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  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen review

  • TRUTH 22/04/2013

    Is this a add-on where you need the original Dragon Dogma(1st game), or can I get straight into it from scratch? I sold the 1st game as it got a bit too repetitive a few hours inn and samey enemies. This looks better, so hoping I want need the original to play this ? Reply 0
  • Blockbuster UK to enter administration, will honour gift cards and trade-in credit

  • TRUTH 16/01/2013

    Retail shopping will be left with nothing but clothes, Tesco's, coffee, cheap trashy copy-cat Nando/Kentucky takeaway shops...Comet, JD Sports, Dixons, Zavvi, Comet, Blockbusters, HMV, Jessops, Kodak - and I'm sure there's more to go!!!! Reply 0
  • HMV prepared to go into administration as early as tomorrow

  • TRUTH 14/01/2013

    Record shops, game shops, electronic shops, furniture shops - shopping will certainly feel boring without them. Reply 0
  • UK tabloids single out Call of Duty, Dynasty Warriors in coverage of Sandy Hook school massacre

  • TRUTH 18/12/2012

    Oh! The Sun and Daily Express - great and accurate journalism for the typical British chav! Reply 0
  • TRUTH 18/12/2012

    This sort of things only happens in US of A - so lets not blame the gun laws, lets blame Video Games! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge on Wii U

  • TRUTH 15/12/2012

    Ninja Gadien 3 was the worse of the series: it flopped! It was crap!!!!...They should have got NG 1 and 2 on Wii U - if it can handle it. Reply 0
  • Wii U blitzes PS3 and 360 as the "greenest" console

  • TRUTH 10/12/2012

    So sad that this is the only reason Nintendo's toy beats 7yr old last gen consoles - less electricity used! Reply +4
  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2 on Wii U

  • TRUTH 09/12/2012

    In 2(+)yrs Nintendo will prepare a new console as Wii U will starts to look considerably dated, esp when next gen MS/Sony consoles arrive. As with N64, GC, Wii, only a few occasional AAA games might appear with too few and thinly spread out over the Wii U's life - this simply to maximize sales and profit!..Ninty will secretly slow down game development for Wii U, just as they did with N64, GC, Wii; and simply throw more cheap sholveware and mini-games for Wii U owners - who seem to lap it up. If you look at the life-span of the N64, GC, Wii, they all had a fairly short span with the least amount of great titles - You can constantly go on about Mario, Zedla, Metroid - but in reality gamers now have a vast variety with constant and frequent gaming quality from RPG to Action to Sports to Family..etc; on the 360/PS3 that Nintendo simply can't compete with.

    I feel sorry for people who pay the full Wii U price with a company that so-far seems to be having the shortest console life span, with very few AAA games, that now come with old remakes that are worse of then the PS3/360 versions - yet also more pricey. Yet the Wii U is fairly simple to programme and still hasn't shown anything better then the 1st gen 360/PS3 games (Halo, PGR 4, Kameo, Motorstorm) - old games!

    I'm glad the 360/PS3 have given me 7yrs and still going strong with great gaming for all tastes, great media inc movies/radio/music/apps/games, online gaming. What did the N64, GC, Wii give! A handful of decent games, a short lifespan, loads of shovelware and mini game collections, over priced and underused and also now wasted phepirials - Exactly what the Wii U be doing! I personally think that the last 3 consoles from Nintendo have been a bad investment, and yet, though early stages at the moment, it feels the Wii U will end up the same!
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  • Dark Souls 2 officially announced

  • TRUTH 08/12/2012

    Loved both games, hope they keep the fmv to a minimal - I prefer to play not watch OTT fmv story telling. Maybe a little less grinding too. Reply -3
  • Lovefilm launches on Wii today, Wii U arrival "soon"

  • TRUTH 06/12/2012

    Wii U is so meh on media/online compared to 360/PS3 Reply -3
  • Juicy and spoilery new Skyrim Dragonborn info leaks ahead of tomorrow's release

  • TRUTH 03/12/2012

    Not sure if can bother with this download. I actually got bored of Skyrim, really enjoyed it at first, but after 15hrs+ inn the game seemed to be repeating much of the same thing - over 100hrs of the huge game was far to often fetch and kill quests going point A to point B, then back to point A - even the world started to look the same. Been playing on and off - but couldn't careless about it now. The Skyrim downloads so far have been meh! Reply 0
  • Wii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

  • TRUTH 29/11/2012

    Why spend 300+ on a something that be dried up and forgotten about in approx 2yrs from now! I think Wii U will be a very short lived console!...Nintendo will make a profit from all the sales of the Wii U (esp from fanboys); up untill the next gen media/consoles arrives. This is where Wii U will really start to look dated(it already does!). Ninty will just continue with flooding the Wii U with more cheap and quick shovelware crap, and with 3rd party developers losing interest - Nintendo will then simply announce there next upgrade console, deserting the Wii U like they did with N64, Gamecube, and Wii. Oh! all those phephirails for the Wii - what a waste!!!!! Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U

  • TRUTH 27/11/2012

    Why do I get the feeling Wii U is going to have a short life-span, esp as next real next-gen consoles are around the corner. Reply +2
  • Metro: Last Light developer calls the Wii U CPU "horrible, slow"

  • TRUTH 21/11/2012

    I can't be bothered with Nintendo games now ..I've grown up. My taste in gaming has changed as I now prefer Dishonored, Deus Ex, The Witcher, Dragon Dogma, Dark Souls, Half Life 2, proper Sports games...etc. Not another Mario(tennis, kart, smashbrother..etc), Zelda, Pokomon, F-Zero game! I couldn't careless about them now - and sales have baden drooping of these strong Nintendo franchise with each new release!

    I don't like buying short lived peripherals. I like my consoles to used as a media box, and with certain online gaming. I love detailed graphics, good AI, great,sound, smooth animation - all of which make games much more involving in all areas.

    Nintendo certainly has missed the opportunity to bring out something that won't look dated in 2yrs
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  • TRUTH 21/11/2012

    The Wii U is for now, only to stand along this gen - which is coming towards its end. When the next consoles arrive by MS snd Sony, the Wii U will probably go the same way as Wii - sell a lot, shovelware, underpowered, lack of grown up games, left behind in streaming and media, useless peripherals, last gen makeovers - it will be the console of choice for cheap quick shovelware games development.

    I think also just like the GC, N64, Wii - it be good for the first year (and a bit) then go down hill! it will be replaced with a new console fairly quick, esp when it's unbale to keep up with demanding games, esp on next gen consoles. Making the investment on WiiU rather shortlived!
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  • ZombiU review

  • TRUTH 19/11/2012

    If you have an Xbox360, or go to Youtube, you can watch the game review by Gamespot - and honestly it looks bland, repetitive, and liner! The enemies all do the same thing, the graphics look almost PS2, the WiiU Controller is nothing more then a gimmick for the game, its a simple case of plonking the dumb zombies on the head with a cricket bat again and again.

    Metacritic have so-far scored this game 70/100
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  • Windows boss leaves Microsoft following Surface, Windows 8 launches

  • TRUTH 14/11/2012

    It does seem a flop or a very.slow start with W8 here in the UK - esp tablets as everyone seems to walk past Surface and straight to Ipad (esp mini) from what I've seen The same goes with W8 phones(I'm still interested in but am losing faith in W8 long term support)...There just seems a lack of awareness and excitment for W8 products, plus MS crap advertising doesn't help, and also, I suppose, MS corporate name itself (which most people think of dodgey/annoying OS/GUI's) certainly don't help W8...With the lack of enthusiasm as comments made in this article 'sales have been modest' just concerns me in not trusting W8 future, sadly W8 phones too. Reply -1
  • TRUTH 13/11/2012


    I really wanted the W8 phones to lift of with a blast - but seems to be a wimper for now! This the main reason I'm not getting one, as I feel W8 phones/tablets will now have to struggle to capture peoples attention esp to convince them to get one; and if to slow hitting sale targets, we all know MS stop caring and supporting the OS...In a way MS themselves are to blame, simply by automatically thinking everyone wants W8 and by pissing on previous MS OS to get then on W8.
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  • TRUTH 13/11/2012

    The adverts for Surface are really Shit - typical MS trying to be cool and trendy but hugely fail! There simply isn't any buzz around W8 or tablets or phones...No buzz, no intetest = MS rushing W9. Even the Nokia 920 W8 phone, sadly hasn't caused the hype compared to SG3 or the ever growing popularity of Iphone 5(it is a stable elegant user friendly phone like it or not!)...With the lack of W8 phone apps, small user base, lack of awareness of W8 phones it sadly really looks bad for the future for the whole W8 esp on mobile devices. Reply +1
  • TRUTH 13/11/2012


    You go to any phone shop or web site and u see W8 is either not bothered with, or hardly adveritsed as something new as done with SG3 or Iphone 5, and also very easily available. Sold out all depends on stock - Samsung Ace was sold out too in places!
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  • TRUTH 13/11/2012

    I think W8 phone is DoA! No one seems bothered or aware of it! Reply 0
  • TRUTH 13/11/2012

    I was really lookimg forward to Surface and W8 phone - but! now I'm not to sure. Having a bad start to MS biggest and most important release doesn't give me any confidence in W8 - esp if its a slow start which questions how long before windows 9 gets mentioned... Also those dreadful Surface adverts do nothing to convince me in Surface - though Apple's adverts always appeal and actually recently made me look into Ipad mini. Reply +1
  • 319 GAME stores open midnight tonight for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • TRUTH 13/11/2012

    Who the f##k still buys this sh#t! I stopped at CoD 3. Reply +1
  • UK chart: Halo 4 top but sales lower than Halo 3, Reach

  • TRUTH 12/11/2012

    I've given up on CoD, Halo, Uncharted, Killzone (just a bland fps), Assassin Creed, Gears Of War - they've just become to familiar. Though Halo 4 is said to be the best, I know exactly how its going feel and play when experienced Halo, Halo II, Halo ODST, Halo Reach; this could very well be franchise fatigue and just doesn't excite me like before. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. Halo 4

  • TRUTH 07/11/2012


    Your actually factually very right! I do own both consoles and mostly play multiformat games as most games I prefer are multi, and for this 360 wins hands down. The last exclusive game I played was Uncharted 3 and KZ3 on PS3, and Gears Of War 3 plus The Witcher 2 on 360. Halo 4 I have to say does look way ahead with physics, AI, size, animation, game open approach, battles then any exclusive PS3 game; It looks and feels far more technically impressive then any PS3 game - where exclusives are mainly liner, set pieced, fixed AI routes.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 review

  • TRUTH 30/10/2012

    Personally AC seemed to be the most overrated game series I played!...Every AC felt a repetitive go to point A to point B - Kill, gameplay. A game which usually involves the same technique and method every time - Run to target, run past everyone, kill target, then outrun everyone; then repeat. There was no real need for better weapons, costumes, upgrades..etc; most, if not all, assassinations could be done with a simple dagger or knife, which was also the easiest method. All the sub games in AC2 was nothing more then time wasting gimmicks that really didn't add to the game. Reply +2
  • UK chart: Dishonored denied top spot by FIFA 13

  • TRUTH 15/10/2012

    Glad to see Dishonored reach 2nd(if not 1st), as it certainly deserved too. With games like: Dark Souls, Portal 2, Half Life 2, Dragon Dogma, Dishonored, XCom-Enemy Unknown, Skyrim, The Witcher 2, Deus Ex, Fallout 3..all doing rather well with sales on consoles, it just shows that console gamers are after something more matured, deeper, and thoughtful. I hope this shows that gamers are getting fed up with simplistic easy to make updates like CoD or another typical bling game(you know - bad language, gore, dumb action that companies hope to sell on). Reply +5
  • Sony Xperia T review

  • TRUTH 13/10/2012

    Bored of iphone, annoyed with Android. The phone and OS I am really looking forward to is W8, esp Nokia 920 - just looks awesome and very well built. This could be the new must have phone. Reply +13
  • Capcom creates fake human meat market in East London

  • TRUTH 28/09/2012

    I wonder if its Halal Meat!!!! Reply +4
  • iPhone 5 review

  • TRUTH 23/09/2012

    Nokia Lumia 920 with W8 OS looks far more promising then Iphone 5. My contract has just ended but am staying with my Android, but am tempted with IP5, but even more tempted to wait fot the 920. Just seems Nika and MS have really got the 920 right! Reply +6
  • Microsoft hints at a Killer Instinct revival

  • TRUTH 18/09/2012


    Disagree MK9: King Of Fighters XIII has vast larger variety in combos, combo breakers/counters, fatalities(not gory though!), all in true arcade 2D HD hand drawn artwork with great animation (KI was praised for this back then!)...As for big bitties - I give you that, but Mai from KOF beats them all.

    If MS do decide to bring KI to 360 - DON'T GO KINECT, DON'T GO 3D, DON'T GO CASUAL! It would be better for MS to update the original with new HD, animation, full widescreen, and release it on XBLA. To have SF:3rd Strike, Blazblue CS, NeoGeo Battle Colosseum King Of Fighters XII, and hopefully KI all at your fingertips will be 2D fighting heaven.
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  • TRUTH 17/09/2012

    King Of The Fighters XIII is probably the closest right now on PS3/360 to KI with combos, counters, execution moves and artwork. Reply +1
  • New Microsoft London studio to focus on Windows 8 tablet devices

  • TRUTH 16/09/2012

    Only 22 comments - hmmm I think its still far behind Apple with interest, coolness, and buzz, which Windows/MS just don't have! Reply -3
  • Spec Analysis: iPhone 5

  • TRUTH 15/09/2012

    Its not just graphics its memory, ram, processing, Ai, sound, physics...etc that make games - I like to see it run Skyrim, Boarderlands 2, Thw Witcher 2, Uncharted 3, Gears Of War 4, Halo 3...etc. It can't give console gaming unless its trimmed down to run on the phone - And touch screen is shit for gaming!.

    Agree with previous comments that Iphone 5 is looking rather bland compared to the SGIII and the new upcoming W8 Nokia 920!
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  • iPhone 5 revealed, runs "console quality games"

  • TRUTH 13/09/2012

    Was looking forward to Iphone 5 - but it seems, well, boring and a small step up form 4s! The Nokai 920 seemed a more impressive phone, as does the upcoming Sony phone. Galaxy III seems more exciting too. Reply 0
  • Sega: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3 version, "maybe even better"

  • TRUTH 16/08/2012

    We all know PS4/NextBox is around the corner, maybe even next year. Why on earth do I want to play games that look on par(if that as they sound to convincing)..on this gen consoles, and with game Ialready played and can pick-up now fairly new very cheap is beyond me! Also consoles are now a cool multimedia box - another place Nintendo are behind.

    Nintendo will reveal there next console in approx 4yrs to keep up with PS4/Nextbox.
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  • Nintendo's Iwata: "we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce"

  • TRUTH 20/07/2012

    Nintendo will release another console within 4yrs to keep up with next MS/Sony consoles. The life span of Nintendo consoles do seem to get shorter and shorter!... I also very much doubt Wii U can run next gen Skyrim, Half Life, Batman, GTA, Red D R, Far Cry, The Witcher or any other demanding next gen games to the same detail as the the upcoming Sony/MS consoles, which will the main platform for most game developers, which we all know will be the more powerful gaming/media systems. Games like these will need a good capable system with graphical and sound capabilities that will allow developers to create advanced levels of AI, physics, graphics, size, atmosphere, scale, sound detail - all important for these games to play the way they are intended. So if Wii U is to be on the level of the now PS3/360 - it will simply be another short-lived Nintendo console when compared to better performing games on the more powerful PS4 and Xbox. Reply -18
  • How is PS Vita doing in Japan?

  • TRUTH 18/07/2012

  • Persona 4 Arena Preview: Back to School

  • TRUTH 16/07/2012

    King Of The Fighters XIII is probably the best 2D fighter out now! looks good, plays brilliant, lots of depths - I hope Persona 4 is as good ? Reply 0
  • A new PS3 model in the works - report

  • TRUTH 14/07/2012

    Nice for the bedroom - esp if after Netflex and renting movies, but if only getting for media you can also get the excellent valued Sony Blu-ray player for around 110 (I got mines from Tesco for 112); like the wireless wi-fi Sony BDP-S390 which has more online video/music then PS3 that inc Lovefilm, Netflex, Sony Movies/Music, Iplayer..etc. Nice and small too! Reply +1
  • Microsoft: Wii U "effectively a 360 when you think of graphical capability"

  • TRUTH 04/07/2012


    '...Nintendo doesn't like to bang on about graphics'

    Well it did when the Snes came and then later when its ram cartridge expansion came along, and also did it not keep going on about the Snes mode 7 capabilities. Pre-release Nintendo did nothing but boast about the N64 cartridge speed and Gamecube graphic capabilities. Lets not forget that Nintendo are also guilty of bringing a barrage of useless upgrade accessories - as witnessed on Wii, which all have had a extreme limited use and simply end up being nothing but wasted of money!...Nintendo systems also seem to have the shortest life span, esp consoles released after the Snes, with each release after Snes getting shorter and shorter and with less and less AAA games on each new console - and most probably even shorter life with Wii U with its flood of accessoriess as Nintendo try and keep up with the PS4 and Nextbox. The Wii may have sold many consoles but it failed to delight the gamers and also game developers too, ending up with nothing more then shovelware or overpriced quick fix budget games fairly early in its lifecycle and to the very near end of its short/average life - while PS3 and 360 are still going strong!
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  • New Halo 4 info spills from retailer quiz

  • TRUTH 27/06/2012

    After Halo 2, every Halo game went downhill. To much of the same thing. I think 4 will be much of the same with the usual recycled gameplay with new weapons, vehicle, the odd new enemy and slight.graphic update! Looked grapgically fairly similar to previous games. After all the hype for Halo 3, ODST, and Reach - MS over-promised and vastly under delivered; which I think will happen here. Halo seems more about multilayer on each new instalment rather them single player which seems to get less attention each time too Reply -1
  • Skyrim expansion Dawnguard out now on Xbox 360

  • TRUTH 26/06/2012

    I've done approx 100hrs and still have many quests to do, am at level 39 at moment. I can honestly say I've only come across three bugs that spoiled the game: One was when some textures never loaded - only once though, and the other two were when the game froze - That's ALL!

    HINT SKYRIM - Falmer Enemy: For all those who are having trouble passing Falmer's (who are blind and are usually found in caves, dark areas); there is no need to waste time and struggle by killing them to get past (as seen on Youtube)!. You can use Muffle Perk with Sneak which allows you to sneak past mostthem with ease, and do silent kills if wanted - there all sensitive to sound.
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  • Only 20% of players will finish Hitman: Absolution, reckons IO

  • TRUTH 26/06/2012


    That's because it was repetitive and though it was a sandbox game, it was nothing more the run and gun.
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  • What Went Wrong with Stereo 3D?

  • TRUTH 23/06/2012


    Tron Legacy - are you sure ? That hardly had any real effective 3D in it!
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  • TRUTH 23/06/2012


    While I liked Avatar as a film - it was waaaaaaaay! over-hyped for its 3D, and hated that shady tint the glasses cause when watching through them. I actually much preferred watching it in 2D.
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  • Another 10 mins of Resident Evil 6 footage

  • TRUTH 21/06/2012

    Doesn't anyone else hate those clean plastic airbrushed model character looks with over perfect boy-girl hairstyles! Reply 0
  • PSN-exclusive RPG Rainbow Moon release date

  • TRUTH 19/06/2012

    Man was really intrested in this, untill the mention of Turn Based battles! Come-on SQ get with the times and put Real Time battles. Reply -1
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

  • TRUTH 19/06/2012

    Android phones don't hold there value for long too! Reply +1
  • TRUTH 19/06/2012

    Totally agree regarding Apple. My partner 4s seems so much slicker, much more accurate when using directions and pinpointing location with or without GPS, speakers are so much better and phoncalls alot clearer. Interface/UI is simple and innovative, keypad and touch is much more accurate, no task managing involved.

    What people don't see is the quality of components, software, stability, unproblematic apps, cross compatibly with apps that work as they should - A concern on Android due to many different manufactures and models of Android phones which cause apps to react differently. This is what really make Android phones feel less quality controlled and fragmented in many areas such as software, updates and apps(use then compare same apps on Android and Apple and see why Apple's are just better to use and control). Even things like screen reflection in sunlight is much better designed to cope on Apple phones and Tablets compared to Android, which still have lower build quality and materials. Music is still better on iphone - you can play continues music such as mixed albums that play without any track breaks flowing one track to the next without gaps, Android still can't do this, speakers are to a lot better too with Iphones. Another advantage that nearly all music devices from hi-fis to surround sound players support Iphones/Ipods and many now have Airplay built inn. Another problem is once a new Android arrives, software updates can effect older apps as they are updated to run on newer phones - this happened several times to me when my SG1 had problems after a Kies update support for SG2 causing various apps which ran fine on my SG1 but later struggled/crashed when updated, though worked fine on SG2 - No problems running Apps from my partners old 3GS on the 4s!

    It's the many small things that make Apple phones a joy to use eg: The dictionary which is integrated into the keypad where it smartly brings up words you might be spelling making it faster, help or correct spelling, use better words - all without needing to open a app. Just press Space and the word is connected to the sentence - quick, accurately and easily!. Highlighting is also easy and innovative with its bubble icon onscreen magnifier which is a breeze to use. There are many things the Iphone does a lot more innovative in many gentle, hidden, subtle ways! yet because of its elegant interface and quality you just don't notice it much as its so naturally integrated - Android really can learn from this!

    Oh! I'm using a SG2.
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