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  • Nvidia's Pascal-powered laptop chips are a true generational leap

  • ThemisB 17/08/2016

    Thanks for the responses. It's a custom-built Scan 3XS. I will contact Scan to see if it supports MXM and it an upgrade is possible. Perhaps they'll even upgrade it for me. Reply +2
  • ThemisB 17/08/2016

    I have a laptop with a GTX970M, would I easily be able to upgrade to one of these? Reply 0
  • Just Cause 3's second DLC pack coming next week

  • ThemisB 31/05/2016

    Bought this at launch on PS4. Been waiting ever since for the promised 'much larger plan to optimize and improve the game'.

    That was posted by Avalanche on December 16th. Since then, we've had a bug fix patch. Nothing at all regarding the poor framerate. Can EG try following this up?

    There's a great game in there waiting to be played, but you know something's wrong when you play Just Cause trying NOT to cause too many explosions for fear of the framerate falling off a cliff.
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  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • ThemisB 21/05/2013

    FISH AI!!! Reply 0
  • Far Cry 3 patch will allow you to tailor the HUD/UI

  • ThemisB 08/12/2012

    "I'll play ball as long as it gets me closer to finding my friends"

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  • Sorcery first PSN game available to pre-buy

  • ThemisB 16/05/2012

    It's £29.99. Reply +5
  • BioWare: "Sony won't let us run Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Challenges on PS3"

  • ThemisB 12/04/2012

    Strange, because the first couple of these challenge weekends were on PS3. I played on them. The first was for those N7 'rare' weapons, and the second was extra XP. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3: PS3 frame-rate issues persist in final game

  • ThemisB 09/03/2012

    I've been playing this all day on PS3. After some choppy moments during the initial cutscenes and traversal section (i.e. the demo section), I haven't experienced any issues apart from the odd random stutter here or there. Doesn't seem any worse than ME2, even during larger battles.

    Maybe EG should play more than the first 10 minutes of the game before delivering such a damning verdict.
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  • Sega announces House of the Dead 3 and 4 HD exclusively for PSN

  • ThemisB 05/01/2012

    Dogs of the AMS!

    HotD 3 won't be quite the same without the pump-action shotgun controller. Still looking forward to these though, after I'm done with Overkill.
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  • Game of the Week: Stranger's Wrath HD

  • ThemisB 23/12/2011

    Bought it yesterday and was up till 3am playing it. Brilliant game and easily one of the best HD remakes I've seen, looks stunning. Reply +3
  • Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

  • ThemisB 07/12/2011

    I agree with some of this article, but you're still a bit harsh on Skyrim. Plenty of the dungeons, ruins, caves and mines you explore have their own story to tell, often independent of any quest. Reply 0
  • PS3 gets Battlefield 3 DLC first

  • ThemisB 22/09/2011

    It's only a week for fuck's sake. Does that even count as a timed exclusive?

    Played MP and SP at the Expo on PS3 today - it looks gorgeous, and I'm sure the 360 version will be identical. I think DICE always lead with the PS3 (apart from the PC in BF3's case, obviously); the 360 version is probably just a few weeks behind, so they don't want to show it yet in case the pixel-counting fanboys start an unnecessary shitstorm.

    Oh, and someone ban djclownshoes AKA charliechan (again) please.
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  • EU PlayStation Store update 21st Sept

  • ThemisB 21/09/2011

    Anyway, on-topic: don't let that stupid Driver: SF price put you off what really is a great game. You can get it for around £33 from ShopTo on 360 and PS3, and probably less preowned - don't forget that Ubisoft screwed up the online pass, so used copies can still play the multiplayer. Reply +1
  • ThemisB 21/09/2011

    Shouldn't idiotic, insulting trolls like djclownshoes be banned for clogging up every thread with his nonsense? I'm sure he's been here before under another name too... was probably banned (Sony's fault, obviously!), now he's back with a vengeance! Reply +7
  • Resident Evil 4 HD

  • ThemisB 19/09/2011


    You're the biggest fanboy on here. Just be happy with your 360 and shut the fuck up.
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  • EA claims 1.25m Battlefield 3 pre-orders

  • ThemisB 07/09/2011


    No, it did indeed launch in 2010
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  • Splinter Cell Trilogy HD

  • ThemisB 23/08/2011

    Aren't Ubisoft always complaining about this gen of consoles lacking power? And they can't even get HD ports right?

    Get good.
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  • Out This Week - 29/07/11

  • ThemisB 25/07/2011

    You missed Section 8: Prejudice, out on PSN this Wednesday. Reply -2
  • Battlefield 3 pre-order DLC boycott

  • ThemisB 13/06/2011

    Aren't they just early unlocks? Probably all stuff you'll get in your first few hours online anyway. I still agree that these preorder 'incentives' are stupid, but I'm not worried about anyone having an advantage because of them. Reply -2
  • Section 8: Prejudice

  • ThemisB 20/04/2011

    "That says more about how poor the single-player FPS has become"

    You mean CoD? Stop giving it 8s and 9s then!

    This sounds great though, nice review.
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  • Sony defends PS3 Music Unlimited price

  • ThemisB 01/04/2011

    For anyone who wants to try this, you can get a one month free trial of the premium service via the XMB. Just don't forget to cancel the auto-renewal straight away (account management/auto-renewal) so you don't start getting charged when the trial runs out. Reply +1
  • EU PlayStation Store update 9th Feb

  • ThemisB 09/02/2011

    Does Plants vs Zombies win the prize for worst value per MB? Seriously though, it's £1.79 on iPhone and £3.99 on iPad. I've never played it and was tempted to pick it up on PSN, but I'm not paying that. Reply +10
  • Users demand PS3 Black Ops refund

  • ThemisB 24/11/2010

    The matchmaking/lobby system is a bit of a nightmare on PS3. The freezes seem to happen to whoever's hosting the game.

    Pretty annoying overall, but hardly game-breaking.
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  • GT5 installs while played - Sony

  • ThemisB 19/11/2010


    I believe it's because the PS3's Blu-Ray drive is much slower than any DVD drive. Which is the reason most PS3 games need an install in the first place.

    Preordered this a few mins ago \o/
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  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta

  • ThemisB 03/11/2010

    I never thought I'd see the day Progguitarist was called a 360 fanboy. Unbelievable. Just goes to show what forum tards are capable of.

    Everyone commenting here who has played the beta was a huge fan of KZ2. I put hundreds of hours into it. I wanted KZ3 to be amazing. But it's flawed at such a fundamental level that as much as I'd like to think it's salvageable, it probably isn't.

    If you want to know in detail what everyone thinks is wrong with it, learn how to use a fucking forum and go find the KZ3 thread.
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  • Crytek hopes Haze is remembered fondly

  • ThemisB 03/11/2010

    I've been playing a bit of Haze recently. It may not be outright broken, but it is truly abysmal. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Medal of Honor

  • ThemisB 17/10/2010

    "To illustrate, the hardcore FPS community were up in arms over the fact you couldn't move into a prone position in Bad Company 2, and the same limitation is in effect here"

    A thousand times no. Prone in BC2 would be horrible, and it's generally those who prefer the sniper class who whine about it not being allowed.

    If BC2 had prone sniping, I'd have rage-quit the game months ago. Can't say the same for MoH as I haven't played it since the beta, but from what I hear there's already problems with campers. Prone would just make things worse.
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  • How many hidden Vaults in Fallout: NV?

  • ThemisB 15/10/2010

    After the first patch, the PS3 version was playable. The GOTY version, however, was a complete and utter joke. The framerate was laughable at times, it constantly froze and every time I tried to start the Mothership Zeta episode the game just crashed.

    I loved FO3, but I got rid of the GOTY version without even bothering to finish most of the episodes. I didn't even start Broken Steel. No idea if they've patched it since.

    So the vanilla version is ok now, but unless you can find out whether the GOTY edition was patched, I'd avoid it.
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  • Ubisoft Kinect trio are launch titles

  • ThemisB 05/10/2010

    Hope these fare better than Ubisoft's first attempt at a Move game - the Racket Sports demo is terrible, especially compared to Sports Champions. Felt no different to Wii Tennis (and perhaps worse in some ways). Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Dead Rising 2

  • ThemisB 27/09/2010

    Why are these face-off comments threads always full of cunts? Most (not all) of the comments above mine are fucking retarded. I bet half you windowlickers always skip to the last paragraph to see who 'won', as if somehow this is going to make you feel better about your console choice.

    If you have ever said anything along the lines of '360 always has better multiplat versions' or 'yeah but PS3 has better looking exclusives', you are fucking pathetic.
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  • Kamiya hints at Bayonetta 2

  • ThemisB 17/09/2010

    Please let this happen. One of the main reasons I bought a 360 earlier this year was so I didn't have to play the gimped PS3 version of the original. Definitely one of my GOTY so far. Reply +4
  • Sledgehammer hypes COD audio

  • ThemisB 10/08/2010

    +1 to everyone giving BC2's sound a mention. It's incredible. Reply 0
  • DJ Hero 2

  • ThemisB 04/08/2010

    "and there's an excellent mashup of the Chemical Brothers' Galvanize and Leave Home"

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  • Blacklight: Tango Down

  • ThemisB 09/07/2010

    "the insanely archaic idea of fixed spawn points"

    Rotating spawns (like in MW2 and most other MP shooters) suck. I'd rather have fixed spawn points on well-designed maps (BC2, KZ2).
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  • Free MAG add-on next week

  • ThemisB 23/04/2010

    Yeah dunno why you all got negged; free reskinned weapons and armour are all well and good, but what MAG badly needs is some new maps/modes. They could easily have had a tenner off me for some proper DLC, but it's a bit late now and I think the same goes for a lot of others - people have moved on.

    Numbers are badly down, but it doesn't seem to have affected the time it takes to get in a game. Yet.

    If anyone here is still playing, head over to the MAG thread - there's a regular night going.
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  • PS3 Bayonetta gets HDD install option

  • ThemisB 27/01/2010

    Not good enough. Would have been a day 1 purchase for me, and I've been holding off to see if the patch announced did anything about the framerate (then I wouldn't mind the blurry graphics nearly as much) but I can't bring myself to spend the same money on such an inferior version. I might be picking up a 360 at some point, Bayonetta will have to wait until then.

    Here's hoping they've learnt a lesson for their next game.
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  • Tournament players give verdict on MAG

  • ThemisB 21/01/2010

    Despite my (slightly drunken) comment I do actually enjoy MW2, sometimes (when I'm not being spawn killed, blown to bits by infinite noob tubes, sniped with akimbo shotties or having to face lag as well as annoying kids).

    I think a lot more people would enjoy MAG if they gave it a chance though, especially playing with the EG clan we plan on setting up.
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  • ModNation Racers Euro beta in 2010

  • ThemisB 08/12/2009

    Can't wait for this. The creation tools look a little simpler than LBP's, and as long as they get stuff like the handling and power-ups right this could be a great game. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Bayonetta

  • ThemisB 26/11/2009

    What a shame for us PS3 owners. For me this has gone from a must-buy (before the version differences were known), to something I was going to pick up cheap, but now it looks like I won't be bothering at all.

    I hope it sells well on the 360 outside of Japan, as I'm sure it won't on PS3. I'd really like to see more games like this, either a sequel or more original IPs from Platinum, so buy it 360 owners!

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  • Criterion's Need for Speed next year

  • ThemisB 10/11/2009

    Yeah Burnout seemed to go from being a racer even my non-gamer mates could play and enjoy (Takedown), to something far less accessible (Paradise). You should only ever have to concentrate on the road and other traffic; forcing you to pay attention to the map and (at times) far from clear signposting suddenly made it a harder, more 'serious' game, and it lost something in the process.

    I still loved Paradise overall though (online is amazing), and can't wait to see what these guys have in store for NFS.
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  • The MAG Factor

  • ThemisB 10/10/2009

    It took a few games to get used to the sheer amount of stuff going on, and the slightly cluttered minimap, but once I did I started to find MAG a hugely rewarding experience that lives or dies by who you play it with. Play with at least 4 or 5 friends and the game really shines. On the flipside, I can't ever imagine jumping in alone for a quick blast, it just isn't that sort of game.

    The biggest shock was quite how well it all seems to work, both technically and in terms of defining objectives for each squad, making you feel like a key contributor to an enormous battle with very little noticeable lag or performance issues.
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  • Battlefield 1943

  • ThemisB 10/07/2009

    Played this for hours last night on my PS3 and I love it. Surprisingly didn't have any lag issues whatsoever, and no trouble joining games. Got disconnected a couple of times, had some trouble with comms, and the "join match with friends" feature doesn't seem to work properly. Apart from that, very little bad to say about it.

    Oh, and the vehicles do have a reverse gear.
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  • Used sales double Dead Space userbase

  • ThemisB 07/07/2009

    I own a lot of games for my PS3, and funnily enough Dead Space is the only one I've bought used since Ratchet & Clank. And yeah, 7/10 is a little harsh for me too not that it really matters any more now everyone's played it. Reply 0
  • Ghostbusters: The Videogame

  • ThemisB 12/06/2009

    Aaargh, another 7! What to buy out of Prototype, Red Faction, inFamous or Ghostbusters?

    Good review though, will probably end up going for this!
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  • L4D community rallies against sequel

  • ThemisB 08/06/2009

    Disgraceful, pathetic, pointless and embarrassing. Valve should just pull the PC version, teach them all a lesson. But they've too much respect for their consumer (more than most other developers - and this is coming from a PS3 owner!) to do something like that.

    People just don't like change, even when they don't actually know anything about the change and fail to consider whether or not it might just be a hell of a lot better. Which it will, because Valve rarely let us down.
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  • New Sony phone works with PS3, PlayTV

  • ThemisB 29/05/2009

    This I'll definitely Purchese, Robert. Reply 0
  • Red Dead Redemption

  • ThemisB 28/05/2009

    Suddenly R* have my attention! Could be surprisingly good.

    I've only ever played and enjoyed one Western game, a PC FPS by Lucasarts I think but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.
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  • DJ Shadow: DJ Hero will "raise eyebrows"

  • ThemisB 18/05/2009

    Go see a Shadow live set and tell me he's not a 'real' musician. Reply 0
  • Rock Revolution

  • ThemisB 13/05/2009

    Lewisham's great and potatoes are intuitive. Reply 0