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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda early gameplay footage leaks

  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    Exploding barrels? Hope there's some crates to smash too.

    Love Mass Effect series, could be ready for some more in 2017.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture confirmed for PC

  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    VR version would be welcome. Reply +1
  • Watch: Why does VR give some people motion sickness?

  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    It probably pre-dates Neanderthals by quite a significant time though
    European Homo Sapiens mated with Neanderthals, much evidence for that in DNA, what about the rest of the human race on the planet?
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  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    Motion sickness?

    Kids who say they can't sit in the back seats of the car, it has to be passenger or they get motion sick; worse, grown ups who claim that, yet can still get a black cab.

    Or, people who obviously rarely travel by train getting on busy commuter train and asking people to change seats because they can't face the wrong way as it makes them motion sick; yet when they get on the tube afterwards can face any direction, funny that.
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  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    Because they are weak and unworthy? Reply +15
  • Tech Analysis: Quantum Break

  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    Universal Windows Platform
    Puts me off buying Quantum Break on PC, that it only runs on non desktop Windows.

    Microsoft are doing a big push into open source at the moment: just hired away Oracle's chief Linux guy and signed deal with Ubuntu, SQL Server on Linux etc ... I wonder if they're considering the long term viability of Windows Desktop as a closed platform.
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  • StooMonster 02/04/2016

    All DX12 games so far have been pretty disappointing
    I thought Rise of the Tomb Raider was excellent example of DirectX12.
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  • Steam loophole closed after coder sneaks Watch Paint Dry onto store

  • StooMonster 29/03/2016

    Valve painted themselves into a corner with their lack of oversight. Reply +6
  • PlayStation 4.5 to be announced before October - report

  • StooMonster 29/03/2016

    @IronSoldier LG on third major revision of OLED so should be good by now. HDR finally settled and HDR 4K Blu-ray and streaming all agreed, and so long as you get right connectors (should be fine) all should be future proof for ages.

    Samsung rumoured to be attempting OLED again but after the industrial espionage and losing court cases to LG they've had to stay away for a while.

    Only thing I can see is cheaper prices next year; OLED is still expensive but is the "real blacks" and light emitting replacement of plasma, and not the light-blocking (albeit with multiple dim areas in top end displays) LCD backlights by LEDs.
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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    @Yogafire I waited until HDR support is properly implemented before buying a 4K screen … it's the big thing this year.

    Currently waiting for new models to be available in UK.
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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    I think that most people expected PS4 / XBox1 to be capable of 1080p/60 at launch, so I expect this will be the minimum target.
    So developers don't have to create two sets of assets: original PS4 games targeting up-to 30fps 1080p and PS4K games a rock-solid 60fps 1080p.

    Then a good scaler to take said rock-solid 1080p60 up to 4K60, also using HDR in scaling, I reckon is one way they might go.
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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016


    "Sony and Microsoft are doing the right thing"

    Yep, totally agree.
    Agree with you both, I think upgrading consoles like tablets and smartphones is a good for consumers … look at the innovation and pace of change in phones and tablets, consoles could benefit from such dynamism.
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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    @IronSoldier Charging money for higher resolution? Fair point!

    4K Blu-ray Discs are more expensive than regular 1080p ones … although like older tri-format packs that used to include DVD, now include regular Blu-ray and "HD Streaming" along with the 4K HDR discs.
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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    Maybe Microsoft and Sony will suffix incremental update models with an S like Apple?

    PlayStation 4 S

    Xbox One S

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  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    The original articles also mention that the new PS4K supports the new 4K Blu-ray format — so one would assume HDR colour output — and also Netflix and Amazon 4K streaming. So it's a 4K media friendly upgrade to hardware.

    I would assume that it can nicely scale regular 1080p PS4 to 4K resolution too.

    Plus, the obviously more powerful VR hardware for PSVR is nice; I imagine the PSVR Breakout Box could be built in too.

    Now whether it enables two code paths for two different versions of regular PS4 games is a different matter; although one that hasn't been a barrier in iOS and Android games, and Microsoft clearly making signals in that direction for XbOne too.
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  • Oculus Rift review

  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    @neems Did you get your email from HTC last week about Vive? Reply 0
  • Samorost 3 review

  • StooMonster 28/03/2016

    Have played and completed all Aminita Design's games, Machinarium was a highlight, and have been waiting for Samorost 3 for years.

    Will add this to my pile of to-do games.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight gave us the hero we deserve

  • StooMonster 26/03/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing Yes, PC port is fixed … so long as you have reasonable hardware.

    Even had a (minor) update at the beginning of March.

    I left it about 25% complete and just came back and noticed that with Nvidia driver updates etc I can now run with all their effects turned on and still get (mostly) 1080p 60fps on an GTX970.
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  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • StooMonster 24/03/2016

    I would buy a PlayStation 4K

    For my 4K displays and the VR.

    I am sure I'm not alone, and Sony realise that.

    Also, acts as a good test of scaleable games for keeping PS5 on same platform and making consoles more like phones, tablets, computers, etc where hardware generations are backwardly compatible.
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  • Why Gears of War Ultimate fails to deliver on PC

  • StooMonster 21/03/2016

    @avluis Thank you for that information about Minecraft Windows 10 edition. Reply 0
  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    As for the Windows 10 store, have yet to buy or download a single app or game.
    Thought I would get my 9yo Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store; when I last rebuilt PC and put Win10 on it (nice kit, got 960 4GB etc).

    First, there is no gifting … unlike Steam, Apple App Store / iTunes, or any other service. So I could not use my Microsoft Account to buy it for my child.

    Secondly, because my CC details were with my account it kicked back and wouldn't let me buy it under kids details with my card.


    So 9yo still on the limited demo version.

    Tried to give them money, and failed.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    And rightly so imho.

    But two or three days of delays didn't make the whole platform in its early days "shit" IMHO, it was a screw up on one product … attempting something that no-one else had attempted before.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    Im easily taken in by what I perceive to be smart people
    In situations like that, it's easy to go to the source.

    In this case Microsoft's filings to the market, which legally have to be correct as that's a requirement of being a publicly traded corporation.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    Insert obligatory 'How quickly people forget that Steam was really shit at the beginning too' remark.
    The thing is, that it wasn't shit back then.

    I've used Steam for approximately thirteen years since first alphas and betas, which was way before Half-Life 2 was published, and it's mostly been excellent with the odd hiccup.

    One of which was when Valve clearly underestimated the launch-day resources required to unlock all the copies of HL2 bought digitally and retail discs too, and people got grumpy that they couldn't unlock the second they wanted to … and this "Steam was shit back then" meme started.

    The second game available on Steam was Rag Doll Kung Fu and there weren't any issues with that, nor repeats of HL2 like outages due to capacity I can recall since.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    I think part of the problem with UWP is the way it's presented in Windows 10.
    Hopefully they are going to improve things like full screen windows, no SLI, etc.and may be able to add features like 'GPU settings' and 'install locations' but they could well be due to the concept of platform abstraction scope decisions — similar to Apple with iOS not allowing folder tree concepts in iCloud storage — and be part of cross hardware platform so who knows.

    Microsoft are certainly pushing 'Windows Store' programs more than even, and discontinuing old desktop versions of things like Skype, but they still have to keep 'desktop' for legacy … hence the two things running together.

    Maybe one day they'll have a Windows that is all UWP and no more desktop, that was certainly Gabe Newell's fear and why Valve built SteamOS.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    Who knows man... maybe I am one myself?
    Nah, because they would know that on the internet you don't necessarily know who people are or what they know or how they know it.

    As far as I can tell, there's plenty of people on this Eurogamer site who are hugely varied: from kids and teens through middle age and even very old, from students through people who have regular jobs through to odd ones with 'serious' jobs … but have in common that they love games.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    @Dizzy I have no clue about business strategy? How many C-suite of global corporates do you talk to or work with a week? ;) Reply +11
  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    @The-Jack-Burton Check out their Annual and Quarterly reports on the Investor Relations section of the Microsoft website. Reply +2
  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    @The-Jack-Burton Yeah, I saw that (I am in USA frequently).

    Couple of weeks ago I saw their new Mac vs PC advert where one soccer mum is sad that her MacBook doesn't have touch screen.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    I suspect that Quantum Break will have similar issues, due to it being a UMP title too. Reply +9
  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    @The-Jack-Burton Windows and Office still generate most of Microsoft's revenue, but back in mid-90s they were physical products and Internet was only popular with geeks like me. Digital stores selling content over the wire were a scifi fantasy.

    It was the advent of iOS App Store was a game changer to show the way, combined with decline in long-term revenues for Windows and Office … their other recent innovation was subscription for Office.

    I don't think they envy Apple, their primary revenues of their core business are at risk — Azure not doing it for them yet, SQL Server now on Linux, etc — and so they're doing sensible things to change that.
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  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    @Dizzy Dear non business person… UWP is a psuedo new OS.

    Originally known as Metro in Windows 8, this is a cross hardware "new OS" platform has taken a long time to bake … and is still only half done.

    Microsoft developed this alternative to "desktop" Windows (Win32) that's been around for twenty years because of forecast lack of / declining future revenues from Windows … their solution was to go iOS-like in two ways. First, closed OS (which controls things like where software installed) and secondly make software exclusively available their their store so they get cut of all software sales, thus long term revenue problem solved.

    This strategy has not had much traction, neither with games nor proper software, everyone is still using regular open Windows — the only people who wanted a closed alternative were Microsoft. This is well documented and long discussed in technical and business press,

    So the latest initiative to get people using their "new OS" is AAA games from Xbox One as a carrot.

    Most, if not all of the issues, highlighted above by DF are due to the game being in the UWP environment "new OS" and not regular Windows, there's similar issues with Tomb Raider.
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  • Making peace with the monster: The return of Dino Dini

  • StooMonster 20/03/2016

    Met Dino Dini at a retro gaming events a couple of years ago, good bloke to have a few drinks with.

    Told him in person that even though I'm no football fan, I still loved his game back in the day, and would prefer to play that to watching a match. It was a class piece of gaming, high quality gameplay of the first order.

    He told me at the time that updates were coming to PS4 and Vita, and I was delighted. These will be instant purchases for me … who is a non football fan.

    Good luck Dino.
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  • BioShock: The Collection spotted for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

  • StooMonster 17/03/2016

    Finished all three on PC and DLC … can't remember if it was before they moved Achievements from GfWL into Steam.

    All three are lovely games with great stories and details, and worlds. Would like a new one.
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  • Witness the PlayStation VR in all its heavenly glory - gallery

  • StooMonster 16/03/2016

    I want to see a Digital Foundry analysis of the hardware. Reply +23
  • PlayStation VR will cost £349, out in October

  • StooMonster 16/03/2016

    Yup - will double dip VR with that price (This and OR).
    Agreed, got Vive on the way in May via pre-order and will definitely get one of these for PS4 too.
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  • Gear of War 4 open beta detailed

  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    But could the company still have a Windows 10 version up it's sleeve?
    Of course Microsoft has a UWP version of Gears of War 4 for Windows 10, it's their new platform and they are "bringing great content" to it.

    As to the game itself: I've played all three games of the Gears of War trilogy to the end, and some online hours put in too, the new one would have to be outstanding to get me over my gears fatigue.
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  • Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit gets ugly

  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    But Mean Girls was so fetch, Tiny Fey great writing.

    Satire, Rockstar are kings of it: GTA games are very humorous exaggerations of modern Americana which ridicule the place and the stupidity of elements of its culture and people and their various vices and vanities.
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  • Microsoft to let Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks

  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    As long as MS don't force devs into using only their store and give them the choice then thats the main thing.
    UWP are exclusively available from Microsoft Store built into Windows 10.

    The question will be whether developers can use this Live as multiplayer platform, but sell games on Origin, UPlay, Steam, GoG, etc. — because some new Windows 10 features are only available to developers if the game is sold via Windows Store only.
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  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    I strongly suspect the move to get first party games on Windows 10 (Gears, Forza, etc.) is to test and promote UWP simultaneous development between XBox and PC. Obviously if developers are making a multiplatform game they want to make UWP as easy and attractive as possible for the PC version.
    Yep, completely agree.

    It's also about competing with Steam, Origin, U-Play, and reducing the value-add of those other distracting store fronts on Windows for the UWP future.
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  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    This isn't about Xbox gaming, it's about PC gaming on Windows 10.

    Cross-Network Play with Xbox gives an incentive to PC developers to use Live for their network gaming infrastructure as opposed to say Steam or Origin etc.

    Connecting PSN would be a further consolidation of this strategy: taking PC developers away from other network gaming platforms on Windows.

    Which is we don't see in the announcement connecting Live to SteamWorks.
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  • System Shock remake debuts gameplay footage

  • StooMonster 15/03/2016

    If EG is going to employ wit in its taglines, it needs to be a bit more sophisticated, less sophomoric & juvenile.
    I disagree, taglines that are witty but saucy are often employed in British journalism as far as I am aware.

    I've been a subscriber of The Economist for years and they often use taglines on articles and pictures that would fail your requirements.
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  • Digital Foundry: the best gaming CPUs for the money

  • StooMonster 12/03/2016

    Do I wait for the new chips due soon or stump up for a Fury/Nano or a 980/980ti.
    I am waiting for new chips with their new GDDR configs.

    On tech insider and rumour sites they look to be twice as powerful, and not long to wait.
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  • It sounds like Gears of War 4 will come to PC

  • StooMonster 10/03/2016

    @Fragtaster Thanks for the video link, and those Tek Syndicate guys are exactly correct. Reply +1
  • StooMonster 10/03/2016

    Cross-platform XbOne to Windows 10 makes a lot of sense strategically for Microsoft, especially in the locked down world of UWP (formerly known as Metro).

    The reason being that it's going to enable them to support iterations of Xbox One hardware, where they can have new generations of hardware.

    I don't think it will be too long before we see Xbox Two, with upgraded hardware that runs old XbOne games perfectly (maybe even better) and new games with extra options -- same way UWP games run on Windows with better or lesser hardware.

    All seems as obvious as locked down applications written in Metro exclusively available on the Microsoft Store as new walled garden OS to replace 'desktop' Win32 Windows did back at Win8 announcement. It's a long game.
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  • StooMonster 10/03/2016

    match Apple's UI and Linux' stability
    Linux more stable than Unix?
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  • Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

  • StooMonster 07/03/2016

    Really enjoyed Fable games on my trusty 360, and was looking forward to Fable Legends although with a bit of trepidation as it's another Metro (Win10 WinStore exclusive) game.

    Best of luck to developers and Lionshead team, bad news for game making in UK.
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  • Watch: We play a horror game on the HTC Vive

  • StooMonster 06/03/2016

    whales.. Awful things
    Tasty though.
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  • Watch: How much space does the HTC Vive actually need?

  • StooMonster 03/03/2016

    We live in a country of rabbit hutch sized homes

    Yep, UK is terrible for modern houses being tiny.

    But the UK is not the world, and Vive could do well in other countries where homes are larger.

    I've got plenty of space for Vive, hence pre-ordered one.
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  • Steam Bundles now cheaper if you already own included games

  • StooMonster 03/03/2016

    Competition drives better deals for customers. Good news. Reply +23