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  • Assassin's Creed's move to two dimensions doesn't quite convince

  • TelexStar 21/04/2015

    Because Mark of the Ninja?
    Indeed. Such an excellent game.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    It's good that EG got this update up quickly. Mistakes happen. However, it still highlights how these pre-release articles are just all kinds of irresponsible! By all means slate a game to oblivion if it deserves it when it's released but stuff like this just undermines a potentially great game and all the hard work that Slightly Mad Studios has put in over many years. And all for a few hits.

    It's just disgraceful really, especially given EG's recent change in reviews policy to say they "aren't going to review games until after release." These DF articles, after all, are just another kind of review.
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  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    UPDATE: It's come to our attention that the build of Project Cars used as the basis for this article was not intended by the developer Slightly Mad Studios for technical analysis. We weren't aware of this, which was the unfortunate result of some miscommunication on our part with the game's publisher. It was an honest mistake and it is not our intention to misrepresent the game, so we've unpublished the videos that form the basis of the article.

    We'll be able to bring you a full analysis of a more advanced build of the game in the coming weeks.

    We'd like to apologise to our readers and to Slightly Mad Studios for this unintentional misrepresentation.
    Garme Jurnalizm
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  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    That's just a dude saying "it seems smooth to me". Actually half the time he doesn't even say that, but rather "it should be smooth when released". Link to a video with a frame rate counter or STFU.
    A dude who runs a large community website for pure racing fans across all platforms. A dude who's played PCARS on PC on a full sim rig for ages, seeing how the game's developed. A dude who probably knows more about how a good driving game should feel way better than the DF guys.

    I don't need a video with an fps counter to appreciate the opinion of gamers who play racing games ALL THE BLOODY TIME and know what they're talking about.
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  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    @captainT you're right. There's no fps counter. But the guy playing the game (who's a fan 60fps racing games on PC) has said it runs perfectly well with 45 cars at 60fps on the PS4. Now granted, the race on display is one track in one set of conditions but the point though is that from a gameplay perspective, the guy playing the game thinks the game feels fantastic. It feels like a driving sim game should. Surely, is that not the point?

    it certainly doesn't (to coin your phrase) "run like a turd".
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  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    @Big-Boss For the most part you're correct but from my point of view, what the hell is the value in DF doing these articles on unfinished code that consumers will NEVER see? Answer: There is none! Reply -2
  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    sorry but it's a 60fps racing game that manages to run in the low 30's at times and is hardly consistant at all and you don't think that gives me reason to not be impressed? YES this build is probably a few months old,but come on! It runs like turd! This teams had plenty of time to optimise there game.. It's a pc game badly ported to console by the looks of it.
    Except if you bother to look at other sources you'd realise this isn't the case...

    The subtext of the point I was trying to make is Digital Foundry positively get off on making these articles as deliberately controversial as possible to generate hits. "Reviewing" code like this is just plain irresponsible games journalism and they bloody know it. But it generates traffic and fiery comments and that, at the end of the day is what it's all about. It's not about informing gamers anymore, It's just about hits.

    [EDIT] And here's another one with weather...
    I'd rather take the opinion of a bunch of guys who dedicate themselves to driving games across ALL platforms than Digital Foundry who only seem to have an agenda these days.
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  • TelexStar 17/04/2015

    All you idiots writing off a game because of a DF article that looks at old, unfinished code, need your head checking.

    To the DF/EG folks, can someone please explain to me what exactly is the *value* in articles like this? Especially when they read far more like judgmental reviews than a technical analysis.
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  • Project Cars gets a new, final release date

  • TelexStar 16/04/2015

    @adstomko I picked a T300 up a couple of months ago and while the price was very hard to swallow (especially with a Wheel Stand Pro thrown on top), it's a ****ing brilliant piece of kit. Been hammering Drive Club with it and it's an incredible experience. Reply +3
  • Bloodborne review

  • TelexStar 27/03/2015

    I hate Sony for clutching this game to themselves all over again. Shame, but I am not buying PS4 for it.

    You need to get some serious perspective on what's important in life.
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  • Rainbow Six: Siege closed alpha gameplay footage leaks

  • TelexStar 23/03/2015

    Gameplay looks good but anyone else think it looks very last gen graphically? Nothing like the E3 reveal.

    more vertical slice bullshit it seems.
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  • DriveClub developer Evolution set to lose 55 staff, sources say

  • TelexStar 23/03/2015

    This is a real shame. Launch clusterf*** aside, the game as it stands today is superb and has been supported well with decent content. Reply +33
  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • TelexStar 12/03/2015

    It would be nice if as much effort was placed to meet the commitment of the advertised PS+ edition.
    Some may disagree but I feel they kinda did buy offering me the full game for 19.99. I know it's not the same but I've been more than happy with that. As the game stands today, it's a fantastic racer that gets a lot of good support.
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  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review

  • TelexStar 10/03/2015

    So... if a guy thinks a thing, then it's a thing? Even if he's wrong?!
    No, he's still wrong and it's not a thing. My point was that the perception (whether false or not) is all that's needed to do the damage. All the disclaimers in the world aren't really going to change the perception that something is amiss - even if that perception is wrong.

    The other thing is that if the Gamer's Edition management have no insight into what the EG editorial teams views are on games. isn't it odd that they're producing a special physical edition of Hotline Miami 2? It's not like they're going to go to the trouble of producing one for a shit game? Have I missed something?

    I'm not casting any blame here I'm just playing devils advocate that despite well-meaning disclaimers, the perception is going to look odd for a lot of readers who don't know the ins and outs of all the sites' policies. I just wonder if it'll end up being more hassle than it's worth for EG.
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  • TelexStar 10/03/2015

    @dogmanstaruk Indeed. All the well meaning disclaimers in the world aren't going to change the (perhaps wrong) perception of impropriety. Reply -2
  • Physical Dying Light sales overtake The Order and Evolve in UK

  • TelexStar 09/03/2015

    If you and Darkwaknight can't understand how FPS games are better when played at minimum 60fps relative to targeted but not sustained 30fps then that's fine.
    I can understand it. I'm not arguing 30fps is better than 60fps and I never have. I just won't snub a game that I still find fun on the basis that it isn't a 60fps game. Is there anything wrong with that?
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  • TelexStar 09/03/2015

    @zzkj And that's a fair complaint to make if you know what you're looking for (as you obviously do). The vast majority of people probably don't though so like I said, it won't have any bearing on how fun the game is for them. Reply +5
  • TelexStar 09/03/2015

    for me personally a low fps detracts from the enjoyment, plus nobody ever said games can't be technically solid and fun at the same time.
    I absolutely agree with you but you hit the nail on the head when you said "for me personally". Others suggesting that frame rate is universal requirement towards achieving a "fun" game are simply wrong. It's a subjective thing. That was my point.
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  • TelexStar 09/03/2015

    @IronSoldier I don't hold the view that whether a game runs at 30 or 60fps has a direct affect on how "fun" it is. I'm sure it makes a game more fun for you but that doesn't make it a categorical fact. If making a game "fun" could be bottled up and defined by a series of specific technical specifications, do you not think every developer would do it, seeing as enjoyment of a game is a sure fire way to see high sales?

    And you're assumption that CoD/BF are successful because they run at 60fps is not seeing the wood for the trees.
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  • TelexStar 09/03/2015

    Indeed. It seems that we should never underestimate people's propensity to settle for such low standards in videogames these days.

    Sub-30fps FPS games and 30fps racing games in 2015. 'Next-gen'? Puh-lease.
    Shock. Horror. More people value playing a game that's fun over one that runs at 60fps. Whatever is the world coming to?
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  • Helldivers review

  • TelexStar 05/03/2015

    4 player local is possible but you'll still need an internet connection to access the game.
    You can play without an internet connection and gain XP, level up, unlock stuff. Your influence just doesn't get added to the galactic (online) war.
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  • TelexStar 04/03/2015

    Does anyone know how the Vita version plays? Have heard mixed reports about it..
    Gave it a quick bash on the Vita earlier and it's visually stripped back from the PS4 version quite a bit but works perfectly well. It utilises a tap on the front screen to make your character run and swiping down on the left and right on the back of the Vita to throw grenade and reload respectively.
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  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • TelexStar 01/03/2015

    Uncharted 2 was created in a total of 22 months, and six months of that schedule was spent in pre-production.
    This, quite frankly, is staggering! I had no idea the development time was this short relatively speaking.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • TelexStar 23/02/2015

    @chubster2010 Spot on.

    I finished this last and in no way does this game deserve the brutalising it's gotten by gaming press. Literally, the worst thing you can say about it is that its gameplay is rooted a few years in the past and it has QTE's. That gameplay though is good solid fun. The characterisation (contrary to EG's review) was really interesting. Every one of the main characters in the story felt unique and like they had their own motivations. The story too was engaging to the extent that I'd love to see what they do with a sequel if they get the chance. It didn't feel too short either (about 8-9 hours for me) so really don't understand what the fuss is about?
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  • Tech Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • TelexStar 22/02/2015

    Having finished the game this morning I would say it's one of the most stunning games I've ever seen when it comes to animation, lighting & image quality. The attention to detail and art design is incredible, really respect the effort RAD have put into it.

    As for the game itself, it's a combination of a 3/10 game & a 8/10 one. When in a gun battle with smoke, sparks & fire everywhere it feels so great to play (controls are fantastic too), but then you face the lycans & bosses that have terrible instafail QTE's and you wonder why they did this. If you're looking for a cinematic atmospheric game when it's around 20 I'd recommend it. It's like I expected, a 5/10 game that's really fun to play with bad design decisions rather than being outright terrible. It's not the spawn of Satan that rapes children if you read some of the comments (from people who have never played it I might add).
    Pretty much agree with this completely. It's like RAD just weren't very confident in the game they were making. It's trying to be part Gears, part The Last of Us, part Uncharted and doesn't really succeed. It is however, a lovely looking game and when you get to shoot stuff, it's very competent and fun to play. I even found myself pretty drawn to the story too. I just wish they'd made some more ballsy design decisions. Insta fail stealth sections and QTE's? No thanks. And that lockpicking system is so utterly pointless I just don't understand why they even bothered.

    Well worth a budget purchase though.
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  • Evolve review

  • TelexStar 17/02/2015

    Because it's absolutely pointless.

    They made this BIG fuss about removing scores, only to replace the scores, with scoring system.

    Hell, they even explained how the "recommended/not/etc" all tie into google reviews.

    If they wanted to remove scores - fine, remove scores.

    But they didnt. They said they did, made a big thing about it. Then didnt. This seems to be more to me about money somewhere along line.

    (perhaps a deal with google/etc?)
    They DID ditch scores. The google 5 star system was just a way to try and fit a square peg into a round hole because google search traffic is incredibly important for the operation of the site. They specifically explained that just because a game is marked on google as 3 out of 5 stars, does NOT mean it's a 6/7 out of 10.

    Having an "avoid/recommended/essential" badge system does not qualify as a score system either. It's an opinion. You need to get that into your head (with all due respect). A score system, by its nature, forces everything you're critiquing into the same, set scale and compares everything with each other. The system they've now opted for allows for far more subjective viewpoints which is what reviews *should* be. If they recommend game A and game B, it doesn't mean both of those games are as good as each other (which a score system would imply). It just means they recommend them for different reasons. Why are some people struggling with this?
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  • TelexStar 16/02/2015

    The problem is the silver box on top, which suggest Recommended. IMO.
    You know what the problem is? People being unable to comprehend the very simple idea that SOME reviews will have an Avoid/Recommended/Essential badge and SOME won't.
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  • Live from 4pm: Q&A with Eurogamer's editor

  • TelexStar 10/02/2015

    @StooMonster Metacritic isn't inherently bad. Just publisher culture with regard to what's deemed a success is. I'd argue that withdrawing from Metacritic completely makes aggregation less accurate. (I don't mind either way, I'm just playing devils advocate). Reply 0
  • TelexStar 10/02/2015

    I love the new change of direction but do you feel this new change could have a significant negative impact on reader numbers? Also, ss you're adopting a 5 star system for Google searches, did you not consider doing maintaining something similar for Metacritic, similar to how film critic reviews operate on Metacritic? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • TelexStar 10/02/2015

    Eurogamer - "Better Than Halo". That should totally be your banner tag line. I like this news so well done EG team. I've found myself skipping down to the last paragraph of reviews anyway when I need a quick summary (to be followed up with a full review read during a lunch break of course) Reply 0
  • Runescape player swatted in front of 60K Twitch viewers

  • TelexStar 10/02/2015

    @Avaloner Ahh right, I guess in that line of work, I can understand. Reply +1
  • TelexStar 10/02/2015

    @Avaloner Fair enough, that was a cheap shot and I apologise. Perhaps I'm being unfair on you but from what I've read, it just seems to me that you have a miss-guided view on the differences between men and woman.

    What you said about men not being as shaken by death threats, I think, is pure rubbish and sexist and I felt you needed calling out on it.

    I'm not even sure why you brought Anita and the difference between men and women into this discussion in the first place?

    And you've seriously received a number of death threats? I find that genuinely odd that someone could incite that level of hatred and draw that level of ire from someone. What did you do? I'm genuinely curious.
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  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @Avaloner No. A non-believable death threat is one made by someone where you are 100% positive the perpetrator has no capacity to follow up on it.

    A death threat from an anonymous source could (and is) quite easily be considered believable.

    I wonder how many death threats you've received in your life? Now reflect on whether you're in the best position to differentiate a believable death threat from a non-believable one. The fact that you've brought up Anita Sarkeesian in this discussion and the fact you believe "men aren't as easily shaken by death threats" sheds a ton of light on the opinions you evidently hold. What a shame.
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  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    Men are usually not so intimidated by death threats so they get swatted.
    You may not have intended it but that's a very sexist view. I'd be pretty fucking intimidated if I got a believable death threat. Any sensible person would.
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  • Microsoft teases Xbox One screenshot feature

  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @twmac Ironically, it's the same with me. My friends are real life friends and we'll often be playing different games but will sit in a party to chat. But we also like to be unsociable depending on the game. It's frustrating to have people talking about their day while you're engrossed in Alien Isolation or trying to listen to dialog/read stuff in Dragon Age or whatever. So again, for us, the "notification on party creation" works far better for us because it tells us "Ahh... Matt has set up a party! I'll go and join it.". Or not, if you're not in that mood. Reply +1
  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @albertorodriguez Firstly, steady on. I'm not labelling anything with grandiose terms like "superior" and "inferior". I'm just saying what I think makes more logical sense to me based on how me and my friends hook up online.

    Secondly, Destiny or not, the way we get together online works something like this...

    The first among us to come online generally always starts a party IF they're in a social mood to chat or want to get together to play something online. When the others get online, they'll check to see if a party is up and IF they're in a social mood too, they'll join it. Sometimes however we might want to just get stuck into something single player and not want the distraction of 3, 4, 5 other people all talking about their day.

    Now, if I was the first person online but didn't bother starting a party (because I was feeling like an unsociable bastard), and my friends come on an hour or so later. If/when they come to start a party, the game would tell me and I can go and join by pressing the PS button.

    Admittedly, our system works because none of us are inclined to spam our friends to get them to play a game with us. It relies on whoever comes online, seeing what their friends are playing and CHOOSING to join in. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but that's just how me and my mates think. Again, I never said the XBO was "inferior" and PS4 "superior". Just that TO ME, the way the PS4 handles it, is more logical. I'm not stating it as a categorical fact.

    The PS4 notifications are more passive. It relies on people checking who's online and what they're playing. The important part though is that when a party is created, everyone who is already online at that time is notified (once) that a party has been set up. This seems, to me, to give all the important information that you'd need. It's not uncommon for us to independently come online and go offline several times a night and granular tweaking or not, I'd argue you don't need to know that. What you need to know is whether your friends are feeling in a sociable mood to play a game online.

    The XBOX system is more active in that it notifies you at the point of coming online (granularly tweaked or not) but the purpose is so you can presumably send invites out to your friends to... and this is the key difference... get THEM to join YOUR game. It's effectively like saying "HEY, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND COME AND PLAY DESTINY". Maybe it's just me but this seems like a really selfish and brash way to handle notifications.
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  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @twmac I wasn't feature comparing. If you look back, I was actually responding directly to someone else who wrote..

    The PS4 has much less functionality just in this one tiny area it is ahead.

    Does PS4 have friend notification yet lol?
    I was pointing out and attempting to dispel this idea (and incorrect assumption) that the PS4 doesn't notify you. It does. It just does it in a different way and in my opinion, a more logical way.

    As for you addressing my misinformation. I think that's unfair. You're right, I wasn't aware that the XBO allows you specify who it notifies you on, and I can appreciate that probably annoyed you (it would me too) but when you clarified that, I specifically made the point that "that's a good thing". I feel like you seem to be missing the point I'm making about the logical need to notify people at all however. Or if you aren't, then you're wilfully skirting over the subject with me. It has nothing to do with misinformation. I'm looking at the logical need to notify people and it's my opinion that the PS4 implements this better to my personal preference.
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  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @twmac You're missing the point.

    Why do you need to know when a friend comes online? Is it because you just want to know for the hell of it? Or because you want to play something online with them and...wait for it.... join a party?

    You're right, I'm sure the XBO implements notifications much better than the 360 did, and that's a good thing. I'm just saying that *in my opinion* there's no logic in notifying people at the point they come online IF you instead notify people at the point when they join a party. The latter solution is identifying the need for notification in the first place. That's my point.

    I've got no interest in feature comparing (you seem a little obsessed by it). I'm not dick waving and saying the XBO is shit either. I just feel the way the PS4 implements notifications is better in my opinion.
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  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @twmac Ok, and that's great if that's useful to you. What I'm saying is I (and many people I know) don't need to know the instant our friends come online because a) it's easy to check and b) the PS4 notifies you anyway when friends go into parties, which makes the whole argument moot. Reply -3
  • TelexStar 09/02/2015

    @the_rydster I can't stand constant friend notifications so actually I prefer the PS4 implementation. Firstly, I don't need the console to tell me when my friends have come online > go offline > come back online. If I want to see who's on, I press the PS button and can see instantly with a couple of clicks and then jump right back into my game. It was annoying as hell on the 360 and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it personally. Secondly, what the PS4 does do is notify you when a friend has joined/opened a party, which to me makes FAR more sense. Sometimes, I (and my friends) just want to play a single player game. We don't necessarily want to be bothered. But if we go online and are feeling social, that person just starts a party. The PS4 then notifies the other people who are online that that person has joined a party and if you want, you can go and join. For me and my mates, it works perfectly.

    Screenshot feature though? I agree - I couldn't give a shit about.
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  • Dying Light review

  • TelexStar 30/01/2015

    This doesn't really reflect my experience at all, which surprises me, because I tend to agree in a general way with most Eurogamer reviews. I couldn't stomach more than five minutes of Dead Island; it felt flimsy and shallow to me. This game isn't 'deep,' exactly, but it's polished and straightforward. I think the freerunning is fluid and fun, and didn't feel rote to me because it's satisfying; it does what I want it to do. My weapons last almost forever after picking up two skill tree abilities that improve their durability and the quality of my repairs, but really, the game encourages you to swap out your methods for dealing with zombies. Throwables are important. At level 11/12, though, I am lopping zombie heads and legs off in a single swing of a butcher's cleaver. As long as I'm not stupid and I don't get penned in, I can chop up zombies to my heart's content.

    I also don't think you're encouraged to avoid zombies, in spite of the freerunning and safehouse availability at night. At night, you earn exponentially increased survivor points for staying OUTside -- but you lose them if you die, which makes for tense scavenging. Plus, at night there aren't any guards defending airdrops, which have a huge point yield. ...just the volatiles. Lots and lots of volatiles, everywhere.

    Really though, I think the game shines most in multiplayer co-op. Playing with three of my friends has been too much fun.
    Some actual interesting insights into the XP mechanics of the game - thanks. Certainly helps put some context on the validity of exploring during the night verses the day.
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  • TelexStar 30/01/2015

    Edge detection is garbage, I spend half my time stuck in the scenery, sliding off ledges, unable to to jump: its a mess.
    You spend half your time stuck in scenery? Really? You're not exaggerating even a little bit for effect?

    You seem to REALLY hate this game. That's fair enough. I enjoyed what I played at EGX and loved Dead Island to bits. I expect I'm going to enjoy this lots too.
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  • Evolve has a free-to-play match-3 mobile game

  • TelexStar 30/01/2015

    But of course it does. Reply +4
  • HoloLens is a surreal experience - and full of possibilities

  • TelexStar 23/01/2015

    not so sure quite why I would want them. Certainly not a fashion statement that will have pop songs written about them (aka Sony Walkman).
    People don't need to justify something as fashion before they'll wear it. So long as the function the thing serves is something that people want. Headphones weren't initially worn for fashion. Today though, they're as much a fashion item as sunglasses.
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  • Video: Hatred, and why it wanted that 'Adults Only' rating

  • TelexStar 22/01/2015

    Is it just me or are all the close up murder shots in that Hatred trailer depicting victims of non-white ethnic minorities? Subtext anyone? Reply +5
  • Rich Stanton on: Cheesing Destiny

  • TelexStar 17/01/2015

    @Malek86 That is true but even in it's vanilla form, I'd argue Diablo 3 had more to offer than Destiny has now. The characters at least offered reasons to go back and play the game again and have it feel fresh. Just my opinion mind... Reply +1
  • TelexStar 17/01/2015

    I've been recently getting back into Diablo 3: RoS and while this and Destiny are very different games, the end game design between the two is like night and day. Destiny comes off like an amateurish attempt by comparison. Basically, Bungie know how to make a game about shooting stuff and making that handle well. Anything beyond that though and they don't really have a clue. Reply +6
  • Minecraft creator Notch bought the most expensive house ever in Beverly Hills

  • TelexStar 19/12/2014

    All that money and they couldn't afford a bike shed? Reply +3
  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • TelexStar 16/12/2014

    RAGE was a brilliant game with stunning tech. My favourite last gen FPS.
    RAGE was a distinctly average game with pretty good tech. Happy Christmas!
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  • TelexStar 16/12/2014

    @aros You avoided the question but fair enough I suppose. No one's being controlled by fools, you're just seeing censorship where there isn't any. Reply 0