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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    ""Even with that price-tag."

    That's it, I'm done with EG.

    You're posting an article about how a company is shitting on its customers then you're praising their game, which is doing the shitting.

    Clearly Activision and their greedy little mitts had a little something to throw your way, and it's very sad it's cost you your credibility.

    Still, never bought Destiny, or played it... never will, because I played FPS when quake was the king and it's never got any better since then."
    How terribly melodramatic of you. With that tag line, what they're saying is:

    "The Taken King is ridiculously expensive. We've written all about that. Now let's look at what's actually in it. Well, it's looking quite good actually. Yes, it's expensive. We've covered that. As we've said. But the content is looking quite good. Shame about the price, but as mentioned, we've covered that already."

    That's all.

    Get over it.
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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    I once read an article by someone who used to write a lot of previews, who basically said that if you read a preview and think it reads far too 'positive' that's because you have no idea how next-to-impossible it is to do anything but regurgitate the marketing materials when you're writing a preview.

    I think you're all being pathetically harsh on EG over this, and are way, waaaay too quick to jump to WAAH IT'S TEH CORRUPTIONZ conclusions.
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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    @zzkj "Isn't it EGs duty to educate readers then and on behalf of those readers demand an answer on why the cost of this content is over 10 higher in the UK even after VAT is taken into account?"

    Their duty? Meh. There's a small article in it, but isn't it the consumer's duty to educate themselves? I'm aware of the tax schmax excuses always given, and I didn't read it on EG.
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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    @MrTomFTW "What I am saying is that as a reader, if you are taking a review or preview as a representation of a writer who is trying to write for the reader's opinion rather than his or her own then you need to reassess what you believe reviews and previews are."

    Excellent summation of what reviews are and how they should be read.

    Know your reviewer. Read the words. Understand what appeals to them, how they've related why it appeals to them, what might not appeal to you, and make a decision. Some reviewers will like a game, others will not. If you just treat them as instructions to consumers to buy or not buy, and you get this conflict of opinions, then what do you do?

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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    @SonicUk "Nope. Not buying (literally) this hyperbolic bullshit, and not spending another penny on this game. This "article" reads like nothing more than an advert. I'm disspointed after the sterling interview EG did with this "Luke Smith" character (who is possibly the biggest wanker in the industry at this time) as they seemed to have turned a corner. 40 (Bungie/Activison exchange rate for $40) for some barebones content? This is a joke, right? Oh, I forgot, I'll be "throwing money at the screen" because of a few new gestures, isnt that right? Well bungie and Acti, I have a gesture of my own I'd like to share with you, although I don't think you're going to like it..."

    So you're angry at EG because of something Bungie and Activision did, which EG already poured scorn on.

    Riiiiight. Makes sense.
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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    @RandomTerrain "So now we have a Destiny advertisement disguised as an article because the interview the other day did not go in Bungie's favour? Extremely poor, Eurogamer. You have really let your readers down here. You should be ashamed, but here I see you laughing about it in the comments instead. Reminds me of someone else."

    You seem to think it should be impossible for EG to pass on information they learned at E3 unless they happen to also pour scorn on an aspect of it they already poured scorn on.

    And that if they do the above, it must be because they've been paid to do so.

    Man you people lack some serious intelligence, common sense, and perspective.
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  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    Why are people attacking EG simply because EG didn't spend the entire preview banging on and on about the price?

    It's a preview. Not a review. It concerns the content of the expansion. Yes, it reads like an advertorial: welcome to doing previews. If you're a reader of games websites or magazines and haven't come to terms with the fact that a preview is almost always going to read like an advertorial becuase the point of it is not to review it, then you better do some waking up and coming to terms with it.

    Just read the article, find out what's in the expansion, form an opinion based on more facts than you had before and get on with your life. Stop expecting a games website to do exactly what you want it to do, when you want it to do it, and using the words you want it to use, and getting weally weally angwy when they don't.
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  • Infinifactory has evolved out of Early Access

  • TarickStonefire 01/07/2015

    I just couldn't enjoy Spacechem. Waaaaaaay too much like 'work'. This looks fun, but if it's anything like Spacechem it's not for me. Ah well!

    Best Early Access for me has been Prison Architect.
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  • Mojang is shuttering development on its card combat game Scrolls

  • TarickStonefire 30/06/2015

    @mythdrannor "Not only are they one hit wonders but their one hit does not deserve to be a hit imo. It was made into a hit by unnatural internet hype."

    WAAAAAAH you must be so upset at the injustice of it all.

    And here's me thinking I was enjoying Minecraft because it's actually really good. Thank God you were around to put me right, that's it's crap and I'm a sheep.

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  • EU PlayStation Plus games now update first Tuesday of each month

  • TarickStonefire 29/06/2015

    @matthewdymond1 Don't they? You can't play them though. Reply 0
  • Her Story makes game narratives personal - and that feels like the future

  • TarickStonefire 27/06/2015

    Her Story is brilliant. Started playing yesterday evening. Told the wife about it and she went "that's nice dear" then I ignored her and spent the evening with... well... a database ;) Reply +17
  • Apple is removing games with the Confederate flag from the App Store

  • TarickStonefire 26/06/2015

    So long as historical games that have a good reason to use the flag are banned, Apple is full of shit and is only doing it for the PR, not for the right reasons. Banning the flag for historically accurate use is censorship and the re-writing of history.

    But what is this less controversial version? Is it only less controversial because less racists use it?
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • TarickStonefire 25/06/2015

    "Congratulations EG, well done for asking the right questions and giving him the rope which his arrogance dutifully snatched up and hanged himself with.

    This kind of journalism is what we need now more than ever as gamers are increasingly being treated as cash cows because of their devotion to their hobby.

    So credit where it's due and it pleases me to say thanks for a job well done Tom."
    This. :)
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  • TarickStonefire 25/06/2015

    @visionary "once a asshay, aways an asshat"

    You couldn't really have made more of a mess of that post if you'd tried, eh?

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  • TarickStonefire 25/06/2015

    @magicfinbow "This is really good news for Destiny fans. At least this shows that Bungie are flexible with their pricing models. If this were a larger company it would've been ignored."

    Jeez, that's quite a spin you've put on it.

    No, they're not flexible *at all* or they would have done this from the start. What they are is reasonably good at backpedalling from a fucking PR disaster that was all their own doing.

    I think every developer would have reacted exactly the same way: damage limitation.
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  • TarickStonefire 25/06/2015

    So when we all translated Luke Twathead's comments as:

    "Look, shut the fuck up. We're seeing what we can get away with, alrighty? We'll invent some back-pedal offer later if this blows up in our face, and not before."
    ... we were bang on, weren't we?

    What a fucking asshole.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • TarickStonefire 24/06/2015

    @George-Roper "So keep clinging on, console warriors. Those face-offs don't lie and I'd reckon that even this game in its current compromised state probably still looks better than now gen.

    Just sayin'. Don't cry."

    The fact that you consider arguing over what device plays the game best to be not just worthy of your time, but of writing a multi paragraph post that basically boils down to BOO YAH SUCKS, BITCHES! is really, really interesting.

    And sort of... pathetic.

    I've got neither console, nor a PC. I'll probably buy a PS4 and won't give a shit how many more reflections a PC could handle, or how much fancier the sunsets look on a PC or whatever, so long as the game plays.

    Still, love sitting on the sidelines of these utterly pathetic little-boy pissing matches, seeing how much self-satisfied venom each side can spew. You're always my front-runner to watch though George. You commit to this, man, you really do. Entertaining stuff. Keep it up!
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • TarickStonefire 23/06/2015

    Eurogamer: I get that it is big but it is also the same price as the base game. That had four areas rather than one and more missions than the Taken King. Why is it the same price?

    Luke Smith: All I can do is answer that with the same thing I just gave you...
    In other words:

    Luke Smith: Look mate, I don't give a fuck about you, your readers, or our customers. As I've said, we're seeing what we can get away with. Yes, we're selling something one quarter the size of the original product, for the same price as the original product. And?
    What. A. Cock.
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  • TarickStonefire 23/06/2015

    Eurogamer: I feel like you should put some of these things that you are empathising with into practice.

    Luke Smith: We have nothing to announce today. We're reading the forums and the reactions to this week's announcements. We will continue to discuss player feedback with respect to the the game and Collector's Edition content.

    In other words:

    Luke Smith: We have nothing to announce today. We're only interested in what we can get away with and if it transpires that there's more people justifiably fucked off with us than there are throwing their stupid money at us for some stupid emotes plus a whole bunch of stuff we've already sold those mugs, then we might do something about it. Until then, (laughs).
    What a cock.
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  • Fallout 4 lead male and female voice actors revealed

  • TarickStonefire 23/06/2015

    @ansionnach "Full voice acting is a mistake for this kind of game where it can limit the amount of dialogue and choice."

    So speaks a professional, people. Heed his words, he has much experience in his field and his opinion can make or break a game.

    Oh, no, wait.
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  • Hatred review

  • TarickStonefire 20/06/2015

    @desmondmiles12 "I wonder if the review is being "honest" or if it's a case of wanting to give a mediocre review no matter what."

    I wonder if your comment is "well thought out" or if it's just yet another web user who thinks he's spotted a big conspiracy in gaming journalism and can't wait to put the boot in.
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  • TarickStonefire 20/06/2015

    @Plankton1975 "Destructive Creations knew exactly what they were doing and most of the games media fell for it, and gave the game much more publicity than it ever deserved.

    *slow clap*"

    And then Steam announced their refunds policy and Destructive Creations began to understand how futile all that effort was, because truly their game was shite.

    Ha and indeed ha.
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  • Fallout Shelter making more money than Candy Crush Saga on the App Store

  • TarickStonefire 19/06/2015

    "It's a complimentary game aimed at increasing brand awareness and to steal time away from crosswords, Sudoku and word searches. It looks a well thought out game that is designed to be played in small does over a prolonged period of time.

    It is not the harbinger of the end of core games, mobile is a different market, saying its the same is like saying because millions of people watch content on Youtube means there is no market for Cinema. Just Bonkers.

    Content providers just have to address user needs, and they differ in long form to short form."
    This is the best description I've seen of the app. It has distracted me a little (until I realised what a pointless experience it all is) and got me thinking about how much more I want Fallout 4 than Witcher 3 :)
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  • TarickStonefire 19/06/2015

    "Having played it for a few hours, I decided it was worth the 2.99 for a few boxes. I feel like it's a good price to pay for the fun I've had with it."
    I actually considered that too, in my first hour with the game.

    But then I thought it through. There's no endgame or pretence at a goal. There's none of the satisfaction of building a well-oiled city, full of character. Or managing the Shelter your way, making it your own little hellhole or paradise.

    Literally all you do is max out stats, then max out more stats, then max out more stats, then max out more stats. Because if you don't, there's nothing to play.

    They may not fill it with timers, but there's not much else worth paying for here.
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  • TarickStonefire 19/06/2015

    @PrimalxConvoy "It would have been nice to somehow link this to FO4. Perhaps your mobile vault affects your vault in FO4, which then affects certain stats or random encounters (like explorers from your mobile vault and or items from the mobile version going into the FO4 game)?"

    It would have been, and it doesn't.
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  • TarickStonefire 19/06/2015

    Wow. People are paying to play this?

    I mean it's pretty. And it's diverting. But it's been built around nothing more than dripfeeding anything even remotely interesting to such a degree that you're bored into making a purchase, or just giving up when you realise you're wasting your life tapping a screen whose only purpose is to empty your pocket.
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  • Steam Summer Sale is a go

  • TarickStonefire 18/06/2015

    Prison Architect was 2.99, 85% off a couple of days ago. Pointless news story. Not even the best deals. Reply +1
  • Surprise! Fallout Shelter iOS game out now

  • TarickStonefire 18/06/2015

    @Sousuke_Sagara "Btw, how could this game appeal to anyone, who loves the Fallout franchise, is beyond me.

    But hey, to each his own, right?"

    BTW, I love the Fallout franchise, and this is a harmless, inoffensive freemium clickathon that's far less gouging than any I've ever played.

    I can't see why anyone would need to get his knickers in such a twist about, but to each their own, right?
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  • TarickStonefire 16/06/2015

    I love that there's no Android version yet, and that Android users still don't really get why. Love it. Reply -14
  • TarickStonefire 16/06/2015

    @jetsetwillie It wasn't a personal attack, I didn't mean you specifically.

    But a person might not want to admit they've become addicted to little more than a skinner box. And so I'm asking for a realistic assessment of how much actual gameplay there is, as opposed to how superficially satisfying one might believe (in the short term) it is to tap the screen to increase this number so it increases that number so it increases the other number so that all taps increase all numbers faster and so on, which is what *most* 'freemium games that don't require any purchases honest!' are when you boil them down.

    EDIT Negged by 5 year olds for answering the question. Brilliant! :D
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  • TarickStonefire 15/06/2015

    "Inspired by XCOM, SimCity and FTL.

    I know that's what Bethesda says, but from the 15 minutes I've tried it, it's very similar to This War of Mine. Very."
    It even looks the same, in terms of how they use the screen. The description of the game could be the same as well.

    Interesting EG didn't say so. Perhaps it wasn't in the press release they parroted.
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  • TarickStonefire 15/06/2015

    I;m very suspicious that a game with such a huge franchise has put out a freemium game "you don't need to buy IAPs for" in order to play. That usually means "yeah you can TRY to play it, but the single most important aspects of gameplay are severely limited unless you keep spending a buck on bullshit IAPs to top you up".

    Can anyone confirm which side of the fence this comes down, and be realistic, not just attempt to convince yourself ;)
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  • Ne'er Dwell: a few hours with Fallout Shelter

  • TarickStonefire 15/06/2015

    @Destructy "So where is it ? Not on the store."

    I think it's the app that comes up when you go on the Store and search for 'Fallout Shelter'.

    I know, isn't the first thing I'd have searched for either! Oh no wait.
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  • TarickStonefire 15/06/2015

    A freemium tapping game that's almost entirely without any actual point? Other than convincing you to try and excite things by paying for IAPs?

    NOOOOOO! Really?! Gosh. That's so unusual!
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  • Fallout 4's 100 Pip-Boy Edition includes an actual Pip-Boy

  • TarickStonefire 15/06/2015

    I always wonder how many of the mugs who buy this 'Special edition' tat actually cherish and value the plastic and paper crap that comes with it longer than the first 48 hours of owning it. Reply +1
  • Trials Evolution's insane century-spanning ARG/scavenger hunt solved

  • TarickStonefire 13/06/2015

    FatShady actually interviewed RedLynx's Anttil ilvessuo under the Eiffel Tower yesterday, where the developer stated, in no uncertain terms, that he's made arrangements for the key holders to receive something special in that spot come 2013.
    Fucking hell Matulef. You can't even copy and paste someone else's story from Kotaku without fucking it up you daft hipster.

    They PAY you?!
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  • TarickStonefire 13/06/2015

    @mannyYearsAgo But no reason offered why you're skeptical. Reply +1
  • Mariah Carey signs seven-figure deal to promote free-to-play Game of War app

  • TarickStonefire 13/06/2015

    @jasonchurch "
    @riceNpea Try a dummy.

    "@TheDarkSide Theres no venom in my replies, if I wanted to I would be offensive."
    12? 13?
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  • TarickStonefire 13/06/2015


    All she's going to do is get the top half of her tits out to bounce around in a tight fitting bodice. It's not difficult.
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  • PSN sales offer major discounts for the next two weeks

  • TarickStonefire 11/06/2015

    @WezH And that's why you shouldn't assume anything. It makes an ass, mostly out of u ;) Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3 sells 4m copies in two weeks

  • TarickStonefire 09/06/2015

    @The_One_True_Q "Now imagine how much more they'd have sold if they didn't downgrade it."

    I'm imagining roughly 0.001% increase in sales, I don't think they're that bothered, and rightly so. Graphicwhoreslol and all that.
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  • TarickStonefire 09/06/2015

    If only it wasn't set in a fantasy world. It looks so good but I used up all my patience with fantasy tropes, spells, runes and all that bollocks on Skyrim I'm afraid. Make Fallout 4 like this, replace goblins with mutants, and rune nonsense with actual weaponry and ol' fashioned survival instincts and I'm in.

    Until then, I'm apparently missing out on the best game ever despite the fact it'll bore me shitless due to fantasy bollocks. :(

    * In my opinion. Obviously fantasy RPG fans love it.
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  • Fallout 4 is never coming to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360

  • TarickStonefire 09/06/2015

    This is not news, but I guess some people needed to be told. Reply 0
  • Uwe Boll quits crowdfunding with expletive-laden tirade after third project fails

  • TarickStonefire 08/06/2015

    @Porcupine_I "Rampage 3 is an important movie? FOR WHO?"

    For his accountant. Hard to ferret money away as a tax dodge when you don't have an actual project to 'spend' it on... ;)
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  • TarickStonefire 08/06/2015

    If he put adverts on those videos he'd make the cash he needs in no time. Nobody would go see the movie once he'd made it, of course, but given that they're all tax dodges anyway he wouldn't give a fuck. Reply +4
  • Fallout: New Vegas speedrun sets new world record

  • TarickStonefire 07/06/2015

    Big whoop, they glitched the game. So what? Reply 0
  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • TarickStonefire 07/06/2015

    "This game should be played with mouse and keyboard, don't like that? Go find a console game that suits you."
    And yet, they'll be adding controller support. Don't like that? lol
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  • TarickStonefire 07/06/2015

    XCOM 2 developer Firaxis doesn't plan on launching its upcoming turn-based strategy sequel with gamepad support, though it intends to add that later.
    This total non-story is definitely worth padding out to a full post. Oh you already did.
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  • Heroes of the Storm review

  • TarickStonefire 06/06/2015

    ""Essential" titles (in my eyes, anyway) span from Shadow of the Colossus and Planescape: Torment to Diablo II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and the original GoldenEye for the N64 (or the first Halo, depending on which game you think "sparked" the couch-FPS phenomenon.)

    You know, unprecedented trendsetters. Hardly the sort of category that HotS encompasses."
    Yeah1 Another one who totally agrees with Essential when it's also his personal opinion, but woe betide any review who thinks something is Essential if it's OMG NICHE.

    Fucks sake. Get over your own opinions and let others try something new.
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  • TarickStonefire 06/06/2015

    "He mentions Football Manager, I might agree with him there. These are essential. Is Heroes of the Storm? Is Kerbal Space Program? I'm not sure. I've played them both and I recommend them both, but 'essential'? No. Essential is a powerful word and I just think it's being used incorrectly."
    Ahhhh, so it's only Essential if you agree. If not, it's a misuse of the word.

    I can accept that this reviewer considers this essential but I can quite happily completely disregard the game entirely, as I just don't like Blizzard's games. Not that they're bad. I can see they're exceptionally well made. They just aren't to my taste, don't push my buttons.

    You seem to think reviews have to be 100% objective, whereas I accept that's completely impossible.
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