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  • Remember Sierra? Looks like it's coming back

  • StooMonster 08/08/2014

    Sierra Leonline?
    Hopefully not source of dangerous virus.
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  • StooMonster 08/08/2014

    But for what?
    EA took Origin and made an online store from the brand name.

    Activision take Sierra and also make an online store?
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  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner dated and priced

  • StooMonster 07/08/2014

    The interesting test of this will be how well Xbox One deinterlaces 576i and 1080i 50Hz broadcast television.

    There's two types of content encoded in 576i50 and 1080i50: 25p (films, US drama) and 50i (news, sports, studio based shows) which need two different approaches to turn into 576p *

    * needs to do this before it's upscaled to 1080p.

    A deinterlacer needs to work out which content it's working on, and either weave two fields together to make 25p or create alternate missing lines for 50i; sometimes it needs to work in mixed mode, eg where they might be scrolling tiles over video.

    Many cheap deinterlacers aren't up to this and look crap, others use blur filters to hide their errors, which is why some broadcast television (SD and HD) can look crap -- particularly annoying if your set-top-box only outputs 576p for SD.

    The very worst are ones that work for US 60Hz television where 24p is encoded in 60i in 3:2 pattern, and don't handle 50Hz at all.

    Will it be good at deinterlacing 50Hz broadcast television?
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  • Has Valve just soft-launched the Source 2 engine?

  • StooMonster 07/08/2014

    @fasterthanapigeon Half Life 3 runs on Source 3 ;) Reply +8
  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • StooMonster 07/08/2014

    That's why you could get 1024x720 plasmas that were 'HD Ready' without needing to be 1200x720 which would be 'full' 16:9 720p

    16:9 ratio

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  • Steam and Early Access: To curate or not curate?

  • StooMonster 06/08/2014

    Separate the early access area from the main sales area entirely.
    I agree with this.

    Moreover, I should be able to have an option that I can select which removes all 'early access' titles from the store all together if I so wish.
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  • StooMonster 06/08/2014

    I do think many don't actually realise what early access is and many still think a finished product is certain just because they paid for access to a work in progress.
    That's very noble of you to worry about what other people choose to do with their money.

    But surely market forces will sort this out, i.e. if people don't like it they will stop buying into it, and it will simply be a passing fad.

    However, if people like it who is to say that they should've be allowed to buy into it if they want to, i.e. if fans of a franchise or well loved classic want 'early access' to it.
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  • StooMonster 06/08/2014

    allowing developers to sell games they legally do not have to even finish regardless of whether consumers are falling for it or not
    Are consumers forced to buy unfinished games?

    Personally I choose only to buy finished games, and don't participate in 'Early Access' programmes.
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  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes sales triple on PS4 over Xbox One

  • StooMonster 06/08/2014

    The average gamer doesn't know or care about stuff like this
    So why is the average gamer buying multiples more PS4 than XbOne consoles?

    If it's not perceived "better graphics" and "more power" in multi-platform title; nor after the defenestration of Kinect 2 from XbOne and reduction in price have sales have picked up significantly, it's not price either; then what is it?

    Moreover, approximately 50%-60% of PS4 owners are people who has 360 but no PS3 in previous generation.

    So, what is responsible for the disparity in sales?

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  • StooMonster 06/08/2014

    Maybe this opinion piece is right?

    Microsoft's Xbox One is Failing

    Outsold by Wii U, even without the Kinect 2? Really?

    Would certainly explain the volume disparity in sales if true.
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  • Resident Evil 1 remastered for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • StooMonster 05/08/2014

    The classic Resident Evil control scheme remains for purists, along with a more modern style for moving characters more easily - in the direction of the analogue stick.
    Didn't play the previous HD remake, the old "tank controls" of Resident Evil put me off replaying.
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  • BioShock 1 announced for iPhone and iPad

  • StooMonster 05/08/2014

    @drxym MOGA ACE POWER Game Controller Reply 0
  • StooMonster 04/08/2014

    iOS8 arrives and developers can get more direct control over the CPU/GPU using Apple's new Metal API
    Most people don't seem to realise that Metal is very much like ATi's Mantle API but for iOS.

    Should be very interesting.

    I also wonder if they'll bring it over to OSX, which could be quite neat too.
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  • StooMonster 04/08/2014

    The game's touchscreen controls are easy to master and there's a handy button to perform contextual actions
    I have FTL and KotoR on iPad and they mostly work OK, but I found Baldur's Gate to be a PITA and found GTA games and FPSs to be unplayable with simulated joystick controls. So I don't buy into that.

    So I am glad this game supports MFi controllers, but I don't have any ATM so will probably pass right now … although Bioshock is one of my favourite ever games.
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  • StooMonster 04/08/2014

    Bluetooth controller for iOS a must for games like this; might have to investigate current crop.

    Will be unplayable as touch screen IMO.
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered is fifth biggest UK launch of 2014

  • StooMonster 04/08/2014

    To be honest, it's time Eurogamer ditched the neg button entirely.
    I disagree.

    Positive only votes in comments are a waste of time, why bother with any kind of voting at all?

    On this and other sites the most interesting comments are the ones are where you get high volumes one way and the other, so maybe 200 votes but net result 0 -- over on Ars Technica (and other sites) they highlight these are 'Most Contentious' or 'Most Positive' or 'Most Negative' and I think those would be useful enhancements.
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  • StooMonster 04/08/2014

    Only got to play for about an hour this weekend, went to see Guardians of the Galaxy though. :) Was my first experience of tLoU and it was deeply engaging from the first moment, and I am looking forward to spending some serious time with this quality title.

    Glad it's sold so well.
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  • Gearbox explains why it should be dropped from Aliens lawsuit

  • StooMonster 31/07/2014

    Bite me Reply -3
  • The Last of Us review

  • StooMonster 31/07/2014

    Had an email from Amazon that PS4 version shipped and is on its way, know what I will be doing on Friday evening and much of this weekend (darn have to do the garden, and go out for dinner etc. which will stop me playing all weekend.) Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry vs The Last of Us Remastered

  • StooMonster 29/07/2014

    you are showing a picture taken from neogaf and stating its from version 1.01 when it was from 1.00
    I didn't link it from neogaf

    the shadows looks photoshoped anyway
    In what way? I've been using Photoshop since v1.0 and that's not what springs to mind when I look at the two pictures.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    @Yautja_Warrior Literally just come back from USA, if it was available this last weekend I would've bought it there…

    …although to be honest, I'm not that interested in multiplayer it's more the idea of censorship per se that I was interested in: not a fan of it.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    This seems like a good idea to me, as personally I have issues with some games at 60fps. FPS games in particular give me nausea when the refresh is too fast. I've noticed this a lot playing older games on PC where the framerate is basically insane compared how it looked on a PC at the time of release.
    Back in the late 90s, I used to play Half-Life: Deathmatch (that's HL1 not HL2) with locked 180fps on a 180Hz Sony 1280x1200 CRT monitor … had to drop down to 80Hz when I replaced it with a Sony GDM-FW900 at 2304x1440 resolution in 2001.

    180fps @ 180Hz remains my personal benchmark for "butter smooth" gaming.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    UK is censored just like the PS3 version, but it's only a bit of extra blood
    No dismemberment and exploding heads then? Oh well…

    Naughty Dog confirms European version of The Last of Us censored
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    The improved shadows at 30fps were supposed to be included in the 1.01 patch
    Screenshots from 1.01

    Edit: right-click and open in a new window or tab to see in 1080p.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    In the UK does the PS4 edition have the American uncensored multi-player or the European censored version?

    Edit: although maybe the article's comment "while the bone-crunching melee combat from the single-player game also makes its way across" refers to this?
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    Sounds good to me, never played The Last Of Us before.

    Preordered this ages ago, anyone know when my disc should arrive from Amazon?
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  • Face-Off: The Last of Us Remastered

  • StooMonster 29/07/2014

    Roll on Friday. Reply 0
  • Borderlands PC multiplayer to be returned online via Steam

  • StooMonster 29/07/2014

    I hate to be that guy but I've been having a miserable experience with Borderlands 2's multiplayer on Steam. It was so laggy that we had to set up a VPN in the end.
    Played hundreds of hours of multiplayer Borderslands 2 and its DLC too, it's my regular weekly game with my co-op pals, and we've never had any lag issues, in fact it's been super reliable.

    So the prospect of Borderlands being fixed with Steamworks Multiplayer is greeted by me.
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  • Sony lists Journey, The Unfinished Swan for PlayStation 4

  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    I suppose this is great for the few people who have a PS4, but never had a PS3
    More than half (60%-ish IIRC) of PS4 owners are Xbox 360 owners who didn't own PS3, so that's plenty of people they are new to.

    as well as the suckers who are willing to pay for basically the same games twice.
    If it's like their previous titles, e.g. Flower, they could be Cross-Buy and thus free to PS3 owners.

    Talking of Cross-Buy and Cross-Save, would be good to see Vita versions of these two games too.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    Read last week on IGN that The Unfinished Swan and Journey are heading to PS4, was wondering why I hadn't seen it on Eurogamer yet.

    Also that Until Dawn is potential Project Morpheus title.
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  • Mass Effect 4 concept footage reveals Mako vehicle

  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    I'm glad to see vehicles returning
    Flying vehicles too would be good.
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  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    I liked the Mako buggy in Mass Effect 1 and look forward to seeing it again, it felt more like planetary exploration than the scanning of later games.

    Loved Mass Effect series and TBH didn't mind its evolution from RPG to shooter nor the controversial ending, and I bought and played all the DLC … but I was "all played out" by the end of 3's DLC and couldn't do any more.

    Maybe enough time has passed that I will be interested again? Each snippet of new info makes me feel like it might have, but I actually like the "years away" comments.
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Three confirmed

  • StooMonster 28/07/2014

    Loved this series and like Fables too … but I do wonder if these Telltale guys are stretching themselves a bit thinly with two additional new franchises in addition to more seasons of Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Reply +8
  • Next-gen before their time

  • StooMonster 27/07/2014

    PlayStation 4 has attracted an audience where a sizeable proportion of the userbase never owned a PS3
    Which includes me, and while I am perfectly happy to see these Remasters and would welcome more classics too … assuming they are real remasters with higher resolution textures and models, FMV, etc. and not just the old assets running at 1080p60.
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  • Tech Analysis: Destiny beta on Xbox One

  • StooMonster 25/07/2014

    @Suarez07 Isn't the key function of DirectX 12 multi-threading the CPU elements … which should've been done years ago. Reply +2
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the best of classic Tomb Raider

  • StooMonster 25/07/2014

    Sounds brilliant, my kids are after a modern update to classic Tomb Raider so this will do perfectly. Reply +10
  • Google acquires Twitch for $1 billion - report

  • StooMonster 25/07/2014

    Depressing that I had to scroll so far too find a comment that wasn't basically 'big corporations are evil!!!'
    It's not all big corporations, it's specifically Google (and Facebook were mentioned too).

    Both of which are pioneers of the "you are the product" business model, they are both advertising business above all else; Google also appears to be a fan of freemium for gaming too.

    None of which enamours them to gamers …

    … what is more they are outsiders buying into gaming tech with the purpose of taking it away and using it elsewhere: Oculus, unlikely to be used for PC gaming anymore and Twitch I reckon Google has plans for non-gaming streaming such as live television or user generated content via GoPro devices or suchlike.
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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • StooMonster 23/07/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77 By "all the banks" you mean Northern Rock and the two Scottish ones, RBS and HBOS, who "played with it" by lending too much money to people/companies/goverments that could not afford to pay them back?

    Don't know what perspective counts as theft? The bad debtors? The lending to them? The government for bailing them out?

    Also, if the goverment of the time were not entirely incompetent they would've bailed out in a similar way to the US goverment who actually made money when their saved banks paid them back.
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  • StooMonster 22/07/2014

    can you actually download a HD movie legally in the UK yet?
    iTunes has sold 1080p movies for years.

    That's one example.

    You clearly just don't want to pay for stuff, and do so because there's no risk or penalty if you don't.
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  • StooMonster 22/07/2014

    when they actually have something to hide, a law abiding citizen has nothing to worry about
    In the news last week were stories of NSA employees sharing around nude photos of the public they'd gained by interception.

    The problem with massive state powers of surveillance is they are operated by human beings with their human failings, which is why you get cases of these kinds of workers stalking old girlfriends etc.

    You might say there should be process in place to stop abuse of system by employees, but no processes are perfect (never worked before) especially with determined abusers.

    That's just the unintended outcomes due to workers, there's also unintended outcomes due to badly drafted laws. For example, in the UK we have local councils using anti-terror laws to spy on parents (do they really live in catchment zone of school) and bin collections, not the purposes these laws were intended for.

    Thin end of the wedge, scope creep, that's why everyone something to worry about with big-state spying on citizens.
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  • StooMonster 22/07/2014

    I generally torrent anything that … is not available at a price which I find "worth it"
    I don't find my local region region's government and social security systems "worth it" (i.e. UK) so I avoid tax wherever possible.

    If they had more reasonable rates of tax, then I might choose to pay them.

    Same argument.

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  • Can last-gen consoles handle Destiny?

  • StooMonster 22/07/2014

    Sales are low on AAA PC games
    If by 'low' you mean about the same as PS3 or 360 — big AAA titles have often been third, third, third across those three platforms.

    If PS4 and XbOne bring fragmentation rather than additional sales it could be that PC is actually 'best selling' for a while.
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  • What if every PC game could run on your tablet?

  • StooMonster 21/07/2014

    @StooMonster RE pixel resolution

    So I've been playing Wolf Among Us at 3200x1800 and it's pretty darn good, amazingly sharp actually.

    When I am back home with some decent internet bandwidth I'll download some more stressful games and see how this Razor (2014) does.
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  • StooMonster 20/07/2014

    So I went to the Microsoft Store and bought the new Razor gaming laptop (on which I am typing this).

    It's very nice so far, installing Steam and games right now.

    Bit worried about the pixel resolution though, it's mental.
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  • StooMonster 19/07/2014

    New NVidia Shield tablet looks funky, what with separate screen and joypad, but it doesn't run Steam library.

    My current best bet is Razor laptops, but they are hard to get outside of USA; also, shame the new Intel Broadwell chipset has been pushed back to 2015, as that could be game changer for low-power on-the-go PC gaming.
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  • Microsoft announces 18,000 jobs to be cut in the next year

  • StooMonster 17/07/2014

    @dogmanstaruk Funny if Microsoft and Sony were both getting rid of internal marketing teams and outsourcing, Apple are currently doing the opposite and getting rid of their agencies and hiring huge numbers of people instead.

    So there should be jobs available for any laid off Microsoft staffers, if they don't mind moving down the coast.
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  • StooMonster 17/07/2014

    @homostationthinksurg Look at you pretending to know how trolling works.

    Also looking at your screen-name, I'd be surprised if it's not banned by moderators before long.
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  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • StooMonster 17/07/2014

    Darn it, my PS4 beta keys are entirely wasted, darn this long sunny summer holiday … and all the relaxing with no consoles or PCs, but gone before beta opens and back after it closes. D'oh! Reply 0
  • See how Bungie updated Destiny's Dinklage dialogue

  • StooMonster 17/07/2014

    Still awful, did Peter Dinklage phone it in or was his direction completely wrong?

    Nowhere near as good as Stephen Merchant in Portal 2.
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  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • StooMonster 17/07/2014

    The game already supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which is still in the development phase.
    The question is though, will Facebook's device support PCs when it is eventually released as a commercial product?
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