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  • You've got male

  • Tomahawk 19/07/2014

    "The old excuse that not enough people would buy a game about a woman who doesn't spend 90 per cent of her time shooting things is hard to support"

    Excuse or pragmatic outlook? Most of the top games are dominated by killing, regardless of the main character's gender. The reason why we can't have a single mother who becomes a hacker and is looking after a child and mourning another is easy to explain: In AAA games nobody wants to spend time dealing with real life issues, we play for escapism, we play to be the badass. I mean look at The Last of Us, the example you mentioned which I believe perfectly explains why your point is not a great one.

    How much of the game do you spend dealing with the real life issue of being a single father and not just the former shadow of it? In what capacity is Joel actively raising Ellie? Barely. She does take the place of adopted daughter but in what part is he raising her? The game shies away from this, and for good reason. I imagine a lot of parents sat down to play the game after putting their kids to bed and thought to themselves "Phew, finally a kid that doesn't need looking after."
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  • Tomahawk 19/07/2014

    @Paul_cz From what I gather they did. New black Captain America is his own character. New Thor I think is just genderswapped? Not sure about the comic book story behind her. Reply -1
  • Destiny beta begins late July for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

  • Tomahawk 26/06/2014

    Moon wizards for everyone! Reply +27
  • Don't judge Far Cry 4 by its cover, says game director

  • Tomahawk 24/06/2014

    Ubisoft is one of the most inclusive devs this generation. Every game they bend over backwards to be diverse, and yet people still complain and accuse them of racism. It's pretty ridiculous.

    When looking at these situations, I think people need to take a step back and think to themselves, is this developer really trying to be discriminatory? If they made an unintended blunder how blatant is it?

    In this case I very much doubt Ubisoft or the artist behind it is racist. Is it an unintentional blunder? Maybe. I just think it's a good thing the kneeling man isn't black, there would be a firestorm on the net and maybe in the mainstream media.
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  • DICE ponders: what did people really like about Battlefield: Bad Company?

  • Tomahawk 24/06/2014

    I really enjoyed the Bad Company 2 multiplayer. I like how focussed the multiplayer was. Limited vehicles and limited map sizes really put the focus on specific areas of the map with more action occurring because of it. I also loved the big focus on destructable buildings.

    Bad Company just felt more specialised and action packed than the main Battlefield series. It's a happy medium between Battlefield and other smaller map focussed FPS games.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • Tomahawk 19/06/2014

    I don't believe your example of the dastardly achievement is sexist, at all. Not being white I often wonder "Is it racist?" when I look at some issues. If the trope was a black guy always ending up tied to a railway line would it be inherently racist? I don't think so, it all comes down to context. Look at similar jokes for comparison, red shirts, in horror black guy always dies first, Kenny dies, what, if anything at all, are these examples saying about guys who wear red shirts, black men, or shy people? Nothing, it offers no commentary at all, they just happen to be regular occurrences that offer no commentary on the character's background. This is just the same as the dastardly achievement, a female character tied to a railway track has no bearing on modern attitudes and does not serve to personally slight anyone, it's just a throwback to old films.

    The problem in saying damningly "This is sexist" and "This is racist" for examples like this is that it discredits any effort to curb real racism or sexism.
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  • Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed

  • Tomahawk 17/05/2014

    "It's the end of Microsoft's vision for an all-in-one entertainment system", I don't think it is. "but at the very least the focus will be where it should have been from day one - on the games.", I don't think it should be.

    This is the age of multimedia devices. While gamers on the internet will say, 'I just want to play games' that doesn't mean a console shouldn't try to facilitate different roles. As you mentioned, a lot of people use their older consoles as a media streaming device because they want more from their devices. If anything it's becoming harder and harder to justify having the big boxs under our tvs, so to appeal to the many it needs more than just the ability to play games well.

    On Microsoft's failing, I think bundling Kinect, which raised the price substantially, was a pretty glaring error, but I don't their focus on Kinect was wrong. Gamers take a lot of shots at Kinect, but I think it's an intuitive device that can be used by everyone and can have some broad and interesting applications to games - the problem was Microsoft highlighted none of that, they gave absolutely no reason why gamers should back the Kinect or how the Kinect could work in new and interesting ways.

    In future, I think, potentially, Kinect could work very well with VR, could broaden the games market (more focus on education, sport, training, simulation, disability), and could be adapted to have interesting integration into games. The last two points I'm not too sure on though, MS seems to leave things a bit underdeveloped.
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  • EGX Rezzed 2014 developer sessions

  • Tomahawk 29/03/2014

    Balls ... I'm working tomorrow and going to miss the live dev sessions ... Reply 0
  • UK budget fails to include games tax relief

  • Tomahawk 19/03/2014

    I'm not a fan of the Tories (massive understatement) but what is the issue here? As you say there is tax break for games being run past the EU as we speak, if it is successful they get the tax break. Why would they mention it when it is not confirmed. Reply +3
  • 2014's funniest game just got funnier

  • Tomahawk 11/03/2014

    Looks like Morph and Chas had a bit of a falling out. Reply +7
  • The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream

  • Tomahawk 08/03/2014

    While an interesting article it's a bit pointless. Of course you can build a reasonable PC for the money of a console, but comparable gaming experience? I'd say the vast majority of gamers, top graphics and performance are not the be all and end all of their gaming experience.

    I don't blame the guys at DF, because it is their field to pixel count after all, but it's nonsense to compare console and PC when both serve very different experiences, it's like judging general talent show competitors solely on their physical strength. What does that serve to do in comparing unique attributes?
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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Tomahawk 24/02/2014

    I picked up an XB1 early to play DR3, so this news doesn't bother me that much. I'm incredibly hyped for Titanfall though. Hopefully, more people pick up the console, so Titanfall has a healthy community. Reply +11
  • The director of Final Fantasy 7 on the remake everyone wants

  • Tomahawk 17/02/2014

    I'm going to take the unpopular stance and say that Square Enix should be making new experiences, not sequels as shown with the Lightning story nor remakes such as FF7.

    There is no reason a remake can't be outsourced to a competent studio. To me, it sounds like he is reluctant to let anyone else touch his baby. This is a problem for any artist; if you never actually finish with a project in your head then it doesn't lead to any progress.

    I believe Square Enix continually making new worlds and experiences is a bit like throwing darts at a dart board, eventually they'll get another one to stick.
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  • Tomahawk 17/02/2014

    @Zomoniac I think this is the wrong mindset. They can both remake and bring about new titles. I take issue with the group of gamers who only want the same experience they have always had remade. You could inadvertently be stifling the prospect of the next big thing. Reply 0
  • Tiny vs Big: In praise of Titanfall's smart pistol

  • Tomahawk 17/02/2014

    I'm glad the smart pistol is in the game; it helps players that aren't great at shooters compete. There is one criticism I would level at it though, and that is that it shouldn't be able to lock on while the shooter is cloaked. Reply +4
  • inFamous: Second Son-themed condoms are GameStop Italy's pre-order bonus

  • Tomahawk 07/02/2014

    Stiff competition in preorder bonuses, eh? Reply +45
  • What Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor looks like

  • Tomahawk 16/12/2013

    @saxxonde I don't know about that. Plenty of spiritual beings that preceded the races of Middle-earth seem to be monstrously powerful. Reply -2
  • Heroes of Dragon Age out on iOS, Android

  • Tomahawk 05/12/2013

    @melnificent I played the iOS version, which I assume is the same as the Android version.

    It's free to play. I haven't spent anything on the game and it has been playable as long as I've had energy in my energy bar - which replenishes over time.

    You can of course pay money to get more rolls of the dice for rare units (and most likely to replenish your energy faster?), but, honestly, I don't see it being worth it in this game.
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  • Tomahawk 05/12/2013

    I spent a little time going through the tutorial and I came away indifferent to it really. There's not much game in this game.

    It seems the impetus to play is to get rare units which make your team stronger and then throw them into battle to beat quests and other players, but it's all auto-battle. There is no choice here except for selecting which units you want in your team.

    There is slight strategic elements to picking units, like abilities, unit types and team placement, but it's not imperative really.

    The only interesting thing I found in the game was the quick refresher on Fereldan events it provided through its quests.
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  • Outside Xbox takes Forza 5's most expensive car for a spin

  • Tomahawk 30/11/2013

    I'm enjoying my Xbox One but have two issues with it:

    1. Activity feed is not separate from friends and profile. Since this is the case, you could be in inadvertently spoilered by the pic achievements when just checking to see if a friend is online.

    2. Microsoft's upload policy. If I upload a vid to share with my friends, it shouldn't matter if I swear in it. Also seems a bit backwards to have a moderation team actively looking out for it instead of an adequate support system so it is dealt with on a case by case basis.
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  • A DOA Xbox One, Microsoft support and a paperclip

  • Tomahawk 30/11/2013

    EDIT: Oh nvm. Reading fail. Reply +1
  • Sony congratulates Microsoft on Xbox One launch

  • Tomahawk 22/11/2013

    Some of the more trollish members of the PlayStation and Xbox fanbase should learn from this. Reply +59
  • Upload and share Xbox One gameplay using SkyDrive

  • Tomahawk 19/11/2013

    He's goddamn ecstatic. Reply 0
  • Early Xbox One users detail launch game install sizes

  • Tomahawk 11/11/2013

    @grassyknoll You mean the issue that has already been addressed by Albert Penello from MS?:

    Either you didn't bother to research or, like I mentioned before, you're trying to make an issue out of something which isn't.
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  • Tomahawk 11/11/2013

    @grassyknoll It's not a bigger issue, they have confirmed that it will be playable offline from launch. I think what you really mean is that you want to make it into a bigger issue than it really is. Reply +2
  • Tomahawk 11/11/2013

    @ziggy_played_guitar EDIT: Ah, my mistake. Looks like it does support expandable storage through usb 3.0 ports. Reply +3
  • Tomahawk 11/11/2013

    @grassyknoll I'm not sure if EG has addressed this but it has been addressed in other places.

    The gamer was banned temporarily because the service was not ready, this was why there were still things like the CoD Ghosts offline issue. That gamer was also invited to the launch event to make up for it.

    MS have also said people who got their console early cannot play online, and honestly, if the service is a work in progress still that is likely a good thing.
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  • Tomahawk 11/11/2013

    This is the only worry I have at the moment about Xbox One. Mandatory installs and HDD space were exasperating this gen; I thought MS would plan for adequate space for the larger games of next gen, but unfortunately not.

    No doubt there'll be a larger HDD version down the line, which will be irritating for early adopters, but that's the risk taken.
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  • Female soldiers in Warface are unrealistic and sexualised because community wanted it

  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @JayScott Be quiet kid, the adults are talking. Reply 0
  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @Bertie That's where we disagree. There's nothing wrong with titillation at all. The strangest thing about this rise in liberalism in games is that it promotes restrictiveness in games, and not the freedom that other arts and products enjoy. It doesn't promote freedom or equality to say every piece of media must be balanced to be acceptable, it's the gateway to mediocrity and tokenism. Reply -1
  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @RedSparrows No, he is telling people what to think. "But it's not too late for Crytek to do something about it", clearly he sees it as a problem that needs to be fixed. I just find it funny that he believes he should be able to choose for the community and that his view overrules what the core themselves chose. Reply -3
  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @Kami I have no idea what your'e talking about, you're comparing an aesthetic choice for a player model against the people who complain about balancing in a game. It is not comparable at all.

    Secondly, it's not a realistic shooter. Go to the website, go the gameplay videos, none if it is aiming for a gritty war sim. Also in my opinion it's better to have a community then none at all!

    And on your last point I have to question as well. This is not real life, it's a an entertainment product. Of course nobody would go up to a female soldier and do that, because it's real life. These characters in the game are hollow shells, avatars of the player, they don't have a personality or characterisation, the only thing that defines them is their look, and if that look is sexy then that's a-ok with me. Devs should focus on targeted markets and not broad appeal that will never materialise.
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  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @kangarootoo I'm not interested in getting the thumbs up or "negged" from you or anyone else. I voiced my honest opinion and yes, I took a shot at liberal hipsters. If you can't see the point I was trying to make then unlucky for you. I think sex and sexualisation in certain products is absolutely fine. If people want to complain about a game they will never play and be outraged and offended then that is also up to them. Cheers! Reply -21
  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @Bertie 1. You keep saying realistic war game, have you seen the gameplay? it's pretty much CoD. Even in its description as a fast paced shooter should tell you the game is not heading for realism at all. Unless you believe our boys are abroad running around like Rambo.

    2. The message being sent out is that the community prefer sex appeal, just as the Twilight community prefer the guys to be hunky emotionless bad boys.

    Those are the people who will be watching that film, these are the people playing the game, and in one specific territory. Come release, detractors won't be talking or even thinking about this and the Russian community in question will be the ones enjoying it playing it.

    I think games would be a hell of a lot better if people spent less time being outraged and more time creating the games they want to play.
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  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    @schnide To be honest, that was the line that threw me off and I disagree with it. I'm in favour of journalist objectivity. Journalists reporting the news, not making it. Leave the knee jerk reactions to Kotaku. Reply 0
  • Tomahawk 09/10/2013

    "To not include female characters from the outset, and then to implement them in a way that's not only unrealistic but sexualised because a male-dominated audience wanted it that way, is a mistake. But it's not too late for Crytek to do something about it before Warface hits Xbox 360 in early 2014."

    It's not too late for what? to switch it to your idealised version? Let's face the facts here, like any product it has a targeted demographic and this one happens to be Russian males. Just as other forms of media have idealised and sexualised males from jrpgs to hunky men in tv dramas. I'm certainly not going to tell women they can't fap over Ryan Gosling, even if Mr. Cameron wants to put a stop to all that.

    Why not just switch the male characters to open shirted Leon Kennedy lookalikes and address the balance? because overall sexualisation isn't a bad thing, sexy should never be off limits. If liberal media want to bitch and moan about it we might as well address the balance so everyone enjoys this game and then the prudes can go back to eating their kale sandwiches.
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  • Microsoft names next free Xbox 360 Games with Gold title

  • Tomahawk 04/10/2013

    @minimong Reading comprehension my friend. My comment states that you do need Gold to get access to Gold offers. You seem pretty emotional about this, I suggest you re-evaluate your life and realise who is really the fanboy here. Reply 0
  • Tomahawk 24/09/2013

    @null Nobody pays 60 for Gold. Xbox Gold is like 20-35 a year. Or you could even use the free XBL Gold passes. Reply +5
  • Tomahawk 24/09/2013

    @Spong I keep seeing this argument as well. PS+ is a service designed to keep you paying to have access to your games. These games, although not huge triple A titles, although you need a Gold subscription you can download and keep them even with a free 24 hour pass. No doubt MS could compete with PS+ with big titles but then you would almost certainly have to pay for access there as well. I'd rather own the games I play. Reply -7
  • Sony confirms Beyond censored in Europe

  • Tomahawk 01/10/2013

    RIP European sales for this niche title then. Reply -5
  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • Tomahawk 01/10/2013

    Can't finish the tutorial here. My race trigger disappeared. =/ Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag PC release date confirmed

  • Tomahawk 30/09/2013

    "22nd November, alongside Wii U and next-gen versions." That's quite a burn considering the Wii U technically is Nintendo's next gen machine. Reply +8
  • 61% of UK believes games can cause violence, aggression

  • Tomahawk 24/09/2013

    @ShiftyGeezer I disagree with your statement. We have had violent media for a long time now, our culture is permeated with it, and yet our crime levels are dropping. If anything negative I'd say violent media has weakened our empathy and being able to relate to other people. Reply +4
  • Tomahawk 24/09/2013

    Aggression and frustration is one thing, as gamers we have all experienced it, but violence is another thing. I have not seen any study which directly links games to violence, and I'd like to know how they differentiate the feeling of aggression and frustration while playing a shooter and those resulting from playing a competitive sport. Reply +1
  • Microsoft gives you 67p for playing a new Xbox 360 game

  • Tomahawk 07/09/2013

    Holy ****! MS are giving people money, however small, and people find something to bitch about, MS give people free games and people find something to bitch about.

    The problem is not with MS, it's with your screwed up hater perception. Instead of waiting for a new Eurogamer article on MS to carp and moan, why don't you take a walk? play a game? get a job? there's so much more constructive things to do than bitch about a company that in all fairness has tried to make it up to their fans.

    EDIT: Just checked and there's quite a few indie games cheap around 69p, might be worth using these rewards to check out some smaller indie titles.
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  • Sony offers refunds as Final Fantasy 14 launch catastrophe worsens

  • Tomahawk 05/09/2013

    @Rogueywon I partially agree with, Faramis. Not within two months but I'd say it'd be tempting around the year mark for them. The F2P "bubble" isn't bursting but the sub one has well and truly burst ages ago, at the moment it is the only viable option for new mmo IPs. In the recent past we have had some really blockbuster IPs that have utterly failed at retaining a decent player base under subscription, I mean before the launch of a Star Wars, LoTR, Star Trek, would people ever believe these giants could fall? This is the state of mmos at the moment. Reply +1
  • Tomahawk 05/09/2013

    I wonder why Square Enix didn't implement automatic logout for inactivity? At the moment I'm hearing from some players that they just leave their character online just so they can play when they want, which no doubt adds to the problem.

    Maybe in the meantime regular server reboots would serve better in flushing out what few inactive users there are?

    All in all, FFXIV sounds like a poisoned chalice Square Enix have sunk a lot of their money into.
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  • Bethesda: "The time for convincing publishers and developers to support Wii U has long passed"

  • Tomahawk 03/09/2013

    Well the sales so far have not been great and devs have to weigh up time invested vs potential profit, which is pretty hard with a small player base.

    I think in time Wii U will become like the Gamecube. A few great titles, mostly first party, but still not a huge success. Unfortunate.
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  • Fan-harassed writer Jennifer Hepler leaves BioWare

  • Tomahawk 16/08/2013

    There's no reason why anyone should have to suffer any venomous abuse or harassment. I think a fair amount of criticism though, is absolutely fine.

    Overall this entire dog pile was all brought about by the questionable quality of the writing in Dragon Age 2. Personally I found the writing poor and the greatest sin was destroying the ambiguous morality of the two major factions. (People who have beat the game will know which part I mean).

    All in all, I didn't enjoy it. The writing was a big part of that. If Hepler was partially responsible for that I can't say I'm sorry to see her go.
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  • Microsoft's Xbox 360-One Season Pass Guarantee

  • Tomahawk 15/08/2013

    I'm trying to weigh up if this is really a big deal. A game could be fundamentally different depending on which console you get it on, in terms of graphics, connectivity, gameplay. In the instance you buy a game is it reasonable to expect the game on the other console? I'm not so sure it is, but it'd be a very generous gesture by MS if they did give cross-platform ownership. Reply +6