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  • Stories with dice: the thrill of old-school D&D

  • Transmission89 18/01/2014

    Well said! Pnp Roleplay games are brilliant! I take issue with Matt Finch's essay in your article though. He makes a didactic argument that OSR (old school renaissance) is better, because it encourages roleplay rather than skill challenges and illustrates this with an example of a GM in third edition calling out rolls on target numbers rather than the "awesome" roleplaying OSR.

    This example is flawed, because the GM in that example is a terrible GM, the skill challenges are there to provide a measure of the success, and help a GM form an opinion on the character's success based on a description of their actions.

    When I call for skill checks, I ask what the characters are doing and how they are doing it, a successful skill check will just give them a bonus.

    This is not saying that modern > OSR (I enjoy both types of experience greatly), just Finch's essay perhaps has too much bias.

    For anyone looking to get into Pnp games, I highly recommend Pathfinder. Check out, they do great adventures, have a free ruleset, and the devs are constantly chatting to the players on the forums, it is a great, welcoming community.
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  • Nintendo: handheld consoles remain focus for Pokémon RPGs

  • Transmission89 10/01/2013

    I'm so looking forward to this!! And the word is titbits not tidbits! Reply 0
  • Gearbox explains why Borderlands isn't on Wii U

  • Transmission89 26/11/2012

    I agree with mkwone, why not just do a straight port? The touch screen could be your gear, map and objectives. It doesn't need extra bling, the game is strong enough in its own right. Reply +3
  • Angry Birds Star Wars HD: an intellectual analysis

  • Transmission89 22/11/2012

    I LOVE YOU ELLIE!!!! Reply +22
  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask review

  • Transmission89 22/10/2012

    @Der_tolle_Emil Fantastic! Cheers for that! Will give this a punt. Reply 0
  • Transmission89 22/10/2012

    I've not really played any Layton games before, but looking for something for the 3DS. Is this accessible for new comers or is knowledge of previous games necessary? Reply +2
  • The Raspberry Pi is now made in the UK

  • Transmission89 06/09/2012

    @Shakey_Jake33 stop being so grumpy!! There's every reason to be celebrating British innovation being brought to life in British workshops again. Germany invested in their manufacturing sector and now they have the largest economy in Europe. We were once the work shop of the world, that won't happen again, but it's nice to know that jobs will be secured and we can have products with high quality assurance. Reply +11
  • Ubisoft ditches controversial always-on DRM for PC games

  • Transmission89 05/09/2012

    With regards to the fight against abusive practices against customers, "this isn't the end, this isn't even the beginning of the end. However, this is the end of the beginning."

    Still a great start, about time Ubi saw sense.
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  • EA reselling 17 Command & Conquer games in one box for some reason

  • Transmission89 31/08/2012

    I will be passing on this I think...

    Regarding the we...Can we keep it for news items such as this? The I is great in the fantastic nostalgia articles that are put in here, as the author tells a great tale, but for the reporting, as a daily reader, I would prefer the we.

    Just my feedback on it.
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  • Steve Perlman calls on gamers to give reborn OnLive a chance

  • Transmission89 29/08/2012

    This business model is flawed, I really don't see the point in it. The kind of people who want to play the games offered will generally have the hardware to do it any way. Even if you can't have settings maxed out, it will still perform better than when it is streamed to you. Reply +3
  • BioWare's Command & Conquer: Generals 2 repurposed for new free-to-play venture

  • Transmission89 15/08/2012

    At this point, what they are doing to Command and Conquer is akin to necrophillia. My child hood.... :( Reply +2
  • Windows 8 release date announced

  • Transmission89 19/07/2012

    You can also bring up the charms bar with win+c to shut it down. Or win+i to bring up the settings part. Keyboard shortcuts for the win.

    There is no need for the start button on the desktop. hit the win key and it will bring the metro screen, start typing and it will find the program/file you're looking for. It has the same capability as the vista/win 7 menu as well as extra features!
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  • Sega makes Sonic Adventure 2 XBLA and PSN official

  • Transmission89 16/07/2012

    Absolutely loved this back in the day! Cannot wait! :D Reply +4
  • Total War: Rome 2 will deliver "a darker vision of war"

  • Transmission89 06/07/2012

    @Moarachanox my god that was a painful read! Or, as you would put it: L2complain in rittan txt innit.

    On a serious note, I cannot wait for this and am debating whether to play another shogun 2 campaign or dig out my old Rome total war discs in preparation.
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  • Dead Space 3 changes are about "opening up to a larger audience"

  • Transmission89 15/06/2012

    I have to agree with all that's been said above. Ea is a massive publisher with many great franchises. Why doesn't it just let each franchise cater to its niche? It would still be profitable and would be good solid products too. So wjat if each title "only" sold two million? That would still be two million each from dead space, sim city, battlefield etc. Reply +12
  • Sony spends $185k on .playstation domain bid

  • Transmission89 13/06/2012

    I can't see this as anything more than a cash grab from icaan really. Companies will have to shell out for variations of their brand and product names and its just not needed..Com is the default in everyone's mind. At no point has anyone ever thought "that it would be so much easier if Sony had a .playstation domain" . Reply +11
  • Ubisoft's E3 host hits back at "GAF dicks, Gamespot trolls, every illiterate racist douchebag on YouTube"

  • Transmission89 13/06/2012

    Nice to hear that from a black....field ops agent.

    Pam: totally thought she was going somewhere else there.



    Dammit, I had something for this.... etc
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  • War of the Roses Preview: A Stab At Something Different

  • Transmission89 14/05/2012

    Because why not? World war 2 was pillaged for entertainment with veterans of the conflict still breathing.

    As an aside, even if one person is encouraged to find out more about the conflict, that's surely a good thing.

    As a southerner, I'm torn about which side to pick...
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  • Internet provider Virgin Media blocks torrent site The Pirate Bay

  • Transmission89 03/05/2012

    @kinky_mong. Because freedom should not be denied, censorship should not be tolerated. It makes us no better than China having this.

    You can't stop the signal.

    They will know soon enough ^^
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  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition confirmed for iPad

  • Transmission89 23/03/2012

    @Rogueyone I don't know much about 2nd edition, but that combo sounds awesome. To be fair, 3e had some great imbalances you could exploit as well. In fact, the point of fourth was to balance D&D, then they just killed it. Pathfinder does a better job IMO. Reply -1
  • Transmission89 22/03/2012

    I know it won't happen, but it would be really nice if they changed it to use the 3.x system instead of AD&D2, after a while with that, the 2nd edition rules are just an exercise in bafflement for me, is this having a low number good or bad, why is he dead already? Etc...still super excited though ^^ Reply -1
  • First War Of The Roses in-game footage

  • Transmission89 08/03/2012

    Is this based on the board game? Reply 0
  • GAME could face Ł2.5m of lost profit by not stocking Mass Effect 3

  • Transmission89 02/03/2012


    I'm aware of that. But a higher rrp means higher costs for the stores to buy, regardless of what they sell it at. My point was I was using that assumption to disprove fatalhybrid's assertion.

    Also, if you think rrp has no relevance in the real world, check any digital distribution store of a newly released game. Now that's scandalous. Which is why I'll support retailers and developers over publishers any time!
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  • Transmission89 02/03/2012

    @fatalhybrid. That is so unbelievly wrong. For a start, most pc games have an rrp of about Ł34.99 , whether you pay that or not is not the issue, that's the rrp. Publishers charge less if pre owned didn't exist? Can I have what you're smoking? Preowned does not exist in the digital space and the prices are as high if not higher than in stores. Why? So publishers can get more profit! Your reasoning of prices is spurious at best and delusional at worst. Reply +3
  • Transmission89 02/03/2012

    @fatal hybrid.

    Yet if people didn't trade in said games, you really think people would be spending as much as they are in the games industry? Yes aggressive pre owned is a problem, but publishers have also benefited from it.
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  • Transmission89 02/03/2012


    You accuse me of talking bollocks yet don't offer a counter argument? Very helpful comment. People interested in this story have probably read the leaked memo story yesterday. Which means that they would know that GAME are treating all publishers equally at the moment for stocking.

    I'm not saying that EA should make like a charity for GAME, I'm saying, that having realised that the number one games retailer in the UK is in crisis, they should be offering a hand rather than cutting their nose off to spite their face.
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  • Transmission89 02/03/2012

    The publishers need to help GAME with favourable conditions. For all the stick commenters give this company, it has done wonders in bringing our hobby to the masses and in making gaming as big as it is.

    As much as digital is the future, it is still in its infancy and publishers still need GAME for exposure. GAME's loss would set back the hobby we love over a decade!
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  • Activision: games are relationships, "brands in people's lives"

  • Transmission89 13/02/2012

    The kind of rhetoric they use really makes me want to puke a fat one, can someone post a link of Bill Hick's rant on people who work in marketing (I would but am at work :( ) it about somes it up Reply +8
  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • Transmission89 06/02/2012

    We will see how "fantastic" it will be for them when their sales drop. A lot of people trade in games they have played for new releases. Your average family could not afford Ł40 + a month on games without offsetting the cost.

    I know that some will say I'm not considering the retail games stores and the impact something like this would have on them, but remember, they were doing fine well before the used games market became such a staple of their business.
    Is this guy for real? The used game market became a staple because of being unable to compete with online prices. Retail stores needed a higher margin. He then goes on to talk about buying games online in the next paragraph yet seems unable to make a link between the two.

    I'm not white Knighting pre-owned games here, I'm a firm believer in generally buying new, giving back to those that make great games. But if money is tight or the game is old or i'm unsure about it? You best believe I'm picking that up on the cheap.

    And what about supermarkets selling new games at a massive loss? This creates an expectation for consumers that games should be at a low price. Will they go after shops that have sales on next?!
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  • Valve: Skyrim fastest-selling game in Steam history

  • Transmission89 16/12/2011


    the joke


    your head
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  • Transmission89 16/12/2011

    This is impossible?! Surely PC is dead; ruined long ago by 95% of its ungrateful user base that pirated the software that publishers so generously released. Reply +55
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - The End of an Era?

  • Transmission89 15/12/2011

    I dislike the notion that is being perpetuated in these comments that going Free to play means that the game is going to be shit or have ridiculous limits.

    There are many examples of bad free to play approaches that make you feel as a user that you are there to be milked. But there are also subscription based games as well that make you feel like you have been fleeced with anemic content.

    There are ways to do it properly. League of Legends is a great Free to play game. You aren't massively restricted. The running joke is that it is the most expensive free to play game there is. This is from people who happily spend money on it, not because they feel forced, but because they feel invested.

    Another great example is Team Fortress 2. Hats are controversial amongst the community I know, but some people like customising themselves, people will do it. If it means more people give the game a chance because it is funded with vanity items, I'm all for it. It means more people to shoot.

    I don't mind buying game features a la carte, if I want it, I buy it, if not, I don't. I tailor the experience to me, rather than paying a subscription for an everything approach with features I might not use.

    They key is to make the user feel invested in the game. This can be far more lucrative in the long run without dropping quality.
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  • Huge 2.07GB Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 patch notes

  • Transmission89 13/12/2011

    Nothing is amiss, the patch includes the maps. It was the same patch that came out on PC last week. This also had the maps, as was reported by this site. Reply +15
  • Fix coming for Infinity Blade 2 crash bug

  • Transmission89 02/12/2011

    @mono x iOS has been around for a fair few years now. It has been critisised for it's relatively immature development tools. The language objective c is also a mess (relatively speaking in comparison to c#) where it cobbles together lots of ideas.

    The only reason it is used is because iOS is a popular platform, so people make more apps, so it becomes more popular, so more coders have to battle with it!
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  • Transmission89 02/12/2011

    @mono x As far as i'm aware, there is no such tool in the dev library. You're right on that count that Apple should make something like that available (if it isn't there). Apple don't and can't test how apps affect other apps during the submission process. This would take forever and mean no more app releases. Each app exists in its own bubble and the submission process tests only that specific app and ensure it meets Apple's guidelines.

    What is needed here from Chair is greater memory efficiency for their App and from Apple probably greater App memory management from their OS
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  • Transmission89 02/12/2011

    iOS developers get little to no control of memory management. This is something that the operating system is supposed to "intelligently" do. This is not Chair's fault.

    As for blaming them for QA failures for not testing an app-laden device? WTF are you guys on? What development team in the world has work machines that are filled with all their favourite apps and games? This would intefere with their work!

    It's just one of those things. A fix is coming. In the mean time, the old IT standby of turning it off and on again will work.

    Some people really need to get some perspective on things.
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  • Xbox Live coming to Windows 8

  • Transmission89 14/09/2011

    I'm not saying steam was perfect out the gate, it was far from ideal! But they have shown they are willing to listen to consumers and change to meet changing standards and to improve their delivery of their vision. Microsoft shows wilful beligerence by telling us what we want, that we should be grateful and insults our intelligence by telling us it offers great value. Reply 0
  • Transmission89 14/09/2011


    I would like to argue against your comments that a change of GUI would make them that much closer. It is true that both services have the same ideals, however one was borne from trying to increase value and convenience to the user, the other, from trying to port a service that is tailored to a console mentality (that is to say, the expectations of what one has of a console eco system, not an attack on the IQ of console owners) and bringing it to a PC and forcing comparative limitations.

    Could you seriously imagine steam being as popular as it is if it decided to not let you access your saves if you weren't connected online? If it limited your installs? if it tried to charge you? If it forced developers to set price brackets for content so as not to "devalue" a vanity item priced half as much as a game? Then waved PS3 (for the sake of argument) branding in your face reminding you that you, dirty free loading pc gamer, have been granted access to a slice of this wonderful, foreign eco system?

    It is the mentality behind the two that make them different, not just the lick of paint.
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  • Transmission89 14/09/2011

    To be honest, I feel quite insulted as a PC gamer about this. First they have the gall to try and charge for online play on a PC (where the subscription fee is not justified as there is no unified interface to support), then the service that GFWL provides is appalling by limiting installs and access at times when you are offline, the pricing structure is ridiculous and the "deals" laughable compared to steam, they do their best to kill off pc support by pushing games to be xbox exclusive (or at least massively delayed on PC to the point of irrelevance) and close studios and games like Ensemble studious and the flight simulator franchise.

    Every time the GFWL system and their policies took a bashing, the heads were replaced and the new ones were interviewed by the likes of PC Gamer magazine, who took peoples questions and concerns to them, they listened and said that their revision would change this; the spectacle of their enormous fuck-wittery would just continue!

    I am not a console hater. I have an xbox. If I want the xbox experience, I will happily go down and play on it, chat to my friends on live and enjoy that. When I game on my PC, I have different expectations, I want a PC experience. I want an experience that is tailored to the system I am using. The PC is NOT an Xbox, I do not want a ported infrastructure waving xbox live branding in my face.

    Is it any wonder really that Steam is the dominant service on PC?
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  • MotorStorm: Apocalypse canned in Japan

  • Transmission89 09/06/2011

    Why don't they release it as it's a great game, then give a percentage of profits to the relief fund? Or is that just too logical? Reply +3
  • Base PSP2/NGP model downgraded?

  • Transmission89 27/05/2011

    No no no no no!!! Have these people learnt nothing from the psp go fiasco?!! or from Nintendo? Don't create different specced machines!!! I can understand having a 3g/no 3g one, but half RAM and reduced storage seems means games will be compromised to fit on the base model and people will have no motivation to buy the better spec model because there will be no point!

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  • Diablo 3 NPC Followers system detailed

  • Transmission89 17/05/2011

    All Blizzard games so far have run on both OSs off the same disc, there is no reason to think otherwise for Diablo 3. Reply +1
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

  • Transmission89 02/05/2011

    I absolutely cannot wait for this! Instant day one purchase for me ^^ Reply +17
  • DX11 patch for Shogun 2 in early May

  • Transmission89 16/04/2011

    They also need to fix realm divide. I can see what they were trying to do, but I hadn't even threatened Kyoto before I had every faction (including my allies) turn on me, destroying my income and crushing me with all their armies. Surely if you were in a position to be shogun, it would be a proper split, with some factions supporting you? As it was, I got swamped :(. Otherwise, fantastic game!!!!!! Reply 0
  • Resident Evil: Raccoon City confirmed

  • Transmission89 24/03/2011

    I want to play as vector, that way I will have both direction and magnitude. Then zombies will fear me!!! Reply +17
  • PCs have 10x console horsepower - AMD

  • Transmission89 21/03/2011

    "I think DirectX was an industry changing creation. Say what you want about Microsoft, but that piece of genius singlehandedly made games much easier to program on the PC,"

    This is wrong. OpenGL was/is far more capable, Microsoft just pulled out of the consortium to give them full control of an API. People always say "Directx is better for gaming". This is incorrect, there is nothing of the API that makes it better for coding a game than OpenGL. In fact, Direct X is often gimped by being restricted to official Microsoft updates. If a graphics card manufacturer works on some cool tech, he can make it an openGL extension. This could later be adopted for official release.

    An example of this is Directx 11's boasting feature of tesellation, this has been possible with ATI cards on OpenGL for years!!
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  • Fifth Resident Evil movie announced

  • Transmission89 07/03/2011

    This film franchise is much like the shambling, rotting corpses that fill it and needs to be shot in the head now!!It's a shame because I love the games, they were a love letter to the cinema zombie greats, the least they deserve is a bit of tender loving in return, not a dirty, riddled facial! Reply +5
  • PC gaming is growing everywhere

  • Transmission89 01/03/2011

    I would like to thank DR_DOOM for making my morning with his hysterical shrieking over the forums. I think he misses the point entirely. A) big budget exlusives are there (thanks @arcam). The indy scene is thriving, (which does actually count as a real gaming experience) and services like Steam bring unparalleled convenience for pc gamers. one!
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  • Total War: Shogun 2 demo nearly 6GB

  • Transmission89 23/02/2011

    Can anyone confirm if it runs on ati/amd cards? Empire and Napolean haven't been playable since 10.5. I'm worried because it uses the same basic engine. So, 11.1 hotfix driver compatibility? Reply 0
  • Duke: Pitchford welcomes feminist anger

  • Transmission89 22/02/2011

    I think that the word "fags" on a packet of fags uk side isn't really going to mean much. I just wish the same could be said for faggots being offal. I used to love that with chips and gravy as a kid and I can't find them anywhere anymore :(. Reply +4