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  • Marathon, the original Bungie sci-fi shooter

  • StooMonster 01/11/2015

    Marathon and Marathon 2: Durandal were amazing to me at the time, the graphics were simply brilliant and the stories engaging … but it was the deathmatch in the office that was huge fun, and I spend many hours late at night playing colleagues (along with Mac version of Doom). Reply +2
  • Watch: Should games be made about 9/11?

  • StooMonster 31/10/2015

    "VR experience" that takes place in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.
    How would people feel about a "VR experience" that takes place on an underground train on the London Underground on the morning of the 7/7 attacks.
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  • Rich Stanton on: From Billions to Bedrooms

  • StooMonster 31/10/2015

    @GreyBeard Yes, 'local businessmen' is often a media euphemism, cough, as is 'nightclub owner'. At Software Projects we had party at one of his clubs after going to one of his pubs, lots of cash businesses.

    I remember his wood panelled office. Anyway, he was charming when he called me up, and must've been in his 80s.

    Yep, Matt said lots of things about when they tried to get him to finish JSW, but it was because he was so chaotic and more procrastination that Douglas Adams.

    After MegaTree didn't work out, Tommy put him on a desk in reception so everyone could keep an eye on him, and see if he turned up for work; he started work on some football game but didn't finish it.
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  • StooMonster 31/10/2015

    @GreyBeard OMG, do I know you in real-life?

    I can't think of too many bosses like Tommy Barton
    I disagree, I think Paul McKenna of Thor/Odin was very similar 'local businessman' type.

    But more so, it is alleged that he's the reason why there's not Odin games hosted online for emulators, writes threatening letters about copyright to websites, compare that to Software Projects stuff which you can easily find.

    I spoke to Tommy Barton a couple of years ago, he phoned me up out the blue; told me about his hairdresser and online hair-product business and local MoT garage that he owned.

    To be fair to Tommy and Alun Maton, Matt was the third director and shareholder of Software Projects and as far as I understand received an income from dividends and a directors salary from all their published games not just his — popular conversions of Dragons Lair and Lode Runner sold many copies, as did the variations of JSW created by my friend Steve Wetherill (and others) — he was just terrible with money. He spontaneously bought things like motorbikes, or expensive bits of hardware … I can recall him buying hard drive for his Atari 800 (cost a fortune, and he smashed it), synthesizer keyboards, early laptops, etc. He always bought large rounds of drinks, always gave away lots of pot, thought it made people like him. Then he was in trouble with taxman because he'd spend his tax money.

    I can't say I recall any other casualties of that time
    I don't think Matt was a casualty of the time, more who he is. He had already had a difficult time as a teen before MM — which is why he's spent all his time alone with computers in the first place — and he was always quite an unusual personality, and was still more than a little 'different' the last time I met up with him (which was about ten years ago).
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  • StooMonster 31/10/2015

    It is heartbreaking to see Matthew Smith, the creator of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, struggle to speak clearly about a time that is clearly a source of bad memories.
    It was very sad indeed to see my old mate in such a state, especially on the big screen at the premier.

    I disagree about that time being bad memories for him though. Matt's always said that the best time of his life was when him and me and Marc Wilding were together sharing a house making MegaTree … although not getting very far. I was on a retro panel with him once and he got all teary eyed nostalgic about it.

    It's after the MM/JSW/MegaTree time that things started to go really wrong for Matt; creative blocks, too many drugs, poor choices of friends, etc.

    When I did my 'talking head' piece with From Bedrooms guys it was about days of developing MegaTree and Software Projects and similarly Odin when games development was transitioning from being single person endeavour (i.e. in bedrooms) to team effort (i.e. in offices) … and the resulting growing pains as we all found our way. MegaTree was interesting because it was the hybrid between the two, where they put us in one house — Young Ones style — and I told lots of funny stories about what we got up too, our hijinks, and adventures … Marc supplied lots of photos too.

    It was all before they went to see Matt, and I did say to Anthony Caulfield to be prepared before meeting him as I suspected he would be a vulnerable person. Wasn't quite expecting how much so.

    So I think they cut out all that stuff, as it would look terrible in contrast to him today. Poor guy.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC still broken, players say

  • StooMonster 29/10/2015

    @VideoGameAddict25 Without SLI you should get 60fps at 1080p, with everything maxed out and all nVidia effects on except smoke. Reply +1
  • StooMonster 29/10/2015

    Batman: Arkham Knight today has seen no further improvements from its interim patch back in September.

    The only noticeable changes were the addition of support for add-on and season pass content.
    As I suggested would be the case the other day.

    Sad face.
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  • Tales from the Borderlands Season One review

  • StooMonster 26/10/2015

    Superb title. Completely agree with Eurogamer's Recommended rating. Reply 0
  • PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight back on sale this week

  • StooMonster 26/10/2015

    The notes on the patch mention lots of functionality, not performance.

    I wonder if they've fixed it further than the previous interim patch.
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  • Fallout gets its own officially licensed beer

  • StooMonster 24/10/2015

    I can pre-order beer? What times we live in! Reply +2
  • Steam Link and Steam Controller don't work with Macs - yet

  • StooMonster 19/10/2015

    people shouldn't expect any more Valve games in the future
    The next major Valve title I am expecting is Half-Life 3 as the launch title for SteamVR powered HTC Vive headset.

    I believe Valve's big push for SteamOS will be as the engine for VR gaming, which I think is partly why the Steam Machines are going on sale in GAME etc. It's so they've got a retail base to demo VR games from.
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  • StooMonster 19/10/2015

    Got my Steam Link and Steam Contorller, looking forward to trying them out.

    Also got this bonus in my email last Friday, I wonder if I can regift it?
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2GB vs 4GB review

  • StooMonster 18/10/2015

    I bought one of my kids this Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB for their (otherwise inherited) 4770K gaming PC, it cost the same price as other brands 2GB at launch (with some shopping around).

    Seems to run Life is Strange and Sims 4 etc very well, Tomb Raider and others perfectly on the 1080p television it's plugged into.
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  • The making of Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection

  • StooMonster 18/10/2015

    The 1080p 60fps looks lovely and the low input lag that goes with it feels gorgeous too.

    Wish all next-gen games were similarly quality.
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  • StooMonster 18/10/2015

    Never played Uncharterd games before, with exception of Vita one, As to PS4 Remaster …

    Finished first one, which was okay gameplay but a bit more cover-n-shoot than I was expecting and repetition of baddies (about four pirates over and over) but graphics looked liked a good remaster albeit of a very old game.

    Am 44% of way through second, about to go on a train, and it looks fantastic and is much more fun to play. Like it a lot.

    The second reminds me a lot of the remaster of The Last of Us and I can see the roots of that amazing game in the second Uncharted.
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  • Remaining Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass content revealed

  • StooMonster 17/10/2015

    I pre-order games, buy season passes, purchase DLC, and even do the odd micro transaction … because it suits me.

    Unfortunately you do get the odd Aliens Colonial Marines and this poor Batman Arkham Knight season pass but I'm not that bothered by odd bad ones as mostly turns out okay.

    Not every dinner I buy in a restaurant is great, not every movie I watch, gig I attend, play I go to lives up to the hype … do I cry about it afterwards?
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  • Gabe Newell Simulator looks like an actual game that's coming out on Steam today

  • StooMonster 13/10/2015

    Valve as a game developer is virtually non-existent now.
    My Dota2 and CS:GO obsessed friends would beg to differ.
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  • Star Citizen hires heavyweight Hollywood cast for Squadron 42

  • StooMonster 12/10/2015

    If they have the number of staff they are reputed to have, across 2 or 3 studios, their burn rate could well be millions of dollars a month
    Exactly, it's easy to burn millions of dollars per month in salaries when making AAA games.

    I don't think it's entirely unlikely, so we'll have to see.
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  • StooMonster 12/10/2015

    Those reports are incredibly easy to dismiss too due to a distinct lack of any proof
    Although if one has some simple assumptions about how much cash they've raised (public info?) and revenue they've generated (selling spaceships), it's pretty simple to divide that by an estimated burn-rate (i.e. payroll, SG&A, rent, and other costs) and work out how many months of cash they have left.
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  • StooMonster 12/10/2015

    Elsewhere on the internet, there are reports that Star Citizen is running out of cash.

    Plus that the game development is way behind schedule, and there's been too much focus on marketing for raising more money (e.g. spaceships).

    Would be a shame if true, but the lack of any clear launch window is slightly concerning.
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  • The truth about cats and dogs (playing video games)

  • StooMonster 11/10/2015

    @krayzkrok :) and in-yap for tiny dogs. Reply +6
  • StooMonster 11/10/2015

    Do they have in-app purchases?

    Kanye West could rant on Twitter about his dawgz running up bills, while his wife publishes an in-app infested Kim Kardashian: Chihuahu app for the pet market.

    Edit: apologies for going all Daily Mail there. :p
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 just got one of the craziest microtransactions yet

  • StooMonster 06/10/2015

    If you buy the insurance, then during the insurance period you will be compensated for any materials and staff lost due to rival infiltrations.
    Monetisation taken to a new level.

    Next, derivatives. I would like some FOB futures please.
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  • Xbox One controller remapping coming for all pads soon

  • StooMonster 05/10/2015

    I will have to check the Steam controller first
    I had an email from Valve the other day stating that my Steam Controller had shipped and gave me a courier tracking number too.

    I'm going to look it up later and see if it's imminent.
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  • Watch: Should some franchises stay in the past?

  • StooMonster 03/10/2015

    @ghostgate2001 Thanks for that, learnt a new thing today. :) Reply +1
  • StooMonster 03/10/2015

    Should some franchises stay in the past?
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  • Face-Off: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PS4

  • StooMonster 02/10/2015

    Yes, your post is ridiculous.

    Both halo ce and halo 2 were COMPLETELY remade not just touched up and on top of that you could switch back to the old game.
    The same way Halo games had to be COMPLETELY remade, so did these because the architecture is completely different: PS3/360 both IBM PowerPC and PS4/XbOne Intel x86-64

    These remasters are more similar effort than you think.

    Moreover, switching between art styles was a gimmick rather than demonstrating that it was using the original engine.

    I've already played all the Halo games, but I've never played these Uncharted ones, as I had 360 rather than PS3 last gen, and I'm really looking forward to them … if they are as good as The Last of Us then they'll be fantastic.
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  • Project Spark drops free-to-play model, ends DLC support

  • StooMonster 29/09/2015

    Gamemakers are as old as gaming.

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  • StooMonster 29/09/2015

    Going well then. Reply +22
  • PS1 at 20: The making of WipEout

  • StooMonster 29/09/2015

    I remember rows of playstations with wipeout running in a few chillout tents of big raves in the 90's.
    And the perforated cardboard tear-your-own-roach flyers with PlayStation logos.
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  • Silent Hills would have been even better than we thought

  • StooMonster 28/09/2015

    Nevermind, we'll have mobile games with oodles of micro-payments instead.

    Good job Konami
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  • G-Sync on a laptop: the Asus G751JY review

  • StooMonster 26/09/2015

    however if you really are travelling a lot the last thing I would want to take is a massive 17 inch , bulky, heavy laptop that doesn't run well on battery?

    It's why my gaming laptop, that I carry about and use on the train commute, is a super light (compared to the rest of them) Razer Blade.

    I wonder which type of person needs a laptop because they are an enthusiastic gamer who is always on the road yet decides to buy something so heavy , bulky and with no battery life for when web browsing out and about?
    One of my friends is in the forces, and he buys 'desktop replacement' laptops like these, because they are reasonable portable but don't get moved around very often.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King review

  • StooMonster 24/09/2015

    With the new experience system, will I be able to get past level 26?

    I've been on level 26 as long as I was on levels 1 through 25, and lack of progress is why I stopped playing.
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  • BioShock's iPhone/iPad port no longer available

  • StooMonster 24/09/2015

    Maybe they're worried about demand for an tvOS version?

    Or they're going to do an tvOS version for the forthcoming AppleTV refresh?
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  • Here's what the Angry Birds movie looks like

  • StooMonster 24/09/2015

    Maybe a new low for animation? Could it be even worse than Gnomeo and Juliet.

    {insert deity of choice, or none} help us!
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  • Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection 500GB & 1TB PS4 bundles for Europe

  • StooMonster 22/09/2015

    To sell more.
    Margin beats volume.
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  • Nvidia's next laptop graphics chip is a full, desktop-class GTX 980

  • StooMonster 22/09/2015

    How many minutes battery life will this give?
    My Razer Blade with a 3K screen plays games for 30 minutes on a battery charge.

    Which is enough for my commute, and I have a charger each end so I don't have to lug one around; if train is late or I need more than 30 minutes, I just accept that as I don't want to carry extra weight every day.
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  • Monument Valley dev's VR game, Land's End, is due next month

  • StooMonster 21/09/2015

    let's hope it'll be available on the consumer Occulus Rift
    Plus other non-Facebook VR platforms too.
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  • SOMA review

  • StooMonster 21/09/2015

    Yet another game I fancy, I've just not got the time. Sigh. Reply +3
  • How to cheaply upgrade your PS4 to 2TB

  • StooMonster 20/09/2015

    @TheVoice Don't most modern SSD have automatic TRIM built into their firmware? Reply 0
  • StooMonster 20/09/2015

    I've got a pile of 500GB SSD sat on my desk at home, as I tend to delete games when I finish them and don't need storage maybe I should swap one of those in instead … performance instead, and heat reduction. Reply +1
  • Amazon reveals spruced up Fire TV model

  • StooMonster 18/09/2015

    If it does 4K Netflix and 4K Amazon Prime that will be cool — one or both of these might be built into a 4K HDTV but not a projector (and these not available on consoles).

    Also, Virgin Media about to double speeds again, 150Mb/s to 300Mb/s and double again in two years time — so should be possible to view multiple 4K streams in one household.
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  • StooMonster 17/09/2015

    who buys these?
    I have one of these for bedroom tv, it works pretty well for Netflix, Amazon Prime and iPlayer viewing.

    Why would I want a games console in my bedroom?

    Which does make me wonder about games on these things … and Apple TV too.
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  • Facebook "terminated" from PlayStation 3, Vita and TV

  • StooMonster 17/09/2015

    @TheDarkSide Curiosity and the internet, often results in things that can not be 'unseen'. Reply +3
  • StooMonster 17/09/2015

    I would like a global setting on PS4 where I could make Facebook universally vanish from every option screen. Reply +18
  • The BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama was weird and meaningless

  • StooMonster 16/09/2015

    People watch television?

    I play games me, coincidentally last night GTA5.
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  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 free on Origin

  • StooMonster 16/09/2015

    @PSfourskin Is there still a five times download limit with Origin?

    I recently had a problem with a download on Origin, where I had bought Dragons Age years ago on Steam and activated it on Origin and it would only download once on one computer.

    I read in Eurogamer comments that EA's Origin support sorted this kind of thing out.

    Rather sceptically I went for the online chat help thing, and was surprise at how excellent the customer service was. They reset key and downloads and I was instantly able to download Dragons Age onto my laptop (daily commute is back-catalogue time).

    Support person was helpful, polite, solved my problem and chatted about games while various things were queried and looked up.


    This is the kind of differentiator between platforms that should lead to purchasing decisions, not exclusivity of distribution.
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  • Project Morpheus renamed PlayStation VR

  • StooMonster 15/09/2015

    Facebook VR
    In GTA6 you can get your criminal character to play with LifeInvader VR.
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  • PEGI listings hint at PS2 Classics for PlayStation 4

  • StooMonster 14/09/2015

    Where do people get the time to replay old games? I can't even get through the new games, and have a massive backlog. Reply 0
  • UK chart: Super Mario Maker 2nd, Tearaway Unfolded 33rd

  • StooMonster 14/09/2015

    My youngest loved Tearaway this weekend, and I even had a bit of fun going through collecting everything.

    Looks lovely, very well done.
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