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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Unclebenny 19/06/2014

    Just a quick one as im on my phone at work.

    Like you, tom, i dont believe most of these dismissive comments come from a deep seared misogony. However i don't really think they are all reactionary either. A lot of straight white men just dont get what its like to be persucuted in whatever way, to whatever degree for something you can't control. They therefore dont see it as a problem wworthy of attention.

    While i dont agree with everything you wrote I think its very important that someone is out there writing these pieces and making the industry and community think.
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  • Ubisoft's E3 conference

  • Unclebenny 09/06/2014

    I enjoyed that plus I enjoy his beard. That's enough now though. Reply 0
  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • Unclebenny 09/06/2014

    Wow a lot of people don't like a lot of things on here. Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 09/06/2014

    He's got an arm off! Reply 0
  • Nintendo - A Sad Story part two Triforces Link to open chests forever

  • Unclebenny 30/04/2014

    That Sub heading made absolutely no sense to me before reading the story. Reply +6
  • Sony turning off Gran Turismo 5, Resistance servers

  • Unclebenny 06/01/2014

    @MrTomFTW I'll swap you for my copy of MAG.

    Never even unlocked the biggest battles as I got distracted by shiny things.
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  • Gitaroo Man retrospective

  • Unclebenny 04/08/2013

    Yes! One of my favourite games ever. I've got the CD soundtrack sat at home somewhere. I could never get past the third boss on the rock hard mose though, I decided that was obviously designed for people in the future when genetic manipulation was commonplace.

    My personal favourite track was the crazy rock opera with the slightly worrying organ player.
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  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    Finally got a cheer when they paused fpr a cheer. Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    Victorian zombies? Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    That music makes me think the queen should be comingon. That'd save this... the Queen. Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    How man times will they reference Breaking Bad? Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    No... but really.... its exactly the same as the Xbox. I suppose theres only so many ways to design a black box. Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 11/06/2013

    It looks near identical to Xbox one! Reply 0
  • Live: Ubisoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Unclebenny 10/06/2013

    Unless its Assasins Creed has a Skies of Arcadia style crew recruitment system, you can colour me uninterested. Reply 0
  • Borderlands 2's fourth DLC is Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

  • Unclebenny 02/05/2013

    @riz23 Thanks for the codes. I've been stockpiling them like I do potions in a final fantasy game. Reply +3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Uprising review

  • Unclebenny 17/04/2013

    Geological pedantry!

    Its only magma if its underground. If you can see it above ground, then its lava.

    I have nothing else of use.
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  • Jurassic Park mod would be impressive even without John Williams' score

  • Unclebenny 03/01/2013

    Fun fact- Velociraptors were mis- named in the film. Actual Velociraptors were the size of medium sized dogs. What is in the film is Deinonychus or Utahraptors or something similar. Hopefully Deinonychus, my personal favourite dinosaur. Whats yours? Reply 0
  • Call of Duty and Guitar Hero offline due to Hurricane Sandy

  • Unclebenny 31/10/2012

    Don't comment often but what the hey, stupidity levels are high enough to force my hand.

    How people think its appropriate to wish for more hurricanes to knock down the servers for a game, I assume from their comments, they don't even play is baffling. Thats ignoring the much bigger issue that peoples lives and business's were ruined by this hurricane.

    I shouldn't be surprised by stupidity on the internet but maybe I wish more of us expected more of ourselves and others.

    If you don't like COD, fine. If you you do like it, fine. Why can't people enjoy something without being prejudiced against by self important morons with agendas against anything popular.
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  • Fable III

  • Unclebenny 01/12/2010

    Wow, being pleasent on the internet, who knew. Reply 0
  • Unclebenny 29/11/2010

    Good review, annoyingly put up just after my own review. Mock shaken fists ensue. Very well written though. I get the feeling I wasn't as displeased with the game as you but I can totally understand your viewpoint. Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • Unclebenny 21/08/2010

    I think you get the general vein of why halo is so popular completley right. I'm also glad you admit bias right at the start, not that the internet is the kind if place where people would make accusations or anything.

    P.S. Your writing makes me feel like I almost know you.
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  • Linkin Park single debuting in MOH

  • Unclebenny 28/07/2010

    I like Linkin Park. I'm 24. I dont think they fit into a game that is trying to give a serious portrayal of a current conflict that actually affects millions of people around the world. Then again which band would.

    Polyphonic Spree anybody?
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  • Alan Wake

  • Unclebenny 05/05/2010

    Just to throw my two pence in late in the day-

    Mainly aimed at Calgon- You are fully entitled to disagree with a review. Thats kind of the point... or at least you would be entitled to disagree if you hadn't fully admitted to not even reading it due to person who wrote it.

    What a ridiculous view point. How can you spend this much time arguing about a the review and not even read it?

    If you had read it you would see that Ellie put forward a reasonable argument as to why she gave it a 7. Its a game that eventually boils down to repition of mechanics and a very cliched narrative. She obviously thinks you can enjoy it and defended the controls and combat. Once youve read the review come back and begin your debate again. Until then "I don't like this person therefore they're viewpoint is irellevant!" doesn't bloody work.

    And to all those complaining about the score of 7, try counting to ten- you'll see that half way through there is a 5. So logically an average of the numbers between one and ten is 5

    Average! 5!- Sort your lives ouy and learn to count.

    Thank you and goodnight.
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  • EGTV: The Videogames Election

  • Unclebenny 29/04/2010

    I don't have a care who to vote for, as its "same shXt different arsehole" for me.
    All the parties are full of shit and run by cnuts.

    I take particular issue with this kind of statement.
    Do you really think all the hundreds of MP's are all basteards who got into polistics for the money and so they could screw over their fellow man? This is a stupidly cynacil view point fuelled by the over reaction to the recent expenses scandal.

    I'm not defending the expenses scandal and I'm not saying all politicans are squeaky clean but to refuse to vote under the delusion that it wont make a difference drives me mad. This is your best chance as a member of the public to change significant policies in this country and youre willing to throw it away in some mis- guided attempt to teach politicains a lesson.

    Rant over, the video was interesting. I'd like to see more game sites making reference to the rich game devlopmetn heratige this country has. Especially as we are not going to get out heavy industry back. this is a great way to get people through education and into jobs.
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  • Leona Lewis gives verdict on FFXIII

  • Unclebenny 18/02/2010

    Am i the only one who deosn't care about this? I hate the X- factor and its ilk as much as the next person (who isn't a teenage over excitable girl) but does this actually affect the "core gamer" at al?

    We all need to accept that gaming has become a much bigger buisness in the past few years, this is going to lead to irrelevant celebrity endorsements. There quite obviously not aimed at "us" though, Squarenix is trying to break into a new market. They're a buisness, its what they do (if I may indulge in some nonsense business sepak)- expand their market, break out of their box, visualise the impossible and so on.

    Maybe we should just ignore out, stop being so insular as a community and focus on how good the game is?
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  • Eurogamer.net Podcast launches!

  • Unclebenny 12/01/2010

    "One thing I find when listening to podcasts is that inane chatter is actually highly entertaining. Not the whole thing, but I don't like when people try to stay on topic with a religious fixation."

    I agree, free flowing banter ceartainly lets you get an idea about what reviewers think in a more casual way than well thought out review. The dragon age bit at the start being a prime example.

    When I get round to playing dragon age I'll now know where to go to get some experimental poorly animated homoeroctic elf sex. Giving a whole new meaning to the term "uncanny valley"

    P.S. Enjoyed the banter but maybe a bit more structure might smooth things along a bit.
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  • MW2 javelin patch imminent on PS3/360

  • Unclebenny 07/12/2009

    Charlie789 - Whats this about a ninja perk glitch? The only way I know about any of these glitches is throught these news items and comments threads. It'd be nice to have something to blame my constant dying on. Reply 0
  • Using MW2 exploit will get Live suspension

  • Unclebenny 03/12/2009

    These arguments for "It can be done therefore why shouldn't I" are so stupid it makes my kidneys hurt.

    It's obviously cheating, the fact people have to go out of their way to defend it shows its cheating.

    "I'm not a cheater but..."

    To those who defend this kind of behaviour, why in a game of skill would take all the skill away by hiding in a rock or becoming a suicide bomber. Nothing good comes from suicide bombing. By hiding in a imprentrable rock, you just prove what a skilless and class- less player you are. Unable to get a decent kil streak unless protected by an invisble barrier.
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  • Unclebenny 03/12/2009

    nuanimal- I'm not sure I understand your argument. Are you saying that because cheating is inevitable we should just accept it and get on with our lives?

    I'd wondered what was going on with this suicide bomber thing thats been going on recently. The worst thing is if you shoot them they explode. So all you can do is run away from them. Its like a metaphor for taking on armies of terrorists. Maybe not...

    I think the most important point to remember for those whop try to justify cheating/ exploiting is that you are taking a level playing field and bending it to your advantage and that is the only reason these people get such stupidly high scores. That doesn't make you a good player it just makes you a gimp. Often these people haven't even discovered these gliteches/ cheats themselves they've just heard them on a forum.

    So they were'nt being creative in the first place.

    They can read....

    I bet thats one of their few skills...
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  • Activision chose to censor Russian MW2

  • Unclebenny 17/11/2009

    Are we assuming everyones played this level now? It was incredibly hard to keep that level a suprise.

    To counter andromeda's well put criticims:

    I like COD, it is good.
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  • MJ's Moonwalker for Virtual Console

  • Unclebenny 09/11/2009

    Making enemies dance themsleves to death still rates as one of my fav special attacks. I'm hoping its one of the perks in COD 6. Reply +6
  • Exclusive: The voice of Mario at the EG Expo

  • Unclebenny 03/11/2009

    You can see my and my mate in the background at the start of this video. I was trying to explain who this weird squaky voiced man was. Reply 0
  • Spot Forza 3 Ferrari in London on Friday

  • Unclebenny 22/10/2009

    I'm actually in London on fridayfor an interview. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: EG scoring policy

  • Unclebenny 26/05/2009

    Good work. I think its vital everyone realises that 5 is average. Most people seem to assume that 7 is average and also an insult to their sainted mother.I'm not sure why.

    However thwe final score is perhaps the least important part of the review. All those words that come before it really do play a part in explaining whats the games about, whats rorng with it and whats right with it.
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  • Prototype

  • Unclebenny 21/05/2009

    It looks like it plays very much like hulk ultimate destruction, even a lot of the animation looks simlar if you look at it. With the exception of being able to take over cars and choppers. Def looking forward to this, i do enjoy smashing things.....


    Unclebenny Smash!!!

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  • Rock Band PSP dated, songs listed

  • Unclebenny 18/05/2009

    Ahh, if its more like frequency and amplitude, that makes more sense to me.

    I shall research better in the future.
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  • Unclebenny 18/05/2009

    Questionalble music taste aside (Bon Jovi?) surely this psp version will take away everything thats good about rock band, i.e. fisher price plastic instruments and playing with friends? I cant believe anyone really would have choose to play with the pad on rockband over the instruments. Reply 0
  • Bionic Commando

  • Unclebenny 18/05/2009

    I must admit, i picked up the multiplayer pretty quickly, once i just treated it as multiplayer version of the spiderman games. I def share people's annoyance ast having just a multiplayter demo though. It wasn't the most intuative thing to be thrown into. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo 2009!

  • Unclebenny 07/05/2009

    Whoo! A Northern leg. A might be able to come then. Perhaps I can trick some of my friends into coming. Thats not very likley though. I'll go by myself though. I don't need friends. Reply 0
  • Darkfall Online

  • Unclebenny 06/05/2009


    After 500 comments I finally notice there's an argument going on.

    Seems to me most Darkfall people (not to generalise) seem to be focusing on the tiny little technical pieces of the review, such as whether you can quickly switch weapons and not on the major game crippiling problems that he mentioned and assumed mark down for. I talk of lack of content, dull un inspired landscapes and frustrating glitchy gameplay. Surely if you want to disprove his review start by explaining whats good and fun about the game.

    I've not played it so can'f offer a fair opinion. However if the truth about being able to be killed by anyone at anytime is true then this game is never going to appear beyond a tiny hardcore crowd who believe this gives them some sort of credibility. People always try to move away from the popoular to become more popular, so i'm sure people will go to this game and claim its much better because only the hardest of the hardcore play there.

    I thought the point of MMORPG's was to bring people together and half the fun came from the sociable element. I can easily see quite a lot of people being put off if a few morons are killing all the new people for some distorted sense of power. Thats like beating up a baby. Its not been in the world long enough to know how to block and its smaller and weaker than you due to a lack of time to grow.

    Anyway. I've had my say. Just leave with an idea. If you like the game then what does it matter if someone reviwed it poorly? In the end all this negative press will only increase interest in the game anyway. No such thing as bad publicity!
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 returns, PSN demo

  • Unclebenny 28/04/2009

    @The Bodybuilder- Second that comment

    Tried to play MvsC2 the other day on my dreamcast but the aerial connector is knackered I think. An unhappy man I was that day.

    This should be good. Probably wont be as good as I was when Iused to play it all the time though but then I dont think I was that good even in my prime as I was only playing against the computer.
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  • GDC: Why OnLive Can't Possibly Work

  • Unclebenny 26/03/2009

    BobsUncle-I get the general idea. Essentially everyone playing games streamed of some giant monster computer in a bunker somewhere. so they dont have to own the hardware themselves. Then everyone seems to be saying its impossible.

    I was just confused as to how no one else on the website was reading the article and not understanding most of the words used. Its all crazy techno babble to me.

    thanks for taking the time to lower yourself to my level though :).
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  • Unclebenny 26/03/2009

    Am I really the only person who read this article and didnt understand the vast majority of it? I cant be surely? If so it doesn't make me feel good at the end of the day.

    Come on someone join me in ignorance.
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  • Dead Space: Extraction

  • Unclebenny 21/03/2009

    FogHeart- In this context, someones opinion cant be wrong. Its an opinion- a point of view. No one said it was true.

    Personally I agree with the eurogamer review. I finished the game enjoyed it but I wasntblown away by the run shoot, push a button shoot, run mechanic. Again, an opinion.

    As a side note, when the EA person said they have a secret female voice actor for the main character What are the bets its the lady who plays Cortana in Halo. Shes every female character in a game at the moment.
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  • Watchmen: The End Is Nigh

  • Unclebenny 09/03/2009

    Spectral and Olemak- In reference to scrolling bralwers, have both tried Streets of Rage 2? Its avalible on xbox live arcade and is possibly the pinnace of the genre and was made when they were as common as FPS's are today.

    I havent played the demo of this but reading the review it becomes clear where it falls down. If your going to be pummeling people in the face over and over for a few hours you need a some variation, ask the next mafia hitman you see.
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  • Sam & Max heading to XBLA

  • Unclebenny 02/03/2009

    I just got season one for the wii and am enjoying it, having never really played a point and clicker due to a complete lack of my own pc until recently. Reply 0
  • The Art of Dante's Inferno

  • Unclebenny 25/02/2009

    @Daryoon- Yeah I agree this game doesnt seem like its going to be a particuarly deep game once everything is said and done, but I just get bored of so many people suggesting that the only motivation for anyone writing for this site, is the promise of money and power from the game producers. Perhaps the chance to cover something a bit different is the reason they are giving this game a lot of coverage? To prmote debate about game/art etc.

    Or perhaps Daryoon is right..... and everyone at EG lives in a pearl palace, still being formed in the mouth of a clam.... thats coated in gold..... in a sea of caviar.
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  • Unclebenny 25/02/2009

    @konniehuqfan Maybe its because with this game they get to talk about literature and discuss the relevance of games as an art form? i assume most journalists were educated in English degrees which involve reading and discussing this kind of literature.

    Or perhaps everyone else is right and their just doing it for exclusives/ money/ personal favours from EA/ pocket sized giraffes etc etc.

    I look forward to the day I become so jaded by life I feel the need to have a go at every article written on this site.

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  • Prototype

  • Unclebenny 23/02/2009

    I agree, it does sound like hulk ultimate destruction, which is no bad thing. I might go as far to say that its a good thing.... I think I will.

    Its a good thing

    Look slike it could be a good game, as long as they dont screw up like a lot of the spiderman games do and actually give you lots of interesting side quests. The taking over peoples body thing, is also something i hope is exploited properly and isn't just used during missions. Perhaps you could take over the body of a young boy whose father was mudered by men in black cars and solve the mystery through a combination of martial arts, fork lift truck driving and caring for a kitten...... No wait.....

    Either way, looking forward to this.
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  • Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

  • Unclebenny 13/02/2009

    @glottis0- Yeah thats what first occured but then i thought, "No, surely a person who has worked hard to get qualified and then employed would eventually say "Look boys, the jokes over. I want to review an actual game not these free-on-a-box-of-frosties monstrosities you keep giving me"

    She must get slightly sick of only reviewing dire games. Like you were alluding to, its possible to write a good review and be funny at the same time.
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