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  • We Happy Few launches on Kickstarter

  • Tiger_Walts 04/06/2015

    I wonder if the procedural generation tech re-arranges parts of the city if you take a pill. That would be wild. Reply 0
  • Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project

  • Tiger_Walts 31/03/2015

    @abeeken Each company needs to evaluate whether they would benefit from creating such a license. It's hard to put a value on the good will generated, increased brand exposure via fan-works, or even predict how much you'd save/spend in legal costs by implementing it. It's going to be different in each case. I don't expect a company to do it but I do hope they at least consider it. Reply +2
  • Tiger_Walts 31/03/2015

    @abeeken Yeah, this case would fall foul of that. But in general content owners have the option of allowing fan-works utilizing assets to whatever degree they are happy with. Instead of the usual C&D/Takedown response. Bohemia Interactive have a good licensing system: https://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses Reply 0
  • Tiger_Walts 31/03/2015

    @abeeken Actually, no: There is a way to let your fans create work from your content and protect your IP/TMs http://www.xbox.com/en-us/developers/rules Reply +5
  • Nyko's Xbox One "Intercooler" seems rather pointless

  • Tiger_Walts 11/03/2015

    "ameliorate heat dissipation concerns" - Translation: It makes you feel better. Reply +9
  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • Tiger_Walts 03/01/2015

    KRZ is best played as a waking dream. Because the decisions you are asked to make have result in no structural or reward changes, you are truly free to opt  for any choice without feeling the need to evaluate it.If you spend longer than a second making a dialogue choice, then you are playing it wrong. The choices allow you alter the flavour to suit your current mood, making the experience a little more personal. An emotional investment that strengthens immersion far stronger than any graphics technology ever will.Let the experience wash over you, don't try to think, don't try to game. When most games offer meaningless choices, it's designed to enforce a particular emotion. KRZ foes the opposite and let's you choose the emotions you want to cultivate. Reply +3
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • Tiger_Walts 01/10/2014

    So... Where's the best place to go for a curry in Brum?

    My journey home from London was 5 1/2 hours door-to-door, without rushing for connections. A round-trip to Birmingham plus visiting an Expo can be done in a day for all, except those who live in the furthest reaches.
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  • Raid Over Moscow left me stuck in a garage in space

  • Tiger_Walts 31/08/2014

    It took a while to master the head-patting and tummy-rubbing ship control. But once you learned to share your focus between managing the lateral momentum, mainly by not going too fast, and keeping the craft off the deck it suddenly becomes a lot easier. I could get every single plane out.

    Now, the DCS FW190-D9 is kicking my arse. I've only taken off once from a concrete slab runway and I managed to lose an aileron in the process. Asphalt runways are much easier. I performed 3 subsequent landings and take-offs on asphalt.
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  • Microsoft's Windows XP support ends today

  • Tiger_Walts 08/04/2014

    Tarted-up Windows 2000, we salute you. Reply +8
  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • Tiger_Walts 28/11/2013

    "Buying full games digitally is still a relatively new thing,"

    My Steam account of 9 years says otherwise.
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  • Forza 5 dev open to adjusting economy based on feedback

  • Tiger_Walts 27/11/2013

    I don't have an issue with the high (game-monies) pricing of the ultra-cars. Anything that prevents online races full of Veyrons that all pile into each other on the first corner has to be a good thing. I'm way more disgusted at being unable to try out the cars before-hand. That and the day-one DLC.

    I'm glad that Turn 10 have shifted to a reward system that encourages the player to make the most of what they have. Getting better with the car, maybe look at tweaking it for personal tastes, not just pimping it out and finding a pre-made tune-up to apply.

    Forza is as much an arcade racer as it is a sim, but it's not very personally rewarding if you treat it exclusively as an arcade racer. Approach it as a sim, ignoring the gamey goals and look towards self betterment. You'll become a better driver and those game rewards will arrive much sooner.
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  • Warner Bros. and 5th Cell targeted by Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat lawsuit

  • Tiger_Walts 02/05/2013

    @Whizzo I think Lovecraft released his work under creative commons type licenses. He actively encouraged other writers to use his IP, which is why it gets used as source material a lot.

    These particular claims don't hold up much. The trademark claim is completely baseless as the games aren't marketed as a 'Keyboard Cat' or 'Nyan Cat' game. There is no possible consumer confusion.

    As for copyright claims, I believe that 5th Cell are well within the bounds of fair use on the grounds of parody.
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  • Miasmata review

  • Tiger_Walts 20/12/2012

    @KingFunkIII One issue some people seem to run into is that the game may use an IGP on the motherboard and not the GPU.

    For nVidia cards you can r-click the executable and in there should be a way to force it to use the GPU. Not sure of what the AMD/ATi fix is.

    Game runs fine for me other than the odd time where it hangs for a few seconds, when I assume it's loading in a music file.
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  • Tiger_Walts 20/12/2012

    MENTAL1ST wrote:@Tiger_Walts "The synergistic core of the game is played in your head"?Off to Pseud's Corner with you, at once, sir!\o/Although I do qualify that statement in the next line so your selective quotation is quite unfair. Reply +3
  • Tiger_Walts 20/12/2012

    I enjoyed my time with this game. For all the faults it is a worthwhile experience. No other game let's you get so truly lost; this game is at its best when you have foolishly ventured too far, supplies running low, and with the light fading. You live on the edge, pushing past the safety of known territory and into the dangerous unknown for not much more than pure discovery. The synergistic core of the game is played in your head, the will to survive versus the thirst for knowledge and understanding. Reply +12
  • If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay £76

  • Tiger_Walts 23/10/2012

    How long before the modders find a way to make a working 'old' version using the DOOM 3 GPL source code and the assets from the BFG edition? Reply 0
  • Civilian flight sim absorbs ArmA 2 features

  • Tiger_Walts 13/09/2012

    I hope they add some Chernarus missions for the civilian aircraft. It's a much more interesting place to fly than Seattle. Reply 0
  • Molyneux studio 22Cans needs you to be a Curiosity beta tester

  • Tiger_Walts 11/09/2012

    asphaltcowboy wrote:Not entirely sure why you'd need to outsource beta testers for this?Networking. They need to make sure they can handle lots of people interacting with the cube at once from all over the world. They're facing a similar problem to what YouTube has with its 'views' statistic. How do you provide a slick service using multiple data centres but keep the data up to date and consistent across all of them, while also doing this quick enough so that when you chose to chisel at one part of the cube you weren't beaten to it by someone else 1000s of miles away. Reply +4
  • Valve's solution to Steam Greenlight spam: charge $100, donate it to charity

  • Tiger_Walts 05/09/2012

    nick-h wrote:Couldn't they pick... another charity? Child's Play's OK, but I'm pretty sure there are more cost effective and better ways of increasing sick children's life quality.A selection of charities with sliders to change who gets what, just as the Humble Indie Bundles do, would be preferable. Reply +6
  • Tiger_Walts 05/09/2012

    Community based rating systems are always skewed when the concept they are scoring on/by is relatively new. It takes time for the collective consciousness of that community to discover the true value of their votes/scores/likes. In these new environments you will always get those parties who capitalize on this chaotic period.I expect the fee to be dropped or lowered at some point, when the community has a better sense of value to their vote, but for the time being it keeps snake oil and the hoaxes off the service. $100 is not a lot for a small developer, you can spend more time/money chasing publishers or Steam directly. Reply +2
  • Claustrophobic Minecraft experiment sheds light on the dark side of human nature

  • Tiger_Walts 21/08/2012

    How odd that they placed the non-renewable resources at such a high value. My first priority in such a situation would be to set up a managed forest and farm. Infinite tools and food (yes you need stone picks for iron ore but you only need 3 iron for a bucket, the most useful tool in the game). What good is there in armour and weapons when you could have lit the entire surface with torches within 2 game days, thus preventing monsters spawning there.

    I find the desire to collect and horde diamonds quite odd. Their only technological benefit is to let you mine obsidian to make a nether portal and an enchanting table. Constructions that can be used communally and only requires 3 diamonds to make the pickaxe to harvest the obsidian.

    Wood is the most important material in Minecraft. Once you lose the trees, you will eventually lose the roots of your tech tree. Never leave home without wood.
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  • The Best £100 Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6870 Review

  • Tiger_Walts 22/07/2012

    I bought this card about a year ago after I identified it as the optimal choice between price (~£130, with Dirt 3 and Deus Ex:HR to sweeten the deal) and performance. Only the notoriously demanding titles require the tweaking of a few settings (Witcher 2 ends up being a subjective decision between textures and effects). If I had a faster core system, then I'd probably have no issues at all (a Core2Duo and DDR2 RAM certainly tend to bottleneck things).

    I upgraded from the last great power-price card too, the HD 4850. The main issue with that one was it ran damn hot. Later evolutions of it ran a bit cooler but the price didn't scale as favourably with those. The downsides to AMD/ATi cards is of course the crappy driver support and not being as capable (or developer supported) as the nVidias with bleeding edge tech. But you do pay 25-30% less for equivalent cards at the high end of the market.

    AA and Dynamic shadowing seems to be the biggest hit to the 6870. If you're playing at 1920x1080 then you only need 2xMSAA for which there is no discernible hit. The shadows depend on how much you like smooth shadows over framerate. SSAO (or at least AMD's version of) comes pretty cheap but the end effect doesn't always look great with horrible banding present. Some developers do bear this in mind and adjust the effect, so it varies from game to game.

    One thing of note though is VGA support. Only one of the DVI ports on the back lets you convert the output to VGA. So if you are upgrading with an existing multi-monitor setup, you can only have one of those be VGA.
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  • Peter Molyneux's new game Curiosity has a £50,000 DLC

  • Tiger_Walts 07/06/2012

    I think I already know what's in the box, it's a TV playing 'Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up' on loop.

    I wouldn't be too worried about people knowing it's an experiment ruining the experiment. Humans will often not change their behaviour despite knowing facts that should urge them to change.

    Will the results be different with this announcement? Yes. Will it be a big difference? Not really. If it did have a significant effect then Zynga wouldn't be the highest revenue stream for Facebook and neither would be TF2's MannCo store for Valve.

    The only issue I have with this 'experiment' is that there isn't much incentive to 'play'. Unless the cube revealed further minor secrets to individuals as it deteriorated. Players who then share their findings would be painting an incomplete background for the final key secret. That's how you get people to pay for better chisels, give them a few crumbs and they'll want the whole cake.

    You could develop the social game further by seeding the cube with bonuses. Tips on where to strike the cube or a free chisel or a temporary buff to your current one. Then set up an inter-player bartering sytem where players pledge to automatically share secrets in exchange for these rewards. If you took the involvement and interaction to those levels, most players wouldn't care if it was an experiment.
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  • Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • Tiger_Walts 15/04/2012

    It has one of the best soundtracks ever. The original pieces crafted for this game are the best from ANY Zelda game. Now, all of you, go to OCRemix and grab every mix that takes music from this game.

    Make sure you nab 'Hoy, Small Fry!'

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  • Witcher dev giving away "legendary" PC RPG free on GOG.com on Thursday

  • Tiger_Walts 02/04/2012

    GoG's hints are usually pretty much on the nose. Expect it to be an RPG with 'Legend' in the title. Reply +7
  • These 122 Gamestation stores are still open for business

  • Tiger_Walts 29/03/2012

    That looks like the Lancaster store in the picture. Good thing they're on the list. Reply 0
  • GAME administration to end tomorrow with RBS as buyer - report

  • Tiger_Walts 29/03/2012

    RBS likely blocked the OpCapita bid because it involved transferring an amount of debt to OpCapita. As RBS are Game's highest secured creditor, for what is a substantial debt, they had every right to block the sale.

    Unless there is a buyer willing to clear most of the debt as part of a purchase, it's in RBS's interest take control. They'll probably sell it after selling off a bunch of stores.

    It does appear shady that the main lender blocks a sale and then snaps it up post-administration. But from RBS's standpoint, they are looking after their interests. Quite significant interests.
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  • Watchdog investigates FIFA Ultimate Team 12 disconnections

  • Tiger_Walts 16/03/2012

    Now, if Watchdog could only turn their attention to GfWL which doesn't play nice with many software firewalls. Reply +2
  • Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC spotted

  • Tiger_Walts 13/03/2012

    If you do every mission, you can have the readyness level at 15% and still pass the minimum required level.

    As long as this MP DLC lets people with it connect to those without it, then that's OK. Since it's obvious scalping, I probably will not get it. The Asari Adept with a Carnifex is all I need (still haven't unlocked either, though).
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  • BioWare explains why PC Mass Effect 3 doesn't support gamepads

  • Tiger_Walts 16/02/2012

    Controller support isn't something you should be leaving to the last minute. It should be developed alongside the m+kb controls and GUI. This isn't a resources issue, it's a management issue. The hardest bit is the actual GUI design and the bulk of the work done to accomplish that on the Xbox 360 and PS3 can be transferred over to the PC build. Reply +10
  • Skyrim makers create dragon riding, Kinect shouts, new skill trees

  • Tiger_Walts 09/02/2012

    @telboy007 I was making a giant mudcrab in the Creation Kit yesterday. Then it crashed when I tried to resize the preview window and lost all my work. I had that bug back when editing Morrowind! Reply +3
  • Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

  • Tiger_Walts 20/11/2011

    Not only is Richard from 'For the Frog the Bell Tolls' in Link's Awakening, both games use the same engine. Although the Zelda build is modified somewhat.

    Link's Awakening is the first game to make me feel sadness, real sadness.
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  • Preparing your PC for Battlefield 3

  • Tiger_Walts 23/10/2011

    My setup when I was on the beta was,

    Asus P5Q motherboard
    Core2Duo E8200 @ 2.67Ghz (Stock)
    Radeon HD 6870 1GB
    2 x 2GB PC2-6400 (800MHz)
    Vista 32bit

    Running at 1600x1200, Custom settings (Ultra with a few things turned down/off. Some settings like AA are pointless at that res)

    Metro ran smooth, Caspian was a little erratic, mostly fine but chugged a bit when sounds didn't load in too sharply or if there was a bit of web traffic. Metro had the odd sound blip too, but stabilised after the first occurrence.

    I've since OCed the CPU to 3.2GHz, but that was after the beta. The chip is stable at even higher speeds (with a V bump) and I bought a new HSF that is double the TDP of the CPU (It's now nice and quiet) but the memory is holding things back. So when I look into ugrading to Win7 I'll get some faster memory too and see If I can get it up to 4GHz.
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  • Why you can't drive Forza 4's Warthog

  • Tiger_Walts 23/09/2011

    The Honda Prelude has additional rear-wheel steering, which for most many years was purely mechanical. For small deflections of the steering column the rears would turn in the same direction but not as much as the fronts. This let you crab slightly while changing lanes on a motorway. With a little more steering the rears would straighten and then with extreme steering the rears would turn the opposite way to give a tight turning circle handy for parking. Reply +1
  • Board game blocks Trenched EU release

  • Tiger_Walts 30/06/2011

    Interestingly, I just realized that the link I posted (twice, why is the EG back end so slow today?) is for a USPTO filing, yet Trenched is for sale in the States. MS/DF must have felt it didn't cover Trenched. There must be another filing in Euroland with a broader scope then. Reply 0
  • Tiger_Walts 30/06/2011

    Some of the info for the [link=http://www.trademarkia.com/trench-85066103.html">filing is here. Reply +5
  • Microsoft unveils Halo 4 at E3

  • Tiger_Walts 06/06/2011

    That's no space station, it's a moon... wait, no. It's the half of the space ship the Chief was in at the end of Halo 3. Reply +1
  • Why Risen 2 will be better

  • Tiger_Walts 05/05/2011

    The 360 version was indeed shonky but I really enjoyed the core of the game which poor decisions in the conversion process had thankfully not broken. It was something that should have been oh so much better but hearing that it was ported effectively from scratch in so little time I'm surprised that it wasn't worse.

    Re-targetting a game engine that was initially meant for a PC onto a console is a crazy thing to do. I got the feeling that that just took the PC build and dialled back what it was demanding from the system until it actually ran when I first played it. This interview pretty much confirms it. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that it's only running on one core or something equally insane.
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  • Sony UK boss says cheerio after 17 years

  • Tiger_Walts 05/04/2011

    This is probably part of Sony's cost cutting. Offering golden parachutes to the high earners and restructuring. Ray is probably sporting a big grin right now and will no doubt easily find a new position in the burgeoning social gaming market. Reply +8
  • Dear Esther

  • Tiger_Walts 17/02/2011

    I've 'played' through the original release. I found it to be an excellent piece of storytelling that doesn't rely on the most common narrative methods used in games. The storytelling is in two parts, the voice-overs and the environment, each giving context to the other.

    If you're interested in this then you should also try Korsakovia, and maybe read Iain Bank's 'The Bridge' with which there are similarities.
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  • Doodle Jump dev squats on 'doodle' prefix

  • Tiger_Walts 13/01/2011

    You know what, I haven't played on the old Commodore VIC-20 in a while. Maybe I'll put the Doodle Bug cassette in.

    This is some weak trademark trolling, at least Langdell's marks were quite thoroughly outlined when he fraudulently filed for them.
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  • Hugo Strange for Batman: Arkham City

  • Tiger_Walts 12/12/2010

    Teetering on the edge of the uncanny vally but by far the best CG faces I've seen. Even with a drop in visual quality the in-engine stuff should be stunning too. Reply +3
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Tiger_Walts 24/11/2010


    When creating a stereoscopic pair of images there are twovariables that can be changed. Eye pitch and convergence.

    Convergence determines how cross-eyed the cameras are. This effectively changes where the plane of the screen lies within the depth of the percieved image. With the cameras parallel then then the entire image would appear to pop out of the screen. A very high setting would put the converging distance much closer within the scene and the majority of the scene would appear behind the screen. If using an internal car view, I'd expect the convergence to work best just beyond the steering wheel.

    Eye pitch is self explanatory, it affects how exaggerated the depth feels. You'll probably need to adjust this based on how close to the screen you are.
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  • Bizarre Situations

  • Tiger_Walts 20/11/2010

    Another driving factor for Activisions reliance on franchise building could be partially due to the maturity of the current console generation and the plateau in technology that occurs. It's tougher at this point in the console cycle to make a game that stands out technically, that's not to say that developers stop pushing the envelope. The risk is simply lower if you put all the effort into the sequel of a successful game. Stretch the team on new or perceptually weak IP and you can get into a sticky situation like RDR did (and was propelled to success by marketing, the Rockstar name and being damn good) or just flounder before it's even seen in preview like Reich.

    Pretty graphics don't make a game play any better but it does give it visibility within its genre. However, Activision tried to release Blur in the arcade racing genre against 2 other strong titles which had significant presence in the gaming media. Activision looked at the cost of a final marketing push weighed against the likely sales and perceived a net loss on such a venture due to the preceeding development outlay. A forced delay in release was most likely financially unviable too, a restriction imposed when your portfolio of games in development are all AAA behemoths.

    The small to medium projects aren't gambles, they're lubricant. Their flexibility in scheduling and the (relatively small) cash flow they provide can give the AAA stuff a bit of extra leeway. There's also the possiblility of one of these small games being a surprise hit and providing a new franchise for the big bucks treatment.
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  • EG readers build new York Minster

  • Tiger_Walts 04/11/2010

    Caught my avatar for a few frames there. That was while I was taking my pseudo-HDR shots. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Uplink

  • Tiger_Walts 03/10/2010

    A Gq is probably a Giga-qubit, qubit being short for Quantum Bit. 32 Gq is an insane amount of memory, but you need it to crack the massive encryption keys before the universe ends. Reply +3
  • FarmVille boss ordered copying - report

  • Tiger_Walts 09/09/2010

    Ah, the age old business practice of doing what someone else does but marketing it better. Reply +9
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Tiger_Walts 06/09/2010

    For those of you who pre-ordered from Frictional's site, you get to activate it on Steam as well as having a seperate download link. Reply +1
  • Activision denies "lose the chick" report

  • Tiger_Walts 05/08/2010

    Apparently it's just air hostesses that they drop, not assassins. Reply +16
  • Retrospective: Mario Golf Advance Tour

  • Tiger_Walts 25/07/2010

    The game actually uses the Golden Sun engine. It's one of the best golf games I've played despite the simplified controls. Golf games are more about club and shot selection than the actual execution of a shot. An evaluation between going for a safer, easier lie or a tougher, more perilous shot that could potentially save a stroke. Advance Tour has this too and with the control you have over spin you have a chance to save an under- or over-hit shot.

    The tennis game that Camelot also did is great fun but lacks the extra-curricular depth of this game.
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