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  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • TRUTH 02/03/2015

    Such a overrate game with practically no skill required on the platform sections, very liner follow the path, shoot outs were nothing more then duck and shoot without any real AI to involved, puzzles were just simplistic block pushing. I really can't sen how this game got the credit when it wasn't nothing much and even the graphics were only good considering thee was a liner path without much freedom, AI or realtime events and physics Reply 0
  • Sony's big new three-year strategy bets on PS4

  • TRUTH 18/02/2015

    I don't think Sony will be able to compete next gen! MS windows 10 does look like the future interface across all devices and for gaming - not just consoles but adapting to all devices inc tv's and phones. Though PS4 sold more, One still sells plenty. The PS4 is not really anything other then just a graphic update from PS3 with no real innovation that the One has over the 360 - MS know this and will integrate all these functions into next gen, while Sony will really have to something amazing and not just update graphics, but this will cost Somy more to develop the console from scratch, while MS will already have everything at hand and with Windows 10. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 18/02/2015

    Two Sony shops have recently ceased trading not to from me, Xperia phones are failures in sales, cameras have dived as with Sony tv sales. Sony has made losses in movies.., In other areas in consumer products have also been dipping in sales, inc laptops! Sony does have a dreadful customer service too!! At times it does seem Sony are a slow sinking ship sadly!!! Reply 0
  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition unit No. 00001 sold for £85K

  • TRUTH 18/02/2015

    Stupid people pay that much!! Not many people will care about it in the furtue, it's just a PS4 console, and truthfully so far, not very impressive with its functions, features and even t games; esp. how the hype hasn't lived up so-far., and PS4 media is a joke! With probably a four to five year lifespan left - use your brain before paying silly money for a not so next gen console! Reply 0
  • Huge PS4 sales boost Sony profits

  • TRUTH 04/02/2015

    I don't think Sony will make PS5 - it's becoming increasingly difficult for them. Xbox One becoming not only a gaming system, but a brilliant all one media/streamer/social system too - most of people I know started of with Ps4, but seeing Xbox One in action have now also one. PS4 is a good system but lacks any real innovation in the way Xbox One does. As windows 10, direct x12, more cloud gaming and functions come into play in 2015 and with more functions, games, updates, apps and new capabilities the PS4 will start to look like a simple slightly more powerful PS3. I can't see PS5 having the same success, even now the tide is changing so the long run Sonu really need to keep things coming or they will suffer like Sony's other departments. Reply 0
  • Microsoft sold 6.6m Xbox consoles in Q4 2014

  • TRUTH 27/01/2015

    I use Kinect to pause/play forward/rewind Netflix/Amazon Prime - this esp great when eating and watching, or need to go to the loo, or lying back...Great also to jump to apps, for skype, switching console on or off. It also great that it can recognise you and automatically set your settings/preference...Not forgetting using it for fitness apps, bing search too. Kinect is very handy. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 27/01/2015

    I just bought a Windows phone - I LOVE IT! Reply 0
  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • TRUTH 16/01/2015

    Better UI
    Better multiplayer
    Better apps and more
    Better online in all areas
    Better Internet faster slicker Internet capabilities
    Better media player with more capabilities and media play options
    Better streaming with NAS too
    Better control functions
    Better fitness thanks to kinect
    Better social communication through console
    Better online matching for gaming
    Better use of cloud as seen in Forza, Titanfall, Forza Horizon - and upcoming Crackdown - with cloud other functions away from gaming too
    Better Multitasking between apps or snapping between two different things like watching TV and gaming, skyline while playing...etc
    *HDMI input - plug anything into your Xbox and integrate it with your console - *Excellent with satalite going through HDMI input.
    *The ability to instantly switch between apps, games, tv, or chat on Skype and even order Pizza , and more.

    The Ps4 - better graphics, but in really it's no by that far, and most people don't even care or notice!

    The Xbox one also has regular updates improving or adding features, or both. Oh! A great gaming machines too - but also more then just gaming!!
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  • Linx 8 review - exploring the sub-£100 Windows tablet experience

  • TRUTH 05/01/2015

    Mac-Mini is only double core, no up-gradeability, you can't even add more Ram!

    Yet Apple charge £400 for its lowest model!!!
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  • Games of 2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • TRUTH 29/12/2014

    Though this game started off exciting! But got rather repetitive, esp when you become more powerful. You could use the same moves using Stun, Combo, Run method on practically every battle. No matter how matter how high up each enemy was promoted! Using Stun, Combo, Jump, Run always worked...You could easily outrun everyone too! Reply 0
  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • TRUTH 22/12/2014

    PS4 = Play games
    XboxOne = Better online, better multiplayer matching, better apps, more apps, Kinect control and voice use, Skype, multitasking, better OS and better innovation UI, better streamer from Nas, better media box, better communication through console, Hdmi input, smart glass, faster updates, new features added faster, order pizza, Xbox organize your preference in tv viewing..AND IT PLAYS GAMES!

    I rather spend £349 that offers so much more then just playing games, and considering these systems will on last a few years, but XBO just gives a whole lot more for your monies worth and can compete with PS4 in games! At the end of the consoles life, One will still have plenty of functions and features other then just gaming, that will make it much better investment - PS4 will just end up being tucked away as just another gaming machine.
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  • Which is the better media player? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One revisited

  • TRUTH 16/12/2014

    XboxOne can play games, switch apps instantly and continue at the same place I left the gave/app, I can chat to people, Skype people while on games or apps, stream from NAS drive, mirror my phone onscreen, order Domimos pizza, fitness, the best UI, connect my satalite to my One and use it with TV Guide and organize/scedual my watching/fav , use Onedrive, various apps of all sorts, better control navigation, multiplayer - you don't get all that on other set top/smart tv media! Oh 3D blu-ray too, personal tastes and set up for each individual, Kinect, proper gaming....All this in One system connected to your tv. Reply 0
  • TRUTH 15/12/2014

    Bit I can play games, switch apps instantly and continue at the same place I left the gave, I can chat to people, Skype people, stream from Nas, mirror my phone, order pizza, fitness, the best UI, connect my satalite I to my One and use it with TV Guide and organize my watching, use Onedrive, various apps of all sorts, better control navigation, multiplayer - you don't get all that on other set top/smart tv media! Oh blu-ray too, personal tastes and set up for each individual, Kinect, proper gaming....All this in One system connected to your tv. Reply 0
  • Xbox One overtakes PS4 sales for November in UK and US

  • TRUTH 12/12/2014

    Overall the XboxOne is much better system for its money worth. The graphics may be a bit better on PS4, and it's not a huge or that most people even notice difference, even though some games have better fps on XBO. But! When it comes to apps, multiplayer, media, UI, innovation, fitness, control, Kinnect, streaming, cleaver and useful functions, smartglass, hdmi input, and multitasking skyping or even ordering pizza - The XboxOne totally makes PS4 a minor upgrade from PS3. With cloud for gaming ( Crackdown, Spark, Fable Legends, Titanfall. Forza, Halo..etc all using in different ways); yet also for non gaming. A better dedicated online/multiplayer structure, faster updates, continuing added features for gaming and non-gaming, socializing...etc. The XboxOne has a more exciting future outside and inside gaming. PS4 is already to look dated with innovation. Reply 0
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • TRUTH 04/12/2014

    The whole PS4 seems a rip off! So far nothing shows the supposedly 40% graphical power over XB1 - its minor or hardly caring or noticeable to really care at most. Media, apps, UI, online, social apps, innovation, cloud use for gaming and non gaming, voice/gesture control and options, streaming from Nas, sharing...etc. All superior on XB1 and for a very similar price! For PS4 to be a next gen system, it so-far feels rather last gen! Games are not impressing yet! Though how many real must have exclusives do you really want will cone over the next few years - in reality not much and they probably be priced high thanks to the high cost. Reply 0
  • The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years

  • TRUTH 29/11/2014

    Nintendo's been recycling the same games over and over again! Personally I lost interest in Nintendo since N64. Couldn't careleass about most Nintendo franchises now. I honestly think they are overrated now!! Reply 0
  • GAME selling Xbox One and four games for £299

  • TRUTH 27/11/2014

    I'm actually use my XboxOne less as a gamer and more for Skyping, fitness, media, socialising, satalite TV combined with my gaming, streaming music from NAS, and ordering Domino's pizza when watching tv or playing games - all areas which are excellent on One and impressive. One is a great system in other areas other then just games - It really is innovation which seems to show a more exciting future evolving system. Its a great gaming system too! Love the way you can switch games/apps simply by saying 'Xbox Got TO ...'then return to game exactly where you left the game.

    Its certainly entertaining for gamers and non gamers, just buy it and sell the games!
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  • Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

  • TRUTH 22/11/2014

    I finally got One after testing both systems PS4/One - One just did so much more other then gaming. Graphically they seemed very close and couldn't notice the difference that really bothered me! Online, fitness using Kinect which reads your body HR, now can order Domino's pizza and have tracked for delivery watching TV/gaming, multimedia, streaming, Kinect control, smartglass, the UI just blows PS4 away - the way swapping between apps/games/skyping/snapping, voice control, surfing web, how you can receive Skype watch tv while waiting to go online, use Bing for search's across media/gaming/music with voice ..etc really showed PS4 behind innovation! For the years ahead One seems far more exciting with cloud - not just for gaming, online, media, Kinect, gaming, and other things! So if growing away from gaming, still love gaming, into music and movies, social use, online gaming, multiplayer..etc; One just offers so much more other then just gaming - why pay for just gaming when you can have so much more and gaming! Reply 0
  • PlayStation TV review

  • TRUTH 16/11/2014

    Just like the PS4 Reply 0
  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • TRUTH 15/11/2014

    I prefer the media/social/online superior capabilities on Xbox One that surpass PS4 in every way, that can keep you busy when not playing games, or gaming drought. Though One seems to be doing better with exclusives at the moment, even though I rarely play games now days myself. I do find PS4 quiet a un-exciting console at moment, with only Bloodborne exciting me - even though it looks very similar to Dark Souls. I'm not really into indie games, but PS4 line-up does look a bit un-inspiring in exclusives. I think graphically both both consoles are not that ground breaking compared to previous consoles and low/mid range PC's at present - I don't care about minor resolution, graphical effects, fps on one over the other; which most won't notice or care about. I think I've just grown away from gaming as I've got older. This probably the reaon One is so much a better system away from gaming with its media/socil/cloud capabilities that I and family can use that's actually useful to all: Fitness with Kinect, switching between apps and back with commands, better media capabilities, better UI and innovation, streaming, online functions, voice and gesture use which can be and is useful, smartglass; all keeping me busy away from gaming, while the PS4 would have been collecting dust as gaming just don't seem exciting anymore...The PS4 really needs some exiting exclusives games and lots of them, which in reality the most exciting games are now multiformat games, to make PS4 a exciting console as it lacks the functionality in what makes the One a more exciting system now and for the future, in which One will seem to evolve as a more exciting console. Reply 0
  • Uncharted film gets help from The Hurt Locker scribe

  • TRUTH 13/11/2014

    All three UC games were so overrated! Follow path, no skill needed in navigation, puzzles was a simple move block here in most cases, action set piece after action set piece, no exploration as it was a fixed route, no AI in enemy - just hit the trigger button from behind a wall. Reply 0
  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • TRUTH 13/11/2014

    I find PS4 such a dull featureless system ! Being using PS4 for a week now and it just feels boring, esp after using One.. Media, UI, online, control, multiplayer, Kinect use..all make PS4 feel more PS3 rather then a real next gen! Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Evolve

  • TRUTH 09/11/2014

    Most people can't tell the difference between 1080p vs 900p. Actually most people don't even notice the difference 720p to 1080p - I've done this on my tv/Blu-ray, playing movies on using 720p then 1080p switching resolution, and only I noticed as I purposely looked at detail but wasn't really a concern, but when tested on people showing the same movie, not one person noticed the drop! This was also doneon games on my now PC running on my HD 50" TV - no one noticed, and even I hardly cared as they nearly looked the same! Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • TRUTH 04/11/2014

    Small amount of graphical advantage that most won't care about or even notice! Yet One beats PS4 in innovation, media, online gaming, console features, apps, kinect, control options, skype, hdmi input, much better UI and innovation with UI and functions and features, NAS ability streaming, social and sharing, and not forgetting the best in online gaming and matching, faster updates, multitasking/switching features...etc; One is quiet close to PS4 in graphics. Though PS4 graphics are better, but really not by that much and most won't even care or notice! But XBO surpasses it in every others area in big ways! Oh lets not forget faster updates, cloud gaming as with Forza 4/ Titanfall / Forza Horizon 2 / Sunset OD and with Crackdown, Mech Wars..etc coming too; as well as EA ultra cheap subscription giving free games/add ons, direct x12 that will help developers get better gaming performance(not taking about graphics)..etc. XBO will evolve as better more exciting console then PS4 just as the 360 did with PS3, though PS3 had more graphical power, like 4x power of 360 as claimed by Sony back then. Now its 50% more then XB1 as claimed by Sony with PS4 over One, and wasn't PS2 meant to have enough processing power to guild missiles as said by Sony too! The point is none of these claims were true or even close, everyone beloved the hype by Sony, esp fanboys. So at end the PS4 does have a graphical edge, but in reality most won't even notice. PS4 and XB1 will continue to get better results in graphics. This may narrow the gap even more, or it may stay the same - but the reality is its not going to be much difference that will make an obvious improvement to you average everyday gamer!
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  • PlayStation 4 sales help Sony's game division to profit

  • TRUTH 31/10/2014

    Sony has the worse customer care in the world! Reply 0
  • Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

  • TRUTH 24/10/2014

    I just bought a Lumia 930 and love it! Never though I would, but its only when my Sony Z2 got another Android flu with glitches and freezes I got pissed off - was not prepared to pay for iPhone, so just went for W8P - and I love it! Now to save for Surface 3 and may be Xbox One for its media features and Skype - not bothered too much with gaming now days. Reply 0
  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • TRUTH 22/10/2014

    @null No one trusts Google! Reply 0
  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • TRUTH 17/10/2014

    I was going to buy the Air 2 next month, but having now used a MS Surface 3 at a function yesterday! I was gob smacked to see how much better the Sutfce 3 was in all areas inc build compared to the overpriced Air 2 64gb...Man Surface 3 is pure quality. I want one!! Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • TRUTH 11/10/2014

    I on the verge of buying a console this week! Having a chance to test both consoles from two differet friends, but with similar games Diablo 3, Metro Redrux, Thief, Shadow of Mordor - Its the One that i'm leaning more toward for!

    Honestly didn't notice much in the graphical difference between PS4/XB1 that made me say 'Oh! man its so much better' - both looked good. I didn't have consoles side by side, but if nothing was obvious that stood out and I never noticed, I don't really care about 1080 or 900! I'm usually quiet keen on getting the best if it's obviously is better - so far graphically there's not much. Both consoles are new, new techniques will be learned so if there is a major advantage that really shows PS4 is so much more graphically capable - I'll pick it up then.

    The reason I'm leaning towards the XB1 is the more I tested it the more I lovd it across its functions: Gaming online was better implemented and organized for you with the function of doing something elese on the console while waiting , voice communication, switching between apps and games, multitasking, voice control use is actually useful, Skype, UI interface is so much better, pad(thug I get use to most joypads easily), HDMI input, more channels, better gaming integration online/apps/voice/friends/multiplayer, and the general fun you can have with the console outside gaming - This really made me see Xbox One as a future evolving interesting machine, which is severely missing from my impression on PS4!

    It just feels more hi-tech and does gaming!
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  • Microsoft dissatisfied with Xbox One's slow Japan launch

  • TRUTH 02/10/2014

    PS4 is Sony's lifeline as they are losing market and profit practically in every other hardware product! MS are are starting a fresh aprroach across mobile, pc, phones, tablets, consoles - not just for gaming and media, but continuality across devices. MS can go the long run an is its plan to spread Thi across the globe the reason why China and India are becoming more important to MS. Sony is very much PS and MS probably know that!
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  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor review

  • TRUTH 26/09/2014

    The review didn't mention anything about the size of the world! Is it a open world with freedom of movement or not? The graphics? The freedom to do things? What genre the game is? Reply 0
  • TRUTH 26/09/2014

    Is this a adventure game with open world exploration? Reply 0
  • Watch 11 minutes of new Assassin's Creed: Unity gameplay

  • TRUTH 16/08/2014

    I found AC 1-3 very repetitive! Go A to B kill, which can always be done the same way in nearly every mission, then simply outrun everyone! All the skill you built up where just gimmicks when hit and run was all that was required. Take away the story and your doing the same mission over and over again! Never bothered with AC after 3. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 on console: when is 60fps not really 60fps?

  • TRUTH 12/08/2014

    Honestly most people don't even notice! I use to care about resolution but when 900 vs 1080, is hardly a change. Also having a lower res, not that anyone notices, allowed more detail and effects at smoother higher frramerates - KI for example.... Give me a game with more detail in graphics and effects and smoother fps rather the forcing 1080p cutting back on detail and effects, and dipping fps. Reply 0
  • Now TV now on Xbox One

  • TRUTH 30/07/2014

    Worked fine on my 360, and other people I knew who had it! Could be a problem with your router, connection, broadband, or console.
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  • Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King review

  • TRUTH 25/07/2014

    How many hrs is this add -on for a good DS player Reply 0
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

  • TRUTH 27/04/2014

    I just got a Lumia 920 with Windows 8.1(preview) - just love it! Also got Xperia Z2 on contract - a excellent phone with clean un-bloated UI, but honestly its the Lumia 920 that has really been taken me by surprise and really loving the Lumia 920. Reply 0
  • Nvidia announces $3,000 Titan Z graphics card

  • TRUTH 26/03/2014

    Nothing these days take advantage of these graphic cards except for graphics. No power in physics, AI, word size..etc! Just seems games are designed around consoles, rather then power graphic cards as on PC's - Paying £400+ for just a card to displyleaner detailed looks for approx 4yrs, with it never hitting its full potential is just wasting money Reply 0
  • That Dragon, Cancer's inspiration, Joel Green, passes away

  • TRUTH 13/03/2014

    A heart-breaking read. A very brave wonderful child. RIP Joel. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 sales hit 6m after Japan launch

  • TRUTH 04/03/2014

    There is not one worthy game to get any of the new consoles - I probably wait for at least 3 must have games that wont appear on this last gen consoles - then get a PS4, or One, or even a Steambox; just got a felling PS4 and One will have short lifespan before they bring out newer consoles Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Strider

  • TRUTH 22/02/2014

    Will get this as I have great memories. Of the original. 2d. Games have a unique appeal about them ! Enjoyed the atmosphere and gameplay in Castlevania:MoS more them the Castlevanis:LoSM, Reply 0
  • Nintendo boss Iwata halves pay, Miyamoto's wage cut too

  • TRUTH 29/01/2014

    I think Nintendo have relied to much on Miyamto! Gaming has changed, people who grew up with Nintendo have changed and probably now prefer the games available on Sony or MS condoles - technology, variety, mature gaming, multiplayer plus media; all where Nintendo falls behind!..lets also remember Miyamto is getting old and will retire soon - what then for Nintendo Reply 0
  • Iwata isn't Nintendo's problem. It's Miyamoto

  • TRUTH 25/01/2014

    I just think most people have grown away from Nintendo games. Gamers have grown-up since when it was just Sega vs Nintendo. A lot of great games and classics actually where made by third party developers, eg:Capcom, Konami, Square..etc) Now these same companies make games for Xbox/PS and PC's. I personally rather play Dark Souls, Skyrim, Deus-Ex, The Witcher, Ico, Shadow Of Coleus, Portal, Half Life, Tomb Raider, Diablo..etc then another Mario F-Zero, Zelda..etc game; which don't interest me now days! As I suppose with other gamers too!!! Reply 0
  • iPhone 5S review

  • TRUTH 01/12/2013

    Though I have a W8P Lumia 920 and Nexus 5 - I do find Iphone the cleanest, operative, functional, reliable for use and UI. Everything is neat and tidy with apps using the right integration with other parts of the phone without any problems (Google /Android take note!). From maps, calendar, airplay, facetime, notifications, Siri integration, apps are all finely tuned and work (Android please take note!). It's functional, simple, elegant. Only a bit boring with no widgets or tile customization. Photos and camera is easy to organize use and with a very clean and simple to navigate to find/organize photos. Music is easy to transfer with a good to the point UI, as with videos - no gimmicky bloatware! Though I don't have a IPhone (partner has|); whenI do use it I see all the flaws and missing elegance on my W8P and esp Nexus 5 Android(crashes, glitches). Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Battlefield 4

  • TRUTH 28/11/2013

    STEAM BOX is now going to be my next gen console... Top end SB maybe pricey but I get to play cheaper games, non dumbed down games, free add-ons & mods, free multiplayer, high setting with ultra high resolution - esp good for 4k tv's. Also it will lay like a console. Without the PC niggles, flexible to upgrading, Reply +1
  • Google Nexus 5 review

  • TRUTH 10/11/2013

    Having got nexus5 and Lumia920, which can be bought around the same price, you even get the Lumia 920 under £280 32gb. It's the Lumia 920 which feels, looks, runs better: Never crashes, or bugs which I have received on N5 apps. Apps that appear on both OS, its the Windows phone that is smoother, cleaner, jerkiness are non existent, and even adverts that appear on the same app on N5 do not appear on W8. Camera also better, build quality feels solid and is tough (though a little more heavier, and I mean a little, then todays a bit to thin plasticy phones) compared to N5. Reply 0
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • TRUTH 31/10/2013

    I given up on consoles - Im going with Steam Box Machine. Might cost double the price for a top-end Steambox, but will be cheaper over the years - cheaper games, no paywall every month, no charge for multiplayer, free mods and levels for games - will actually be much cheaper. You get the best graphics, resolutions, multiplayer. After a few years you simply upgrade your box. This is PC gaming in a console form and operation. Reply 0
  • The strongest next-gen line-up from the unlikeliest source

  • TRUTH 26/10/2013

    I think most gamers have grown-up away from Nintendo's gaming! I personally couldn't careless about Mario, F-Zero, Pokémon, Zelda games now! Give me Skyrim, The Witcher, Thief, Castlevania, Bioshock, Thief, Diablo, Portal, Half Life, Sport/Driving/Beat-up/Rpg/Quirky/Indie/Adventure games - everything I like is no longer on Nintendo consoles! Nintendo now bring out a handful of games, usually sticking to the same formula, yet always waaaaay overpraised! Its a dead console only appealing to Nintendo fans as most people have grown-up and moved to MS/Sony consoles for way more verity and exciting games to please all. Reply 0
  • Watch Valve show its Steam Controller in action

  • TRUTH 12/10/2013

    What about driving games ? Reply 0
  • Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

  • TRUTH 09/10/2013

    I think Pc's really need to be pushed more like this, as it seems high-end graphic card never really get pushed or used to there full potential...Consoles are now the gamers choice, the reason I think, the slow decline in pushing PC's with games becoming more focused on consoles 1st. Reply 0