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  • The best PC games

  • Stranded87 19/04/2015

    Weak list, particularly considering it supposedly includes old games yet lacks many of the best PC games ever made. In fairness though making a meaningful 'best PC games' list that's so short and wide reaching is a near impossible task. And arguably a pointless one. Reply +6
  • Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes

  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @mega-gazz It's hard to say. It's a brilliant game and not just because of nostalgia, but it's also quite different to any game you've probably played, so I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist This doesn't use the infinity engine. But that aside following your logic a game can't be considered hardcore (or good?) if it's using the infinity engine or similar and pausable realtime but not using D&D rules. That...doesn't make any sense. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist Divinity also lacks D&D rules. As does Ultima 7, as does Fallout, are you claiming none of these games are hardcore either? Come back when you have some credibility and a coherent argument. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist I'm guessing you're trolling, but in what way can one of the most hardcore and faithfully oldschool RPG's in years be compared to COD?

    Surely that badge would go to Mass Effect, Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls? Divinity Original Sin is masterful but so is this and if anything it's even less accessible to mainstream sensibilities, so COD it is not.

    You might not like it, though that would be odd if you love Divinity, but no sane person could compare it to COD. Regardless of quality their appeal and place in the market is night and day.
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  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @Megalodon Of course it's not for everyone, though I'd almost forgotten just how immersive text in games could be- I find PoE just as immersive, if not more so, than the likes of Dragon Age: Inquisition and as a lot of it is handled by text the game can be a lot larger and more interesting too because it's less work to program things in.

    But the issue really is that the guy who was booed posted the first comment on a thread about a very highly regarded game which he had no interest in. Why even post at all? He can certainly expect to get negged for it, as someone would for doing the same in a thread about any respected game of any genre.
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  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @regret It might not be up to the standards of the best fantasy books but Obsidian's writing leaves most other games in the dust. Unless you're including the bits where you read random NPC's minds, but I think Kickstarter backers wrote those, not Obsidian. Reply +3
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @cycledance Well done, you're missing out on one of the best RPG's (and games) ever really, certainly of the last 15 years or so. Reply +19
  • Bloodborne tops Japan sales chart

  • Stranded87 01/04/2015

    @CaptainKid Pretty much what redcrayon said. I do play some of them on my PC (though a handful are actually exclusive to tablets), but sometimes I like being able to just sit on a sofa and play or play on the way to work / other long journey. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 01/04/2015

    @vert1go I'm not sure what this is in reference to but it sounds like nonsense. Right now I'm playing Pillars of Eternity, once I'm done I'll be getting Bloodborne.

    But I also play games on tablet quite a lot. Not Angry Birds and Candy Crush though, rather deep RPG's and strategy games, with the occasional point and click thrown in for good measure.
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  • PS Plus in April adds Dishonored and Never Alone

  • Stranded87 31/03/2015

    This is amazing. At time of posting every other comment, whether positive or negative has been universally negged. I look forward to sharing their fate. There's some weird people around. Reply +2
  • Sunless Sea more than doubles dev's best case scenario sales estimate

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @Eldritch To be fair it kind of is UK gamer, since some other European countries have their own version of Eurogamer. Anyway it would be great to see it get localised but with the game being almost all text (and wonderfully well written text at that) it would probably be more work to localise well than most games and with a smaller team and budget than most games too, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's not worth the effort for them or maybe not even financially viable. Reply +3
  • Bloodborne review

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @null Right or wrong (probably wrong) a lot of people don't count the Wii U as a current gen console. Regardless I'm not aware that the Xbox One or PS4 have any other 'Essential' exclusives, which really is what he was saying. I could be wrong, but they certainly don't in my eyes. Reply -15
  • Channelling XCOM: Porting Wasteland 2 to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @megatronx Just looked it up.

    SPOILERS (obviously)

    If you fail at diplomacy there is an easy way to take out the cannons. You need to repair a nearby robot and get it to do the work for you. For which you need a tank tread which can be found elsewhere. Have you got the radiation suits and gone through the canyon? I think you can do that before the prison and that gives you lots of opportunities to level up and hopefully find the tread...
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  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @megatronx I can't remember exactly but I think there's some sort of intercom where you can talk to them in the base and get a quest? Either way it's a case of coming back later. Technically it's possible to take the cannons but I don't think you're really meant to right now. There should be other places you can go. Reply +1
  • Pillars of Eternity review

  • Stranded87 26/03/2015

    @George-Roper I felt incredibly connected to the stories and characters in Planescape and BG2, so I don't think the camera angle excuses anything. Hopefully I'll disagree with the reviewer, because this was my most anticipated game of the year. Reply +1
  • The Crew time-limited trial launches for PS4, Xbox One

  • Stranded87 25/03/2015

    @eozgonul I...I don't think you quite get what they're doing. It's 14GB because it's the full game and the main appeal of The Crew is the size of the game world, so not showing that off (as would be the case in a smaller demo) would be a mistake. Anyway I'd wager most people have pretty fast internet, in which case 14GB really doesn't take long to download. Reply +2
  • Telltale hints at more The Walking Dead before season three

  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    @EatonCorvinus Yeah that would probably be an ideal solution and given that TWD is (presumably) a big money maker for them it might give them the funds to do that, in which case maybe I don't mind that they keep making it, I just probably won't keep buying it :) Reply +1
  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    @EatonCorvinus I'm saying I wish they would because I love some of their other stuff and by working on The Walking Dead they're producing less other stuff. I'm not saying that objectively they should, I think it's quite clear in my comment that it's a subjective wish based on my gaming tastes and I only care because it takes time and resources away from what I consider to be more interesting projects. Obviously they wont and obviously a lot of people don't want them to, that's fine, but wishing they'd stop making them is no less reasonable than wishing they'd continue. Reply -1
  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    I wish Telltale would stop with The Walking Dead. I loved season 1 but didn't make it through season 2 and have little interest in any more. Zombies are way too played out, season 1 was interesting because of the dynamic between Clem and Lee, without that I'm not so interested and even with that a better setting would be preferable. Reply -14
  • Big Pillars of Eternity expansion already in the works

  • Stranded87 17/03/2015

    @crackerjack245 Baldur's Gate 2 is still bigger and in many ways better than any Mass Effect or Dragon Age game and it's not as if Bioware has truly innovated since KotOR. Reply +13
  • Shards, side-quests and DLC: a mini-Inquisition with the boss of Dragon Age

  • Stranded87 13/03/2015

    @George-Roper You can't simultaneously be anti rpg-lite and pro Elder Scrolls. Morrowind is great, but Skyrim and especially Oblivion with its level scaling are barely even RPG's (this of course comes down to how you define RPG's but any useful definition which counts DA out certainly counts them out). Now if you'd been arguing in favour of Divinity: Original Sin or older games like Baldur's Gate that's another matter. But Bethesda no more make hardcore RPG's than Bioware does. Reply +2
  • Sid Meier's Starships review

  • Stranded87 12/03/2015

    @riceNpea From reading reviews on Steam it sounds like it was made with tablets in mind more than PC's if anything. I certainly plan to pick it up on iPad despite having a gaming PC. Reply 0
  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • Stranded87 12/03/2015

    @mouseymouse It was a disaster on day 1, but it has since been fixed and much of the DLC has both been free and aided in fixing / improving the game. At this point it's actually one of the best racers available on a current gen platform. Reply +5
  • Before Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian nearly met its end

  • Stranded87 11/03/2015

    @Old_Books This! Not a chance in hell though sadly. The first one tanked afaik. Reply +4
  • New Witcher 3 GDC gameplay footage

  • Stranded87 04/03/2015

    @Dizzy That kind of goes without saying, since console games don't typically have settings in that sense. Reply +1
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera is still worth getting excited for

  • Stranded87 18/02/2015

    @Scimarad Agreed, it was one of the best settings I've ever come across in a game and certainly more interesting than the generic fantasy and sci-fi settings used in most RPGs. Reply +9
  • The sorry state of The Stomping Land, another abandoned Kickstarter video game

  • Stranded87 18/02/2015

    @zzkj Yeah I get that I'm an investor and there's no guarantee that the product will be delivered, let alone live up to its promise, but there's a difference between that and someone having no intention of delivering anything, which is what I'm pretty sure happened when I got stung. I still use it, I've backed lots of great stuff, but I feel like Kickstarter could build in more controls to help prevent actual theft, which that basically is. Reply +4
  • Stranded87 18/02/2015

    I lost about 30 backing something on Kickstarter only for the creator to do a runner. It wasn't a game, the whole platform is risky sadly. I do wish there was a way to hold people more accountable, as far as I can tell someone could just keep all the money they make, do nothing that was promised with it and walk. I hope I'm wrong about that but Kickstarter certainly doesn't seem to do anything to prevent that. Reply +14
  • DriveClub free update adds Japan track

  • Stranded87 16/02/2015

    @wibbl Sarcasm? Hard to tell on the internet. If serious though a free PS Plus version had been planned since well before launch, but with all the problems it got delayed and still hasn't appeared yet. Reply +1
  • Evolve review

  • Stranded87 16/02/2015

    @Murton The numbers are rarely muddied by politics, not on a reputable site anyway and I say that from experience. While I can't be 100% sure that it never happens on Eurogamer I'm fairly confident that it doesn't. Reply +1
  • New D&D game Sword Coast Legends out on PC this year

  • Stranded87 12/02/2015

    @Renato84 Kickstarter stuff gets a lot of coverage here, so I doubt it would be 'trash-mouthing'. I more interpreted it as them just clarifying that it wasn't a Kickaster game because 1) see above and 2) it looks like the sort of thing that you'd find on Kickstarter (which isn't me badmouthing it either, some of my favourites of the last couple of years were kickstarted, more just that it's likely got niche appeal) Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • Stranded87 10/02/2015

    @Old_Books I'm still sceptical, given the size of the games I'd be surprised if you could have got through them both even if you work in the industry / had access to them pre-release. But if true then fair enough. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 10/02/2015

    @Old_Books Somewhat doubt you've played them both to completion if at all. Reply 0
  • Sunless Sea review

  • Stranded87 06/02/2015

    @meanspirit It's more than just menus though, not sure if you've played Fallen London? But it's like that in a way. There are graphics, more so than in Fallen London, but all the details are written out in descriptive language, it's almost like reading a book, a very good book though. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 06/02/2015

    @meanspirit Yeah it doesn't have voice overs, or it certainly didn't when I last played it a few months ago anyway. There'd still be a lot of reading even if it did though, since not all the text is dialogue. Reply 0
  • Prestigious AIAS Game of the Year award goes to Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Stranded87 06/02/2015

    @bitteroceania Yep: Reply +9
  • BioWare: Dragon Age: Inquisition has not set a "template" for Mass Effect 4

  • Stranded87 04/02/2015

    @spekkeh I more felt the power requirements were a way to ensure you did a sizeable chunk of the side content, which while not as interesting as I would have liked clearly had a ton of time put into it. I imagine a lot of people would have just blazed through the story otherwise and seen 1/10th of what the game had to offer.

    You might be right though, I'd never thought about microtransactions (not least because it's a full price retail game) but this is EA we're talking about...
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  • Stranded87 04/02/2015

    @mega-gazz I'll admit they don't innovate much any more and the gameplay could sometimes use work. But the three Dragon Age games all play and feel quite different to one another- Ubisoft doesn't even manage to make different IP's feel different, let alone different games in the same series. Reply +3
  • Spotify headed to PS3 and PS4

  • Stranded87 28/01/2015

    Awesome, been wishing for this. Surely it's already compatible with Xperia devices though, since there's an Android app. Reply +3
  • Sony ending PlayStation Vita Maps, near features

  • Stranded87 28/01/2015

    @ManatuBear EU/US get quite a lot of indies though and actually quite a lot of Japanese games too, many of which don't appear on other platforms. It's clearly got niche appeal but it fills that niche better than any other device. Reply +16
  • Unwrapping the open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Stranded87 26/01/2015

    @GiarcYekrub Following bad09's comments it will inevitably matter somewhat because of all the characters you should already know, the backstory etc, though presumably CDPR are making it as accessible as possible to newcomers. But yeah, if at all possible you really should play the first two either way. Reply +1
  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • Stranded87 02/01/2015

    @chubster2010 Could be wrong, but I'm not sure moderators have any obligation to be 'on-message' with the front page, they're not proper staff members, just volunteers who are trusted enough to police the wild west that is the forums. Reply +13
  • Stranded87 02/01/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing I think even comparing Dragon Age: Inquisition to Dark Souls 2 is a little problematic, by which I don't mean that one is necessarily a lot better than the other, but that beyond both on some level being 'RPG's' they have very little in common.

    They're not remotely trying to do the same thing or appeal to the same audience but they both do a great job of achieving what they set out to.
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  • Stranded87 02/01/2015

    @idalevan I visit the site every day and didn't even realise the community vote had happened until it was too late to add my voice. I don't think they did a very good job of plugging it this year, so yeah I suspect there wasn't a huge number of voters.

    Having said that all my favourites made the list (albeit disappointingly high up in some cases) which is more than I can say for some lists.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2014

  • Stranded87 01/01/2015

    It was always going to be this or Bayonetta 2. The latter I haven't played and the former I like but don't love. I can appreciate its quality though, so don't begrudge it winning. Reply 0
  • Wasteland developer inXile trademarks Van Buren and Meantime

  • Stranded87 12/12/2014

    @daviejambo Popular opinion from people who've played them all would probably not be on your side.

    Fallout 1 and 2 almost always make it into lists of the top ten best RPG's ever made and often into the top ten or so games ever made. Fallout 3 doesn't.

    Neither it nor pretty much any other game have the freedom to play as you want that the first two Fallout's do. They might be graphically dated but mechanically they're almost untouchable.
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  • Stranded87 10/12/2014

    I'd love a proper new Fallout game, but having played Wasteland 2 I'm not sure these guys are up to the job. Wasteland 2 was fun and I want something every bit as old school as that, but far, far better and more free-form, you know, like Fallout 1 and 2. Reply +1
  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • Stranded87 12/12/2014

    Was anyone actually expecting this to be good? It's always looked deeply average to me. Which is a shame because I have a PS4. Oh well there's always Uncharted 4 to get my third person shooting fix. Reply -4
  • BioWare outlines big Dragon Age: Inquisition patch due out today

  • Stranded87 09/12/2014

    @George-Roper Fair enough, sounds like the PC version genuinely is unfinished then. I didn't known about those issues. But my point was more about actual 'content', since that's what they seem to be talking about when they mention stuff they'd like to have got in, so while it may be unfinished they're not openly acknowledging that fact as you and some others attest, not by my reading of the statement anyway. If anything I guess that's worse... Reply 0