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  • Overwatch Review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 27/05/2016

    @carlrobinson There's no autoaim on PC with a pad iirc. Besides, you'll just get stomped endlessly. Reply -1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 26/05/2016

    @George-Roper Mate, trust me on this one. Buy it. It's absolutely tremendous fun and dare I say it, superior to TF2 in every way. Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 26/05/2016

    @Chewbaccasdad That's what makes Mei such a good character. She's meant to be annoying in the same way Winston is. A good Mei player will make you want to throw your computer out the window! Reply +1
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 26/05/2016

    @grassyknoll Absolutely. What makes Overwatch so special is that it perfectly straddles the gap between casual and hardcore. Anyone can pick it up and be having fun within minutes, but the beauty of its design is the near-endless strategic possibilities that the opponent's team comp offers. The simple ability to switch between heroes on the fly is a masterstroke.

    I cannot recommend this game enough. Personally I would suggest you pick it up on PC as it's much, much faster and the more agile characters like Tracer and Genji really benefit from keyboard and mouse control. I think you'd love the game regardless of format anyway. Overwatch is, at least for me, the pinnacle of competitive class-based FPS design. I really cannot see where the genre can go from here. It's just that good.
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  • More powerful Xbox One planned for 2017 - report

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 25/05/2016

    "But PCs are too expensive compared to consoles, I don't want to have to upgrade every few years!"

    Oh wait...
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  • About that Sombra Overwatch character, and other things besides

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk Don't click on the link then. Reply +9
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One 3rd June

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/05/2016

    From what I've seen of 2.1's beta it's looking promising. Not a fan of the RNG for upgrading modules on your ship though. If they make rare parts sellable on the open market it might lead to a more player-driven economy, something the game desperately needs as there's currently very little motivation to do anything in the game at the moment.

    My big fear is that unlocking upgrades from engineers will be another tedious grind, involving hundreds of hours of delivery missions. It should lead to some interesting theory-crafting though. Fingers crossed.
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  • EA unconcerned about releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 this autumn

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/05/2016

    They're both going to have to be bloody special to tear me away from Overwatch. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Overwatch

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 10/05/2016

    This game is the bee's knees. Release day can't come soon enough. Reply +1
  • Overwatch open beta extended by a day

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 09/05/2016

    To those of you who think Bastion needs nerfing, the simple fact is you haven't found a counter for him yet, of which there are plenty. The best one is Genji's deflect ability followed by his dash attack if needed. Boom, problem solved.

    Overwatch is fantastic and incredibly well balanced. What a game.
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  • 15 tips to get you started in Overwatch

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/05/2016

    @Bertie Thanks for enlightening me as to how useful Zarya is. I've been at a loss trying to work out how she works as part of a team. TIL. Cheers. Reply 0
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/05/2016

    I've found that Lucio is by far the most useful support character. His ult when deployed at the right time can turn defeat into victory within seconds, and is a game changer especially when a match goes into Overtime. His passive health and speed boosts are also incredibly useful to the point where I don't like being in teams without him.

    What a brilliant game. The tactical depth on offer is so rich and so much fun to experiment with. My new GOTY. It's magnificent.
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  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: a new level in GPU power

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 07/05/2016

    Some big numbers from Nvidia. I recently upgraded to a 980Ti and love it to bits. It's a colossal piece of tech in terms of performance, but I'll be interested to see what the benchmarks for these new cards are. Might just wait for the 1080Ti. Reply +7
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 05/05/2016

    Fucking hell these comments. It's one person's opinion guys. The rating it gets is irrelevant. Read the words, draw your own conclusions and stop looking for validation of your PS4 purchase. You'll more than likely love the game anyway, so why get stressed about it? I love the UC games but the fact is the gameplay is hardly its main strength. It's a mindless killathon and very entertaining romp. Reply -2
  • Dishonored 2 reveals star-studded voice cast

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 04/05/2016

    ... yes I know I'm committing some kind of sin by not having seen The Wire.
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  • No Overwatch Competitive Play during open beta

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/05/2016

    Stayed up until midnight waiting for this to go live and ended up playing until gone three this morning. After an odd glitch where the license wasn't detected, upon rebooting the game it worked smoothly and without issue bar one random disconnect. Matchmaking is quick and painless and the whole user experience is what you'd expect from Blizzard. And then there's the game itself...

    Holy shit. This is a very, very good game. As in, so good I struggle to find fault with it. It's absolutely wonderful and so much fun to play. The character design is exemplary and amazingly it's all so balanced. An amazing amount of thought has gone into their abilities, counter abilities and ultimates. It's brilliant and a breath of fresh air for the competitive FPS.

    Bravo, Blizzard. Bra-fucking-vo. It's been totally worth the wait, and then some. Can't wait to get home and play it some more.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Mirror's Edge Catalyst

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/05/2016

    I played the beta and thought it was terrific. A lot of my fears going in to it were suitably crushed. The combat is great fun, the freedom of movement is lovely, it looks amazing and it just feels really good to play. I'm looking forward to playing the finished article. Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry's top ten picks for PlayStation Neo upgrades

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/04/2016

    The Jaguar CPU is terrible no matter how much it's overclocked. There's more to CPUs than just clock speed. The IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) is arguably far more important. Reply +19
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One by June

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/04/2016

    A lot is hinging on this update. It really needs to be have been worth the delay or else I cannot see people returning to what has sadly become a barren and lifeless universe. Players (myself included) have deserted Elite Dangerous now as there are so many things wrong that need fixing. It's so, so grindy. I have my fingers crossed that Frontier can turn things around. Reply +4
  • Superhot blazes onto Xbox One next week

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/04/2016

    This is my GOTY so far and one of my all time favourite games. It's incredible and as a piece of design is wonderful, inventive and empowering. I encourage all XO owners (even if you don't like FPS games) to buy this. It's absolutely effin' marvellous and a breath of fresh air. Reply +6
  • In Theory: Can next-gen Nvidia tech offer Titan X power for GTX 970 money?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/04/2016

    A good article, though having recently upgraded to a 980Ti I'm absolutely delighted with it and see no need to upgrade within the next year. It'll be interesting to see what the performance gains are. Reply +3
  • The Division PC would need "complete rewrite" to combat hacks

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 27/04/2016

    @7M7 Great post, but the problem going forward is the selling of advertising space for future titles. Think back to what this site looked like in February. It was plastered with Division ads. You don't bite the hand that feeds. Reply +2
  • Why is video game lore so awful?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/04/2016

    I was really impressed with Dishonored's lore and backstory. It was etched into every area you visited and really spoke volumes about just how twisted and corrupt the world of Dunwall really was. Reply +8
  • Performance Analysis: Doom beta on PS4 and Xbox One

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 20/04/2016

    Just a shame then that it's so terribly dull to play, and not remotely representative of what made DOOM great in the first place. Trying to shoehorn console-era progression mechanics into an arena shooter is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    If you want a really fun, fast-paced arena shooter, I suggest you check out the alpha for Unreal Tournament 4. It's free to download and is a blast.
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  • Elite Dangerous' long-awaited The Engineers expansion goes into beta next month

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/04/2016

    @davidknowles No they're almost certainly not. Multi-crew is going to be a colossal update to the game. Reply +2
  • Some people are upset the new Mirror's Edge locks abilities behind XP upgrades

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/04/2016

    Basically, EA feel they need to cater to modern gamers, what with their need to feel like they're "progressing".

    Yay for modern gaming...
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  • Titanfall 2 teaser trailer reveals mechs with swords

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 11/04/2016

    I am all over this. The first game was wonderful and one of the best multiplayer FPS I'd played in years. Sadly a compelling gameplay loop isn't enough for people nowadays, so if they can add content (i.e. thousands of pointless unlocks) then hopefully it will sustain its community for longer. Reply +3
  • HTC Vive review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 09/04/2016

    It'll need to do it fast, because as it currently is its a no go. It's not pessimism, it's reality.
    Sorry, but that very much is pessimism. Look at the first mobile phone, and then look at where we are now.

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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 09/04/2016's like nothing you've experienced before. Gaming feels fresh, exciting, renewed - a giddy feeling after years of variations on the same themes.
    This is what I've suspected of the Vive as reviews have trickled out. Such a shame I don't have the space to take full advantage of it. Great review by the way.
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  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 08/04/2016

    This should come as no surprise. The issues with UWP were known a while ago so this happening was almost inevitable. Reply +5
  • What would you uninvent about modern games?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/04/2016

    @saxxonde Well said. The idea that games need to be accessible (and I would also add 'fun') for everybody is making games incredibly shallow. Reply +2
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 03/04/2016

    Cutscenes. I hate cutscenes like a persistently itchy bollock. Get rid of 'em.

    Games are not films, they are games. I don't want to be removed from the experience because you want to tell your story from a cinematic perspective. Either tell the story from my perspective (if it's first-person) or incorporate the story into the gameplay.

    Stop trying to ape cinema!
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  • Griefers or saviours? The Elite Dangerous players causing a rift in space

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 01/04/2016

    Elite's confused identity is because Frontier insist on having Solo and Private groups in a game they claim is an MMO or at least has "MMO elements." It's a sandbox game where doing what you want (including piracy) is frowned upon by the community. It's absolute bollocks and is why player numbers continue to dwindle, especially in Open, where you almost never see anyone nowadays. It's pretty much dead.

    Had Frontier not caved into the anti-social 1984 lot and added a Solo mode the game would feel alive. Elite needs to let go of its past and make the step towards being an always online game where our actions matter. As it currently stands, Elite Dangerous is going nowhere fast, which is a crying shame because it has so much potential.
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  • Adr1ft review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 31/03/2016

    More of a floating simulator than a walking simulator, then, eh? EH?! Reply +55
  • Tokyo 42 looks like a delightful blend of GTA, Hitman and Katamari Damacy

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 30/03/2016

    This looks wonderful. I'm all over it. Love the music too. Reply +1
  • Watch: How does Overwatch play on consoles?

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/03/2016

    "We would have a big concern about PC players playing against either Xbox One or PS4 players."
    Oh come on, Jeff, don't be such a spoilsport.
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  • Sony investigating PlayStation VR support for PC

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/03/2016

    Sony need to do this. Get Tiltbrush (with the Move wands of course) in the hands of millions and allow people to generate content that can then be sold in various games. Valve have already done this with CS:GO after the first skin was made by a Vive user and is now available to buy. Reply 0
  • Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 29/03/2016

    If I had to pick between my daughter occasionally seeing a game character's bum in tight leather trousers (should she choose that pose) or letting her play a game where the main objective is to repeatedly shoot people in the face, I think I know which one I'd pick.

    Peoples' priorities are seriously wrong.
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  • PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/03/2016

    Will a more powerful PS4 bring down the price of the current model, or will this be an "elite" system at a premium price point?
    Of course it will come at a premium price point. The current PS4 is still selling incredibly well. Cutting its price would be terrible business. I wouldn't be surprised if PS4K is sold for about 400-450.
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  • Oculus Rift review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/03/2016

    I suspect this will be the headset I plump for, owing more to the lack of any space whatsoever to walk around in, and all of the time I've spent in VR has been seated anyway, and it works perfectly. Great review Richard. This is the beginning of something truly amazing and I can't wait to get involved in it. Reply +8
  • Samorost 3 review

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 28/03/2016

    @Sendlinger Well said, Sir. Reply +2
  • Nintendo NX controller reports gather pace

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 23/03/2016

    Reading the comments on that Reddit thread there's a pretty reasonable theory that this was leaked by someone at Massive Entertainment. The Swedish keyboard being one giveaway and the tree outside the window reflected in the top right looking very similar to one directly outside a window at Massive's studio being another.

    True or not, whoever leaked this is in deep shit.
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  • Velazquez and the strange potential of VR

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 19/03/2016

    Games in which you meet people. Games in which you get a sense of spaces and of characters. Games in which you are an observer as well as a more traditional participant. Games about coming to understand things. Where could this sort of thing lead?
    Hopefully to plenty of educational games that let us explore the Great Barrier Reef, the surface of Mars, any number of art galleries, the Amazon rainforest and plenty of other wonderful locations with our children and friends; the possibilities for learning in new, fun and exciting ways in VR are almost endless. It's a really exciting time.
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  • After 130 hours of play, someone's maxed out The Division

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 18/03/2016

    @caribou-poo The game has only been out for ten days, and he's already clocked up over SIX days play time. At least with my job I leave my flat, get some fresh air, see people in the flesh and get exercise. Reply +11
  • The_shlaaaag_returns 18/03/2016

    Impressive stuff
    Not in the slightest. It's unhealthy and shouldn't be encouraged.
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  • Project Cars on Oculus Rift looks intense

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 18/03/2016

    @MikkyX And if you're driving something like an Arial Atom, a desk fan. Reply +49
  • Shuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation VR

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/03/2016

    @Fourfoldroot I want PSVR to succeed and I want it to be good! My initial concern was based on hardware limitations of the display itself and of the PS4.

    As I said in my response to @Frunk above, I don't want to come across as being negative or derogatory towards PSVR or Sony as I think what they're doing deserves plaudits. I haven't had the chance to use PSVR either so my comment was based purely on the specs that are available and subsequently on my own speculation. As someone who has just upgraded his rig in order to be VR-ready and does not own a PS4, I can't justify buying one at all, but if it means VR becomes mainstream and successful, Sony will be the first people I thank for making that happen.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/03/2016

    @frunk I didn't mean to imply that PSVR is 2nd rate. I haven't used it so couldn't say. My worry was based more on the unit's specs and how they might be reflected in the actual user experience. I really want to try it and see how Sony have gone about their process and experience it for myself. From the other responses to my post it seems they've achieved something greater than I and perhaps many others expected. If it's better than I thought, happy days, especially if it helps make VR viable, vital and relevant.

    I didn't want to be negative in my original post, but I do stand by my point that many who are excited about VR need to calm down about its chances of taking off purely based on Sony's pricing. Not enough people have used it for us to get an accurate measure of people's susceptibility to things such as motion sickness, and whether they even enjoy it and see the other benefits of the technology itself. It's still very early days.

    I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I desperately want VR to succeed, but its potentially massive impact on wider culture (as well as wallets) needs to be considered.
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  • The_shlaaaag_returns 17/03/2016

    I really want VR to succeed as I'm sure many others here do, but as good as Sony's pricing of PSVR is (and miraculous that they're not making a loss on it) I still think people need to temper their expectations about VR succeeding in the shorter term. 349 guarantees nothing and Sony's entry in to VR, as seemingly likely as it is to succeed based on worldwide reaction, could potentially harm VR's chance of taking off and becoming a must-have product.

    One reason for this are the specs, not only of PS4, but of the HMD itself. Yes, 120Hz with interpolated frame rates is a lovely feature, but it only has one screen unlike Rift and Vive, and it runs at a lower resolution (960 x 1080 per eye unlike the other two which run at 1080 x 1200 per eye for a combined res of 2160 x 1200). This is basically a DK2 in all but name and look (and manufacturer of course!). The screen door effect will be incredibly jarring.

    Yes, by all accounts it's the most ergonomic HMD, but I worry that those new to VR, people who don't read games press or watch Youtube videos or generally keep up to date with technology, will use PSVR and perhaps be underwhelmed by it. Then when they seek better options they'll see the cost involved of buying a Rift/Vive and a PC capable of delivering VR and just sack the whole thing off, at least for a few years whilst the technology matures and comes down in price.

    I commend Sony for providing more competition and an accessible alternative in an increasingly crowded space (what with AMD and Sulon recently entering the fray as well as Starbreeze's StarVR project) but I do have concerns about whether the experiences Sony plan to deliver will be comparable to those from Valve and Oculus, and subsequently whether the general public just perceive it as a very expensive gimmick (which it most definitely is not) or as something that may very well fundamentally change not only how we experience games, but interact with each other on a social level.

    2016 is going to be a bloody exciting year and I cannot wait for all three displays to be available. We are on the cusp of something amazing and I can't wait to get involved in it.
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  • PlayStation VR will cost 349, out in October

  • The_shlaaaag_returns 15/03/2016

    If we take into account the fact the Eye has to be bought separately as well as the Move controllers, you can safely add 80-100 to the price. Sony are misleading people here and it's not cool. Reply 0