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  • MS: No game is bigger than Halo

  • The_vorlon_man 14/09/2010

    Well it's obviously a blatent chest puffing load of old hot PR air from MS again.
    I truly wish we could get to a point where we had a single universal platform and the hardware manufacturers differentiated themselves with the quality of components, form factor and so forth, rather than having to choose between 3 or 4 diferent gaming syste,s (not including handhelds), and then having to either make space for a buttload of gadge, or pick and choose what games you do and dont buy!
    Oh for a world where the PC was cheap and universal...
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  • Only hard drive size holding 360 back

  • The_vorlon_man 23/06/2009

    The current XBOX hard drive range are hideously overpriced. I can get 1tv of storage for half the price of a 120gb 360 hard drive now, and well over 1.5tb for the same price.

    Yeah, I know it's not exactly the same, but there's still one helluva lot of markup in there for the sake of a bit of DRM.

    As for downloads - well, it's inevitable, but it wont cannibalise the high street sales for a long time yet, as given the option, people will still buy physical media.
    iTunes and the like have been around for years, yet CDs and DVDs are doing a swift business. Heck, sales may be down, but they are not out by any measure.

    As for pricing, well, ask yourself this - why are Steam games more expensive than high street versions of the same game?
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  • In Theory: How Microsoft could build a new 360 for 2010

  • The_vorlon_man 20/06/2009

    MS are about offering new servies and experiences to the same user base and extending the platform to over areas beyond what it does now.

    hence Sky Anytime support, 1vs100, and the whole NXE.

    Natal is merely their attempt at differentiating themselves as they go forward into Wii territory.

    They knew if they merely launched a waggle stick and nun-chuck they'd be laughed at, so motion tracking -however unfeasible it is in the majority of games or not, is their USP.

    But for it to be a meaningful prospect, they need every 360 owner to upgrade to Natal, or at leas t50% of them in no time.

    That either means bundling Natal with every new 360 sold from luanch, or making it dirt cheap.

    Frankly the way MS are talking makes it sound exactly like they are going to relaunch the 360 with Natal and essentially sell it as a new system without actually having anything new to offer ebeyond Flapping arms.
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  • New Xbox 360 "doesn't make sense"

  • The_vorlon_man 20/06/2009

    Natal could either be the next big thing, or a new slightly more fun Eyetoy clone.

    To stop it being the latter, MS need to spend a huge ammount trying to ensure there are decent, must have games that make good use of it in ways that make sense. Otherwise, at best, it will be a good thing for party games, and at worst, a afterthought like Shake/waggle in so many Wii and Ps3 games.

    MS also need it to be cheap. How cheap? Enough to make it a no brainer purchase for those who arent decided yet.

    As I said in another thread, one way of achieving wold domination is to ensure all new XBOXs are bundled with it as standard.
    MS Genuinely view this as an opportunity to extend the 360s life-cycle, as they are essentially doing what Ninty did witht the Wii (It's a gamecube with waggle essentially).

    No new GPU, CPU, no new storage technology - it's a 360 with a new controller.

    Either way it could horribly backfire. They could find that people think it's not acurate enough, it doesn't add any physical feedback in game.
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  • The_vorlon_man 19/06/2009

    Tits. That's all. Reply -1
  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

  • The_vorlon_man 22/01/2009

    I think I'll stick to playing decent games, not tired reiterations of ancient formats and heap tie in games and cash in squeles of medocre but well marketed games.

    Meanwhile in the real world, nobody can actually tell a sods difference between the two, especailly if they have a telly that is decently calibrated on all inputs and a PS3 set to the right colour range.

    Piss off eurogamer.
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  • Hirai: We're the "official" industry leader

  • The_vorlon_man 21/01/2009

    This wont go down well with the punters methinks....

    Oh wait, it didnt.

    Was Kaz stroking a pure white pussy cat while doing this interview?
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  • US PS3 sales up 40 per cent year-on-year

  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    You mean they DONT want to significantly outsell the PS3?

    Oh well, I guess I better go back to pretending the Wii isnt a real gaming console bought by potential customers of the PS3 and 360....

    Oh well.
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  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    Despite being 'third', Sony are not doing badly with the Ps3.

    MS are all out to destroy Sony, but have far from buried it.

    If being outsold by 2:1 by your competition is a 'diss' that MS feel is worth boasting about,t hen surely the fact that the Wii significantly outsold the 360 all year is a major diss for the 360?
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  • Xbox 360 beating PS3 by 8m, says MS

  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    Oh of course. All the fanboys own HD consoles, so it's more likely that they'll get reams and reams of internet arguing about it.

    Wii owners tend not to 'do' forums.
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  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    If it doesnt fit in with MS boasting credentials, they just ingore it.

    Witness: Wii outselling 360 by more than 2:1 over the holiday buying season, and yet MS decide to concentrate on bashing the PS3, which costs twice as much as the 360.
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  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009

    OF COURSE THE BLOODY LIFETIME SPENDING IS MORE FOR THE 360! The Wii has been on the market 1 year less! That and the games are cheaper!

    So MS are still ignoring the elephant in the room then eh?
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  • Xbox 360 outsells PS3 by 2 to 1 in US

  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    100% with you on that.

    People forget the 360 was behind the PS3 for most of the year on sales, and even in the GTAIV launch months, there was barely a hairs bredth between them in the US.

    Most of the sales for the 360 have been post price cut this year, and that was merely a necessity for MS.
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  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009


    On all points I agree. The Wii is the tells us that there is more to gaming than shooting and racing things.

    Sony dipped their toes in it with the Ps2, but never really pushed it as the central stratergy - just simply letting quantity and bredth sell the thing.

    What I sincerely hope is that we have more than parlour games on our consoles for the next decade. The Wii is fantastic, but it alone does not satisfy 100% of the market. There are still 30+million (PS3+360) people who want to play Shooters, racers and RPGs, alongside the 40 odd million Wii owners.

    Absolutely MS and Sony will have to rethink their strategies and go for casual more than hardcore if they want to have larger market-shares, but at the end of the day, when most high profile games are shifting 1 million + copies in a few months, who is complaining? Sony simply want to turn a profit now, as they know it's highly unlikely they will outsell the competition for a while yet.
    MS are turning a profit already, so all they have left is to be bombastic and try to talk down the competition.

    Both MS and Sony refuse to admit the Wii is their main competitor, as both want to grab the casual markets desperately (Lips, Singstar LBP, Banjo Kazooie:nuts and bolts, Viva Pinata, EyeToy, Scene IT? Buzz!, etc,etc.
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  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009

    Here's a shocker for you, no price cut for Sony = No increased sales.
    Big price cut (twice) for 360 = almost the same sales as last year.
    Wii continues to trash the 360 over and over again, so MS conveniently ignore that fact in every press statement, instead aiming for the soft target to make their sales look better.
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  • Nintendo tops US game charts for 2008

  • The_vorlon_man 16/01/2009

    Is it even fair that they include Wii Play? It's a controller with free set of mini games.

    Technicaly you could include every Nokia phone because it includes a free game of Snake?
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  • LBP the creative star of 2008 - Molyneux

  • The_vorlon_man 15/01/2009

    ...yet it sold nearly 2 million worldwide since launch.

    It's a slow burning success, and that's because it's the standout game of the year by a long margin.
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  • Wii is most popular console in the UK

  • The_vorlon_man 13/01/2009


    If the lead is 1 million accross Europe, and the gap between the 360 and the PS3 in the UK is over 1.8 million, there's something wrong with your figures somewhere.
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  • The_vorlon_man 13/01/2009

    That pretty much proves that the entire European lead the 360 has over the PS3, is entirely because the 360 in the UK is so far ahead of the PS3.

    Continental europe is still very much Sonyland, despite what MS says.
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  • Euro SOCOM Confrontation date still MIA

  • The_vorlon_man 12/01/2009

    So SCEE are better at quality control than SCEA?

    Stands to reason.
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  • FIFA 09 was best-selling game of 2008

  • The_vorlon_man 12/01/2009

    So who was it that said nobody ever bought new Wii games?

    Anyway, isnt Fifa ALLWAYS the no1 game?
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  • Killzone 2

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    As opposed to being bored to death by XBOT propoganda?
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Clearly you live in Bizarro-world, and if Spec-savers is where you get your prescription from, then I'd strongly suggest looking at Dolland and Aitchison :-)
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    fartucus, by way of colonoscopy:

    "I'd like nothing more than to be proved wrong by you not replying at all. Ever. "

    Oh, please, you havent proven anything.

    "What you have given as examples are subject matter. Of course there are loads of games with space marines in them. KZ2 has space marines in it. "

    The argument specifically was that Gears was more arty/unique than MGS.

    I gave broad examples of why this was not true. Even screenshots of games that look very similar in style (grey, use of lighting, Space marines). I've even played games with derelict cityscapes before, beleive it or not.

    Stating something does not make it fact, farticus. I didnt merely say 'teh space marines!!zes!', and provided the screenshots, particularly Quake 4 and Doom 3, to demonstrate, that previous games are closer to Gears than any game is to MGS.

    MGS is anything BUT photorealistic, and had you spent anything but a passing second glancing at screenshots of it, you would know this.

    Heck, one can easily see that even Splinter Cell looks absolutely nothing like MGS too, as that game most certainly goes for photorealism, and in fact, far closer in style to Gears!.

    MGS, on the other hand, has a unique art direction - the colouring, the styling of the characters, the way things move, and of course the weopenary, the cinematography in the cutscenes, and so forth. It's as far removed from the photo-realism of games like GRAW and Rainbow 6 as you can get.

    Gears is closer to it's heritage than you suggest, and MGS is far less a 'photorealistic' game. One of the ways Kojima productions managed to make the game look so good in MGS2 was their clever use of colour and styling the game to make it very much it's own thing.

    Gears is far more of a cookie cutter game than MGS ever was or is, and you surely must know that - but then you have a bone and you wont let go of it will you.

    But since you dont believe you'll ever be proven wrong, I doubt anything anyone ever says, short of bashing you over the head with a copy of MGS4 repeatedly, will make any difference.

    I suppose you think a spade is a shovel and that the pope shits in the woods eh?

    You truly are the most green-specced of Fanboys this forum has ever known, and you just like provoking people into arguments so you can get your rocks off.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    "You are clearly spoiling for a fight thinking I am somehow belittling either KZ2 or MGS, which if you had seen through your red mist of fanboy rage you would find I am not.

    When you present a coherent argument I'll listen but I'm not going to pointlessly bicker with you for no reason. It's not worth my time. Bye now."

    Oh quite the contrary, I simply wish to address your statement.

    You said this, just up there ^^^
    "The reason Gears doesnt win awards for visuals is because the art direction is not to everyone's taste and rather than judge on a technical level most people look at Gears and dismiss it because of the 'gay space marines', not grasping the self-parody that is prevailant throught the game. It's highly stylised whereas MGS has a much more traditional aesthetic. "

    I gave examples of similar looking games to Gears (Gay space marines in coridors and outside, bald marines, etc).
    You are specifically saying that Gears does not win visuals awards because it has a unique style, compared to MGS which you consider more traditional.

    My examples, Doom, Quake 3, Fear, etc. proved this wrong, that Gears is far more traditional - (how else would they, as you say, self parody?), and yet you wilfully chose to ignore that, instead calling names and being very childish about it.

    You also said:
    "I will agree that the in-engine cutscenes in MGS are the most polished I've seen in any game, but the actual gameplay graphics, whilst competant are nothing special."

    Which is also dismissive of MGSs aesthetics.

    You also dismissed KZ2 as being a 'bit grey and samey" for your taste. , and 'on a par with gears.... you also prepared a list of reasons why you will hate it when you get to play it.

    Do you have the memory of a fish? Are you 15 in reality?

    You seem to be quite prepared to make statements, without ever being prepared to back them up.

    You may find this hard ot understand, Farty, but sometimes, just sometimes, you are too far up your own backside to even begin to enter normal debate when it comes to your hated PS3.
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  • Home downloaded by 3.4 million

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Havent been in Home since about a week after it launched in beta.

    THere's little to do or to entice me back, but I will go back in to take a look at the stuff that's been announced when it's available.

    I suspect most people will do the same, even if they are bitter and twisted about it like some on here.
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  • LittleBigPlanet has sold 1.3m units

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "Sorry, but I have to say that is not the case. I have played all the way through all the Marios and consider myself to be pretty decent at it. LBP s control system, for me and quite a few others it seems, is what spoils it in terms of it being a great platformer. "

    I would say a vocal minority rather than 'quite a few', but that is nit picking. The fact is, it's applying physics and if you cant get used to that, without it being fully 3d, then you are at fault and not the game. Simple as.

    Plenty of critics, and gamers, have fallen bigtime for this game, and sales are proof of this.

    As has previously been stated in this thread, it's actually 1.3million unique people online with the game, not 1.3 million sales, so sales are probably a lot higher than that (Dr Damn posted 1.8m elsewhere, which is higher than many multplatform games, if true).

    That's far, far, far from a flop for a platform 8 million behind and with a much lower attach rate for games.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Petulent, Stoomonster
    "What you actually need to do is break that down into things that really matter, like Freeview, PayTV & Cable homes, to get a much better indicator of what reach a channel has. There is no point in comparing either Sky one or Virgin 1 to the terrestrials. "

    When selling a product to the public, do you honestly think it matters wether a channel reaches 10% of all cable viewers, when calbe viewers represent x percentage of the viewing public as a whole?

    " Maybe they are so clever that they knew the programmes that people who were likely to have already bought LBP would watch, and didn't waste money placing adverts in those shows? "

    Spending marketing money to advertise broadly across all stations that have a broad demographic, for programmes that have a wide reach like X-Factor and Corrie works better for a product you wish to appeal to a broad range of people.

    Advertising Gears of War 2 to mums and dads during daytime telly would be far less effective than sticking it on during Terminator, and likewise, a game that is supposed to appeal to as many peple as possilble - families, core gamers, etc - you would want as broad a spread as possible.

    Clearly Sony focussed too heavily on one demographic and not enough on another.

    You both fail to see this and are determiend to nit-pick specifics, ignoring the greater picture.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    "You are comparing LBP's budget in UK for a single communications channel (i.e. television) versus Microsoft's global budget for all communication channels (e.g. televisions, print, billboard, etc.) "

    So if MS had spent a '6 figure sum' on TV advertising on Halo 3 in the Uk, that would potentially represent between 1/30th and 1/300th of the total budget.
    Are you seriously suggesting they'd spend so little on that?

    Furthermore, you are correct in suggesting it was 'highly focussed'. Clearly that was the case, as it really is random who got to see it. Perhaps you were lucky, but nevertheless, I and many others have yet to see more than one or two here and there, but it's nowhere near the sort of coverage it needed to establish itself as a new brand.

    "Do they advertise FIFA on television, because I've never seen an advert for it. "

    It's an established brand, and automatically sells itself, as evidenced by Fifa being in the top 10 every year since it began as a franchise.

    Furthermore, I've seen plenty of Fifa adverts for the Wii version over the last year.

    " Either way, the point is you don't think it was enough ... versus Sony who had a budget driven by cost/return benefit case."

    Clearly I am the one in the right, as the game didn't sell out immediately, and is a unknown quantity to many people.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Virgin 1 reaches 0.5% of the viewing public.

    C4 reaches 6.3%

    C5 reaches 4.6

    Sky 1 reaches 1.2%

    By contrast, ITV reaches 18.0

    Specifc nightly viewing figures may peak on Terminator on Virgin1, but on average, they are tiny compared to larger channels., and this is the most high profile of all their shows.

    "Your understanding of the TV market is way off, so I wouldn’t go spouting off about that. "

    Pot, kettle, black.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    It sold considerably better as a £20-30 game, which absolutely point to people choosing to buy it once the price was more reasonable.

    People wont pay £40 for a game they dont know, or are unsure about, and dipping into LBP was almost certainly a risk as hardly anything outside of the specialist press was known about it.

    heck, even on here people continually still said 'I just dont get it' on a regular basis!
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "Yet it's frustratingy inconsistent and difficult to do the most basic things. There is no other way that can be described but plain ol' bad controls."

    Except it's none of those things in reality. It's you, only you and nobody else that calls tjhemt this.

    If I press the Jump button quickly, sackboy jumps a little. If I press longer, he jumps higher. If I press left on the joystick, he goes left, ditto for right. Push up and down, he moves in and out of the planes on the level. I press the trigger button to grab.

    That's it.

    This is not massively different nor radical to any other platform game on any other system, and if you have any major difficulties with LBP, then you would with mario, Sonic, or any other 2d platformer for that matter.

    As I said, as long as you bear in mind that there are 3 planes that Sackboy can move into along the 2d axis, and that everything reacts as it would in reality, then there really are no surprises.

    I suspect the problem is you, though.

    You are so bloody mindedly determined to hate the game that this is the most you can come up with, as it is unproveable and subjective.

    However, if you can provide specific examples of where LBP is 'inconsistent and difficult' then we can discuss those specifics, cant we.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "Although I never watch or record ITV so can't comment about that channel; as I said, it looks like you don't watch the programmes that Sony's UK marketing targeted with their television advertising budget for LBP.:

    Virgin1, not the programme, is the problem. It's a very minor channel. It brings in less than 100k viewers on even a big name show like Terminator.

    Sky 1, despite being high profile, is still only a million or so per high profile show.

    C5, again, is a minor player, shows rarely getting above 2-3 million.

    C4, despite BB, is still a minor player.

    Also, 6 figures is PEANUTS for a supposed system seler.

    Worldwide, MS spent $40 million JUST on Halo3!

    So sorry, you just need to realise that you are wrong on this one.

    ITV commands huge fees for adverts around shows like Coronation street and the like.

    For a game like LBP, which is supposed to appeal outside the hardcore gaming market you would have expected a braoder range of shows and channels to advertise around. Minor multichannel channels around shows that are likely to appeal to ahrdcore gamers is not a smart move if you want the broader public to be aware of the game.

    I'm sorry, but even 6 figures is peanuts for a big name game, when games like Halo have marketing budgets in the millions.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    " At the same time I can detach myself from my own experience and see why other people might have issues with it."

    The difference is, you are exaggerating the 'pronlem' - as far as complexity goes.

    This is no Metal Gear Solid, it's Jump and Run and Grab.

    There are no complex camera controls, no complex button combinations. It is as simple as a platform game can be.
    The only 2 things to remember are:

    1.The slightly confusing 3 layer background that you have to negotiate occasionally.
    2. The use of real world physics means that you occasionally falloff objects with slightly less flat surfaces.

    The number of people this will confuse is rather less significant than you have been suggesting.

    No less complicated than any other platformer of recent times, and far less complicated than any 3d platformer as you only have 2.5 planes of movement.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "Basically the game needs to sit in a bundle with every PS3 from now on to establish in the minds of people."

    If the game was as good as people profess then 2 things would be apparent:

    "1) It wouldnt take a long and steep learning curve to be able to play the game at it's most basic level. You should'nt have to spend long amounts of time with a goddamn platformer just to be able to get the stupid character to land on a platform! "

    It isnt nearly this difficult, and you dont, this is you and only you and your ficticious 19 friends.

    "2) It would sell of it's own accord, just like so many games did at christmas, games with a far lower profile than the excessively whored LBP. "

    It was only whored in the specialist press, and mostly dismissed by the likes of you and those who traditionally choose shooters as their preferred gaming genre.

    The outside world largely doesnt know of it's existence, and has been marketed rather poorly - and I'm not the only one to state this.

    Considering both these factors, it's done remarkably well to sell 1.3 million, and much higher profile games like Tomb-Raider , which have an inbuilt fan-base, had 6 platforms to sell to, have only done 200k more sales.

    It's widely known that this was a very crowded period for gaming too - with games of decent quality coming out virtually every week. Fallout 3, Gears 2, RFOM 2, LBP, Fable II, to name but a few - all vying for gaming time and christmas preasent buying.

    "You are basically saying the game is worth nothing and needs to be given away free for it stand any chance of making sales figures. Unfortunately, giving it away free isn't going to help the game turn a profit, and if it ain't profitable then it won't get continued support..... oh, no my mistake. I forgot that Sony is now in the business of bankrupting itself by foisting products onto a market that has no interest in them."

    LBP has almost certainly turned a profit already. It was cheap to make, as MM are a very small team by modern standards, and it didnt require the level of preproduction that a game like MGS4, Gears 2, or Halo 3 would require.

    Bundling it would also open up the possibility of DLC sales, level packs and the like to be sold later.

    After all, bundling didnt hurt early Mario games establish themselves :-)

    But then again, you are willfully refusing to see beyond your own nose with regards to this game.

    Farticus hates = everyone else idiots.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    "No, it depends on the public a game is targeted at. If they enjoy (or at least put up with, whether consciously or not) complex controls than complex controls are not an issue. "

    This is the problem the game had, there was no apparent target - hence my comment about it having crappy marrketing.
    It clearly is a game that can be enjoyed by a larger number of people than currently do, but those that might have been interested dont really know what it's all about.

    Not all 'casual gamers' are just interested in Wii Sports and nothing else, just as not all movie watchers just want to watch cheesy popcorn flicks all the time. Occasionally something deeper and more well thought out is in order.

    What you have been suggesting is that because the controls are more complicated than the average party game, that nobody wants to play it.

    Since you dont know who Sony were targeting it at, (which is precisely nobody as they dont seem to have targeted it at all- one of their key marketing problems), you cant categorically claim that their target audience ar dissinterestd because of Xy and Z.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    Thats precisely my experience too.
    GoW2, RFOM, KZ2 - they are fantastic to the boys who love FPSs and Shooters, but there are millions of people that love Mario, Sonic, Crash, Banjo, Ratchet, Daxter, etc, that would love LBP had they known exactly what it is all about.

    The marketing simply didn't impart that it is a very fun game underneath the level editing stuff too.

    Criticising LBP for poor, inaccessible controls is like saying the entire gaming industry should just give up ad make party games instead.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "Which is why approximately 99% of the people that enjoy movies, music, books and/or theatre don't pick up a control pad but only 97% doesn't pick up a Wii-mote. Controls are gaming's most limiting factor."

    Mario better hang up his hat then, as Les has just told the world that nobody wants to play his games as they are to complicated, by implication.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    " Of course it's just anecdotal evidence and no scientific proof. But I just don't buy it that the only reason that LBP is not a huge success is lack of marketing effort. It just doesn't appeal to a broad enough (or specific enough) public."

    Then the same is true of any game, Wii, PS3, XBOX 360, or any platform, that involves controls any more complicated than the waggle or button mashing.

    LBP requires the use of dexterity and skill, as is the case with any platform, shooter, racing and strategy game.

    Buzz,Sing Star, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Guitar Hero etc, are as pick up and play as they get, and naturally will appeal to just about anyone who has a pair of hands.

    The other difference is that those games dont require any investment of time into them. LBP is good if you can sit down and actually spend time with it, but if you are at a mates house, it's not the most social of experiences.

    For example, Would one suggest Chess was an unpopular, crappy game, just because people you know would rather play a quick game of kick-about with a ball in your garden instead?
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    Your opinion of anything PS3 related, or any statistics you proffer, are as valuable as a Zimdollar.
    Why do you even bother?
    No, wait, you think people actually take notice of you beyond refuting your ridiculous , biased claims.

    FACT: You do not represent the 'real world' in any way, shape, or form when offering opinions about high profile PS3 exclusives, and nobody even remotely believes your '20 friends' sample is representative of anything other than your cirlcle of XBOX owning friends.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Virgin 1? are you serious?

    I watch, record, and casually leave the TV on in the background - I watch most evenings on Sky 1, I watch 5, I even watch ITV, and I've seen a handful of Sony adverts, and the Mrs has seen a couple of LBP adverts in December, but that was it.
    I watch Stargate Atlantis, 24 Redemption, Prison Break, The Simpsons, Futurama, Bones, Cold Case, Fringe, CSI:Miami, The Gadget show, 5 News, The IT Crowd, The Simpsons (on C4), X-Factor, ITV News, amongst numerous others.

    By contrast, I've seen dozens of Wii Music, Wii Fit, DS, etc adverts, a few less XBOX adverts, and only a handful of Spny specific adverts, of which none were LBP.

    "The bulk of our marketing including our six figure TV advertising campaign doesn’t roll out until December". "

    That includes PSP, PS2, PS3, and every game therein, across several multichannel commercial stations.

    6 figures could mean anything £100,000 to £999,999, which really isnt a lot for so many platforms and so many stations.

    "Of course, because you didn't see it ... it didn't happen. Right?"

    That's not what I said is it. I said that there has been pitifully little of it, and what there was, wasn't very good at telling the masses what the game was.

    A few 30 second adverts on a specific show on Virgin 1 and a few spots here and there that are blink-it-and-miss-it are not the same as a all out media blitz that a top teir 1st party exclusive would normally have, is it.

    Just ask yourself this, if you wanted to push a game as a system seller, and wanted people to know what it was that you were selling, then would you opt for some rather crappy 30 second spots on minor multichannel TV channels at the sort of time peple who play FPSs would be watching?
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    I have 1058575683938 game playing freinds, of those, only 1.5 say that LBP is unplayably tough.

    Only 1.5

    /see what I did there?
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "The problem with LBP is that it's way too difficult for the Wii public it tries to appeal to. No matter how good it looks, if gameplay frustrates newcomers even a little bit most of them will put down the controller and return to Wii Sports instead. "

    How many 'Wii' customers have you met?

    It may not be as pick up and play as Wii Music or Wii Fit, but then few games are.

    The game is not nearly as 'frustrating and difficult' as some would suggest, nor is it as 'hardcore only'.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "The one thing that came through from it all was that the levels were only relevant to the person making them. No-one else would have got the jokes or eve cared for them. Basically LBP came across as not being a game at all."

    My wife's comment was "But the adverts I saw made it look rubbish, what youre playing is MUCH better!'..

    It's a real shame.

    Sony need to hire the Wii advertising guys and get some blanket wall to wall coverage and sponsorship.

    I suspect LBP will be sold mainly through word of mouth.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    "'virtually no marketing'? More like blanket tv advertising, on most of the programmes I Sky+ (no live tv watching here) I could see LBP in every ad-break as I fast-forwarded through the ads in the lead up to Xmas.:"

    The game was released in, what, October in the US and November in the UK?

    I also have Sky +, and have yet to see a single LBP advert on broadcast TV.

    I've seen loads of XBOX adverts, lots of Wii adverts, and about 3 Playstation adverts.

    LBP has had SOMe marketing, but you apparently have to have been there at the right moment and quite lucky to see it.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009


    Compared to Gears, Halo 3, Tomb Raider Underworld, Wii Music, Wii Fit, etc, it has had virtually nothing.
    Gears 2 had full page spreads in mens mags, newspapers, and the like.

    LBP saw very little TV advertising, virtually no billboards, and the only full page spreads in newspapers I saw was in the Londonpaper about 2 months before it was released as a front cover advertorial.

    On launch there was nothing at all to say 'it's here', and no TV advertising at all in the Uk.

    There may have been a spot of advertising here and there accross Europe and the US, but nothing like what you'd expect of a major release.

    Where was the midnight openings? Where were the TV adverts leading up to and on release?
    Where were the Sackboys wandering around shopping malls? the PS3 demo pods in shopping centres with a team of PR people? The wall to wall LBP coverage in newspapers?

    Apart from the arabic song news coverage about a month before release, there has been hardly anything mentioned about it.

    Then there is the quality of the advertising. Does anyone know it's actually a game too? The adverts that I have seen are very much focussed on 'Look, I made this!" - but nobody seems to know what it is that LBP is.

    Sorry, but that is atrocious marketing.
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  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    I suppose this is 'shit sales' - and that it has 'flopped' eh?

    It's sold 1.3 million on the back of virtually no marketing, and it's almost certainly going to continue to sel well beyond it's release date.

    Considering the heavily marketed, popular Lara Croft franchise shifted just 200k more for a cross platform game, this is absolutely brilliant.

    I predict 3 million by the middle of the year.
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  • Sony admits Home reveal was too early

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Quick, get your boot in before any SDF notice!! Reply 0
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld sales hit 1.5m

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Poor for a cross platform release. Perhaps they should not have made the demo 360 exclsuive afterall?

    BTW, Uncharted sold more than this on the PS3!
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  • iPhone Roundup

  • The_vorlon_man 09/01/2009

    Crayon Physics Deluxe? Rolando? The iPhone/Ipod TOuch have lots of great, and ultimately CHEAP games.
    Sure, it's not a PSP/DS killer....YET, but it's geting there.
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