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  • Metroid Prime: Federation Force flops

  • Tuffty 05/09/2016

    Thing is though, something like Metroid Prime I think could resonate pretty well with the Dark Souls audience. Similar sort of structure, as you move from place to place with a narrative that's pieced together through environmental story telling and text logs. There are gameplay differences between the two, obviously, but if you can draw upon the Metroid series while also borrowing what makes Souls games work, then you can have something really special, even catering to those who want a Souls game set in a sci-fi universe. Reply 0
  • Overwatch players divided over Summer Games loot boxes

  • Tuffty 03/08/2016

    Why not offer up a double XP on the weekends to at least make the grind between levels somewhat easier? Reply 0
  • Development halted on troubled $660k Kickstarter success Unsung Story

  • Tuffty 08/02/2016

    It's a real shame because I would love another game led by Matsuno. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • Tuffty 07/12/2015

    A part of me was a little concerned after Saturday's trailer because while it's undoubtedly beautiful, the events in that trailer amounted to what, the first 30 mins of the game? Part of me was still concerned that a full remake was still an impossible task.

    And it turns out it is. While we don't know how many episodes there are, how much content is in each or when they will be out, I still don't feel like it's a good approach to take. At the very least, the games gone from an immediate pre order of whatever Day 0 Special Anniversary Hyper Mega Pre Order edition they would have to, well, wtf is this game going to look like now, better wait and see.
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  • Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west

  • Tuffty 25/11/2015

    @arcam Keep in mind that the sales figures for DOAX2 over here compared to Japan isn't something to brag about, considering the number of 360's sold in Japan. Reply +3
  • Tuffty 25/11/2015

    I don't think it's down to any perceived backlash. The many DLC outfits made for DOA5 is just as revealing as anything we've seen from DOAX3 so far. A game like Onechanbara can be released over here too so it's not like these games are getting outright banned. Even if there were a number of people legitimately angry over it, it wouldn't stop the game coming out here if KT wanted it too. Seems more of a business move considering limited appeal and expensive localisation and international release. Ultimately, the Asian version has English subs so those that really want it can still get it and it's region free so the consumer isn't really at a loss.

    Though to be fair it doesn't help them when one of their cover characters literally looks 12 years old. Nor when Play Asia blames those pesky skeletons from having it come out here in order to stir up controversy and extra sales in the same way it was done for Hatred earlier in the year.
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  • Fake swatting prank leads to popular Twitch streamer getting banned

  • Tuffty 04/08/2015

    Supposedly his ban is already lifted. Doesn't really set a great example when other users have been banned longer for less.

    Also, what the hell is that twitch screen layout? There's not even any gameplay on it.
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  • Yu Suzuki wants $10 million to make a truly open world Shenmue 3

  • Tuffty 22/06/2015

    Sounds like the plans for Shenmue 3 will be for a deeper, more intimate game than Shenmue 2. Not bigger, but smaller. Yet more detailed. So basically, like the first game. Which sounds great because as much as I love Shenmue 2, the first one was a tighter, more focused, and more intricate experience. If the goal for Shenmue 3 is to make it like first game, in that regard, but pushed further, then that's pretty exciting.

    Yu has been shopping this game for years, was abandoned by his former publishers, and is now doing it on his own, with a pinch of Sony's muscle for a PS4 port, marketing and support. Not to mention that the budget is very majorly coming from the Kickstarter budget, not from Sony as certain gaming sites have irresponsibly projected. Anyone else could have helped. They didn't. There's nothing insidious about it yet people seem to think it is unless they get a full breakdown of funding, how much is spent, how much is offered etc on a level I've not seen with any other KS project.
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • Tuffty 18/06/2015

    Shenmue 3, FF7 and The Last Guardian are pieces of gaming history with strongly dedicated fans that once dreamt of having these and they now finally got release. Shenmue's story was left unfinished 14 years ago, the FFVII tech demo is 10 years old and kept fans imagining and that first TLG reveal was now 8 years ago. A single conference will never match this in terms of unlikely fanservice on this scale. Shenmue 3 means a lot to me considering the story was left unfinished for so long.

    There'll be questions about it for sure, but now's not the time because I still can't quite believe it.
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  • Fallout 4's £100 Pip-Boy Edition includes an actual Pip-Boy

  • Tuffty 15/06/2015

    Looks cool, I like that it has a practical feature in conjunction with the game.

    But pre ordering it already, considering the issues that modern games have had recently on launch, is a bit silly and only perpetuating the problem.
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  • Video: LGBTI characters in games are important

  • Tuffty 30/05/2015

    Transistor's antagonists where gay, two men where both in love with each other and one of the women was even attracted to Red, the protagonist. What was cool about their depiction was that it was never made bleedingly obvious that they were homosexual, but you would find out yourself if you were attentive enough. It was never made into a selling point or have it shaped so that it is a major part of their character, it was simply part of who they were. Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate will let you play as a woman - report

  • Tuffty 12/05/2015

    Wait so you can play as a female in Assassins Creed and Call of Duty this year? And the gates of hell haven't opened?

    It's almost like the people so against 'forcing a politically correct agenda' into gaming are fucking idiots.
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  • Steam to receive its first AO-rated game in June

  • Tuffty 29/04/2015

    I feel the difference between this and say GTA or Postal is that in the latter games going on a murder spree is a distraction that you can do from the start in addition to other things the game provides. Whereas Hatred seems to be nothing but a murder spree and so it's something that will get boring pretty quickly. Could be more to it, we'll just have to see when it's released but from what I see so far, neither the gameplay or the 'edginess' appeals.

    The fact that some are choosing to buy it out of spite against some politically correct SJW bogeymen is hilarious.
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  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter announced

  • Tuffty 28/04/2015

    I see we're already at the point where people are indignant that this single developer made a handful of amusing games and sold them for £5 a pop...

    In fairness to the developer, each game is built around a single concept but different enough in each one to make it interesting, they're cheap, supposedly tells an interesting story and he did give $250k to a children's hospital after the release of the third one.

    No other fan favourite project is getting denied as a result of these games being made. They literally have no effect on you other than your youtube feed might have more stupid videos than normal. The horror.
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  • Long-awaited Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking patch out now

  • Tuffty 04/03/2015

    Those 4 months flew by. Reply +4
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Tuffty 27/02/2015

    The problem with the modern day side of the AC games (particularly with Desmond still in it) was that it was being built towards a conclusion. But because the games kept selling, Ubisoft didn't want to draw a close to that story as it would mean no more AC games to sell. As it was, the story got drawn out with Brotherhood and Revelations and Desmond's story ended with a massively disappointing finish in AC3. As it is, the modern day stuff is an afterthought, presumably as the writers here think of something else. I would personally be ok if it was dropped entirely. Reply +7
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider puzzles "will take you longer to solve", Crystal Dynamics promises

  • Tuffty 17/02/2015

    Considering the reboot had two optional tomb "puzzles" out of 6 which was around putting boxes on one end of a platform to raise it up so you can jump to a higher ledge, it really can't be difficult to create harder tomb areas.

    It's not just the simplicity, but make them larger too and not centered around one puzzle.
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • Tuffty 08/12/2014

    It's one of the most anticipated games of the year (for good reasons) and will likely be the last Witcher game that CD Projekt Red make for some time, if ever again. Who would want this to be rushed and below their standards? Reply +4
  • Telltale reveals Game of Thrones setting, character details, more

  • Tuffty 11/11/2014

    Telltale and Game of Thrones. Perfect, cannot wait to play this.

    And wait I will, until the last episode comes out. I was burned by The Walking Dead S2 and The Wolf Among Us by opting into the season pass at launch. What came out of it was episodes that were released months apart and not long after release the first episode was free and the season pass was discounted.

    Really like Telltale, but it just makes more sense to me to wait until the last episode is out so I can get the whole experience, plus it works out for me financially as well.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • Tuffty 15/10/2014

    I personally disagree with Anita and Polygon's assessment of Bayonetta as a character.

    Hey look! I was able to disagree with someone without insulting them, sending death threats or acting like a complete twat!
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King review

  • Tuffty 28/08/2014

    PS3 Season Pass owners, like me, may have already sussed out that it didn't come out yesterday. This was because of a technical issue, as described on the Dark Souls FB page

    Crown of the Old Iron King, the second chapter in its The Lost Crowns DLC trilogy for DARK SOULS II has not been linked to the PlayStation®Network season pass yet. This new DLC only appears has a DLC to purchase.
    For those who have purchased the season pass, please do not purchase the DLC: We are working on enabling the link so you can download the second DLC automaticaly on your console.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience and ask you for a little bit more patience to enjoy the obscurest and most wicked pits in the dark souls II world.
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  • Footage leaks of a new Assassin's Creed: Unity challenge mode

  • Tuffty 26/08/2014

    Good! One thing I loved in Brotherhood which was somehow not included in later games were the Metal Gear VR style missions in the Animus, where you get Bronze/Silver/Gold medals in either platforming or combat. It also had leaderboards as well so you can compete against your friends. They were pretty good tests of skill and a nice change of pace from the main game. Reply +3
  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • Tuffty 15/08/2014

    @AgentDaleCooper Games like Guitar Hero don't/didn't do enough each year to justify annualisation. Assassins Creed games usually take place in a new setting, introducing new gameplay mechanics, driving a new narrative forward....What I'm saying is you can't compare the two.

    Even so, what does it matter to you if they release one game a year or 10? If it doesn't interest you, then don't buy them.
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  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Tuffty 12/08/2014

    "I'm extremely excited to announce that the matchmaking system is exactly identical to the same game released over a decade ago." Reply 0
  • PGR4 remains arcade racing at its very best

  • Tuffty 14/07/2014

    Metropolis Street Racer and Project Gotham Racing 2 remain my favourite driving games because of one thing they nail above any other racing game. The atmosphere. In MSR, the city tracks were boosted by the fact that the game used the Dreamcast's internal clock to display the time of day accordingly based on what city you drove in. So driving on a London track at 12PM would show it in the afternoon with clear skies or overcast, whereas drive on a Tokyo track and it would be at 8PM, where the tracks were lit up. It's a gimmick for sure, but I'm amazed that no other game has tried it. It would add variety to racing tracks that would make it more replayable.

    What MSR also had was a great soundtrack (cheesy as it was) and this was expanded upon further in PGR2. Each city in PGR2 had it's own choice of songs with music from singers and bands that were native to that country and the DJ's were also speaking in their native language. I really felt it led to the atmosphere of each place and I was looking forward to each track for that result (it helped that the game was incredibly fun to play too)

    It's a shame then that PGR4 did away with all of that and instead we got a generic soundtrack of British/American bands which could be played anywhere at any time so it didn't take long for the soundtrack to get dull. PGR4 is still a good racing game, but for me it's the weakest in the series that I've played just because it didn't capture the atmosphere that previous games had done so well.
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  • Dark Souls 2 to receive three-part episodic DLC

  • Tuffty 04/06/2014

    Not really sure I like the term Season Pass when describing this, or at least against what I think of when I hear 'Season Pass'. Think of other games that use Season Passes (Call of Duty, Bioshock Infinite etc) and they sell them before the game is even out, before you've even had a chance to play the actual game and assess it's quality, for content that isn't directly laid out to you on what to expect and it's spaced out over a year.

    With this, the DLC/Season Pass is announced months after release for a game you're plenty familiar with and I assume you enjoy, you're told it's 3 episodes, what to expect, with dates and prices, all within 3 months and no further plans of more DLC after that. From what I see and hear, it sounds substantial enough to me to warrant the price.

    Yes they did say there would be no DS2 DLC a while back but earlier this year they went back on it, saying it was going to be up to the community if they wanted DLC or not. So..blame us? For foolishly wanting more content of a game we all enjoy?
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  • A new Spelunky world record has been set

  • Tuffty 15/04/2014

    Reading the comments here makes me feel better that despite my death count being in the hundreds, I have not yet beaten Spelunky. Nice to know I'm not the only one suffering! Reply +4
  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • Tuffty 19/03/2014

    To suggest the downgrade to what we have got in the retail version is some form of marketing ruse is most likely jumping to a false conclusion. The chances are that the development team had full intentions to use this previous lighting model in mind but then they reached a little too close to the sun further in development, because it may look really pretty, but ultimately it may have impacted too much on the performance and that's obviously not what any of us want. As it is there's technical issues with framerate in the retail version on both editions and so dear only knows what the lightng model may have done on top of that. As it is, I can look past the technical issues (Demons and Dark Souls are some of my favourite games despite them) and still really love DS2 and feel that it's still a good looking game. From Software probably learned some lessons of using this lighting model, have retained it and will plan to use it going forward for next gen (or is it current gen..whatever)

    It's not a new practice either, Bioshock Infinite was the example above, but The Last Of Us also demonstrated smarter AI behaviour which didn't make it into retail. It's regrettable, but don't let it take away from the fact that DS2 is still a good looking game regardless and above all else is a great game to play.
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  • In Dark Souls 2 undead players can still be invaded

  • Tuffty 29/01/2014

    In Demon's Souls, if you really wanted to shift World Tendency in your favour you would have to play offline. So I don't understand why people are so offended by the notion of offline play?

    Besides, if you've been following DS2 news like I have, you'll know that they have balanced issues to create seemingly fairer fights while accomodating for different playstyles. As well as using dedicated servers for multiplayer, which would make cheaters less of a problem. I wasn't a huge PVP guy in DS1 but I'll certainly give it a try in DS2.
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  • Dark Souls 2: Think you can defeat this lot?

  • Tuffty 15/01/2014

    Also, based on a forthcoming Edge article, the developers said that after they collected the data from the beta tests, they found that most players found it too easy so the final game will be harder than what people saw in the beta. Reply +2
  • Games of the Generation: Dark Souls

  • Tuffty 01/11/2013

    @SegaBlueSky The servers are still up. Having played it in July, I was still able to see messages/blood stains etc. Never summoned another player or got invaded so can't really tell you how PVP works in it. But absolutely worth playing it if you're a Dark Souls fan, even just to compare and contrast. Reply +2
  • Tuffty 31/10/2013

    I believe people's preference for Dark Souls over Demons Souls and vice versa is all down to which game you played first. Having played Dark Souls, I wasn't that much of a fan of World Tendency or even the hub when I got round to Demons Souls. It didn't seem as interesting as the open environment, non-linear approach to the world in Dark Souls. I'm sure other people have other issues with Dark Souls for whatever reason and that's fine too. Just all down to personal preference. Still a brilliant game and we should be lucky to have seen both come out. Reply +2
  • Tuffty 31/10/2013

    Dark Souls is truly special. Gotta admit I was intimidated going into it, with it's renowned difficulty, but even looking at playthroughs I just loved the dark fantasy art and the look of the game itself. But going into it, knowing full well I was probably going to die a lot, was the best decision I made.

    I could wax lyrical all day about it and to be honest, I wish I could do a better job of praising the game without coming across as the most obsessive fanboy. But the art, the soundtrack, the nonlinear environments, hidden treasure and areas to explore, the sheer challenge of both enemies and the environment working against you. It all sticks in the memory and it's easily my GOTG.

    Without wanting to get too poetic about it, I love that the core concept of the game, an undead character coming back again and again to progress further, speaks towards the idea that no matter how dark or oppressive things become, there's always something deep down inside that just makes you want to keep going.
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  • Dark Souls 2 beta open to PlayStation Plus subscribers this Sunday morning

  • Tuffty 23/10/2013

    Fantastic news. Was going to avoid any Dark Souls 2 media until release but, for the sake of 3 hours? To play it myself? For free (assuming you're a PS Plus member)? Too good an opportunity to pass up. Reply 0
  • Introducing Games of the Generation

  • Tuffty 21/10/2013

    Amazes me to think I have a Top 10 already set in my head but then I look at other choices suggested here and I have to think it over again. To me though, there are a few games I know that are certified to be in my list and I work around them. For me, the absolute best games of this generation are:

    Dark Souls
    The Last Of Us
    The Walking Dead
    Call of Duty 4
    Virtua Fighter 5
    Red Dead Redemption
    Left 4 Dead 2

    And yet there are so many more games I can add to the list (Vanquish, Yakuza 4, Mirrors Edge, Fallout 3, Skyrim, GTA V, Assassins Creed 2, Batman : AA, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Deus Ex : Human Revolution to name a few). Fantastic generation of games.
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  • Both PS4 and Xbox One will wake to remote download new content

  • Tuffty 30/08/2013

    @sickpuppysoftware Well if it's like PS Plus, which I can only assume it will be, then you can set between which time of the day you want to look for and download updates. Reply +3
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution review

  • Tuffty 10/07/2013

    Here's the thing, a Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang video game does sound genuinely interesting to me. But this clearly isn't it.

    I hope Eurogamer does a review of Motorbike on the PSN. Giant Bomb's quick look for it is even funnier than Ride To Hell, purely for the fact that it's an even more horrible, broken mess of a game.
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  • Dark review

  • Tuffty 09/07/2013

    @jamielfc25 Watch the Giant Bomb quicklook of Motorbike, especially the co-op levels. Clear Golden Turd award winner right there. Reply 0
  • Bayonetta 2 adds multiplayer, shorter hair

  • Tuffty 12/06/2013

    @kassmageant It doesn't have to be the hair on the top of her head, if you know what I'm saying... Reply 0
  • Pretty Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer has ships, sharks and lots of stabbing

  • Tuffty 16/05/2013

    While Connor is a poor protaganist, there are some moments in AC3 that are fairly good.

    Like how near the end of the game when Boston was liberated from the British, you can hear civilians shout "We're free!" and it cuts to Connor and he just shakes his head in disappointment as if to say "If only you knew.."

    Yes he was a bit Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, he's still better than Altair.
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  • Dead Space 3 launches with 11 DLC packs for speeding loot collection, kitting out character

  • Tuffty 01/02/2013

    And that's not even the worst of it. The developer has already confirmed that, a few weeks after release, a new DLC pack will be released which will "expand" upon the ending to the game. Hmmm...this seems awfully familiar...

    I will play DS3 when it drops in price or if I were to recieve it as a gift (my birthday is in end of Feb after all). I am not paying full price for it.
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  • Games of 2012: Forza Horizon

  • Tuffty 27/12/2012

    Despite the dudebro storyline and the mostly awful soundtrack (2 tracks by Lost Prophets? Really?), Horizon is a joy to play. The environments are very nice and the cars are a joy to drive. Wish I could say the same about the people playing multiplayer, constantly using your car as a safety bumper when approaching a turn. Reply 0
  • Crimson Shroud review

  • Tuffty 18/12/2012

    @ZuluHero Afraid that this is the only work that Matsuno has done with Level-5 before leaving them. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-11-08-final-fantasy-tactics-vagrant-story-developer-yasumi-matsuno-exits-level-5

    Although it'll never happen, I hope Square Enix are doing all they can to bring him back for the next FF. A next gen FF fronted by Matsuno? Consider me excited.
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  • Enormous Xbox Marketplace sale starts next week

  • Tuffty 13/12/2012

    What if, like me, you're in the middle of Episode 2 of The Walking Dead and the thought of waiting til the 28th just for a cheaper Episode 3-5 fills you with dread? XD Reply +5
  • Bayonetta 2 confirmed

  • Tuffty 13/09/2012

    It's news that has me equally excited and frustrated at the same time. I don't see enough on the Wii U at this moment in time to convince me to buy it at launch, and even then I don't think it's justifiable to buy a console for one game.

    But then I should be glad and excited that it's coming at all. I definately will play it at some point, because IMO, Bayonetta is not only the best game of it's type, but one of the best games this generation.
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  • New Street Fighter 4 world champion crowned at Evo 2012

  • Tuffty 09/07/2012

    Tuned in to see the fight this morning before going to work. He was super impressive, Daigo didn't even win a round. I'm just glad that Justin Wong didn't come close. Prick. Reply 0
  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Review

  • Tuffty 13/06/2012

    @danger.to.others I'm going to say that part of the reason why the costumes are DLC is that if you take the game, plus DLC you're looking at a 4GB download, which is way over the limit for arcade games on the 360 at least (could be wrong about that).

    I dunno how the rest of the VF fans feel, but personally, I would have been willing to pay full retail RRP if they asked for it. I would imagine VF fans would be willing to say the same. A disc release would have been nice, admittedly, but a digital release is perfectly fine. Ultimately, what's worse, DLC for character outfits or DLC for characters locked on the disc? It's not a huge deal, newcomers can play the full game for £10 which is a steal, everything else is optional. I much prefer this practice of offering DLC than asking to pay full RRP for a disc game with DLC for characters locked on the disc.
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  • Tuffty 13/06/2012

    It has to be the best value for money offer out there at the moment. One of the best, deepest 3D fighting games ever made for 1200 MS points? I am slightly disappointed at there being no Quest mode but the multiplayer is so smooth that it becomes the main focus of the game and keeping me plenty occupied as a result.

    I will recommend this, if you're going to buy a customisation pack, don't waste your money on buying individual packs. You can only customise the character you choose, but you can't view other character's creations online. If you are doing that, buy the collection packs, that way you can view more character's and ultimately you end up paying less than buying each character pack seperately.
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  • PS2 Classics Virtua Fighter 4, NFS on EU PlayStation Store

  • Tuffty 22/02/2012

    VF4. Still, to this day, has the best tutorial mode in any fighting game ever. Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Review

  • Tuffty 30/01/2012

    @Cafuddled Well if you want to be boring about it then yes you could resort to Auto-Battle all the time. But as you said, it's tedious and dull. Doing it that way would rarely get you anything above a 3 star rating at the end too. Actually going in and choosing which abilities you want to use obivously requires more strategy behind it and ultimately will get you a better result. It is also necessary when tackling high level monsters. The party AI doesn't necessarily do a great job in choosing which abilities you feel that they should be using when it comes to healing or buff effect so sometimes it's up to you to set up the paradigms necessary to take control. Like I said, it's also useful when you want a 5 star rating, which gives you a greater chance of getting the rare items. To me, I only use Auto-Battle when wanting to clear my way past low level monsters with minimal fuss. I can't imagine having to play through the whole game using Auto-Battle the whole time.

    I liked it. The little additions they've made to the combat in XIII-2 like setting up which monsters to use in certain paradigms or enemies wounding your party and reducing their total HP for the rest of that battle sound like interesting additions that will mix up the strategy some. Bring it on.
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