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  • Sir Clive Sinclair crowdfunding new ZX Spectrum computer

  • StooMonster 02/12/2014

    Amstrad CPC users
    Maybe one of the business plans on The Apprentice is to recreate the Amstrad CPC along similar lines to this? ;)
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  • StooMonster 02/12/2014

    further lining the pockets of Murdoch
    21st Century Fox, Inc. own 35.58% of Sky Plc.

    Murdoch family owns 39.43% of that.

    So it's quite a tiny part really, well 14%.
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  • Editor's blog: Aoife Wilson joins Eurogamer

  • StooMonster 01/12/2014

    I hope this focus on video doesn't come at the expense of good ol' fashioned text.
    Was my second thought upon reading this article.

    The first being, welcome Aoife.
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  • Broken Age Act 2 release set for early 2015

  • StooMonster 01/12/2014

    What a fun little title, looking forward to Act 2. Reply +8
  • The Longest Journey remastered is coming to iOS "very soon"

  • StooMonster 27/11/2014

    @madjim Differences of software catalogs isn't limited to consoles. ;) Reply 0
  • StooMonster 27/11/2014

    I know that the Android absence is due to high levels of piracy, but it's game that it'd still make money on the format.
    It's not just the eye watering piracy rate, it's actually more expensive to develop for (fragmentation), and the customer demographics are different (who spends what, it's £5) ... so it's much riskier from a business perspective.
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  • Video: Why do video games love lockers?

  • StooMonster 22/11/2014

    It was crates before it was lockers. Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • StooMonster 17/11/2014

    Overall, it's very difficult to avoid the sense that Assassin's Creed Unity was released in an unfinished state. On PC in particular, it really feels like beta code - feature-complete, but lacking in optimisation, with bugs manifesting regularly.
    Assassin's Creed Unity is clearly one of the most unfinished games to ever be pushed out to meet a publishing deadline; perhaps trumping Watch Dogs earlier in the year, which at least had the decency of being delayed to fix game-breaking bugs.

    I am sure with the blanket marketing they'll still sell a bucket load, so there won't be an incentive for them not to do similar again.

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  • Half-Life 2: 10 years on

  • StooMonster 16/11/2014

    Half Life 2 DeathMatch was the greatest.

    Killing opponents with flying toilets … or rebounding crossbow bolts … gaming heaven.
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  • StooMonster 16/11/2014

    Stand out leader of its time and still a great game.

    Half Life and Half Life 2 wove story telling and FPS together like nothing else at the time. The use of physics in HL2 was pioneering and that's just one feature that was widely copied. HL2 did so many things right.

    Even today the HL2 influences in many big name FPS are clearly visible, which demonstrates what a milestone this classic is.
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  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • StooMonster 13/11/2014

    More importantly though, why is this generation so good at getting things so very very wrong?
    In my opinion it's because they're too focused on social networking.

    In our household we didn't have PS3 and Lips on 360 performed singing duties, so we got this as SingStar on PS3 was often cited as being the better product.

    I was saddened to see how much social-shite was in this when we first launched it: we don't want to record videos and post them to Facebook accounts, who would?
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  • StooMonster 13/11/2014

    The press release describes the selection on offer as "robust", in the same jolly, optimistic tone you might hear Wetherspoons describing its clientele as "eclectic".
    Class. Good to have some Ellie to read.
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  • StooMonster 13/11/2014

    There's a small but noticeable amount of lag between the player's singing and the sound coming out of the TV
    Isn't that what the 'lag adjustment' function fixes? Doesn't that work?

    My kids were playing with this using iPhones/iPods as microphones and after doing 'auto adjust for lag' seemed to have no problems.

    My problem with SingStar is that it's very expensive to build up a few tracks to sing; it's a DLC machine for my PS4.
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  • Far Cry 4's PC system requirements revealed

  • StooMonster 07/11/2014

    Even limiting yourself in that way does not mean you only have to buy from Ubistore.
    Limiting myself? Cost benefit analysis of the amounts of times I would use an optical drive vs pennies saved on prices means it's a waste of money.

    But quite, there are currently more than one place where one can buy downloads from.

    And you demonstrate my (repeated) point by listing lots of retailers that sell downloads, or access to downloads.

    For clarity, again: my concern is the prospect of publishers increasingly closing distribution channels so that product is only available from their favoured store (i.e. that they own) ... and nowhere else.

    I do wonder how some actually game on PC so many don't seem to understand the platform.
    I wonder how some people don't seem to comprehend quite plainly written English.
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  • StooMonster 07/11/2014

    Anyone seen any news on the 6GB or 8GB versions of GTX 970 and 980 that Digital Foundry referred to the other day? Reply 0
  • StooMonster 07/11/2014

    Thing is you don't only buy from their download store.
    I live in 2014, my gaming PC doesn't have an optical drive.

    Therefore download stores are where I buy PC games from.

    Your ongoing anti-Valve sentiment appears to have you justifying lack of competition -- platform exclusives.

    Whereas I am clearly arguing for all games being available on all digital platforms.
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  • StooMonster 07/11/2014

    Maybe they are going the way of Origin, and having their games exclusively on UPlay?

    I've posted many times before that the fragmentation of online stores into publisher bunkers is anti-consumer: who wants multiple stores for each publisher? That destroys price competition for one thing.

    Online store platforms should compete on customers services and value-add and price, not by using measures such as exclusivity of distribution -- that's the sign of someone who knows they cannot compete because their offering is poorer and thus have to use such measures.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts block PS4 Share Play

  • StooMonster 06/11/2014

    the option is available to developers to disable the feature according to what they feel will best benefit the consumer experience
    Double speak.

    Who this is benefiting is not the consumer.
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  • Gamer Network is now hiring!

  • StooMonster 06/11/2014

    Can they please get the 'ignore' button working again? Reply +3
  • CD Projekt announces generous Witcher 3 DLC plan

  • StooMonster 06/11/2014

    This is the kind of behaviour that makes me want to pre-purchase, even though I probably won't get round to playing until first sales are underway. :) Reply +2
  • Video: What's new in GTA 5 next gen?

  • StooMonster 02/11/2014

    Both versions(PS4 and PC) i have pre-oredered since it was announced a long time ago.
    I can't decide if I should get PS4 or PC version.
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  • Microsoft Band is a health-focused smart device for your wrist

  • StooMonster 30/10/2014

    @goggyturk But Kinect is no longer bundled!

    So maybe another opportunity to earn some margin from an alternative platform extension device?

    Joking aside, a couple of my geekiest mates have these kind of things and swear by them. I am not so sure about wearing them for exercise and then showing etc how do you keep them free of sweaty gunk?
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  • StooMonster 30/10/2014

    @jetsetwillie Maybe if they play "terrorist" too many times in Counter-Strike Reply +1
  • StooMonster 30/10/2014

    Are there plans for XbOne integration?

    e.g. Measure heart rate while playing Forza
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  • StooMonster 30/10/2014

    Does it run Crysis?

    Edit: fekkin auto-correct keeps changing that to "Does it run Cross?" FFS, some tech is useless…
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  • MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro with GTX 980M review

  • StooMonster 26/10/2014

    there's really not many others for whom this would be a sensible purchase compared to the other options
    I have several friends who adore these desktop replacements.

    They're in the military, or are students, or travel on business and want entertainment in hotel rooms, or move about a lot, or just don't have enough room for a PC desk (had kids) and either plug these 'desktop replacements' into their tv via HDMI or sit at kitchen table and game.

    Personally I prefer portability for a gaming laptop, as I carry it on the train and want 'light' so 2Kg is my limit -- I don't carry power pack either, have one either end and charge laptop at home and work. My Razer can game for 40 minutes on one charge, which is enough for my two daily train journeys. For longer trips I would have to take power-pack and plug it in.

    However, if you've got it as a desktop replacement then plugging into the mains isn't a problem.

    For example, you could be driving around the UK all week staying in different hotels every night, wouldn't it be good to get one of these out of the boot of your car and have a bit of quality PC gaming in your room?

    aimed at a RIDICULOUSLY niche market ... Yet still MSI made it, and that's fantastic!
    Too many people forget that lowest-cost is not the only business strategy, MSI proving that point here.
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  • StooMonster 26/10/2014

    8GB models for the desktop GPUs are inbound
    I really want one of these new nVidia cards, but have suspected that 8GB versions would be available (as opposed to stock 4GB ones) before too long.

    Any more information available on likely availability?
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  • StooMonster 26/10/2014

    The reason I chose a Razer Blade over MSI for gaming laptop was the size and weight: 2Kg vs (nearly) 4Kg and only 17.8mm thick.

    I have been impressed with my Razer's 870M GPU 3GB even with it's 3K screen, but this new generation of nVidia GPU makes me think I might have to update it sooner than I thought.

    Although MSI have gone the route of 'desktop replacement' again in a large luggable; that looks like it might need to be plugged in to work.

    So I am waiting with baited breath to see what Razer do with this new generation of chips for my "Steam games on the commuter train" needs (although they have power sockets per seat, I use battery), to see a thinner and lighter alternative.
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  • Apple iPad Air 2 review

  • StooMonster 25/10/2014

    Isn't it better to be able to do both?
    I was commenting on your reply to "The issue is lack of apps/UI experience compared to iOS8" where you said it runs full Windows.

    But if you want to use it as a tablet, there is huge lack of apps — so you have to use it as a laptop … in which case, why not get a thin laptop (which is why I did).

    Although in my opinion it's good that we have choice in the market, innovation is driven through competition. :)
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  • StooMonster 25/10/2014

    @JasonB81 But full blown Windows programs are not designed for touch interface of tablet. So it needs to be in laptop mode for them, then it's no longer a tablet but a laptop with a thin keyboard and a kickstand.

    This was why when I was eyeing up Surface Pro 3 or a Razor laptop, I went with the later.
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  • StooMonster 25/10/2014

    but the lack of any sort of decent inputs/file management
    iCloudDrive is much better, especially with latest OSX that has file manager built in now.

    On iOS I use DropBox, GDrive and OneDrive to manage all my inputs/file management -- which makes life easier to sync than using SD cards IMO.

    propriety apple-only software
    Like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop?
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  • StooMonster 25/10/2014

    Never watch video. (unless its a 30 second youtube clip, because why would you?)
    In the world of commuting -- either on trains, metro, buses or planes -- travellers used to all be reading books or newspapers (or odd games console).

    These days there's tablets everywhere with people watching downloaded TV; I see people watching everything from Bake-off through Sopranos and Game of Thrones.
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  • StooMonster 25/10/2014

    Apple will give me £300-ish trade in on my Air, that I bought last year to replace ageing iPad 1. But I'm clearly not an 'annual upgrade' person (nor with phones).

    iPad is probably my most used device, use phone when out-n-about but tablet at home (weekends and evenings).

    Although kids play lots of games on iPads and there's a couple I like, and I also read books and magazines on mine, it's mostly music making apps that I use and there are loads of brilliant ones.
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  • Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld and a helpful developer from EA

  • StooMonster 24/10/2014

    Are non-compete clauses even legal, or tested in court? Reply 0
  • Microsoft to end free Xbox Music streaming

  • StooMonster 23/10/2014

    I see we've moved to step 3 in the "copy my competitors" service life cycle: *

    1. See what competitors doing, decide to copy them

    2. Launch "free" service, as part of wider subscription

    3. Charge separately for service, other subscription internal stakeholders don't want to share revenue

    4. Close service, not enough customers to make a profit and large costs means makes loss

    5. Go to 1

    * Not exclusive to Microsoft, Apple and many others have done same thing.
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  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • StooMonster 22/10/2014

    @ShiftyGeezer Cough. Quite.

    But surely that's the spec not the cooling solution that costs the money?
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  • StooMonster 22/10/2014

    My gaming laptop has an i7 in it along with GTX 670M 3GB GDDR -- it's better spec'd than these boxes!

    Yet it's razor thin (Razor pun intended), and also has an HDMI output.

    Why are these boxes so voluminous? (When they are lower spec'd, and generate less heat.)
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  • StooMonster 22/10/2014

    Steam Box without SteamOS has problems justifying its existence.

    There are several OEM in similar position, Valve need to pull their finger out.
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  • The Stanley Parable has sold over a million copies

  • StooMonster 21/10/2014

    Anyone got every ending done? Think I've got all but one or two of very most obscure.

    What fantastic and joyful entertainment this delightful piece of software is. :)
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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK

  • StooMonster 21/10/2014

    Re 50hz/60hz thing - this was fixed months ago, you can change it under Settings.
    Depends on your definition of 'fixed' though.
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  • You can move Dark Souls from Games for Windows Live to Steam next month

  • StooMonster 21/10/2014

    Excellent news.

    Wish all developers/publishers who switched from GfWL to SteamWorks allowed transfer of save files and achievements.
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  • Legend of Grimrock 2 review

  • StooMonster 21/10/2014

    @slk486 Same as here for every point you made, need to get past "stuck point" Reply +1
  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • StooMonster 17/10/2014

    any articles on eurogamer about them?
    Search engine bought up some Eurogamer articles about Surface 3 for me.
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  • StooMonster 17/10/2014

    @Big-Boss My laptop has 3K on a 14-inch screen, which I think is similar (if not higher) DPI and 5K on a 27-inch screen.

    It looks excellent.
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  • StooMonster 17/10/2014

    @sherpa1984 I went from an iPad 1 to an iPad Air and there was a dramatic speed difference, I would imagine you'll see similar. Reply +4
  • Lindsay Lohan steps up Rockstar legal battle over GTA5 character

  • StooMonster 11/10/2014

    @eiocreative Yes, clearly … doesn't give you any kind of lift ;)

    Notice how I was rewording what raheell9 wrote, for effect. Sigh…
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  • StooMonster 11/10/2014

    Jesus...people can be stupid. What next? Suing Red Bull for not giving you ACTUAL wings????
    Good one raheell9

    For those that don't know, Red Bull just lost a $13m lawsuit because it does not give you actual wings

    $13m lawsuit proves Red Bull doesn't give you wings

    $10 to every US customer who has bought a can of Red Bull since 2002.
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  • Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"

  • StooMonster 10/10/2014

    What is classy is competing on the quality of your offering and service.

    What lacks class is using restrictions and bribes because you cannot compete on a level playing field.
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  • Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims

  • StooMonster 10/10/2014


    Could this be a new Microsoft strategy revealed?

    Pay publishers to ensure 'parity' so there is no performance difference between platforms?
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  • StooMonster 10/10/2014

    Why would we ever do anything to hold it back?

    We're not talking about holding the game back per se, it's one platform under discussion not the game itself.

    A platform where the expectation is for 1080p30 when the competing platform typically renders at 900p30, because that's how multi-platform commonly plays out because of differences between the two GPUs.

    Therefore 'parity' raises questions, which are only fueled by Ubi comments such as

    We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff
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