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  • Dear Donald: How video games could help you trump Hillary

  • ThePissartist 28/05/2016

    We've actually got a similar rise of the far right in the UK. It's only a matter of time before some Kippers arrive here and say how they think Trump would make a good president. Reply 0
  • Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business

  • ThePissartist 25/05/2016

    That's a stinger. Reply +7
  • Fable developer Lionhead closes down today

  • ThePissartist 29/04/2016

    Best wishes to those formally working at Lionhead. I really enjoyed the Fable series a lot.I hope you're all able to quickly find something to move onto. Reply +3
  • Take a look at Microsoft's special edition Iron Man Xbox One

  • ThePissartist 28/04/2016


    Are you one of these people that watch Eastenders and think it's real?

    And to be honest, I'd much rather have anything in my entertainment unit than that fugly thing.
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  • ThePissartist 28/04/2016

    Seriously. Imagine your partner coming home and you've told her that you've got an "Iron Man Xbox", maybe she might have good humour about it, that is until she sees it. Then straight upstairs to pack up her things. Reply -2
  • ThePissartist 28/04/2016

    Oh dear. I like to think gamers have more taste than to be interested in that monstrosity. As someone said earlier, less is more. Reply -6
  • It looks like this year's COD is named Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • ThePissartist 27/04/2016

    Modern Warfare 3 please!! Reply 0
  • The Gears of War 4 season pass costs £40

  • ThePissartist 26/04/2016

    I completely agree with @Arsecake_Baker earlier in the comments. The industry is really going downhill at a rapid rate with these enormously priced DLC packs and pay-to-win components (anyone tried Angry Birds 2? My God it's awful!!!!).

    I seem to remember seeing some sort of "preorder discount" of Star Wars that was something like £105!

    So many games I play these days are built in such a way that they totally encourage microtransactions. It totally fucking does my head in. Why can't I play a game play it a reasonable number of hours and complete it without having to grind or pay more?

    I just like to be able to buy a game and not worry about further costs afterwards.
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  • One machine to rule them all: the triumph of Xbox 360

  • ThePissartist 21/04/2016

    @Number_Johnny_Five "it's a great all round package!"

    Well, that's exactly where it went wrong. It's a console. Microsoft aiming at TV was its biggest mistake.

    It's an underpowered, over promised*, TV playing, advert slinging TV/games console. And that's being generous.

    *"infinite power of the cloud", "PS4 definitely won't show power differential", etc.
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  • ThePissartist 21/04/2016

    LOVED my Xbox 360. One of the best consoles ever.Quite how Microsoft managed to fuck up their next machine so spectacularly is completely beyond me. Reply +8
  • Hideo Kojima stars at DICE, chats about "edgy" new game

  • ThePissartist 19/02/2016

    If it takes him that long to make a game then there's a good chance it'll be for the PS5. Reply +13
  • Rocket League scores on Xbox One next week

  • ThePissartist 10/02/2016

    @DX12It's already cross-platform between PS4 and PC. I seem to remember reading the same privilege won't be applied to the Xbox One :( Reply +4
  • Sony is trying - and failing - to trademark "Let's Play"

  • ThePissartist 28/01/2016

    @Hellotherenow "At least Sony knows it's grammar."

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  • ThePissartist 28/01/2016

    This is a really wanky corporate thing to try, Sony. Reply +18
  • Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

  • ThePissartist 21/01/2016

    Maybe I have rose tinted glasses when I think about how the comments threads on Eurogamer user to be, but I swear things have got really grim here recently. Liberal use of a ban hammer wouldn't go amiss.

    The articles are as great as ever.
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  • Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

  • ThePissartist 21/01/2016


    "The Amiga 500 was a technically superior system to the SNES"

    Only it wasn't. Better sound/music but that's it.

    I can't believe I'm actually arguing about this and that people even consider the Amiga a better gaming platform than the SNES.

    Put it this way, I was a teenager at the times these machines were released. It was a time when I had every gaming platform (I used to be bad like that) and at absolutely no point did I (or anyone else for that matter) believe that the Amiga was more powerful than the SNES.

    I understand that PC gamers today have more powerful machines than their consoles owning counterparts, but it REALLY didn't used to be like that in the early-mid 90s.

    Hit YouTube and conpare Zool to Super Mario World. Or look at the Mode 7 graphics of Mario Kart. This stuff couldn't be replicated on an Amiga.
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  • ThePissartist 21/01/2016


    "And games looked better on the Amiga then they did on the SNES obviously.
    For example Streetfighter II and Mortal Kombat."

    Are you sure you played these games on both machines?? They were both much better on the SNES.

    SFII had something like 4-6 floppies that had to been switched on each character selection, it had less frames of animation and only a one/two button joystick to play with.

    The Amiga was good, but it was nowhere near a SNES.
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  • ThePissartist 21/01/2016

    @CaptainKid "even the SNES was crap compared to my Amiga"

    What are you smoking?! I had a SNES and an Amiga (Megadrive too) and the SNES was MUCH better than the Amiga.

    Anyone that's played Street Fighter 2 on both can attest to this.
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  • Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann on why Uncharted has to end

  • ThePissartist 20/01/2016

    DX12 "isn't that content DRM locked to that account?"

    No. PSN Plus games can be played on my (fully paid up) PSN account and can be played by all three of my kids on their (non-paid) accounts. They can play online with their accounts and play all games associated with my account.

    It'd cost me a fortune otherwise.
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  • ThePissartist 20/01/2016


    They must have changed that, it used to require a "family" membership (or something similar) on the 360. :)


    I understand that you like your Xbox - I used to love mine too! But if I were you I would discard any suggestion that it has any kind of untapped power and also the insinuation that you own a PS4.

    It's quite possible for someone to turn around their fortunes by acting like an adult and speaking with honesty.

    I'd really like to see the comments sections not overrun with madness and it can start with you having a more grown up conversation and not intentionally frustrating other members.
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  • ThePissartist 20/01/2016

    @DX12 "no thanks fella I don't even have PS+ and not even my account, (can't change user name) so don't like giving out some else's user name without thier permission.
    Plus don't play on ps4,you can't even have my XBL tag either because I only add friends or people I know.sorry fella."

    I thought you owned a PS4? If you did, wouldn't you have your own account and not refer to someone else's? Also, you need to have a user setup and don't require PSN Plus to use a system (and can still add people, etc.)

    Even if your friend/brother/parent has a PNS Plus account you can create a new account yourself on the same machine and you're not required to pay for another one. Then you can play online with many accounts on the same box.

    All of this is unlike Xbox Live where every user needs their own paid Live account.

    Obviously if you had a PS4 you'd know all of this already.
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  • ThePissartist 20/01/2016


    What's your PSN username? I'll add you.
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  • Mojang-published Cobalt gets Steam, Xbox release date

  • ThePissartist 15/01/2016

    @Sharz Or Microsoft own Mojang. Reply +3
  • ThePissartist 15/01/2016

    Shame I won't get to be able to play it - looks fun. :'( Reply +3
  • Performance Analysis: World of Tanks on PS4

  • ThePissartist 11/01/2016


    The PS4 version will never have 4k textures because it doesn't have Direct X12s, a blitter, and three GPUs, amirite?

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  • Seeing in the new year with Resogun

  • ThePissartist 04/01/2016

    I completely agree with this article. Sometimes I think modern titles have forgotten the reasons why people actually play games, I can’t help but feel a little bored or impatient for games that have “epic” storylines. I mostly don’t bother with those types of games anymore, since I never really play them to completion.

    For me it’s these score based games that actually keep me coming back to playing, I think I enjoy the repetition and the slow approach to getting better through trial and error – and skill, of course.

    A lot of modern games seem to be about two things; 1. removing an element of skill to a multiplayer game by allowing paid for buffs, 2. Just huge long stories that are usually very baggy and uninteresting. I feel a bit like my favoured medium has distanced itself from me, like we’ve grown apart. A childhood friend that I have little in common with anymore.

    I’m probably just getting too old.
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  • Xbox in 2015: A textbook year, but it's time to innovate again

  • ThePissartist 01/01/2016

    Microsoft's insistance to try and monetise full price games with pay-to-win functions continues to make me view them in a negative light. Especially some changes occurring months after the game is released.

    I was an Xbox gamer for their first two systems but I have avoided the Xbox One for several reasons; underpowered, forced Kinect, that Reveal, expenditure on "football", the same exclusives year-after-year (Halo, GOW, Forza, repeat ad nauseum), then continued errors like microtransactions in full prices games, even treated gamers like idiots with the still completely missing "infinite power of the cloud". To be perfectly honest even some executives leading people to believe the box is more powerful than it is in forums goes against them. It comes across as dishonest.

    It's these reasons that I will never buy an Xbox One. Regardless of how much Spence has turned things around (which he has).Wake me up when they're ready with a new box. I might be back on side if they're able to prioritise gaming (not OS, adverts, TV, sports, etc.)
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  • Destiny launches level boost packs priced £25

  • ThePissartist 15/12/2015

    I regret buying this shite at launch. Good job I sold it two weeks later. Reply +2
  • Performance Analysis: Just Cause 3

  • ThePissartist 03/12/2015

    Edit: beaten Reply 0
  • It looks like Rocket League will kick off on Xbox One

  • ThePissartist 02/12/2015

    Great game, you Boners are gonna love it. Reply +2
  • Xbox 360 at 10: Major Nelson, voice of a generation

  • ThePissartist 25/11/2015

    Did Major Nelson propogate the lie of Secret Sauce?? Reply +1
  • Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft

  • ThePissartist 19/11/2015

    Takes the piss. I hope the EU clamps down on this like with mobile apps. Games need to have a badge on them announcing this guff. If it's released months later then some nasty repercussions.Halo and Forza don't need this. Music games I can understand. Reply 0
  • The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide

  • ThePissartist 08/11/2015

    Building a £300 PC is a bizarre concept to me. If you're going to build a PC you want it to considerably outperform console. This this will likely underperform on a number of games.I personally don't think it should be encouraged. They'll be a lot of disappointed people if they went ahead and built something like this.I wonder how this would do at playing Uncharted 4 or Halo 5? That's right it won't. Reply -6
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a world at war with itself

  • ThePissartist 06/11/2015

    I thought this was a very good read. To anyone complaining about the lack of talk on gunplay; have you never played Call of Duty before? Reply +1
  • ThePissartist 06/11/2015

    "Food for thought, right?"

    Wow, that's some badass level of irony!
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  • Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for £78/€90

  • ThePissartist 03/11/2015

    I bought my Sennheisers for about £85, so providing the sound quality is up to par I have no issue with this. Reply +1
  • UK tabloids point the finger at Call of Duty, GTA in coverage of 15-year-old TalkTalk hacker

  • ThePissartist 28/10/2015

    The Daily Fail strikes again.

    Violent videogames lead to becoming a proficient hacker? How bizarre, I don't see any correlation.
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  • PlayStation Paris Games Week 2015 conference live report

  • ThePissartist 27/10/2015


    Yep, exactly. If he hasn't got one, I recommend you buy one for the next trip.
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  • ThePissartist 27/10/2015

    I imagine Martin is walking around with a laptop tied around his neck like the characters in Typing of the Dead Reply 0
  • Volume: Coda expansion headed first to PlayStation VR

  • ThePissartist 22/10/2015


    I keep wondering about this myself. I wear contact lenses, but if I remove them I can still see things that are pretty close to my face, so presumably you wouldn't need to wear glasses at all. Well unless you're VERY shortsighted or longsighted.
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  • What you need to know about importing Rock Band 3 songs to RB4

  • ThePissartist 22/10/2015

    Rock Band is my favourite gaming series, but I feel a little screwed because I switched to PS4 (I have absolutely no intention of buying an Xbox One).

    So I'm gonna have to spend a ton trying to build up my song list, especially since the tracklist of RB4 is pretty poor.

    My partner has bought me PS3 pro drums and a copy of the game for Xmas and I've tried to pre-purchase song but I can't yet? PSN tells me that the order cannot go through. Presumably I have to have a Rock Band licence on my PSN account before I'm able to buy songs.
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  • ThePissartist 22/10/2015

    I was a 360 gamer last gen and a PS4 owner this one. I have a problem:

    In order to export Rock Band 3, do I need to have a PS3 to be able to do it?? Or can it work straight from the PS4? I checked the PSN and it's not available as DD, only as disc.

    I also purchased Rock Band 1 and a track pack, but the track pack told me that it was expired?? Presumably I can't export Rock Band 1 at all looking at that chart? I was under the impression it was one of the only games where I still could.

    It's a bit of a pain in the arse coz I had RB1, 2, 3, Lego, and Beatles on the 360 and I essentially lose all of those purchases and licenses and have no way of getting them back at all (even if I re-buy the PS3 copies).

    Only if I buy a PS3 will I get Rock Band 3 and judging by the above; I need to buy a new disc copy plop it into a PS3 and select export?? Or how do I get them?
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  • Lego Dimensions review

  • ThePissartist 05/10/2015

    Well I've got two little boys that love Skylanders, Lego, Lego games, Doctor Who, Ninjago, and The Lego Movie. To them this is the best thing EVER.They don't get it until Santa brings it in December. Life is so tough for those boys sometimes. Reply +3
  • Face-Off: FIFA 16

  • ThePissartist 30/09/2015

    Yes, what else can they do with a football game. We have peaked, no further graphical updates are possible. FIFA will eternally look like this. Reply -1
  • ThePissartist 30/09/2015

    @Suarez07 “What exactly were you hoping for with this game? There's only limited visual candy they could implement. You can't expect higher frame rate, because TV only operate at 60hz anyway, same with 1080p TV. Ps4 doesn't output at 4k and wouldn't manage it anyway.”

    Excuse me? Are you suggesting the only possible upgrades can be higher framerate and resolution? I seem to remember you being a PC gamer, surely you don’t believe that.

    And besides, the game isn’t completely 60hz anyway. And considering that some PS4 games run at between 50-100% the resolution or framerate I do wonder if those stadium shots could actually be displayed at the full refresh rate. If not that maybe some sub-surface scattering on the players’ faces, some rudimentary material physics, or increased shadow or lighting. I’m fairly sure there are actually innumerable updates that could be done if they so desired.

    I was a 360 gamer last-gen (again, I tend to buy the more powerful machine) and I don’t recall the 360/PS3 face-offs ever being exactly equal. Some people here might suggest that these games with ‘parity’ are because of optimisations of the Xbox One code, which I do not believe to be the case unless intentional optimisations are made in favour of one of the boxes and performed less for the other one.

    I understand that people might be upset with what some chap is saying with the PS4 Vs Xbox One numbers, but they’re fact. The differences are generally relegated to the normal resolution / framerate and some have both and other games have those and setting upgrades. FIFA makes no such use of thwe better hardware. Hence I’m disappointed.
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  • ThePissartist 29/09/2015

    Poor effort EA, I didn't buy a PS4 for forced parity with a weaker machine. Much in the same way the PC guys don't want parity with consoles. Reply +3
  • Need for Speed will be locked at 30fps on consoles

  • ThePissartist 16/09/2015

    So in another word; "parity". Reply 0
  • Can the new Apple TV succeed as a games machine?

  • ThePissartist 13/09/2015

    Sounds utterly poop.Give me better than current gen specs and I'm interested. Until then it's not even a consideration. Reply -1
  • All four Mad Max films now playing on Steam

  • ThePissartist 01/09/2015

    internisus wrote "pft. The original is the worst film."

    What?? No frigging way. Thumderdome is the worst!
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  • After five years of Xbox exclusivity, Call of Duty switches to PlayStation

  • ThePissartist 14/08/2015

    I'm not really sure why every comments thread has to be dominated by some kid that's making the most of their summer break by telling everyone why the Xbox One is so utterly flawless. Reply +6