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  • Motorstorm and Driveclub developers' new racing game Onrush has a release date

  • TheBrow 31/01/2018

    Motorstorm PR was tremendous! Their other games were none to shabby either, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this shapes up. Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals: GOG's weekly sale features the original X-Com series and more

  • TheBrow 14/10/2017


    They're among my favorite games of all time, so I am perhaps biased, but I would say yes. I understand that there were problems getting them to run on newer systems with the steam version, but I understand that the GOG versions work fine.

    The vanilla games are great as is, but there are countless mods at where you can get new characters, special effects, powers and all new campaigns for the game!
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  • Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles!

  • TheBrow 30/08/2017

    So many great moments really, for pretty much all of their games (I've not played Stick of Truth yet). Kreia has been mentioned several times so I'll plump for the following:

    Alpha Protocol: After a play through as a (mostly) suave melee/stealth/handguns guy, it was a revelation to see just how different the world appears to a shotgun-wielding psycho.

    New Vegas: The DLC where the scientists had all transferred their intelligences into computers. Obsidian really turned the 50's scifi wackiness up to 11 on that one. But in a good way.

    KOTOR 2: The fact that there were missions where you had to split your team into groups so that your character couldn't be there for everything appealed to me far more than I would have expected. I was glad I had previously kept all of the NPCs in pretty regular rotation so they all had reasonably good gear etc.

    Pillars deserves a mention too, with great characters and so much nostalgia for the BG fans! I've not completed it yet though but I have several different characters venturing about various locations, with varying degrees of success.
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  • Watch: Johnny plays Dragon Age Origins for the first time, commits fratricide

  • TheBrow 03/04/2017

    The late to the party series might well be my favourite of EG's video features. You all seem to spark well off each other and, regardless of whether I've played the game myself, its interesting to see how it plays out.

    In this case though my main takeaway is the relative success(?) you had in making your likeness in the character creator. The fact that it was such a gormless looking version (as distinct from yourself I hasten to add, this is not a dig) made the cut scenes all the more enjoyable.
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  • Hands on with Volition's Saints Row spin-off

  • TheBrow 03/04/2017

    I'll probably keep an eye out for this but it hasn't grabbed me based on this. It's nominally in the superhero genre but they all seem to be wacky characters with guns. I'd prefer if it had more of a Freedom Force vibe as I've gotten a little burned out on Saints Row (I'm yet to finish no.4).

    I'd also like it if there was a customisable character on the roster, a la the main character in SR, and you had some options wrt the powers of this character. Anyway it could yet prove to be good.
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  • inXile boss Brian Fargo plans to retire after Wasteland 3 ships

  • TheBrow 25/03/2017

    Fair play to him. We're enjoying something of a golden age for RPGs, with InXile, Obsidian, Larian and others. I'm just starting with the new Torment, but I like what I see so far. Meanwhile Wasteland 2 is one of my favourite games. Reply 0
  • inXile announces Wasteland 3 - and it's got multiplayer

  • TheBrow 28/09/2016

    I really enjoyed Wasteland 2 and so would welcome more! More of this! I am a complete sucker for turn-based combat and custom squads.

    I also played this on PS4. Had a few crashes now and then, but they were infrequent enough not to be much of an issue to me. (No crashes would have been better though...).
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  • Codemasters picks up Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

  • TheBrow 11/04/2016

    Excellent news and well done Codies for stepping in here! I'm looking forward to seeing what these two studios can come up with. Reply 0
  • Wasteland 2 Director's Cut video showcases improvements

  • TheBrow 23/06/2015

    News of this upgrade has meant that I've completely halted my playthrough in anticipation of starting again with the new improved version. Nonetheless I'm very pleased to see that InXile are doing this! Reply +1
  • BioWare turns 20 today

  • TheBrow 23/05/2015

    Happy Birthday Bioware. There may have been some mis-steps along the way but overall you are hugely in credit in my book!

    [edit - its also nice to see Obsidian being name-checked so often here; I'm really loving PoE]
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  • Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim

  • TheBrow 27/04/2015

    I already have too many driving games but if Codies get this right, I'll be adding this to the collection and playing it a lot!

    EDIT - just seen the video and I am tempted; I'll have to check the specs now. Can anyone comment on how this plays with a gamepad?
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  • Sega role-player Valkyria Chronicles announced for PC

  • TheBrow 30/10/2014

    This was such a good game... I'll probably have to get it again, on PC now! Reply +1
  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition PC/Mac release date announced

  • TheBrow 22/10/2014

    Interesting news; I picked up the two BG enhanced editions and am enjoying them greatly. I could never get the mods to behave themselves with the originals so the new BG games were welcome.

    The thing is though that I am currently at a relatively advanced stage on my first playthrough of ID (the original base game) so I'm not sure if I will make the leap. If it reviews well and the feedback is that its a well-behaved relatively bug free experience, I'll almost certainly get it...
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Shadow of Revan announced

  • TheBrow 06/10/2014

    I saw mention of 'Revan' and was briefly interestd, but this is not the Star Wars game I'm looking for. Still, nice to see them supporting this for fans of the game.

    Now, if they'd only make KOTOR 3 (or, better yet, approach Obsidian about it).I was replaying 1 and 2 recently and they're still excellent games!
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  • Pillars of Eternity's release delayed to early 2015

  • TheBrow 03/10/2014


    My thoughts in a nutshell there. I am very much looking forward to this game, but I take the delays as a good sign that we'll get a better game at the end of it all.
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  • Codemasters responds to Grid Autosport 2.39 Boost Pack DLC criticism

  • TheBrow 16/07/2014

    This game was originally on my radar but the more I read about it the less inclined I am to get it. I'm not completely down on Codies for this (the reviews were based on the base game after all) but the more I read about season passes etc, the less appealling it all sounds. Ah well. Reply 0
  • Divinity: Original Sin dated for June

  • TheBrow 25/04/2014

    Very much looking forward to this; from everything I've seen this is looking very promising indeed. Reply +6
  • Grid Autosport is the Codemasters racing game you've been waiting for

  • TheBrow 22/04/2014

    Sounds promising and at this remove it appears that lessons have been learned. Definitely will keep an eye on this now. Reply +1
  • Does Pillars of Eternity sound Infinity Engine enough?

  • TheBrow 16/04/2014

    This game CAN NOT be released soon enough. But at the same time I don't want them to rush it.

    Still though, the journey is half the battle as they say, I can enjoy the wait.
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  • First Sacred 3 gameplay video

  • TheBrow 19/03/2014

    Yeah, Sacred 2 was fun (IS fun, as I'm still technically on a playthrough) but I'm still not sure what to make of the new game. I'll keep an eye on it at any rate. Reply 0
  • Obsidian partners with Paradox for Pillars of Eternity

  • TheBrow 19/03/2014

    I was initially surprised, but reading about it, this all sounds pretty reasonable - Obsidian get to concentrate on making their game (and from all I can gather, this is still their game), while Paradox provides help with other aspects. Reply +1
  • Ken Levine steps away from BioShock to create something new

  • TheBrow 18/02/2014

    Very sorry to hear about their troubles; I've been firmly on board the Irrational train every since Freedom Force. I can only wish the pared-down version od them the best in what they plan next and I hope the 200(!) that have been let go can find work quickly.

    It does make you wonder about where blockbuster games are at right now though, if Bioshock Infinite (appears to have) lost money.
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  • "It's kind of funny to be competing with my own franchise"

  • TheBrow 18/02/2014

    Interesting to consider that this could be considered to be competing with the new Fallout. From my point of view, if the new Wastelands turns out to be as good as I am hoping, I will be all over it. The same applies to the new Fallout. The quality of one will not affect my decision to get the other as well.

    Unless the come out in the same week or something, I suppose. That might give me pause. I'll still get both (if they're both good) eventually though.
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  • Pillars of Eternity: What is a "mundane fantasy" RPG?

  • TheBrow 11/02/2014

    Yeah, really looking forward to this. That is all I have for now. Reply +1
  • Fan-made Morrowind remake is shaping up nicely

  • TheBrow 06/01/2014

    Wow. looks like this could be tremendous! Its amazing what modders can do for games really - my first exposure was with some of the total conversions that were made for Freedom Force and I'm currently playing KOTOR II with the Sith Restoraion mod in place - but this sounds like it is crazy ambitious. In a good way. Reply +12
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • TheBrow 31/12/2013

    Yeah, good list. I have some games in my backlog that scored well here, so I should probably get around to playing them! Reply 0
  • Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition review

  • TheBrow 11/12/2013

    I'm rather glad that these 'enhanced editions' have been made (inverted commas optional). I picked up BG 1 and 2 from GOG, a year or two ago, and I had problems modding them. I got Tutu installed, which improved the resolution and UI, but whatever I tried I found the game would grind to a halt once there were a lot of spells flying. BGEE on the other hand has been smooth sailing so far.

    Cracking games too; sorry I missed them both first time around!
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  • Obsidian renames Project Eternity, releases a proper video

  • TheBrow 10/12/2013

    Wow. Everything about this is looking great!

    (I don't really have any more to add at this point, other than that I expect to be all over this once it launches)
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  • Introducing alpha and beta reviews

  • TheBrow 16/10/2013

    Great idea! Can you do the Divinity Original Sin game? (Not sure if it meets the criteria) Reply 0
  • Imagine Saints Row in the 1950s

  • TheBrow 12/08/2013

    I enjoyed SR2 and 3, but can't help feel that SR4 isn't enough of a new development for me to leap at it. I'll have to see how it reviews and the feedback it gets online etc before making any decisions.

    I have a lot of love for Eutechnyx though. I joined the party at Ferrari Challenge and, between that and Supercar Challenge, they made two really enjoyable (although not entirely different) games.

    I have to say I was surprised when they got the Nascar licence and Black Bean the rally one. FC and SC were all about the great handling whereas Superstars V8 seemed to me much less good on the handling front but much better at bumper-to-bumper racing. I would have thought it more logical if they reversed the licenses, given their respective (ahem) track records. Having said that, I picked up WRC3 a while ago and am really enjoying it and the new NASCAR game looks good and seems to be reviewing well too, so what do I know?
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  • BioWare reminisces as KOTOR turns 10

  • TheBrow 16/07/2013

    KOTOR I and II both remain two of my favorite games of all time. I replayed KOTOR last year and currently have a playthrough of KOTOR II with TSLRC mod installed on the go. They remain astonishly good games today.

    I never considered SWTOR because its an MMO (rightly or wrongly) but would love more KOTOR.
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  • Project Eternity, as a series, could run for eternity

  • TheBrow 05/07/2013

    Nice presentation there, from which a couple of things come to mind:

    - I love Obsidian
    - I am really looking forward to these new 'Project Eternity' style games
    - I really should dig out some of the old ones and play them again!

    Okay, three things...
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  • Baldur's Gate remade in 3D as a free Neverwinter Nights 2 mod

  • TheBrow 06/06/2013

    Wow, this really does look great. Having said that, the last thing I need is another version of BG, but I'll have to give this a look, right? Be rude not to... Reply +1
  • Grid 2 review

  • TheBrow 28/05/2013

    I like a good racer, and Codies have served me well in the past, but I'm not too excited by this. The lack of cockpit view is a serious setback for me (but not a complete deal-breaker) and I'm just not getting the sense that its doing enough to compensate for this omission. I'll have to check more reviews and maybe some gameplay videos, but it'll have a job on its hands now to wind my heart and mind.

    Also, thumbs up for the Ferarri Challenge references. Not a Great game per se, but one I've always enjoyed greatly!
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  • Gran Turismo 5 retrospective

  • TheBrow 12/05/2013

    Nice article which does a nice job of capturing the appeal of this game. Its been astonishingly well supported with the online content too. Reply +4
  • Codies talks multiplayer, next gen and, yes, camera angles for Grid 2

  • TheBrow 11/04/2013

    Hmmm... still in two minds about this one. Seems like a mix of ideas that I will really like and some I won't. Quite literally a curate's egg of a game then *cough*

    I'll be keeping an eye on reviews and community feedback on release then.
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  • KOTOR2 dev Obsidian "sad" about LucasArts, "would love to" pitch a Star Wars game

  • TheBrow 10/04/2013

    Two Obsidian stories on the front page, conjuring up images of the classic old-school isometric games and also KOTOR2. This makes me happy.

    KOTOR3... I would love to see a KOTOR3.
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  • Will you waterfall for Obsidian's first Project Eternity video?

  • TheBrow 10/04/2013

    Oh my goodness! Reply 0
  • Annualised Assassin's, next-gen and ploughing fields: the boss of Ubisoft Montreal

  • TheBrow 29/03/2013

    I've enjoyed these games but not enough to play one every year. I got as far as Brotherhood, which I finished well after Revalations came out. Now I'm well behind the curve and am unwilling to put the time into playing through the AC backlog.

    This is also making me less willing to buy one of the new games, to jump ahead if you will, as I feel I might be missing out on certain aspects or references to previous games. The manner of the annualised releases also leave me thinking that there is no end in sight to this series. I know that the play's the thing and its not the destination but the journey, but at the same time I would rather have a discrete but complete storey which takes place over not too many games. Still, if you really love this sort of thing I guess more is more.

    I might get back on board with this series as and when it approches its end, or if a future release sounds particularly good to me, but I'm just not sure about that right now.
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  • Mass Effect 3: Citadel review

  • TheBrow 06/03/2013

    Sounds good. I'm sorry if this has been made clear elsewhere, but I haven't picked it up if it has - can anyone clarify WHEN in the game this is supposed to kick in? Does it start on completion of the ME3 campaign or does it run in parallel with it? Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3 free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March

  • TheBrow 22/02/2013

    Cripes, quite the update, thanks PS+!
    How am I ever going to get all these games played though!?
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  • Current-gen PSN games won't transfer to PS4

  • TheBrow 21/02/2013

    Ah well, and me with a backlog of games to play as long as my arm...

    This does rather put the kibosh on any thoughts I had on being an early adaptor.
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  • SoulCalibur 5 sales aren't as strong as SoulCalibur 4's

  • TheBrow 07/02/2013

    Wasn't there talk at one stage of releasing the earlier, previous generation Soul Caliburs as downloadable HD remakes? Because, you know, that would be good. Reply 0
  • Omerta: City of Gangsters review

  • TheBrow 03/02/2013

    I'm actually quite enjoying it. Sure it holds up badly when compared with XCom, and perhaps part of my enjoyment is down to lowered expectations - I pre-ordered it, but didnt get around to playing until I read this review. So you can imagine the fevered anticapation as I loaded it up...

    Yes there are bad stereotypes in there. Not only that, but the voice acting is bad too - the Drunken Irishman gang member has one of those 'stage Irish' accents that lurches madly all over the place for example. The fact that the main protagonist is supposed to be fresh off the boat from Italy and has a strong New York Mobster accent is also jarring at first.

    The micromanagement is probably limited - I don't play Tropico or Sim City for example though so I can't say what's lacking. The combat is fun though in my opinion. It feels quite intuitive, and the fog of war effect works well. Like any % based hit system I find myself cursing it when I miss what should have been a certain shot ("I missed two 80% certain hits in a row, what are the odds right?") but that's a natural perception bias. The combat locations look nicely detailed as well. The cover system needs work though, Unlike XCom I can't look at a room and just know where the cover will be, I have to click on the location first to ensure that a particular object will provide cover or is just stage dressing. Perhaps I will understand this better with more play.

    I've not gone far enough to really make judge the variety of missions and play styles available. So far the perks I've had to choose from have looked good, and I do notice their effects in combat. I do need to play more and get more characters recruited though before I can make any statements in that regard though.

    So its not great, but I do find it a lot of fun despite that, so far at least. I think that's the secret then: check out some of the videos on Youtube to see how it plays and if this looks like the type of game you'll like then get it (or wait for a GOG / Steam sale maybe). DO NOT, on any account, play lots of XCom beforehand. Instead, you should then read this review once more and then regret your choice as you've clearly bought a dud. Then play it.
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  • Alpha Protocol retrospective

  • TheBrow 06/01/2013

    Nice article. This was the ultimate flawed gem and in my mind the good strongly outweighed the bad. I started a second replay a while back and its panning out quite differently to my first playthrough, which is great for replayability. Reply +9
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2012

  • TheBrow 30/12/2012

    Its the GOTY article so I feel I should join in, not to discuss Fez (which I've not played) but more to talk about the EG articles as a whole. I have no complaints about the games that made it - that is to say I've not played most of them, but those i have played I've enjoyed greatly. (And the fact that there are so many I've not played is a good thing; I've just bought FTL in the recent Good Old Games sale so I'm looking forward to that)

    One complaint I would have('complaint' is too strong a word here, perhaps 'observation' would be better) is the lack of love for the sprawling action/rpgs of Amalur and Dragon's Dogma. Okay, Amular probably doesn't do enough to distinguish itself - its big, sprawling and great fun to play, but doesn't have that certain je ne sais quoi, as the French might put it. The Dogma though had all that plus it pushed an envelope or two as well.

    Anyway, its all subjective really (at the end of the day) and 2012 has been pretty good really on the gaming front.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles remains one of the finest games of its generation

  • TheBrow 16/12/2012

    I'm not a fan of the anime-style games normally but I ended up getting this one due to good reviews and word of mouth. Something of a gamble then, I thought, but it turns out to be one of my all-time favourite games. This article captures the slightly bonkers but utterly charming magic that is Valkyria Chronicles quite nicely. Reply +3
  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen to feature Japanese VO option

  • TheBrow 10/12/2012

    The waters of this marsh are suffused with fetor. Reply +3
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

  • TheBrow 06/12/2012

    Its been a good year for gaming hasn't it?

    1. XCOM
    2. Dragon's Dogma
    3. Journey
    4. Kingdoms of Amalur
    5. Mass Effect 3
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  • Chris Avellone blesses inXile's Planescape: Torment successor

  • TheBrow 03/12/2012

    What's all this then, two industry veterans and former colleagues, now working on separate projects but carrying on in an entirely friendly and amicable fashion? I'm more pleased to read that than I should be really - hopefully both projects will be succesful. Reply +1