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  • PS4 firmware 2.5 release date and details

  • StooMonster 26/03/2015

    You'll now be able to back-up your PS4 to an external hard-drive or USB thing and restore from there too.
    Sounds like that will make upgrading the internal hard drive much easier.
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  • Use your remaining Club Nintendo stars on digital 3DS, Wii U games

  • StooMonster 21/03/2015

    but if you checked the website regularly it wasn't an issue

    Just like I don't constantly check air miles, Shell drive club points, Starbucks, LEGO, and a myriad of other points based promotions in customer loyalty programmes?

    Stop defending the indefensible.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2015

    @bratsampson The outcome of a customer loyalty programme shouldn't be that you piss off your loyal customers.

    Timed out stars and timed out codes are two such things that do exactly that.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2015

    How is getting free stuff anti consumer in any way?
    Timing out stars is anti-consumer.

    Particularly when it's done on a short time frame, and doesn't make customers clearly aware that they will expire.

    A while ago I bulk entered all my children's Wii games, DS and 3DS games into the horrible star system which was an arduous process.

    There wasn't anything we wanted at the time, so thought "we'll come back later"

    Next time we went to log on, when entering code for new 3DS game all the old stars had 'timed out' and been deleted.

    I complained to Nintendo customer service who said one should only enter codes before you wanted to spend them, because otherwise they 'time out'.

    How is timing out stars in any way consumer friendly?
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2015

    Remaining stars?

    Pah! Timed out stars more like.

    Thanks for nothing Nintendo with your anti consumer, consumer loyalty programme.
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  • God of War 3 Remastered announced for PS4

  • StooMonster 21/03/2015

    Its for people who didnt play it on PS3 or new comers to playstation
    Like me, I once played GoW on a friend's PS2 for an hour and through the two PSP ones so GoW3 remaster sounds cool to me.

    I really enjoyed tLoU and welcome high quality remasters of previous generation games also recently did Metro Redux games.

    It take a long time to create new IP whereas the development window for remasters should be much shorter, so I am glad to have HD remasters while I wait for cool new IP.

    I hope we get Unchartered too and read earlier this week that Journey is imminent.

    I think it's a good idea to take the best of the last generation and remaster them for new hardware, and if you've played them before you don't have to buy them again.
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  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 out in April

  • StooMonster 19/03/2015

    @jabberwoky I am looking forward to the game reviewer simulator to hit. Reply +7
  • StooMonster 19/03/2015

    I guess Car Mechanic Simulator is for old cars, and not for new car dealer's mechanic who plugs engine into laptop, prints report, (maybe) change oil filter and fills windscreen washer liquid, cleans car, and charges 500+ for "service". Then ums-n-arrs when they've forgotten to fill in log book with said "service", and you've had to go back to get them to do it. Reply +8
  • Microsoft will allow pirates free upgrades to Windows 10

  • StooMonster 19/03/2015

    @SpaceMonkey77 App Stores make a fuck tonne of money Microsoft see Apple, Google, Amazon, and Valve and want some of that 30%-ish distribution fee.

    They've been trying hard, and not succeeding (because Win8.x failed) but it's clearly going to be a big part of Windows 10.
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  • StooMonster 18/03/2015

    What this move by MS is really about is getting more people to upgrade from XP
    But there's no money in that and Microsoft are not a charity, if people haven't upgraded from XP to 7 or 8.x why would they upgrade to 10 (via buying intermediate update to 7 or 8.x?)

    The reason they are giving Windows 10 away "for free" is to widely distribute the Microsoft Store which is built into the OS, and where they'll get 30% of the revenue.

    It's a concept called 'loss leader' make a short term loss on one thing in order to make a long term profit on another.
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  • Jeff Minter "beyond disgusted" with Atari over TxK block

  • StooMonster 18/03/2015

    @IronSoldier No idea mate, I downloaded it (on release day) from PlayStation Store.

    I haven't even noticed if it's got a manual like instruction in-game to be honest, I just fire it up and play TxK on the train home from work.
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  • StooMonster 18/03/2015

    He's absolutely correct. You cannot copyright a game design, only assets (levels, music, characters...).
    You are absolutely correct.

    I've burnt many an hour (and cash) with IP lawyers going through this very point.

    You can't patent game designs or mechanics either.
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  • StooMonster 18/03/2015

    T2K... T3K... TxK
    Thanks, I had no idea where the name came from.

    Still, I think it would be hard to prove IP infringement here.
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  • StooMonster 18/03/2015

    What's the best way that the community can help Jeff Minter out here?

    I've got the Vita game and would definitely buy PS4 and probably PC version too, to show a bit of support to Llamasoft.

    Very stupid news.
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  • PlayStation Now closed beta begins this spring in UK

  • StooMonster 17/03/2015

    Virginmedia are critically oversubscribed in many areas
    Depends on time of day I guess, or your area, my cable modem delivers a solid 160Mb/s and a ping < 5.

    But then I use after 9pm, although kids stream HD Netflix from when they get back from school with no issues.
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  • StooMonster 17/03/2015

    Signed up for beta, hope they pick me.

    I am sceptical of streaming games over the internet, actually even in my house...

    what with lag, and the laws of physics.

    Willing to give it a go though to see how playable these PS3 titles are.
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  • Valve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems - and poses bigger questions

  • StooMonster 15/03/2015

    Until the motion-sickness issue is solved
    Have you read the article? Or anything about SteamVR?

    Or even read the headline? "Valve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems"

    The 90Hz screen update and low latency motion tracking gets rid of motion sickness.

    According to John Carmack, it's why Oculus are also planning to up the 60Hz to 120Hz and improve their motion tracking.

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  • StooMonster 15/03/2015

    I think you're focusing too much on what they've been talking about recently.
    Their current plans, that John Carmack has been extensively taking about, rather than their plans before they were acquired by Facebook?

    Should I also be listening to Microsoft's old plans when Ballmer was in charge, before Nadella took over?

    They're focusing on PC as much as before.
    If they are, I'm not reading about it anywhere near as much as 'mobile'.

    Totally agree they are using PCs as primary development platform today, however, there's clearly a shift underway because PC gaming won't get them to mass market in the mid- to long-term.

    Check out the Oculus Connect Keynote from John Carmack where he talks about handing complete VR headset around and saying "hear, try this", taking VR with you carrying it around, handing it around, not having to go in a "VR lair and hooking up with wires",

    Treat VR like a tablet he says, check out from 27m20s

    Later on he talks about getting "a billion people with VR" not much PC chat, most of the entire speech is about how to develop VR with Android.

    Oculus is about the mass market.

    It'd be a stupid move to ditch it now and let the market share be handed over to Valve.
    Facebook are obviously interested in mass market, not PC gaming: two markets that don't overlap.

    Do you think mass market consumers are going to buy a gaming PC in order to use Oculus?

    If it can run standalone or with a cell phone, what makes you think that it won't work well on PC? Why wouldn't they just have a scale-able solution?
    It's not that it won't work well on PC, it's the commercial market of "a billion users" and how you get there.

    Facebook are a business, they want to make money there are not a billion PC gamers, and a billion people are not going to buy gaming PCs to use Rift.

    Imagine this you are a mass market customer, you buy Oculus Rift from a store and you get a headset that plugs into a small box (similar to a phone) that you can hang on your belt or put in your pocket or plug it into your own mobile phone. Job done, no need to buy a gaming PC or a console or anything complicated with cables.

    The Rift is as tied to mobile as the Vive is tied to walking around the room. Neither are necessary for either to be great products.
    Oculus Rift, stand-alone of PCs, consoles that's a mass market product. It's about the business i.e. why Facebook made an investment of $2bn not because of hardware/software limitations.

    By "mobile" they clearly mean that you can use the Rift anywhere because it will be mobile. You won't have to have it in your basement / bedroom / office / man-cave next to a giant gaming PC, it's "mobile" so you can use it anywhere; take it to a friends house, etc. Carmcack states that again in the video I linked above.

    As far as we know, the Vive has no extra processing hardware in it, ie: it only uses the CPU/GPU of the computer for VR.
    Exactly, because Valve want to promote PC gaming, and as Gabe Newell said in the Engadget quote they'll make their money through VR games sold on Steam.

    The Rift team hasn't responded to the Vive but when they do, it will likely mainly focus on PC gaming
    PC gaming? How are they going to distribute Rift compatible titles? Through Steam?

    From what Carmack has been saying in the press for last few months, what he said in the Oculus Connect Keynote it's clear that they see "mobile" as where Oculus is headed.

    and the future of mobile VR.
    Yep. which is where they appear to be focused and headed PC, much less so.
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  • StooMonster 15/03/2015

    @Geordiemp Xmen game where you play Charles Xavier? Reply +4
  • StooMonster 15/03/2015

    They are intending for it to be as wireless as possible, but transmitting video with low latency is the big problem.
    Perhaps that's one of the reasons why Facebook Oculus are building their own 'mobile' hardware into the headset or at least making it wearable and planning to ditch PC as the primary driver.

    (Accepted that as hardware not finished so they're currently still using PC for prototyping purposes.)
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  • StooMonster 15/03/2015

    @el_vicio Valve's SteamVR's two screens are 1200x1080 resolution each effectively 2400x1080 at 90Hz.

    That's pushing 233.3m pixels per second which is not too different to 1440p at 60fps which is 221.2m pixels per second.

    I read that thei demos were running off GTX980 cards so although "top end" not a multi-GPU set-up.
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  • Watch Valve's HTC Vive VR Rezzed developer session

  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    @Yautja_Warrior For the prototype headset hardware perhaps, while there is no mobile hardware to drive the display, but it's certainly not the long-term solution if anything Carmack and Oculus have been saying for the last six months is true. Reply +2
  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Oculus has the biggest advantage with all the support from Facebook and even the Porn industry is backing it
    It's also turned into its own mobile platform and isn't about PC gaming any more.
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  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Valve's VR sounds like the highest quality of the current contenders.

    I am really stoked about trying it, and glad there going to be an alternative to Facebook Oculus's Rift which has a) gone mobile and b) has no controller yet.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Revisited

  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    @TheMightyEthan Well there you go, make sure you use HDMI port 3 :) Reply +2
  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Maybe in another year or two when I get around to upgrading to a monster PC build along with picking up SteamVR/Hive or Occulus Rift...
    Agreed. I am going to wait for 4K to settle in a bit before I upgrade my TVs and projector.

    From what John Carmack and Oculus have been saying recently, much more so since Jan-15, you won't need to worry about a PC for Rift as it's going to have it's own built in hardware and be mobile.
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  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Tesco are selling 40" 4K TVs
    Are they ones with HDMI 2.0 or DisplayPort 1.2 that accept native 4K resolution at 60Hz or above.

    Or are they ones that upscale 1080p content to 4K?

    Edit: checked it out, and indeed they are HDMI 2.0

    LG 42UB820V

    However, also read this on the internet...

    When it comes to native 4K content, the UB820 supports 4K @ 60Hz, albeit only 8-bit 4:2:0, on all HDMI inputs. The UB850, on the other hand, supports 4K @ 60Hz feeds with higher color depth (10 and 12-bit) and chroma subsampling ratio (4:2:2), as well as 8-bit 4:4:4, albeit only on the HDMI 3 input (the remaining HDMI inputs support 4K @ 60Hz, 8-bit 4:2:0).

    So you need the UB850 model to support 4K @ 60Hz 8-bit 4:4:4 i.e. no chroma sub-sampling like a monitor, which is what you want for PC gaming here's a link for UB850 and it's obviously more expensive than the Tesco UB820 model but still, amazing that 4K is arriving so quickly.
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  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Yesterday, interestingly Microsoft have confirmed that DirectX 12 can work with both an AMD and an Nvidia cards working together on same motherboard I'm hoping might even get a minor boost from CPU onboard Intel graphics.

    Also, have been reading rumours that the new top end AMD cards are shipping with 8GB stacked memory.

    Exciting times for GPU enthusiasts.
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  • StooMonster 14/03/2015

    Still loving my 970, not had any issues whatsoever.

    I only bought it because 980 wouldn't fit in my ITX case half inch too long and I haven't regretted it at all.

    Great workhorse of a card for 1080p gaming my gaming PC is either on large LCD tv or projector.
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  • Phil Spencer's new vision for the Xbox One

  • StooMonster 13/03/2015

    Don't know if they've been demoing it on Windows 10, but last year they used Forza 5 running on Windows to demo Direct3D 12.
    DX12 is Win10 exclusive, so yes.

    Thus, I agree it's entirely a marketing decision to keep Forza exclusive to Xbox.

    I have thought for a while that Microsoft might bring Gears and other titles to Windows 10 as evidence seems to suggest they've done some work in this area, i.e. to get people to use Microsoft Store, but I'm not so sure after reading this.

    If they did bring Forza, Halo and other IPs across it would underline their commitment to PC gaming, so without it there's the nagging doubt about the courage of their convictions.
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  • StooMonster 13/03/2015

    It's obvious that they're making sure that Forza stays Xbox exclusive so that it helps them sell as many consoles as possible.
    That's right, didn't them demo Forza running on Windows 10?
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  • StooMonster 13/03/2015

    Could we get a feature in Live where we can hide achievements, e.g. if I've booted a game and played it for ten minutes and got one achievement (for starting it) it then clogs my lists up.

    Achievement management, that's what I would like.

    Same as for Steam and PSN too.

    In fact, in my dreams there's a universal system that combines those and U-Play and Origin and other ones too. But that's just a dream...
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  • StooMonster 13/03/2015

    if you're going to develop for Windows why wouldn't you develop for Xbox One, it's basically a checkbox in the compiler
    It's a dual platform strategy, especially when combined with cross-buy.

    Could be risky, as possible dilution to Xbox.

    However, is a smart move for 'Microsoft' platform market share and tie into other fee paying services (e.g. Live, OneDrive, etc.)
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  • PS4 update 2.50 to add Suspend/Resume feature

  • StooMonster 12/03/2015

    Doesn't Plex transcode already encoded media for transmission between it's client and server?
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  • StooMonster 12/03/2015

    Hope DLNA is on the horizon
    Agreed, a fully featured DLNA client would be very welcome.
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  • StooMonster 12/03/2015

    Suspend/Resume your games
    Excellent, have wanted this since I first booted up my PS4.

    ability to customise the frame rate of Remote Play and Share Play with options for 60fps
    Very nice, solid gaming related feature.

    link your Facebook friends to your PS4 account
    Sigh, stupid social network integration bollocks; I'd prefer an option to disable any mention of such data-mining marketeers.
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  • Apple Watch prices range from 299 to 13,500

  • StooMonster 10/03/2015

    I prefer Android Wear
    Did your preference go so far as to spending money on one?
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  • StooMonster 10/03/2015

    Well, comparable smartwatches are 100 to 200.
    There's a gold smart watch for 200?
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  • Editor's blog: So, we do best games lists now

  • StooMonster 08/03/2015

    On the plus side it's articles and not videos. Reply +4
  • Sony and the future of VR

  • StooMonster 08/03/2015

    Killzone, Forza, Driveclub, GTA5, name me one WiiU game that has any where near those standards of visuals.
    Are all great? OK.

    I wasn't defending Wii U, I don't even own one, I simply asked what you thought was "great graphics" as your personal benchmark by which all other games are measured.

    Two of your list are driving games, I assume you don't like Mario Kart 8 then?

    I've seen Bayonetta 2 and think that looks pretty darn good, and wish it was on other platforms.

    Also, as to open world comparison with GTA5 the unreleased The Legend of Zelda Wii U looks amazing.
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  • StooMonster 08/03/2015

    To put it simply: For at least the next 3-4 years we're looking at ether seeing the same crap recycled over and over again, then then we're going to see something new with less impressive visuals. I'd personally hope we see the latter, but the eternal pessimist in me says we're going to see the former with the only exception being indie games.
    Agree with your take on "same crap recycled", although much modern gameplay is fun it is (mostly) the same old tropes and mechanics with added shiny shiny.

    I posted above that this could be a paradigm shift similar to shift from sprite based games to vector ones and I really hope that it is.

    But I share your concern that it will be led by cutting edge indies, and we might not see any big name publishers and effort put in for quite a few years yet.
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  • StooMonster 07/03/2015

    Plus i have not seen anything on the WiiU that looks anywhere close to great!!
    What does look great?

    Just so we have a reference point.
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  • StooMonster 07/03/2015

    The majority of gamers will not want to game with that thing on their heads
    As the spokesperson for "the majority of gamers", you do realise that mass-market and lowest price isn't the only way to make money?

    There seems to be plenty of hardcore gamers excited by VR, particularly those who've played the likes of Elite with it. Moreover, plenty who want the best experience, which will no doubt come with a high price why do you think PC "Master Race" exists, when mass-market plays consoles?

    Perhaps you are right and your FIFA and CoD playing masses don't want VR would it really matter? If the comments threads about Facebook Oculus and other VRs are any indicator, there appear to be plenty of gamers willing to pay top-dollar for it.
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  • StooMonster 07/03/2015

    All this competition in VR is excellent, can only be good for consumers.

    Saying that it's not always overlapping: Sony with their console, Oculus and their standalone mobile, Samsung et al with 'using your mobile phone', Valve and Razer doing PCs.

    Microsoft have gone the AR route with their console version, interesting angle.

    Paradigm shift times methinks.
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  • Meet the console which brings Capcom's golden era to your living room

  • StooMonster 08/03/2015

    One of my mates is big into JAMMA boards, it's a big commitment to running a handful of games.

    Flawlessly though.

    Albeit these days through a box of gubbins to get it work at low latency on a flatscreen as he doesn't have CRTs anymore.
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  • Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

  • StooMonster 07/03/2015

    The used to be about 2 U.S dollars, but it's since then gone down as low as 1.4 and is now at about 1.5.
    Was at 1.71 in mid 2014 when I bought my lovely Razor Blade laptop in Microsoft Store which was about the same as when I bought a SNES in States in 1991.

    Plenty of reasons why GBP:USD fluctuates over time, just like GBP:EUR etc, mostly macro, but it does make it difficult to forecast prices, which is why hedging exists.

    Buying in US sometimes has other benefits, eg mail back discounts, rebates and the like, Microsoft gave me in-store gift of year's subscription of 5 user Office 365 for free.

    If you're lucky enough to go to go to US a lot most money is saved on VAT and not on exchange rates; you're supposed to declare it a customs. But could be tricky sticking a PC in your luggage a small Steam Machine might fit in hand luggage though. :)
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with SteamVR and HTC Vive

  • StooMonster 05/03/2015

    Surely a Digital Foundry VR Face-Off is in the works? :) Reply +4
  • Report: Phil Harrison is leaving Microsoft

  • StooMonster 05/03/2015

    So where he is going now? Nintendo?
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  • All the Windows 10 and Xbox One cross-play or cross-buy games revealed so far

  • StooMonster 05/03/2015

    n Sweden it's much more expensive to buy the console version of a game than the PC version
    Clearly the strategy is to increase the price of PC games.
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  • Valve's missing Link

  • StooMonster 05/03/2015

    Steam Link looks ace!
    My house has trunked CAT6 and gigabit routers, so a low latency but high picture quality Steam Link is an attractive way of getting gaming PC in my living room

    I currently carry and plug it in, have thought about second Steam Machine in living room, but this could work brilliantly if picture quality has no compression.
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