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  • Cut The Rope 2 confirmed

  • SwedBear 01/08/2011

    "Cut The Rope has not yet been dated, but is due to be released on iPhone."
    Heh, Cut the Rope definitely has been dated and released not only on iPhone but also Android :). I think you you should start looking into that auto-generated piece of text as it often produces some weird text.
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  • Ubisoft: DRM strategy is a "success"

  • SwedBear 28/07/2011

    It might not be representative but from me they lost several sales due to this. I want my games on my laptop so I can play even when I am on the road or at our summerhouse where internet can be sketchy and as I wasn't sure how draconian their DRM is I decided not to buy the games. Reply +13
  • PS3 hacker expects to go to jail

  • SwedBear 22/06/2011

    He might not be Nelson Mandela but the right to be able to modify hardware is in my view actually important so I think this is an important case.

    And for fuck sake seanyboycorben. This is NOT one of the guys who has hacked PSN/Codemasters etc.. This is unrelated to that.
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  • SwedBear 22/06/2011

    So Olemak: What are your thoughts about jailbreaking of iOS-devices so we can run things like XBMC or Plex on the ATV2? Or hacking of Xbox for XBMC. Or custom firmware on routers that completely change what they can do? Or the firmware hacks that were made for the PSP?

    I'm sorry but as much as I despise black-hat hackers like Lulsec or the Anonymous collective (for lack of a better word) I can't understand how people can defend corporations when it comes to this type of hacking. I'm happy there are individuals that want to try to change the way products are working because it has given us a lot of cool solutions (examples above). And some companies actually embrace it. HTC early embraces the XDA-community who hacked their phones to offer better roms. And the fact that they now are backing from locking the bootloader shows how important that type of community is. Microsoft embraced the people hacking Win Phone 7. Heck, without these types of people we wouldn't be able to rip our DVD's and BR-dics (thanks DVD-Jon).

    It seems that because of the Sony PSN hack and the consequent hacks around the globe, which again I don't think has anything to do with what we are talking about here, people are putting together anyone that is "hacking" in one group and hating on the all.
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  • SwedBear 22/06/2011

    There's one thing I'm a bit confused about.

    The PSP has been "hacked" continuously since it was released so that people could put homebrew on it as well as back-up games to memorystick (and unfortunately use pirated copies of games). There was/is tons oif threads in the PSP-forum about it with guides etc. and no-one seems to feel that this is somehow "bad". On the Android phones there are a lot of people hacking the phones (for example phones with locked bootloaders) so you can put new roms on them and no-one (rightly) is upset about it. One of the best uses today for the Xbox is using hacks to get XBMC on it. Nobody is upset about that. The iPhone/iPad/ATV2 jailbreaks are appreciated by many people and I haven't seen people coming out in threads and wishing the people behind those jailbreaks to "go to jail".

    But when someone hacks the PS3 with the intention to allow homebrew/Linux back etc. they are suddenly "big bad hackers" that needs to go to jail? I understand that the PSN network needs to be protected but I cannot really understand the venom these "hackers" (geohotz, this guy)are getting from users. What is really different from hacking any other product to make it do more than it was originally intended?

    I have no love for idiots who hack PSN or any other site to get hold of information or just wrec havoc but I don't see how what either geohotz or this guy did/does is in any way related to that. They are messing with the hardware to make it do new things. Those other misfits are trying to hack into servers to steal things. Just because it both is called hacking doesn't mean it is the same thing (IMHO). If no-one is upset when it happens to all the other products, why are people so upset when it comes to the PS3?
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • SwedBear 20/06/2011

    Really like Grand Prix Story but man it seems to be a battery hog. Have it on my O2X and the phone gets really hot and I notice it definitely is using a lot more battery than other games I have. Anyone noticed something similar? Reply 0
  • Finishing Duke Nukem Forever

  • SwedBear 10/06/2011

    I played Duke Nuken 3D to death when it came out. I still have fond memories of getting a bunch of computers together at work (pharmaceutical company so it wasn't exactly kosher to do this) and have 4 way deathmatchs. I loved the pipeboms and setting up traps for others.

    But that was long ago. To me it's hillarious that there are people saying that just because it is "fucking Duke Nuken" it should somehow get a pass on the story, the gameplay the graphics etc. Why? Duke Nukem 3D is in many of our hearts because it was a great game with fun humour. In fact, I would rather say it would be a insult to the original game to defend this game just because it took so long for it to come out and "DUke Nukem 3D was so good".

    The game should live on its on merits, not because it is a heir to a great game. And sadly it sounds like it not only cannot live up to the standards of the original game but even cannot stand up to most other games released since then.

    Not that it has stopped me getting it just because I wanted to see it by myself (and this is probably the reason it will chart well the first week before dropping like a stone). And the negative reviews so far have been closer to what I feel than any of the positive ones.
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  • SwedBear 10/06/2011

    When is the NDA up? Swedish site fz.se has their review up today and it wasn't pretty. 2/5 and he said it hasn't aged well (and the reviewer was a guy who loved the original) ... Reply +15
  • Zynga Empire & Allies on Facebook today

  • SwedBear 01/06/2011

    Yeah, my sentiment exactly. It doesn't look to shabby actually and before I realized it was Zynga I could see myself playing this but Zynga is one of the companies I absolutely refuse to support in any way. Reply -1
  • How Halo's monk chant music came to be

  • SwedBear 13/04/2011

    I remember when Halo 2 was launched and I went to a press event in Stockholm. The chant was playing which was nice but even cooler was that it turned out they had placed a choir on a balcony singing the chant all evening. It took people quite some time to realize it wasn't pre-recorded. Reply 0
  • iPhone 5 release late 2011/early 2012?

  • SwedBear 12/04/2011

    Seriously Mowgli? I've got an iPad (used to have iPhone) and an Android LG Optimus X2 and guess what - I'm playing a lot on my android phone. There's tons of good games and they are now easily the same quality as games on the iPhone. Not to mention the Tegra 2 updates to games are nice.

    No-one is asking you to stop reporting iDevice news but if you are serious about games it is time to start reporting Android news too. And if the current staff are to stuck with their iDevices to grasp that then hire someone who actually have the slighest knowledge about Android.
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  • Kinect working with AR Drone footage

  • SwedBear 11/04/2011

    The point with this video, just like any other Kinnect video, is that it is geeks having fun trying out new stuff with Kinnect. 99.9% of these projects proiably won't lead to anything usefull but maybe it is enough that 0.1% does or that they learn something in the progress of just having mindless fun.

    I agree it would be cooler if you just could do it with one hand but what is it to say this isn't just theirfirst version and that they will be able to make it better as they experient more.

    I wish I was working/studying somewhere where I could be part of this as it just would be fun to see what you could come up with with the Kinnect (I guess I could do it myself at home but with small kids + full time work there isn't much tim)
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  • de Blob 2 struggles at retail

  • SwedBear 14/03/2011

    ok, I'm getting this tomorrow. I dont have time really right now (baby coming in 2 weeks or so and to much to prepare) but I can afford to have it waiting for the days when I have a bit more time. Sometimes you need to show devs of these kind of titles a bit more support than just waiting for it to appear in the bargain bin. Reply +4
  • European Nintendo 3DS Reviewed

  • SwedBear 28/02/2011

    Count me in as one who just canceled the pre-order. After reading about it and testing it my feeling has cooled off a lot since when it was announced. The region-locking thing really needs to be clarified as I won't buy a handheld product that don't allow me to buy games when I am on the road in the US etc.

    I still will keep an eye on it and maybe when the great games come out take the plunge anyway but for me it sounds like the 3DS is to little for the competition it is facing, not maybe from the NGP but from the phones.
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  • UK teen arrested for Call of Duty DDOS

  • SwedBear 10/12/2010

    kangarootoo: Fully agree. They had an interview in a Swedish newspaper this morning with some of the anonymous hackers (they joined one of the chats where they coordinate attacks) and while one of them said they did it "for the freedom of spoeech on the ne" he also added that he also did it "because it was fun".

    I think the DDOS-attacks hurts Wikileaks way more than help them. They paint the picture that Wikileaks-fanboys are hackers that like to distrupt and destroy for those they dont agree with. To the general public they won't been seen as "heroes".

    And I agree that while Wikileaks is important as a "whistle-blower" site the last release has little to do with whistle-blowing. Society and relationships between human beings does not work without the ability for confidential discussions.

    I hope the new Openleak site will work better as I think Wikileaks has become to much about Assange and less about what Wikileaks was supposed to be about.
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  • Kinect sells a million in 10 days

  • SwedBear 16/11/2010

    ZuluHero: Good to hear that a 3-year old can enjoy it. I bought it for our 2.5 year old but haven't come around setitng it up yet. And yes, I probably will have fun with it to :).

    I never understood the hate this has gotten here. At least Microsoft is trying a new idea instead as Sony copying the Wii (not saying that is a bad idea though - the Move also looks nice) and while it might be a success or not in the future I rather have them try than just giving up and bringing us a XboxMote.

    What Sony and Microsoft have over the Wii also is that they have the regular games and now are trying to extend to casual games. There should be no risk of us suddenly no longer getting our Killzone, COD, GT5, Forza etc. while we at the same time will get good fun casual games. The Wii in my view always had a problem that it lacked the good non-casual games and in the few instances they got one it sold very poorly (Nintendos own games an exception).

    I think it's going to be interesting to see what Microsoft and the third parties can come up with in the future with this tech. Hopefully MS keeps improving it.
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  • MS debating "a more persistent" Halo

  • SwedBear 22/09/2010

    As someone said before a persistent Halo game in the same veins as Planet Side would be absolutely wonderfull. Reply 0
  • World of Tanks

  • SwedBear 09/08/2010

    Ooohhh, looking forward to this. I always was a tanker in WWII Online and this sounds a bit more fun and less serious. Reply 0
  • Slow PS3 start was down to stock - Sony

  • SwedBear 03/02/2010

    At this stage I think it is only the fanboys on either side that care about who sells more this month or that month and who is 1st, second and third in the race. All three consoles have matured and are selling well and in the end all three companies can be satisfied with what they done.

    Nintendo can be satisfied that they not only gained marketshare but dominate sales-wise this generation

    Microsoft can be satisfied that they no longer are miles behind Sony but instead now are considered equal to Sony and that they have a great online-service that so far is unbeaten this generation.

    Sony can be satisfied that after a rocky start they have managed to get the momentum for the PS3 going (and it is a good console).

    Yes, Sony has lost marketshare and Microsoft probably won't be able to hold the second place for ever but seriously - who really cares at this stage? The Xbox 360 is over 4 years old now and has sold very well. It most probably will sell well for several years more. Same with the PS3. Both have reached a critical mass and I'm pretty sure it no longer matters if either "wins" as we will get good support from games companies for both machines.
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  • SwedBear 03/02/2010

    Murton: Umm, there never was a stock shortage in the US or Japan either so regardless if he is talking about Europe, US or Japan he's simply wrong. Getting a PS3 was never hard even at launch and the months/years after. In fact, has there ever been any problems getting a PS3? Reply +5
  • Dragon Age Ostagar DLC tomorrow

  • SwedBear 04/01/2010

    I'm not sure I want to get more DLC for the game right now. I got the editions which had all the DLC from Steam. I did the Soldiers peak quest and stored loot in the chest there, I got the Golem, I had special armour. Then somewhere along the line while playing I didn't notice that Soldiers peak dissapeared from the map and the guy offering that quest has turned up again at the camp. Then Sten suddenly was almost naked (!) at the camp as his armour just vanished. And now the Golem is bugged.

    Last I looked a few days ago there were no realy solution to this bug more than "go back to a previous save". Considering I'm close to the end I won't do that. It is amazing that the DRm is so crappy that a bug like this can arise. If I had pirated the game I wouldn't have had these issues ....

    What I'm worried about is that this bug stil will exist if I restart the game with a new character .....
    Bloody brilliant game otherwise though ...
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  • PC Saboteur sabotaged by ATI cards

  • SwedBear 10/12/2009

    It's interesting that it was also an EA game, Need for Speed Shift, which ran like a dog on ATI cards when released (I know, I tried to use it for benchmarking but gave up as some tracks really ran really poorly). I'm not sure if the patch to fix this is out yet but to me it still is very damning that a game doesn't work as well as it shoiuld on ATI cards, especially since AMD/ATI has had a very good run with first the HD4xxx-series and now the HD5xxx-series of cards.

    And even though I reviews video cards for my site and have great PC's I must say that I think that you are sticking your head into the ground if you can't agree that this IS a problem with the PC as a gaming platform. I run a lot of different games when I benchmark and I think it's quite often that a game is very otpimized for one card or CPu or that one driver from one company introduces issues with certain combinations etc. (just look at the release notes for NVIDIA and AMD's drivers each month). PC Gaming is great and the variety of hardware combinations you can use is one of the strong points as you always know you can keep the computer up to date but it also introduces a lot of problems for the developers and I think we just need to accept that this is an issue. This is also a reason I for a long time always bought games for my 360 or PS3 since I just wanted hasslefree gaming. Now that the PC (IMHO) has left the 360 and PS3 behind it in terms of performance (I am lucky so I have the latest videocards) I sometimes get games for the PC but not until I checked if there are any issues with the game and the hardware I have.
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  • Retrospective: Crimson Skies

  • SwedBear 25/10/2009

    Eurogamer: I think it is time you fix the icon for "Retro" on the articles. You are still using the Xbox 360 ikon even though it is a Retro-article (for example in this case where it is Retro and PC but uses the Xbox and PC icon on the frontpage).

    I think that is why some think it also is about the Xbox sequel and not the PC original.
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  • DiRT 2 PC dated for Europe

  • SwedBear 22/10/2009

    Actually, the HIS 5850 and the HIS 5770 also have a coupon for Dirt 2 (I'm reviewing them) so you can get the cheaper model and still get the game. Reply +1
  • "PSPgo will fail miserably" - UK retailer

  • SwedBear 07/10/2009

    I would definitely say that we are ready for digital distribution. DD is getting its breakthrough in more and more fields.

    In music is already has had its breakthorugh through iTunes and Amazon. In Europe video download is still rare but in the US iTunes, Netflix, Hulu etc. all are sucessfull examples where accessing video digitally is working fine.

    Books: The Amazon Kindle is finally coming to Europe and already have done a lot of e-books in the US. Audio books are very popular on iTunes.

    Games: Steam, Inferno (Stardock), Xbox Live, PSN, WiiWare, AppStore etc. all are sucessfull and show that DD is actually working fine already.

    Yes, it will be along time until it is the only way we consume media or buy games but I think the age of DD is already here. I agree there is an issue right now with to little competition between services but all we need is to get a few more services to pop up to start getting some compeititon between them. There is no reason except for maybe greediness from publishers why a game could not be availalbe from Steam, Inferno, "Amazon Game Store" (when they get into the game), Direct2Drive etc. and thus we see different pricing between these services.

    The way retailers can still get some money would be to sell Vouchers for games that can be used in the different stores ...

    I guess there still is differnece though between us users. I've gone mainly digital download now with my PC, iPhone and now the PSP and if Xbox Live and PSN started to sell all their games online I probably would start getting most that way. I very rearely sell my old games anyway so the loss of second hand market isn't really a big deal for me. I do see why it is for others though. What's interesting is that there shouldn't really be a reason why digital downloads couldn't be sold second hand either. In fact, you could even make the argument that by providing people a way to resell their DD on a service like Steam it would be possible for the publishers and Steam to get take a small commision fee. True, a second hand sell could mean a loss of a "real" sale but it could also mean a new user that wouldn't have bought it anyway and a way for the publishers to get a small cut of that sale ...
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  • SwedBear 07/10/2009

    I got myself one at launchday and so far I am really satisfied with it.

    The reason I like it is:

    * I like digital distribution. I love being able to just download to my Xbox,PS3, PC (Steam/Inferno), iPhone, Android Phone, NDSi (although Nintendo really suck at providing good stuff) and now the PSP.

    * The formfactor. I used to have a PSP1000 and later a PSP Slim before I sold it. The PSPGo formfactor is so much better (IMHO). It fits very neatly in my pocket and it is basically the size of my iPhone although thicker.

    * Good quality. I wasn't that impressed with the build-quality of my PSP Slim as it felt plastic. The Go in my opinion has better build-quality and feel to it.

    * Surprisingly I like the Go Media program. It is like iTunes but much faster (iTunes is a resource hog). It even picked up all my music on my iPhone so I could transfer it to the PSP.

    I do not miss the UMD at all but that is mainly because I never had a big back catalogue of UMD-discs. So to me it is a fresh start. I do not think the prices are that bad. I'm usually not going around trying to find the absolutely lowest price anyway so the conveniance of being able to just get it when I want even if it is late a night and I realise I want to play game x is a big bonus for me.

    There are things I do not like though. It has slow WIFI (what the heck is that ...? Lucky I can just download via Go Media on any computer), no GPS and cost a bit too much.

    When I first started using it my first though was actually: Sony Ericsson PSP Phone. To me this is the first step towards making a phone with the PSP brand. They could use the formfactor, add touchscreen and tweak the GUI a bit and have a very interesting phone. They already have an "appstore" which they could open up and the hook to the PS3 would give it an edge.

    Yes, I could have gotten a PSP 3000 and downloaded to it but in the end the formfactor of the Go won me over. In the end I wonder if they should have released a PSP-4000 at the same time as the PSPGo so that it was obvious that they now plan to split up the PSP Line into the regular PSP and the PSPGo.
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  • Natal patches for old games unlikely

  • SwedBear 28/09/2009

    I rather have new games where they have thought through how to use the Natal instead of having it tacked onto old games afterwards. Although it did sound interesting aobut Katamari. I guess we might see "Special editions" of some old games instead :). Reply +3
  • Xbox 360 Elite sales up by 43 per cent

  • SwedBear 02/09/2009

    Come on EG. In the actual article you say it is the combined 360 sales that are up 43%, not just the Elite so why haven't you changed the title for the news item? If most of those sales were the Elite I would expect the % increase for the Elite to be much higher than 43%. Reply +3
  • Aion open beta and early access dated

  • SwedBear 31/08/2009

    Hrm, the beta client doesn't want to install on Windows 7 :/. Will have to wait until the full game comes out. Got to say I'm curious about it. Looks and sounds great. Reply 0
  • Japan charts: Dragon Quest IX rules roost

  • SwedBear 24/08/2009

    Actually Nick. You are getting voted down because you are an moron. Think about it - if your posts keep getting voted down in every thread you are in, maybe the issue isn't "Xbox 360 fanboys" but the simple fact that you are doing the PS3 and its followers a HUGE disserivce by even living and breathing on this planet.

    Getting a few negative votes is one thing, getting 5,10,15 or more negative votes - that's a clear indication that your opinion simply isn't interesting to anyone else than maybe your mother or any of your fellow trolls.
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  • Bionic Commando dev shuts down

  • SwedBear 13/08/2009

    Sad. They used to have a "office" close to me in Huddinge/Sweden and I even visited them for PC Gamer (Swed edition) when they were working on Ballistics. I think I still have the review copy of Ballistics somewhere which was codes with my name in it so they would know if I leaked it :/.

    I think ballistics could have been a nice XBLA/PSN game ..
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  • Microsoft answers Live Tenure queries

  • SwedBear 12/08/2009

    no info on that for me either. I've had live since the Xbox though so should be a high number ... but I guess they count from the start of xbox360. Reply 0
  • Flash in the pan

  • SwedBear 01/08/2009

    I've yet seen any ads or push to promote the idea that Netbooks are for gaming so I'm not sure what this article actually is talking about?

    I had a eeePC900 and now a eeePC 1000H and both have been very nice for what they were designed. I brought my eeePC 1000H to a conference in Madrid and it was a brilliant machine. I could work in Open Office (and while I prefer a larger keyboard I think the eeePC1000H for example has a perfectly adequat keyboard) and even do some Dreamweaver work over VPn for work. During the flight to and from Madrid (from/to Sweden) I watched several episodes of Supernatural that I had ripped and Is till had a lot of battery time left when I got home.

    The reason there is a lot of people that are not satisfied with Netbooks is because a lot of people, just like you apparently, haven't figured out what they are for. They aren't desktop replacements. They are for surfing and other stuff that you do not need a super CPU/GPU for or a huge screen for (when I'm home I usually hook it up to a large screen though).

    As for build quality - that's nonsense. My eeepc is very well built and I see no real difference to any "proper" notebooks I've had.

    Yes - netbooks aren't for hard-core gaming but that shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.
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  • Real-time HD video encoding on PS3?

  • SwedBear 21/07/2009

    Wouldn't it had been interesting to include some encoding programs that can use the GPU's? I'm thinking of Badaboom, Cyberlink MediaShow Expresso etc.? Reply 0
  • 360 owners unlock fourth BF1943 map

  • SwedBear 15/07/2009

    "On the upside, BF1943 on the PS3 is 100% lag free in my experience. "

    Actually my experience of the 360-version is that it is lagfree and that it now is easy to join games. I rarely have issues anymore to join games so they must have added a bunch of servers now.
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  • Battlefield 1943

  • SwedBear 10/07/2009

    nicktegun: I'm playing it at 720p on my 360 and I certainly don't notice any tearing. Going to up to 1080p to see if that might where you get it.

    It's a brilliant game. I oved BF1942 and I love this. It brings back memories ... now get us some more maps like the European maps ... Battle of Britain was quite fun. And the one with the hill with tons of AT-guns ..
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  • Google announces operating system

  • SwedBear 08/07/2009

    I anything this is a direct competitor to the Moblin OS that Intel is pushing. I installed it today and while not running directly in a browser it is a very slimmed and quite nice interface.

    About Google making an OS ... when will someone start to question Google's influence and acess to our data?

    Google now gets tons of data from our searches
    They get our surfing habits through adsense which you find basically everywhere now
    Many many sites use Google Analytics for their stats which gives google even more info about your surfing habits
    Gmail gives them access to the contents of all mail (for ad-purposes and anonymously but still ...)
    Everyone using Google Docs, Google Calendar etc. again gives Google access to the content
    The Android OS is tightly tied to all Google services
    Chrome at least in the beginning was collecting surfing data

    And now they want to create another OS for Netbooks etc. which most probably will give them even more data of surfing bhabits, app usage etc., all for their purpose to serve ads ...

    At which point will they have access to too much data? If it was any other company that google (imagine if Microsoft did this) people would be up in arms but just because Google say "do no harm" and are "cool and hip" it is ok?

    Don't get me wrong. I use some Google services and am currently trying to learn programming in Android for my HTC Magic so I'm not necessarily anti-Google. I just think that people are taking Google's data-mining a bit lighter than they would if it was any other company. The idea that in some distant future we would all run Google OS on our computer, Google OS on our phones, Google Gmail, Google Search, use various Google Apps to do all our office stuff, GTalk fo messaging, Youtube for videos, Picassa for images etc. etc. - doesn't it scare anyone else that we are handing that much data to one company?
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  • PS3 price fixation "short-term thinking"

  • SwedBear 08/07/2009

    If you want to argue who is doing well or not well this generation you definitely have to look at the conditions at the start of this generation. Neither Nintendo or Microsoft had managed to even dent the Sony PS2 with the Gamecube or the Xbox. Everyone thus expected the Sony PS3 to wipe the floor with the competition.

    As I see it both Microsoft and Nintendo (of course Nintendo much more) should be satisifed with how their system are performing. I'm sure Microsoft would have wanted to crack the "casual" market and probably are jelous of the Wii-success but the fact is that the Xbox 360 is doing well, much better than the Xbox.

    The fact that Sony still only manages to almost catch up with the Xbox 360 (and they have had some help with the fact that Microsoft still haven't cracked how to succeed on the Japanese market) with all those hundred of millions of PS2 users, that to me is a failure on Sony's part. To go from a 70-80-90% market share (not sure what the PS2 had in the end) to basically equal to the Xbox 360, that IS a serious miscalculation. Or are we seriously to belive that Sony internally said that "lets make it an expensive luxury item and sacrifice our marketshare"?

    I think the PS3 is slowly coming down to a good pricepoint (I bought mine when it came out and to be honest, it feels a bit of a stupid decision now as it isn't until now that it is starting to get games I like) but it also is now facing a different market. Bluray players are now getting quite cheap and there is a financial crunch going on.
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  • Battlefield Heroes

  • SwedBear 08/07/2009

    The missions are not much more than what we've got in many other games and mainly are "get x kills in vehicle", "get infantry kills in 1 game" etc. The fact that I cannot choose new missions without having to jump out of a game is again a odd decision as it sucks having to leave the occasinal good server just to choose new "missions" and hoping there's room left when you go back (if you made it a favourite server).

    And I fail to see what the missions have to do with not changing class. It still sucks and it's annoying not even being able to change your weapons/load depending on maps. "Should I go with the grenade or the sticky bomb?". On a map without vehicles the sticky bomb is quite useless but on other maps great. True, I can select only to play on certain types of maps but why do I have to choose?

    It's minor annoyances but all together it at least affect my enjoyment of the game (and I'm a real Battlefield fan, played all games to death).

    As I ran into a stupid bug tonight (my main char no longer can play as he is "kicked by server (1)". A new char can play though so I started a gunner to level him up. Ran into issues with lots of lag, connection problems and opposing teams who was consisting of nothing but snipers. Occasionally it was fun again but for the most part it was frustrating.

    My main gripe though still is that they need to start getting new content out. The maps are getting stale already (IMHO of course).
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  • SwedBear 06/07/2009

    Been playing this now since it was launched (got into the beta but never had time to play) and 5-6 is about right for me. I've been playing every day since the release and I'm already getting bored. It desperatly needs more maps.

    It's fun in very small doses. I definitely hate the fact that I can't switch between roles with my main character. I selected a gunner and am now up to level .... 9 I think and it feels odd tyhat I have to start at level 1 with a gunner and a scout isntead of just being able to switch my main char.

    Nah, more looking forward to Battlefield 1943 this week on the Xbox.
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  • Carmack: Software holding back iPhone

  • SwedBear 11/06/2009

    Jetson: Nope - it's Apple and they clearly loath the idea of a replacable battery :). So it's not possible to put a new battery in.

    penhalion: I'm sure there are some optimizations that can be done, turn off some background tasks while just leaving the most critical (like receiving calls) - if you install one of the memory cleaner apps you see that there are a few processes going on at all time. But I agree - it is definitely not comparable to a PSP or NDS where the hardware can be accessed exclusively. At the same time the iPhone is slowly started to be marketed a bit like a "PSP/NDS-killer" and a games machine so to me there seems to be a bit of a conflict.
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  • SwedBear 11/06/2009

    My main gripe right now for the iPhone as a gaming machine is the battery life. My iPhone has tons of games on it and many of them are really really good (which I never thought would happen so I'm glad to be wrong). However - I've realized that playing most of the games drains my battery really fast unless it really just is a short burst while waiting for the train. In contrast my NDSi (and even the PSPS when I had one) could play for much much longer.

    If the new iPhone really has that much better battery life (and that is not just sucked up by developers using even more features in the games that drain battery) then it might fix this problem but for now - if I expect to do a longer trip I still rather play on my NDSi than on my iPhone. For short burst of gaming the iPhone works greath though (even though I must admit that the majority of games and programs I buy/download kind of never gets played/used after a week or so - not sure why ..).

    On a sidenote I'm hoping the the Android plattform starts getting more similar games as my imported HTC Magic should be here tomorrow :).

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  • E3: Post-Natal Discussion

  • SwedBear 05/06/2009

    I am very intrigued by this technology and together with the voice recognition I think it has some very cool potentials. In the end though it comes down to what the developers come up with.

    To me the potential is together with the controller. Not use Natal for every little control but combine it with the regular conrtoller. To me that's a more appealing that the Wiimote/Nunchuck/PS3 Wand control.

    In my mind this should work brillantly for an RTS. Simply gesture in the air in front of you like you would do if you pointed on a screen (Minority Report style) and circle around units, tap in the air to send units to places, do a movement with the hand to bring up an meny and tap in the air to select something etc. etc.

    But in the end the developers need to come through (just as they have to with the Wiimote/Wand). I think MS has given them some nice tech to work with though.

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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • SwedBear 02/06/2009

    septimus: umm, MS showed a lot of games too. I think Sony and MS so far have both done a good job showing off actually good games. Reply 0
  • SwedBear 02/06/2009

    I got access to the Uncharted 2 MP beta through pre-ordering Infamous and now I'm pretty excited at testing it. I liked the first one (a bit short) so it's definitely a game I will get. Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • SwedBear 01/06/2009

    GH/Rock Band should of course be played for fun, not as a tool for learning a instrument. Get some beer and a few mates and I think even you would though out badman09 :). As for Wii Music - not my type of game but I wonder if it could be seen as the modern equivalent to kids dressing up as their favourite band and doing sing-back like we did when I was young (Kizz for the win!!) ..? In fact, that would be a cool game I guess for kidz. Have some proper recordings (not the midi-music) and let kidz just do sing-back in front of the TV :). Reply 0
  • SwedBear 01/06/2009

    Domovoi: thanks - I jsut saw they had put up the list. And whooohooo - Sweden are in there. Here's hoping that they also get some good movies and TV-shows in there. Reply 0
  • SwedBear 01/06/2009

    beemoh: You missed my edit. I appologize for the first comment.

    However - I couldn't care less if someone doesn't like causal games. As I said I'm not really a fan of most of them and thus do not buy them. However - a lot of the comments made in this thread are far more than just disliking casual games. What I dislike is the comments that are looking down on casual games like they someohow are inferior and will taint the console that has them. It is one thing to just not like them, another to actually getting upset that MS is also trying to get those types of games - like the fact that theya re on the plattform somehow will affect the gaming experience of others.

    It is the notion that having casual games on a plattform somehow is a bad thing that is pissing me off. And that has nothing to do with just not liking casual games. If the Wii had enough more serious titles that appealed to me I would buy it again in a heartbeat regardless if the rest of the catalouge doesn't interest me.

    As for Wii Music. In my opinion it got panned because it was a bad game whit a lack of content and interaction. I guess I can agree that you can call it "Too casual" just as a game like Steel Battalion was "too hard core" but I really do not see what it has to do with anything I guess as I see each of those games as extremes on the opposite side. We've had pretty non-interactive games before (remember all those horrible FMV-mobies games on the PC for example) so I do not see Wii Music as some sort of trend.
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  • SwedBear 01/06/2009

    So, anyone seen any mention of the countries that will get the movies and TV-downloads? Since we do not even have movies over iTunes it would be a major breakthrough if MS finally cracked the licencing problems and got us downloads here in Sweden (and other countries). Reply 0
  • E3: 360 getting Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm

  • SwedBear 01/06/2009

    Yay!! Video-store in Sweden. Will be interesting to see what kind of content we are getting there. Maybe this will get Apple to finally get some licensing deals done and offer the same in iTunes here.

    As for webbrowser. I'm not rally fan of webrowsing on the Wii etc. so I personally rather take good GUI:s for the services on the 360. It's a bit like on the iPhone. Yes, I can use the browser for stuff like Facebook, Twitter etc. but I still rather use the apps that bring a good frontend to the services tailormade for my iPhone.
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