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  • Halo 4 devs scold Xbox Live sexism

  • TheDynamicDc 31/10/2012

    @beach Which is like, what, 1 in 10 thousand people? That's not going to stamp it out anytime soon - social media is rife with bad taste jokes, and there's no feasible way that'll stop, even if one or two get arrested occasionally. Reply 0
  • TheDynamicDc 31/10/2012

    @Zaiz Yeah, they should, but there's no viable way of making this possible. Free voice chat is just like the internet - people can say what they want, with no repercussions. Reply -2
  • TheDynamicDc 31/10/2012

    "Slob Me Cack Please?" - Which translated, means, be lazy to my excrement please?

    Unusual people in this universe.
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  • TheDynamicDc 31/10/2012

    Let's face it - online public multiplayer will always be full of selections of whiny children, numpties spouting obscenities and those who put everyone on mute before a match and don't go near a headset.

    I'm in the third group personally.

    I mean it's not like these problems aren't known, you either make the decision to subject yourself to these idiots that are online, or you spare yourself ten seconds of your time and hit mute on everyone who sounds annoying.
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