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  • See Halo 4's version of Valhalla and its new mech in action

  • Tyrhinis 02/10/2012

    What the hell Microsoft. This video is like a parody of everything I was scared of for 343 and Halo 4. Dubstep, teabagging, and vehicles which reward skilled single players - like the Scorpion, unlike the Hornet. Bungie understood that making a team game fun means making people work together. Where's the gunner seat? Where's any weaknesses at all? Reply -2
  • BBC iPlayer heads to Xbox Live next week

  • Tyrhinis 14/03/2012

    Glad to hear that the BBC Charter beat Microsoft's hatred for free content. The reverse was too scary to contemplate. Reply +32
  • 343 confirms Halo 4 is native 720p

  • Tyrhinis 07/03/2012

    "There aren't 'perks' in the game as being described here,"
    "[...] This allows you to customise load outs and gives you gameplay enhancements that can be unlocked through the progression system."
    As far as I'm concerned, ANY gameplay modifications which need to be unlocked are utterly against the core level-playing-field philosophy of Halo. Why, 343, why?

    If, as @AntiRad suggests, everyone had the same 'pool' of points to spend on upgrades, that would be a very interesting idea but almost impossible to balance - there might quickly turn out to be a few 'best' loadouts, which new players wouldn't know about and would thus be at a disadvantage. In any case, that doesn't appear to be the case, and they're going with the tried-and-tested "give the best, most obsessed players all the best toys" which has totally destroyed any sense of meaningful fairness in CoD and Battlefield. Tragic.
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  • Halo 4 Preview: Remaster Chief

  • Tyrhinis 05/03/2012

    Armour can now be upgraded and personalised, but whereas such modifications were purely aesthetic in previous games, this time they bring with them gameplay perks - as well as a fundamental shift in the philosophy at the heart of Halo's multiplayer.

    Halo was the last big FPS franchise which didn't give better guns, perks and abilities to the people who'd been playing longer and were therefore better. How hard is this to understand? If you take a break from playing CoD or Battlefield, you might as well give up, since everyone else has better equipment all the time. You could buy a copy of Reach tomorrow and you'd have just as many toys as someone at Mythic rank.

    Balanced multiplayer is rare enough already. Why on earth would you pander to the minuscule ultra-hardcore like this?

    I've played every Halo on launch day, bought two consoles because of it, and count them among my favourite games of all time. I seriously doubt I'll buy Halo 4.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 set in American Revolution - report

  • Tyrhinis 01/03/2012

    Damn, I was hoping for gaslight London, revolutionary France, or Bolshevik Russia. The three things AC does well (swordfights, climbing & parkour, and social stealth) are not going to be present in 1770s America. Single-storey buildings, lots of long sightlines and muskets, and not many people? Huge mistake.

    (also, if they'd gone with revolutionary France, they could totally have done a big Les Mis reference and HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN HUH)
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  • Assassin's Creed 3, Splinter Cell: Retribution coming this year?

  • Tyrhinis 14/02/2012

    Although Brotherhood was fantastic, I have to agree with Lexx87 et al - they should have stuck to one full sequel every two or three years, possibly with small expansion-pack-sized releases in between (like Halo ODST: use the same engine and same multiplayer but try something a bit different for the SP and throw in all the DLC for the MP, and then price it at about Ł28ish).

    Does look like a cracking list. I feel sorry for the PC gamers who won't be able to play any of them because of DRM.
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  • Microsoft: Xbox 360 exclusives need "quality" not quantity

  • Tyrhinis 23/01/2012

    I really don't care about exclusives, I care about getting good, innovative games on my 360. Microsoft are not delivering on that front, Bastion aside, because they're concentrating on Kinect - and while I own Kinect, I don't think it's ready yet. The difficulty in a game should be from the game not the controller, and as yet, that isn't the case.

    I agree with AgentCool - HD remakes are nice so long as they aren't a distraction from making the next Mirror's Edge or Crackdown. At the minute, neither MS nor Sony are making innovative new games; at least Sony are getting something out there, even if they are eight years old!
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  • Ubisoft surveys public on future Assassin's Creed locations

  • Tyrhinis 28/11/2011

    What are the three things that the Assassin's Creed series does better than any other game? Large cities, great animation, and amazing swordfighting. How the hell are you supposed to get any swordfighting done in Victorian Britain or revolutionary Russia? Everyone has guns!

    Now, Enlightenment England (1680 - 1780), with the birth of the steam engine, the Glorious Revolution and a prologue in the Civil War - that could work. Ancient Rome, too, especially if they reined in their anachronism-lust and pitted you against AI legionaries who use *gasp* tactics...
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  • Xbox Live gains a new member every two seconds

  • Tyrhinis 14/11/2011

    All entertainment will be interactive within the next five years, Burrowes predicted.

    All entertainment, chaps. All. All television, all movies, all books, all music will be either interactive or dead, stuff your grandfather might remember if he wasn't so busy teabagging n00bs. The entire global television and radio network will be shut down - or, best case, used to screen only reality call-in-and-vote shows like X Factor. Multiplex cinemas across the land will lie empty and in ruins, coyotes nesting in the popcorn machines, so suddenly did the audience move to playing Battlefield 4.

    Nope, I'm not seeing it.
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  • BBC, LOVEFiLM coming to Xbox Live

  • Tyrhinis 06/10/2011

    4oD will be nice. Still no clear details on whether this is or isn't iPlayer, but check out Wired UK's article:

    Channel 4's offering on the Xbox will include its 30-day 4oD catch-up service, which will be ad-supported we have confirmed, and will let you watch shows from the last month of Channel 4 broadcasts, on-demand. It will also offer archived content from the channel's back catalogue. Again, Xbox Live Gold membership will be required.

    The BBC has been less forthcoming with details of what it will offer, clarifying when asked just that the service will "enable the BBC to make on-demand services available to all UK users". It would be fair to expect this to transpire to be an Xbox version of the iPlayer, which is already available on PlayStation 3, although license fee guidelines may make this difficult if Xbox Live Gold membership is also required.
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  • Xbox dash update in November - report

  • Tyrhinis 29/09/2011

    My only request is Kinect voice / gesture commands in playback of USB drive video files & DVDs. It'd be so, so easy to add; they already work in Zune videos etc, just nowhere else. They won't add it. Reply +4
  • Download Games Roundup

  • Tyrhinis 19/09/2011

    Where's the Crimson Alliance review? It's been out for ages! Reply 0
  • Building Bastion

  • Tyrhinis 09/08/2011

    A short, self-contained, innovative game with no DLC or sequel plans? If I wasn't already halfway through it I'd buy it immediately.

    Great interview EG - more like this!

    Great game Supergiant - more like this!
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  • Why iPlayer isn't on Xbox 360

  • Tyrhinis 08/08/2011

    Microsoft really, really need to take a look at the competition. Sony and Nintendo don't ask you to pay for iPlayer; even if the BBC would let MS, it would be painfully obvious that they were just trying to get people onto Gold without it costing them anything. And the BBC charter explicitly prevents them having iPlayer on a platform's non-cheapest tier.

    I genuinely think this is restricting both XBL and iPlayer. MS really seem to have lost their way recently...

    (I own a 360 only and love it, if you were wondering.)
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  • From Dust

  • Tyrhinis 26/07/2011

    *sigh* where's my wallet...

    Microsoft may not have many big boxed exclusive games this year, but their XBLA catalog is seriously brilliant. All they need now is Magicka and I'd be in love.
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  • Brink dev bellows Portal praises

  • Tyrhinis 25/07/2011

    "It's not about its setting in the same way that BioShock or Dragon Age or, God help us, Portal is. Portal, for my money, [is] the greatest combination of premise, setting and player interaction we're ever likely to see."

    Portal. Not Portal 2.

    Read the article, people...
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  • Crysis 2: how Crytek UK beat the hackers

  • Tyrhinis 19/07/2011

    Eurogamer / Wesley, what is your obsession with one-sentence paragraphs?

    It makes it look like you're adding dramatic pauses between everything.

    Which, for me, makes it much harder to read.

    Does the Eurogamer style really recommend this?

    I think we should be told.
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  • A Game of Thrones - Genesis shots

  • Tyrhinis 12/07/2011

    Isn't the TV series just Game of Thrones, no indefinite article? A Game of Thrones is the first book - is this based on the books rather than the TV series, then? Reply +12
  • Future Eve NEX goods dwarf $70 monocle

  • Tyrhinis 12/07/2011

    @BigJonno: They seem to have missed the entire point of virtual goods and microtransactions. Why sell one for ten grand when you can sell ten thousand for 50p?

    Because that's half as much money...?
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  • ModernWarfare3 directs to Battlefield 3

  • Tyrhinis 12/07/2011

    "[...] And it's highly unlikely Activision owns ModerWarfare3.com [...]"

    Unless they're looking out for typos.
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  • Microsoft: "We lost our way" with Halo

  • Tyrhinis 12/07/2011

    No! No no no no no. The people who care about the fiction (like me) don't want to you bring back Chief, his story's ended - very neatly, I might add. The people who don't care about the fiction... don't care who you're playing as so long as they can teabag.

    Make up a new story in the Halo universe! Set it well after Halo 3, with a human/Elite alliance exploring the universe, discovering new species and planets! With, at most, a *passing reference* to the quasi-cult who believe MC isn't dead and will return. That way you get to bin all the overcomplicated plot, let new players understand what the hell's going on, and you don't retroactively shit all over the first six games' fiction.
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  • Kinect's Second Wave

  • Tyrhinis 07/07/2011

    Rise of Nightmares and Ryse look like they might be quite fun, but I'll be honest, I was expecting better stuff at this point in Kinect's lifecycle. Especially if MS want to get another 360 out in 2013, Kinect isn't going to have much stuff out.

    They need to concentrate on XBLA and XBLA Indie games getting the Kinect SDK. A lot of the criticism seems to be 'it's alright, but it's not really a full-priced game's worth of stuff' - smaller experiences are cheaper and less risky! The devs could try out some really weird stuff and it wouldn't matter anywhere near as much. A full-price Kinect game would have to be pretty damn good to get me to fork out but I'd happily drop just as much on four XBLA Kinect games - even if they were less fun.
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  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • Tyrhinis 29/06/2011

    @BBIAJ, Lemming81 - thanks for pointing that out, shows what you get for making assumptions!

    Still, it does back up two of my recommendations - don't use a plotline from another medium (TV show, film, comics...) and don't commit to a release schedule determined by Hollywood.
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  • Tyrhinis 28/06/2011

    Good tie-ins aren't impossible - War for Cybertron proved that, as did Chronicles of Riddick, Goldeneye and Aliens versus Predator - but they do seem to be difficult.

    Dr Tyrhinis prescribes a launch delay of several months, an unrelated plotline, and reskinning a decent concept with your licence rather than putting a boring action-adventure-shovelware template onto your licence.
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  • Molyneux "ashamed" of Fable III scores

  • Tyrhinis 27/06/2011

    "Fable III, as Molyneux - and lead combat designer Mike West before him - was Lionhead's shortest ever project. It took just two years."

    How long did they spend on Molyneux, then?
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  • PS3 gamer fury over Mortal Kombat DLC

  • Tyrhinis 23/06/2011

    I'm a bit shocked at all the negs guillotine got for making carefully-sourced, fact-based arguments, not insulting anyone and generally raising the quality of discussion in this thread. It's almost as if people downvote someone just because they don't agree with them - bad form.

    Edited: ... negged to -10. Interestingly, to downvote this you'd have to agree with the conclusion...
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  • New report casts doubt on 3D popularity

  • Tyrhinis 23/06/2011

    Games are the one place I think 3D might be an actual improvement over 2D, but I definitely won't be going out of my way to buy a 3D TV or anything. It's just not a big enough deal to warrant how much it costs - and in the case of TV and films, requiring everyone in the room to wear glasses just makes it even less attractive. (I know about glasses-free displays and I also know the huge, unsolvable drawbacks).

    Bring on the Star-Wars-style holograms, then we'll talk!
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  • Why PS3 Battlefield 3 is 720p and 30fps

  • Tyrhinis 20/06/2011

    @BonzoBanana - Perfect Dark on XBLA (which was released a couple of years later than HL1) runs in 1080p and 60fps, and looks extremely sweet doing it I might add.

    On-topic - yeah, while 60fps would be nice, the huge levels + terrain damage + high playercount more than make up for 30fps. I also don't think that 1080p looks much better than 720p (certainly not enough to justify it being twice as hard to render).

    Maybe the next gen should mandate 60fps across all games? That'd be interesting...
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  • Mass Effect 3 box has lady Shepard

  • Tyrhinis 17/06/2011

    That video was amazing! Better than any of the official trailers... Reply 0
  • John Carmack: The Future, Now

  • Tyrhinis 16/06/2011

    @mingster, MaoZedong - the OUP has the answer: 'shoo-in' is the older, more correct version and 'shoe-in' is a modern variant spelling.

    On-topic, this is a great article. A serious interview with an engine developer who really knows his stuff, without any sensational rubbish about the competition. More of this please EG.
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  • Rage: two-thirds sales to be on console

  • Tyrhinis 13/06/2011

    Piracy isn't a problem on PCs, it's just that the games aren't made for PC any more! PC gamers aren't willing to pay for ported console rubbish, so when they pirate it for a demo, they find out the menus don't work with a mouse and they return the game. At least Valve will never make console games!

    ..... wait, Todd Hollenshead didn't mention piracy? He just said that the game will sell less on the PC than the consoles (put together)? So they're concentrating resources where they might get sales, like a sensible developer, and not getting massively flamed because they try to explain underperforming sales on PCs with piracy or DRM-FUD? This is a very unusual article for the PC section. I'm cancelling my subscription.

    Please note, this comment contains large quantities of sarcasm and deliberate mistakes, for instance the entire first paragraph. Take care when commenting and look both ways when crossing the road.
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  • Frostbite 2-based Mirror's Edge coming?

  • Tyrhinis 09/06/2011

    Open-world / sandbox might be the answer, but DICE don't have any experience in that area (no, I'm not counting Midtown Madness).

    Less guns, maybe better hand-to-hand, and retaining the art style, music style and artists, control scheme and balance of puzzles to speedruns would make this phenomenal. Frostbite 2 wouldn't hurt, either (not much room for large-scale terrain deformation, but maybe bullets chipping 10cm bits off plaster as you run past?) - and its lighting engine is superb.
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • Tyrhinis 07/06/2011

    I'm a huge Halo fan and I have a Kinect... and I thought this conference was terrible. Glad they announced Halo Anniversary, but I don't want Halo 4, especially not without Bungie! Make something new!Most of the Kinect stuff was terrible, they keep talking about TV and movies but still haven't added Kinect control to video playback or DVDs, no iPlayer / 4od / iTV player....Sony looking better all the time. Reply 0
  • Kinect Fun Labs unveiled

  • Tyrhinis 06/06/2011

    Just had a go.

    Googly Eyes (make an animated puppet out of a real object): the 3D scanning works really well, the making it move based on you moving doesn't. Used it on a cricket bat, a 2L Sprite bottle and a stuffed seal and it managed to capture the 3D shape and colour of all of them pretty damn well, but then didn't have the faintest idea how to make them move... still, I guess that's not the tech they're demoing.

    Kinect me (make a sort-of-Avatar out of a photo of you) - didn't work very well at all. Might be the non-ideal lighting (yellowish overhead spot lights) but it thought I had long sleeves and the grizzled stubble of a CoD character. Its guess at my hair, eyebrows and eyes wasn't bad but the image it maps onto the bottom half of the face was way off. Shame.

    Sparkler (take photo of yourself as 3D mannequin, draw 3D light trails round it with finger tracking)... isn't yet available. I'm guessing this needs the firmware update which lets them turn off audio and video feeds to get hi-res depth, so that it can do the finger tracking, but it's pretty annoying because it was easily the coolest demo. Ach well.

    I'm glad MS have added a tech demo channel - I've been asking them to enable Kinect Indie games for ages for exactly this reason - but they need to a) push them out pretty frequently and b) put less effort into letting you animate yourself as a sofa etc etc.
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  • E3 2011 Location Preview

  • Tyrhinis 06/06/2011

    That's a lot of Saints' Row 3 banners, right there. Reply 0
  • 100 staff cut from LA Noire credits

  • Tyrhinis 05/06/2011

    While this is obviously unacceptable - if they wanted to leave people out then they could've at the very least asked them if they'd like to be included - I have to add my voice to those people saying "is this really a big deal"?

    OK, having some recognition that you worked on a game is important in an industry where companies are always closing down and forgetting staff.... but seriously, if I apply for a job at Valve and say "yeah, I was in charge of a QA team for LA Noire", do you really think that the Valve HR person is going to go out, buy a copy of LA Noire, play all the way through it and then watch the credits roll to see if I appear?

    It's important to be credited, yes, but I don't think the very end of a game is a very useful place for it. Under a 'credits' option on the main menu, in the game manual, or (much, much better) in a huge detailed list on the company website - that's useful.
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  • XBLA exclusive Crimson Alliance unveiled

  • Tyrhinis 01/06/2011

  • Call of Duty: Elite explained

  • Tyrhinis 31/05/2011

    So Career is Bungie.net, Connect is a social network, Compete is a tournament organiser, and Improve is a nice big FAQ.

    I can see people paying for Compete, but Connect needs to be free to ever have a chance. Doubt people will pay for Career and Improve, but as extras thrown in with Compete? Maybe.
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  • Kinect Me, Kinect Fun Lab spotted

  • Tyrhinis 23/05/2011

    @Shinetop Kinect hasn't even been out for a year yet.

    Not yet, but when will these XBLA games be out? Not before July, I reckon, which would be 10 months after release. Maybe I'm just impatient, but how long does it take to release something over XBL Indie if it's just a tech demo? And how hard would it be to add already-existing Zune media controls into the standard video player? They really seem to be dragging their feet over Kinect; it had a great launch but there's been nothing since.
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  • Tyrhinis 23/05/2011

    I always thought that the best way for Microsoft to really show off the abilities of Kinect would be for them to open its SDK up to XBL Arcade games and (especially!) XBLA Indie games. That way, five-minute tech demos which, say, let you shoot bottles off a wall using your forearm as a gun, or let you 'swim' around a basic polygon city (read latest EDGE for more - Rare have dozens) could be released for 60MSP each, an easy way to gauge what people think of a mechanic before you risk making a Ł40 boxed retail game with a menu system that barely works.

    Sadly, it's taken them nearly a year to have Arcade games which use Kinect; it'll probably be next year before they bother to add the SDK to Indie. And (personal irritation incoming) why the hell aren't they adding Kinect controls to the standard video player?
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  • Dev poll: Molyneux is #1 industry "hero"

  • Tyrhinis 19/05/2011

    Well, I guess developers will probably vote for people who seem to have a strong influence over 'their' games - 'a Molyneux game', 'a Miyamoto game' etc - it's pretty reasonable that Molyneux is high up on the list.

    I am surprised to see David Braben on there, though. No offence to him, but Elite was 26 years ago. What's he done since then? Oh, yeah, that's right - Kinectimals. Where's The Outsider, hmm?
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  • Hydrophobia dev releases Darknet video

  • Tyrhinis 17/05/2011

    @DarkEnergy No worries, I understand. Thanks for the reply! Reply 0
  • Tyrhinis 17/05/2011

    @DarkEnergy I'm very impressed by your actions here - openness to criticism, speed of patch, candid interviews, XBLA price drop, and now a PSN/Steam release with Darknet, which (if it works) will totally revolutionise patches and post-game support. Sincere congratulations!

    I'm going to go back to the XBLA demo and try it post-patch, definitely. And.... I know you're a small studio and all, but... any chance of a Mac port for Prophecy? ;)
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  • Making a Better Fable III for PC

  • Tyrhinis 17/05/2011

    "and with the gnomes with Mark Heath - he's one of my favourite comedians"

    Do you possibly mean Mark Heap?
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