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  • Resident Evil Zero

  • Sud 03/03/2003

    I tried to play RE2 for the original playstation but didn't like that a bit. On the other hand Silent Hill is waaay better than this. I'm so dislike that 'spin on the spot' control bit, it's probably just me though. Reply +1
  • Burnout 2 Live features revealed

  • Sud 27/02/2003

    I'd happily flog my ps2 copy for this one if they improve the multiplayer part plus more tracks and crash junctions. Reply 0
  • Metroid Primed for release

  • Sud 25/02/2003

    this unfortunately still hasn't made me even thinking of buying gc. I believe this console days are numbered due to lack of 3rd party support, I think I can get it much cheaper in a not so distant future when Nintendo decided to quit home console bussiness Reply 0
  • Nintendo brings Hamtaro to GBA

  • Sud 24/01/2003

    Silly me, I thought the title was "Nintendo brings Harms to GBA". Reply 0
  • Xbox Live debuts in Japan

  • Sud 17/01/2003

    Well it was when we refused to buy their £300 Xbox

    I know that very well, in fact I was one of the most anti MS when they first released Xbox. But, I guess all has changed for the better. I bought an xbox a month back for just £180 with 4 games and I am very happy with it. I think xbox is an awesome product, and if you own one you will feel underwhelm to know that many developers such as EA do not take full advantage of the system power. But then again if you don't own one and still hate MS, you'd probably feel pleased.

    I am not trying to persuade anyone to buy anything. But I do believe that with the current price of xbox xbox potential buyers won't be subsidising anyone. Unless, if they bought loads of full-price games with the box as well, MS do not get any money from them.
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  • Sud 17/01/2003

    And who gets to subsidize this generosity? Why Europe of course

    I very much doubt it. Sure, the japanese gets more, earlier and for less but not with our expense. It's just microsoft spend more money for them than for us. Do I envy them, of course I do ... but that's just because japanese spend more money per head on games than european, and microsoft sees that as one heck of marketing opportunity.
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  • Soul Calibur II unveiled

  • Sud 15/01/2003

    I know, I was just being sarcastic Reply 0
  • Sud 15/01/2003

    EA is expected to publish the Xbox and Cube versions

    No .... they ruin by destroying the graphics. EA has been known for releasing Xbox games with sub-standard visual.
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  • EA cans BF1942 on Xbox

  • Sud 15/01/2003

    I think EA do not consider consoles other than PS2 as significant. When they release games for all platforms, PS2 gets the best of them: Lord of the Rings: TTT, Need for Speed, etc. No surprise there I think Reply 0
  • US gives DOAXBV 'nudity descriptor'

  • Sud 15/01/2003

    digital version of Razzle
    I wish sega produce razzle game where I can ....

    No, seriously. This game is not porn surely it does some bits that excite you as a man but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everybody has their own likings and dislikings. Some prefer to run over pedestrians or jerk their cars in GTA3 to reach orgasm, some prefers sneaking behind unsuspecting soldiers to get erection and some prefer looking at pretty ladies' boobs bouncing up and down while playing volley balls before going to sleep. Surely, we are some of them in some extent.
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  • Sud 15/01/2003

    Exactly. Sorry to pose the question, but is there a game worth playing in all of this? If people are going to buy this just for the FMV, they really need to get out more. And get a girlfriend ;-)

    Of course there are. You got to play the girls in volley ball matches. There are much worse games out there in terms of gameplay and most certainly graphics so I don't think it's fair to single out this game just because it shows girls in bikinis.
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  • Receivers called in at Rage

  • Sud 15/01/2003

    Rage ... Rare ... they sound almost the same to me. Microsoft may end up buying this one as well Reply 0
  • TOCA goes cross-eyed

  • Sud 13/12/2002

    After having bought this game for PS2 and flog it at ebay I'd swear to stay clear of codemasters driving game forever. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Sud 08/11/2002

    That is literally Wild "scenery" Style for you Reply 0
  • Sud 08/11/2002

    For those who are still planning to buy this game try argos, they sell this hot cake for only 29.99 - what a bargain. Reply 0
  • Sud 08/11/2002

    Bought it from gamestation for 38 quid - 5 quid more expensive than but i have the whole weekend to play it ... Reply 0
  • Sud 08/11/2002

    Anyone else think that the roads in VC are very narrow compared to GTA3? Or is it just for the first island? Reply 0
  • Xbox pulling ahead of GameCube in UK

  • Sud 07/11/2002

    PS2 must be getting close to a point where everyone that wants one has actually got one
    Not quite really, the original playstation reached about 80 (or is it 60?) million units worldwide and PS2 only 20 millions. So if you consider those people as the market for games console then there are still a lot of market shares to be won.
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  • CM02/03 takes shape

  • Sud 01/11/2002

    From what I read from the article, nothing new is introduced in this game. I really don't understand how some people make money sooo easily compared to others. By only adding a little bit of update here and there SIGames can generate money as if they are printing it out themselves. I guess we who live in britain is so f***ed up with football, even playing with a spreadsheet with footballers' names on it can give us multiple orgasms. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer launches Forum

  • Sud 29/10/2002

    Woo hooo ... it's about time !! Reply 0
  • FIFA Football 2003 versus Pro Evolution Soccer 2

  • Sud 28/10/2002

    Nice review style ... go EG, go EG !! Reply 0
  • RalliSport comes to PC

  • Sud 24/05/2002

    One less reason to buy an xbox Reply 0
  • SCEA cuts first party prices

  • Sud 21/05/2002

    Thanks for the link Haust. But again many Xbox lover will say Microsoft has all the money in the owrld needed to support xbox alive (not sure if healthty) so long as they can get people to know them as competent console manufacturer ie, xbox2.

    Well, time will tell. In the mean time, there has never been better time than this for console gamers. Without xbox, no doubt all of us will still be paying £299 for a PS2 or £199 for a GC.
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  • Infogrames Hunts Fugitives

  • Sud 18/05/2002

    "the bizarrely named HIPPO gun, which has nothing to do with the semi-aquatic mammal of the same name but instead sprays a variety of high pressure liquids at your enemies"
    perhaps the liquid was extracted from a semi-aquatic mammal of the same name.
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  • "The games made me do it"

  • Sud 15/05/2002

    Games made me:
    - miss important deadline
    - miss dinner
    - feel dizzy after 10 hours
    - have the urge to 'save progress' before taking risks
    - lose sleep
    - stupid

    Damn game, the problem is I just can't get enough of it.
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  • Konami's E3 line-up

  • Sud 10/05/2002

    As I mentioned in the other post:
    Cube owners do not need anything else other than a monkey in a ball or mario brothers.
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  • Metal Gear and ZOE return

  • Sud 10/05/2002

    How could a game be better
    In many ways ...
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  • Sud 10/05/2002

    "Except, by the looks of it, Cube owners, which would be a blow for Nintendo"
    They will be happy with just monkey balls and mario brothers.
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  • Cube tops 75k in two days

  • Sud 08/05/2002

    "Well, my personal attach rate was 4. It would have been 6 if Pikmin and Smash were out"
    You guys play a lot ... I have only one console and don't plan to buy another for the next 6-12 months. I only bought one game with my console, and now I only have 7 games in total, 3 of which were bought second.

    And before you guys fire me up to 'get a job' ... I do have a job. But I spend my money on other things. May be that's because I regard console games as very expensive luxuries.
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  • E3 to showcase Nintendo's online plans

  • Sud 03/05/2002

    I tought Nintendo's Online plans is 'no online plan for GameCube". Reply 0
  • Aussies go mad for Xbox

  • Sud 03/05/2002

    Sorry, about that ... Reply 0
  • Sud 03/05/2002

    otto - I believe do not deal with international order for hardware.
    "International Orders:
    At present, We do not do Hardware orders outside Australia. This is due to compatibility issues."

    How do you order GBA and GC from them?
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  • Clear Cubes take form

  • Sud 02/05/2002

    For those of you who just hate cut, paste and press enter.

    [link=">1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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  • Microsoft, NVIDIA at war over Xbox

  • Sud 30/04/2002

    Would I be correct in saying there is a bit of anti M$ sentiment in some of these posts
    Yes you would. But unfortunately it is the fact that things aren't going as well as Microsoft expected lately. Too many bad , as I may say it, news in too short period of times. First, admission of low sale rate in Europe and Japan, then resignation of two important figures and now arbitration with NVIDIA. Clearly, the more of this will only put off potential customers and developers.

    I honestly wish that Microsoft can at least put pressure on Sony and Nintendo in this console gaming market. It is us who at the end of the day win for getting cheaper consoles. Admit it for those people who always wanting to buy GC, if there is no Xbox, you could pay more than £199 for it. And all with excellent PAL support in both consoles, finally we are getting the treatment we all deserved.
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  • Sud 30/04/2002

    It is true that Microsoft still has a lot of money, but that doesn't mean it can not go wrong. Nothing in this world last forever. 20-30 years ago IBM was a very big computer (not just PC) manufacturer. It seem that nothing can topple them. They made standard in CPU and OS. And what are they now, they are behind Intel and AMD for processor output and their OS2 is hardly heard and crumbles beneath Windows OS.

    Each sub-company of Microsoft should or expected to make profit. Unless if they are DEFINETLY sure that their Xbox division will turn profitable in the next few years then they can afford to keep it open. Even then they have to minimise spending (which is what they are trying to do now to NVIDIA). Only fools will think that Microsoft will last forever regardles of management decision they have.
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  • Microsoft to slash Xbox price in Japan

  • Sud 30/04/2002

    Registered users have the option to edit and delete their own comments
    Sounds like advertising for people to join EG ;)
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  • Lara goes on sale

  • Sud 29/04/2002

    "Eidos are only doing it to get free publicity"
    I don't know how people (you) can possibly critisize anyone (eidos) for getting money for charity ???
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  • £129 isn't £129

  • Sud 23/04/2002

    I found out that WHSmith is currently offering GC for £135. It's a mere £5 more than the suggested price ... Reply 0
  • Sud 23/04/2002

    Would you be surprised if EB/GAME didn't change their initial GC price to maximise profit? I wouldn't, because I know that they are greedy bast@rds. Reply 0
  • Sud 23/04/2002

    Does 'Le Pen' mean 'the pen' in english? Reply 0
  • Sud 23/04/2002

    It's not about what is right and fair
    Since when politics is about what is right and fair ??

    It's about power
    Which kinda explains why Tony Blair insists on bombing Iraq to show off his 'power'. I wonder if the reason he did this is because he is 'powerless' in bed and trying to compensate it outside?
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  • NVIDIA supports PCI Express

  • Sud 23/04/2002

    Why we saved your asses in WWII Ill never know
    As our token of gratitude for being saved by YOU, please accept our Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair who is willing to kiss your president's arse for as long as required.
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  • Sud 23/04/2002

    "Your games will be develeloped for the cheapest configuration"
    Errr ... I don't think my K6-300 can play Medal of Honour, or can it?
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  • Sud 23/04/2002

    "Looky heeerrreee boyzzz we got outselves a fanboy."
    otto - I thought crazy was referring to himself there
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  • Sud 23/04/2002

    launch ridiculously large and ugly games consoles
    not to mention expensive ... ;)
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  • Sud 23/04/2002

    Xbox anyone?
    No, thanks ...
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  • Seamus Blackley speaks

  • Sud 23/04/2002

    I am guessing that he left Microsoft because he strongly opposed the European price cut and strongly defending his initial price suggestion. But Bill disagrees after finding out that European gamers are not as stupid as Seamus thought. And off rolled Mr. Blackley's head ... Reply 0
  • Sud 23/04/2002

    F*ck Bill Gates
    I take it you are a fan of Bill Gates then since you f*ck him ;)
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  • GameCube gets Pro Logic II

  • Sud 23/04/2002

    Well £170-£200 isn't that much really - at least if you're working full time it isn't anyway
    It's not if you haven't got a mortgage and bills to pay. Not to mention a constant whinging from your other half ... :(
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