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  • PlayStation 4 sales help Sony's game division to profit

  • TRUTH 31/10/2014

    Sony has the worse customer care in the world! Reply 0
  • Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

  • TRUTH 24/10/2014

    I just bought a Lumia 930 and love it! Never though I would, but its only when my Sony Z2 got another Android flu with glitches and freezes I got pissed off - was not prepared to pay for iPhone, so just went for W8P - and I love it! Now to save for Surface 3 and may be Xbox One for its media features and Skype - not bothered too much with gaming now days. Reply 0
  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • TRUTH 22/10/2014

    @null No one trusts Google! Reply 0
  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • TRUTH 17/10/2014

    I was going to buy the Air 2 next month, but having now used a MS Surface 3 at a function yesterday! I was gob smacked to see how much better the Sutfce 3 was in all areas inc build compared to the overpriced Air 2 64gb...Man Surface 3 is pure quality. I want one!! Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • TRUTH 11/10/2014

    I on the verge of buying a console this week! Having a chance to test both consoles from two differet friends, but with similar games Diablo 3, Metro Redrux, Thief, Shadow of Mordor - Its the One that i'm leaning more toward for!

    Honestly didn't notice much in the graphical difference between PS4/XB1 that made me say 'Oh! man its so much better' - both looked good. I didn't have consoles side by side, but if nothing was obvious that stood out and I never noticed, I don't really care about 1080 or 900! I'm usually quiet keen on getting the best if it's obviously is better - so far graphically there's not much. Both consoles are new, new techniques will be learned so if there is a major advantage that really shows PS4 is so much more graphically capable - I'll pick it up then.

    The reason I'm leaning towards the XB1 is the more I tested it the more I lovd it across its functions: Gaming online was better implemented and organized for you with the function of doing something elese on the console while waiting , voice communication, switching between apps and games, multitasking, voice control use is actually useful, Skype, UI interface is so much better, pad(thug I get use to most joypads easily), HDMI input, more channels, better gaming integration online/apps/voice/friends/multiplayer, and the general fun you can have with the console outside gaming - This really made me see Xbox One as a future evolving interesting machine, which is severely missing from my impression on PS4!

    It just feels more hi-tech and does gaming!
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  • Microsoft dissatisfied with Xbox One's slow Japan launch

  • TRUTH 02/10/2014

    PS4 is Sony's lifeline as they are losing market and profit practically in every other hardware product! MS are are starting a fresh aprroach across mobile, pc, phones, tablets, consoles - not just for gaming and media, but continuality across devices. MS can go the long run an is its plan to spread Thi across the globe the reason why China and India are becoming more important to MS. Sony is very much PS and MS probably know that!
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor review

  • TRUTH 26/09/2014

    The review didn't mention anything about the size of the world! Is it a open world with freedom of movement or not? The graphics? The freedom to do things? What genre the game is? Reply 0
  • TRUTH 26/09/2014

    Is this a adventure game with open world exploration? Reply 0
  • Watch 11 minutes of new Assassin's Creed: Unity gameplay

  • TRUTH 16/08/2014

    I found AC 1-3 very repetitive! Go A to B kill, which can always be done the same way in nearly every mission, then simply outrun everyone! All the skill you built up where just gimmicks when hit and run was all that was required. Take away the story and your doing the same mission over and over again! Never bothered with AC after 3. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 on console: when is 60fps not really 60fps?

  • TRUTH 12/08/2014

    Honestly most people don't even notice! I use to care about resolution but when 900 vs 1080, is hardly a change. Also having a lower res, not that anyone notices, allowed more detail and effects at smoother higher frramerates - KI for example.... Give me a game with more detail in graphics and effects and smoother fps rather the forcing 1080p cutting back on detail and effects, and dipping fps. Reply 0
  • Now TV now on Xbox One

  • TRUTH 30/07/2014

    Worked fine on my 360, and other people I knew who had it! Could be a problem with your router, connection, broadband, or console.
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King review

  • TRUTH 25/07/2014

    How many hrs is this add -on for a good DS player Reply 0
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

  • TRUTH 27/04/2014

    I just got a Lumia 920 with Windows 8.1(preview) - just love it! Also got Xperia Z2 on contract - a excellent phone with clean un-bloated UI, but honestly its the Lumia 920 that has really been taken me by surprise and really loving the Lumia 920. Reply 0
  • Nvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card

  • TRUTH 26/03/2014

    Nothing these days take advantage of these graphic cards except for graphics. No power in physics, AI, word size..etc! Just seems games are designed around consoles, rather then power graphic cards as on PC's - Paying £400+ for just a card to displyleaner detailed looks for approx 4yrs, with it never hitting its full potential is just wasting money Reply 0
  • That Dragon, Cancer's inspiration, Joel Green, passes away

  • TRUTH 13/03/2014

    A heart-breaking read. A very brave wonderful child. RIP Joel. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 sales hit 6m after Japan launch

  • TRUTH 04/03/2014

    There is not one worthy game to get any of the new consoles - I probably wait for at least 3 must have games that wont appear on this last gen consoles - then get a PS4, or One, or even a Steambox; just got a felling PS4 and One will have short lifespan before they bring out newer consoles Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Strider

  • TRUTH 22/02/2014

    Will get this as I have great memories. Of the original. 2d. Games have a unique appeal about them ! Enjoyed the atmosphere and gameplay in Castlevania:MoS more them the Castlevanis:LoSM, Reply 0
  • Nintendo boss Iwata halves pay, Miyamoto's wage cut too

  • TRUTH 29/01/2014

    I think Nintendo have relied to much on Miyamto! Gaming has changed, people who grew up with Nintendo have changed and probably now prefer the games available on Sony or MS condoles - technology, variety, mature gaming, multiplayer plus media; all where Nintendo falls behind!..lets also remember Miyamto is getting old and will retire soon - what then for Nintendo Reply 0
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • TRUTH 25/01/2014

    I just think most people have grown away from Nintendo games. Gamers have grown-up since when it was just Sega vs Nintendo. A lot of great games and classics actually where made by third party developers, eg:Capcom, Konami, Square..etc) Now these same companies make games for Xbox/PS and PC's. I personally rather play Dark Souls, Skyrim, Deus-Ex, The Witcher, Ico, Shadow Of Coleus, Portal, Half Life, Tomb Raider, Diablo..etc then another Mario F-Zero, Zelda..etc game; which don't interest me now days! As I suppose with other gamers too!!! Reply 0
  • iPhone 5S review

  • TRUTH 01/12/2013

    Though I have a W8P Lumia 920 and Nexus 5 - I do find Iphone the cleanest, operative, functional, reliable for use and UI. Everything is neat and tidy with apps using the right integration with other parts of the phone without any problems (Google /Android take note!). From maps, calendar, airplay, facetime, notifications, Siri integration, apps are all finely tuned and work (Android please take note!). It's functional, simple, elegant. Only a bit boring with no widgets or tile customization. Photos and camera is easy to organize use and with a very clean and simple to navigate to find/organize photos. Music is easy to transfer with a good to the point UI, as with videos - no gimmicky bloatware! Though I don't have a IPhone (partner has|); whenI do use it I see all the flaws and missing elegance on my W8P and esp Nexus 5 Android(crashes, glitches). Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

  • TRUTH 28/11/2013

    STEAM BOX is now going to be my next gen console... Top end SB maybe pricey but I get to play cheaper games, non dumbed down games, free add-ons & mods, free multiplayer, high setting with ultra high resolution - esp good for 4k tv's. Also it will lay like a console. Without the PC niggles, flexible to upgrading, Reply +1
  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • TRUTH 10/11/2013

    Having got nexus5 and Lumia920, which can be bought around the same price, you even get the Lumia 920 under £280 32gb. It's the Lumia 920 which feels, looks, runs better: Never crashes, or bugs which I have received on N5 apps. Apps that appear on both OS, its the Windows phone that is smoother, cleaner, jerkiness are non existent, and even adverts that appear on the same app on N5 do not appear on W8. Camera also better, build quality feels solid and is tough (though a little more heavier, and I mean a little, then todays a bit to thin plasticy phones) compared to N5. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • TRUTH 31/10/2013

    I given up on consoles - Im going with Steam Box Machine. Might cost double the price for a top-end Steambox, but will be cheaper over the years - cheaper games, no paywall every month, no charge for multiplayer, free mods and levels for games - will actually be much cheaper. You get the best graphics, resolutions, multiplayer. After a few years you simply upgrade your box. This is PC gaming in a console form and operation. Reply 0
  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • TRUTH 26/10/2013

    I think most gamers have grown-up away from Nintendo's gaming! I personally couldn't careless about Mario, F-Zero, Pokémon, Zelda games now! Give me Skyrim, The Witcher, Thief, Castlevania, Bioshock, Thief, Diablo, Portal, Half Life, Sport/Driving/Beat-up/Rpg/Quirky/Indie/Adventure games - everything I like is no longer on Nintendo consoles! Nintendo now bring out a handful of games, usually sticking to the same formula, yet always waaaaay overpraised! Its a dead console only appealing to Nintendo fans as most people have grown-up and moved to MS/Sony consoles for way more verity and exciting games to please all. Reply 0
  • Watch Valve show its Steam Controller in action

  • TRUTH 12/10/2013

    What about driving games ? Reply 0
  • Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

  • TRUTH 09/10/2013

    I think Pc's really need to be pushed more like this, as it seems high-end graphic card never really get pushed or used to there full potential...Consoles are now the gamers choice, the reason I think, the slow decline in pushing PC's with games becoming more focused on consoles 1st. Reply 0
  • Sounds like the composer of Drive is working on Far Cry 4

  • TRUTH 09/10/2013

    I though Far Cry 3 was a step down from 2. Even the music got repetitive Reply 0
  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • TRUTH 25/08/2013

    BOYCOTT!!! Until MS learn its lesson! Reply 0
  • TRUTH 24/08/2013

    Look you're getting mugged! You pay £50+ for a game, then get asked to purchase add-ons that could should have been in the game!...Does anyone even trust MS these days ? Reply 0
  • What does Microsoft have to say about Sony's Xbox One "shifting message" dig?

  • TRUTH 21/08/2013

    If you want bad customer care and what customers want go with XboxOne, W8phones, W8 OS. MS have ignored everything the customers wanted and correct all wrong with W8 and WP - yet never do anything, esp with W8Phones, which has now had over 10,000 & rising complaints on MS own WPC...Looks like WP users won't be getting XboxOne! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs. the Alienware X51 R2

  • TRUTH 13/08/2013

    How much more powerful is X51 R2(top-end) when graphically compared to XB1 and PS4 - if its around the same or less! Is it worth the bother ? Reply 0
  • TRUTH 07/08/2013

    Simple questions, simple answers please! My first time into PC gaming! so just like to know the following:

    1) Is it as simple as consoles - plug and play ?
    2) How much more powerful is it then the upcoming PS4/XBONE ?
    3) Does it require Security software ?
    4) Is it a good long-term investment for gaming ?

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  • I've decided which console I'm buying this year...

  • TRUTH 10/08/2013

    I just seen the new PC/Console hybrid Alienware X51 R2, and boy did it blow Xbox One and PS4 away! So-far everything seen on next gen consoles looked rather bland compared to the Ultra High settings at 1080p of games like Metro 2033, Battlefield, which ran at approx 40-50fps; But they played very smooth with incredible detail that was amazing to watch.....Never ever bothered looking into X51 R2 until witnessed and showcased that upcoming XB1 and PS4 graphically are far behind, also probably with media too Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 gives up to 5GB of RAM to game developers

  • TRUTH 26/07/2013

    One thing MS has over Sony is the knowledge of OS/Software/Integrating software with hardware. Reply 0
  • After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

  • TRUTH 21/06/2013

    Im still not getting anything MS after experiencing W8, W8p, and there arrogance on XboxOne! I suppose also that the crap there trying to tell is about Cloud gaming - knowing that PS4 is a more powerful and ram efficient gaming system! Which is very easy to develop for, making PS4 the most likely console to develop multiformst(and exclusive) games for by developers. Then edit it down for XboxOne. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    It's simple - each 2nd game sold a 12% charge must go to the developers! Reply 0
  • Microsoft sticking with Xbox One Kinect requirement despite ditching DRM

  • TRUTH 20/06/2013


    I was until i found out that PS4 is more powerful with faster Ram. I just want the best looking next-gen Fallout, Skyrim, Witcher, Bioshock, Dragon Dogma, Deus Ex, Dishonored, Thief: Not bothered about exclusives as for me its the third-party titles that are more exciting! If ONE is more powerful then PS4! I will still have to wait and consider due to the NOW uncertainty of MS and ONE, plus how crap W8 phones turned-out after all the hype(which might happen with ONE!); but for now, so-far, its the PS4 is for me. Its cheaper and supposedly more powerful while easy for developers to develop games onn0(unlike PS3). This making PS4 the console to take developers priority over the ONE.
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  • Microsoft restores game ownership and expects us to smile

  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    MS wants you to be there Bitch! Collecting data and information from XboxOne and Kinect allowing MS executives to make $$$$$$$ from YOU! Controlling your games, prices, what gets released, if and when you can or cannot sell or share games - They probably still end-up doing this as mentioned before 'MS can shutdown, alter, change business plans and will remain owners of all digital media on MS hardware - including XboxOne'...It just seems now MS are going the other way just until it quiet's down a bit. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    Your making assumptions!
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  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    I think people who are considering XB1 should actually wait and see. If sells well, there will continue to support it, if it doesn't (Xbox), they will probably make a quick exit - MS are very good at this! With the huge amount of negativity everywhere with XboxOne and supposedly less Ram and Graphical power then PS4, I certainly won't be jumping on this year - not prepared to take a risk on a format that seems rather un-liked + un-popular at the moment - A big fan Xbox and 360, but XboxOne just seems untrustworthy and MS have previously mentioned that graphics will not be there priority in there next console (now XboxOne); which for me make MS console even less appealing, esp in the long run. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 20/06/2013


    A person who has a passion for any sort of media mostly buys the physical format as its owned, art, can do what you want with it - Books or Kindle, Bluray or digital, Vinyl/CD or download - There are choices that should allowed, not forced as MS wants. But for menot necessarily with games) digital is souless and empty when compared to actually owning the media, art, info, and physical visible whole package of a book/blursy/cd/vynil - esp classics! You have no value ot soul or feeling of ownership with digital - which gamers feel with owning games.
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  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    Now MS has changed its DRM plan - there policy still allows them to bring it back and even kill switch your DRM games!...In honesty I"ve lost faith on MS (even with there lack of support for W8 phones). The main NOW concern for me is the actual power of XB1, when compared to PS4, XB1 could become the 2nd choice for developers - downgrading parts of games to work on XB1, as how 360 games were better then PS3 multiformat games! I just want the best next gen Fallout, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Dragon Dogma, Bioshock, Thief, Deus Ex...etc! I always find multiformat games a majorioty of the time much more exciting then exclusives Reply 0
  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    What's worse is that how MS stopped criticism comments on YouTube - I did try but just got Error each time, friends tried and the same happened; then discovered MS had something to do with it:

    Now think what MS would have done if its got its way with XboxOmeand its DRM policy!

    I'm still not buying ONE! and I hope MS have learnt they can't force there needs to earn mega $$$$$$$$$$$ on to customers!!
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  • TRUTH 20/06/2013

    What's worse is that how MS stopped criticism comments on YouTube - I did try but just got Error each time, friends tried and the same happened; then discovered MS had something to do with it:

    Now think what MS would have done if its got its way with XboxOmeand its DRM policy!

    I'm still not buying ONE! and I hope MS have learnt they can't force there needs to earn mega $$$$$$$$$$$ on to customers!!
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • TRUTH 19/06/2013

    MS has halted criticism comments regarding XboxOne on YouTube!
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  • Microsoft makes the case for Xbox One's 300,000 server cloud, but what do developers think?

  • TRUTH 19/06/2013

    Check this put - WHY MS IS BEING NOT SO LIKED!
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  • TRUTH 19/06/2013

    I tried to post fair criticism on YouTube - apparently you can't! Was told MS has done something that stops tough criticism against XBOXONE ! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Xbox One

  • TRUTH 17/06/2013

    No backward compatibility om XboxOne. MS don't care about gamer's outside the US of A. The fact that MS can change its business plans and shut down servers(read MS XboxOne small print)that could certainly leave you and your purchases is a shit hole if and when MS think its time too!!! XboxOne is said to be 50% less powerful then PS4 (though not finalized there does seem some truth to this!); which can be a concern if true, esp later on the consoles life. The way MS collect data from you, and then making themselves $$$$$$$$$$$$ from data collection, and then restrict and hold the rights to your games you owe is just asking for people to BOYCOTT XboxOne...Personally I'm not MS bitch!

    PS4 cheaper, more powerful(so said), no internet required, mo 24hr (spy)check, no forced sell of add-ons(Kinect), can do what you want with your games, no requirement to pay £40 (which could very well increase) a year subscription for things that are free everywhere else. More independent developers making games for PS4: The reason I'm jumping ship (was a big XB360 fan previously!). More independent developers making games for PS4.
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  • TRUTH 17/06/2013

    The arrogance of MS
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  • The big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

  • TRUTH 16/06/2013

    Battlefield was not running on XboxOne but a PC. KI was actually 30fps (Fact!). More game developers, esp indie are leaning towards PS4. 80% votes on ign voted for PS4 as winner at E3, with over 75% saying that PS4 is there next choice (better graphics, cheaper, game ownership, no internet requirement, can re-sell games, borrow and hire games), upgradable HDD unlike XboxOne...Looks like MS has really f**ked-up! just like there W8 phones(which they don't care about!) Reply 0