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  • Nokia 3310 relaunched today with new version of Snake

  • The-Bodybuilder 24/05/2017

    Perfect trap phone. Reply +1
  • Gears of War movie is still go, gets Avatar screenwriter

  • The-Bodybuilder 04/05/2017

    'Okay, it's got to be completely 100 per cent faithful to the game canon,' or the story of the game, what's going to end up happening is it's not going to be the best movie.
    Normally I would have issues with this, but lets be honest, GoW wasn't known for it's story telling was it?

    It's probably the smart move.
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  • Alan Wake developer's next game gathers pace

  • The-Bodybuilder 03/05/2017

    " So, like an Alan Wake 2, but not Alan Wake 2."

    Quantum Break?
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  • Halo 5's lack of Master Chief was a "huge disappointment", 343 admits

  • The-Bodybuilder 27/04/2017

    @rarefu agreed. No matter how good a digger a may be, if a wellie empty, it's empty.

    The fact MS are so dependant on last gen IP and not developing anything new is exactly why, after skipping 2 generations of Sony, in back with a PS4 (hate the controller, mind).

    Was so disappointed when MS set up Black Tusk, had them cancel an interesting looking new IP to develop more Gears. /rolleyes
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  • The-Bodybuilder 27/04/2017

    Personally I just think the franchise is suffering from franchise fatigue and a general over-familiarity and oversaturation of FPS shooters (usually the COD mode) dulling the senses and the experience of what made Halo unique.

    Coupled with a story that seems to have ran its course and is now dependant on folklore and people reading up on extra materials, doesn't give it much of a chance.

    Then on top you have a new enemy threat that is fundamentally from a design perspective simply not as good and as fun as the covenant, just seems the series hasn't gotten space to grow and develop.

    Maybe it's just time to give it a bit of an indefinite break.
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  • See Sonic Forces' side-scrolling sections in action

  • The-Bodybuilder 25/04/2017

    Just give me Sonic Adventure 3 and be down with it.

    We need more Big the Cat.
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  • Watchdog bans Mobile Strike ad featuring curvy models in bikinis

  • The-Bodybuilder 05/04/2017

    @Eaton_Corvinus Why do you need to look at hip hop gangsters and their "bitches" for objectification examples?
    Most female pop singers seem more than happy to objectify themselves. Katy Perry didn't do too bad from it.
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  • Jumanji sequel features a magical video game, not a board game

  • The-Bodybuilder 28/03/2017

    @VideoGameAddict25 I wouldn't mind a sequel, actually as I think the theme of Jumanji could definitely work again. Not enough adventure movies these days. I wouldn't mind a sequel if done right.

    Basing a sequel off a videogame and not the ancient and cursed board game is not an example of it being done right.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 28/03/2017

    @Jenova Konami. Reply +1
  • Watch: We play around with a very expensive Mass Effect toy

  • The-Bodybuilder 21/03/2017

    @tiagoalmeida1 If I recall, it's council property, and thus would require permission first. Reply 0
  • The-Bodybuilder 21/03/2017

    Did the video REALLY need to be 12mins long?
    Still looks more fun than the game, mind.
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  • 20 years on, Bushido Blade remains a fighting game masterpiece

  • The-Bodybuilder 19/03/2017

    I always thought this game was hardly known.

    Was just thinking about it a few days ago.
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  • Mass Effect's best mission

  • The-Bodybuilder 18/03/2017

    @the_sufferer Agreed. The Soverign reveal and conversation has to be one of my favourite gaming moments ever.

    I'm surprised at this article. I thought we were all meant to hate ME3? Fact is, the awful ending didn't negate the 45+hours of the game that I enjoyed. Not as good as the first two, but not as bad as made out to be.

    Another favourite of mine is when the collectors stormed and captured your crew in ME2 leading up to the suicide mission. That wasn't pretty gut wrenching. I had also built connections with some of the minor characters of the Normandy.
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  • Mass Effect: the story so far

  • The-Bodybuilder 16/03/2017

    @marcsmashing And how do you know they won't be referenced in Andromeda? Have you completed it already?

    Quite frankly I'd be amazed if "The Shepherd" isn't heavily referenced in Andromeda, let alone The Reapers.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda has a trophy/achievement for romancing three people

  • The-Bodybuilder 09/03/2017

    All this effort for a 3 second scene of kissing and a quick side boob shot.
    Barely registered as sex. I've seen worse on kids cartoons.
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  • Why a tiny reference to an alien race has Mass Effect Andromeda fans so excited

  • The-Bodybuilder 08/03/2017

    @Creamysmooth Yes, I am concerned, but hopeful.

    ME2 probably had the better character development and did make you really care for the team. But the overall plot didn't really move forward.

    ME1 in terms of general narrative story telling and plot twists was better. From the Sovereign reveal, to learning the reapers made the Mass Relays as a giant cyclical trap to the final epic attack from Sovereign himself on the Citdal was nothing short of breathtaking.

    I put down my hands and clapped at the end of ME1.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 07/03/2017

    @DrStrangelove Yeah, I don't get the hate for the Reapers. I liked them. Cliché, but awesome.

    The Sovereign reveal in ME1 is up there as one of my fav gaming moments. the "Ooooh sheeeed" feeling of when he revealed himself and started heading to your location filled me with dread at the time. Let alone the epic final battle.

    Still annoyed that a key story of their origin was left to a freaking DLC. Pisstakers, EA.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 07/03/2017

    @shaundouble Hard to see how.
    For one, this is on a new generation of consoles. The complexity to match with previous saves would be quite tough considering all the factors.

    Alternatively, they could just start the game by you picking one of three colours...
    /sly grin
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  • Ubisoft and The Division dev announce new Avatar video game

  • The-Bodybuilder 01/03/2017

    "With the power of Massive's Snowdrop game engine...I HAAAVE THE POWEEEEER" Reply 0
  • Halo Wars 2 launches without competitive multiplayer ranking

  • The-Bodybuilder 21/02/2017

    @lacerz Yeah, your mum. Reply +2
  • Nintendo just detailed Switch's smartphone app a little more

  • The-Bodybuilder 14/02/2017

    I'm still confused by all of this, someone please explain it to me...

    So I'm out and about, in a Café or on a bus/train somewhere (where I would normally play), play online and communicate with me friends, I'm gonna have to...

    1. Use my Switch (requiring both hands)
    2. Control and set up chat whilst playing with my phone (also requiring my hands, intermitted albeit)?

    And if I want to play it with headsets whilst I'm out and about (which is all the time), I'll need to..

    3. Connect my headset to my phone?
    4. Likely not hear my game playing (unless I'm missing something)?
    5. Or connect it to my Switch, and obviously not here the chat with friends?

    And on top, I use wireless headphones (thanks Apple). So....if my battery dies, thanks to the already heavy use it gets but now and an extra voice chat app and wireless headphones, my phone could die but I'll be able to still play online....but no comms?

    Sorry if I sound stupid, I just feel like I'm missing something. Surely even Nintendo wouldn't make such a convoluted solution to such a basic problem?
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  • Who's who in Mass Effect Andromeda

  • The-Bodybuilder 31/01/2017

    the Farsges, an antagonistic race which view humans as invaders
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda trailer showcases new aliens, another squadmate

  • The-Bodybuilder 27/01/2017

    @jonathanmcleod I thought the trailers for ME1 and 2 were amazing. Some of my fav trailers ever. Reply 0
  • Square Enix announces Marvel partnership, first game focused on Avengers

  • The-Bodybuilder 26/01/2017

    @spamdangled Screw you, Spawn was awesome. Would love for Netflix to take on the license (only hero in past years to make it big and not be Marvel or DC) and use it to make an 18 rated movie. Jamie Foxx is a big fan and has stated he would be interested in a spawn movie. Reply 0
  • Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg set to defend Oculus in court

  • The-Bodybuilder 17/01/2017

    @NullDev Isn't it a bit more than that?
    The claim being Cormack used Zenimax IP to develop it's work? The case isn't that he wasn't allowed to work on the project, but that he used Zeni's IP.

    All hangs on the evidence of that. It seems a lot more than just "hey you made $2billion, we wants summa dat".
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  • The-Bodybuilder 17/01/2017

    @AkumaG Wasn't there an episode of Silicon Valley on a similar premise? Reply 0
  • The-Bodybuilder 17/01/2017

    @andrewsqual Those who don't learn from history are Doomed to repeat it. Reply 0
  • Scalebound director sorry game's cancellation "let fans down"

  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    My personal reasoning to this all?

    Platinum had a vision for the type of game they wanted; a niche game on a large scale. That's the kind of game that garners artistic and possible gaming merit, but little financial ROI (no one is ploughing millions into a game with little return). So maybe they kinda played up the AAA-status of the game to MS to garner their investment, and MS, in desperate need of new IP (particularly of the Japanese variety), lapped it up.

    What Platinum then tried to do is somehow walk that balance of creating that well received yet niche game (like many of their previous games) that also satisfied the vision and desire of MS. As time went on, it because clearer and clearer that this wasn't the game promised to MS. Maybe not a bad game, but certainly not what they were sold.

    I imagine if MS knew the truth of the real vision from the start, they may have still invested into it, but with less money (something like reCore), which may or may not have been to the budget satisfaction of Platinum. Equally, if P had been frank as to what type of game they wanted to make, they either would not have received the budget they wanted, or anything at all.

    It's the sad reality of artistic vision hitting the cold reality of real-life. As with everything, it's sometimes about honesty, communication and expectations right from the get go.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler And that's fair.

    My comment, and others were in regards to you making a case of either blaming MS or stating they should've released it anyways or kept putting money into it.

    I was one of the few interested in Scalebound. Really seemed like my type of game (dude bro excluded). But you know what? Ironically it's scale and vision was also very similar to a game I was really excited about in Too Human (you can tell it means something to me as I keep bringing it up), and in hindsight, it really would've been better if MS cancelled it (and left me with my imagination of believing it would've been an awesome game), rather than reality of the soul-crushing disappointment of the actual game.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler Irrelevant.
    MS funded that project as they did Scalebound. MS were promised a AAA IP that it didn't get, based on independent devs with great previous history. MS funded it even though it kept missing milestones, and gave it way too much extra time, because they hoped it would be worth it in the end, even though at every test level the poorness of its demos were clear for all to see (sounds familiar?)

    Was it? Well we both know the answer to that. So people need remember that. This is no Last Guardian (from legendary Team Ico, of which early demos were very promising and unique, coming off 2 of arguably the ps2's best games ever) and is much more in line with Too Human.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler Which is exactly the point.

    If P promised them a AAA games and MS pumped millions into a AAA game (the dream game Platinum have always wanted to make),gave it extra dev time (which cost more millions for wages) due to delays and a potential 6-1 year delay costing even more money, for a niche AA game and not the AAA game MS were promised, tell us....why exactly would MS or anything pump more money into it? Knowing a return was highly unlikely.

    As for Project Spark? You speak so well of it and you claim you'd rather a poor game with something creative get released than nothing at all, but did you buy Project Spark? Because it sounds like you didn't, otherwise you'd have known of its state. Because lack of sales is why MS shut it down.

    So was there even any guarantee you were gonna buy scalebound anyways? That's the kind of decision MS had to make.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @jamster126 And MS saw far more of the game than he did, with the added bonus of pouring millions into it and even extending dev time by an extra year.

    So MS are the most informed to make a decision then, right?
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler Err, Project Spark was released. It got little sales or fanfare or support from its community.

    Fable Legends also did not look good.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler Yeah?
    Well MS also had a similar situation with a game that was technically raw and internally considered unlikely to perform well. They went ahead and released it, and so the world got Too Human.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Why would MS be expecting "too much" when the game missed its original deadline by over a year and by all accounts, didn't look in a state to be ready till at least holiday 2017?

    You think it's unreasonable and expecting too much to expect a project to be delayed by possibly 2 years, if not more, whilst you bankroll them with millions to keep it going (and watch as they release other projects for other publishers who aren't paying half as much for their projects)?
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @monkeywithnoeyes Couldn't have said it any better.

    Worst thing is all this people claiming they'd be happy to buy any old incomplete tat are usually the first to be frothing at the mouth when said game isn't as expected. See No Mans Sky for more information.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler I'm guessing you don't run a business. Reply +1
  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler That's nice, but MS aren't gonna pump further millions into development let alone distribution just so a handful of people can get their hands on a scruffy mediocre games with some interesting ideas than nothing at all.

    They tried that with Too Human. Didn't go down well.
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  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    @xRiska I think all the people crying about this are overlooking this.

    I don't believe MS would do such a thing all willy-nilly, after so much money spent. But it's probably a combination of the game requiring more time and money to get it to completion, yet MS felt the game was probably too generic and sub-standard. Effectively an A or AA games requiring a AAA budget, just doesn't make sound business sense.

    People may grumble at the cancellation of this, but I think MS have learnt very quickly since the Too Human saga to call a spade a spade when they see it and pull the plug if they have to.
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  • Microsoft is removing Scalebound videos from its YouTube channel

  • The-Bodybuilder 11/01/2017

    My only guess is the game was going the way of Too Human. Reply 0
  • Super effective: The year of Pokémon Go

  • The-Bodybuilder 30/12/2016

    Tough call for Niantic.

    People say they should've focused on the server before rolling out. But history has shown such phenomenon's happen once and you have to strike whilst the iron is hot.

    There's every change if they had did what many here recommended, those countries and regions who were eagerly waiting for it would've lost interest and moved on. That's hundreds of millions/possibly billions of lost revenue.

    In hindsight, they were doomed between a rock and a hard place. So knowing they would piss off millions regardless, they went for the option that would rake in the most money (which, lest we forget, is the reason for their existence).

    Fair play to them. It's the kind of decision that only those who run such a business can truly understand (I don't run such a business, but I can see the difficulty).
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  • The Walking Dead's new season continues to overcome its tired premise

  • The-Bodybuilder 23/12/2016

    This article reads like a review of the current state of the TV show tbh. Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed film review

  • The-Bodybuilder 21/12/2016

    Ubisoft should know how it can improve.
    Who's gonna be playing Ezio?
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  • Shenmue 3 gets new screenshots, looks good

  • The-Bodybuilder 16/12/2016

    @BellyFullOfHell only game to come close to Shenmue's vibe and slow tempo is Life is Strange. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect Andromeda developers reassure fans after trailer sparks animation concerns

  • The-Bodybuilder 02/12/2016

    Same Animation Library they seem to be using, probably to cut costs. Straight outta early 00s.

    Don't expect it to change.
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  • Now we know four Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates

  • The-Bodybuilder 24/11/2016

    Those Korgans have come a long way; from Barbarian type race and surviving genocide, to one of the dominant race in this new galaxy. I guess, you could say, they started from the bottom now they're here?

    But no doubt this new one will be like the others; unfriendly loners No New Friends.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda's new Normandy has no loading screens throughout

  • The-Bodybuilder 22/11/2016

    Not sure why many bring up DA:I's pointless side quests as a worry for Andromeda, ME1 for the most part had some pretty dire side questions.

    And you know what? I loved most of them, generic as they were, because I simply couldn't get over the thrill of landing on a new planet (before of course you entered bland hanger #223 with the waist-level boxes).

    So bring it on, I say. Proper galaxy travel? Me genuinely feeling like a commander of a fleet in space and seeing the planet we're about to enter, land and explore?

    Bring it on.
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  • Watch: Five reasons Ezio is the best assassin

  • The-Bodybuilder 22/11/2016

    @ISmoke Same. My love affiar with AC died with Ezio.
    Best or not, he is the most popu
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  • Molyneux's new game doesn't always seem to know what it's good at

  • The-Bodybuilder 18/11/2016

    Hey guys,
    I haven talk bought a Molyneux game since fable 2, never bought that curiosity game, didn't pay a single pound towards that godus game and never had any intention to, not because I dislike the man, but because it's just not my forte.

    However make no mistake, I will endlessly post on every Molyneux-related thread to post my hatred and anger for a man I deem a charlatan and a wrong'un through and through....even though I've never met him.

    After this, I will post in every Mass Effect Andromeda news story and articles to express my dislike for the ME3 ending (because I don't believe you've ever heard such an alternative view on the game before) and how Bioware have turned their backs on true RPGs (even though I gave up half way through ME1).

    Yours angrily,

    Mr. Eurogamer Commentator.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda: story, gameplay, release date and everything we know

  • The-Bodybuilder 13/11/2016

    Heh at Space Jesus. Its exactly what he became, though the seen right at the end of the ME3 credits of the kid talking about the mythical "The Shepherd" was pretty cool.

    Can't wait for this. Though I have zero care for multiplayer. It's all single player for me.
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