those who only want a dull campaign and infantry only multiplayer.

    Some people want to get full value for money out of their games, not rationalise the crap in the package as inconsequential, especially when it so easily could have been good.
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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015


    Split screen is dead.

    Consoles are barely holding it together when doing 1080/60. How are the devs meant to do split screen without games literally becoming last gen?

    Not defending anybody here, but the devs only have the hardware they're given to work with.
    ...and DriveClub has dynamic weather and changing time of day and looks better than Forza Motorsport 6 at half its framerate...

    ...and I don't care because it is gorgeous...

    ...and I don't care that Halo 3 was 1152x640p30 on 360...

    ...and yet Halo 5 compromises with many jarring results and dips to 1152x810p60 when "things get busy" which is pretty much all of the time...

    I didn't expect a mere 25% boost in image quality, flaky shadows, geometry shifting as I get closer to it, half-rate animations leading to "moonwalking" Elites in the middle distance, a hand-wavy explanation why Sloan looks crap, "shy flames" and dithering debris.

    Just as Turn 10 decided their simulation could only manage static weather, puddle placement and fixed time of day. Evolution Studios chose a more atmospheric mix of effects at the cost of the optimal framerate a simulation demands for a more casual arcade racer. Each made the correct trade-offs for the type of game they were making. 343i made the wrong choice by trying to turn Halo into Advanced Warfare. We could have had 1920x1080p30 with Squads in both Campaign and Invasion and Split Screen.
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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015


    'Halo 5 isn't pay-to-win, then. But it is pay-to-give-you-a-small-chance-of-having-access-to-toys-that-will-help-you-win-if-you-manage-to-unlock-them-in-a-match. Phew!'

    I'm a little confused by this so can someone who's played it give me some advice. According to the review it's the balancing act of truly powerful weapons being rarely given so you're loathed to use it during a match but what if you had the cash flow to spend freely buying Requisitions and have a healthy stock of powerful weapons so you're not restricted by worrying that you're wasting your best cards. Couldn't that be unbalancing and thought of as pay to win?

    As I said before, one side can brute force an advantage over the other by tackling those AI bosses early on in the game and leaving some to protect their core. Eventually, they will have enough to spawn Phaetons far earlier than the other team who has been busy capturing stuff and wondering where their Human opponents have got to. It is a risky strategy that will only benefit a rich team playing against a poor one and Optimatch is supposed to avoid putting those with a lot of high value REQ cards in a match with those without any. Also, 343i have acknowledged the imbalance brought by this "strategic jungling" by reducing the amount of Victory Points you get for killing an AI boss from 200 VP down to 150 VP. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to make this strategy not worthwhile.

    Halo 5's Warzone mode is


    What is sad is that it need not have been. 343i could still have funded the $1,000,000 prize for their wannabe eSports championship by offering only cosmetic Microtransactions and a 20 Vehicular DLC.

    Those that bought the base game for 45 would still be able to play an infantry-only version of Warzone.

    Optimatch would seek to put those who had bought this DLC into Warzone games in which vehicles periodicallly respawned inside those captured Armories, there were no daft on map ATMs at which you could get mugged for your single use Kelly's Shotgun, and everyone could spawn with a Battle Rifle that was better suited to ranged combat on these open battlefields, and a Sub-Machine Gun for close-quarters. I don't want to be perusing a tabbed menu of largely greyed out stuff trying to decide what I need to equip, only to find that the situation that I was preparing for has been resolved by the rest of my team, or escalated to the extent that my choice is wholly inappropriate. Would it be so terrible to have weapons on map?

    Why does the Armory not have any weapons in it?
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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015


    Halo 5 isn't pay-to-win, then. But it is pay-to-give-you-a-small-chance-of-having-access-to-toys-that-will-help-you-win-if-you-manage-to-unlock-them-in-a-match
    That seems like an awful mouthful. What about?

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  • Uncompetative 30/10/2015

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  • DriveClub's impressive debut on PlayStation VR

  • Uncompetative 28/10/2015

    Any chance of a 60fps time trial option for the non-VR version?

    A SCUF Controller can be used to change gears, etc. Whilst the right thumbstick allows you to look towards the apex of the approaching corner or check out the clearance on a competitor you are passing.
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  • No Man's Sky release date set for June 2016

  • Uncompetative 28/10/2015

    I'm fine with this.

    Already preordered months ago. It's coming.
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  • What works and what doesn't in Halo 5: Guardians

  • Uncompetative 28/10/2015


    343i have made pragmatic compromises to achieve 60fps under some demanding criteria.

    Infinity Ward have it easy with Call of Duty with its infantry only multiplayer on compact maps, they have also been forced to compromise by using dynamic horizontal resolution in their single player titles.

    Respawn Entertainment could not manage to deliver Titanfall on Microsoft's console without horrendous judder and screen tearing.

    DICE had to drop the resolution of Battlefield 4 on consoles with the ONE being less detailed than the PS4. I bought it on both platforms and got enjoyment out of its rare use of my Kinect in the Air Superiority mode.

    Frontier Developments does well with its audiovisual presentation of Elite: Dangerous but at the cost of reclaiming 11% of the GPU from the Kinect so that it sorely lacks head-tracking.

    Guerrilla Games sensibly chose to provide the option to lock their variable refresh rate so it updated only half as rapidly as these others in its singleplayer campaign and as a result their Killzone: Shadow Fall remains the most visually stunning shooter of this generation.

    Bungie sensibly kept to this thirty frames per second framerate in their gorgeous Destiny, giving themselves ample time to render large complex environments with lots of enemies in an uncompromised HD resolution on both of the next-generation consoles. It didn't appear to matter that much that a game whose pace was increased by Sprint wasn't 60fps.

    Could 343i have been better served if Halo 5 had built around the successful formula that they inherited and taken the idea of Squads (which provides everyone with a readymade identity in cooperative play) and extended it into large scale multiplayer maps like Warzone so that each player could command their own UNSC Marines rather than leave them serving a defensive role in each team's starting base?

    Would they have needed to increase the pace of the game with these new Spartan abilities that demand Advanced Warfare refresh rates when taking inspiration from Full Spectrum Warrior would make COD's gameplay seem comparatively shallow?

    Maybe they could have had Sprint and Dodge at 1920x1080p30 with split screen and Squad Invasion and none of these issues with dodgy presentation because they'd given themselves double the amount of time than COD has at its disposal to render players, AI and vehicles in epic environments?

    Maybe Sprint could have been better balanced by having it drain Shields so that noobs used it to rush veterans until they learnt to end each Sprint with a Slide into cover, regenerate as they reloaded and pop out having taken stock of the situation around them?

    Halo 5: Guardians simply shouldn't have attempted to be 60fps with everything else that it needed to achieve.
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  • Xbox One backwards compatibility dated for November

  • Uncompetative 27/10/2015


    Been playing some Shadow Complex and Borderlands on the X1 via b/c and it's great to see what small issues that were present already ironed out and offering virtually flawless performance. Love playing 360 games on the X1 controller.

    They weren't lying when they said this is the best line up in Xbox history, by mid Novemnber we will of had;

    Gears Ultimate
    Rare Replay
    Elite Dangerous
    Forza Motorsport 6
    Halo 5
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Fallout 4
    Fable Legends
    New UI (the best Xbox has seen thus far)
    Elite Controller
    and free backwards compatibility including all future GWG titles?

    What a year 2015 has been!
    There is only one game of merit on that list. All the rest are either remakes or multiplatforms or riddled with exploitative microtransactions.

    I got my Elite Controller yesterday and it would be nice to have some games to play with it.
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