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  • leaks Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights

  • Stuart444 07/03/2012

    Tales of Innocence R? If that is true, w00t :D glad I haven't imported it yet although I did play the demo. Type-0 HD and GTA... also awesome and MHP3 = SALES in Japan.

    I shouldn't get too excited though. I should be cautiously optimistic if anything.
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  • Tales of Graces F to get Summer 2012 Euro release

  • Stuart444 19/12/2011

    1) Vesperia won't happen, we have it on the 360, we don't have Graces f
    2) Xillia MAY get a director's cut so it's better to wait and see anyway
    3) 'Serious' Tales fans? Ahem, most Tales fans that can't speak Japanese would prefer to play it in a language they understand.
    4) I'm importing this and I'll probably get the EU version just to support Tales in Europe.
    5) Abyss is hard to find, thank god for pre-orders online :D

    There, I think that answers most comments including what this article is about.
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  • Eurogamer Expo 2011 Attendees' Top 10

  • Stuart444 03/10/2011

    Very happy that Guild Wars 2 even made it high in this list :) It's my number 1 but I'm happy it made number 3 on this list Reply +2
  • EG Expo Editors' Game of the Show: Guild Wars 2

  • Stuart444 26/09/2011

    Well deserved. Fantastic and very polished demo at the expo Reply +2
  • Skyrim gets Mature rating in the US

  • Stuart444 19/09/2011

    TheTingler: No, that's AO (Adult Only). Remember GTA carries a Mature rating as well and is still sold in most stores in the US Reply 0
  • Triple-A games are "crushing innovation"

  • Stuart444 06/09/2011

    grussbarbar: People when they say AAA games would usually think of the ones with the best graphics and had the most money spent on it. I think that's what they are talking about for the most part.

    I'd personally prefer your definition of AAA games.
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  • Stuart444 06/09/2011

    Innovation and Creativity can happen with Triple A games, it all depends on the developer and if they plan on taking risks or not. It's more "Investors crushing innovation" (or something like that since Investors invest in games and they won't like it if you take a risk and it doesn't pay off)

    "Poor sales of Ninja Theory's own Enslaved showed what a risk new IP can be. "

    Also Enslaved failed because hardly anyone knew about it. I personally didn't like it but I know quite a few who didn't and couldn't believe that it wasn't well known but I've seen quite a few people say "What?" when asked if they've played Enslaved. It didn't fail because it was a new IP. It failed because hardly anyone knew about it (which makes it funny considering how Namco Bandai expected BIG numbers from it)
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  • EG's Game of Gamescom 2011: The Nominees

  • Stuart444 18/08/2011

    what Tyranix said. Reply -1
  • Guild Wars 2 beta this year - NCsoft

  • Stuart444 18/05/2011

    This has been known since the LAST conference call.

    Also @ the person who said GW2 was pushed back to 2012. it has never had a release date so it didn't get pushed back. There is still no release date either. The release date is still "When it's done" which could mean november/december or january - march next year.

    This is just a conference call with investors, there is nothing new here at all. It's been discussed to death on Guild Wars 2 Guru

    edit: also above, I see someone has posted what Regina said on GW2G, good on you :)
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  • Guild Wars 2 Guardian replaces Monk

  • Stuart444 27/01/2011


    They will put up a reveal on their website later today. They confirmed that already last week :) keep an eye on GW2s official website for info and videos on it later today
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  • Square Enix limiting FFXIV beta codes

  • Stuart444 02/09/2010

    Open betas should have a code that is restricted, that's what closed betas should have, a simple registration set up a week before the open beta where people could register and then log in when the beta goes live would have worked fine I think.

    I do look forward to finding out how many subscribers they get within the next two years though, guess we'll find out in due time
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