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  • Batman: Arkham Origins includes multiplayer mode - report

  • Trane 24/04/2013

    When I read multiplayer I was hoping it meant co-operative.

    Oh well.
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  • The Expendables 2 Review

  • Trane 03/08/2012

    Game of the Year 2012. Reply 0
  • Blizzard plans huge office expansion

  • Trane 15/11/2010

    Why would I want to play an Office Expansion? Proof they've completely lost it. The quests will be shit. ''Go to the Watercooler and talk to Bob about the missing paper clips.''

    While you're at it, ask Bob if he's seen Mankrik's wife too, apparently she didn't come home last night.
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  • Duke Nukem Forever demo likely

  • Trane 07/09/2010

    What he said ^ Reply -15
  • Trane 07/09/2010

    Lol @ all the comment negging, sensitive souls. Reply -24
  • Trane 07/09/2010

    When I play the demo, that's when I'll finally start to believe it's a game in development rather than some long running practical joke. Reply +3
  • Teach Rio Ferdinand how to play Halo

  • Trane 29/07/2010

    Can someone teach Rio how to defend, not get injured and turn up for drug tests, instead of being a fragmasta?

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  • Duke Nukem Forever picture released

  • Trane 19/12/2008

    It's a trap. Reply 0
  • King's Bounty: The Legend

  • Trane 27/11/2008

    "The notion of plain English also brings us to hilariously wonky translation. Often this simply adds to the oddball charm, like when your mentor declares "You were almost like a son to me - young, hot and certainly talented" or, should you opt to follow the magical path, the way your character enters one early battle with a cry of "Mage came!" Other times, however, the mangled syntax renders important information unclear, a problem made more prominent by the habit of cramming reams of dialogue text into a tiny window."

    Glol at this passage.

    Nice review Dan, I've never even heard of this game until now, but it sounds like great fun.

    I may have missed it, but does this have any multiplayer?
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  • Left 4 Dead

  • Trane 19/11/2008

    "And I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves leaderboards and stat-tracks. That CoD4 thing has tons of such stuff, and has done quite well I hear."

    Of course you aren't. But those people can stick to their stat games. Some people (myself included) play games purely for fun. Hence me being attracted to TF2, and this. I realise there are stat servers on TF2 aswell, but they have a very different feel to the others - and it doesn't promote teamwork as much.
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  • Trane 19/11/2008

    "I'm hearing there are no leaderboards or stat-tracking for this. If true that's, erm, rubbish for a game of this type (and size)."

    Most people don't care. The game is about the fun experience and that fact that everytime you play it, it's slightly different. Makes scoring slightly moot IMO.
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  • Trane 19/11/2008

    Well conceived review Kieron, a good read aswell as getting the fundamentals accross.

    The game is brilliant, for me personally it's a 10. Purely because playing with 3 other mates in the campaign is just perfect for what I want from a co-op experience. A 9 overall is fair though.

    I need to join the general EG steam group and find some more people for some versus action. (I'm in the TF2 steam group atm)
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  • Left 4 Dead goes live on Steam

  • Trane 18/11/2008

    Aye neilka, it's about Ł35 on steam due to the current exchange rate.

    I don't mind, I'm happy to pay (slightly) over the odds for a game I REALLY want every few years.

    Means I get to play the demo and full versions earlier then, rather than see all my steam friends playing it when I'm not =)
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  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • Trane 17/11/2008

    Oh christ, I just decided I'm never going to play WAR.

    There is an infitesimal chance I may stumble upon Apologie, and my life would end.
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  • Trane 17/11/2008

    "10? - lol"

    Get out.

    This review has tempted me damn it =(

    I played from release until 18 months ago, and this is genuinley the first time I've even considered it.

    Great review Mr Welsh (you get bonus points for the surname).
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  • Fallout 3: Triple Format Face-Off

  • Trane 07/11/2008

    Cue fanboys raping the comments =( Reply +3
  • Gears of War 2

  • Trane 03/11/2008

    Ahh Squarejawhero.

    You said that your disappointment in this game/review may lead you to buying a PS3.

    Yet you claim Uncharted to be such a fantasmigal game, can I ask what you played that on, your game and watch?

    Let me was your mates PS3, ok then.

    Troll on.
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  • Trane 03/11/2008

    God damnit, just after i forked out 52 USD for left for dead too.

    Oh well, it's a nice problem to have :)
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  • Quantum of Solace: The Game

  • Trane 03/11/2008

    Meh, when are they finally going to release a decent bond tie-in? Reply +1
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • Trane 29/10/2008

    The pie is the truth. Reply 0
  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

  • Trane 14/10/2008

    "So when do I get my money back Eurogamer? I bought Age of Conan alot because of your first review. But after I played the game for 5 minutes I knew it sucked. So lame Eurogamer."

    Grow and take responsibility for your own actions maybe?

    EG hardly MADE you part with your money did they.

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  • Saints Row 2

  • Trane 14/10/2008

    Cool review I thought.

    Co-Op is always a big plus for me so I may well give this a try even though I'd never even heard of it until now!

    Lold@ the hotdog pic/caption too :)
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  • TF2 Goldrush map this month

  • Trane 05/02/2008

    Yep, looking forward to this one. Reply 0
  • June SSB date "a mistake", says Nintendo

  • Trane 31/01/2008

    Nintendo Europe is a pathetic joke really isn't it. Reply 0
  • Saw game will be here next year

  • Trane 30/01/2008

    Great, once it's been made into a game that means Uwe Boll can direct saw 5.

    /rubs crystal ball

    Yep, this is gonna be garbage.
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  • New CTF map for Team Fortress 2

  • Trane 28/01/2008

    Playing well twice in a rotation is a bit boring =/

    If they bring out a granary CTF I may cry.
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  • Multiplay unveils i33 tournament

  • Trane 21/01/2008

    People play games at LANs?

    For me it's just about sharing files and ordering takeaways =)
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  • Rock Band to get Oasis content?

  • Trane 17/01/2008

    If smashing pumpkins are prog then I'm Bette Midler.

    Oasis' cover of Neil Young: Hey hey my my would be a decent shout for me, great version IMO.
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  • Performance drugs for pro gamers

  • Trane 16/01/2008

    gLOL. Reply 0
  • Super Smash Bros. delayed

  • Trane 15/01/2008


    If I don't get this before the end of Q2 someone will pay.
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  • New maps for TF2 within two months

  • Trane 14/01/2008

    "I 've been playing TF2 tons over the last few days, and played each map a seemingly infinite number of times, and it's not gotten even remotely less interesting at all."

    I find the exact same thing, my friends are somewhat confused that I spend quite a lot of my time on a 24/7 2fort server, fact is I really do enjoy it. That's not to say I don't play a healthy bit on rotation servers too, but even those don't have have a vast array of maps.

    TF2 is win really.
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  • Trane 14/01/2008

    Doubt it disc, people wouldn't bother. More maps generates more interest which gets them more money anyway. Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead now due in late summer

  • Trane 14/01/2008

    "I somehow just know it's going to be a tremendous game, so no harm done... Whenever they're ready! :)"

    My sentiments exactly, same with blizzard games. Never minded waiting for a game when you just know it's gonna be great.

    I am really looking forward to this, co-op ftw.

    (Although I woulda liked to see it earlier, same goes for SSB:B and mario kart)
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  • CES 2008: Bill Gates keynote

  • Trane 07/01/2008

    Miiiguel, you do realise that by saying something is 'da shit' is basically touting is as being great....

    ..don't you?
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  • Trane 07/01/2008

    '@miiiguel - Why the fuck do you have 3 360s?'

    Maybe he has a 1080p television and got confused.
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  • Coming Attractions: Shooters

  • Trane 04/01/2008

    @space ace

    Maybe read the comments above you, that'll give you some clarity.
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  • Trane 04/01/2008

    "I have only interest in Haze and Killzone 2."

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  • Trane 04/01/2008

    "It gives users faster reactions, unique abilities and five pounds off AA membership if you go to Sainsbury's eight hundred thousand times. "

    I lol'd.

    Seriously I may be close to that now mind, I keep making random trips to sainsbury's hoping to bump into Jamie Oliver so I can budokai him in the face.

    Great article tho, just reminds me I need to tear myself away from TOB (particularly TF2) and pick up stalker sometime....

    I'm really hoping Turok is good, I loved the first one on the N64, even though it was rediculously priced.
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  • Free TF2 weekend for Germans

  • Trane 03/01/2008

    Do you actually play games for enjoyment tobsen?

    TF2 is brilliant, it's fun and also quite challenging on the right servers.
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  • What's New? (21st Dec, 2007)

  • Trane 21/12/2007

    For a long time I have wondered when Linda Barkers face would appear on EG, seems the time is now.

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  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 details

  • Trane 20/12/2007

    "and the single-player game has been designed "with co-op in mind", allowing for drop-in co-op, and with multiple entry points for each level, none of which should distort the game's story"

    Cool, we need more games that support this kinda feature IMO. Co-op play is always good fun \o/\o/
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  • EGTV: Duke Forever trailer

  • Trane 20/12/2007

    Things that have happened since DNF was first announced:
    Makes me smile anyways =)

    Incidentally I am quite looking forward to this, I do like the series.
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  • The Orange Box

  • Trane 18/12/2007

    "A good piece of advice, don't fuck with Sony ;) "

    How is that good advice? Please explain.
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  • Trane 17/12/2007

    "Ps3, given it's original and revolutionizing architecture represents a bigger challenge for the Dev's... it's not like the Ps3 can't handle thouse games, the thing is that the code must be adapted and that takes time and talent.... naturally the best dev's are sent to work with the new system, the one they don't dominate so well. Ps3 is not only capable of doing thing's with same quality seen in x360, but even surpasse it. "

    Yeah, the original revolutionary architechture is what's challenging the devs - I'd say the big pile of junk is challenging their patience more than their talent.

    Who gives a crap about whether 'one day maybe' it surpases the 360 graphically, have you still not grasped it's the games themselves that count?
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  • Trane 17/12/2007

    So in this (an orange box) thread about a shitty port you have managed to tell us that uncharted is great (SHINY WATER LOL), GoW has an awkward story and is linear (and generally shit) and the cherry on the already iced cake is that GT5 is going to be amazing.

    Job done I guess?

    You sir, are a toilet.
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  • Trane 17/12/2007

    "you can actually swim and jump... (something Gears didn't offer). "

    Christ I just laughed so hard I may have coughed up my pancreas.

    While playing GoW all I could think about was 'wow, this game is great, BUT IMAGINE HOW GOOD IT COULD BE IF MARCUS COULD SWIM AND JUMP AND DOMS CLOTHES WERE SHINY AND WET'

    hahahaha, keep going apologie!
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  • Trane 15/12/2007

    "that's the most ignorant comment i ever seen... "let's put on ignore all people that dont agree with us".... lol, very impressive. If i were just as retarded, Kryon, Turth etc... would be on that list long ago, but unfortunally, i'm just human, not all mighty good like some Dizzy's seem to think about themselfes. (and as strange as that may sound to you, i actually like to discuss things with people that don't agree with me, it's more intresting that way)."

    Apologie, you have to be the single most deluded and idiotic person whose words I have ever had the misfortue of reading. The other guys you have mentioned there do spout some crap but are not impossible to reason with, and actually make some decent points and comparisons.

    Go and crawl in a hole and don't come out you spanner.
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  • PS3 'infinitely more fun' than Wii

  • Trane 14/12/2007

    PS3 is more fun than the Wii?

    Well I must admit I do laugh at the PS3 a lot more so there's an ounce of truth there, albeit misdirected.
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  • Unreal PS3 next year - Rein

  • Trane 22/11/2007

    You must be a liberal then ;) Reply 0
  • Unreal Tournament III

  • Trane 20/11/2007

    "is it just shooting?"

    That will be the crux of it yes, I'm sure there will be a mod for baking somewhere down the line.

    Liked the review, I'm glad I wasn't the only one underwhelmed by the demo, no warfare and a crap vehicle CTF level so it would have been harsh of me to judge it based on that alone. I'll probably pick it up in the new year once I've got through everything else that has priority.
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