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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

  • UncleLou 17/04/2014

    I don't know where the 13 million PS4s are that have been sold to retail, but not to customers yet, but one thing is certain: they are not where I live. Still not seen a single PS4 in the flesh. If you constantly monitor online shops, you can get lucky and order one before it's sold out again 5 minutes later, but that's it. Reply +6
  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • UncleLou 16/04/2014

    @Cosmopolitan I am not a native speaker either, but people use the same idiom in my language. :-) I guess the original ("legal") meaning of the saying has been lost.

    In this particular case, I don't think there is a way to use the idiom "correctly". You could just say you're an exception, (but you don't prove a rule). ;-)
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  • UncleLou 16/04/2014

    @Cosmopolitan I give at least one try to each one. I am an exception that proves the rule though.

    Pedant mode: an exception that proves the rule is an explicit exception which demonstrates that there is otherwise a (not explicit) rule. Example: "lawnmowing prohibited on Sundays" tells you that it is allowed from Monday to Saturday.

    Sorry, bit of a pet peeve. I agree with your post otherwise. ;)
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  • Age of Wonders 3 review

  • UncleLou 11/04/2014

    I've bought this, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but mostly it reminds me of how sophisticated Civ (including V, which is awesome now) is, unfortunately. I know the focus here is more on the tactical battles, but so far I've found them not terribly interesting, either. Reply 0
  • Orcs Must Die! Unchained adds twist of MOBA, CCG, PVP

  • UncleLou 11/04/2014

    I'd much rather have a single-player/coop focused sequel than a free-to-play MM game, personally. Reply +4
  • Hotline Miami 2 trailer is gory-ous

  • UncleLou 08/04/2014

    Loved it on the PC, but it's on the Vita where it really, really shines.

    Day 1 for me.
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  • Rumoured Dark Souls 2 PC graphics options revealed

  • UncleLou 08/04/2014

    @ItsBozzie I am not exactly sure what you are talking about, but yes, people were comparing pre-release footage and the beta version they played themselves with the released game. Reply +5
  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls review

  • UncleLou 31/03/2014

    @mcmarteau PoE needs some time to get going. Once you start combining skill gems with support gems, and get to the next difficulties, it's really getting better and better. And with the map system, it has the best endgame in the genre. But, admittedly, if it doesn't click, it doesn't click. Definitely worth trying, seeing how it's free. I've spent more time with it than with D3. Reply +3
  • UncleLou 31/03/2014

    @ATARI Diablo 3 has the best combat system - it's constantly fun and varied, and simply very well thought out, and unless I am very much mistaken, there's a trial version. One of my all-time favourites in the genre is Titan Quest, which should be super-cheap now.

    And my personal favourite lately is Path of Exile, which is completely free. Everything you can spend money on is purely cosmetic. It's not as "fun" and/or polished as D3, but it has a fairly deep character building system and awesome loot. Extremely addictive, especially if you like pondering over stats and builds.

    Personally, I found Torchlight 2 even a bit disappointing, and I've spent a lot more time with all the others I've mentioned.
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  • UncleLou 31/03/2014

    @Erek The 'Souls' games have rendered this series obsolete.

    Now that we have Assetto Corsa, the Souls games are just as obsolete.
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  • UncleLou 31/03/2014

    This expansion has for now pushed aside Path of Exile as my go-to loot-em-up. Let's see for how long. Reply +4
  • FTL due next week on iPad for $10

  • UncleLou 28/03/2014

    @Kaprikawn You bought an Android tablet yesterday, and already start complaining that it doesnt have the games/software you want. Sounds like 200 quid well spent. And you have the nerve to call others twats. Heh. You couldn't make it up. Reply +6
  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • UncleLou 19/03/2014

    If you light a torch, it often looks much closer to the original footage. Problem is, torches are too rare, not really needed at all, and impractical, because you can neither use a shield nor a second weapon.

    They should make the now grey/flat looking corridors pitchblack, and allow torches to be stuck to helmets and shields.
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  • Diablo 3's controversial Auction House finally goes offline

  • UncleLou 18/03/2014

    @Roddles If only fans had vocalised this both before and after the game's release eh?

    You do know that Diablo 2 players were asking for an easier method to trade for years. right?
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  • Need for Speed film review

  • UncleLou 12/03/2014

    I've caught a glimpse of the trailer recently, had no idea they were even making a NfS film, but immediately recognized that that is what it must be. Not that I have any interest whatsoever in seeing it, I was just surprised that it does seem to have a distinctive style, so to speak. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • UncleLou 11/03/2014

    Great review, Tom - did you notice if the lighting is really dramatically worse than in the pre-release footage and in the beta, or is that just a big rumour? Reply +5
  • Games are squandering their potential to truly immerse us

  • UncleLou 08/03/2014

    Could not agree more with the article. The currently en-vogue, terribly inelegant icon-chasing game design killed several "AAA" franchises for me.

    Stalker or the treasure hunt in Red Dead showed how you can make such things immersive and rewarding.
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  • Dark Souls 2 PC release date confirmed

  • UncleLou 06/03/2014

    @Erek Fortunately, you don't decide that. Bad luck for you, good for gamers. Reply +2
  • Gearbox's Homeworld HD is now Homeworld Remastered

  • UncleLou 06/03/2014

    I've only recently reinstalled Homeworld 2, used some sort of widescreen/resolution mod, and it still looks absolutely gorgeous, imo. Homeworld 1, not so much. If this collection means I can replay HW1 with HW2's graphics, I am already sold. Reply +8
  • Banished review

  • UncleLou 28/02/2014

    @SheffAI Yeah, random maps in a strategy game, how awful. It's like he's never played Civilization, or Age of Empires, or Starcraft, or Anno.

    Er, wait a minute.
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  • Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime

  • UncleLou 20/02/2014

    Looks lovely, but did they really also need to use the Ico font? It's a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. Reply +1
  • Sacred 3 out this summer

  • UncleLou 20/02/2014

    Yeah. Mind, the preview was pretty short. It does seem to be more a "Gauntlet with basic stats" than a proper action-RPG. But then Ascaron is no more, anyway, and the game is made by another developer. Reply +1
  • UncleLou 20/02/2014

    @slk486 It does indeed totally break a game that is basically a loot-em-up, yes.

    From what I've read, you can occasionally (when you level or something) pick from a couple of different items with different stats. Seeing how Sacred never was actually a top-tier game in the genre, I don't think they can afford to drop the one feature the majority of people plays these games for in the first place.
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  • UncleLou 20/02/2014

    No randomized loot (according to a preview I've read), which means I have zero interest. Reply -2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 720p on Xbox One

  • UncleLou 17/02/2014

    @Silverflash Oh dear. This is going to get really tiresome through this generation as PS fanboys seize their chance to get their pound of flesh... again... and again... and again..

    What do you mean, "this generation". It's been like this for years. The other way round, maybe, but that doesn't make a difference, does it.
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  • SteamWorld Dig headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita

  • UncleLou 14/02/2014

    Loved this on the PC, but would have waited for the Vita version. If only I had known... Reply +2
  • PS4 sold nearly double Xbox One in US last month

  • UncleLou 14/02/2014

    The demand really must be quite something, it's still basically not available in Germany. You can't even order it anymore, not even at "giants" like amazon (except through the marketplace for a premium).

    Not seen a single one yet in any store.
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  • First footage of next-gen RPG Lords of the Fallen

  • UncleLou 12/02/2014

    Looks good. There's more than enough room between Dark Souls and over-the-top combo button mashers. Reply +1
  • Divinity: Original Sin alpha review

  • UncleLou 07/02/2014

    @Jorendo Yeah, I did, sorry. But then your post does sound a bit like that. :)

    Topic is a bit of a pet peeve, as you can't go into a "community hub" on Steam for an early access game without wading through hundreds of posts of people complaining about the price, as if they are entitled to get access now and cheap.
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  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    @arcam Maybe you should read once again how the conversation started, and in which way and why I compared pre-ordering to early access. Because you somehow seem to have missed the point in between all the semantic pedantry.

    For example, when I say something like the following

    But again: you don't pay "for the alpha". You pay for the full game. That's the whole point. It's even in the name, "early access".

    and you "disagreed" as follows

    The way I see, it you're paying for access to a development version, which will be upgraded to the full version at a later date for no extra cost.

    then maybe we're not really disagreeing.
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  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    I give up. Reply +3
  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    @arcam Obviously. I don't disagree with anything you are saying. And it's terribly nice if developers give you a discount in exchange for your help funding the game.

    But again: you don't pay "for the alpha". You pay for the full game. That's the whole point. It's even in the name, "early access".

    (And FWIW, if you pre-order on Steam, you can't get your money back, either, or at least until very recently).
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  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    @mcmarteau I can go to amazon.de this very moment, pre-order the boxed copy of Divinity, and get no early access.

    Or I can pay the same amount on Steam, get the full version when it's released, and have early access right now.

    Please explain to me why I should expect a discount with the second option.
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  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    @mcmarteau A pre-order is an order for a game that was not releaed yet. Such a game is by definition not yet finished, unless you pre-order only a couple of weeks in advance.

    And no, it's entirely unreasonably to expect any significant discount. In fact, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the whole concept.
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  • UncleLou 06/02/2014

    @Jorendo I haven't bought the early access yet, not sure if i will, i find the price a bit steep for a alpha version

    No offence, but that old misunderstanding, again?

    You don't pay for the alpha version. You pay for the full version, but get the chance to play it now, if you want. Think of it as a pre-order with the added bonus of "early access".
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  • Work on The Banner Saga 2 will commence

  • UncleLou 07/02/2014

    @TheJuriel Also, this is the prettiest game in a long while. Take that, polygons. :p

    It really is. It's stunningly beautiful. Drop-dead gorgeous in a way that usually only concept art is, and not games themselves.

    And it's a damn good game, too.
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  • Court favours Valve in not allowing digital content resells

  • UncleLou 07/02/2014

    @sbrandon Charging the same price for a download copy (which cant be resold) as a physical copy (which can easily be traded or sold) is a no-brainer

    If I have to choose between the two, at the same price, I'll always choose the download version. The 24/7 convenience and all the advantages that come with Steam and the like are worth more to me, personally, than resale value.

    That said, that's only the case on the PC, so you have a point. I don't like to buy download titles for consoles due to the in-built obsolescence of the system.
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  • UncleLou 07/02/2014

    @sybixsus Well, you can already do exactly that with Steam gift codes, theoretically. As long as you do that in the EU, you are covered by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

    Seeing how Steam games are usually cheaper in the UK than in many other EU countries, that's not such a far-fetched idea.

    Negged? I made a post that is nothing but facts. :D
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  • Toukiden: The Age of Demons demo is out today

  • UncleLou 29/01/2014

    @fatbob1080 Cheers, I dimly remembered something along those lines.

    Anyway, looks great, very smooth, but not much fun to play. As Granpire pointed out, combat just feels...not great.

    @Bahumet As usually, PSN is awful. I only found it by typing it into the search box, as it's neither among the demos, nor featured anywhere else.

    Beats me why it seems to be so hard to have an actually working and up to date "what's new" category.
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  • UncleLou 29/01/2014

    @fatbob1080 Is there another version they're not releasing? Reply +3
  • Hotline Miami 2 will bring the pain in Q3

  • UncleLou 29/01/2014

    Absolutely fantastic game, bought it twice, but preferred the Vita version. One of the rare games I actually finished in recent years. Reply +1
  • Apple earns record amounts, defends its innovation

  • UncleLou 28/01/2014

    @George-Roper "Mate of mine showed me a game playing on Windows on his dual-booted MacBook, apparently a new one (he was all smiles). He fired it up. It ran like a dog. He lowered the graphics settings. It ran like a dog.

    I politely smiled, nodded and looked away, embarrassed at how much that thing must have cost him for such poor performance. All because he was tired of carrying a 'conventional' laptop around.

    That's a stupid post, George, and because you're not a stupid person, you know it. A few others here are excused, though. :p
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  • Alienware won't "prevent" users from modding Steam Machine

  • UncleLou 24/01/2014

    @misterm84 Then they should buy a PS4. If they aren't prepared to save money and do something as simple as build a PC they shouldn't be gaming on one, in my opinion.

    What nonsense. PC gaming is about playing PC games. Whether you have any geeky interest in building it yourself is an entirely different matter. I have, and have been building my own PCs for...ever, but it's not mandatory at all.

    And with time being usually more valuable than money these days for me, I wouldn't say no to spending a little more these days to have my PC built.
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  • Might & Magic 10: Legacy review

  • UncleLou 24/01/2014

    Grimrock had excellent dungeon/puzzle design though. Can anyone who played it comment on M&M's dungeons? Reply +1
  • UncleLou 23/01/2014

    Judging by the screenshots, I really prefer Legends of Grimrock. Old-school game or not, this looks rather poor, technically and artistically, and it's not like it's an indie or budget price game. Grimrock made me drool from the first screenshot on that I saw, this just leaves me cold. :-/ Reply -4
  • Rymdkapsel set for Steam this month

  • UncleLou 22/01/2014

    It's a really nice game, but I "got" it on my second attempt, finished it, and never had the desire to play it again. Bit of a shame that was, too, as the randmisation etc. is ovbviously there for added replayability.

    Good news then that it will have additional modes (and perhabs also different difficult levels?)
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  • In Theory: Valve and OpenGL: is PC gaming coming to mobile?

  • UncleLou 18/01/2014

    @penhalion Rudderless? Heh. No. They never seemed more determined. Reply +5
  • Assetto Corsa beta review

  • UncleLou 17/01/2014

    @neonxaos For me, AC feels a bit more natural. It's hard to put a finger on why exactly, but I felt right at home in AC's driving model more than in pCars'. And as silly as that sounds for early access games, AC is somehow more ... polished. Every update in PC always seems a bit messy to me, while the AC devs just march forward and keep adding useful and well-implemented features every time.

    I don't think there's graphical that much between them, btw., but I find AC is performing a little better.

    In the end, I am not unhappy I backed/bought both, but atm, my money is more on AC.*

    No pun intended. My money is literally on (or rather: in) both. :p
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  • Broken Age: Act 1 review

  • UncleLou 17/01/2014

    @MrTroll Elijah Wood was one of the very first backers because he's a fan. Schafer has said that he had no effect on the budget at all. So, unless you're saying that Double Fine are lying... Reply +2
  • This is what a 10,000 unit space battle looks like

  • UncleLou 16/01/2014

    @schnide s that a computerised voice doing the voiceover? It probably isn't, but it sure sounds like it.

    Had a similar thought:

    "Thank you, and have a very safe and productive day."
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