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  • The murky genius of Fallout: New Vegas

  • Stranded87 12/07/2015

    @hillbilly66 Personally not really. I don't dislike it, it's a solid 7/10 for me, but probably no higher. The structure of the game is disappointingly linear and the world and writing are sub-Fallout imo. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 12/07/2015

    Just going to use this as an opportunity to say play Fallout 1 and 2 if you haven't yet. They're still better than either of the new ones, especially if you prefer NV to 3, since the writing is excellent and your decisions have an enormous amount of weight. Reply +4
  • Keiji Inafune: video gaming's harshest critic

  • Stranded87 03/07/2015

    @MerryLoony You get that if Nintendo is the only decent dev around (which they're not) that would essentially make him right don't you? One decent dev would mean that by and large the true meaning of game design had been lost. Reply +2
  • Survey leaks "last adventure" Dragon Age: Inquisition story DLC

  • Stranded87 23/06/2015

    @williamarthurfenton Ah I may have failed to grasp your meaning too. I was talking from a story perspective not a gameplay one (which seemed relevant since you mentioned plot). I can't actually remember what the last mission was, so you may be right about that. Then again much of the end game I did find memorable from both a story and gameplay perspective. Possibly not the very final mission but the last few hours. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 23/06/2015

    @williamarthurfenton What?! The ending was the best part of an otherwise disappointingly bland game. Reply +1
  • Wasteland 2 Director's Cut video showcases improvements

  • Stranded87 23/06/2015

    @megatronx You probably know this and are still stuck but there are multiple ways to do that. Been a while since I played so can't remember specifics and it may be possible to mess them all up, but there's definitely more than one solution. Reply +1
  • Nintendo asked Burnout dev to make Wii U F-Zero

  • Stranded87 23/06/2015

    @Drakos Sounds like they were already committed to Need for Speed. But anyway I doubt an F-Zero game would have sold any better. You say it's what consumers want but it's a single platform game for a platform which relatively few people have (admittedly that bit wouldn't have been known at the time). Reply +2
  • Obsidian "super excited" about new South Park game it isn't making

  • Stranded87 16/06/2015

    @Travis56 As a protest that will achieve absolutely nothing and you're missing out on a game you would almost certainly love. If anything not buying it probably hurts Obsidian (who weren't behind the decision) and the potential for more South Park games more than anything. Reply +3
  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • Stranded87 12/06/2015

    @mannyYearsAgo All of this is subjective obviously, but I think they can make a strong argument that it is the best place. I don't take the comment to mean exclusives, since it's saying it's the best place not the only place and as an objectively more powerful console than the Xbox One it is arguably a better place to play multi-platforms.

    There's still PC of course, but he may have just meant in terms of consoles and even once you factor PC in the lower price of a PS4 and easy ability to play on a sofa in your living room still arguably makes it the best place for the biggest games.
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  • The Witcher 3 sells 4m copies in two weeks

  • Stranded87 09/06/2015

    RPG's are my favourite genre, I've been playing them my whole life from the early Ultima's and Eye of the Beholder games, through the Infinity Engine and on to the modern stuff and The Witcher 3 is probably the best one I've ever played. Reply +3
  • A brief history of Fallout

  • Stranded87 05/06/2015

    I urge anyone who's not played the first two games to play them now. They still rank among the best RPG's ever made and are far more versatile in how you can play them than the new Fallout's or pretty much any other game. Reply +4
  • The Witcher 3 features a creepy Doctor Who Easter egg

  • Stranded87 28/05/2015

    @jammers101 in this case and in most cases on Eurogamer it's just someone who probably has a separate primary account using a new one to say silly slightly trollish things. Though I have to admit I misjudged their comment in this thread, since it actually was a joke. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 28/05/2015

    Don't expect sense from the cheese. Head to the forums and you'll see that he/she/it has proven a troll and likely a sock. Reply -27
  • The Witcher 3 Xbox One patch set to add 30fps frame-rate cap

  • Stranded87 27/05/2015

    It's quite nice being oblivious to screen tear and (mostly) oblivious to frame rate issues. I can point out all sorts of things I don't like about the graphics in The Witcher 3 but with rare exceptions the frame rate hasn't bothered me and almost never does in anything. Reply +2
  • PS4 exclusive Until Dawn finally has a release date

  • Stranded87 26/05/2015

    @edcar007 Yeah I actually don't mind the low interactivity, just pointing out that that's more the focus of complaints and I've seen the same complaints levelled at Telltale's games, though not as often admittedly. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 26/05/2015

    @edcar007 Who's calling his games linear? The only comment I can see in this thread on them is calling them low on interactivity, which is a very different thing and most complaints that I've seen in general are either along those lines or pointing out that for someone who makes such story heavy games he isn't much of a writer. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 26/05/2015

    This has 6/10 written all over it. Or I guess no score on Eurogamer. It also looks like something I'll enjoy. Reply +2
  • The best Vita games

  • Stranded87 24/05/2015

    @GajKnight To be fair Freedom Wars didn't get amazing reviews while Spelunky and Fez did. Reply 0
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong screenshots and trailer revealed

  • Stranded87 22/05/2015

    @Sousuke_Sagara Shouldn't be, aside from a few references the first two are stand alone stories and I assume the same is true here. On the other hand if you're interested in this I don't know why you wouldn't want to play the first two (or at least the second one). They're out, they're cheap, they're similar and they're varying degrees of good. Reply 0
  • Game of Thrones: Episode 4 is coming next week

  • Stranded87 22/05/2015

    Yep, more Tales from the Borderlands please. I'm sure this is making them more money but it really isn't as good and the least they could do is divide their attention equally between the two series. Reply 0
  • Divinity: Original Sin overhauled for PS4 and Xbox One

  • Stranded87 15/05/2015

    @UncleLou Have to agree with daviejambo, I have a pretty mediocre spec and I was running it either maxed out or close to with no real issues. It's probably just not very well optimised. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 15/05/2015

    @HerrDirector Get back to me when you have the definitive version of Pillars of Eternity, or pay as little for games as PC gamers can. Anyway, the definitive version of most things is still on the PC, because eventually PC gamers get all the tweaks and have the performance boost which comes with playing on a higher end machine.

    Not sure why I'm being so defensive as I'm primarily a console gamer myself, but stupid comment is stupid.
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  • Life is Strange: Episode 3 release date

  • Stranded87 13/05/2015

    Yeah this is a bad day for it to release, but I guess from Dontnod's perspective most players will either already have bought a season pass or will be waiting for the whole thing to be out before taking the plunge, so a mid-season episode launching at the same time as The Witcher 3 probably won't hurt them much.

    Looking forward to it anyway, it could be a nice way to unwind after a Witcher 3 session.
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 revealed

  • Stranded87 05/05/2015

    Nope. I'd love a proper new Tony Hawk's game, but this won't be it. Reply +4
  • GOG Galaxy enters open beta for all to try

  • Stranded87 05/05/2015

    @IronSoldier The Witcher 3 doesn't really need highlighting since they made it, but I guess the promise of other big games is interesting. Wonder how that will work with most publishers being big on DRM? Reply 0
  • Garbage Day offers an open world with no locked doors

  • Stranded87 04/05/2015

    @Ezzekhiel Yes? Not really the same are they? I'm guessing you just watched the trailer rather than reading the article. It doesn't sound like you have to kill anyone, but the option to rampage is there, much like GTA. Reply +3
  • The best PC games

  • Stranded87 19/04/2015

    Weak list, particularly considering it supposedly includes old games yet lacks many of the best PC games ever made. In fairness though making a meaningful 'best PC games' list that's so short and wide reaching is a near impossible task. And arguably a pointless one. Reply +6
  • Video: The importance of Pillars of Eternity's first 30 minutes

  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @mega-gazz It's hard to say. It's a brilliant game and not just because of nostalgia, but it's also quite different to any game you've probably played, so I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist This doesn't use the infinity engine. But that aside following your logic a game can't be considered hardcore (or good?) if it's using the infinity engine or similar and pausable realtime but not using D&D rules. That...doesn't make any sense. Reply +1
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist Divinity also lacks D&D rules. As does Ultima 7, as does Fallout, are you claiming none of these games are hardcore either? Come back when you have some credibility and a coherent argument. Reply +2
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @pureartist I'm guessing you're trolling, but in what way can one of the most hardcore and faithfully oldschool RPG's in years be compared to COD?

    Surely that badge would go to Mass Effect, Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls? Divinity Original Sin is masterful but so is this and if anything it's even less accessible to mainstream sensibilities, so COD it is not.

    You might not like it, though that would be odd if you love Divinity, but no sane person could compare it to COD. Regardless of quality their appeal and place in the market is night and day.
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  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @Megalodon Of course it's not for everyone, though I'd almost forgotten just how immersive text in games could be- I find PoE just as immersive, if not more so, than the likes of Dragon Age: Inquisition and as a lot of it is handled by text the game can be a lot larger and more interesting too because it's less work to program things in.

    But the issue really is that the guy who was booed posted the first comment on a thread about a very highly regarded game which he had no interest in. Why even post at all? He can certainly expect to get negged for it, as someone would for doing the same in a thread about any respected game of any genre.
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  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @regret It might not be up to the standards of the best fantasy books but Obsidian's writing leaves most other games in the dust. Unless you're including the bits where you read random NPC's minds, but I think Kickstarter backers wrote those, not Obsidian. Reply +3
  • Stranded87 02/04/2015

    @cycledance Well done, you're missing out on one of the best RPG's (and games) ever really, certainly of the last 15 years or so. Reply +19
  • Bloodborne tops Japan sales chart

  • Stranded87 01/04/2015

    @CaptainKid Pretty much what redcrayon said. I do play some of them on my PC (though a handful are actually exclusive to tablets), but sometimes I like being able to just sit on a sofa and play or play on the way to work / other long journey. Reply 0
  • Stranded87 01/04/2015

    @vert1go I'm not sure what this is in reference to but it sounds like nonsense. Right now I'm playing Pillars of Eternity, once I'm done I'll be getting Bloodborne.

    But I also play games on tablet quite a lot. Not Angry Birds and Candy Crush though, rather deep RPG's and strategy games, with the occasional point and click thrown in for good measure.
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  • PS Plus in April adds Dishonored and Never Alone

  • Stranded87 31/03/2015

    This is amazing. At time of posting every other comment, whether positive or negative has been universally negged. I look forward to sharing their fate. There's some weird people around. Reply +2
  • Sunless Sea more than doubles dev's best case scenario sales estimate

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @Eldritch To be fair it kind of is UK gamer, since some other European countries have their own version of Eurogamer. Anyway it would be great to see it get localised but with the game being almost all text (and wonderfully well written text at that) it would probably be more work to localise well than most games and with a smaller team and budget than most games too, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's not worth the effort for them or maybe not even financially viable. Reply +3
  • Bloodborne review

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @null Right or wrong (probably wrong) a lot of people don't count the Wii U as a current gen console. Regardless I'm not aware that the Xbox One or PS4 have any other 'Essential' exclusives, which really is what he was saying. I could be wrong, but they certainly don't in my eyes. Reply -15
  • Channelling XCOM: Porting Wasteland 2 to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @megatronx Just looked it up.

    SPOILERS (obviously)

    If you fail at diplomacy there is an easy way to take out the cannons. You need to repair a nearby robot and get it to do the work for you. For which you need a tank tread which can be found elsewhere. Have you got the radiation suits and gone through the canyon? I think you can do that before the prison and that gives you lots of opportunities to level up and hopefully find the tread...
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  • Stranded87 27/03/2015

    @megatronx I can't remember exactly but I think there's some sort of intercom where you can talk to them in the base and get a quest? Either way it's a case of coming back later. Technically it's possible to take the cannons but I don't think you're really meant to right now. There should be other places you can go. Reply +1
  • Pillars of Eternity review

  • Stranded87 26/03/2015

    @George-Roper I felt incredibly connected to the stories and characters in Planescape and BG2, so I don't think the camera angle excuses anything. Hopefully I'll disagree with the reviewer, because this was my most anticipated game of the year. Reply +1
  • The Crew time-limited trial launches for PS4, Xbox One

  • Stranded87 25/03/2015

    @eozgonul I...I don't think you quite get what they're doing. It's 14GB because it's the full game and the main appeal of The Crew is the size of the game world, so not showing that off (as would be the case in a smaller demo) would be a mistake. Anyway I'd wager most people have pretty fast internet, in which case 14GB really doesn't take long to download. Reply +2
  • Telltale hints at more The Walking Dead before season three

  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    @EatonCorvinus Yeah that would probably be an ideal solution and given that TWD is (presumably) a big money maker for them it might give them the funds to do that, in which case maybe I don't mind that they keep making it, I just probably won't keep buying it :) Reply +1
  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    @EatonCorvinus I'm saying I wish they would because I love some of their other stuff and by working on The Walking Dead they're producing less other stuff. I'm not saying that objectively they should, I think it's quite clear in my comment that it's a subjective wish based on my gaming tastes and I only care because it takes time and resources away from what I consider to be more interesting projects. Obviously they wont and obviously a lot of people don't want them to, that's fine, but wishing they'd stop making them is no less reasonable than wishing they'd continue. Reply -1
  • Stranded87 20/03/2015

    I wish Telltale would stop with The Walking Dead. I loved season 1 but didn't make it through season 2 and have little interest in any more. Zombies are way too played out, season 1 was interesting because of the dynamic between Clem and Lee, without that I'm not so interested and even with that a better setting would be preferable. Reply -14
  • Big Pillars of Eternity expansion already in the works

  • Stranded87 17/03/2015

    @crackerjack245 Baldur's Gate 2 is still bigger and in many ways better than any Mass Effect or Dragon Age game and it's not as if Bioware has truly innovated since KotOR. Reply +13
  • Shards, side-quests and DLC: a mini-Inquisition with the boss of Dragon Age

  • Stranded87 13/03/2015

    @George-Roper You can't simultaneously be anti rpg-lite and pro Elder Scrolls. Morrowind is great, but Skyrim and especially Oblivion with its level scaling are barely even RPG's (this of course comes down to how you define RPG's but any useful definition which counts DA out certainly counts them out). Now if you'd been arguing in favour of Divinity: Original Sin or older games like Baldur's Gate that's another matter. But Bethesda no more make hardcore RPG's than Bioware does. Reply +2
  • Sid Meier's Starships review

  • Stranded87 12/03/2015

    @riceNpea From reading reviews on Steam it sounds like it was made with tablets in mind more than PC's if anything. I certainly plan to pick it up on iPad despite having a gaming PC. Reply 0
  • DriveClub Lamborghini expansion due later this month

  • Stranded87 12/03/2015

    @mouseymouse It was a disaster on day 1, but it has since been fixed and much of the DLC has both been free and aided in fixing / improving the game. At this point it's actually one of the best racers available on a current gen platform. Reply +5