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  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • TheOnlyPaulV 25/01/2014

    I wont repeat what many have already said but just add that the dearth of 3rd party games is whats killed the WiiU.
    As a platform, Nintendo get a cut of each 3rd party game made. The idea being that you buy the WiiU for the Mario but stick around for the FIFA with Nintendo getting a cut from each regardless.
    With the WiiU so underpowered compared to any current/next gen consoles, no one would buy WiiU's version of FIFA and thus buy the PS3/4 version. Nintendo, like any platform holder, needs that cut of the extra sales to keep it going.
    To compund this, being a different architecture, you make it more difficult for EA (like 'em or loath 'em, you need 'em) to chase those few thousand sales.
    Basically, Nintendo cannot live on Mario alone. Sorry.
    The only thing Nintendo needs to do now is Fire sale the WiiU to get all the XBone and PS4 oners to buy it as a secondary console for the one reason they would. 3-4 Nintendo games.
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  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • TheOnlyPaulV 07/06/2013

    It seems pretty obvious what has happened?
    Microsoft has gone to the publishers and said, what do you want to get COD/FIFA on our system and they have said "stamp out the used game market" so they implemented 'games tied to one account'.
    Some one at MS came up with the concern of "what would happen if you lent a game and carried on playing on your own console" so they added a '24 hour' check rule. This process repeated, with more rules being added by MS to make the core concept of 'games tied to an account' work and it got more and more ridiculous.
    This is ordinarily where a clear sighted manager would say 'This is getting too complex' and shut the idea down but Microsoft went with it, creating this complex behemoth of consumer confusing none-sense. I mean can you imagine apple releasing some thing this complex?
    Aside from the points already raised in the comments,
    1) What if the 'cloud computing' simply becomes a place where unscrupulous publishers store a vital highres, pre-compliled (thus not any of this 'cloud' none sense, just a dumb file server) texture? You have instant, always on DRM. Its not 'officially' DRM though, just a vital piece of the game.
    2) Imagine a case where you have to look at the back of the box when you buy a game to see what the publisher has allowed as your rights when you purchase the game? What if the rights you get 'per game' (as each game may have different rights per publisher decision) are in the uela thats not on the box when you purchase but only when you install? Game wont accept an opened box game back which you dont want to accept the uela as you could have installed it any way! Microsoft however wont plaster on a box all the things you CANT do with this game.
    3) what if a clever hacker 'duplicates' and MS server. You can already create 'fake' steam DRM servers to 'authenticate' your pirate steam games. MS will have a worse piracy problem.
    4) We as 'core' gamers are in a minority, Joe public will see 'exclusive maps' and lap it up, DRM be damned.
    5) Sky have already said they are interested in a version of this as their 'sky box'. If this flies then most people with sky would have a Trojan horse games console under their tv. Again, Joe public is the target market.
    and finally, what idiotic statement of 'you can still watch DVDs though!', who ever wrote that wants shooting as it distinctly highlights and crystallises in the users mind the problem.
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • TheOnlyPaulV 29/10/2012

    @Sildur im sorry, I thought my reasoning was in my original comments. There are in my view and, it seems, the view of almost the entire community 2 things that are wrong here. The first is that journalists do the things that are described in the article original and the second is that euro gamer then caved into pressure from its peers and edited the article thus, in the eyes of many, losing its editorial integrity. Now the first thing euro gamer cannot do a lot about except ensure its own house is in order, as I believe your saying your colourful reply. The second part however is the cause of concern for many of us 'fans' of this site. As I described in my post, I know nothing about whether a game is good or not unless a reviewer publishes their thoughts on it to allow me to make a judgement call on whether I should purchase it and whether I would like it; its a bond of Trust. What I, and many I believe, are now finding is that euro gamers main priority is not editorial integrity, trust with its readership or even its own staff but instead its priorities seemingly lie within the industry and fear of upsetting its peers above upsetting its readership. Now my point is that, despite the best efforts of staff, some sections of the Internet may not have known about euro gamer before but may now form an opinion of it based on things they read on the sites they DO frequent who's comments are not defending euro gamer in general. Euro gamer is then compounding the problem by refusing to comment for 4 days now while every one else does comment and publish their opinions, hence my thought that there is seemingly no one steering the ship and that I don't understand what it's editorship is doing at the moment, at work we would have people all over a public relation disaster like this as well as strong leadership from the top. I also worry as now the entire site is tainted with this and the site is becoming synonymous with the editorial problem (rightly or wrongly, not every person is going to read the entire 650+ comments to get a full picture and may just read one of the many 'euro gamer caves in' articles) that advertisers will shun the site to avoid being tarred with the same brush (can you imagine any one wanting to setup a charity on Jimmy Saviles name now? No, because you would not want any association with that) thus killing the site. I only wish some one would come out and say 'we boobed, here's how we're going to fix this going forwards'. I am just a fan looking for any comfort from the site so I can love it again, but getting none.
    Bear in mind finaly that many other sites have published the unedited article fully or indeed published the 'offending' parts alone, offered opinion, and invited people to sue them if they thought they had done something wrong. Compare and contrast that to euro gamers response and then silence to see why I am worrying.
    I hope that makes my post clearer.
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  • TheOnlyPaulV 28/10/2012

    I cannot understand what EuroGamer is doing right now, at this moment, is any one even in the office? I spent this entire morning reading through the comments and the other sites linked and cannot understand how EuroGamer is not saying any thing on the matter.
    I mean, i am a EuroGamer reader, i listen to the pod casts and read the content on the site but, due to lack of time, i cherry pick the parts that i am interested in (genres i like, platforms i have etc). Now to be linked back to an article i missed on Eurogamer by about 3 other sites means people who are NOT EuroGamer readers will learn about this and form an, abet not very good, opinion of the site: EuroGamer editors need to have a front page article saying 'Were sorry, we boobed, heres what we are doing to put it right, your still our number one'. As one of the comments said below: im sorry you feel bad, but you did some thing wrong, your going to feel bad for a bit as people call you out for your mistake.
    Heads at EuroGamer will roll if for no other reason than no one will advertise on the site any more, i mean think about it. If you were a company would YOU want your adverts on a site that is now known industry wide in this way? Its poisonous to any brand who now advertise on a site which is now becoming a by word for spineless lack of integrity; death by association. It pains me to describe a site i enjoy so much in that way while i think of Richards digital foundry, the end of year quiz pod cast and Ellies superb parrot interview with Molyneux but thats how others may view the site.
    I always viewed a games review as a sighted person describing something a partially sighted person cannot see fully. I cannot 'see' the game (in terms of playing it bugs or faults) so i rely on a person who can 'see' these things (as in a games reviewer with access to the code) to describe to me what its like; they are my guide. The problem for me now is I for one want to trust the opinions of people i know will fight my corner, not 'seemingly' cave in as soon as the going gets tough and leave me, as a reader and person trusting their opinions, high and dry.
    I feel so sorry for Tom and co but this is a total cluster f**k and EuroGamer seems to have no one at the helm steering the ship or providing any kind of leadership while the community, and more importantly the fans of the site, are left to form their own opinions based only on other sources.
    I'm sorry to put it that way.
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  • PlayStation Plus coming to PlayStation Vita, Sony confirms

  • TheOnlyPaulV 14/08/2012

    But where is backward compat for ps1 games? Reply -1
  • Sony Gamescom Conference

  • TheOnlyPaulV 14/08/2012

    COD? Vita? that looks like ASS. Reply 0
  • TheOnlyPaulV 14/08/2012

    5ver says thats 3d compatible Reply 0
  • TheOnlyPaulV 14/08/2012

    looks like sony is positioning playstation plus as a subscription model to get games. Dont buy games, subscribe and get 3 games a month instead.... Reply 0
  • Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"

  • TheOnlyPaulV 07/03/2012

    Think you have to look back at the pre owned market too. The publishers asked game to not do it and game told them to get lost. I imagine they are now repaying the favour. I see no problems in seeing game disappear, despite the eurogamer articles to the contrary. I think parallels cam be drawn with the pc market, that had started to stagnate till the indie developers came to the fore and niche titles were able to make money. Once game goes I predict we will see the return of the independent store run by staff who care, stocking odd titles. Reply +4
  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • TheOnlyPaulV 29/02/2012

    I think the internal memo is telling. It says that they will not agree to problems in the long term to secure short term gains, i read this as ea (and poss the rest) having said 'we will give you credit for this game but only if you do not accept the same game we for as 2nd hand'. Game will have said no and so will be calling ea's bluff hoping that without a high street presence via them they will come crawling back.. Only problem is they won't. I think publishers will have gone to Game and begged. them to stop second hand sales and Game will have told them to go swing, now the shoe is on the other foot they are repaying the favour. Reply +2
  • GAME won't stock Ubisoft Vita launch games

  • TheOnlyPaulV 21/02/2012

    i got my deposit at game station (wigan) refunded as soon as i heard about the amazon deal. their policy is a refund on un opened goods, seeing as they will knock the deposit off the console, then ill return it, straight away. at that point they agreed as, i think, they dont want dead stock and as the most expensive place on the highstreet to buy a vita, i dont think they will sell many. i know they wanted a 2 quid deposit for wipeout, so if you paid 2 quid deposit for rayman, would you get that back? so much for 'guaranteed for launch, no refunds of deposits' (unless we mess up!) Reply +1
  • PlayStation Vita: where's the cheapest price?

  • TheOnlyPaulV 20/02/2012

    im getting mine from amazon. 3g model with the game i REALLY want, wipeout, for a 5ver top up, 8 gig mem card and rayman for the gf for ~£300. its due out wednesday but still not got a dispatch notice? is it me or are they cutting it a bit fine? Reply +2
  • Vodafone typo messes up Vita WipEout top-up offer advertisement

  • TheOnlyPaulV 17/02/2012

    i knew the £5 top up was too good of an offer. now they are sayings its a typo and in actual fact it was £15? sneaky buggers probably saw the feedback and said 'quick, its a good deal, raise the price', they are a bunch of total wan....
    The £15 was the typo and its still £5? Always said i loved vodafone, great company.....
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  • GAME confirms layoffs at head office

  • TheOnlyPaulV 07/02/2012

    @RGeefe whilst i cannot prove it happened, though i promise it did, just like i said. i fully accept milage between stores vary, but the attitude in Accrington Game that day in not accepting my money to buy a game and instead try to upsell me just shows how indemic it is from the management down, no human being would try to do that off the cuff on minimum wage; maybe i got a manager? Also, if you look behind the counters (wigans for example), they actually have a laminated sheet stuck to the side of the tills on how to upsell to 'increase basket cost' including such gems as 'if they buy a 360 controller, ask them if they want a battery pack, explain its benefits'; its not a store specific sheet either, full corporate colours. Any one working at game can verifu this. As another example (i tried to do this on google maps but the van did not go down the highstreet) take a look at the addresses of the Game and the Gamestation branches in accrington via their websites; they are accross the street from each other, as in 10 steps across a pedestrianised street. Its no way to run a bussiness and they will reap everything the management sowed. Reply 0
  • TheOnlyPaulV 07/02/2012

    but tech savvie are also repeat buyers and have a fixed, allocated, monthly spendeture for games. non tech savvy dont have this allocated speneture and as such games form a part of their 'entertainment' spend and thus compete with cinema and music. Focus on the core, repeat customers, to build a steady income stream to finance expansion to include the casual spend, but dont make volatile spend your sole primary stream. Reply +1
  • TheOnlyPaulV 07/02/2012

    To echo whats been said, i wanted to buy final fantasy XIII-2 on a whim on friday after the reviews came in better than i expected. Popped into Game in Accrington and saw the price (43 quid?) but had a weekend to my self so thought 'what the hell, only 7 quid more than amazon'. Now instead of the game i wanted i got staff trying to push me into a vita pre-order WHILST I was AT the till with the game and debit card in hand. Rather than let me pay for the game, they ARGUED with me over why id not want to pre order a Vita with them (amazon offer thank you) as Accrington is a backwater and thus wont get many, so best pre order now. i put the game back and walked out. stupid stupid stupid, i wanted to buy the game and they insulted me into not buying it. Never again will i buy full price from Game, though xeno gears wii for 10 quid was very nice thank you. Reply +10
  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • TheOnlyPaulV 06/02/2012

    I already had an idea for how this could happen where every one wins and its just an extension of whats happening now. Basically you sell the games at retail for a low, impulse buy, price like £20 new. The disc contains the first and main 'chapter' of the game, so for bioshock it would be the whole game but missing out some sections, once Sander did his art display he dropped you off where you started so this section could skipped story wise. these extra chapters are available via DLC for those who wanted it. i know it sounds like paying for a demo but think it through. i dont have time to get invested in a large game any more due to work and family, i would get the core experience to play through in 10 hours. Those who love the game can buy the extras and boost the developers coffers. the used game market will be killed off as it will just become a 'core experience' market and every used sale could lead to £20 of DLC. People would buy more games as £20 is worth a punt and if you dont like it, dont invest in the DLC, you still have the core experience. The key to this is the £20 entry price and developers wont drop to this, otherwise the public will not buy as whilst the 'core' experience is worth £20, its not worth £40 and so it would be upto the platform holder to ENFORCE pricing structures on its console. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed, Might and Magic, Settlers unplayable during Ubisoft server switch

  • TheOnlyPaulV 02/02/2012

    i often read comments but do not want to get involved but on this subject i have to comment; never EVER again will i purchase a ubisoft game on pc with drm.i love the Anno games and have bought every single version, day1, then i bought anno 2070. did you know that when i bought it on release i was only ablecto play it for 4 full days in the 2 weeks since launch due to their servers being down? they still go down for days at a time with no warning or when they will come back. Off line mode? dont make me laugh, the save games are in accessible without logging in. if you dont play every week the auto patcher apllies the latest update WITHOUT first checking for the previous updates, requiring a complete game reinstall. when i spoke to tech support, after 5 days of convincing them that theres no point in checking my xbox as its a pc game, they finaly admitted that there is nothing wrong with my pc nor internet and that the game is working as expected (as in not working due to drm servers being dead) by not allowing me to play it and to take it up with head office. NEVER again will i pay 35 quid for a game that i cannot play because ubisoft decided i am not allowed. Reply +22