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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/10/2016

    Did I see a completely different trailer or does that just look like Wii U Mobile with cheap controllers tacked on to the side? Where's the innovation? What's the battery life? Why do games look no different from Wii U titles?

    I watch that video and can't help but think, "this is going to tank so hard."
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  • Doom 2 modder spends 300 hours making a three-hour level

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 19/10/2016

    @Bauul You are a king amongst men. Many congratulations. Reply 0
  • Stars align for Diablo 4 reveal at BlizzCon

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/10/2016

    DIE DIE DIE!!!!! Reply 0
  • Asus Strix GTX 1070/GTX 1080 O8G review: high-end SLI tested

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/10/2016

    SLI is so 2008. It just seems like an exorbitant outlay for such relatively minimal gains (compounded by how few games actually support it nowadays). If I had a 1080 I wouldn't even consider SLIing it. The 11-series will no doubt launch next year and trounce all previous cards much as the 1080 did and run 4K without so much as breaking a sweat. I'm currently running a 980Ti and that's plenty for me. If you do SLI these cards though, more power to you. Reply +2
  • Rez Infinite review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/10/2016

    I love REZ and wish I could play it in VR, but there's something I need to admit...

    I actually prefer Thumper. Its intensity, energy, visual style and challenge tick all my boxes and hit all my buttons in a way that REZ never did. They're both great games, but I think Thumper is a masterpiece.
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  • What works and what doesn't in PlayStation VR's launch line-up

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 13/10/2016

    Thumper is an amazing game. As far as rhythm games I'd say it's possibly the best I've ever played. Yes, better than REZ, Gitaroo Man and Beatles Rock Band. It has an intensity and style unique to the genre. Reply +3
  • Trevor's back for GTA VR film

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/10/2016

    "FUCKING MODDERS!" Reply +7
  • Star Citizen impresses at CitizenCon with big new procedural planets video

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    @silent_snake Great post. I think the real problem is the divide between backers (of which I am one) and those who aren't over whether backers are investing or pledging to support a cause. I am in the latter category.

    I've "spent" close to £100 total over the almost three years I've had access to Star Citizen, but I don't consider myself an investor. I see it as supporting something I hope to see come to fruition, and if I have a few spare quid lying about I'll pop it towards upgrading my ship, or more recently, on purchasing and fitting different guns to it. I know that money will go back into development, but I am fully aware that the bottom could fall out from under the entire project at any time for whatever reason. That's crowdfunding; it's a risk and in Star Citizen's case it's one I'm prepared to take.

    AAA gaming has never been so creatively bankrupt as it is right now and something needs to happen to get us out of that quagmire. From what we've seen over these last couple of months, it seems that Roberts' initial vision for Star Citizen is now becoming a reality. If CIG pull it off it will no doubt be one of the greatest and revolutionary games ever made, and almost certainly the most astounding technical achievement. I backed and will continue to support a studio who won't compromise on quality, who will strive to push the envelope, who won't release unfinished, buggy shite at launch (No Man's Sky and Mafia 3 I'm looking at you...) and who want to take gaming to the next level. That is a cause I'm happy to get behind, but am fully aware that it might not pan out.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    @carlweatherford Absolutely, and that's something many people seem (or choose) to forget. Roberts had to not only get a game off the ground, he had to build a company at the same time. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    Just a note for those criticising how "long" Star Citizen has been in development for, Diablo 3 began development in 2001. It was announced in 2008 and didn't release until 2012. Star Citizen was announced in 2012 and only really began development proper in early 2013.

    Now take that into account when you see what they've achieved from a technical perspective. Three and half years (or four years at a push) is nothing for a game of this scope, scale and ambition. You're just not used to seeing a game being developed from the first line of code and discussed so openly by the developers.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    @morgan_joylighter Yes, No Man's Sky was shown running without skyboxes, but it was all in trailers. We never saw that in real-time. The big difference with Star Citizen is that everything they demo, they demo it live and it's playable for everyone a few months down the line exactly as shown, and usually in a better state. The Gamescom demo and the one from last night will be what backers get to experience in 3.0, at this level of detail and at this scale.

    Last year everyone said the Gamescom demo showing off multi-crew would never be possible and that it was just another glorified tech demo. Four months later we were all taking part in multi-crew gameplay and it looks far better than when it was revealed. This won't be any different. CIG have delivered on pretty much everything they've shown off so far.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    That demo was absolutely fucking stupendous and completely made up for the lack of any Squadron 42 footage. The technology that Foundry 42 Frankfurt have created for this to even be possible is simply mindboggling. The level of detail is stunning. More amazingly, there are no skyboxes. The part where they show the station you flew past in the opening sequence orbiting the planet from the surface (and it's moving!) was just magical. Take all the time you need guys. We can wait.

    The more you think about it, the more you realise that Crytek not being able to pay their staff was the best thing that ever happened to Star Citizen.
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  • Star Citizen companion game Squadron 42 will not be released in 2016

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/10/2016

    This was very much expected. If it needs polish then so be it. Reply +4
  • Watch: 7 games we'd love to play in virtual reality

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/10/2016

    QUBE would be quite cool, using the Touch/Vive remotes to manipulate your environment. Reply 0
  • Building a space sim in a post-No Man's Sky world

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/10/2016

    @George-Roper My feelings exactly. The idea is breathtaking in its ambition, but for a little over half a mill, I just can't see it coming to fruition. I would love to be proven wrong, however. Reply +2
  • Overwatch team working on two new heroes and six maps

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/10/2016

    @Return-of-Jafar Not at all. Ana as she currently stands is the most OP support in the game. Her ult is ridiculously easy to charge, hence the nerf she's getting in the upcoming patch. A good Ana can make your team pretty much unstoppable. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/10/2016

    Symettra is terrible and, barring Eichenwalde, she's pretty much useless on every map especially in competitive. Kaplan says he doesn't want her being used only to defend the first point, but the map design isn't conducive to playing her any other way. Furthermore, her turrets don't do enough damage, her gun's range is too low, she's not very mobile, and she's the most straightforward character to counter (Winston). The reason most people play as her is because of her ult, but surely we all know by now that you don't play an Overwatch character purely for their ult, and they already nerfed hers.

    Blizzard are going to have to come up with something pretty remarkable if they're to make her viable and get players choosing to play as her. Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting a Symettra main in your team for a competitive match.
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  • Batman: Arkham VR review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/10/2016

    Hopefully by the time the timed exclusivity deal runs out VR sets for PC will be a bit cheaper. Been wanting to play this but don't have the means to. Reply -1
  • Outlast 2 now has demo

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/10/2016

    I am all over this. Been looking forward to this for ages.

    EDIT: Just finished it. Blimey, that was a bit intense. Lovely graphics, sounds great and is as panic-inducing as you'd expect. Bring on the full release next year. I can't wait.
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  • Google announces VR headset Daydream View, due next month

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/10/2016

    A shame then that the Pixel phones themselves start from £600.

    Might as well just buy a Vive.
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  • Virtual reality's driving force

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/10/2016

    Makes sense really as it's a seated experience much like a space sim such as Elite: Dangerous (which is utterly fucking mindblowing in VR) so there's no break in immersion. The games that really benefit the most from VR are horror games. I imagine Resident Evil 7 will be pretty intense, but Alien: Isolation in VR... holy shit! Never again! Reply +27
  • Resident Evil 7's VR mode will be PlayStation VR exclusive for a year

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/10/2016

    Fuck's sake. It's as if Sony have seen what Oculus are doing to VR with these bullshit exclusives and thought, "hey, what a great idea!" Morons, the lot of them. If Sony want VR to succeed they simply cannot pull this kind of shit and expect the format to take off. Reply -8
  • How similar is Paladins to Overwatch?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 27/09/2016

    Call me old-fashioned but I feel far more comfortable playing a game that costs money than one that's F2P, but understand that not everyone can afford full price games so Paladins seems a good alternative.

    I've already clocked an obscene number of hours on Overwatch and have no reason to stop playing it.
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  • Is DayZ still coming out on console and, you know, WTH is going on?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 22/09/2016

    Making huge and ambitious games takes time. I fail to see why people are so outraged. BI have got the game into a much better state than it was in before. It runs really well now and is much more fun to play. My fingers and toes are crossed. That DayZ remains a unique game in an overcrowded genre is testament to its quality. Reply +11
  • New Dishonored 2 trailer shows us just how creative killing can get

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 21/09/2016

    Nice to see StealthGamerBR get some recognition in the article. That guy is a truly supernatural killing machine and his videos are something to behold. Crazy levels of skill. Reply +1
  • Star Citizen's first-person shooting changes coming along nicely

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 19/09/2016

    @EuphoricShadow Well said. +1 Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/09/2016

    @ihnm_aims It's more like they hired extremely smart and talented people to build the technology to even enable this game many of us have always wanted to become a reality. That takes time and money, and luckily for us CIG have both. Reply +27
  • The Death Star DLC looks snazzy in Star Wars Battlefront

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/09/2016

    I appreciate it's no doubt a difficult thing to render, but Chewbacca's fur looks shit. Reply +16
  • Huge hidden Star Citizen city found in game files

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 13/09/2016

    @Monkey_Puncher The comparison to No Man's Sky made by the press after the Alpha 3.0 demo was really unfair. One was made in the game development equivalent of a garden shed and the other is currently the fourth most expensive game ever made, and across four different studios.

    The biggest difference though is that Cloud Imperium are incredibly transparent as a company and show pretty much everything they're working on in weekly video updates, as well as countless blogs on their RSI site. Hello Games were cryptic, vague and gave nothing away about what we could do in No Man's Sky, so many people filled in the blanks and set themselves up for disappointment. With Star Citizen, the backers know what the game will involve because we're seeing it being built before our eyes. Nothing is being hidden (so to speak, as clearly these mined files would prove otherwise!) so people know what to expect.

    A bit of me suspects this "mined info" was planned as a way of getting the hype machine rolling for CitizenCon next month. This will probably be part of one of the demos Roberts will show off showing not only the v2.0 procedural planet tech, but procedural cities too (something oft-rumoured that the Frankfurt team have been secretly working on).

    All we can do is wait and see. October 9th cannot come soon enough.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 13/09/2016

    @brianbutterfield To get both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen will set you back £46. Reply +5
  • How to upgrade PC copies of BioShock, BioShock 2 on Steam

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 12/09/2016

    Thank goodness for the last Steam sale. Was able to pick up Bioshock 2 and Minerva's Den for about £3.50 total. Saved a pretty penny. Reply 0
  • Watch: Seven games we'd love to see remastered

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/09/2016

    Jet Set Radio Future
    The Dizzy games
    Independence War
    Shenmue 1 & 2
    Power Stone
    Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
    X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
    Dark Forces/Jedi Knight
    Blade Runner
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  • Watch: Digital Foundry discusses PlayStation 4 Pro

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 09/09/2016

    @mostro As long companies as like Comcast continue to fuck over American customers, streaming 4K content is never going to be a regular thing. As a Brit I am amazed at how lucky we are compared to US internet users in terms of bandwidth allowances and data caps. ISPs now have, in their eyes, a very good excuse to hike prices up further. Millions of people streaming 4K video, even with compression, is going to be a huge strain. Until high speed internet is available to more people, there is still a need for physical media. Reply +4
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/09/2016

    @sizu_sizu Indeed, but it also pointed out its weaknesses which is important if there's to be any rational consideration of its capabilities. As a PC gamer PS4 Pro holds no appeal whatsoever, and I'm not keen on this "PC-ification" of consoles. It's not fair on consumers and this iterative cycle will only end up costing people more in the long and short term.

    The communication from Sony of the machine's benefits was truly piss poor (House and Cerny both looked really sheepish, as if they knew that Microsoft had gazumped them with Scorpio), but if we judge PS4 Pro purely on its own merits, for £350 it really isn't that bad a deal. The lack of UHD Blu-Ray player, however, is absolute cynicism on Sony's part to sell more Vue subscriptions.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/09/2016

    Great video. More discussion pieces like this please. Reply +8
  • Every PlayStation 4 to be made HDR capable via a patch

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/09/2016

    No UHD Blu-Ray player? Give it a few months and Sony will announce a whole swathe of new content available in 4K on PlayStation Vue. Mark my words. Reply +6
  • Life after console generations has one big upside

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/09/2016

    @bad09 And it's also worth pointing out, the best Mario game since SM64, as well as being the best game ever is Super Mario Galaxy. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/09/2016

    @Sicho I can play Uncharted and God Of War on my PC, but I don't feel like paying £13 a month for laggy, unresponsive games on PlayStation Now. And Nintendo are a shadow of their former selves so I can quite happily live without playing another Mario game in my life. Reply +2
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/09/2016

    PC's customisability and cheaper games suddenly look quite appealing. It's all true - and most gallingly, it was almost certainly the plan from the start.
    Us PC gamers pointed this out when both new consoles were still just rumours and got downvoted into oblivion. Sony and Microsoft have cottoned on to the ever-growing sales in PC hardware; people realised they could save money by building their own rig, playing games that are cheaper, available from different outlets so competition is rife, they require no online subscription to play with their friends and of course they run much faster.

    Sony and Microsoft have the convenience aspect on their side and that's it. The hardware will be more expensive, the games will probably start costing more as well and it wouldn't surprise me if XBL eventually follows in PSN's wake and increases its sub fee in the near future as well. It will all be in the name of the "premium" experience or whatever marketing guff they use to justify this.

    Don't let yourself get fleeced because it's "convenient". Sell your consoles, learn how to build a computer, get out of Sony and Microsoft's heinous closed garden economies and save yourself a truckload of money.

    EDIT: Further to my above post, if people honestly believe that games will be made for both PS4/4.5 and XO/Scorpio for the duration, they are kidding themselves. Devs will not want restrictions on the games they make. We already see this with platform parity and these consoles will be no different. It will happen sooner rather than later so people will be forced to upgrade. Can see it coming a mile off.
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  • Emulator Dolphin can now boot every GameCube game

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/09/2016

    The GameCube, possibly the greatest console ever made
    I think there's a typo in there. I'm almost certain you meant the Dreamcast.
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  • This is what really happens when swords hit armour

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/09/2016

    I really can't wait to play this. The attention to detail is so impressive and the environment looks stunning, it's so immersive. I hope Warhorse can pull this off. It could be one of the best games of our generation if they can nail all of these mechanics down. Reply +2
  • Battlefield 1's beta is broken and brilliant in equal measure

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/09/2016

    I can't explain why, but I was bored with BF1 after just a couple of hours. I don't know whether it was the map, the gameplay being remarkably similar to all the other Battlefields that have come before it (I was expecting something slower and more tactical given the setting) or the constant sniping; the game just didn't hold my attention. I haven't played it for about five days so I might give it one more shot before the beta ends, but to say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. I was really looking forward to it, but it's just the same old Battlefield gameplay in a WWI skin with bonus horses and nothing to differentiate it from any previous instalments.

    On the flipside, it's absolutely beautiful, sounds amazing and runs like butter.
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  • Watch: Seven times video games were just really, really gross

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/09/2016

    @saxxonde Yeah, I remember that puzzle. Absolute grimness. Reply +1
  • Overwatch will be free to play next weekend on console

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 02/09/2016

    @djskippy Mainly because it's incredibly popular on the PC, with sales steady enough for Blizzard not to have to do anything to entice people to buy it. I suspect delayed patches, balance tweaks, general updates as well as auto-aim bugs on the console versions haven't gone down well with players and numbers are dropping off because of this. It is very much a PC game and I cannot see how certain characters can be fairly balanced on consoles. I imagine half-decent Torbjorn, Widowmaker and/or Genji players are simply impossible to play against when using a controller no matter what tweaks are made. Reply +1
  • Overwatch Competitive Season 2, and Eichenwalde, are live

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 02/09/2016

    The new map is excellent and absolutely gorgeous. I just want Blizzard to release a Quick Play mode without the game breaking hero stacking. "Hey lets all go Mei/D.Va/Winston, LOL" gets really fucking tedious. Reply 0
  • Early Access dino hit Ark gets "completely finished" expansion

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/09/2016

    Wow, that is some shady fucking shit. Reply +13
  • After 13 years, Eve Online will become free to play

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 31/08/2016

    This is exactly what CCP needed to do. The game is constantly growing in population but they need to make it more welcoming for newcomers. The video below is from FanFest back in April when CCP Ghost talked about what they need to do make EVE more appealing, and this addition of F2P makes a whole load of sense.

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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 31/08/2016

    @Chewbaccasdad About 40k I think. Reply +3
  • 4K PC gaming is finally viable - and it's stunning

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 31/08/2016

    Whilst a part of me is very jealous, another part of me loves my setup. A 980Ti on a 1080p monitor may seem like overkill, but it's a 144Hz G-Sync. I would now take framerates over resolution any day. Once you've played DOOM at an average of 120fps or Overwatch at a locked 144fps with no screen tear ever, you'll never go back. Even older games like Dishonored (which oddly enough runs at a locked 130fps) are a joy to play due to the responsiveness.

    My plan in the future is to get two more of the same monitors and have a three monitor setup with all the G-Sync goodness. 4K is lovely, but higher resolutions only add so much to the experience.
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  • The Witcher 3 is one of the best war games there's ever been

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/08/2016

    @Alex_Star I'm the same. I wouldn't say any particular aspect of it is lacklustre though. Beyond its audiovisuals and the story I would say that it's just not something I could ever get into. It's objectively a very good game, but I can't get on with third person games in general. Reply 0