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  • Titanfall adds in-game currency, ability to buy Burn Card packs

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 24/07/2014

    People need to remember that Respawn are under an EA Partners contract. They have complete creative control over the game. EA have no say in what happens with Titanfall. They helped finance and published it, and that's it, so when Respawn say, "No microtransactions" they mean it. Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/07/2014

    EA are mad delaying this until the 18th/21st November. Having it go up against Far Cry 4, when Battlefield players will be looking for a AAA FPS to play following Hardline's delay, is just bonkers. Nobody will even be thinking about Dragon Age Inquisition that weekend let alone expecting it. It's as if EA are determined not to make more money than they could. Reply -18
  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 22/07/2014

    @Sunsprie Honest answer: No, and not because I don't care about what I'm doing, but I because I think the traditional way we still view and define theft hasn't quite caught up with the very modern technology-driven methods. Free, high definition content is only a few button clicks away and with fibre optic internet, it's there in minutes. It doesn't feel like stealing.

    I don't have a Spotify account because most of the music I like isn't on there and is only on Soundcloud (and the artists I like tend to give away their music in lossless FLAC or WAV formats anyway). I don't use Netflix as the content selection is pretty poor so I ended up using it occasionally during my 30-day trial just to give me something different to do. I don't have a Sky subscription because I refuse to give Murdoch money and also because, if I'm round the Old Dear's house where Sky is available to watch, there is fuck all on. It's why I don't watch TV anymore and don't pay for a TV license. It's fucking mind rot.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 22/07/2014

    @jinglejangle Yeah, but if you could download a car, say, a Porsche 918 Spyder, you totally would. Reply +2
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 21/07/2014

    What an excellent review. I shall be dipping into this in the coming weeks. Thrilled to see it's turned out as well as I'd hoped. Reply +35
  • Brilliant chemistry puzzler Sokobond hits Steam today

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 21/07/2014

    This sounds excellent. Reply +1
  • If Star Citizen hits $50m its developers will create alien languages

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @Vash63 Because ignorant people refuse to look facts in the face and admit they were wrong. Reply +2
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @bad09 Yes. The campaign is the campaign, albeit an enormous one, simple as that. Completing it will also earn you credits to then take into the online portion of the game - Star Citizen. I would assume that as a single/multiplayer co-op story, ship insurance would not play a role in it. Reply +2
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @PearOfAnguish Ha! I'm just excited to get a space sim to play as it's been far too long. And yes, in its current state, Elite Dangerous looks much better, but then it would do because it's been in development far longer and is in beta. Star Citizen isn't even in alpha yet. Be reasonable. :) Reply +6
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @bad09 If it's microtransactions you want to avoid you don't have to play Star Citizen. You can play Squadron 42 instead, the 50+ mission campaign which you can also play co-op. Star Citizen is one half of the overall package that you'll get when you buy it. I would imagine they'll also release them seperately should you not want to pay for something you don't want (in your case the MMO half). It really isn't trying to steal your money. Reply +4
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @Silverflash I'm not surprised by the negativity, I'm saddened because the cynicism that meets this game every time an article is published (whether one deems them newsworthy or not) didn't seem to exist when I was a teenager reading through games mags with friends, flicking through previews of upcoming games years from release. They excited me then and almost 20 years later they still excite me now. I just don't understand dismissing a game out of hand until you've at least played it. Arena Commander may only be a basic pewpew 'em up at the moment, but when you play it, see it running in front of you, looking the way it does and then try to imagine what the finished game will be like... once it's released (and if all goes according to plan), it will be un-fucking-believable.

    The fact that SC has captured the imaginations of half a million backers is something Roberts could never have foreseen, but it has allowed him to really (read: hopefully!) build a universe. If it takes time then it takes time. I can live with that as can the vast majority of those, myself included, who have backed the project.

    This is no ordinary game, which is precisely why so many pledged in the first place.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @bad09 This is from an FAQ on the Roberts Space Industries website on the subject of ship insurance. Please read it.

    What is insurance?

    Pilots in Star Citizen can purchase insurance policies for their ships, modifications and cargo. This ensures that your ship will be replaced and/or its modifications and cargo will be subsidized should you be destroyed in a fight or accident. As in real life, insurance policies must be maintained: you must pay a regular fee in galactic credits (the in-game currency) or your policy will lapse and you will not receive a payout or a ship replacement when your ship is destroyed.

    Will this Insurance cost a lot?

    Like in real-life insurance should be a relatively small part of your regular in game expenses which will also include paying landing fees, trade tariffs (if in a system with lots of infrastructure and law and order), fuel (if you donít collect it yourself from a gas giant), buying cargo to trade, hiring help, making upgrades to your ship or even buying a whole new ship.

    Some of the additional policies like upgrade or cargo insurance will be rated based on risk levels. Risk level 1 being the safest systems and risk level 5 being the most dangerous system that is insurable for cargo or upgrades. Any risk level over 5 is un-insurable. A risk 3 policy for cargo will cover you for all cargo losses in a risk 3 system or below. The higher the risk level of the policy the more it will cost. As with the base insurance this will not be crippling financially but instead be a reasonable running cost that relates to the risk / reward profile of the systems flown.

    What happens if I donít have insurance?

    Your character will have to buy a new ship with any credits he has, or if he doesnít have enough credits fly missions for a third party (both NPC and player) until heís earned enough to buy his own ship again.

    TL;DR No one is getting fleeced because no one is being forced to spend a penny. Get your facts right before condemning that which you have little knowledge of.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    The Last Guardian: in development for seven years. Console gamers hope and pray it gets released, ignoring the fact it's clearly had well over $100m pumped into its development, and the developers as well as Sony themselves refuse to come clean about the state the game is in and what platform it's being released on though it's clearly on PS4. They still won't confirm this. No one minds

    Star Citizen: in development for just over 18 months, crowdfunded to the point where it's just hit $48m and is possibly the most ambitious game ever attempted by not one but eight studios. People doubt it will ever get released, and accuse Chris Roberts of scamming them out of money, despite him and his entire team being incredibly open about the development process from the very beginning.

    Double standards much?
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @bad09 Ship insurance isn't paid for with real money, it's paid for with money you earn in-game. People keep using this stupid fictional stick to beat the game with and it gets on my tits. Please dude, you're better than this. Don't post ignorant toss like that. It's most unbecoming of you. Reply +7
  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    @Sir_Walter_Rally Well said, Sir. Nail on the head. Reply +12
  • Valve-licensed Portal 2 mod doesn't use the portal gun

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/07/2014

    Looks good, so I might check this out further down the line. If you haven't had a go on Thinking With Time Machine I urge you to do so. It's a brilliant mod. Short but very, very sweet. It will also tie your brain in knots. Reply 0
  • The Forest Early Access review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/07/2014

    This is a great game so far. It's brutally difficult though and can frustrate as much as it terrifies yet I can't help but really like it. If you're on the fence about The Forest I would probably suggest waiting until it's finished or at least until it gets to Beta stage. It will seriously test your patience. Reply +2
  • Former Valve contributor and VR specialist warns against the tech's future

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/07/2014

    Anyone who's read 'Ready Player One' will totally get Giesen's concerns. That book depicts a rather bleak future so plausible it's almost numbing in its real life inevitability. Bring on the OASIS! Reply +4
  • Devil's Canyon: Core i5 4690K and Core i7 4790K review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/06/2014

    @Liuwil Ah, ok. Makes sense. I hadn't considered DX12 and Mantle. Thanks for the reply. Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/06/2014

    Even as PC gamer, I'm not going to pretend I understand a lot of this, but wouldn't a game like Planetside 2 be a far better test of a CPU's capabilities? It's possibly the most CPU-intensive game I can think of. Obviously the multiplayer nature of the game means you'd never get a like-for-like scenario in order to make a fair comparison, but it would sure as hell put these processors through their paces.

    Like I say, I'm certainly no expert on the ins-and-outs of PC hardware, but I have to say, these results are somewhat disappointing. I'm currently in the early stages of planning my next build (especially with Nvidia's 8** series cards out towards the end of the year) as my three year old rig is beginning to chug like a locomotive coal train rather than blaze through virtual worlds like the TGV it once was. I guess I might be plumping for an i5 4690K rather than an i7, which when considering what I use my rig for (video editing and/or 3D rendering being neither of those) should see me through for at least the next five years.
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  • Metro Redux release date announced

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 24/06/2014

    Nice to see the PC community getting shafted. Wouldn't a simple patch suffice? Reply -4
  • Crysis developer Crytek denies "verge of bankruptcy" claim

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/06/2014

    @Deionarra Play Planetside 2 and Hawken before you dismiss F2P. They're brilliant games, especially PS2, which is the best online FPS by a country mile. F2P is a perfectly legitimate business model. Reply +3
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/06/2014

    I hope this is false because people losing their jobs is never good news. However, a bit of me does think this story has legs. Crytek has ballooned in size since they started chasing the console gravy train but they've never had an enormous hit. And beyond Russia, who else plays Warface? And how well has Ryse sold? I've heard nothing so can only assume it's not been the hit they had hoped it would be.

    I would love to see a return of the Crytek of old, pushing boundaries of what was possible on the PC and marrying that with truly open gameplay as they did with FarCry and the first Crysis, a game which despite being heavily pirated, still sold well above expectations. Their chasing of the money-spinning, linear, console FPS experience has been IMHO a mistake as it has shown just how unsuited their talents are to create them.

    Hope the situation resolves itself swiftly and positively.
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  • "That wizard came from the moon!" Destiny T-shirt soars to sales success

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/06/2014

    The "Arrow to the knee" of the next-generation. Brilliant...:rolleyes: Reply +44
  • Should Early Access DayZ be in Steam's Summer Sale?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 21/06/2014

    @Liuwil Yes, just as all those Watch Dogs PS4 bundle pre-orders went on sale back in November. No wait, hang on... Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/06/2014

    @grassyknoll On PC only. Watch Dogs was released on the Tuesday, The Forest three days later. It was then top of the charts on Steam the following week, with Watch Dogs at No.3. Reply -1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/06/2014

    What's also funny, is how the anti-Early Access brigade tend to ignore other successful examples of Early Access like Broforce and The Forest (a game that outsold Watch Dogs in its first week). Any of you care to explain why? Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/06/2014

    @Redcoat-Mic Ha! Excellent post. +1 Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/06/2014

    Uhm... what seems to be the problem here? The game's page on Steam will still carry the same warning telling potential players that the game is not finished and still in alpha. If you buy it and then complain, you're an idiot. If you buy it and get involved in providing constructive feedback to the developers thus contributing to what will be a quality finished product, you're not. Reply +15
  • DayZ dev Dean Hall: "I want to make a Valve in the South Pacific"

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    @TekMerc If you don't want to buy an alpha then more power to you. The flipside is that you'll end up paying double that for the finshed product. Just remember though that the finished game, despite being made by Bohemia, will have been shaped and moulded into whatever it ends up being as much by the community as the developers themselves.

    As @arcam alluded to a few minutes ago, Hall is a visionary and what he has achieved is nothing short of miraculous.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    @arcam Very well said. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    @TekMerc You can play it. It's there, on Steam, ready for you to dive in and give it a go and give feedback to the developers so as to help them fix whatever problems you encounter with it. What people who haven't played it don't understand, is that the game is vast in scope and has so many features that balancing them and making them work takes time. Bohemia are a very small team but they've always released finished games and continually support them afterwards. I bought into DayZ because I saw videos of the mod and loved the idea, so I wanted to check it for myself whilst supporting the developer financially so that the game would get finished. It's reasonably on track with regard to implementation of all the features before the beta phase begins. Once vehicles are finally added it will transform the game. It's also moving over to a new engine so DX10 and DX11 will be supported, meaning it will run better for almost everyone.

    As with Star Citizen, these massively ambitious games tend to be met with cynicism and dismissed out of hand without giving the people making it a chance to prove themselves. That unfortunately takes time. People are happy for a big budget game like Arkham Knight to be delayed despite the massive amounts of money being poured into it. The second a tiny developer (who has allowed players the chance to play an early build and provide feedback) with big ambitions delays a new update everyone derides him/her/them and accuses them of being a hack. It's grossly unfair, especially when you consider that both DayZ and Star Citizen are at least trying something new. Gamers need to stop being so quick to judge and form an opinion and understand that software development is a long, tedious process.

    If you want to play DayZ, either build yourself a capable rig (which you can do for about £500) or wait for the console version, as unlikely as that is to ever happen. Even in its current state, it's superb and is only going to get better.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    @TekMerc That wasn't aimed specifically at you, I apologise if you thought it was. It's the general attitude of those in this thread that I find galling. Reply +3
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    @TekMerc A sequel? Since when? And if people haven't played the game, what gives them the right to criticise it, the team at Bohemia and Hall himself, regardless of whether or not it's finished? If you'd played it, you'd know that the game is brilliant, has heaps of potential, and most importantly, would know that it's not feature complete (it is an alpha after all) and as such, would reserve judgement until it is. Until people have played it, they should hold off on spouting ill-informed nonsense. Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/06/2014

    Oh look. More DayZ bashing. How wonderful. Reply +1
  • Tech Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/06/2014

    Fingers crossed the PC version runs as well as Max Payne 3 did. I must admit to being very impressed with the work R* have done upgrading the game. It reeks of love and attention. Now, if only R* could get round to remastering the game everyone really wants on PC - Red Dead Redemption - then I would be a very happy man.

    Great article.
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  • Destiny PS4 alpha extended for "dangerous experiments"

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/06/2014

    @DacoitOne Thanks for posting that. Many here will assume Kain is reviewing it when he clearly isn't. He is right to ask why a game that would, by its very nature, be better on PC isn't being released for it. It is a very odd decision.

    He doesn't actually criticise the game at all (bar Dinklage's VO and the controls but that's understandable if you're used to K&M).

    Whilst I don't understand the hype around this game (it doesn't actually do anything new) I am surprised that Bungie and Activision aren't bringing this to the platform that would benefit the game most, yet bring it out on 360 and PS3. Very strange.
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  • Directly to you: Nintendo wins E3 on its own terms

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 13/06/2014

    What an excellent article. I too was surprised by Nintendo this year. They really did play an absolute blinder. It just go to show the power of their franchises when, as you say, a single screenshot pretty much resulted in Nintendo wrapping up E3 and locking it away in a drawer. Had they unveiled a new 3D Super Mario as well (Galaxy 3 for example) I think it's safe to say the Internet would have imploded and the Wii U would have some true momentum behind it.

    Saying that I do still think Sony won E3 and for very much the same reasons as pointed out regarding Zelda. Their Uncharted 4 reveal was perfectly judged, almost asking the crowd directly, "What do you think?" before the money shot of Drake blew us all away. And having Grim Fandango in your press conference is never a bad thing.

    Best E3 in years.
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  • Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin joins Oculus VR

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    Oculus is slowly becoming the Harlem Globetrotters of game development. Reply +17
  • Star Fox Wii U and two "experimental" Miyamoto projects detailed

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    @bad09 The same guy does the voiceover but for a different channel. It's called Smosh Games. The rest of the content is alright but the Honest Trailers are excellent. Here's their entire playlist.

    The Candy Crush Saga one in particular is brilliant. I look forward to them doing a Metal Gear Solid trailer.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    Reply +11
  • Weapons are never the solution in Alien Isolation

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    Whilst the game does sound brilliant, I can't help but be slightly concerned the more I read about it. Creative Assembly's talk about the AI of the xenomorph simply won't wash with me. Anyone who has seen the IGN video of about a dozen of their staff play the game, one thing stands out - they all have exactly the same experience. I really don't want to accept that maybe CA are talking out their arse and have portrayed what is basically a ghost train as something far more than it actually is.

    I really worry that this will be far more heavily scripted than we've been led to believe. If this does turn out to be the case, all sense of dread will disappear as we basically spend the rest of the game trying to work out where the next invisible trip wire is to trigger the next AI script for the next set-piece.

    Having said all that, I have never wanted to be proven so categorically wrong as much as I do regarding this. Please be good.
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  • Watch Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us at 60fps

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    I think it's safe to say, given Naughty Dog's track record, that Uncharted 4 is going to be an absolute stunner. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. This and LBP3 are all the reasons I need to get a PS4. Reply +32
  • Nathan Drake returns in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    Reply +12
  • Rainbow Six Patriots is no more, Rainbox Six Siege takes its place

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    @WeeDosh pre-alpha looks that good.
    Star Citizen says 'hi'. Here's a screenshot I took.

    Or if you want the full res version, it's right here. ( There is no reason to doubt that the visuals in Rainbow Six won't look like what was demoed or even improve. It is a purely next-gen game and will probably not be out until November 2016. Give the developers time and stay positive.
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  • Your first look at in-game Star Wars: Battlefront footage

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/06/2014

    1080p version. Endor looks stunning.

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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain E3 trailer releases early

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 09/06/2014

    Just watched another upload of it. Jesus wept, what a poor trailer. Dreadful choice of song and it just doesn't look that impressive. Was hoping to see at least some gameplay in there. I should have known better. Reply -4
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter appears in gorgeous new trailer

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/06/2014

    I think the farmer did it. Reply +12
  • PC drivers for Xbox One controller now available

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/06/2014

    @cloudskipa Wait, Microsoft have added GameCube controller compatibility to Windows? ;) Reply +12
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/06/2014

    I prefer the 360 for Windows pad to be honest. The bumpers are in the right place unlike the XO controller's and there's no battery pack on the underside so your fingers have a bit of room to stretch. Reply +1