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  • Cave Story and 1001 Spikes are coming to Switch

  • Tomahawk 19/01/2017

    Looks... pretty bare bones. I'm guessing this is the console in developer mode and not what the dashboard will look like on release? Reply -3
  • Official Battlefield account pulls insensitive tweets after outcry over #justWWIthings

  • Tomahawk 31/10/2016

    Maybe it's just me but a lot of the marketing is a bit uncomfortable for such a serious historical event, like the seven nation army remix trailer. What's next? Blitzkrieg Bop remix for the WW2 one? They should have just used the Battlefield theme. Reply +3
  • Fresh League of Legends row highlights fragile nature of a pro eSports career

  • Tomahawk 24/08/2016

    It's clear to me it is unprofessional to change the rules of a game significantly before an impending tournament, especially in such a high stakes environment such as LoL.

    Whether the TSM founder underpays or throws money at other esports scenes is entirely another matter for another day. It really seems like Merril is throwing out these allegations as a smokescreen for Riot's poor decision
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  • Pokévision creator issues impassioned plea to Pokémon Go boss

  • Tomahawk 03/08/2016

    I think it's fair to say they don't care. As Yangcheng mentioned there has been absolutely no response from Niantic concerning wasted resources that some players paid for. And I believe it was John Hanke who responded to a rural player who mentioned they had problems finding Pokemon that they should just walk more. Niantic are creating an image of a company that has absolute no consideration for customer satisfaction. Reply +3
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • Tomahawk 07/07/2016

    Forgot to mention his previous 10 minute video which he deleted where he didn't apologise and put his foot in it, luckily its still floating around online for people to see how pathetic he is.

    The guys a liar and they've got him bang to rights thanks to h3h3 and honor. He should be in prison for scamming kids.
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  • Watch: We talk to Cliff Bleszinski about LawBreakers

  • Tomahawk 21/06/2016

    As a Gears fan I wanted to like Lawbreakers but from what I've seen it's not really appealing to the shooter fan in me. Ideally I'd want a better aesthetic and more personality in the game.

    And as for the handshake thing, I can't believe a handler said no handshakes, and what's more I can't believe you mentioned that they weren't doing handshakes aha.
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  • Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer

  • Tomahawk 05/05/2016

    Modern Warfare 1 and Infinite War in one package, highlighting when Infinity Ward were the trend-setters vs Infinity Ward the trend-followers. Reply +10
  • In praise of Gears of War's horrible shotgun

  • Tomahawk 28/04/2016

    When I first started Gears of War I got absolutely destroyed. At this point there were just veterans rolling new players in the multiplayer. But I liked the game, so I put time into it, learned how to use the Gnasher, wallbounce, and use other weapons. I looked at what the pro players did and played with a few of them.

    After all that I became a better player - I'm still working at it. You can't imagine the sheer joy of executing a perfect wallbounce and taking out three players in succession. This game has one of the highest learning curves for console shooters, but if you learn it is very rewarding. Coordinating with a team that knows what they're doing, securing power weapons, controlling the map. I really love the tactical play and close combat in these games.

    As for the Gnasher, in my opinion its strength is right where it needs to be. Gnasher veterans might disagree but I supported the boost they gave rifles in 3 onwards, it gives newer players a fighting chance without negating the Gnasher entirely, so hopefully they stick around to learn more.
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  • Steam in hot water after admitting security lapse exposed 34,000 users' details

  • Tomahawk 31/12/2015

    Maybe I missed a previous announcement, but it took a seriously long time for an apology, and the apology is not even at the beginning of the statement.

    Regardless it's a serious cause for concern for anyone's details to be exposed; I was pretty worried. I hope a thorough investigation is undertaken by the authorities.
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  • Zoe Quinn's memoir Crash Override picked up by Ghostbusters reboot producer

  • Tomahawk 07/11/2015

    It's a shame, because this will paint gamers as villains rather than further gaming as a whole. But then again since the beginning of this debacle the gaming media has done a well enough job.

    When gamers called for open and honest games coverage they were slandered and verbally abused. The media would love to paint the picture that every single gamer that found the lack of disclosure distasteful as sexist misogynist doxxers but the truth, as it always is, is far less inflammatory.
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  • Blizzard's Overwatch is a full-price game, not free-to-play

  • Tomahawk 06/11/2015

    To me this seems like an odd choice. Blizzard definitely has the brand power to make this work as a full priced game and no doubt it will come down to a more reasonable price at some point and gain momentum, but I would have thought borrowing the moba pricing scheme would maximise market reach and make a lot of the additional dlc a more attractive option.

    It's like they are going all the way in sacrificing an international scene behind their game.
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  • Voice actors strike has been authorised

  • Tomahawk 08/10/2015

    Really the contentious point of this debate are the bonuses, I don't think many begrudge voice actors better working conditions like a break during strenuous recording.

    In my opinion voice actors deserve decent pay but not residual payments. To say the voice actor is a major reason why a game hits so many sales milestones is a bit cheeky. While good voice acting is important, I don't believe that 10 million of the general public pick up a game because it's a 'Troy Baker' game.

    Considering the environment as well, the programmers on some of these games work ridiculous hours without seeing family for not enough pay and very little bonus. Now I'm not saying if someone has it worse than you don't fight your corner, but it needs to be put into perspective that these unsung heroes on the development team who do more work and pour three years of their life into this are far more deserving of residual pay.
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  • Stone Age-set Far Cry Primal launches in February

  • Tomahawk 06/10/2015

    I'm definitely on-board with this interesting new setting. I'm just wondering how much variation players will get with gameplay now they are restricted to primitive weapons. Reply +22
  • Gearbox seeks dev collaboration for next Duke Nukem

  • Tomahawk 15/07/2015

    I think it's entirely possible to deliver a strong modern Duke Nukem game, I mean, that's pretty much what Serious Sam is isn't it? There just needs to be a solid development studio behind it. Reply +5
  • Tomahawk 15/07/2015

    @Sicho I agree. It was an all right game. The dislike I saw was mostly aimed at one of three things: The game was too modern in aspects, the game was too old in aspects, the shallow depiction of women.

    The first two points are debatable, the last is true but what did people expect? It's like an 80s action film. I do however think the jokes in the alien impregnation part were tone deaf though.
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  • Video: Why you might like to play Her Story

  • Tomahawk 29/06/2015

    Looks like an interesting concept but only a game in the very loosest definition, ie interact entertainment.

    The interactivity is extremely limited and there are no meaningful choices. It could also be framed as another way to experience film just as much as another way to experience games.

    Games are such a unique medium, it just seems odd that this is so highly praised when it utilises none of what make games such a distinct art form.
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  • See what Mario looks like in Unreal Engine 4

  • Tomahawk 29/06/2015

    @JensWeissflog The main feature is the 1:1 recreation of Mario 64's Mario himself but with upgraded graphics. The environments are just things taken from the Unreal asset store. Reply +17
  • Eurogamer's alternative E3 2015 awards

  • Tomahawk 19/06/2015

    Oil of Olay Award - Todd Howard Reply +4
  • Microsoft introduces new modular Xbox Elite wireless controller

  • Tomahawk 16/06/2015

    @Din_mamma Check the pins are making contact with the batteries properly in the controller casing. Reply +1
  • Steam now offers game refunds "for any reason" within 14 days

  • Tomahawk 02/06/2015

    "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else." - Winston Churchill Reply +143
  • Video: LGBTI characters in games are important

  • Tomahawk 29/05/2015

    @SpaceInvader2 Game journalists call specifically for more gender and sexual orientation representation because their friends within journalism and gaming circles are either lgbt, social activists or proponents of both.

    They do not encounter issues like racial hatred and religious intolerance as frequently, and people of faith or of colour are few and far between in these communities so they will rarely champion it's cause.
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  • Tomahawk 29/05/2015

    @SpaceInvader2 True enough, for many gaming outlets diversity begins and ends with gender and sexual orientation.

    In terms of Christianity it is hard to fit it into a story though, unless a character is devout and is wearing a cross or seen praying. For many games maybe many characters do have a religious background but just aren't seen showing it.
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  • Tomahawk 29/05/2015

    The issue is the majority of hardcore gamers are straight men (Not hating on straight guys, I'm one too.) Within this group there is a large contingent of men, I suspect largely American, that aren't comfortable with homosexual characters and who have a problem with male nudity as well.

    I don't see their issue with homosexuality being solved overnight by having more Ander's moments (a gay character making a pass at the lead character) in games or full blown kissing. But what goes a long way I think is creating amicable characters who just so happen to be gay, like Dorian in Dragon Age: Inquisition, who I'm sure challenged a lot of these attitudes.
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  • The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road

  • Tomahawk 26/05/2015

    I really enjoyed Mad Max Fury Road, but I'm glad it's not a total movie tie-in with the game, It'll be a fresh experience with elements of Road Warrior, which isn't a bad thing.

    The only downside is the Arkham-style melee combat. In all of the films Max has never been an invincible guy able to take on a whole horde of guys in a fist fight. It's not a dealbreaker though, the game still looks great.
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  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • Tomahawk 22/05/2015

    Hmm, I'd assumed Rockstar were involved in the project.

    Honestly, if it's a drama focussing solely on Jack vs Sam I don't see what the problem is, just rename brands where appropriate and mock up gameplay.
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  • War Thunder studio preps vehicle combat MMO Crossout

  • Tomahawk 20/05/2015

    Witness me!!! Reply +8
  • Mortal Kombat X's old lady fights back with her own Brutality

  • Tomahawk 19/05/2015

    "Witness me!"

    Comedy gold. Go see Mad Max people.
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  • Oculus Rift won't block virtual reality porn

  • Tomahawk 19/05/2015

    Welp time to buy an Oculus Rift!

    Seriously though, I don't see anything wrong with porn being on Oculus, but hopefully we don't see people starting to marry their Oculus partners, heh.

    And aside from the obvious porn, I imagine Oculus could have sexual applications to aid long distance relationships, transgender people and creating a safe sexual environment for people who have issues.
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  • Microsoft takes on Gears of War Xbox One leakers

  • Tomahawk 15/05/2015

    The upshot is it seems Microsoft cannot "brick" an Xbox One remotely
    I keep seeing this everywhere. Heads up people, MS, Sony and Nintendo can definitely brick individual consoles, they just don't do it. This is not a revelation.

    I don't understand how people can believe that a console manufacturer has no power to identify an individual unit or to deploy a download specifically to that unit.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege gets October release date

  • Tomahawk 14/05/2015

    @DreadedWalrus I believe there was a confirmation of T Hunt being in. But the only thing I've seen of it is that it was in the menu when they crashed during the developer livestream. Reply +1
  • MGS5's seedy Quiet figure has squeezable boobs

  • Tomahawk 11/05/2015

    While I probably do agree with Tom that this is an embarrassing figure I don't agree with how he has framed the article. Present the information and let the reader formulate their opinion on the subject, you don't need to qualify it with grubby and seedy.

    Anyway does it have a right to exist? I guess so. It seems to be aimed at a very specific type of collector. Though I will never buy it.
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  • Homophobic and transphobic game removed from Steam Greenlight

  • Tomahawk 06/05/2015

    There is definitely an undercurrent of developers and journalists who seek to destroy and ostracise anyone behind every little thing they find offensive. But this isn't a little thing, if his aim was to troll he really overstepped the mark here. Reply +1
  • Microsoft demos Windows 10 hologram support

  • Tomahawk 30/04/2015

    People are failing to see this is just a first iteration of the device, every popular device we use now was limited and met a whole lot of scepticism on their inception. It doesn't mean it can't grow to be cheaper or a better product.

    It has potential. for gaming it could simply be a case of being able to access your large library of games wherever and docking a peripheral to your AR glasses. Hell, I could use one, I'm typing this on a large screen tv, I'd rather have nothing clogging up my work surface and just project an AR screen on the wall.
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  • Bloodborne glitch creates top-down camera

  • Tomahawk 30/04/2015

    Shame this isn't an official game option, could have been a NG unlock.

    The only issues with it I could see in a game like this is where NPCs, items and other objects are placed in such a way as not to be immediately obvious to a player not playing in over the shoulder third person.
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  • The top 15 Final Fantasy 15 demo complaints addressed, one by one

  • Tomahawk 28/04/2015

    @FladgeMangle Incongruous? Are you joking? The male characters are all sexy boy band members that are designed as fap material for female fans. Reply +8
  • Tomahawk 28/04/2015

    Right after they change Cindys design they should change the male characters designs, can't have sexy boy band looking boys running around. Let's make sure everyone can enjoy this game without feeling inadequate! /s

    And people in the comments are acting like we haven't seen the Southern beauty mechanic/racer character before. It's definitely not realistic, but none of the costumes are.
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  • Bethesda removes paid mods in Skyrim

  • Tomahawk 28/04/2015

    A good resolution to this mess.

    If people like a modders work then they should donate to them, not pay for the mods - most mods, while fun, are just not up to standards of quality content.

    If a mod is of high enough quality then the developer should approach the modder directly to talk about turning their work into polished DLC content.
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3: side-stepping the inevitable comparisons with Titanfall

  • Tomahawk 27/04/2015

    I've just watched a break down of the game trailer and its movement does seem very Titanfall-like. I'm surprised they're still sticking to market trends, 'This game had this, so we need something like it', when they've had so much success when they used their own creativity. Reply +2
  • Gabe Newell responds to paid mods controversy

  • Tomahawk 27/04/2015

    Poor justification, getting paid does not dictate whether the mods will be quality or not.

    And can we please stop this trend where gamers are being sold broken and unpolished content? I think very few would grumble about paying for a polished expansion mod, but this isn't the quality of most mods that are being sold.

    Not to mention there is zero support for customers here if there are any problems with the mod.

    These answers don't inspire confidence in the service at all.

    EDIT: If anyone wants to see the 'quality' of the mods being sold just check out this album of the mods being tested:
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 November release date leaked - report

  • Tomahawk 25/04/2015

    @Normole Ah, cool. Never knew that. Hope we get to see more World War games in future to be honest. Reply +1
  • Tomahawk 24/04/2015

    First time I've come across a CoD beta. Maybe this is their answer to halting the sales decline. Reply +2
  • Gears of War remaster set for Xbox One - report

  • Tomahawk 24/04/2015

    I'm so hyped for this, Gears of War is my favourite TPS. I hope SplashDamage do it justice. Reply +13
  • Microsoft apologises for using PC footage in Xbox One Witcher 3 trailer

  • Tomahawk 23/04/2015

    Look at all these comments "LOL MS LOL STAY CLASSY", good to see the game community has matured.

    This is only a big deal in so far as gameplay is not representative of the final product. CD Projekt Red should really be sending platform specific captured footage out. I hope they comment on this so the matter will be rectified in future.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

  • Tomahawk 17/04/2015

    Wow, it comes out on my birthday. That'll be a great treat. Reply +1
  • Halo Online modders working to strip micro-transactions, release worldwide

  • Tomahawk 09/04/2015

    I just find it funny that the modders were all like 'It's different if it was a paid for title, we wouldn't reverser engineer it and release it for free'! Well what's the difference between stripping the revenue from a paid for title and stripping the revenue from a f2p title? Reply +3
  • Anita Sarkeesian debuts her Positive Female Characters series

  • Tomahawk 31/03/2015

    As Frybird has said this is a way more positive message than the original Tropes videos. I think there would have been less conflict and division in communities if this was the starting point of exploring female depiction in games.

    I still find fault with the message that Sarkeesian chooses to share though. I don't dispute that we need more diverse and well written characters, but things like negativity for princesses and strong sexual characters actually works against the message she is trying to share, as both men and yes, women, also enjoy these characters. Also she can point out well rounded characters without scoffing at bows and pink, some women love both and shouldn't be ashamed of loving them.
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  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • Tomahawk 30/03/2015

    @wyp100 Is this really an issue? There are certainly foolish people out there, but given the game box you would think a big red 18 on the box, a soldier with a gun and names like 'Call of Duty', 'Gears of War' and 'Grand Theft Auto' are enough indicators that this content is not for children. Maybe the symbol doesn't look the same, but 18 and bright red are pretty strong symbols that are used outside of games. Reply +1
  • Tomahawk 30/03/2015

    I don't think kids should be playing adult experiences, others have said I grew up with x and I'm ok, but did you have anything like the GTA torture scene or the terrorist attacks in CoD in your games when you were growing up? And whenever an issue like this comes up people say it's about providing education. You can try to educate people all day, they just don't care. The easiest way to enforce this would be to fine parents directly, and then you will see parents taking an active role in what content their children are consuming. Reply +11
  • Spotify app launches today, exclusive to PlayStation "for the foreseeable"

  • Tomahawk 30/03/2015

    @lewislewislewis I'd rather use Spotify as well, but I imagine Microsoft would rather push their Xbox Music service which they are trying to challenge the other music streaming services with. Reply +4
  • Cara Ellison on: #Fortune

  • Tomahawk 29/03/2015

    @Neoptolemus I agree with you on the media image, but personally, while I love games and would like to be a part of the industry, I don't want games to define me. We become richer people through experiences, you don't need to travel for the sake of facebook posts, but travelling gives so much in terms of experience and learning. Reply 0