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  • Star Wars Battlefront has a 40 Season Pass

  • TheRealBadabing 13/10/2015

    It worries me when people say that companies like EA want people to keep playing their games long after release, and that is the reason for DLC "roadmaps".

    EA want people to keep paying for the game long after release. They would be absolutely delighted if, after they made all that sweet, sweet money through Origin sales and Season Passes, they could switch off 90% of the servers because everyone has stopped playing.

    People need to stop thinking that publishers are doing things for the benefit of customers. If they could get away with selling a game that would only work for a week before switching off as soon as a sequel arrived they would do that in a heartbeat.

    Speaking of sequels, the "contract" period of this Season Pass is probably going to coincide nicely with a new Star Wars film (Ep 8?) and the inevitable Star Wars Battlefront 2 announcement - *Featuring classic maps with locations and characters from the new film!1!11*
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  • League of Legends team owner embroiled in drug price hike controversy

  • TheRealBadabing 22/09/2015

    @Bedders I suppose I am being just as naive as the next man in hoping people will give politicians the motivation to fix this problem.

    For such a basic need as healthcare you would think people would be actively campaigning for change but it seems X-Factor is more worthy of their efforts.
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  • TheRealBadabing 22/09/2015

    @ShiftyGeezer you have interacted with members of the human race, right? Because what you suggest would only work in some sort of sci-fi utopia.

    The world I live in contains idiots and arseholes so we need laws and punishments to keep the worst of us in check. Leaving loopholes in those laws and hoping "EVERYONE" will just play fair is more than a bit naive.
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  • TheRealBadabing 22/09/2015

    The guy is a complete tosser but isn't there a saying "don't hate the player, hate the game"?

    It's like corporate tax dodgers; they are scum too but if the rules say you can do something then someone will do it.

    Rather than complaining all the time about people playing the system , shouldn't we be more vocal about getting the system changed?
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate Dickens and Darwin missions are pre-order bonuses

  • TheRealBadabing 26/08/2015

    Ubisoft marketing: "Unity really hurt our brand, customers won't trust us enough to pre-order this time"

    Ubisoft exec: "Why don't we just hold back even more content this time? No point trying to change, let's double down on that tactic. You weasels can spin that for us, right?"

    Marketing: "Genius, we'll get right on it!"

    Exec: "And get me our PC guys on the phone, been talking to Warner Bros and I have a few new ideas about how we can fuck that release up even more this year."
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  • Earth Defence Force for PS4 and Vita confirmed for Europe

  • TheRealBadabing 25/08/2015

    2025 was the game that made me cave in and get a PS3. This might be my tipping point for the PS4 too. Reply +2
  • Sky Rogue delivers the romance of aviation

  • TheRealBadabing 20/08/2015

    Played this ages ago when it was pretty much just a Game Jam style concept piece. Was very fun even then and I sank hours into it. Very happy to see it fleshed out now, will be a definite purchase when released. Reply +1
  • Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans

  • TheRealBadabing 14/08/2015

    @MattEvansC3 Biggest problem was he did not go out of his way to distance himself from the fact he was a Nintendo employee.

    Wearing the T-Shirt, discussing the decision making process and lots of uses of the word "we" could very easily be misinterpreted as him speaking on behalf of the company.

    It is very creepy how some companies try to silence employees but I think Nintendo were right on this one.
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  • Digital Foundry vs the Halo 5 Gamescom demo

  • TheRealBadabing 08/08/2015

    So is the Master Chief Collection working yet?

    Genuine question, not trolling.
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  • Mad Max releases rig requirements for its PC version

  • TheRealBadabing 07/08/2015

    @RiSC1911 fair enough, was lead to believe that some features like how drivers talked to the silicon were relatively easy to implement. I can understand the graphical fancies would be harder to retrofit.

    Also, negged to oblivion for just asking about DX12. Wow, some people must really hate Win10.
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  • TheRealBadabing 07/08/2015

    No mention of DirectX 12? Reply -13
  • Horizons expansion announced for Elite: Dangerous

  • TheRealBadabing 05/08/2015

    Planetary landings don't interest me so I am certainly not going to pay 30 for the "privilege".

    What does concern me is whether future updates (new ships, missions, etc.) will be made available for owners of the vanilla version. Thanks to Frontier's decision to enforce an always connected DRM, it could cause all sorts of issues if the original game starts to become increasingly out of sync.
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  • Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode unveiled, stars Patton Oswalt

  • TheRealBadabing 05/07/2015

    I know, I know...budgets and blah blah but couldn't they have done an alternative female lead? Not like Minecraft is a niche product or anything and it's one of those few games that is almost gender agnostic.

    My daughter would love this but I'm not so sure if she would want to play as a guy. 9 year old girls are very weird.
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  • Fallout 4's 100 Pip-Boy Edition includes an actual Pip-Boy

  • TheRealBadabing 03/07/2015

    @wyp100 Brilliant. Good to know the Knights of the Consumer are still holding firm at EG Towers.

    Any chance we can have an article on why pre-orders are great? Maybe you guys could entitle it "Just because it's just really, like just you know that and its a thing and wow!"
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  • TheRealBadabing 02/07/2015

    Well done all, we are really showing those publishers how much we hate their pre-order, day one DLC, retailer exclusive culture. Reply +1
  • PlayStation "new home of Call of Duty", Black Ops 3 DLC headed to PS4 first

  • TheRealBadabing 16/06/2015


    Hardly a selling point if all your mates are used to playing on the same format. Not as if your gamer-chums will all buy a PS4 just to get the DLC a bit earlier.

    Corporate dick-waving, pure and simple. There are lots of reasons to get a PS4 but this is not one of them.

    And anyway, the frigging game isn't even out and the exclusivity is all about DLC. That you will have to pay for. After you paid for the game. That will no doubt be available on launch. The launch of the game you have just bought. That will ask you for more money for stuff they have already produced while developing the game in the first place.

    What a coup.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege player-vs-AI Terrohunt mode detailed

  • TheRealBadabing 16/06/2015

    It's Ubisoft. 30fps is more cinematic, apparently. Reply +3
  • Watch five minutes of Star Wars Battlefront

  • TheRealBadabing 15/06/2015

    As an old git I instinctively mistrust anything with the Star Wars name released after the prequels were shat out. I also hate EA's DLC/pre-order/retailer exclusive/Origin policies. DICE have not exactly been on top form recently either.

    So many things make me want to dismiss this game but it does look amazing. Old school Star Wars mixed with some Battlefield action might actually be enough to break through my cynicism.
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  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • TheRealBadabing 06/06/2015

    @dogmanstaruk NO! STOP IT NOW! Reply +11
  • TheRealBadabing 06/06/2015

    @dogmanstaruk You did read the first sentence in my post before quoting the second, right? Reply +15
  • TheRealBadabing 06/06/2015

    @dogmanstaruk Not having kids is a perfectly good choice, in fact seeing some parents I wish more people made that decision.
    The snark was in reaction to the implication that people that do have kids are in some way irresponsible.
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  • TheRealBadabing 06/06/2015

    @moroboshi That's right, because your generation is the most special ever and would make the perfect final act for the human race. Reply +7
  • The Witcher 3 digital copies won't load on some Xbox Ones

  • TheRealBadabing 04/06/2015 So the printing costs, disc pressing and shipping is why a physical copy of Witcher 3 (PC) is around 30% cheaper on Amazon than a digital copy from GOG?

    A little bit more clutter and a little less bullshit about how you are supporting the industry by buying digitally will do everyone a favour.
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  • Splatoon ties end in seemingly arbitrary wins

  • TheRealBadabing 02/06/2015

    Yay, super pointless! Fun game where the usual kill/death bollocks is ignored and a win bonus is pretty insignificant overall. Must write an article!

    EG just can't comment on this game without trying to insert a negative spin so far.

    Want to go negative? Talk about the sodding amiibos acting like DLC or the few UI issues such as loadout locking.
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  • Splatoon is Wii U's fastest-selling new franchise in UK

  • TheRealBadabing 01/06/2015

    Great game, successful launch, robust online and yet EG still has to devote a whole paragraph to Nintendo doom and gloom. Reply +19
  • AMD reveals HBM: the future of graphics RAM technology

  • TheRealBadabing 19/05/2015

    With this sort of tech does it mean that the next generation of consumer-level (ie. cheaper) cards will be able to hit the hefty Oculus Rift specs sooner? Reply +6
  • The best PC games

  • TheRealBadabing 19/04/2015

    Ridiculous article.

    A load of games available on other devices, coming to the end of their life or simply not yet finished. In previous years I would have hoped for more from EG but recently I find it easier to set my bar so low that this sort of tripe is almost acceptable.

    You guys having financial difficulties? Be honest with us and I'm sure loyal readers will help (RPS did it). This sort of crawl to mediocrity is sad to watch so either go full IGN or try to reconnect with your readers.
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  • Elite: Dangerous confirmed for Xbox One

  • TheRealBadabing 04/03/2015

    Great idea, bring the poster-child for VR to the console with no plans for VR. Reply -23
  • Square Enix's new Humble Bundle includes Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs

  • TheRealBadabing 18/02/2015

    Not sure Squenix should ever be associated with the word "humble" after their ridiculous expectations for Tomb Raider sales. Reply +11
  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • TheRealBadabing 24/12/2014

    Been a great run for me, joined lots of years ago (not my first username :) )and had a lot of fun with the site and community.

    I'm old now. Most of the comments are simply too stupid to bother reacting to. Not talking about trolling, for that is a fine art-form and should be respected.

    I mean the utterly sheepish dross that newer gamers spew. DLC is great! Day 1 (on disc) DLC is fine! 40Gig patches are OK! We are idiots! Release an HD version and fuck up the online and we still love you!

    Fuck me you are so incredibly misguided that I genuinely feel sorry for this generation of gamers.

    It's not your fault, we are constantly told that you are entitled wankers yet this generation of young people has done a shit load more for a shit load less than my generation ever did. The baby boomers did a bang up job fucking us both over.

    Try to remember that you are customers, not followers. Those cunt-wads in marketing will try to convince you otherwise but they are wrong.

    GOTY editions are for the wise; pre-orders are for the fuck-wits you laugh about. At some point the market has to realise this or it's all done.

    So TL;DR? I'm finished with EG in the new year. I'm sure Oli will do a bang-up job but the industry and the consumers are starting to make me regret my choice of hobby.
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  • Take-Two president criticises Target and Kmart over removing GTA5 in Australia

  • TheRealBadabing 09/12/2014

    Let's see how serious he is when Take Two release their next game.

    No stock to Target etc = he meant it.
    Exclusive Day One DLC/pre-order bonuses = wanker.
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  • PlanetSide 2: PS4, free-to-play and leaving money on the table

  • TheRealBadabing 21/11/2014

    People don't necessarily want to be able to take a character you've spent money on on the PC and bring that character onto the PS4 without having spent money on the PS4.
    That sentence makes no sense whatsoever.

    If I could transfer my PC characters over, I would absolutely like to do so. It might even encourage me to buy a PS4.

    Fun fact: I bought a PS because it was doing PC-style games like XCom but I couldn't afford a proper PC. I'm at an upgrade crossroads right now so the PS4 is a definite option over a complete PC rebuild. Being able to bring my old character (which I did spend some cash on) over to PS4 would be a nice incentive.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • TheRealBadabing 11/11/2014

    @RichardC Cheers for clearing that up.

    The "Insert Coin" guy at the campsite in DA:O ruined the immersion for me so it's good to hear some lessons have been learned.
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  • TheRealBadabing 11/11/2014

    How is the DLC handled this time? As it's an EA title I would expect a fair amount but it hasn't been mentioned at all in the review. Some sort of agreement you guys have? Reply 0
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Code Name: STEAM get new release dates

  • TheRealBadabing 06/11/2014

    @smelly I have no idea how you can get CoD=good from that comment. In fact I was going to mention the expensive, pointless (and recently terrible) campaign mode from that series but decided against it as it might have been flame bait.

    Splatoon is primarily a MP game. I'm saying I would rather it was released as such and at an appropriate price point. Adding a SP campaign is wasteful.
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  • TheRealBadabing 06/11/2014

    I'm sure the tacked-on Splatoon campaign will be worthy enough but why bother? Sadly it looks like they are inflating the product sheet simply to charge full price. I suppose if everyone else does the same then why not but it's still disappointing to see a new IP follow a predictable pattern.

    Be brave enough to release it as a budget standalone multiplayer game on eshop. Do campaign mode as a DLC and see if anyone wants it. Could save a fortune in dev costs if Nintendo realised a MP game is just that.

    Splatoon was going to be a day 1 eshop purchase for me (I like the convenience) but if they try to shoe-horn in an unwanted single player "campaign" to justify full price then sod 'em.
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor review

  • TheRealBadabing 06/10/2014

    The latest Jimquisition on The Escapist is an interesting watch.

    Looks like EG ticked all the boxes required by the PR company in order to cover the game at all. Maybe the much lauded policy of openness should cover deals like this too?
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  • Video: Do you want to see Alien: Isolation's Blade Runner easter egg?

  • TheRealBadabing 04/10/2014

    Scary SHOCK moment when the android grabs your leg...panicked twatting with a wrench...heartbeat racing...

    You've earned a fucking trophy. Well done player, your next challenge is to try and get that feeling of immersion back.
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  • Mario Kart 8 to receive the iconic B Dasher in DLC

  • TheRealBadabing 26/09/2014

    Why don't people get that DLC is not a zero-sum game?

    DLC is great if the game is complete enough without it. Campfire NPCs selling extra adventures, locked areas with big DLC icons, and all the usual crap that some of us have seemingly accepted without question are the problem.

    Nintendo or not, this is how DLC should be done.
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  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair brings the series to PS4

  • TheRealBadabing 19/09/2014

    Great, so now I have to buy a PS4.

    Thanks a bunch Sandlot.
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  • Ridiculous AirVR headset straps a mobile device to your face

  • TheRealBadabing 18/09/2014

    Isn't this what Google did with their cardboard thing? Reply +27
  • Nintendo of Europe lays off 320 workers

  • TheRealBadabing 30/08/2014

    Yay temp contracts.

    You contribute to the project but don't contribute to the headcount for shareholders. You don't exist as far as they are concerned and so it doesn't really count when they fuck you over!

    Time to move up to zero hour contracts for even more soul-destroying corporate book-keeping exploitation.

    Your creative skills are appreciated until we can buy a robot to do the same job. Thanks.
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  • Mario Kart 8 getting Zelda and Animal Crossing DLC

  • TheRealBadabing 27/08/2014

    Make a great game that is infinitely replayable.

    Create DLC that adds to the original game without upsetting balance.

    Release that DLC at a reasonable price.


    Really tough for other publishers, clearly.
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  • How to cheaply upgrade your PS4 to 2TB

  • TheRealBadabing 24/08/2014

    Great article. I bought one of these as a backup drive for my PC but am getting frustrated with the speed of the USB interface while copying large files (I only have USB2).

    Wasn't sure if I could take the drive out and hook it up directly to a SATA connector. Now you have confirmed it is a standard 2.5" job I might even buy a second and rip them both apart for a RAID setup.
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  • Oakland, California lifts its 80-year pinball ban

  • TheRealBadabing 23/08/2014

    Please tell me Kevin Bacon was involved. Reply 0
  • Unsubscribe?

  • TheRealBadabing 02/08/2014

    @George-Roper Sorry if I misread the article but it looked like Sony allowed it on their platform, due to the EG tags attached to the piece.

    Good on Sony then. Hopefully they will maintain this stance.
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  • TheRealBadabing 02/08/2014

    that can be a viable alternative to the Netflix
    It's not like Netflix. It's like Warner Bros, Paramount and others selling subscriptions separately.
    Exactly. How long until Ubi decide to do the same, followed by Squenix, ActiBlizz, Capcom and every other major publisher?

    PS+ (and even the MS equivalent, shit as it is) is what we need, not separate subscriptions to every publisher.

    The fact that EA has managed to convince Sony to allow the service on the PS platform says one of two things: either it was a simple case of bully-boy tactics or Sony was anticipating/encouraging this way before the PS4 launched. Not a good situation for gamers either way.
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  • Here's why you should care about Hyrule Warriors

  • TheRealBadabing 22/07/2014

    @bobomb only put about 100 hours into 2025 so I'm obviously a n00b but, even ignoring the weapon grind, a LOT of replays are required to gather enough armour to even look at inferno difficulty.

    Of course the games are not carbon copies but the core mechanic of using easier playthroughs to build enough strength for higher difficulties is remarkably similar.

    So I would argue that while EDF is certainly "the best", it is not purely a skill based game.
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  • TheRealBadabing 22/07/2014

    I think the EDF games and to an extent Too Human fall in the same category as Musou. Same grind-and-improve gameplay along with the satisfaction of cutting through swathes of enemies. I'm probably missing something though as I loved those games but have never clicked with any Dynasty Warriors titles.

    Problem is, every time I see an article like this I am convinced I need to give them another chance...
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  • Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas single-player pricing detailed

  • TheRealBadabing 09/07/2014

    @Dismiss well, you could buy the new Magic game but then you would need to start buying booster packs on top. Reply +5