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  • DayZ forums hacked: usernames, emails and passwords compromised

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/02/2016

    Whoopsie DayZ! Reply +12
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta registration now live

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/02/2016

    Applied. Fingers crossed for a key and fingers crossed DICE have altered the movement from previous trailers. Faith has looked far too floaty in all the gameplay footage released so far.

    I'm cautiously optimistic.
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  • Dust 514 will shut down in May

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/02/2016

    Sad news, especially as the whole idea of Dust 514 sounded great. I do think it was an idea a little bit too ahead of its time. The PS3 could never really do it justice. Such a shame. Fingers crossed for Legion. What they showed at Fanfest in 2014 looked really good. Reply 0
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 02/02/2016

    That trailer is absolute gold. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass includes Death Star map

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 26/01/2016

    16 additional maps
    So... four then.
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  • I was patched out of Eve Online

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/01/2016

    @Anrkist You should give it a go. You can play a free 14 day trial and see what you think. Once you wrap your head around the scale of the universe, acclimatise to the admittedly complicated UI (CCP have done a great job of streamlining it from what it used to be like) and joined a corp, you will hopefully begin to glimpse what it is that makes EVE such a special game. There is nothing that comes close to it when all's said and done. It is the ultimate sandbox. Reply +3
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/01/2016

    You'll be back. The Citadels will change everything and you won't be able to resist. Reply 0
  • Elite Dangerous soars past 1.4m sold

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/01/2016

    @GoldenFrog I think you'd love it, but as @BarackObama says, you need an imagination as well as being self-motivated. You do in the game what YOU want to do. The game will never guide you in a certain direction, that's all up to you. Give it six months and multicrew should be implemented by then and combat will fundamentally change. I think it may well surprise a few people. Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/01/2016

    @Uncompetative You can look around in Elite Dangerous. It's either a click of the right stick if you use a 360/XO pad (or playing on XO itself), the middle mouse button if you use keyboard and mouse, a hat-stick if it allows on your HOTAS, or your own head using a DK2. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/01/2016

    @Feeb If you're saving for a Fer-De-Lance, I suggest you take what money you have, buy yourself an Asp Explorer and fit it with at least 64 tons of cargo hold capacity and the biggest FSD you can afford, ideally so you can jump 30Ly+. Head to Robigo (about 350Ly from Sol) and then SC to Robigo Mines. Look for the "Shadow Delivery" missions.

    Due to the RNG that the game is built on, and the fact that Robigo is so far away from most other inhabited systems, the RNG only generates smuggling missions, and these pay lots of money due to the travelling involved. This results in some missions involving you smuggling three tons of slaves and being paid upwards of 5m for your troubles (this depends on your Trade rank). You also tend to be given between 3-12 hours to complete each mission, so once you've refreshed the bulletin board enough times (either by hopping from Solo to Open or by waiting ten minutes for it to update), and stacked enough missions, you can make anything between 20-50m CR an hour. The risk with doing these missions is that if you get scanned by the Feds it results in an insta-fail for every mission you accepted.

    It's something I suspect Frontier will patch soon enough, but if you want that FdL get smuggling! You'll be rolling in more money than you'll know what to do with. I've just bought an Anaconda and I couldn't be happier. She's a beaut.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/01/2016

    @IronGiant Yes, the flight controls are glorious (especially with a HOTAS) and some of the lighter craft, such as the Imperial Eagle, are an absolute joy to fly. If the PS4 version supports PSVR it will be a must-buy. Reply 0
  • The 50 most exciting games of 2016

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/01/2016

    Star Citizen

    Platform: PC
    Release date: 2016
    Reply +2
  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 06/01/2016

    New groundbreaking technology in niche product pricing shocker. Reply +6
  • AMD reveals 'Polaris' next-gen graphics architecture

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/01/2016

    The important question is obviously how much will these cards cost? From the few morsels I've read on the matter, manufacturing these cards is apparently cheaper than making the current generation that are available. This leads to an even bigger question: will these costs be passed on to consumers? Sadly, I very much doubt it. Reply +4
  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2015

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/01/2016

    No Talos Principle and no Kerbal Space Program. Unbelievable. Reply +4
  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 2: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 31/12/2015

    No KSP then. For shame Eurogamer. For shame. Reply 0
  • Games of 2015 no 5: The Witcher 3

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/12/2015

    So we can expect to see Bloodborne and MGSV. That's pretty obvious. Undertale will probably be in there too. So... Kerbal Space Program for No.1? If there's any justice in this world, yes. Reply +1
  • Games of 2015 no. 6: Her Story

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 27/12/2015

    @NewYork I think you need to play the game again. The story is rather more angled towards Hannah's mental health and far more ambiguous as a result. Reply +3
  • Steam security error leaves personal information exposed

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 25/12/2015

    Valve's response: Reply +5
  • Watch Star Citizen reveal procedurally generated planets

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/12/2015

    I didn't know they were even working on this tech. I'd assumed that landing on planets would be the on-rails sequence we saw a couple of years ago in the planetside trailer. This is truly astounding, considering what CryEngine was before they modified it: an engine that IIRC was designed to render levels some 8km2 and is now not only rendering levels 200 quadrillion km2, but now lets us seamlessly land on planets (unlike Elite's solution which when it lags can really take you out of the game). Very impressive stuff. I especially love the atmosphere effects. It's beautiful. Reply +2
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets a beta date

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 16/12/2015

    I cannot wait for this. It looks great as well as very immersive. Reply +1
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches today

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015

    @LordanSS I've updated my original comment. It's now available on Steam. Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015

    @LordanSS If you're planning to integrate Horizons into Steam you'll probably be waiting a good few months until Frontier release keys for it. It took a barrage of people begging them for keys after the game launched last year. Also, they'll want to maximise their profits before giving 30% of every sale to Valve, which is understandable. Reply -3
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015


    Also the FDL can now house a size 6 power plant (25.2MWs), time to fit that huge Plasma Accelerator -rubs hands together-
    This. I cannot fucking wait.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015

    Worth reminding people that both 1.5 and Horizons are moving to a 64-bit client, so you're going to have to re-download the whole game again. Also, as I've just found out, if you want to play Horizons at some point this evening, you'll need to go to Frontier's site, log in to your account and download the new launcher.

    What makes this whole thing such a fucking mess of a transition is the complete lack of integration with Steam. If you have the game in your Steam library you're just going to have to wait until a key is generated for your account. If like me you just can't wait and want to play Horizons tonight, once you've downloaded it from Frontier's site and then decide "I want this in my Steam library" you'll have to re-download the entire game again once you've got your Steam key for it! Fucking brilliant!


    EDIT: Horizons is now available on Steam (as Early Access oddly) so because they didn't communicate this was going to happen, I uninstalled the game from my Steam library for no reason at all! Now downloading it through Steam as opposed to the launcher and it's much, much faster.

    Fuck's sake.
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  • DayZ in 2016: aerial vehicles, predators, animal companions, more

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015

    DayZ has a big year ahead of it in 2016. That's when it will leave Steam Early Access
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  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced 25

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/12/2015

    Seems pretty expensive to me, but I'm not going to condemn the people who buy this. The majority of people who play games have jobs, children and no doubt many other time-consuming responsibilities. If this means they can compete on the same level as their more dedicated friends, let them buy this. I'm not one to condemn people for what they spend the money they work hard for on. If you don't approve, don't buy it. Reply -1
  • Star Citizen soars past $100m as alpha 2.0 launches

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @PlugMonkey Superb. +1 Reply +2
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @bad09 There are ships that come with a pledge depending on how much you wish to back the game for and thus help fund development. There is nothing exploitative about that. People have a choice. They are not being forced into anything. We don't need regulation of people's spending habits, that's just a silly idea. Where would it end? Reply +5
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @bad09 I didn't imply anything. I clearly stated that the development team consisted of seven people when the Kickstarter began. I then stated that the team grew as the scale of development increased in scope.

    And the only question this raises about financing of games is why AAA publishers refuse to make games like this despite there clearly being a demand for it. AAA gaming is stagnating and becoming a barren wasteland of creativity (look at Battlefront for example). If publishers won't fund this kind of game, let the people do it. With the benefit of hindsight I cannot think of any other way to pay for development of this game than the current model that's being used. I've spent a smidge under 40 and have no intention of spending any more. What other people choose to do with their money is none of my business.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @bad09 CIG consisted of seven people when development started. It wasn't expanded upon until February 2013 when Foundry 42 was setup. Over the last few years the number of studios has increased as the scope of the game has broadened.

    I know you're desperate to see this game fail, but all the information about the game's financing is available to read publically. Not that you'll read it of course.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @CliffPromise Of course it will be years until it's released. Pre-production only started in 2011. The Kickstarter happened in October 2012 and development (with all of seven people) finally began once it ended. The game has only been in development for a little over three years.

    Most big budget AAA games take 5-7 years to make and that's with a consistently sized team. CIG had to continually add staff as the scope of the project grew. Games like CoD, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed are usually churned out in under three years. What Star Citizen continues to highlight is people's ignorance about game development. This game should realistically hit 1.0 status sometime in 2017/18. I fail to see how this is a problem.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 Unfortunately SC won't be too similar to EVE Online. At least not for a long time. EVE is a unique game that runs on a unique server which allows it to run as one enormous shard. SC and Elite sadly are instanced and will have a much higher population of NPCs than players. What EVE does is astonshing and until networking technology improves, a true first person EVE Online-style game is probably decades away. Reply +5
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 14/12/2015

    "I don't like this game! I don't like how it's funded! I have no interest in playing it! But that won't stop me clicking every article about it in order to display my ignorance and have yet another boring whinge."

    And suggesting laws be brought in to control what people spend their money on... fucking hell. Draconian much?
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/12/2015

    1. Kerbal Space Program
    2. Homeworld Remastered
    3. Ori & The Blind Forest
    4. Her Story
    5. Broforce
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  • Here's Star Wars Battlefront in 4K with SweetFX mega-graphics on

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/12/2015

    I just wish I had a 4k monitor and a more powerful computer to a) view this video as Jack intended and b) play the game on. Despite not being a fan of the dreadfully shallow gameplay, I cannot deny the game's artistry. It has no rival. Stunning. Reply +19
  • Pre-order Oculus Rift and get Eve: Valkyrie free

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/12/2015

    @dogmanstaruk From a pure specs point of view the Vive is the one to go for. Being made by Valve and not Facebook is another reason to pick it over the Rift.

    VR is amazing, there's no other way to describe it. Valkyrie and Alien Isolation are astounding VR experiences and are good enough to sell the tech on their own. I'll never understand why people have doubts about it. Technology has finally caught up with the idea. It works and you'd love it.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/12/2015

    Valkyrie will launch first on Oculus Rift before any other VR platforms.
    This is the sort of shit that puts me off buying a Rift. They're trying to start a format war that PC gaming has long since moved on from. After the Rock Band VR bollocks, Oculus are pushing VR in completely the wrong way. Despite the fact it will cost more money, the Vive is not only superior to the Rift, Valve have developed it to be an open source product. Facebook can get fucked as far as I'm concerned.

    Regarding this story though, Valkyrie is an astonishing game so this is a good incentive for those who want to dive straight in. I only got to spend about five minutes with it, but it's the best showcase for the tech that I can currently think of. Anyone who plays will be picking their jaw off the floor. It's truly dazzling.
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  • About that System Shock 3 tease...

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/12/2015

    @Skirlasvoud Terri Brosius is part of the team that's working on the new Ultima. Given that she is the voice of SHODAN (and recently reprised the role for a DOTA 2 add-on), the chances of the character returning for System Shock 3 are higher than you might think. I certainly have my fingers crossed. Reply +8
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/12/2015

    Be still my beating heart!

    EDIT: Some quick Googling informs me that Terri Brosius is also working with Otherside on the new Ultima which makes me wonder, will SHODAN make an appearance?
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  • Why I play video games

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/12/2015

    Super Mario Galaxy had a profound effect on me when I was going through a terribly dark and self-destructive period with my depression. It is part of the reason I hold it in such high esteem; not only because it's a wonderful and perfectly crafted piece of entertainment, but because it filled me with joy and made me smile and the music from the first Bowser level transported me back to my early teens, a period when I was happier within myself and playing Super Mario 64 with that same music in the background.

    Games are a wonderful and powerful medium and a lot is written about their more negative influences on children/society etc, as opposed to their benefits. A game reminded me what it was to be happy again and from that I realised how important it was that I fight for it. Depending on how one chooses to look at it, Super Mario Galaxy arguably saved my life.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/12/2015

    That this can be picked up on PC for 20 makes it an incredibly attractive prospect. I paid 15 for Insurgency and have clocked over 100 hours with it. I look forward to doing the same with this. Reply 0
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 60 FPS on PS4 but 30 on Xbox One

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/12/2015

    @Mistress Ah, Mr Trump, nice of you to drop by! Reply +7
  • Star Wars Battlefront patched, Barrage and DL-44 reportedly nerfed

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/12/2015

    Thank goodness the general bug got fixed. I can rest easy now.

    Anyway, checked out Jakku. It looks nice, but the most disappointing thing is the skybox. It looks so epic with all the dozens of ships flying around in the planet's atmosphere but, despite being a Star Wars game, we can't play in it. We get Battlefield's Rush mode instead. Great.

    And the DL-44 is still an absolute monster. Everyone is still using it and they're still dicking the new players.
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  • Here's your first look at Star Wars Battlefront's Battle of Jakku add-on

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/11/2015

    @shotbyascot When did I say anything in my initial comment about the game not being for me? I bought it and found it to be a crushing disappointment. Once you get over how pretty it is and get over that initial wave of nostalga (which takes about an hour at most) you realise that the game is about as much fun as sticking forks in your eyes. Design-wise it's a mess.

    The DL-44 is the only gun you ever see being used by players who've played for any decent length of time because, despite being a blaster/pistol, it does more damage than the T21, an anti-vehicle blaster, yet has twice the rate of fire. So, if you buy the game this weekend and hop on to play a round of Walker Assault, you'll get slayed because only the best players (which is most of them since they've been playing since launch) have the best gun, so new players haven't got a chance. It's just one of many appalling design choices DICE made that I cannot for the life of me work out why they did. The blinding HDR light of Hoth when you're inside the hangar just results in an Imperial player in an AT-ST or AT-AT making the most of your temporary blindness and massacring the lot of you. Oh, and Boba Fett is ridiculous as I've said before. How did that get through DICE QA? These choices, along with many others, stack up and the end rsult is something that I cannot fathom how people are having fun with it. It's an unbalanced and massively unfair mess. I could go on.

    I love Star Wars and I think DICE are an incredibly talented studio, but what they've made here, especially when compared to Battlefront 2 as well as something like BF4 is lazy, poorly thought out, sloppily executed, and nothing but a cynical cog in Disney's behemoth marketing machine for The Force Awakens. I honestly don't know what's more worrying: EA charging so much money for such monotonous dross (and what little there is!), or that gamers and most of the major games outlets seem ok with this, purely because it's Star Wars and it looks pretty.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/11/2015

    @Azhrarn B-b-but it's Star Wars! It doesn't matter! The game is so pretty and sounds just like the films! Reply -3
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/11/2015

    @dogmanstaruk BF4 is what it is because of DICE LA, who have worked tirelessly not only on fleshing out the map packs released for it, but also fixing the dreadful issues regarding lag and rubber banding that plagued the game at launch. The DICE studio in Stockholm (who made the vanilla game) haven't been involved with Battlefield 4 since the China Rising DLC, but at least BF4 had solid and exciting gameplay to back up its technical prowess. Battlefront is empty vapid shite, and that's even when compared to its predecessors. It's an incredibly limited (and unbalanced) game for the money EA are asking people to fork out. I guess it doesn't really matter. In two months the game will be devoid of players anyway. It's Titanfall all over again, the only difference being Titanfall didn't deserve to fail. Reply -4
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/11/2015

    I am still at a loss as to how a studio as talented as DICE made something so terrible, so dumbed-down and so lacking in any inspiration (and of course, content) whatsoever. It's just utterly terrible and I'm so fucked off that I can't get a refund for it.

    EA are slowly killing DICE and it's so sad to see.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles X review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/11/2015

    Nice to read such a glowing review for a Wii U exclusive at such a palliative stage of its lifecycle. Whether all the glowing reviews turn into sales is another thing. I certainly hope so, the Wii U doesn't have many epic and large-scale titles available for it, especially ones that make proper use of the second screen.

    Enjoy it Wii U owners. You've waited long enough.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront looks even better with Toddyhancer mod

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 24/11/2015

    @Eaton_Corvinus Not sense, merely an opinion. I personally think it looks spectacular, but I can understand why some may be turned off by it. Reply +2