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  • Sunless Sea review

  • SwedBear 06/02/2015

    Oh crap. I do not really have time to play this but I'm sold and will get it tonight. Who needs sleep anyway. Sounds absolutely fantastic! Reply 0
  • Windows 10 will let you stream Xbox One games to PC, tablets

  • SwedBear 21/01/2015

    I think this is great. I already stream some games from my gaming PC in the basement to my laptop in the livingroom and now I will be able to add Xbox One games - great. Why I don't game in the basement? Because I have kids and sometimes I prefer to be upstairs closer to them (they are small) while still being able to do other stuff.

    I don't get the negativity from some people here. DX12 was mentioned. Getting similar Xbox features for PC was mentioned (and Steam-games seemed to intergrated great). New games would be talked about at GDC.
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  • BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Xbox One today

  • SwedBear 04/12/2014

    I'm still wondering why BBC iPlayer is available for non-UK users on the iPad (i've subscribed for a few years, really nice) and still not on any other plattform including Android. Reply +1
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • SwedBear 04/12/2014

    Isn't the idea pretty good though with the Xbox One season pass, that you get all episodes except the first one? That means you can get the first one, find if you like it and then just pay for the rest or skip them. It sounds like the PS4 season pass basically forces you to either buy for episode 1, find that you like it and then pay for the episode again with the price of the season-pass?

    Or did I miss something?
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  • Star Wars: X-Wing and Tie Fighter re-releasing on PC

  • SwedBear 28/10/2014

    @masterofchaz In a perfect world that would happen ..... although they probably would ruin it with microtransactions ...

    Seriously though - I would love to see them take a chance and do a new X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. I miss those types of space games. Yes, there are some similar games from minor developers but the Star War-universe has so much in it so you can create so much better stories with it .. going to buy this ASAP just to show support.
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  • Microsoft rolls out Xbox One October system update

  • SwedBear 16/10/2014

    DNLA and mkv support is really cool. Add that the recently released Plex-app and the XBone has become a really nice media player. Reply +20
  • Frontier reveals Elite: Dangerous launch price

  • SwedBear 15/09/2014

    weebl: Is it hard to set up with the OCR DKII? I have it unpacked (have been planning to start playing with it and programing some stuff but as always ... time ...) but I am really fired up testing it with Elite. Reply 0
  • Destiny beta now available to download on Xbox One

  • SwedBear 23/07/2014

    @Radamel Posted one in the Xbox One forum (Xbox One thread), not sure if anyone took it yet. Reply 0
  • Video: Divinity Original Sin live stream

  • SwedBear 03/07/2014

    Ok, steam key no longer here :). And yes, a fantastic game! An old-school Western RPG. Looks great, plays great. And so far really fun. Reply +2
  • SwedBear 02/07/2014

    I actually forgot I backed this in Kickstarter. In fact, My pledge level is giving me an extra steam key so anyone who are interested in the game send me a pm and you can get it for free. Reply +2
  • Remember Desert Strike? Meet Killstorm

  • SwedBear 29/03/2014

    Backed. Love the look. But as been said controller support is a must. Must also admit I would love to play this on a Nvidia Shield or at least on a Android tablet with a MOGA controller. If you do Android too consider adding Shiled/MOGA-support. Reply 0
  • Xbox One's limited edition Titanfall controller looks like this

  • SwedBear 16/01/2014

    I kind of like it. yeah, the colors are bright but I like some splash of color in my life. Wonder if anyone in Sweden will carry it. Reply 0
  • Spelunky PC review

  • SwedBear 08/08/2013

    FWIW - I got a Nvidia Shield and installed it on my PC that I use to test game-streaming from. Even if this game isn't on the "approved list" yet it works absolutely beautifully on the Nvidia Shield. No lag and the controls really work well. So far I've been impressed with the game streaming to the Shield and sitting in the sofa playing this is perfect. Reply +4
  • £5 Halo: Spartan Assault released

  • SwedBear 21/07/2013

    @ahrmon tell me about it. I wanted to play some games while on the ferry between Gotland (island) and mainland of Sweden (3 hour trip) and got frustrated because so many games on the iPad and the Note 8.0 that I had with me requiered a online connection for some reason.

    It sucks though and I would hope that more games let you sync when you come online instead of stopping you playing.
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  • SwedBear 21/07/2013

    Same old grumpy miserable gamers as usual at Eurogamer. "buhu, it's win8 only".

    I picked it up for my Surface RT:

    - The graphics are really good. Some of the later "levels" have gorgeus graphics where you fight high up and can look down and see fighting below.

    - Each "mission" is very short, a few minutes or so. It is kind of a score attack as you get stars for how good you scored at the end. Since this game is a "simulation for spartans to learn from mistaces" it "works". Also, since it is a mobile game being able to play it in small chunks works well.

    - Yes there is in-app-purchases but in my opinion it is not badly done and even more importantly, pretty useless. I played the first few missions without buying any currency and then for fun bought 1000 coins. What you can do with it is select a different weapon for main and secondary weapon (spartan laser and rocketlauncher) and they cost 30-40 coins each per mission. There also always is one extra weapon you can buy for experience points. The thing is, I don't need the extra weapons. The boast I guess is ok but you can choose between extra score or extra damage and I choose extra score all the time and never felt I had to buy anything.

    I've played ... 13 missions so far (on C4 in Operation Monolith) and I guess at some point I might feel I need to by something but definitely not now. You also can pick up weapons during the mission so again, no real need.

    - Touch controls work very well. I've always felt that touch controls does not work well in the games I've tried for iPad and Android but I think they almost nailed it here. The only thing I seem to have a problem with is the grenades which I often miss with because I havent turned my spartan to the right direction. I wanted to try it with a xbox 360 controller and I am sure it will work even better ut 13 missions in and I do not miss it at all.

    - The game is pretty easy but you can turn up the difficulty by applying up to 2 "skulls". Each skull has one influence. There's one that makes your shield drain when you shoot and another which only regenerate your shield after a melee attack. What you get back is more experience points.

    I don't know if there is another big "story" after "Operation Monolith" with its 25 missions but I cant wait to find out.

    This is a game that should have been out with Surface RT when it launched. It really shows off how good a mobile game can be.

    Big thumbs up from me.
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  • Microsoft cautious on Windows 8 success: "we realise that change takes time"

  • SwedBear 07/05/2013

    @DrStrangelove It's weird if they still resist and just don't give people the option to choose. I could see a combined start-button which has the traditional look and then with a button expands Metro.

    Luckily there is a lot of nice start-menu apps now that do a good job. There's always room for third-party developers to come in and fix Microsoft's oversights :).
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  • SwedBear 07/05/2013

    @oupe Simple. Within minutes of this thread getting going almost every posts that had anything positive to say about Win8 got downvoted.

    I guess I just have different opinions on when to use the downvote-feature compare to some others. To me it should be used when people are trolling, being rude etc. but not when you simply disagree since it isn't really fun when peoples opinions get hidden. the discussions get a bit one-sided that way.
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  • SwedBear 07/05/2013

    To some extend you can tailor the Metro-GUI to your liking. I also do not use much of the apps there so I removed most of them and simply put up icons for the apps that I normally use from the start meny and group them.

    This for me has made the Metro GUI more of a big start menu where I can see all my main apps at once. True, you could pin apps to the start menu in Win7 above all the folders so its just another way of doing the same.

    I think MS should have made it an option right from the start to go to Metro or desktop and to have the start-button or not. that would have saved them a lot of bad press. At the same time I guess they thought it would risk making it a feature few used like Mission Control in OSX which I don't know many Mac users actually use (I don't and none of my 10-15 friends with Macs).

    I think it is good if they eat the humble pie and accept they were wrong to push so hard for the Metro GUI.
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  • SwedBear 07/05/2013

    Of for fuck sake. Are some people actually down-voting posts that are positive to Windows 8? If you disagree why not just engage in a mature debate instead of downvoting because you disagree. As long as the posts are not trolling, rude or in any other way disruptive, why downvote? Goes for both sides BTW. Reply +3
  • SwedBear 07/05/2013

    I have it both on laptops and my desktop. I use Start8 on my desktop så I can boot to desktop and thus if I like I can have it look and feel like WIn7 while popping back to the Metro.GUI when I want. With a good mouse I find the Metro GUI actually works ok for me.

    The Metro GUI does really work well on touchscreens though.

    What they need to fix is the abysmal Windows Store though. I'm not talking about the app-selection but the GUI. Going into subcategories and getting those horrible small icons is crap. App discovery really sucks compared to APP-store and Google Play. There are nice touches like how easy it is to find out which of your apps is not installed on one of your computers and install them all at once but the GUi really IMHO needs a lot of work.
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  • Wreck-It Ralph movie review

  • SwedBear 08/02/2013

    Just seen it and I love it. I'm a sucker for good animated movies though but I think they built up a great world around gaming. Oh, and since I love Sue Sylvester in Glee (ok ok, I know people here hate that show) I love it how they let the actress basically do the same character here in the movie (she's the one playing the bad-ass lady soldier).

    I had no high hopes about the movie but it surprised me.
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  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes review

  • SwedBear 29/01/2013

    Anyone know when the Android-version is out? Reply 0
  • Double Fine's accidentally-released iOS game now officially available

  • SwedBear 14/12/2012

    FWIW - regarding IOS vs Android spending - this is slowly changing and just a few weeks ago there were some reports about Android slowly closing in on IOS when it comes to spending. There still is a difference but not as big as before.

    Yes, IOS has a lot more games but the downside to that is discovery is harder. It doesn't matter if there is a big userbase if people can't find your game among all the other thousand games.

    Android on the other hand has the issue of having so many devices and os-versions so it takes more effort to make sure the game runs well on as many devices as possible.

    That said, it does look like slowly more and more games are indeed released both on Android and IOS so more and more publishers see the benefit to reach as many users as possible.
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  • iPad mini review

  • SwedBear 10/11/2012

    I bought one a few days ago to complement my iPad3 and Nexus 7 (I am a gadget-freak + do development where I need to test on many devices) and I guess it is a solid performer but I'm not really blow away by it.

    I still think IOS is starting to look tired. Row after row of icons .... a lacking notification-area .... I wish they tried to evolve the interface a bit. I much prefer the Android flexibility where I can just put up a row of icons and folders but also Widgets etc. which adds a lot to the experience (all IMHO of course). And the notification-area on Android is soooooo much better.

    One addition to Android in 4.2 that to me will make a lot of difference is the ability to have user-accounts. My kids borrow my N7 and iPad all the time (even though they have their own iPad2) and to be able to set up an account for them with limited app availability will be soooo nice.

    While I understand why the need to keep the aspect ratio, I still do not like the 4:3 aspect-ratio. 16:9/16:10 still in my book is far more useful for a 7"-tablet whether it is for reading, watching movies or playing games. For web surfing 4:3 offers a bit more space so if surfing is your main attraction then iPad Mini works fine. I think the Nexus 7 works fine for browsing too but you get a bit less visible site. Safari is still much smoother on many pages though when scrolling. Google should work on that.

    The screen of the Mini is actually pretty nice, a bit brighter than the Nexus 7. But of course the Nexus 7 screen is very nice AND the extra resolution is noticable, for example when reading books or surfing the web. The thin bezel actually is a bit of a problem for me. I know Apple have some sort of trickery back to ignore thumbs but I ran into a few games, for example Tiny Wings HD where my thumb at the side blocked pressing stuff in the middle. Speaking of which, I also had issues with having to press buttons in the App Stores twice or three times just to start downloading stuff. It felt as the screen was not registering presses as good as the other iPads or the NExus 7. I need more time to see if this is a common issue or I just was unlucky.

    While the Mini might have more raw power than the Nexus 7 I haven't really found many games that run poorly on the Nexus 7. And finally Android is getting a lot of apps and games so even while IOS have the upper hand in my opinion you will be able to get hold of tons of great apps and games regardless what you choose.

    As for build-quality. Google had issues with some Nexus 7 screens at the beginning but my two N7's neither have the problem. I actually do not see a big difference in build quality. I have the black iPad Mini and while it looks nice with the black back-side it already have attracted a lot of fingerprints. The rubberized backside of the N7 is to me much nicer and also helps the grip.

    The iPad Mini is a nice pad and I am actually considering selling my iPad3 (even though the screen is nice - a Nexus 10 will replace it) and just keep the iPad Mini as my "IOS"-fix. I still rate the N7 higher though and for once it feels like Apple has been chasing Google/Android instead of the other way around (on tablets that is).
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  • Anonymous threatens to burn Zynga on Guy Fawkes Night

  • SwedBear 29/10/2012

    megatronx: That sounds great until they accidently out a innocent person as pedofile or "other scum". Sorry, as much as it sounds like a great idea the thought of having a bunch of self-proclaimed internet-police roaming around does not make me feel safer. There is a reason we have a system with police, judge, jury etc. because we need to make sure that we do not hang people because something we think.

    Lynch-mobs is something that we left in the dark ages and it should stay there.

    As have been said Anonymous is not really a defined group so there is nothing saying that "this" Anonymous group is the same as the "Anonymous group" that attacked Swedish websites or the same as the group that has helped Wikileaks. In fact, there were reports of some older Anonymous getting pissed at the ones using the name for the attack at Swedish websites.

    Vaarna: I am always stunned and sad that there still are people who treat companies as some sort of evil entities. I guess that watching to many movies are to blame.
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  • Notch refuses to certify Minecraft for Windows 8

  • SwedBear 27/09/2012

    Vash63: And who is forcing developers into having LiveTiles? Or having to make a version running on ARM and x86? What are stopping them from creating games exactly as today and releasing them through Steam, Origin, boxed copy whatever and being installed in the same manner as in Windows 7?

    Yes, if you want to have Live Tiles or get your app into the Metro GUI then you have to go through the store but nothing is stopping you from just letting you app/game work as before and still get that icon into the Metro GUI. or did I just dream up that Guild War 2 has an icon for me to click on and start the game or Charles Proxy having an icon there?

    Sure, it would be nice if Win8 ARM was as open as Android but I think it is a bit sad to see people yelling about the sky falling down just because Microsoft is choosing to let its mobile version of Win8 work as iOS does and curating apps/games.

    Every time a Windows version is coming out people are running around claiming that Microsoft is doing this or that to stop people from running programs. Before Vista came out people claimed you would not be able to watch ripped videos. And I've lost count how many times people claimed that Microsoft would stop open-source software from being installed. And so far it hasn't happened.

    But I guess we'll see. As long as you are able to install games and apps from outside the store I do not see any risk of the platform being locked down. And I think even Microsoft understands it would mean it shot itself in the foot as the openess of the plattform is what has made it thrive.
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  • SwedBear 27/09/2012

    Must admit I'm not sure exactly what is the problem with Win8 for him.
    I run the final version (Technet sub) on both a laptop (rMBP in Bootcamp) and now on a proper desktop I built for it and I'm having no issues what-so-ever installing games etc. that hasn't been certified and even have their icons in the "Metro"-GUI.

    Yes, if you want to get into the Win8 store I guess they want to certify to both make sure that it works as a Metro app (and on the ARM, version? or can that be separate) as well as get a cut but it is not like they are stopping you from getting programs from any other source?

    What is the difference from the Mac App Store? Or Google Play? or AppStore (well, I guess on iOS it is a true closed system).

    You could see Microsoft as the LAST company getting into the app store business after the others so throwing a hissy fit feels a bit unfair towards MS, especially since they so far have NOT made any comments about closing Windows 8 from installing programs from outside the store. If any company would do that I would expect Apple to be first.

    As for Win8 ARM devices I see no difference from any other mobile stores.

    I guess right now it is "cool" to hate Win8 and go after it. I'm still not sure why people get so upset. I've grown used to the Metro UI and actually like it as a replacement for the start meny as I have all the important programs there (people seem to forget you can customize it) as well as nice live tiles with info I want to see at a glance (a reason I also like Widgets in Android) but when I need/want to be in the regular desktop it is a click away. When working I usually am in that view and then the difference towards Win7 superficially isn't that big. I do like the new nice features in the US though in Win8, like the nice window showing transfer speed with a graph when copying or the ribbon gui in windows.

    I still use Steam in Win8, I still install regular games and apps, I still can play games - so why are so many seeing Win8 as a step towards Microsoft closing Windows? I just don't get it.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 on PS4? Yamauchi "aiming for the latest technology"

  • SwedBear 28/07/2012

    @edrerai : Um, not sure where you get your info but Windows 7 can certainly use OpenGL. What is needed is the correct driver and as long as you have a relatively new videocard you just need to install the latest drivers. Reply 0
  • CSR Racing dev defends controversial in-app purchases

  • SwedBear 18/07/2012

    The problem for me is that this now is leading to games where you artificially create slow progress to get people to pay to actually be able to continue play without having to grind grind grind.

    Even if they allowed you to pay upfront it would not matter as the whole game modell would still be geared towards getting you to pay to get forward.

    People say "just don't play these games " but the problem is that I see this popping up in game after game afte game, even game you pay for. "Buy 500 coins". "Buy 500 crystals". If the game had a perfect difficulty curve where you earn just enough coin/crystal/whatever during gameplay so that you can slowly improve your character/car/etc. then these "buy xxx" would not be successful. So the developer will automatically make sure that it is just a bit to tedious to grind to earn stuff so that you give up and give the $1.99 for some coins and then later do it again and again.

    A perfect example is the game Strikefleet Omega. I really like the game. You have big spaceships and defend against attackers. At first you feel you can earn enough coins/stars to upgrade and buy new ships. But then suddenly the ships start costing another currency, one which is extremely hard to get hold of in the game. So to keep buying new ships/upgrading you either have to play a 1000 years or pay ...

    I'm tired of this development ... I don't want to feel nickled and dimed in every game. I want to feel that I can progress in the game without either having to spend tons of time to grind or money to upgrade. But right now I can't help to feel that more and more games are doing this ....

    But as it has been said - as long as people are paying and supporting this model it is here to stay. I've decided not to do it but I feel I'm in a minority. The idea that this might be the future of gaming makes me sad ...
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  • What happens when you're disconnected from Diablo 3 servers

  • SwedBear 16/05/2012

    Considering the hate that Ubisoft got with their always-online DRM I must say I am surprised how little uproar there have been over Blizzard doing the same.

    While I have an connection 99% of the time at home I was actually planning on putting this on my laptop so I could play it during some longer trips this summer, trips where I frequently won't have a connection. But I guess it means I will have to play another game instead.

    My collegue at work just showed me his copy and was so happy, at least until I told him about the DRM. He had completely missed that and also had planned to put it on his laptop.
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  • Vita being outsold by PSP and Wii in Europe

  • SwedBear 29/04/2012

    @dagas Nope, it's not. Cheapest PS3 is the 160 Gb which according to Prisjakt goes for 1900 SEK while the 250 GB 360 goes for 1800 SEK. The 4 GB 360 is of course even cheaper. But you are right that the price has fallen a lot and there is no reason not to own both systems now Reply 0
  • Police Warfare Kickstarter cancelled

  • SwedBear 23/04/2012

    Actually - I wouldn't say it stays in Escrow even as nothing is drawn from your credit card until the Kickstarter attempt has succeeded. So the money is not reserved in advanced, at least that is not what has happened in the Kickstarter-projects I have funded.
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  • HTC One X Review

  • SwedBear 12/04/2012

    @Antonyw999 : Seriously - get a replacement because what you are talking about is NOT how it should work.

    I have the OneX and the screen is not insensitive, it certainly does not run out of battery in 5 hours unless you sit and play or watch movies 5 hours straight (I watched Tintin over hTC Watch and that 1.45min movie drained about 20% or so of my battery) so something is seriously wrong with it. It sounds like you might have a bad app draining the battery.

    As for the messaging app: true, it does set the size to medium after a restart of the phone. It's either a bug or a design choice. You do realize there are other messaging-apps you can get if you do not like hTC's?

    I can't compare to the Galaxy Note (will lend my mothers this weekend) but overall my OneX is faster than my Galaxy Nexus in many tasks.
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  • SwedBear 12/04/2012

    I've had a bunch of Android phones and got the OneX to replace a galaxy Nexus. I'm loving this phone. I think Sense 4.0 is a hug step up from older versions and is a perfect compromise between the vanilla Android and a customized version. it gives some nice extras without adding tons of bloat. It runs really smooth on my phone.

    I love the screen. yes it is big but I'm having a hard time going back to 4.3" and smaller these days. Together with the higher resolution I think it looks brilliant.

    the camera IMHO is great to. I compared it to my GN taking photos with both at the same place and time and the OneX have much nicer quality. While I didnt really want to take a lot of photos with my GN I've now taken a ton of photos of my kids while out and playing and they all look very nice.

    As for batterylife - I've found it to be adequate. I do a lot of things during the day, surfing, reading Kindle books, checking mail, listening to spotify and so far it has always been able to last from morning (7 am) to 7-8 evening when I get home with battery to spare.

    My own experience with smartphones, iPhones/Android/WinPhone, is that you need to charge them all in the evening anyway so as long that it last me until evening I'm good. BTW - it is nice that it really does not need a lot of battery when idling. A few times I forgot to charge it during the night and it has just dropped a few % during the night.

    The screen does need battery and unless you turn down the brightness a bit you will run out in 4-5 hours but in my experience that is the case with basically any smartphone these days.

    I'm really loving the phone - to me it is the best Android-phone I've had so far (I've had HTC Magic, Acer Liquid, HTC DHD, Nexus One, Samsung galaxy, LG Optimux X2, Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and of course a few iPhones) - in fact, to me it is the best phone I've had of all brands and OS'es.
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  • App of the Day: Cafeteria Nipponica

  • SwedBear 12/04/2012

    I love all the Kairosoft games even if they really are the same over and over again. My favorite is Epic Astro Story. Being a Star trek junkie it is fun to see all the variation of Star trek names in it. Also fun as you expand the playing field and find more and more stuff.

    the racing game also is fun ... as is the footy game ... damn - I really am a Kairosoft Junkie. Probably not a good idea to start playing this then ...
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  • New iPad Review

  • SwedBear 02/04/2012

    I'm underwhelmed. As a gadget freak I upgraded my 64 Gb iPad2 to a 32 Gb 4G iPad3. I knew that 4G didn't work in Sweden but I'm still a bit baffled that they couldn't release a 4G version that worked outside of US with 4G.

    The screen probably is nice but I thought I would be much more blown away. And this is looking at games that take advantage of the new screen.

    Thing is - I also have a Asus Transformer Prime and I honestly cannot see what the new iPad has over it except for the higher res screen that I for now do not really need. Oh, and of course a better selection of apps and games. And considering my prime and my Galaxy Nexus is filled with games and apps (yes, contrary to Eurogamer's opinion that there are no games for Android i think it now has a decent to good selection) it's not like the Prime is useless on that area.

    My biggest gripe though with the iPad 3 is that Apple still is holding on to the tired grid of icons. in my very own humble opinion iOS is feeling tired and in desperate need of an update. think iPad3 with its screen and widget support .... I guess I will have to look at the new high res Prime for that.

    Oh, and as for USB. I really miss it on my iPad and I use it often on my Prime.
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  • Angry Birds Space sees incredible early success

  • SwedBear 26/03/2012

    @parablax Umm, you realize you can zoom in? Reply 0
  • SwedBear 26/03/2012

    I'm extremely happy they released a premium version for android without ads. although the HD-version is a bit of a rip-off as it just adds support for 1024x800 (.. or was it 1280x800 ...) but really does not make the game look any better on my Prime (had to test so I got all 3 versions installed. I think the "regular" version looks just as good as the "HD" version.

    The only reason I can think they already are readying a HD-version for android is to have a separate version to upgrade for the 1920xXXX-tablets coming out soon.

    As for the game. Love it. Nice twist on the old formula.
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  • Happy Action Theater Review

  • SwedBear 13/02/2012

    Ok, time to put up the Xbox and hook up Kinnect again because this will my 3.5 love. Thanks for a great review! nice to see a kids game be reviewed as a kids game and not from the perspective of a jaded gamer. Reply +3
  • Valve announces Steam smartphone app

  • SwedBear 26/01/2012

    Wouldn't this be the perfekt first step for proper Steam on a phone, at least for Android which supports separate appstores?

    I definitely could see them start offering games etc. directly from the app and at the same time tie it into the whole steam-network with chat, leaderboards etc.
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  • Most played Xbox 360 games of 2011 revealed

  • SwedBear 08/01/2012

    Why are shooters taking so many top spots? It's because they are usually games that you play a lot online and thus rake up a lot of online minutes which in the end will mean that on a list like this they will come high up. A great game that maybe takes 10 hours to finish and you then do not play won't get as much minutes as a shooter where it is easy to get 20-30-40-50 hours of gameplay.

    Lets face it, shooters and sports games are competitive and a lot of people love to play competitive. Do we really think a list for the PS3 would be much different? And the only reason a list for the Wii would be different is because it sucks for fps and sports games.

    I like both weird games and fps-games and I certainly do not think one is better than the other.
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  • The new Eurogamer - four days on

  • SwedBear 28/10/2011

    I use latest Chrome on a Mac book pro and I do not have the problem. Rockmelt (also built on Chrome) also works. Going to test on PC later tonight to see if I get the same. Weird issue.
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  • SwedBear 28/10/2011

    Haven't seen this mentioned but In all the comments threads I see now all the comments with lots of negatives still is visible until I downrate myself. I thought the "Score"-setting (-1 for me) would hide the -2 and lower automatically as before?

    Also, as I came to the last comment in this article I realized I had to scroll to the top to post? I rather would have either post-window in both places (top/bottom) or at the bottom.

    The colors for reputation are IMHO way to light, at least on my screen. Almost impossible to see the +-character.

    Keep up the good work! As a web-developer I know how hard it is to roll out new versions of a site.
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  • Apple announces iPhone 4S

  • SwedBear 04/10/2011

    Crozon: MHz doesn't tell the whole story but I'm also a bit curious to see how it stacks up to the 1.2/1.5 GHz Exynos Dual-core in the SGS2.

    Engadget has a nice comparison chart on some of the top-of-the-line smartphones:

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  • SwedBear 04/10/2011

    I'm not impressed at all. I have nothing against iPhone/IOS (I own 2 iPad 2's, one for me and one for my 3 year old son) and I have owned the 3GS a few years ago. iPhone has always been on my list of phones I have been interested in but quite frankly, and I know this is very personal, I think it is too small.

    After using larger 4" and 4.3" phones I just can't get comfortable with the small screen of the iPhone4. I was hoping they would increase it, maybe at least 4", but I guess the Retina display thingy stops them from increasing the pixel size (they need to keep the resolution) as it wouldn't be "so magic2 anymore with larger pixels...

    I got a Samsung Galaxy 2 and to be honest I'm not sure how the new 4Gs beats it. Siri sounds nice but I'm one of those that don't even use the nice voice features in Android you get today as I feel odd in giving voice commands (or talking) to my phone. Also as a Swede I guess it will take 10 years before it supports us natively. Siri does sound like a fancy search engine so I'm curious to see what Google can do with their voice support to counter it.

    I'm also dissapointed they haven't changed the form factor. I know this is anecdotal but in my surroundings I have a lot of iPhone 4's and also quite a few High end Android (samsung, HTC) and while I never encountered anyone with a broken Android phone a lot of people with iPhone 4's have cracked glass backsides coming from minor falls to the floor. I was thinking they would go back to aluminium or similar backside...

    Nah, I'm actually dissapointed. I wanted that 4" or bigger iPhone 5 with a screen going out to the edges and even thinner ... it will sell like crazy (and it most probably will be a great phone) but it's not the phone I thought they would come out with to counter all the nice Android phones coming out.
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  • Amazon Appstore opens for business

  • SwedBear 20/09/2011

    It worked for me yesterday in Sweden and I could buy Plants vs Zombies (which annoyingly still was exclusive there), Air Mainia 2 and Age of Zombies. However, an hour or so later I no longer could buy anything or download anything free either. So I think it might been a temporal thing where they were doing some testing (or someone pushed the wrong button). Reply 0
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • SwedBear 15/08/2011

    scoop: what game is it you have made for all plattforms? Always fun to try stuff out that EG's have made :). Reply 0
  • SwedBear 15/08/2011

    There's good games on both systems (can't speak of WP7 as I don't have it) so I couldn't care less if iOS have a better selection as I still think it should be possible to review more games on the Android plattform. But I understand that Krudster can't do it all alone so look forward to what Eg can come up with in the future. Reply 0
  • SwedBear 15/08/2011

    lucky_jim: I don't think anyone expects re-reviews if the games already have been reviewed on iOS but unless I've missed a lot of articles there are a lot of games still available on both plattforms that have not been reviewed.

    Just because a game also have been available on iOS should not mean it is uninteresting to review (unless it has been reviewed earlier) as most Android-users have NOT "played it to death" on their phone.

    I do appreciate theses articles and think it maybe would be better if Krudster got some help with the Android side as I understand it can be daunting to review games on more than one plattform.
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  • SwedBear 15/08/2011

    Weird, I seem to play a lot on my Android phone (LG Optimux X2) as well as on my Tablet (eeePad Transformer) although I also game a lot on my iPad2.

    A quick look at my install history on games I have played a lot (got some crap ones to)

    Cut the rope
    Star Blitz
    Myth Defense (love it)
    Falling Fred
    Greedy Spiders (prefer cut the rope)
    Super Dynamite Fishing
    Cartoon Defense 2
    Orbital Defender
    Burn the rope
    They need to be fed
    Kona's Crate
    Spirit HD
    Ozzy's Odyssey
    Zenoia 3
    Grand Prix Story

    I get it that Android does not have as much games and that most if not all also appear on iOS but I really don't agree that there are no games on Android or that it's "a mess". I've had several Android phones and overall I think games do tend to work well on most devices and if there is a problem the better developers seem to try to fix the issues. The nature of Android will mean that there are phones that are faster than others but to me it is no more different than that some PC's will have issues with some games.

    I'm still not sure why *some* EG-staff seem to hate on Android so much. So what if it doesn't have the amount of games as iOS has or that there will be the occasional issues with certain phones. I thought EG was about reviewing games even if one plattform doesn't have as much as others. The notion that Android does not have games (or at least no good games) simply is false these days.

    I do appreciate when you try to review Android games but I think it would be nice if you could try to review a few more even if the same games are available on the iOS-plattform. Lately it seems you seem to concentrate on crappy third/first-person shooters, maybe because all you seem to ahve is an Experia Play, not exactly the most advanced Android-phone available.

    I'm sorry if I sound like a Android-fanboy. It really isn't my meaning as I enjoy all plattforms. I just feel that the current view on Android from some EG-staffers are unfair and that it is being reflected in the choice of games being reviewed.
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