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  • PS3 GTA IV almost certainly 630p

  • Sud 29/04/2008

    If I want more blur I'd just do it on my TV thank you. Reply 0
  • GDC: EA sounds note of caution about next-generation development

  • Sud 26/03/2004

    Doh ... Microsoft won't like that advise one bit. Reply 0
  • China bans Codemasters' IGI2

  • Sud 24/03/2004

    That's is nothing new. What would be interesting is if the Chinese government decided that they are fully endorsing the piracy of IGI2: Covert Strike game to really hurt its market.

    "That will teach Codemasters a lesson" ... they might think.
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  • EA plans Godfather title

  • Sud 11/03/2004

    Why are people now so negative about things? For all you know, it may translate well into a great game just as the movies. I might hate EA as much as many gamers do because of their tradition of milking the same game over and over again (and trying to get our money for playing their game on Xbox LIVE), but they are one of the major reasons behind the strong gaming industry in recent years. Personally I'd rather wish that they can make The Godfather to be the best gangster game ever (so that I can play it) rather than wishing it to be a complete flop. Reply 0
  • New Champ Man mag out March 2nd

  • Sud 01/03/2004

    What can be regarded as new in this series? I have played the demo and it felt and looked the same as the original game 6 years ago. Waste of money IMO. Reply 0
  • The Getaway: Black Monday

  • Sud 20/01/2004

    /sarcasm on
    Wow, The Getaway for GBA ...
    /sarcasm off

    I hope the developers realise what these low resolution images do to their games
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  • EA to publish Burnout 3

  • Sud 19/01/2004

    ?????????? I don't think so.
    You obviously haven't compared NfS:Hot Pursuit 2 for both consoles. Apparently they do it again on the Underground.
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  • Sud 19/01/2004

    You need also realise that EA usually produce a graphically inferior xbox games compared to PS2's (especially racing games eg, Need for Speed) Reply 0
  • Sud 19/01/2004

    I think nick_f is missing the point. If EA won the stand off, xbox owners gonna end up paying different fees for each game they play online rather on top of the subscription to LIVE. I for one am not gonna pay that. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

  • Sud 07/01/2004

    I partially agree with Sid. The fact that GTA is slightly better in Xbox is irrelevant since it is the same games that were released two years ago. It is more likely aimed at those who are wishing to see what GTA games look like on Xbox.

    But the fact that he let his 14 year old son play with the games is irresponsible. These games are for adult only. Don't contaminate young ones' brain with them. Be sensible.
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  • Dungeons & Dragons Heroes

  • Sud 20/11/2003

    Dark Alliance's intelligence ???

    I really can't see any difference between the two games in that department
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  • True Crime: Streets of LA

  • Sud 11/11/2003

    I agree with Tiger, there is an enermous amount of untapped potential in the virtual city generated by Luxoflux. I, many times, wish there were more high speed endurance car races etc.

    But the game itself stands out. It gives something that GTA series didn't quite manage so far, i.e., better shooting while driving and deeper combat system. I have never enjoyed playing kungfu since I played Shenmue 2. In my opinion, it is much better than The Getaway.
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  • EA announces new PS2 online titles

  • Sud 15/09/2003

    There's no further cost to going online anyway.
    Err ... isn't that the one reason why EA abandoned Xbox live so that they can milk your money. If I'm not mistaken EA plan is for every online gamer to pay fee for each game. Also online support for sport games like FIFA, Madden etc online lasts one year until the next updates come along. That means you can no longer play FIFA 2004 online when EA released FIFA 2005.

    Compare that to Xbox Live, and you'll weep.
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  • PAL Animal Crossing 'still in discussion'

  • Sud 11/09/2003

    Cheap NoE. No wonder no one bought their product anymore. If don't make sacrifices then surely somebody else will take their pie.

    Also, if they decided not to release some games here for any particular reasons, at least they leave importers alone. Suckers ...
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  • What's New?

  • Sud 29/08/2003 is selling a spanking new Great Escape (PS2) for £17.99. But I don't think it's gonna be for long. Few days ago, I bought Midnight Club 2 (Xbox) for £17.99 but when I checked again this morning it went up to £27.99. Lucky me. Reply 0
  • Yamauchi on PSP, the NES, industry mergers, more

  • Sud 03/07/2003

    otto - Does anyone else find it intensely irritating that Yamauchi seems to blame the Cube's (relatively) poor performance in Europe on everything and everybody but Nintendo itself?

    he is afterall an ex-chairman of Nintendo. Blaming Nintendo on the slow sale would be like saying how incompetence he is in doing his job. That goes to the current executive as well, since I believe Yamauchi's successor got his job after his blessing.

    Anyway, for me ... I wish Nintendo realises their mistakes and start correcting them. They should start creating games that appeal to as many people as possible not just the japanese.
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  • Sud 03/07/2003

    It's about time somebody rescue the the handheld console market from Nintendo monopoly ... £90 for a GBA-SP is ridiculous. Reply 0
  • Acclaim set to drop Cube support

  • Sud 24/06/2003

    Do any platforms provide appropriate yields when it comes to Acclaim titles?

    This question reminds me of a question when I did an English language test in school. You had to read a story and attempt to answer some related questions afterwards. All the answers are so simple and can be found easily within the story.

    Anyway, the answer to your question is yes ;)
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  • Skies of Arcadia Legends

  • Sud 19/06/2003

    Given a fresh coat of digital paint on the graphics ..., this would stand up right alongside the best RPGs ever released over here

    Come on ... since when graphics become an issue for EG reviewers. You gave CM4 10/10 even when it has poo graphics (with extraordinarily plenty of bugs)
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  • PS2 price cut excludes UK

  • Sud 27/05/2003

    Fuck Sony

    Hell don't ... We don't want little Sony's running around creating mischief everywhere. One bad Sony is more than enough in the game industry.
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  • Game Boy Player

  • Sud 23/05/2003

    I wonder when will the GameBoy reach its adulthood and become the GameMan. Surely, GameMan should be more macho and more attractive to young ladies. Reply 0
  • Sud 23/05/2003

    You forgot to mention that it comes free with GC in June. But the fact that Nintendo will charge £40 for one is ridiculous. It is a poke in the eye for someone like me who already bought a GC (and it's not from Argos either). In honouring their die hard fans, Nintendo should price this not more than £20, if they still decided to bundle it free with new GC's. Reply 0
  • E3 2003: FIFA Football 2004

  • Sud 19/05/2003

    ... combining elements of both sim and arcade titles and delivering a fairly laudable ball game. ...

    I thought he was going to say laughable
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  • Siren

  • Sud 01/05/2003

    I hardly found the pics scary ... or are they meant to be funny? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer launches anew

  • Sud 01/05/2003

    I prefer the old style ... but may be just the case of getting used to. Reply 0
  • Sony making Getaway movie

  • Sud 23/04/2003

    I guess that's because the revenue from game sales hardly breaks even the development cost. That should teach 'em to make only good games not crappy ones. Reply 0
  • E3 2003: Codemasters line-up

  • Sud 15/04/2003

    all four million versions of Club Football
    should put all these into one game ;)
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  • Hulk trailer looks smashing

  • Sud 15/04/2003

    I always have problem running mp ver.9 - it seems at the end of playing every movie it gives me a crap error message. Does anybody else suffer the same? Reply 0
  • Black Hawk Down winners

  • Sud 11/04/2003

    Woot ... two winning Johns? Reply 0
  • TOCA Race Driver

  • Sud 11/04/2003

    Can you save race replay in Rallisport Challenge ?? Reply 0
  • Sud 10/04/2003

    Merefield, the PS2 frame rate drops considerably when you have a pile up and parts flying everywhere. Do you still have the same problem with the xbox version? Reply 0
  • American Conquest expansion named

  • Sud 10/04/2003

    Let me guess, Operation Iranian Freedom? ;) Reply 0
  • Dakar 2

  • Sud 08/04/2003

    I guess if this game doesn't have the graphics and only flashing texts (and loads of crap numbers), it will have a much better score ;) Reply 0
  • Sega GT goes online

  • Sud 08/04/2003

    Operator - What they can do is probably to delete the 'gambled' cars from each players data prior to commencing race. And the winner will get them back with the prize at the end of the race, the loser will lose the car anyway even if he quits the race.

    But you can always, backup your save game before betting.
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  • CM4 holds firm at the top

  • Sud 08/04/2003

    bionutz - I have never played Zelda games. But I have also got an impression from any reviews that this game/series is not an RPG and still baffled why people call it so. To be honest, I pre-ordered it just because I want to play good RPG (not many RPG games get more than 90% average gamerankings score). Now I don't know what to expect. Reply 0
  • Championship Manager 4

  • Sud 07/04/2003

    I think some people need to realise that properly bug testing a game as complex at CM is nigh on impossible.
    But at least they should have ironed all of the serious bugs.
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  • Driver 3 slips to 2004

  • Sud 03/04/2003

    I agree with peej, but my comparison is with Sony's Getaway game which is a piece of crap. Reply 0
  • Spy Hunter 2

  • Sud 01/04/2003

    Are these GBA screenshots? look small Reply 0
  • Websense wants to ban online gaming

  • Sud 31/03/2003

    So Slim, I guess is one of those approved websites by your company ;) Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

  • Sud 25/03/2003

    I think 3 is too harsh. It is afterall a beautiful game Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • Sud 21/03/2003

    Chips Reply 0
  • Argos to drop GameCube

  • Sud 18/03/2003

    This is terrible news. I thought Argos did this just as promotional offer but apparently they want to get rid of cube as well. I have just bough mine a week back from dixons and love it. If Nintendo becomes another Sega, it will be a tragedy. Reply 0
  • Eidos' Italian Job details

  • Sud 12/03/2003

    The question is, will Mark steal the phrase:
    You only supposed to blow the bloody doors off"
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  • Sony scotches rumours of early PS3 launch

  • Sud 11/03/2003

    I am not going to splash some more money on a new console for the next 4 years. Having three already is more than enough for me. Reply 0
  • Who won Battle Engine Aquila?

  • Sud 07/03/2003

    This is a conspiracy to make him buy an xbox :) Reply 0
  • Deus Ex 2 (oops!) on PS2

  • Sud 07/03/2003

    Does it mean that this particular news is irrelevant now? Reply 0
  • EA and Nintendo announce Cube plan

  • Sud 06/03/2003

    This is good news for Nintendo. Reply 0
  • F1 Career Challenge

  • Sud 06/03/2003

    The 'challenge' is to overtake a car before the end of the season!
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  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

  • Sud 05/03/2003

    Some reports suggested that the PS2 version is better (slightly) in terms of visual and framerate. Can't remember where tho. Reply 0
  • Speed Kings

  • Sud 03/03/2003

    I hope this plays as good if not better than burnout 2. Reply 0