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  • Can last-gen consoles handle Metal Gear Solid 5?

  • TarickStonefire 30/08/2015

    A whole article to point out that last gen doesn't quite manage the same level of graphical excellence. Well they earned their keep this week.

    Although, frankly, it looks fine to me. I don't give much of a shit about graphics. If the gameplay is missing features then I'd be bothered.
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  • Jon Blyth on: Microsoft Jackpot

  • TarickStonefire 29/08/2015

    BTW is it not 'paid' rather than 'payed'? Srs qstn. Reply +3
  • TarickStonefire 29/08/2015

    @MrTomFTW I know nothing of fruit machine technology. By 'resetting' the machine how does that affect the next player? Is the machine programmed to pay out on a certain schedule? Reply +1
  • TarickStonefire 29/08/2015

    Excellent MS takedown.

    But not enough mockery of Edmonds. Some. But not enough.

    More like this please!
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  • Until Dawn review

  • TarickStonefire 29/08/2015

    @Mr-Writer I'm genuinely glad we moved onto a topic on discussion we can discuss amenably :) Reply 0
  • TarickStonefire 28/08/2015

    "Wait for user reviews. All the 'trendy' sites are loving these low interaction games, but just like gone home and everyones gone to the rapture the user reviews will probably contrast dramatically with the journo reviews."
    Don't forget to take into account the fact that, unerringly, people who don't like something (for *whatever* reason) are far more motivated to air their complaints online, and tediously loudly and repeatedly, than those who do like something.

    So, a plethora of negative user reviews (such as you're clearly anticipating) don't actually correlate to an objective assessment of the game's worth.

    Similarly, neither does a 'professional' review.

    The trick is to know what your own tastes are, read a review for a sense of what the game is like, then compare it to your tastes.
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  • TarickStonefire 28/08/2015

    @Mr-Writer I've really enjoyed going through your replies and ticking them off on my list of 'Things An Attention Seeking Child Would Say'. Really got a measure of you, thanks!

    Hope this rankles and leaves you wanting the last word. Again. :D
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @FabricatedLunatic "@Episode13
    Are you referring to the "Until Dawn is an experiment, and sometimes it doesn't work" line of the review? Well shit. Sometimes a game that tries to be something different gets a few things wrong but is nonetheless a worthwhile experience. I'm sure you'll enjoy the very tried and very tested pew pew and vroom vroom your console of choice will be playing host to this year."

    Nicely put.
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @Episode13 I'm calm, it's you that's convinced yourself that any given online outlet should only afford any given company an explicitly stated amount of attention, as determined by you presumably, and have come online to start protesting that point in your own petty way.

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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @Episode13 Yes and my point is, something being flawed is not in itself a problem. All good things are flawed.

    So you've not really pushed this on any further, I still don't really know what the point of the comment was. Thanks for playing.
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    "It's called tongue in cheek humour.

    * note to self don't make fun of Xbox fanboys again to many people get upset over it*"
    Like I said before: the HILARIOUS 'humour' involved here was really only evident to you.

    To everyone else, there's a prick using the first comment under an interesting review of an interesting game to start a pissing war between two sets of fanboys. You appear to be siding with one side yourself to all intents and purposes.

    So, perhaps change "* note to self don't make fun of Xbox fanboys again to many people get upset over it*" to:

    "* note to self: pointlessly trying to kick off a fanboy war I've got no skin in myself makes me look like a prick, maybe I actually am one, maybe I should think about that *"
    Or maybe just:

    "* note to self: making fun of people for shits and giggles is what pricks do *"
    You're welcome :)
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @Episode13 "seems like EG are over hyping this if it doesn't actually work and it's flawed?

    This is game is only worth getting when it's really cheap as it's game-play hours are surely low?

    I'll stick with Xbox One thanks :)"

    Where do you get that it's 'flawed' and that it "doesn't actually work"? For a start, pretty much everything is flawed. Nothing is perfect. As for "it doesn't work" - in what way?

    Game play hours are "surely" low? I read nine hourss, with replayability. You pays your money, you makes your choice: don't want to pay that much? Fair enough!

    Nobody asked you to switch to PS4, or add one to your collection. I'll stick with my bacon sandwich, thanks!
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @Mr-Writer "@cyacomini

    Yes people poking fun tongue in cheek at fanboys is killing the industry.

    Not people devoid of humour and take themselves to seriously.."

    That's right, cherry-pick the comments that you can pick apart using your Razor Of Pedantic Pointlessness in order to undermine them without having to bother yourself with addressing the reasonable points made.

    In case you missed the reasonable points made: nobody was fighting about anything, you came along and started the fight. You're more pathetic than the fanboys.

    At least they actually believe in something. You're just a bottom-feeder, tagging yourself onto someone else's fight (that hadn't even started) in order to pass your time. Bless.
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @Mr-Writer I know, I know, you thought at the time it was super obvious what cynical angle you were playing and really you don't subscribe to either camp and ha ha ha isn't it funny riling up fanboys.

    But until you came along that wasn't a conversation that was happening under this review. There was actually a chance it might not have. But no, you started it, you fired the first shot.

    Pathetic, really. As bad as either set of fanboys you purport to be mocking with your post.
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    @EvilWaterman "Will somebody point me towards some actual games?"

    Sure, supply us with the narrow definition of 'actual games' you subscribe to and we'll tell you some stuff your narrow definition will allow you to enjoy.
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  • Here's how Michael Fassbender looks in the Assassin's Creed film

  • TarickStonefire 28/08/2015

    @TypicalRandom Whereas for me the story is the most interesting thing about that series. What else does it have going for it really? Reply 0
  • TarickStonefire 28/08/2015

    All this "games don't translate well to cinema" - that's because in most cases, games are about the interactivity, but cinema needs to be about the story. And games rarely have one we care about much, they're just there to tie up the bits between the interactivity.

    But AC does have some great ideas - there's *definitely* a great movie story about a guy who happens to have a genetic ancestor that Abstergo want to mine for their business.

    What goes wrong is that the script is eventually reduced to one set piece after another, because some idiot director/producer thinks that's what the built-in audience will want, when in fact the majority of their audience wants a decent film.
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  • TarickStonefire 27/08/2015

    I actually think this could be good. The 'Abstergo' stuff is actually quite interesting and if they do this right, the idea a modern day assassin experiencing genetic memories is a very cinematic one. And if they actually stick the whole core plot to underpin the 'explanation', it could be a fantastic series.

    I don't expect it to be, but I genuinely hope it will be.
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  • Hear Nolan North's first turn in Destiny

  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @ChiefGB "I will buy it when and where the price suits me, I won't be held to ransom over it, either legendary on sale somewhere or a reduced digital offer. Simple really, if it doesn't happen so be it. Loved the game systems but I'm still not convinced they are offering a whole new games worth of content yet that's what they expect us to pay. At this time of year it's simply madness and greed in equal measure."

    So you're going to buy it, or not. Awesome terms.
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  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @AmorousBadger "@TarickStonefire 'Here's someone doing some voiceover on a game that's been out over a year' is news now?

    Did I make a typo and end up on IGN or sutin?"

    Well, let's see!

    Is it the total replacement of an existing voice track in a major-league game? Check

    Is it a world famous gaming voice actor doing the work? Check

    Is some of the voice work for a completely new chapter of the game out soon? Check

    Has there been ample discussion of the original voice, and the controversial announcement of it's replacement? Check

    Yeah I'm really, really struggling to see what's upset you so much. You do realise this is a gaming news site? You do realise the definition of news is pretty much 'NEW factS'?

    Kids, eh? Waaaaahmbulances all round.
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  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @ChiefGB "Don't like it. Change it back please. Still unless they drop the digital stand alone price for taken king I shall show them the same contempt they have shown us faithful fans, the Middle finger. I'll buy it on my terms thankyou very much not on yours."

    Mmm. How are you going to do that, then, when the only 'terms' it's available under are theirs?
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  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @AmorousBadger "Seriously, this is news now?"

    Well, let's see.

    Video games site - check
    Story is about a video game - check
    Story concerns release of a videogame trailer - check
    Videogame in question is an upcoming release - check

    Errr... yes, it's news. Seems fairly obvious.
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  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @Ginthus "why are so many articles still being made for this console peasant game?"

    Why are so many people reading a videogame site confused that one of the most well-known games releasing an update is a news article on said games site?

    Not very smart, are you? Maybe you're one of those people that should play less games and read more books, or whatever it is that will increase your basic common sense?
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  • Angry Birds developer Rovio to lay off 260 staff

  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 "Angry Birds did well for them, but it seems they have little else cool to back it up, but more Birds. "

    But that's not the problem. People are evidently lapping up the birds.

    They have actually shifted their focus. They used to make fun little puzzle games that had everyone buying at 59p.

    Now they make skinner boxes designed to trick you into thinking you're in control, when in fact the timers are. The timers decide when you play, and when you consider paying to play.

    And the 'play' itself is no longer a well-crafted puzzle that persists across attempts, but a lazy 'randomised' arena that's hooked fully into the timer system.

    Fuck 'em. They should have stuck to doing what they did well.
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  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    I like to think that turd they called Angry Birds 2 will eventually spell the end of the company. Not that I celebrate redundancies, and I hope the talented lot find other jobs, I really do.

    But AB2 is a pile of shite.

    Sadly, there's plenty of muppets only too willing to waste money on it. Why anyone would ever waste any money on it I don't know, but apparently being a complete mug with the sort of total lack of imagination that gravitates towards crap like this is terribly popular these days. Who knew?
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  • Is it too late to start playing Hearthstone?

  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015

    I'd say it's a waste of time unless you're prepared to dedicate hours and hours to it. It's certainly no fun at all to dip in and out of, and I deleted it months ago as a result.

    The problem is that by this stage winning requires hours of practice at a minimum (and ideally many of purchases if you want to stand a chance at first), but being hammered over and over and over again is deeply off-putting.

    Sure, you can doss around in the practice arenas and play for no stakes at all, and doing that I managed to add a few handfuls of new cards to a few handfuls of the characters I unlocked. But there's way more characters to unlock, and dozens of high ranking cards I need and don't have in order to play those characters at anything like their competitive best.

    So, nah.
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  • What's the deal with Metal Gear Solid 5 microtransactions?

  • TarickStonefire 26/08/2015



    "It's like complaining that the mere presence of a minibar has made your hotel room a rip off."

    Thank you for this wonderful metaphor. It really cuts to the core of how unbelievably stupid knee-jerk reactions to the mere presence of micro-transactions truly are."

    Except it's not wonderful. When you buy a hotel room, you need a room to go to sleep in. The hotel wants you to buy their exceptionally expensive alcohol, but you can bring your own.

    When you buy a game, you want to play the game.

    Now tell me where the minibar fits in here?
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  • TarickStonefire 25/08/2015

    If there was nothging for anyone to be suspicious of, Konami could simply explain it all in one go.

    The fact that they aren't ever fully explaining the only bit people want explained (how much are you planning to gouge us for in game and how often?) tells me that until I see otherwise i have to suspect that Konami are going to troll players hard with features that you don't NEED to pay MB Coins for, but will be pretty fucking useless unless you do. Oh, and the MB Coins given out in-game will never come close to the number needed to do anything worthwhile.

    We'll see!
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  • PlayStation Plus' free September offerings revealed

  • TarickStonefire 25/08/2015

    Jeffrey really want you to know he's seen A Christmas Story and was a big fan. True hipster. Reply 0
  • Trine 3 dev says "future of the series is now in question"

  • TarickStonefire 25/08/2015

    @williamarthurfenton "@axfelix Look, there's an equally valid argument that developers these days can't handle criticism very well.
    Consumers have a right to not like a product"

    And devs have the right to say "we made some mistakes but if this is how our so called supporters react then we may not have the resources nor the inclination to make more games along this line."

    Making games is expensive. Yes they made a mistake. Some people who play games seem keen to punish even the slightest slip up. Not very tolerant of humanity, these 'gamers'.
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  • Ezio voice actor replaces Assassin's Creed Chronicles dialogue

  • TarickStonefire 24/08/2015

    Just played the two videos, and wow. The guy they're using I didn't even realise was supposed to be Ezio.

    Yeah, that's shitty work, done purely to save some money I reckon.
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  • TarickStonefire 24/08/2015

    @FadetoBlack23 "yet he's just done it for nothing anyway."

    Yes, for a project that Ubi won't get money from, technically. His rate will be to remunerate him in line with the value Ubi placed on the quality of his voice acting. He didn't get asked, in my pure guesswork opinion, because someone at Ubi decided in their infinite wisdom that it wasn't that important and nobody would notice and HOW MUCH? Nah we'll get some no-mark to do it, save some cash and maybe get a kind word in the annual review.
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  • TarickStonefire 24/08/2015

    Price, nothing more, nothing less. Ubi will have balked at paying anything other than bare minimum for this project. Reply +2
  • Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection is more than just a remaster

  • TarickStonefire 24/08/2015

    @ABC123XYZ The chance to play any great game on the latest generation is certainly 'exciting' if you've never played it, or want to relive it.

    But as I was saying, I just don't see anything worth the level of fuss being made here. It's like this is the second coming of some game about someone who raids tombs and shoots people, and it's just a re-release with slightly shinier graphics. Big, um, whoop...
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  • TarickStonefire 24/08/2015

    Played that comparison video full screen. Thought the PS4 was on the right! Whoops.

    Really not sure what the fuss is about, there's a few depth of field effects but tbh other than that if you'd played me the vids separately and a couple of hours apart I'd not have been able to tell the difference. And this is a bunch of games that go back what, a decade or more?

    Still, somebody at EG was excited enough to do this whole article so I guess I'm simply wrong.

    Never actually played an Uncharted game so I'm not entirely sure why giving the graphics a little brush up warrants all this excitement.
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  • TarickStonefire 21/08/2015

    @BobbyDeNiro "Strange-i can't see much difference in the videos between PS3 and PS4. In fact, it actually looks better on PS3 in some instances-the up scaled resolution gives it a more clinical look on PS4 but the PS3 version's slightly fuzzier appearance seems to look better."

    I too assumed the PS4 was on the right, until I noticed the text saying it was the on the left. I was surprised.
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  • TarickStonefire 21/08/2015


    You "took the time" to recreate that trailer but I'll be frank: apart from a couple of depth-of-field effects, I couldn't see any difference worth getting as excited as you guys did!

    "Brand new geometry in every shot!"

    Really?! Where?! It's marginally more detailed, and shadows are marginally smoother, but so what? I'm really confused what you saw here.
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  • Alexis Kennedy on: How it happened to happen

  • TarickStonefire 22/08/2015

    Uh-oh, Tom's called doubt on the accuracy of this entirely speculative-by-design article. Better pull the whole thing. Reply -3
  • Cities Skylines: After Dark release date, price detailed

  • TarickStonefire 21/08/2015

    Really wish I could get into this game because it seems like they're doing just about everything right. I should probably persevere.
    Leaves you a bit cold too, huh?

    I loved SIm City, and SC2K, and SC3, and even SC4 a bit (but it only recently became fully functional for my mac).

    Maybe I've just outgrown city builders or something, but this one has so little charm despite seemingly doing everything 'right'. I should absolutely love it. Instead I'm just a bit 'eurgh, I've done and seen all this so many times" whenever I fire up a new map to build on :(
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  • TarickStonefire 21/08/2015

    @Lionheart "Call me crazy, but shouldn't a day/night cycle have been the bread and butter of a Sim game?"

    Not really. It barely makes any difference usually, just cosmetic. It's certainly not what I buy city sims for! ;)
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  • TarickStonefire 21/08/2015

    The thing about Cities Skylines is... it has so little personality. Once you've had a go at it a few times, that's it really. There's not much to do other than watch the same old building grow the same way and revealing the same skyline as last time. I know sims are about making your own game but in this one I just end up feeling quite empty.. Reply -2
  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • TarickStonefire 16/08/2015

    @TekMerc Meh, overreaction I think. I took the words he wrote there about dictatorships with a pinch of salt, the point he's making is clear within the context of the microcosm we're discussing it in. Reply +1
  • TarickStonefire 16/08/2015

    @Exceptional_leg Great post, dude. The author set the nonsense rules and then wrote a load of nonsense to match.

    On Twitter he was proudly stating how uninterested he is in anyone else's opinion about it. What a twat.

    Now please, I don't really want to get into dictionary definitions of the word 'hobby'.
    But this is exactly what you need to do because your understanding of the word is very flawed indeed.

    ...it's really quite boring, and it trivialises the discourse in a smug and reductive way.
    I found it really hard to keep reading after this because you've just created a rule set for the reader that they must abide by, simply in order to support the (flawed) tone of your article. Anyone who disagrees is not 'playing along'. You're not supposed to be so dismissive when welcoming people in to your opinion piece.

    Other than that, I'm kind of glad to see some effort put into discussing postmodernism in gaming.
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  • TarickStonefire 16/08/2015

    @PancakeWizard "Games are released at such a high rate, that of course this pushed out a game review. There's always another game to review if you can be bothered."

    Variety is the spice of life. A gaming website needs more than just reviews. It needs news and weekend feature pieces too.

    It would just be better if they chose less pretentious, embittered people to write less stupidly self-involved nonsense as this.
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  • TarickStonefire 16/08/2015

    Basically, Keith takes games terribly seriously, and if you don't take them as seriously as him, you're wrong. Only his interpretation of words count. Reply +7
  • TarickStonefire 15/08/2015

    @Sendlinger "Next up: Dinner to you, a snack to me - why the sandwich is dividing the nation."

    And why you're wrong, and I'm right.
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  • TarickStonefire 15/08/2015

    @muttley84 "don't judge me because I take games more seriously than you, however I will judge you because you don't take them as seriously as I."

    Yep, exactly this.

    What a waste of a guest post.
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  • TarickStonefire 15/08/2015

    Keith Stuart has been mocking the comments here, announcing he'll be going nowhere near them.

    Well, of course not!

    The whole article is about how Keith finds it belittling to be told his career is a hobby, or that anyone playing games is pursuing a hobby. Well, that's his neurosis, not ours.

    And so of course he doesn't want his opinion challenged by reading the comments. Yes, there's the usual aggression down there, but a whole load of incredibly valid points about his perspective that he's going to run away from thinking about.

    The *entire article* is about how Keith's opinion is right and everyone else is wrong. Why on earth would he entertain having that opinion challenged?

    So silly. Great idea in there about why we choose the games we choose, that's dying to escape Keith's neurotic need to prove his career is serious business.
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  • TarickStonefire 15/08/2015

    Breaking news: man who earns his living playing, writing and thinking about games all day - and has to explain the value of this job at dinner parties - doesn't consider gaming to be his hobby.

    We'll have more on these shocking and inexplicable developments as they unfold.
    You, sir, are on a roll, reducing this silly article to what it's actually trying to say deep down.

    It's not a thoughtful essay on what it is about games that appeals to us, or anything like that.

    It's: "please stop mocking me at dinner parties. Games are serious business!"
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  • TarickStonefire 15/08/2015

    Self indulgent piece of ego gratification on eurogamer? Who would have guessed.

    'I enjoy something that might ruin my holier than thou, faux intellectual identity box...better try and recatagorize it into something more palatable, and distance myself from those nasty 'gamers' who enjoy 'fun'.

    Sniff, sniff. Is that a hipster i smell?
    Yep, that's exactly what this article is, imo.

    A shame, as there's an interesting idea in there about the different kinds of people who play different kinds of games, what they get from it, why they like the types of games they play.

    But no.

    Keith just wants to be taken a bit more seriously by his peers.

    That's all this is.
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